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									                                                                  APPENDIX 1

                                CENTRAL SERVICES

                            ANNUAL PERFORMANCE
                             MONITORING REPORT


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              1.        Introduction

              2.        Structure Chart

              3.        The Services we provide

              4.        Budget Outturn

              5.        Overall Performance Against Plans

              6.        Key Achievements – What we did Well

              7.        What did not work quite as well

              8.        Key Performance Data
                        No. of Employees, Turnover, Absences
                        Local PIs

              9.        Training Expenditure – Budget v Actual

              10.       Central Services – Best Value Reviews

              11.       Areas for Improvement – Performance
                        Monitoring and Reporting

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As part of the Council‟s improvement of performance monitoring, Central Services along with
the other Directorates, is introducing a process which includes quarterly and annual
performance monitoring reports. These reports will provide a framework of financial and
non-financial measures which will give a comprehensive picture of actual performance
against targets for the period.

This first report, the 2002-2003 Annual Performance monitoring report, provides details of
the wide range of services and activities which help achieve the Council‟s overall goals and

This report provides details on the targets established for Central Services in the 2002/03
Service Plan and the level to which these targets have been achieved or not achieved as the
case may be. Further refinements and improvements will help to improve the usefulness of
this document to both managers and members. A number of performance improvements
have already been identified in Section 11.

The report provides:

     information on the structure of Central Services and the services provided.

     budget outturn information with explanations for any variances against budget.

      (this also includes the Chief Executives Office and the closedown position on corporate
      budgets such as precepts, levies and debt charges.

     overall performance achieved by individual units against the targets established in the
       2002/03 Service Plan.

     key achievements in 2002/03.

     what has not worked so well in 2002/03.

     information on staffing levels, turnover, and levels of sickness across the various units.

     the Best Value performance indicators (Central Services has responsibility for co-
       ordinating and reporting on these indicators).

     other local performance indicators available at the time of reporting.

     summary of expenditure spent on training over the various units.

     a progress report on the implementation of Central Services Best Value reviews.

     ways in which we can improve our performance monitoring and reporting.

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                                                                  CENTRAL SERVICES – STRUCTURE

                                                                                  Chief Executive
                                                                                  Carolyn Downs

             Strategic Manager                               Strategic Manager                     Strategic Manager         Strategic Manager
                (Resources)                                  (Organisation and                (Information Management)        (Partnership and
                Laura Rowley                                   Performance)                          Alan Cormack           Democratic Support)
                                                                                                                             Anne Wolstenholme

                     Units                                       Units                                    Units                     Units
             Corporate Finance                          Head of Human Resources                     Technology Services     Strategic Partnership
                 Manager                                      David Benson                               Manager                  Manager
               Ken Hayward                                                                             Kevin Malone             Oliver Goode
                                                        Organisation Development
        County Property Services                                 Manager                        Development Services        Community Manager
                Officer                                      Bridget Williams                         Manager                  Ian Ridgway
             Roger Wilcox                                                                         Deborah Bywater
                                                        Best Value & Performance                                            Community Planning
          Treasury and Pensions                              Review Manager                     Printing Unit Manager            Manager
                Manager                                       Tricia Morrison                         Ian Randall             Grahame James
                 Phil Guy
                                                              Head of Audit and                Media Services Manager      Head of Legal Services
         Manager – Shire Services                               Consultancy                         Vaire Cheadle               Claire Porter
              Janet Norton                                      Graham Tart
                                                                                                Education ICT Support        Principal Committee
                                                                                                      Manager                       Officer
                                                                                                     Paul Nash                     Ed Hewitt

        NB. Since September 2002, in the absence of the Strategic Manager Organisation and Performance, responsibilities have been allocated as
        follows:- Best Value & Performance to the Chief Executive, Human Resources and Audit and Consultancy to the Strategic Manager Resources,
                  Organisation and Development to Strategic Manager Partnership and Democratic Support.
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3.      Services Provided
        These are the main services provided by Central Services:

        Audit and Consultancy – Internal audit service for the County Council ensuring
        probity, regularity and efficiency in the Council‟s financial affairs. Consultancy
        Service undertaking a wide range of tasks, including, project management, support to
        Job Evaluation project, provision of accountancy services, performance management
        work etc.

        Best Value and Performance – Best Value and Performance is a key part of
        improving performance for local authorities. In addition to meeting statutory
        requirements such as the publication of the Best Value Performance Plan and the
        best value review programme, the Best Value programme is a key part of the
        Council‟s programme for improving performance across the County Council.

        Community – this team provides support for working with Districts and Parish
        Councils at a local level and consults the people of Shropshire on County Council
        issues and services. Community planning, crime and disorder and drugs misuse
        partnership co-ordination are also managed through this team.

        Corporate Finance – provides specialist services for the Council including
        accounting services, financial planning, debt/cash management, pensions,
        leasing/insurances and exchequer services.

        Corporate Policy – is developed through the corporate and community planning

        County Training – provides advice, support and skills training to nationally
        recognised qualifications for young people, the employed and those disadvantaged in
        the local labour market throughout Shropshire and adjoining counties.

        IT Development Services – provides strategic advice to the County Council on the
        procurement, development and use of information systems. This team also develops,
        maintains and provides end user support for application systems.

        Legal and Committee – ensures the legality of the Councils actions and those of
        client directorates. It also administers the democratic processes of the Council.

        Organisation and Development – supports managing change across the local
        authority working with people across the organisation.

        Personnel – comprises Personnel, Payroll, Occupational Health and Health and

        Property Services – provides estates management, maintenance and architectural
        advice and implementation on County Council premises. It also, through Shirehall
        Services, arranges facilities management of Shirehall and other central office
        accommodation and runs the Emergency Planning Unit.

        Printing Services – provides design, printing, reprographics and finishing services.

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        Technology Services – provides strategic planning for the use of ICT by the County
        Council. The team also develops and maintains the network infrastructure and
        applications, co-ordinates electronic data management, and manages access and
        security controls.

        Shire Services – provides catering and cleaning services to schools, colleges,
        libraries and other Government premises throughout Shropshire and adjoining

        Shropshire Partnership – the County Council hosts the Partnership Team on behalf
        of Shropshire Partners to secure European and Regional funding for Shropshire and
        co-ordinate better joined up working between agencies for the Shropshire

        Shropshire IT Support Services - provides ICT support and advice to schools
        within the county and provides strategic planning for ICT within the education service.

        Media Services – provides a means of co-ordinating the media, PR and
        communications activity of the Council so as to inform the community at large and
        the workforce of the authority about the objectives of the Council and helps to raise a
        positive profile of the County Council.

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                                         CENTRAL SERVICES

                                          BUDGET OUTTURN

                              Budget         Gross                Income         Net         Over /
                                           Expenditure                        Expenditure   (Under)
                               £’000           £’000              £’000          £’000       £’000

Central Services                 3,214             4,991            (2,106)         2,885       (329)

Total Central Services           3,214             4,991            (2,106)         2,885       (329)

Corporate Issues                11,287            11,334                  0        11,334          47
- Precepts & Levies              9,864            11,478            (1,372)        10,106        242
- Financing Charges              2,929             3,500              (659)         2,841        (88)
- Other Services
Total Corporate Issues          24,080            26,312            (2,031)        24,281        201

TOTAL                           27,294            31,303            (4,137)        27,166       (128)

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                                          CHIEF EXECUTIVE

                                 CLOSEDOWN POSITION 2002/03

    Policy Area                      Overspend /                            Comments
                                    Final Position

    Chief Executive                       10            Overspend due to staff advertising costs for the
                                                        position of Chief Executive.

    Corporate                              0            Additional Member accommodation costs have been
    Management                                          managed within the Corporate Management budget.

    Unapportionable                       12            Overspend on prior year pension costs. To be met
    Central Overheads                                   from underspends within Central Services Business


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                                 CLOSEDOWN POSITION 2002/03

    Policy Area                      Overspend /                             Comments
                                    Final Position

    Corporate Finance                     (22)          Underspends on equipment and system
                                                        maintenance. The 2003/04 budget round included a
                                                        base budget saving of £21k in Corporate Finance so
                                                        this saving will not recur.

    Property Services                     31            Overspend due to lower fee income than anticipated
                                                        during the fourth quarter.

    Shirehall Services                    (27)          Underspend due to additional income from the
                                                        Courts Service as a result of increased repair and
                                                        maintenance. This additional income is unlikely to
                                                        be evident in 2003/04. Strong management control
                                                        of overtime and running costs have also contributed
                                                        to an overall underspend position.

    Traveller Liaison                     (24)          Additional income and a lower level of repair and
                                                        maintenance have generated an underspend. This
                                                        managed underspend has been allocated to fund
                                                        the match contribution to the 2003/04 travellers
                                                        capital grant.

    Emergency Planning                    (40)          Emergency Planning carried forward £31k into
                                                        2002/03 which has not been spent. In addition,
                                                        underspends on other running costs have added to
                                                        the overall underspend.

    Treasury/                              7            Overspend due to staff re-grade and employment of
    Exchequer Services                                  temporary staff to cover sick leave.

    Shire Services                        (17)          Shire Services achieved an overall surplus on
                                                        trading in 2002/03.
                                          17            This surplus has been allocated to Shire Services

    Risk Management                       (10)          Delayed implementation of initiatives has given rise
                                                        to an underspend position. To be carried forward to
                                                        fund committed initiatives.

    Contingencies and carry               (18)          Anticipated pressures on Central Services
    forwards                                            contingencies did not materialise in the fourth


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                               ORGANISATION & PERFORMANCE

                                 CLOSEDOWN POSITION 2002/03

    Policy Area                      Overspend /                  Comments / Management Action
                                    Position as at

    Strategic Management &               (32)           Staff vacancies have resulted in an overall
    Personnel                                           underspend position.

    Best Value &                         (57)           Underspend due to slippage in initiatives. To be
    Performance Review                                  carried forward to fund corporate developments in
                                                        performance management.

    Organisation                         (51)           Slippage in organisation development programmes.
    Development                                         Carry forward committed to fund Insight and
                                                        Navigator programmes in 2003/04.

    Audit & Consultancy                  (13)           Underspend due to additional income, delayed
                                                        implementation of software and management control
                                                        of expenditure.


D:\Docstoc\Working\pdf\45e4bdb2-eb43-438f-a996-d2f1e17ba759.doc                                             10

                                 CLOSEDOWN POSITION 2002/03

    Policy Area                    Overspend /                    Comments / Management Action
                                  Position as at
    Print Unit                          11           Loss of income due to enforced accommodation move
                                                     has resulted in an overspend position which is to be
                                                     carried forward to be found in 2003/04.

    ICT                                 (36)         Re-negotiation of the Oracle licence and system
                                                     maintenance costs in the fourth quarter has generated
                                                     an underspend position. Additional income has also
                                                     served to generate an overall underspend position.

    SITTS                                26          Income from schools was below budget as fewer
                                                     schools opted to purchase single site agreements than
                                                     expected. Overspend to be covered by underspends
                                                     within ICT.

    Development Services                (69)         Additional income from development of the CareFirst
                                                     system and underspends on salaries due to staff

    Public Relations                     0           Budget fully spent on communication strategy.


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                          PARTNERSHIP & DEMOCRATIC SUPPORT

                                 CLOSEDOWN POSITION 2002/03

    Policy Area                    Overspend /                    Comments / Management Action
                                  Position as at
    Partnership and

    Strategic Manager &                  33          Additional resources were allocated to Community
    Community Development                            Planning resulting in an overspend position.

    Shropshire Partnership              (41)         Additional external grant income together with an
                                                     unspent carry forward from 2001/02 of £26k has
                                                     generated an underspend.
                                                     Agreement has been obtained from partners to spend
                                                     the carry forward on improving the effectiveness of the
                                                     Local Strategic Partnership in 2003/04.

    Drug Action Team                    (10)         Additional income secured from partners that is to be
                                                     carried forward to fund commitments in 2003/04.

    Legal Services                       (4)         Underspend against the printing and stationery budget
                                                     have contributed to the underspend on Legal Services.

    Committee Services                   60          Increased cost of printing within Committee Services
                                                     (£31k) and reduced external income (£29k) have
                                                     contributed to an overspend position within Committee
                                                     This will be an on-going overspend in 2003/04 and
                                                     beyond and will require managing.

    Coroners & Registrars               (65)         Overspend within Coroners offset by additional income
                                                     generated by Registrars.
                                                     Registrars to contribute £50k of additional income
                                                     generated in 2002/03 towards the 2003/04 savings

    (Central Services)                 (329)

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                                        CORPORATE ISSUES

                                 CLOSEDOWN POSITION 2002/03

                        Policy       Overspend /                  Comments / Management Action
             Area                   (Underspend)
                                    Position as at
    Corporate Issues
    Audit Commission Fees                 82          Increased Audit Commission costs as a result of an
                                                      increased hourly rate.

    Other Resources                      (10)         Additional income from WMS rebates and catering
                                                      commissions have generated an underspend position.

    Smallholdings                         29          Loss of income due to on-going sale of smallholdings.

    Precepts                              48          Increased precept from Magistrates Courts Service.

    Payroll / Payroll                    246          The costs of ResourceLink implementation including
    Implementation                                    system maintenance, implementation team costs and
                                                      staff overtime has been highlighted in quarterly
                                                      monitoring reports.
                                         (178)        As planned the Central Services Efficiency Reserve
                                                      has been used to part fund these costs in 2002/03.

    Members Services                      41          Overspend due to increased telephone charges,
                                                      member‟s travel and printing.

    Subscriptions                         13          Increase in subscriptions to WMLGA and Community
                                                      Council has generated an overspend position.

    Corporate Initiatives                (23)         Underspend due to carry forwards from 2001/02 (£35k)
                                                      not being fully spent on corporate initiatives such as
                                                      Data Protection and PSA. This budget was reduced as
                                                      part of budget round for 2003/04.

    Euro Match Funding                    (9)         Underspends on budgets allocated to IT project

    Localism                             (94)         Grant funding has enabled the Youth Service to
                                                      achieve planned objectives without drawing on the
                                                      localism budget.
                                                      Further slippage in the localism programme has
                                                      increased the underspend position.

    Corporate contingencies              (163)        Anticipated pressures on corporate contingencies
                                                      including unallocated carry forwards from 2001/02 did
                                                      not materialise.

    Magistrates Courts /                 (23)         Debt charges have generated an underspend position.
    Probation Service

    Treasury Management                  242          Interest on revenue balances and debt charges have
                                                      under achieved against budget due to market

    TOTAL                                201
    (Corporate Issues)

D:\Docstoc\Working\pdf\45e4bdb2-eb43-438f-a996-d2f1e17ba759.doc                                            13

                            ACTIONS PLANNED -
                       COMPARED TO ACTIONS ACHIEVED

             Services                         Tasks Achieved Partially  Not
                                             Planned         Achieved Achieved
                                                                              
Corporate Finance                                 39                33     3    3
Property Services                                 10                 7     2    1
Architects and Maintenance                         7                 4     2    1
Shirehall Services                                 5                 3     2    -
Emergency Planning                                 4                 4     -    -
Exchequer Services                                 5                 5     -    -
Sales Ledger                                      16                 6     8    2
Treasury and Pensions                              1                 -     1    -
Insurance                                          5                 3     2    -
Treasury Management                                2                 2     -    -
Pension Fund                                      13                10     2    1
Shire Services                                    15                10     4    1
Personnel and Payroll                              5                 3     1    1
Organisation and Development                      42                40     2    -
Best Value & Performance Review                   36                29     7    -
Audit and Consultancy                             21                11     9    1
Technology Services                                5                 5     -    -
Shropshire IT Support Services                    13                10     3    -
IT Development Services                           10                 9     1
Printing Services                                  5                 4     1    -
Public Relations Unit                             13                 4     9    -
Shropshire Partnership                             8                 6     1    1
Community                                         34                19    12    3
Legal Services                                     8                 8     -    -
Committee Services                                28                23     2    3

TOTAL                                            350                258    74   18
                                                                    74%   21%   5%

  D:\Docstoc\Working\pdf\45e4bdb2-eb43-438f-a996-d2f1e17ba759.doc                    14
5. Overall Performance Against Plans

 CORPORATE FINANCE                                          Success Matrices
                                                            39 Actions Planned

                                                            Achieved                           33
                                                            Partially Achieved                 3
                                                            Not Achieved                       3

          Action                Success Criteria /           Target    End of Year 2002 –        How
                                  Performance                 Date       2003 Position           Well
                                    Measure                                                     are we
 Continue to enhance
 the formal financial
                              Quarterly revenue
                              monitors embedded.
                                                            Ongoing    Quarterly revenue
                                                                       monitors now in place
 reporting and budget                                                  and format
 monitoring processes                                                  established.
 for services and
 directorates                 Twice yearly Capital          October    Capital monitoring not

                              monitor developed             2002       yet in place. Issues
                              and implemented                          still to be agreed
                                                                       during 2003/04.

 Provision of financial
 advice, accurate
                              Effective monitoring
                              and completion of
                                                            Ongoing    Procedures all in
                                                                       place and all             
 financial monitoring         grant claims by AWM                      deadlines being met.
 and the completion of        deadlines
 grant claims for the

 Complete and issue
 internal market
                              Internal market
                              budgets incorporated
                                                            Feb 03     Successfully
                                                                       completed and input       
 budgets to                   within CC budget                         before final budget
 directorates                 report for February                      report to Council.

 procurement review
                              Revise contract rules
                              and financial rules as
                                                                       All SLA‟s accepted by
                                                                       Directorates and          
 and related                  appropriate following                    service managers.
 procedures.                  first year‟s activity

                              Review current                           E-procurement
                              practice on                              developments being
                              procurement and                          considered.
                              identify further areas
                              for improvement.

D:\Docstoc\Working\pdf\45e4bdb2-eb43-438f-a996-d2f1e17ba759.doc                                      15
          Action                Success Criteria /           Target   End of Year 2002 –         How
                                  Performance                 Date      2003 Position            Well
                                    Measure                                                     are we
 Issue Service Level
 Agreements including
                              Service Level
                              Agreements (SLAs)
                                                            Feb 03
                                                                      All SLA‟s accepted by
                                                                      Directorates and
 revised charges as           accepted by
                                                                      service managers and
 negotiated by                directorates and
                                                                      included in published
 business unit                service managers
                              Revise allocations to
                              Directorates and                        2003/04 allocations        
                              Corporate Centre in                     completed in time for
                              view of the impact on                   inclusion in budget for
                              performance                             Council in Feb 03.
                                                                      Successful audit with
 Respond to the               Unqualified audit             Sept 02
                                                                      no qualifications of
 requirements of BV           opinion of accounts
                                                                      2001/02 accounts.
 accounting and
 provision of financial
                              and BV performance
                                                                      Reflected in very
                                                                      positive CPA outcome
 information for BV
                                                                      for financial services.
 reviews within central
                                                                      Plan kept up to date
 Maintain up to date
 medium term financial
                              Plan forms basis for
                              rolling out budget
                                                                      and layout revised to
                                                                      successfully inform
 plan supported by            developments and
                                                                      budget priority growth
 property implications        future strategy.
                              Key service pressures                   MTFP used as a basis
                              and developments                        for budget growth
                                                                      Guidance notes on
 Introduction and             Implement procedure           Ongoing
 updating of Procedure
 Notes on financial
                              notes on partnerships
                              and recurring income:
                                                                      partnership, periodic
                                                                      income and grants          
                                                                      register have been
 arrangements                 corporate grant
                                                                      written. Further work
                              register based on
                                                                      required to roll out to
                              computer database

D:\Docstoc\Working\pdf\45e4bdb2-eb43-438f-a996-d2f1e17ba759.doc                                   16
          Action                Success Criteria /           Target   End of Year 2002 –        How
                                  Performance                 Date      2003 Position           Well
                                    Measure                                                    are we
                                                                      Successful decision
 Develop Private              Successful decision           Ongoing
                                                                      and bid to increase
 Finance Initiative (PFI)
 bid re Sundorne/
                              on Stage 1.
                              Bids submitted and
                                                                      value on PFI schemes
                                                                      from £2.2 million to
 Harlescott Community
                              bid for resources to                    £16.2 million agreed.
 Resource Centre
                              develop Higher
                              Education In

                                                                      Efforts made to meet
 Update accounting
 structure to meet
                              Ledger meets
                              directorates needs
                                                                      requests from
 requirements                 and best corporate

 In light of QSP
 receivership, identify
                              Options reviewed as
                                                            Ongoing   Seamless
                                                                      arrangement               
 and review options for                                               successfully
 future Corporate              develop in-house                      negotiated
 systems                        support/or
 developments with
 colleagues.                   enter long term
                                support agreement
                                                                      Current agreement
                                                                      with Walkers/Elevon

                               explore options for                   Risk analysis
                                migration to new                      conducted and
                                systems.                              remaining with
                                                                      concluded as being        
                                                                      the preferable option.
 Continue to build on
 Corporate systems
                              Implementation of
                              developments by
                                                            Ongoing   Oswestry set up on
                                                                      SAMIS from ¼/03.          
 developments. Eg.            stages                                  Roll out of SAMIS to
 Schools use of                                                       schools in place from
 Corporate systems                                                    April 2003.
 through broadband;
                              Maintain tight fiscal         Ongoing   Sound control
 upgrade to 4.6.1;            control over feeders                    achieved. Good audit
 introduce web user           and information                         report on general
 interface; interfaces        entering the financial                  ledger.
 with TOMS<,                  system, including
 CONFIRM & Care               uploads from Excel;
 First; E-procurement         Systems balanced              Ongoing
 portals and District‟s
 use of SAMIS
 SAMIS Control

D:\Docstoc\Working\pdf\45e4bdb2-eb43-438f-a996-d2f1e17ba759.doc                                  17
          Action                Success Criteria /           Target   End of Year 2002 –        How
                                  Performance                 Date      2003 Position           Well
                                    Measure                                                    are we
 Balance financial            Feeders and requests
 systems to bank
 within 6 weeks of the
                              run according to
                              timetables and                          All balancing achieved
 month end                    deadlines. All changes
                              to system made
                              promptly. No
                              breaches of system
 SAMIS Administration
                                                                      All aspects of
                                                                      administration            
 Completion of all
 statutory returns
                              Deadlines for
                              completion met and
                                                            Ongoing   Much improved
                                                                      performance on            
                              reconciliation of all                   returning forms such
                              budget and outturn                      as RA and RO within
                              forms to directorates                   timetable.

 VAT administration
 and advice
                              Complete returns
                              according to business
                                                            Ongoing   Administration good
                                                                      with low resource         
                              plan deadlines.                         input. No penalties or
                              Monitor partial                         interest charges.
                              exemption limit. Avoid
                              penalties and interest

 development of new
                              System completed
                              and populated with up
                                                                      Completed to
                                                                      timetable.                
 periodic income              to date information.
 system, implement
 and train staff.

                              Accessible by
                              appropriate staff
                              training in it use.
                                                                      Training completed.       

 Complete closedown
 of accounts to agreed
                              Achieve statutory
                              deadlines and earlier
                                                            Sept 02   Faster closedown
                                                                      achieved and no           
 timetable for 2001/02        closedown timetable                     qualifications.
                                                                      Improved working
 Develop and
 implement 2003/04
                              Complete budget
                              process within set
                                                            Feb 03    The budget was
                                                                      completed within          
 budget strategy              timetable.                              timetable, inspite of

D:\Docstoc\Working\pdf\45e4bdb2-eb43-438f-a996-d2f1e17ba759.doc                                  18
          Action                Success Criteria /           Target    End of Year 2002 –        How
                                  Performance                 Date       2003 Position           Well
                                    Measure                                                     are we
 reflecting new national                                               late provision of RSG
 funding mechanism.
                              Keep Members
                              informed of
                                                                       settlement. Members‟
                                                                       workshops held.
                              developments and
                              potential impact on
                              Council Tax and
                              service levels.
                              Review and improve
                                                                       processes improved,
                              public consultation on
                                                                       especially involving
                              the budget for
                                                                       the elderly.
 Respond to financial
 part of White Paper on
                              Keep close tabs on
                              the detailed
                                                            April 02   Monitoring of
                                                                       developments took         
 Strong Local                 development of the                       place and reported to
 Leadership.                  new funding system                       members.
                              for local government.

                              Comments submitted
                              to Government that
                                                                       Response on outline
                                                                       proposals agreed by
                              influence the outcome                    Cabinet.
                              to Shropshire‟s

                              Contribute to the                        Response to financial
                              Council‟s policy
                                                                       aspects of what paper
                              commission on the                        provided and on
                              White Paper.                             subsequent Local
                                                                       Government Bill
 Technical advice on
 proposals for new
                              Responses to
                              government as
                                                            Dec 02     Comprehensive
                                                                       briefings on proposals    
 grant system for             appropriate in support                   and technical
 2003/04                      of Shropshire‟s case                     responses made.
                              for fairer funding

 Capital accounting           Capital provision and         Ongoing    All aspects of capital
                              reserve balances
                              reconciled; capital
                                                                       satisfactory. Good        
                              charges to services in                   audit report.
                              line with Best Value
                              requirements ;external
                              loans register up to

 Provide complete
 Treasurer services to
                              Produce budget and
                              accounts to timetables
                                                            Ongoing    All accounts produced
                                                                       on time and meetings      
 Pines and Lyneal             and achieve financial                    attended. Accounts
                              control; Attend Trust                    successfully audited.

D:\Docstoc\Working\pdf\45e4bdb2-eb43-438f-a996-d2f1e17ba759.doc                                   19
          Action                Success Criteria /           Target   End of Year 2002 –        How
                                  Performance                 Date      2003 Position           Well
                                    Measure                                                    are we
 Trusts                       meetings
                                                                      All precepts issued
 Issue precepts and
 control of corporate
                              Receipt of income to
                                                                      and corporate income
                                                                      received on time.

 Establish financial
 information on SCC
                              successfully posted to
                                                            June 02
                                                                      Delayed pending
                                                                      Shropshire Online         
                                                                      Training in Spring
 internet site                web-site                      Ongoing
 Continue to develop
 and refine divisional
                              Contribute to CIPFA
                              benchmarking club.
                                                            Ongoing   Membership of Club
                                                                      renewed for all.
 performance                                                          Finance based
 measures and CIPFA
                              Identify areas of good
                              practice and apply
                                                                      Still to be evaluated.
 Corporate Finance Success include:-

           Medium Term Financial Plan has been successfully developed as an integral part of
            the Council‟s forward financial planning processes.

           The date for closure of the accounts and production of the annual Statement of
            Accounts has been successfully brought forward with the support of all Directorates
            and is well within the statutory deadline.

           Drawn together a substantial Private Finance Initiative (PFI) bid and the outline
            business case completed and submitted to the ODPM and DoH.

           SAMIS has been rolled out to the schools, providing online access to corporate
            financial information and enabling better financial support to schools to be given.

           Work with partner organisations in Shropshire has continued to be developed. The
            combined Fire Authority continues to receive our support for their financial systems
            and a similar service is now provided to Oswestry BC and would be available to
            other District Councils.

           Financial support to SPARKS continues and is being extended to cover the new
            RRZ in the new year.

D:\Docstoc\Working\pdf\45e4bdb2-eb43-438f-a996-d2f1e17ba759.doc                                   20
 PROPERTY SERVICES                                          Success Matrices
                                                            10 Actions Planned

                                                            Achieved                            7
                                                            Partially Achieved                  2
                                                            Not Achieved                        1

          Action                Success Criteria /           Target    End of Year 2002 –         How
                                  Performance                 Date       2003 Position            Well
                                    Measure                                                      are we
 Develop revised
 Property Review
                              Establish new system.          31.8.02   Formal programme
                                                                       not in place.                 

 Maximise capital
 receipts in line with
                              Target of £2.25m.              31.3.02   Achieved – actual
                                                                       receipts in excess of         
 long term policy                                                      £3m.

 Continue the           Develop detail of
 development of Asset Asset Management
                                                             31.3.03   Progressing well.
                                                                       Condition information         
 Management Planning Plan with Directorates.                           being collected.
 in non-Education field                                                Suitability format
 and capital strategy.                                                 agreed.

 To continue the
 central office
                              Produce improved
                              usage of floor space.
                                                            30.11.02   Progressed well.
                                                                       Move of Trading               
 accommodation                                                         Standards now
 rationalisation.                                                      complete.

 Develop and monitor
                              Collect all relevant
                                                             30.6.02   National and Local
                                                                       Property PI‟s in place.       

 Continue development All functions on
 of Property Database previous system to be
                                                             31.3.02   Achieved

 Complete Capital
 Accounting Valuations
                              Complete a further
                              20% of asset
                                                             31.3.03   Completed.

D:\Docstoc\Working\pdf\45e4bdb2-eb43-438f-a996-d2f1e17ba759.doc                                      21
          Action                Success Criteria /           Target     End of Year 2002 –         How
                                  Performance                 Date        2003 Position            Well
                                    Measure                                                       are we
 Complete Terrier and         Complete                       31.3.03    Data from mainframe
 Property Management          development.                              completed, but not
 updates, implement
 space planning
                                                                        from Genesls to
                                                                        Evolutlon, due to             
 module and DDA                                                         resources and other
 database. Extend                                                       additional
 usage to Social                                                        commitments. Now
 Services and                                                           targeted for 2003/04.
 Corporate Finance.
 Complete Best Value          Final report to                31.3.03    Review of Asset
 Review of Property           Members and have                          Management Process
 and Property Services        agreed Action Plan.                       completed, Review of
                                                                        Accommodation Final           
                                                                        Report delayed.
                                                                        Sales Policy of
                                                                        removed from Best
                                                                        Value Review
 To implement and             Periodic income               30/04/02    Database in place.
 review the new
 periodic income
                              system implemented.
                              Review the use of the         31/07/02
                                                                        Partial verification of
                                                                        data completed.               
 system.                      system after 3 months                     Remaining verification
                              and make changes                          of data to be
                              where appropriate.                        completed by

 ARCHITECTS AND MAINTENANCE                                 Success Matrices
                                                            7 Actions Planned

                                                            Achieved                             4
                                                            Partially Achieved                   2
                                                            Not Achieved                         1

 Produce Capital
 Programme for
                              Complete on time
                              within budget.
                                                              31.3.03    Generally completed
                                                                         mainly on time and           
 2002/03.                                                                on overall budget.
                                                                         Ludlow Library and
                                                                         Museum Resource
                                                                         Centre being the
                                                                         main exception.

D:\Docstoc\Working\pdf\45e4bdb2-eb43-438f-a996-d2f1e17ba759.doc                                       22
          Action                Success Criteria /           Target        End of Year 2002 –        How
                                  Performance                 Date           2003 Position           Well
                                    Measure                                                         are we
 Produce a policy on
                              Ensure Plan is
                              adopted and
                                                             31.12.02      Produced and
                                                                           approved by Council       
 Construction                 implemented                                  on 13 December
 Deliver Planned
                                                              31.3.03      Delivered on time
                                                                           and on budget.            

 Support Shire
 Services in carrying
                              Base line position
                              established through a
                                                             31.12.02      Not proceeded with.
 out a survey of large        survey using property
 kitchen equipment            records as a starting
 and replacing old            point.
 equipment through a          New equipment
 leasing package.             purchased through
                              leasing package and
                              successfully installed.
 Progress Action Plan         To have in place and           31.12.02      Operational data
 for Maintenance Best
 Value Service Review.
                              operational all data
                              gathering systems
                                                                           gathered. Monitoring
                                                                           report to Central         
                              identified in Best                           Audit and new Local
                              Value Action Plan and                        Performance
                              produce interim                              Indicators identified.
 Develop in-house             Part time surveyor in          Ongoing       All surveyors have
 knowledge on                 place undergoing                             been on 1 day
 Disability                   training.                                    course internally. 4
 Discrimination Act
 (DDA) legislation and
                              Production of
                              prioritised lists aiming
                                                                           surveyors trained
                                                                           and further 6             
 interpretation.              to improve disabled                          planned. 1 surveyor
                              access to SCC                                working towards
                              properties and                               national assessor
                              implement                                    status. Work now
                              improvements.                                programmed on

 Complete Ludlow              Project completed to               In        Now handed over,
 Library and Museum           the required                  accordance     but not on original
                                                            with project
 Resource Centre              specification on time             plan       budget or timescale.
 Project.                     and within budget.

 Property Services

 Last year showed a continuing rise in the level of investment in buildings with more money
 being spent on new buildings and maintenance of existing buildings especially in the
 Education sector. This has put pressure on resources and is partly being dealt with by
 employing external consultants as well as contractors. The level of customer satisfaction
 remains high.
 The generation of capital receipts remains high and terms agreed included the disposal of

D:\Docstoc\Working\pdf\45e4bdb2-eb43-438f-a996-d2f1e17ba759.doc                                       23
           Action               Success Criteria /           Target   End of Year 2002 –    How
                                  Performance                 Date      2003 Position       Well
                                    Measure                                                are we
    The Limes once Trading Standards move to Shirehall as part of the office accommodation
    rationalisation. The work to upgrade Shirehall continues with more mosaics being replaced
    and improvements in the facilities


D:\Docstoc\Working\pdf\45e4bdb2-eb43-438f-a996-d2f1e17ba759.doc                              24
 SHIREHALL SERVICES                                         Success Matrices
                                                            5 Actions Planned

                                                            Achieved                              3
                                                            Partially Achieved                    2

          Action                Success Criteria /           Target        End of Year 2002 –       How
                                  Performance                 Date           2003 Position          Well
                                    Measure                                                        are we
 Establishment of
 improved recycling
                              More recycled and
                              holding of total waste
                                                            31.03.02       New waste contract in
                                                                           place with more             
 opportunities within         produced at 2001                             recycling.
 Shirehall and                levels.
 reduction of total

 Establishment of             Up and running                In operation   Changes now above
 above the line service       service charge made                          the line.
 charge for                   on square footage of
 accommodation                occupation.
 covering appropriate
 Organise letting of
 window cleaning at
                              Have contract up and
                                                             31.8.02       In place.
 Shirehall and other
 Central Services
 Computerise meeting
 room booking system.
                              System in place and
                              being operated.
                                                             31.8.02       Not yet achieved for
                                                                           technical reasons but       
                                                                           due to be available
                                                                           from summer 2003.
 Develop Intranet page        Established and
                              available for use.
                                                             31.3.03       Room bookings to be
                                                                           available for viewing       
                                                                           summer 2003 via the
                                                                           computerised system
 Shirehall Services:

 'This has been a busy year with demand for space growing. With help from our colleagues in
 Property Mainenance the public areas including the approaches to Shirehall have been
 upgraded in order to make visitors more welcome and comfortable. Customer satisfaction
 remains high.'

D:\Docstoc\Working\pdf\45e4bdb2-eb43-438f-a996-d2f1e17ba759.doc                                        25
 EMERGENCY PLANNING                                         Success Matrices
                                                            4 Actions Planned

                                                            Achieved                       4

          Action                Success Criteria /           Target    End of Year 2002 –    How
                                  Performance                 Date       2003 Position       Well
                                    Measure                                                 are we
 Implement Action Plan
                              Implementation of all
                              actions subject to
                                                            31.03.02   Completed.
 identified in                resource availability.
 Emergency Planning
 Joint Best Value
 Service Review.
 Produce clarity in
 financial matters
                              Clarity for 2002/03.           31.5.02   Completed.
 following Home Office
 funding review and
 District contributions.

 Produce programme
 of Risk Management
                              Consultants report to
                              be received and
                                                             30.6.02   Completed.
 work to assess risk          actioned.
 facing the Authority in
 conjunction with
 members of the Risk
 Management Group.
 Prepare plans in
 accordance with new
                              Completed plans to
                              include :
                                                             31.3.03   Done and being
                                                                       revised.                 
 legislation                  1. Temporary
                              Mortuary Plan
                              2. Radiation
                              Preparedness and
                              Public Information
                              Regulation (REPPIR)

 Emergency Planning:

 'With the appointment of the new Emergency Planning Officer we have continued to make
 good progress with the Best Value Action Plan and improved our liaison with other
 organisations especially Districts. Our main Emergency Plans have been revisited and where
 appropriate updated and improved to make the Council better able to react to emergencies.

 With the assistance of external expertise we have improved both our Business Continuity
 Planning and Risk Management expertise to reduce the Councils exposure to risks.'

D:\Docstoc\Working\pdf\45e4bdb2-eb43-438f-a996-d2f1e17ba759.doc                                 26
 EXCHEQUER SERVICES                                         Success Matrices
                                                            5 Actions Planned
 PURCHASE LEDGER                                            Achieved                            5

          Action                Success Criteria /           Target      End of Year 2002 –       How
                                  Performance                 Date         2003 Position          Well
                                    Measure                                                      are we
 Purchase Ledger
 Data Prep fully
 relocated on 3rd floor
                              Continuation of
                              service to users
                                                           31 March
                                                                         Completed Aug
                                                                         2001. Staff now fully       
 and operational                                                         integrated with
                                                                         Purchase Ledger
 Establish training
 capability for on-line
                              Set up programme of
                                                           30 April
                                                                         Training team of 3
                                                                         established                 
 data entry and POP                                                      December 2002.
                                                                         Training now taking
 Provide training for
 new POP/PL users
                                                           12 April
                                                           start, then
                                                                         Training started
                                                                         ahead of schedule.          
                                                           ongoing       Ongoing.
 Work with Education
 Finance to roll out on
                                                                         On-line input rolled
                                                                         out to schools March        
 line input to schools                                                   2003
 BACS payments-
 continuous mailshot to
                              65% of all payments
                              by year end
                                                                         64.7% of payments
                                                                         made by BACS at             
 suppliers                                                               31/3/03

 Purchase Ledger (Payments Team)

 The team have been successful in meeting all actions planned for 2002-2003.

 In September the team were restructured to establish training and support facilities to prepare
 for Directorates moving towards on-line input of invoices and the introduction of the Purchase
 Order Processing module.

 The most satisfying work for the team has been the programme to implement SAMIS in
 schools. Feedback received from schools has been extremely positive, visits to schools are
 continuing and further training is planned.

 Performance in paying invoices has been maintained. This has been affected by the
 restructure, system response times and the training programme carried out following the
 integration of the Data Prep team.

 A successful personal development programme was completed by the Data Prep team.

D:\Docstoc\Working\pdf\45e4bdb2-eb43-438f-a996-d2f1e17ba759.doc                                      27
 SALES LEDGER                                               Success Matrices
                                                            16 Actions Planned

                                                            Achieved                            6
                                                            Partially Achieved                  8
                                                            Not Achieved                        2

          Action                Success Criteria /           Target    End of Year 2002 –         How
                                  Performance                 Date       2003 Position            Well
                                    Measure                                                      are we
 Introduce and
 document new
                              100% invoices being
                              produced on time
                                                           30 April
                                                                        Access database
                                                                        developed. New               
 periodic income                                                        procedures go live
 system                                                                 April 2003.
                                                                        Development group
                                                                        will continue to meet
                                                                        in 2003/4
 Take on meals Giro
 data directly from
                              99% direct input to
                                                           31 March
                                                                        Not achieved.
                                                                        Carried forward to           
 bank file                                                              2003/4
 All income and sales
 ledger data input on
                              100% on line                 30
                                                                        All data input on line
                                                                        since December               
 line                                                      2002         2002.
 Improve system for
 processing private
                              Agreed new
                                                           31 July
                                                                        New form and
                                                                        procedure note               
 school fund donations                                                  issued September
 Continue to develop
 the role of the Sales
                              Improved procedures
                              across directorates.
                                                           On-going     Meetings still taking
                                                                        place. Need to               
 Ledger Task group                                                      revise membership
                              8 meetings planned                        and focus in 2003/4.
                              in 2002/03
 Improve Sales Ledger
 user training
                              Two user group
                              meetings in 2002/03.
                                                           31 March
                                                                        SL staff actively
                                                                        involved in training         
                              99% high quality                          Directorates and
                              invoicing.                                Oswestry BC staff on
                                                                        sales invoicing and
                                                                        sales ledger
                                                                        throughout 2002/3
 Improved hard copy
 reporting to
                              80% response to
                                                           31 March
                                                                        development                  
 Direct Debit promotion       200 new clients on
                              Direct Debit
                                                                        High take up
                                                                        expected. Changes            
                                                           2002         required to invoicing
                                                                        process. Project
                                                                        rescheduled for Jan
                                                                        – Mar 2004

D:\Docstoc\Working\pdf\45e4bdb2-eb43-438f-a996-d2f1e17ba759.doc                                      28
          Action               Success Criteria /            Target   End of Year 2002         How
                                 Performance                  Date     – 2003 Position         Well
                                   Measure                                                    are we
 Increased use of
 Credit & Debit cards
                              50% increase in the
                              use of cards
                                                           31 March
                                                                      Target revised to
                                                                      promote the use of       
 for invoice payment                                                  credit/debit cards
                                                                      generally. Card use
                                                                      increasing but not at
                                                                      target levels
 Continue to promote
 the use of Sales
                              100% data on Sales
                                                           31 March
                                                                      72% by Dec 2002.
                                                                      Target of 85% for        
 Invoicing                                                            August 2003 (when
                                                                      Carefirst comes on-
 Removal of internal
 debt from Sales
                              1% by value
                              outstanding in Sales
                                                           31 March
                                                                      Policy in place by
                                                                      deadline but requires    
 ledger                       Ledger                                  continuous
 Improve data base
                              90% accuracy                 31 March
                                                                      New procedures now
                                                                      in place to improve      
 Consolidate Sales
 Ledgers used by
                              No new data being
                              added to current
                                                           31 March
                                                                      Not achieved.
                                                                      Carried forward to       
 Social Services and          Home Care ledger                        2003/4
 Home Care
 Review the content of
 „Dunning‟ letters and
                              Reduction in the
                              value of debt
                                                           31 March
                                                                      All letters reviewed
                                                                      before deadline date     
 the layout of invoicing      outstanding
 Reduction in the value
 of debt outstanding
                              Debt outstanding
                              over 6 months old
                                                           31 March
                                                                      Not achieved.
                                                                      Carried forward to       
 over 6 months old            reduced by 20%                          2003/4
 Improved debt
 recovery performance
                              Reduction in the
                              value of debt
                                                           31 March
                                                                      New statistics in
                                                                      place by deadline        
 monitoring                   outstanding                             date

 Sales Ledger.

 Looking at the year 2002/03 in retrospect what, at the time, seemed an horrendous year
 turned out better than expected. Though a number of targets were not achieved those that
 were have helped raise the profile of debt recovery and income collection within the Council.
 In particular the debtors task group, joint team meetings with social services and the
 introduction of online sales invoicing have all contributed to a greater understanding within
 directorates of the issues surrounding income management. The task now facing the team is
 to direct these achievements towards making a positive impact on debt recovery within the

D:\Docstoc\Working\pdf\45e4bdb2-eb43-438f-a996-d2f1e17ba759.doc                                 29
 TREASURY AND PENSIONS                                      Success Matrices
                                                            1 Action Planned
 TREASURY SERVICES                                                                
                                                            Partially Achieved                1

          Action                Success Criteria /            Target     End of Year 2002      How
                                  Performance                  Date       – 2003 Position      Well
                                    Measure                                                   are we
 Audit Commission
 inspection of Treasury
                              Successful inspection.
                              Full compliance with
                                                                         Action Plan
                                                                         timetable complied       
 Services Best Value          recommendations and           2002.        with. No Audit
 review                       Action Plan                   Action       Commission
                                                            Plan         inspection

D:\Docstoc\Working\pdf\45e4bdb2-eb43-438f-a996-d2f1e17ba759.doc                                   30
 INSURANCES                                                 Success Matrices
                                                            5 Actions Planned

                                                            Achieved                           3
                                                            Partially Achieved                 2

          Action                Success Criteria /          Target Date          End of Year     How
                                  Performance                                    2002 – 2003     Well
                                    Measure                                       Position      are we
 Re-tender of
                              Successful completion
                              of process
                                                            31 October
                                                                           successfully             
 arrangements                                                              renewed Feb
                                                                           2003. 5 year
 Development of
 Corporate Risk
                              introduction of
                                                            2002 - March
                                                                           Timely &
                                                                           successful               
 Management strategy          strategy                      2003           introduction of
 to encompass the                                                          strategy with
 Insurance Service                                                         active
                                                                           participation from
                                                                           Insurance team
 communication with
                              Marked improvement
                              in communication and
                                                            April 2002
                                                                           Service Level
                                                                           Agreements re-           
 Directorates (inc.           information flows                            introduced March
 SLA‟s, claims                between Directorates,                        2002. Quarterly
 handling process and         Insurance team and                           claims surgeries
 electronic claim forms)      Insurers                                     introduced.
                                                                           Claims handling
                                                                           process now
                                                                           Electronic claim
                                                                           forms piloted
                                                                           Sept 2002
 benchmarking (adding
                              Collection and
                              processing of another
                                                            June 2002
                                                            and annually
                                                                           Responses from
                                                                           other Authorities        
 to the process started       full year of                  in future      not forthcoming
 under BV review)             comparative data from                        due to workload
                              other Local Authorities                      pressures.
                                                                           CIPFA now
                                                                           proposing co-
                                                                           ordinated national
                                                                           Shropshire will be
                                                                           an active

D:\Docstoc\Working\pdf\45e4bdb2-eb43-438f-a996-d2f1e17ba759.doc                                     31
          Action                Success Criteria /          Target Date     End of Year        How
                                  Performance                               2002 – 2003        Well
                                    Measure                                  Position         are we
 Implement Aon
                                                            July 2002     Some progress
                                                                          made towards         
 (inc. review of                                                          implementing
 resources and                                                            recommendations
 quarterly monitoring of                                                  including claims-
 claims payments-v-                                                       v-payments
 ZM reserves)                                                             review and review
                                                                          of resources

D:\Docstoc\Working\pdf\45e4bdb2-eb43-438f-a996-d2f1e17ba759.doc                                 32
 TREASURY MANAGEMENT                                        Success Matrices
                                                            2 Actions Planned

                                                            Achieved                         2

          Action                Success Criteria /           Target    End of Year 2002 –      How
                                  Performance                 Date       2003 Position         Well
                                    Measure                                                   are we
 Retender Banking
 Services contract
                              Successful completion
                              of tender process
                                                                        Banking contract
                                                                        successfully              
                              including service             2002        retendered for 5
                              improvements where                        years in Mar 2003
 Active participation in
 CIPFA benchmarking
                              development of a
                                                            30 June
                                                                        SCC Treasury &
                                                                        Debt benchmarking         
 club                         comparative process                       stats submitted and
                              and attendance at                         comparisons with
                              benchmarking club                         other Authorities
                              meetings                                  received. Will
                                                                        benchmarking club
                                                                        meeting summer

 Treasury Services

 During the year the team has made significant progress towards the Action Plan targets
 identified in the 2001/2 Best Value review of Treasury Services. Despite this progress, the
 team were disappointed that the Audit Commission have not visited to review the hard work
 put in on this service review. As part of the Best Value Action Plan, Insurance and Banking
 services were achieved and successfully re-tendered.

 The team were particularly pleased with their continuing ability to achieve revenue savings for
 the Authority through prudent cash management and debt rescheduling.

 Monthly monitoring of activities for senior management is now significantly more sophisticated
 allowing the team to react quickly to changes in service trends. Legislation and regulations
 concerning the areas of work covered by the Treasury team continue to increase and we
 need to remain proactive to these changes to ensure we continue to provide an excellent
 service and to exploit opportunities for service development in 2003/04.

D:\Docstoc\Working\pdf\45e4bdb2-eb43-438f-a996-d2f1e17ba759.doc                                   33
 PENSION FUND                                               Success Matrices
                                                            13 Actions Planned

                                                            Achieved                             10
                                                            Partially Achieved                   2
                                                            Not Achieved                         1

          Action                Success Criteria /                Target     End of Year           How
                                  Performance                      Date      2002 – 2003           Well
                                    Measure                                   Position            are we
                               Fully trained staff
 Complete the process
 of inducting the new          backlog beginning
                                                            Dec 2002       Pension Team fully
                                                                           staffed and trained     
 pensions admin staff            to reduce                                 by target date
 and provide the               Morale maintained
 necessary training              at a high level
 and support.                  Achievement of
                                 statutory deadlines
 Review Statement of
 Investment Principles
                              Timely publication            31 May
                                                                           Revised Statement
                                                                           agreed by               
                                                                           February 2003
 Close Pension
 Scheme Accounts
                              Successful closing
                              and audit
                                                            30 June
                                                                           Pension Fund
                                                                           accounts                
                                                                           reconciled before
                                                                           30 June 2002
                               Timely and
 Complete Annual
 Report and Accounts            accurate
                                                            31 Aug
                                                                           Annual Report
                                                                           completed and           
 and organise Annual            completion of                              audited on time
 Meeting                        report                      14 Nov
                                                            2002           Successful Annual
                               Successful Annual                          Meeting. Largest
                                Meeting                                    attendance yet
 Review Pensions
                              Service Improvements           30 Sept
                                                                           Review delayed
                                                                           whilst the effect of    
 Performance                                                               merger of current
 Measurement service                                                       provider with rival
                                                                           was assessed.
                                                                           Review now
                                                                           timetabled for Dec
 Appointment of
 Emerging Markets
                              appointment and
                                                             Aug 2002      F&C appointed as
                                                                           Emerging Markets        
 and Private Equity           transition                                   Manager.
 Fund Managers                                                             HarbourVest
                                                                           appointed as
                                                                           Private Equity
                                                                           Manager. Both
                                                                           wef 1st July 2003.

D:\Docstoc\Working\pdf\45e4bdb2-eb43-438f-a996-d2f1e17ba759.doc                                        34
          Action                Success Criteria /                Target     End of Year         How
                                  Performance                      Date      2002 – 2003         Well
                                    Measure                                   Position          are we
 Appointment of
 „Engagement Overlay‟
                                                             30 Sept
                                                                           ISIS Investment
                                                                           Management            
 manager                                                                   appointed in
                                                                           November 2002
 Implementation of
 new Pensions Payroll
                              Successful and timely
                                                             30 June
                                                                           implementation        
                                                                           October 2002
 Annual review of
 pensions under the
                              implementation and
                                                             April 2002    Produced on time
 Pensions Increase            production of April
 Acts                         payroll
 Strategy                      ABS to all
                                                             Continuing    Pilot benefit
                                                                           statement             
  Annual Benefit                 employers                                produced. Full
    Statements                 bi annual                                  introduction now
  Newsletter                     newsletters                              planned for
  Employer Seminars           annual employers                           2003/04
 Contributions posting
 and completion of
                              All cpx members
                              records updated and
                                                                           delayed due to        
 year end procedures          contributions balanced         2002          training of new
 Develop performance
                              introduction of
                                                             July 2002     Monthly monitoring
                                                                           successfully          
 arrangements                 performance                                  introduced
 Fully utilise the new
 enhanced Doc.
                              Full reports on targets
                              set for monitoring
                                                             Continuing    Enhanced
                                                                           software              
 Production and task          purposes                                     introduced.
 management systems                                                        Developments
 in latest software                                                        continue

 Pensions Team

 The Pensions Team has made good progress in most areas over the year. There has been a
 substantial increase in the membership of the scheme, and in the volume of work for the
 section. The main disappointment was the failure to meet the target for completion of year
 end procedures. Further training in this area is underway, with improved performance
 expected this year.

 Communications with members has been good, with the twice-yearly Pensioners‟ newsletter
 well received. A programme of “surgeries” for active members has been instigated. This has
 given members at 12 of the Fund‟s employers the opportunity to meet individually with a
 member of the Pensions Team to discuss their pension situation.

 Communication with scheme employers continues to be developed, with a comprehensive
 guide to the employer‟s role in administering the scheme currently in production.

D:\Docstoc\Working\pdf\45e4bdb2-eb43-438f-a996-d2f1e17ba759.doc                                   35
 The Administration system has had several upgrades implemented successfully. On-line
 access to the system has been provided for Payroll and Personnel staff at the Borough of
 Telford & Wrekin. We intend to extend this facility to other employers over the coming year.
 In addition we are currently developing a web-site for scheme members, as part of the
 Shropshire Online web-site.

 On the Pensions investment side, the emerging markets portfolio re-tendered and a Fund-of-
 Funds manager was appointed to invest in private equity. The funds commitment to
 responsible investment was aided by the appointment of an engagement overlay manager.

 The only planned manager review not carried out during the year was our Pension Fund
 performance measurement service. This has been delayed to allow time to assess any
 changes in service provision that may occur following their merger with a rival company.

D:\Docstoc\Working\pdf\45e4bdb2-eb43-438f-a996-d2f1e17ba759.doc                             36
 SHIRE SERVICES                                             Success Matrices
                                                            15 Actions Planned

                                                            Achieved                              10
                                                            Partially Achieved                    4
                                                            Not Achieved                          1

          Action                Success Criteria /           Target       End of Year 2002 –        How
                                  Performance                 Date          2003 Position           Well
                                    Measure                                                        are we
  Improve financial           Achieve financial
 monitoring and               targets.
                                                                          All financial targets
                                                                          achieved.                 
 arrangements.                 Continue to review          Ongoing       A number of contracts
                              contract arrangements                       have been tendered
                              to ensure they reflect
                              SCC Contract Rules.
                                                                          during the year. Only
                                                                          2 small areas remain.
                               Implement a
                              cashless system as a
                                                                          Tender completed for
                                                                          cashless system. Will
                              pilot for all secondary
                                                                          be in operation from
                                                                          September 2003 at Sir
                                                                          John Talbot school.

                               Cleaning services
                              continue to be viable
                                                                          Cleaning services
                                                                          produced a surplus of
                              and break even                              £25k.
                              position achieved.

                               Improve Asset               Ongoing       Full register of all
                                                                          heavy equipment in
                                                                          kitchens has been         

                               Investigate options
                                                            Ongoing       Major exercise will be
                              to increase investment
                                                                          undertaken during
                              in equipment, such as
                              leasing arrangements.
                                                                          2003/04 in a
                                                                          programme for
                                                                          equipment funded by
                                                                          a combination of
                                                                          capital and leasing.

                               Implement a tender
                              process for the secure
                                                                          Tender underway for
                                                                          the secure collection     
                              collection of all school                    of cash. Anticipated
                              meals related cash.                         start date is Nov 03.

D:\Docstoc\Working\pdf\45e4bdb2-eb43-438f-a996-d2f1e17ba759.doc                                         37
          Action                Success Criteria /           Target       End of Year 2002 –          How
                                  Performance                 Date          2003 Position             Well
                                    Measure                                                          are we
  Promote the school          Launch of
 meals service in order       interactive web site
                                                                          Web site delayed due
                                                                          to long term sick -         
 to maintain demand.          which is maintained                         work is currently
                              and updated regularly.                      underway for a launch
                                                                          in September 2003.
                               Through
                              sponsorship perform                 April   Drug awareness
                              10 drug awareness
                              shows in secondary
                                                                  2002    shows were
                                                                          performed at 10
                              schools using the                           secondary schools
                              Chain Reaction                              which were very well
                              Theatre Group.                              received.
  Review human                Review and
 resources                    improve health and
                                                            Ongoing       All health and safety
                                                                          documentation at site       
 arrangements.                safety policy,                              and head office level
                              procedures and                              have been reviewed
                              arrangements.                               and reissued.

                               Issue 3 of the Shire              June    Shire news issued -
                              News staff
                                                                  2002    issue 4 will be
                                                                          completed in July

                               Respond to the H &          Sept/Oct      Manual handling
                              S Improvement Notice           2002         arrangements have
                              and review health and
                              safety and training
                                                                          been reviewed to
                                                                          reflect the notice -        
                              procedures.                                 over 1100 staff have
                                                                          received formal
  Development of an           5 year action plan in             April   Best Value action plan       
 Action Plan as a result      place, detailing priority           2002    was accepted by the
 of the Best Value            objectives for 2002/03.                     Best Value Panel in
 Review.                                                                  November 2002.

  To provide the school       Agreed service                    April   Hot meals service has        
 meals service in line        provision achieved                  2003    continued through out
 with Education Policy.       within the financial                        the County. Provided
                              limitations but which                       within the agreed charge
                              also reflects the                           to Education.
                              outcome of the BV
  Work with Property          Base line position                Dec     Survey of all kitchens       
 Maintenance in carrying      established through a               2002    complete. Equipment
 out a survey of large        survey using property                       will be purchased during
 kitchen equipment and        records as a starting                       2003 / 2004 using a
 replacing old equipment      point.                                      combination of leasing
 through a leasing             New equipment                             and capital.
 package.                     purchased through
                              leasing package and
                              successfully installed

D:\Docstoc\Working\pdf\45e4bdb2-eb43-438f-a996-d2f1e17ba759.doc                                        38
 Shire Services

 Shire Services achieved a financial break-even position for 2002-03. The Non-Statutory
 Catering Account contributed £27,000 towards the costs of providing Statutory Catering
 Services to Shropshire schools. Shire Services successfully tendered for new accounts in
 both catering and cleaning which will improve the future financial position.

 A major exercise was undertaken in 2002-3 to deliver Manual Handling training to all Shire
 Services staff. All Shropshire school kitchens used by Shire Services were surveyed in 2002-
 03 in order to assess the state of kitchen equipment. This survey will inform future equipment
 replacement plans. These two issues underline Shire Services commitment to the continuous
 improvement of our main assets – our staff and equipment.

D:\Docstoc\Working\pdf\45e4bdb2-eb43-438f-a996-d2f1e17ba759.doc                           39
                                                            Success Matrices
 PERSONNEL AND PAYROLL                                      5 Actions Planned

                                                            Achieved                           3
                                                            Partially Achieved                 1
                                                            Not Achieved                       1

          Action                Success Criteria /           Target    End of Year 2002 –        How
                                  Performance                 Date       2003 Position           Well
                                    Measure                                                     are we
 Introduction of new
 Criminal Records
                              Effective timely
                              checking processes in
                                                                       Procedures now fully
                                                                       in place despite             
 Bureau (CRB)                 place                                    national delays.
 Completion of Job
 Evaluation (JE)
                              Outcome report.
                              Budget implications
                                                            Sept 03    Scheme of Job
                                                                       Evaluation (JE)              
 project in relation to       identified. Changes                      project for lower paid
 lower paid posts             implemented.                             jobs.

 Introduction of
 Corporate Code on
                              Code in operation with
                              training programme in
                                                            Sept 02    Not achieved due to
                                                                       work pressures and           
 Recruitment and              place                                    other priorities. New
 Selection                                                             target date late 2003

 Transfer of all payrolls
 to new Payroll/Human
                              Accurate payments to
                                                            July 02    Full transfer achieved
                                                                       by November 2002.            
 Resources system
 Launch of corporate
 guidelines on
                              Guidelines in place           Apr 02     „Caring about
                                                                       Sickness‟ launched           
 Sickness Absence                                                      April 2002. 200
 Management                                                            managers trained.

 Personnel and Payroll

 The successful transfer of payrolls to the new payroll system was a significant achievement
 for the staff involved with this work. Progress was made and will now accelerate on
 developing the HR aspects of Resource Link.

 A new corporate policy on sickness management was launched with extensive training of
 managers. A policy on managing stress has followed.

D:\Docstoc\Working\pdf\45e4bdb2-eb43-438f-a996-d2f1e17ba759.doc                                     40
 ORGANISATION AND DEVELOPMENT                               Success Matrices
                                                            42Actions Planned

                                                            Achieved                             40
                                                            Partially Achieved                   2
                                                            Not Achieved                         -

          Action                Success Criteria /           Target    End of Year 2002 –          How
                                  Performance                 Date       2003 Position             Well
                                    Measure                                                       are we
                                                            Ongoing    Due to appointment of
 ODU to be
                              Accommodating                            new Chief Executive :-
 responsive to needs
 of the organisation
 in line with SCC
                              requests for additional
                              activities and support,
                                                                       Consulting on Values
                                                                       cross –organisation,       
                              appropriate to change                    Staff Briefing Events
 Aims, Objectives
                              management                               (x2) and
 and Values
                              arrangements                             Senior Manager
                                                                       Workshop to be
                                                                       arranged for May as
                                                                       part of on going

 Develop a Corporate
                              nsight Leadership
                                                                       -Achieved 4 months
                                                                       ahead of schedule in       
                              Development                   planned    Sept 02
                              Programme launched            for Jan
                              and further                   2003
                              programmed planned
                                                                       3rd Cohort Rolled
                              and being delivered
 - launch first Module                                      2nd        forward to April in
 by Jan 2003                                                Cohort     order to evaluate the
                                                            started    pilot programme of
 - 1 cohort (24 people)                                     Feb        INSIGHT
 a year                                                     2003

                              Improve performance
                              as measured by
                                                            Ongoing    Evaluation shows
                                                                       improved self              
                              customer satisfaction                    awareness increased
                              and the performance                      ability to challenge the
                              of leaders as                            process. Decision
                              assessed by                              making and prioritising
                              inspections, IiP, future                 skills are improved as
                              CPA, and on.                             measured by their
                              Significantly improve                    team members or line
                              the skills of Managers                   managers.
                              in SCC over time

D:\Docstoc\Working\pdf\45e4bdb2-eb43-438f-a996-d2f1e17ba759.doc                                        41
          Action                Success Criteria /           Target   End of Year 2002 –          How
                                  Performance                 Date      2003 Position             Well
                                    Measure                                                      are we
 Key Performance
 Indicators for the
                              Contribute to the
                              changing of attitude of
                                                                      Procedures in place
                                                                      and all deadlines          
 Service                      managers who act as                     being met
                              blockage to
                              improvement and

                              90% of evaluation
                              forms returned for
                                                                      Deadline extended to
                                                                      October 2003 due to        
                              Corporate training                      prioritising demands
                              events will be                          on ODU
                                > after the event
                                > at 3 months

                              100% of external
                              providers of Corporate
                              training subject to
                              selection and
                              inclusion on an
                              accredited list by
                              January 2003
 Best Value Review
 for Personnel and
                              to be completed with
                              at least a rating of 2
                                                                      Revised timescale for
                                                                      end of review =            
                              Star will improve - by                  beginning of June
                              Jan 2003                                2003
                              - ODU team involved
                              in the whole Review
                                                                      ODU team
                                                                      successfully involved      
                              process                                 in review process,
                              - Steering group                        steering group and
                              participation                           facilitating events.
                              - Facilitating events
                              throughout                              Action Plan finalised
                              - Form Action Plan to                   by Steering Group
                              work on in interim
                              - Create Group to                       Task Group to form         
                              continue work on                        Corporate Training
                              action/improvement                      Group at end of review
                              plan                                    process to continue with
                              - Leading T&D Task
                                                                      Action/ Improvement
                                                                      Plan reporting to          
                                                                      Corporate Management
                                                                      Performance Group

D:\Docstoc\Working\pdf\45e4bdb2-eb43-438f-a996-d2f1e17ba759.doc                                    42
          Action                Success Criteria /           Target    End of Year 2002 –        How
                                  Performance                 Date       2003 Position           Well
                                    Measure                                                     are we
 Developing E-
                              Pilot scheme
                              launched via County           March
                                                                       Successful pilot.
                                                                       Information about        
                              Training                      2003       options for obtaining
 Launch pilot of the
                                                                       ECDL in Shropshire is
 European Computer
                                                                       posted on ODU
 Driving Licence for 16
                                                                       website and featured
                                                                       in Talking Point
 Participate in
 national local
                              National Graduate
                              Development Scheme
                                                                       ODU Manager part of
                                                                       assessor team, now       
                              involvement in                           with a view to taking
 initiatives with
                              developing                               on a graduate in
 positive feedback from
 regional & national
 bodies e.g.

 learning and support
 activities (training
                              Satisfaction rating
                              over 60% from
                                                            Ongoing    Positive feedback,
                                                                       improved                 
                              evaluation forms for                     performances.
 programme will be
                              each workshop of                         Satisfaction rates
 linked to Insight,
                              Insight                                  high.
                              Comments from line    Ongoing            Anticipated increased
                              manager and mentor
                              meetings illustrating
                                                                       resourced to continue
                                                                       development              
                              improved performance

 Provision of
 Springboard women‟s
                              Programmes 2 + 3
                                                            April 02
                                                            And Oct
                                                                       programmes 2 & 3         
 personal development         Full participation of 30      02         April-July 2002 &
 Programme                    people per prog.                         Oct.02 – Jan.03 with
                                                                       60 participants

                                                                       Programme 4 Apr-
                                                                       July.03. 30              
                                                                       participants recruited
                                                                       and further interest
                                                                       expressed in
                                                                       programme 5 for
                                                                       autumn 03.

D:\Docstoc\Working\pdf\45e4bdb2-eb43-438f-a996-d2f1e17ba759.doc                                   43
          Action                Success Criteria /           Target    End of Year 2002 –         How
                                  Performance                 Date       2003 Position            Well
                                    Measure                                                      are we
                              Evaluations, both post
                              course and 6-months
                                                                       38% of the women
                                                                       have either applied for   
                              later in place to                        new jobs or achieved
                              measure satisfaction                     promotion within the
                              rating and increased                     six months under
                              interest in career and                   review within SCC
                              learning opportunities                   43% have undertaken
                                                                       further personal
                                                                       development or begun
                                                                       a college course.

 Provision of Navigator
 men‟s personal
                              1st Programme
                              launched and
                                                            1st Prog
                                                             Sept 02
                                                                       Navigator programme
                                                                       Sept-Dec.02 with 15       
 development                  sufficient interest in                   participants.
 programme                    2nd programme
                                                                       Plan to run another
                                                                       programme in the
                                                                       autumn 2003.
                                                                       Offering external
                                                                       places to Telford &       
                                                                       Wrekin and Fire
                                                                       Service, adding a
                                                                       range of work
                                                                       experiences and also
                                                                       bringing some cost
                                                                       recovery via fees.

 Individual and group
                              Facilitating various
                              SCC team workshops
                                                                       Finance away day
                              and Away Days on
 Investors in People                                                   ODU are leading the

 Continued corporate
                              Put in place reporting
                              mechanism, form
                                                            to June
                                                                       corporate IiP
                                                                       assessment via 3
                              steering group and
 IiP status at next                                         03         groups:
 assessment                                                            reporting to Corporate
                              administration group
                              to co-ordinate the
                                                                       Management Group
                              portfolio and
                                                                       (CPMG) chaired by
                                                                       Carolyn Downs
                                                                       IiP Assessment

                                                                       Steering Group 2003
                                                                       IiP Assessment
                                                                       Administrators Group

D:\Docstoc\Working\pdf\45e4bdb2-eb43-438f-a996-d2f1e17ba759.doc                                    44
          Action                Success Criteria /           Target     End of Year 2002 –          How
                                  Performance                 Date        2003 Position             Well
                                    Measure                                                        are we
 Speakeasy -
                              Run 4 events in year,
                              two at Shirehall and
                                                            Quarterly   Average attendance
                                                                        of 17 per event.           
 workshop with Chief          two in county –                           Structure to be
 Executive Officer,           Ludlow + Oswestry                         revised in light of new
 launch evaluation,           (May, Sept, Dec 02                        Chief Exec, next one
 facilitation                 and Feb 03)                               planned for Sept 2003

 Maintain corporate
 induction events and
                              Continue to hold
                              events monthly and
                                                            Monthly     - Corporate Induction
                                                                        events:                    
 handbook                     monitor attendance                        Held monthly
                              levels                                    Approx 25 – 40
                                                                        70 - 80% turnout rate

                              Revise and update
                              Employee Handbook
                                                                        - Employee Induction
                                                                        Handbook                   
                                                                        Revised reprint –
                                                                        issue started Dec 02
                                                                        Reprinted every 1-2
                                                                        months to incorporate
                                                                        Format changed to
                                                                        reduce costs.
 Collaborating with
 Central Personnel
 Development and
 collaborative working
 practices and tangible

 updating appraisal
                              Re-launch of scheme
                              and training delivered
                                                                        Central Services
                                                                        Appraisal Scheme
 process for Central
                              for experienced and                       was re-written and
                              new appraisers                            consulted upon by

                                                                        Scheme was reprinted
                                                                        and re-launched in         

                                                                        training for all Central
                                                                        Services appraisers
                                                                        has been arranged
                                                                        and offered for
                                                                        March/April 03

D:\Docstoc\Working\pdf\45e4bdb2-eb43-438f-a996-d2f1e17ba759.doc                                      45
          Action                Success Criteria /           Target   End of Year 2002 –        How
                                  Performance                 Date      2003 Position           Well
                                    Measure                                                    are we
                                                                      - workshop evaluating
                                                                      the new Scheme and       
                                                                      enhanced links to
                                                                      management being
                                                                      planned for May/June

                              Launch, promote ,
                              develop and reviews
                                                            Ongoing   Each Directorate has
                                                                      received a               
 Scheme                                                               presentation and
                                                                      leaflets on the Modern

 - Training related to
 launching and „making
                              Investigation into use
                              of ResourceLink for
                                                            Ongoing   Corporate Personnel
                                                                      Officers Group has       
 policies real‟ to staff      MA                                      been asked to devise
                                                                      an effective means of
                                                                      using ResourceLink
                                                                      for MA monitoring
                                                                      - review of uptake
                                                                      planned for Sept.03

                              Delivery of briefing for
                              all managers
                                                                      Briefing for all
                                                                      managers responsible     
                              responsible for                         for implementing the
                              implementing the                        Race Equality
                              Race Equality                           Scheme)

 Race Equality

 -Establish Reporting         Establishment of Race May
                              Equality Scheme       2002
                                                                      In place                 

 co-ordinating training       Reporting mechanism
 aspects                      in place and operating        Ongoing   Reporting on training
                                                                      aspects to Strategic
                                                                      Equalities Group is

D:\Docstoc\Working\pdf\45e4bdb2-eb43-438f-a996-d2f1e17ba759.doc                                  46
          Action                Success Criteria /           Target   End of Year 2002 –        How
                                  Performance                 Date      2003 Position           Well
                                    Measure                                                    are we
                              Corporate Race
                              Equality Scheme
                                                                      Corporate Race
                                                                      Equality Scheme          
                              training programme in                   training programme
                              place                                   commissioned via
                                                                      Strategic Equalities
                                                                      Group – Dec.02

                              Briefing for managers
                              and Members
                                                                       Briefings for
                                                                       managers and            
                                                                       elected Members
                                                                       being rolled out from

                              Understanding Multi-
                              ethnic Britain course
                                                                      - Understanding multi-
                                                                      ethnic Britain short     
                              to be delivered                         course Feb/March
                                                                      2003 (self-selecting
                                                                      participant group)

                                                                      Elected Member
 involvement in elected
 Member training and
                              Programme dates
                              filled and delivered
                                                            Ongoing   training -
                                                                      Members seminars in      
 development                                                          2002/3 included
                                                                      Scrutiny, CPA, Citizen
                                                                      Packs, Disciplinary
                                                                      Appeals, Data

                              Survey developed and
                              issued to all Members,
                                                                      Members survey
                                                                      issued/collated Spring   
                              results collated                        2003

                              New programme and
                                                                      New programme
                                                                      planned to be in situ    
                              development scheme                      June 2003
                              designed to cover
                              issues/service areas                    Good progress is
                              and those considered                    being made. See
                              corporate priorities                    programme for 2003/4
                              following training
                              needs analysis and to
                              improve attendance

D:\Docstoc\Working\pdf\45e4bdb2-eb43-438f-a996-d2f1e17ba759.doc                                  47
          Action                Success Criteria /           Target   End of Year 2002 –      How
                                  Performance                 Date      2003 Position         Well
                                    Measure                                                  are we

 Working in partnership       Monitoring external           Ongoing   Contact made by

 with district councils       attendance of events                    ODU with Districts
 and other public             and response to                         and nominations
 sector bodies to             invitations to                          being made for
 create joint training        workshops                               inclusion in Insight
 and development                                                      cohort 3

 Organisation and Development

 “The introduction of the Organisation Development Unit has enabled the Council to
 take a more strategic approach to leadership and member development, performance
 management, organisation culture and internal communications. The links here with
 corporate objectives and priorities is stronger, and both Councillors and Directors
 have commented that the Unit has an influential position and profile in the Council.”
 BV Review of Personnel and Training, Final Report June 2003, Marion Fanthorpe, Senior
 Consultant IPF

 Organisation Development‟ focuses primarily on the human and social side of Shropshire
 County Council and in doing so becoming involved in the technological and structured side
 and to promote corporate working. ODU aims to be responsive to the organisation
 development requirements of Shropshire County Council under forthcoming changes in
 leadership and structure.

 Our work involves solving problems, managing change, developing teams, encouraging
 people to take responsibility and accountability for what they do, enhancing organisation
 learning. It involves intervening in some cases through training and development to enable
 the individual, or their team to develop skills, enhance quality, plan strategically, improve
 systems and foster collaborative working, thereby encouraging good communication and

 The work of Organisation Development is underpinned by an assumption that all people are
 worthy of respect and have the potential for growth and development. It is about creating the
 kind of organisation to which people want to belong to.

 Our achievements 2002/3

 Best Value Review of Personnel and Training

 We were closely involved in the whole Review process, both with the Steering group and task
 groups, especially the Training and Development Task Group which was joint-led by the OD
 Manager and the Commissioning Manager for Training (Social Services). ODU staff also
 helped by facilitating events throughout the process.

D:\Docstoc\Working\pdf\45e4bdb2-eb43-438f-a996-d2f1e17ba759.doc                                48
 Developing corporate leadership for Members and officers

 ODU continued to deliver and develop training and briefing events for elected Members.
 Where possible Members were offered the opportunity to take part in training organised for
 senior officers.

 We launched „INSIGHT‟, the first pilot leadership programme for SCC officers, 4 months
 ahead of schedule. 24 managers from across the organisation were recruited to start in
 September 2002, with a further 24 starting the programme in February 2003. The INSIGHT
 programme focuses on 3 key areas of learning: Personal Development skills, People
 Development and Organisational Development. All participants are supported by personal
 mentors and participate in a full 12-month programme of assessments, personal development
 planning, workshops and action learning sets. Participants may also obtain academic
 accreditation via Chester University College.

 Developmental learning and support activities

 Two Springboard programmes ran during the year, attracting 58 participants. Our first
 Navigator programme attracted 15 participants, 3 of whom work for Telford & Wrekin Council.
 Feedback from participants was very positive with subsequent report of improved confidence
 and work performance.

 SCC has made a commitment to offer both the Springboard women‟s development
 programme and the Navigator men‟s personal development programme to all employees on a
 free and open basis. These will be delivered as follows: 2 Springboard programmes per year
 (60 participants) and 1 Navigator programme per year (up to 24 participants). Opportunities
 for external income generation are being actively pursued.

 ODU acted as broker for service related training, reacting to the needs of teams and
 individuals, using both internal and external providers. It is anticipated that as a result of the
 Best Value Review, ODU, in collaboration with Directorates‟ Human Resources function, will
 facilitate a shift from needs-led reactive training towards a proactive training plan seen as the
 building blocks for delivering the wider Corporate Performance Agenda. It is recognised that
 this approach will require a reconfiguration of the present structure, time and money.

 Corporate Induction events are organised by ODU who ran monthly events to provide
 sufficient capacity to offer a place to every new member of staff to SCC. The presentations
 are regularly updated to include new corporate developments e.g., new Vision, Aims and
 Priorities. The Corporate Employee handbook is revised on a regular basis and the process
 for booking onto the event has been streamlined.

 Internal Communications

 „Speakeasy‟ events, facilitated by ODU, gave the Chief Executive Officer the opportunity to
 meet with people who work for Shropshire County Council – a corporate health/reality check.
 There were 3 events this year. They were evaluated by feedback forms from participants,
 which are collated and themed. The Corporate Management team (CMT) then decides on
 action to be taken. Participants receive feedback on this action.

D:\Docstoc\Working\pdf\45e4bdb2-eb43-438f-a996-d2f1e17ba759.doc                                49
 BEST VALUE AND PERFORMANCE                                 Success Matrices
 REVIEW                                                     36 Actions Planned

                                                            Achieved                          29
                                                            Partially Achieved                7
                                                            Not Achieved                      -

          Action                Success Criteria /           Target    End of Year 2002 –       How
                                  Performance                 Date       2003 Position          Well
                                    Measure                                                    are we
 1. Best Value
                                                                       Corporate Guidance
                                                                       produced on             
  Revise corporate                Revisions in            April      undertaking cross
   advice to reflect                place, circulated       2002       cutting reviews.
   developments in                  to key people and
   the past year on:                followed by
  Cross Cutting                    colleagues in                      Cross cutting
   Reviews                          directorates.                      guidance commended
                                                                       by CPA CAT team
  National changes
   in the Best Value               Available for                      during on-site visit
   Regime                           download on
  Feedback from                    Intranet site
                                                                       Best Value process
   District Audit during
                                                                       looked at as part of
   their annual audit
                                                                       CPA process for this
   of the Best Value
                                                                       year, so no separate
                                                                       audit carried out
  Produce short
     “guides”of the
     review process

 2. Best Value
 Reviews                           All reviews             Ongoing    All reviews have

 Support to Year 3                  benefiting from a                  benefited from
     Programme of                   degree of                          corporate support
     Reviews                        corporate support

     Monitoring Action            Action Plans            ½ Yearly   The Best Value Action

      Plans from Year               implemented             July       Plans are monitored
      0, 1 and Year 2               successfully            2002       through the Scrutiny
                                                                       process on a six
                                                                       monthly basis

D:\Docstoc\Working\pdf\45e4bdb2-eb43-438f-a996-d2f1e17ba759.doc                                     50
          Action               Success Criteria /            Target    End of Year 2002            How
                                 Performance                  Date      – 2003 Position            Well
                                   Measure                                                        are we
 Reviewing the existing
 5 Year Best Value
                                    5 Year
                                                           Ongoing     We are no longer
                                                                       required to review all      
 Review Programme in                revised to reflect                 our services over a
 light of national and              local and                          five year period.
 local developments                 national
                                    requirements                       Our programme has
                                                                       been revised to
                                                                       reflect national and
                                                                       local requirements
                                                                       and is now a
                                                                       combination of Best
                                                                       Value (service
                                                                       specific and cross
                                                                       cutting reviews) and
                                                                       Reviews which use
                                                                       Best Value

  Identify
   opportunities for                                                   This is always
   more cross
                                                                       considered at the
                                                                       planning stages of          
   working                                                             our Best Value

  Assist in the              Reviews completed            Ongoing     Project managed the
   preparation for            in a robust and                          CPA on site visit and
   External Inspection        auditable way                            the information
   Visits                                                              requirements prior to
                                                                       the commencement
                                                                       of the process.

  roduce monitoring          Actions from                 ½ yearly    Best Value Panel
   reports on the             monitoring reports           reports     receive regular

   progress/implemen          implemented                              update reports on the
   tation of the Year 3                                                Best Value Review
   programme for the                                                   Programme and the
   Best Value Panel                                                    ongoing learning of
                                                                       the process.
 3. Best Value
     Performance Plan
                              implementation of
                                                           ½ yearly
                                                           reports     The progress against the
                                                                       Strategic Objectives
 Monitor BVPP3                BVPP3                                    monitored in December
 implementation                                                        2002 and the full year
 (strategic objectives,                                    June 2002   results included in the
 PIs) - (July/Oct)                                                     Annual Performance
                                                                       Management Report for

D:\Docstoc\Working\pdf\45e4bdb2-eb43-438f-a996-d2f1e17ba759.doc                                     51
          Action               Success Criteria /            Target      End of Year 2002          How
                                 Performance                  Date        – 2003 Position          Well
                                   Measure                                                        are we
 Evaluating the               Feedback to Chief                          Evaluation carried
 consultation from
                              Working Group on
                                                                         out on the feedback
                                                                         received from the         
                              consultation on the                        Best Value Leaflet
                              summary                                    and shared with the
                                                                         Best Value Co-
                                                                         ordinating Group of
                                                                         the Districts

 Respond to BVPP 3
                              Implement the
                                                           a year
                                                           from the
                                                                         An unqualified BVPP
                                                                         and no                    
 recommendations              from BVPP3 audit             time the      recommendations to
 Preparation in place                                      audit is      address.
 for BVPP4, in light of       BVPP3 produced on            completed
 national guidance            time, to statutory                         Plan produced on
                              requirements                 30 June       time and to statutory
 Produce BVPP4                                             2003          requirements.

                                                                         On the website by 30
 Produce an update to
 BVPP3 to take into
                              Summary produced
                              and distributed to
                                                           30 June
                                                                         Update produced
                                                                         and placed on the         
 account outturn              Audit Commission                           web
 figures and outcomes
 of completed reviews.

  Produce a                  Useful summary       31 March

   summary of                 distributed to       2003                  Summary produced
   performance in             households in                              as part of the Council
   relation to new            format(s) to suit                          Tax Leaflet using
   government                 needs and audiences                        cost effective means
   guidance, for              using cost effective
   distribution to all        means
   households in an
   appropriate manner

 4. Performance
 Indicators                   Complete monitoring          ½ yearly      Monitoring exercise
 Undertake monitoring         of performance                             carried out as part of
 of BVPI and Local            information                  appropriate   the December 2002
 Indicators contained in      contained in BVPP3                         report and the key
 BVPP3                                                                   indicators identified
                                                                         for CPA.

D:\Docstoc\Working\pdf\45e4bdb2-eb43-438f-a996-d2f1e17ba759.doc                                     52
          Action               Success Criteria /            Target   End of Year 2002         How
                                 Performance                  Date     – 2003 Position         Well
                                   Measure                                                    are we
 5. Database                  Relevant and                 Dec 2002   This is being
 Development                  accessible data                         addressed as part of

                              bases) in place                         the Corporate
  Develop monitoring                                                 Performance
   system for BVPP                                                    Management
   and Best Value                                                     Framework
   Review outcomes                                                    introduced in
                                                                      November 2002. The
                                                                      target is to have a
                                                                      system in place by
                                                                      the latter part of
 6. Internal and
 Maintain District Best
 Value Working Group
                               Regular                    On-going   Achieved. Focus
                                                                      changed to reflect
                                meetings in place                     the Performance
                                                           March      Agenda
 Review the Best                                           2002
 Value Co-ordinating
 Group terms of
                               Groups efficiency
                                                                      This group was
                                                                      disbanded and
 reference                                                            following CPA,
                                                                      CPMG was
                                                                      established with
                                                                      representation from
                                                                      the Performance
                                                                      Managers in the
                                                                      Directorates, the
                                                                      Chief Executive and
                                                           On-going   Cabinet member for
 Keep abreast of local
 and national                  Key developments
 developments in Best           areas of good                         Achieved
 Value                          practice adopted at
 7. Training
 Complete Year 3 BVR
                              Best Value
                                                    June 2002         For year three, a
                                                                      specific training        
 training programme           developed across the                    programme was not
                              Council                                 required, as there
                                                                      were fewer reviews
                                                                      and those involved
                                                                      had been on specific
                                                                      training in the past.
                                                           October    Not applicable            
 Evaluate the effectiveness                                2002
 of Year 3 programme of
 Best Value Training

D:\Docstoc\Working\pdf\45e4bdb2-eb43-438f-a996-d2f1e17ba759.doc                                 53
          Action                Success Criteria /           Target      End of Year 2002 –       How
                                  Performance                 Date         2003 Position          Well
                                    Measure                                                      are we
 Evaluate the Best                                          May          The Best Value
 Value Awareness                                            2002         awareness sessions
 Sessions                                                                were evaluated and it
                                                                         was decided that they
                                                                         would be continued to
                                                                         meet specific
                                                                         requirements and
                                                                         developments in the
                                                                         modernising agenda.

 Continue with Best                                         going        See above
 Value Awareness

                                                            Start        Awareness sessions
 Provide more specific                                      July         were organised for
 one hour sessions on                                       2002         staff to inform them
 identified areas                                                        about the CPA
 Put in place Year 4                                                     process and the on-
 training programme                                                      site visit.
 for BVR

 Work closely with the
 OD Unit on the
                                                            Ongoing      Achieved on going
 provision of training

                               Reviews completed At key
 8. Inspection
 Undertake pre-                 in a robust and    points in
                                                                         These have not been
                                                                         necessary to             
 inspections for Best           challenging manner the                   undertake due it the
 Value Reviews                                              review       number of inspections
 Undertake Inspection                                                    carried out and the
 Briefings with staff                                       nt on        robust way in which
                                                            individual   the reviews have been
                                                            timetable    managed and
                                                            of the       conducted by the
                                                            reviews      Directorates.

D:\Docstoc\Working\pdf\45e4bdb2-eb43-438f-a996-d2f1e17ba759.doc                                    54
          Action                Success Criteria /            Target       End of Year 2002         How
                                  Performance                  Date         – 2003 Position         Well
                                    Measure                                                        are we
                               Understanding of
                                                            As and         Understanding of the
                                the inspection              when           inspection process
                                process across the          required       has been shared with
                                authority                                  colleagues across
                                                                           the organisation
                               Workforce informed Quarterly
 9. Best Value
 Update                         of key Best Value  basis
                                                                           This has not been
                                                                           achieved and to          
 Produce quarterly              developments on a                          some extent has
 Best Value Briefings           national and local                         been overtaken by
 to staff incorporating         basis                                      the CPA process
 progress and                  Outcomes of

 achievements in Best           reviews reported                           Best Value News
 Value at SCC                   and notable                                and the wider
                                achievements                               performance agenda
                                documented                                 will be published in
                                                                           the new Community

 Deal with queries and         Queries dealt with          On-going       Achieved
 requests for
 information from the
                                in a timely and                                                     
 Directorates                   manner

                               Website well used
 10. Website
 Keep Best Value                and a useful
                                                            On-going       Partially completed,
                                                                           still some work to be    
 Website up- to-date            reference point for                        done on the
                                all staff and the                          developing the site
                                wider audience                             which will now cover
                                                                           the wider
                                                                           performance agenda
                                                            In line with
 Develop in light of           Best Value site             timescales
 changes proposed via           links effectively           by the IT
 the Shropshire Portal          with the Shropshire         section

D:\Docstoc\Working\pdf\45e4bdb2-eb43-438f-a996-d2f1e17ba759.doc                                      55
          Action                Success Criteria /            Target      End of Year 2002         How
                                  Performance                  Date        – 2003 Position         Well
                                    Measure                                                       are we
                         Members feel
 11. Support
 Provide support to       supported and are                 On-going
                                                                          Support provided to
                                                                          all meetings and to      
 Best Value Panel and     furnished with                                  the Chair of the
 Scrutiny                 relevant                                        Panel
                          information to
                          inform their
                         Outcomes to be
 12. External and
      Inspection          included in the                   ½ yearly      Completed and fed        
      Reports             Annual                                          into the Annual
 Monitor the outcomes     Management                                      Management Letter
 of completed Value for   Letter, BVPP and                                and the BVPP for
 Money Reports and        selected highlights                             2003/4.
 Best Value Inspection    included in the
 Reports                  quarterly BV                                    Highlights included
                          briefing                                        in the Pilot
                                                                          Report December
                                                                          2002 and the
                                                                          Report 2002/3
 13. Consultation                                                         This has been
 Evaluate the                  ½ yearly report to          ½ yearly      carried out by the
 effectiveness of the           Best Value Panel                          Community Unit
 consultation exercises
 carried out as part of           The information to        Year 0-2:
 the Best Value                   feed into shaping         June 2002
 Reviews                          the consultation
                                  strategy for the
 Support the                   Timely and                  Date to be    A survey was not
 production of the              effective                   determined    undertaken as the
 Annual Education               consultation carried        by the        reviews undertaken
 Survey                                                     Education     did not warrant a
                                out with schools
                                Analysis carried out                      specific consultation
                                on behalf of the                          exercise with
                                reviews involved                          schools
                               Regular productive
 Continue to play an
 active role in the             meetings in place
 Consultation Co-
 ordinators Group

D:\Docstoc\Working\pdf\45e4bdb2-eb43-438f-a996-d2f1e17ba759.doc                                     56
          Action                Success Criteria /           Target   End of Year 2002 –         How
                                  Performance                 Date      2003 Position            Well
                                    Measure                                                     are we
 14. E-Government
 Ensure appropriate           Clear links are
 links are made to the        recognised between
 Best Value Agenda            these two areas.
 Ensure individual best
 value reviews                E-government
 consider the                 becomes an integral
 impact/link of e-            part of the
 government on the            performance process
 future delivery of the
 service/area being
 reviewed. The Final
 Action Plans must
 demonstrate this.
 15. Project Work
 Contribute to the            A clear strategy to                     Project managed the
 Comprehensive                drive performance at                    on-site visit, provided
 Assessment process
                              SCC is in place                         critical challenge to
                                                                      the developing Self
                                                                      document, collated
                                                                      the key
                                                                      requested and
                                                                      undertook staff
                                                                      briefings on the CPA
                                                                      in Central Services

 Analyse and report on
 the changes and
                                                                      Report produced for
                                                                      Best Value Panel on        
 implications of the                                                  the changes to the
 comprehensive                                                        BVPP and the
 revision to DETR                                                     requirements for
 Circular 10/99 due in                                                undertaking Best
 the summer of 2002                                                   Value Reviews
 Develop a model to                                                   An evaluation of the
 assess the                                                           Best Value Review
 effectiveness of the                                                 outcomes was
 BVProcess at SCC                                                     undertaken

 Explore the
 application of quality
                                                                      This is being actively
                                                                      explored as an             
 models to the                                                        outcome of the CPA
 implementation of                                                    process at SCC
 Best Value at SCC

D:\Docstoc\Working\pdf\45e4bdb2-eb43-438f-a996-d2f1e17ba759.doc                                   57
          Action                Success Criteria /           Target   End of Year 2002 –          How
                                  Performance                 Date      2003 Position             Well
                                    Measure                                                      are we
 Do a detailed
 evaluation of the
                                                                      Not undertaken –
                                                                      though the learning         
 implementation of BV                                                 from the CPA process
 at SCC                                                               has helped to identify
                                                                      the areas which need
                                                                      to be examined as
                                                                      part of meeting the
                                                                      overall improvements

     Explore the wider
      application of
                                                                      It is being looked at as
                                                                      part of the work on the     
      Business Process                                                performance
      Re-engineering to                                               management agenda
      Best Value

     Develop Best                                                    In place for service
      Value Protocols                                                 specific and cross
                                                                      cutting reviews –           
                                                                      emphasised by Chief

 Best Value Unit

 As a Unit we have had a successful year and met most of the targets set. In essence, the
 targets we have not achieved is due to changing priorities at a corporate level affecting the
 team plan and the need to prioritise within existing resources.

 We are very much driven by a programme of work which we can plan for (Best Value
 Reviews) but on the other hand we are able to and do respond to changing corporate needs.
 A key achievement for the Unit has been maintaining the high level and quality of support for
 the Best Value Review programme and responding to the demands of the CPA process, the
 developing Performance Management Agenda and co-ordinating the negotiation of the PSA .

 I would like to highlight the following areas to mark the success of the Unit in 2002/3
  -   Production of the Best Value Performance Plan by the 30th June 2002 which was
      unqualified with no recommendations
  -   Production of Corporate Cross Cutting Best Value Review Guidance which was
      commended by the CPA Inspectors
  -   Successful co-ordination of the CPA inspection process
  -   Provision of CPA awareness raising sessions with Central Services staff
  -   Revision of the Review Programme for Shropshire County Council to reflect Best Value
      and Management Reviews
  -   Developing the improvement planning framework to address the conclusions and act on
      the recommendations from the CPA process

D:\Docstoc\Working\pdf\45e4bdb2-eb43-438f-a996-d2f1e17ba759.doc                                    58
  -   Production of the first „Corporate Performance Management Report‟ which was
      commended by Cabinet in December 2002
  -   Development of the Corporate Performance Management Framework which was agreed
      by Council in February 2003
  -   Production of Corporate Service Planning guidance in January 2003

D:\Docstoc\Working\pdf\45e4bdb2-eb43-438f-a996-d2f1e17ba759.doc                     59
                                                            Success Matrices
 AUDIT AND CONSULTANCY                                      21 Actions Planned

                                                            Achieved                           11
                                                            Partially Achieved                 9
                                                            Not Achieved                       1

          Action                Success Criteria /            Target     End of Year 2002        How
                                  Performance                  Date       – 2003 Position        Well
                                    Measure                                                     are we
 Achieve 75% of
 Section 151 Audit
                              75% achieved                  31.3.2003    85% of plan
                                                                         achieved.               
 Complete managed             Completed in line with        31.3.2003    Most of managed
 audit work for District      agreed timetable and                       audit work has been

 Auditor.                     satisfactorily cleared                     completed, but due
                              by District Audit                          to payroll work and
                                                                         illness some work
                                                                         will be completed
                                                                         early in the current
 Meet the requirements
 of SLAs for our
                              SLA work completed
                              satisfactorily and on
                                                            31.3.2003    All SLA work
                                                                         completed in year       
 customers.                   time                                       as required.
 Continue to provide          All work completed on         Ongoing      All work completed
 an effective and             target to customer                         to agreed

 efficient consultancy        satisfaction                               timetables.
 service to all our
 Achieve a successful
 outcome to District
                              No major issues
                                                            31.3.2003    Internal Audit
                                                                         assessed as very        
 Audit Annual Review                                                     good.
 of Internal Audit.
 Provide a grading            SLA work completed            Ongoing      Grading work
 review service for the       satisfactorily                             continues to be

 County Personnel                                                        completed within
 Officer in accordance                                                   agreed timescales.
 with SLA.
 Audit of Performance   Meeting publication                 Ongoing      All published on
 Indicators for Targets dates and avoidance                              time and
                                                                         satisfactory report
 and Estimates for the
 Best Value
                        of DA qualifications.
                                                                         from Audit
 Performance Plan,
 Audit Commission and
 Local Indicators.

D:\Docstoc\Working\pdf\45e4bdb2-eb43-438f-a996-d2f1e17ba759.doc                                      60
          Action                Success Criteria /           Target    End of Year 2002 –           How
                                  Performance                 Date       2003 Position              Well
                                    Measure                                                        are we
 Provide project              All Payrolls                  31.07.02   All payrolls were
 management and               operational on new                       successfully

 support for the              system.                                  transferred to
 introduction of a new                                                 Resource Link in
 externally purchased                                                  November 2002.
 Payroll/ HR system.                                                   Work continues on the
                                                                       implementation of the
                                                                       HR features of the
 Support the Best
 Value Reviews and
                              Support to customers‟
                                                            Ongoing    Support provided to
                                                                       Best Value process           
 Best Value Process.                                                   and CPA process as
 Provide ongoing              Satisfactory progress         Ongoing    Support and advice
 support in respect of        in utilisation of all                    given as time permits

 recently introduced          aspects of the                           but staff are
 financial software.          software.                                committed to Payroll /
                                                                       HR System
 Maintenance of CFG           All accounting work           31.3.03    All accounting work
 Accounts to Client‟s         undertaken and                           undertaken and

 satisfaction                 accounts reported on                     accounts prepared
                              time to AGM                              and reported on time
                                                                       to AGM.
 Provide a lead role on
 Job Evaluation in
                              Work progressing in
                              line with project
                                                            Ongoing    Job evaluation work
                                                                       progressing to               
 support of Single            timetable and to the                     timetable. On target
 Status Agreement.            satisfaction of the                      for August 2003
                              County Personnel                         implementation.
 To produce a new 4
 year Audit Plan for the
                              Agreement of Plan by
                              Central Audit and
                                                            1.3.03     The majority of plan
                                                                       completed will be            
 period 2003/07               Section 151 Officer                      ready for approval by
 incorporating wider                                                   Section 151 Officer
 risk management                                                       early April.
 issues and the
 requirement for the
 production of controls
 To undertake                 Company accounts              Ongoing    All financial appraisals
 company financial            reviewed within one                      completed within year,

 appraisals for the           month of receipt                         although there had
 maintenance of all                                                    been a delay in
 select lists                                                          carrying out the select
                                                                       list financial appraisals
                                                                       for Property

D:\Docstoc\Working\pdf\45e4bdb2-eb43-438f-a996-d2f1e17ba759.doc                                      61
          Action                Success Criteria /           Target    End of Year 2002 –          How
                                  Performance                 Date       2003 Position             Well
                                    Measure                                                       are we
 Development of the           Procedures developed          31.12.02   Substantial amount of
 systems                      and operational                          work completed, but

 administration role for                                               will be ongoing
 the new Payroll HR                                                    through 2003. Issues
 system                                                                identified with
                                                                       software which have
                                                                       taken time to or are
                                                                       still to be resolved.
 Development of the           Procedures developed          31.3.03    Not achieved as
 systems                      and operational                          Payroll / HR work still

 administration role for                                               takes up all the
 other corporate                                                       officers time.
 Development of IT            Monitoring & reporting        31.9.02    IT Information
 Security monitoring          arrangements in place                    Security Policy issued,

 arrangements and                                                      work ongoing to
 procedures including                                                  formalise monitoring
 the raising of staff                                                  arrangements. The
 awareness to the                                                      volume of Data
 issues by appropriate                                                 Protection access
 training and publicity                                                requests has made it
                                                                       difficult for further
                                                                       work in the IT Security
                                                                       area. It is hoped that
                                                                       more work will be
                                                                       carried out in this area
                                                                       in the new year.
 Development of the           Development of                31.12.02   Whilst Steve Basford,
 Authority‟s Data             Procedures &                  &          Data Protection

 Protection procedures        monitoring                    ongoing    Officer left the
 and monitoring               arrangements in place                    Authority, Roy Morris
 arrangements                                                          was appointed to the
 including the provision                                               post in August 2002.
 of training for all staff                                             Progress has been
                                                                       very good in meeting
                                                                       the Data Protection
                                                                       action plan complied
                                                                       following the audit by
                                                                       the Audit Commission.
                                                                       All procedures and
                                                                       systems are now in
                                                                       place and training has
                                                                       been undertaken for
                                                                       both staff and

D:\Docstoc\Working\pdf\45e4bdb2-eb43-438f-a996-d2f1e17ba759.doc                                     62
          Action                Success Criteria /           Target    End of Year 2002 –        How
                                  Performance                 Date       2003 Position           Well
                                    Measure                                                     are we
 Responding to all            All requests                  Ongoing    Whilst a substantial
 formal Data Protection       completed within 40                      number of requests

 requests within              days of receipt of                       received all have been
 statutory time limits        cheque                                   completed within the
                                                                       time requirement.
 Assistance with the          PSAs agreed by                Ongoing    Assistance provided
 development of PSAs          Cabinet July 2002 and         +          with development of
                              Central Government
                              by 2002
                                                                       the PSA satisfactorily
                                                                       signed off by the         
                                                                       ODPM‟s office. Work
                                                                       now ongoing to
                                                                       finalise performance
                                                                       targets and agree
                                                                       procedures for
                                                                       quarterly monitoring .

 Auditing of Districts
 PSA targets
                              PSA targets
                              satisfactorily audited
                                                            31.12.02   No auditing of targets
                                                                       required to date.         
 Audit and Consultancy Services

 Overall a good year with 2484 audit days delivered. There was some slippage against the
 original plan but this was for less than the previous year. Assistance has been provided, with
 the Carefirst implementation, payroll implementation and establishing the Supporting People
 systems and procedures. Substantial work has been undertaken in ensuring the Council
 meets all its Data Protection responsibilities and that all staff are aware of the issues. From a
 Consultancy perspective, the Job Evaluation work is going to plan, the Counties Furniture
 Group accounts were closed on time with no issues raised. Performance Management work
 including the collation and co-ordination of Best Value PIs is still a key area of work. All work
 in respect of PIs was completed on time and with no qualifications from external audit.

D:\Docstoc\Working\pdf\45e4bdb2-eb43-438f-a996-d2f1e17ba759.doc                                   63
                                                            Success Matrices
 TECHNOLOGY SERVICES                                        5 Actions Planned

                                                            Achieved                            5
                                                            Partially Achieved                  -
                                                            Not Achieved                        -

          Action                Success Criteria /           Target    End of Year 2002 –         How
                                  Performance                 Date       2003 Position            Well
                                    Measure                                                      are we
 Raise the profile of         Invitations to sit on         Ongoing    Completed.
 Shropshire, the              national and regional                    Shropshire‟s profile
 County Council and           policy formulating                       raised & involvement
 the sub-region, at           groups – e.g. UK                         with all groups
 national and regional        Broadband                                maintained or
 levels.                      Stakeholder Group,                       achieved. Shropshire
                              West Midlands ICT                        County Council also
                              Strategy Group,                          invited to sit on DCMS
                              Herefordshire In                         Digital Citizenship
                              Touch Project Board.                     Group and to
                                                                       contribute towards
                                                                       DCMS national
                                                                       strategy for Libraries.
                                                                       SCC is involved in
                                                                       both a CYPU
                                                                       Trailblazer (IRT) and
                                                                       LGOL National Project
 Implement a                  Operational                              Completed.
 Broadband                    requirements of                          Shropshire County
 Telecommunications           Directorates met.                        recognised by DfES,
                              Specific requirements
                              of Govt. met (NGfL
                              and People‟s
                                                                       DCMS & DTI as a
                                                                       leading local authority       
                                                                       with regards to the
                              Network). Improved                       provision of
                              services to the public                   broadband.
                              and greater                              Operational benefits
                              opportunities for                        achieved with positive
                              lifelong learning etc.                   feedback from
                                                                       Directorates and front
                                                                       line staff.

 Continue to provide          The Council‟s ICT             Ongoing    Growth in demand for
 ICT related strategic        systems continue to                      and complexity of ICT
 advice and                   meet the operational                     services continues to
 operational support to
 the Council.
                              needs of its services
                              and help facilitate the
                                                                       be met.                       
                              delivery of quality

D:\Docstoc\Working\pdf\45e4bdb2-eb43-438f-a996-d2f1e17ba759.doc                                      64
                              services to the public.

                              The Council has the                     The implementation of
                              appropriate technical         Ongoing   the Broadband
                              infrastructure to allow                 network, new
                              it to meet the                          technologies (e.g.

                              demands of the                          thin-client Citrix) and
                              Modernising                             new systems
                              Government Agenda                       (CareFirst, EMS,
                              and to meet the aims                    ResourceLink etc)
                              of its Implementing                     together with the
                              Electronic                              ongoing PC
                              Government Strategy.                    Replacement
                                                                      Programme provides
                                                                      the Council with a
                                                                      solid ICT platform on
                                                                      which to build its e-
                                                                      Government solutions

 Provide technical            Successful              Ongoing         All ICT elements of
 support to                   implementation of new                   systems/projects
 Directorates regarding       systems, e.g.                           successfully
 the implementation of        CareFirst,                              implemented to
 new IT systems.              ResourceLink, EMS,
                              resulting in improved
                                                                      timetable.                
                              services to the public.

 Technology Services
 2002/03 saw a continuation of the trend for additional technical and user support from our
 customers, both for existing ICT infrastructure and in relation to major new projects.
 The following list of bullet points, whilst by no means exhaustive, illustrates the type and
 scope of activities undertaken by different teams within the Unit:

         The Broadband network implementation managed and completed for all corporate
          sites in December 2002. This put Shropshire County Council at the leading edge of
          broadband provision for local authorities and provided front office staff with faster,
          reliable access to existing and new ICT systems (e.g. CareFirst).
         The Technical Support teams installed 12 new Windows 2000 servers (including new
          Web Portal and Lotus Notes Server), 769 new PCs, 79 new laptops and 236 printers
          on behalf of customers (excluding schools). Ongoing technical support and
          maintenance was provided for the authority‟s infrastructure, servers, desktops and
          telephony services. Internet Security was maintained – there was no loss of data or
          server availability to viruses or hackers as the result of continual updating of security
          servers and systems. A successful security audit was carried out on the network by
          the Audit Commission.
         The IT Help Desk took and resolved over 20,000 calls between April 2002 and March
          2003 and delivered general IT training courses to 445 officers.
         The IT Admin Team raised and managed 1171 orders and paid 2163 invoices on
          behalf of customers.
         The Database Support Team played a major role in removing PEPS from the

D:\Docstoc\Working\pdf\45e4bdb2-eb43-438f-a996-d2f1e17ba759.doc                                 65
          mainframe (and thereby ceasing that service) and in the implementation and ongoing
          support of many systems including EMS, CareFirst, ResourceLink and SAMIS.
         The Social Services Support Team set up System Administration for the CareFirst
          system, developed 11 Mandatory Data Sets for data input, developed 54 key Audit
          Business Objects reports to assist in the analysis of trial migration runs and trained
          330 key users prior to go live date of April 2003. Continued support was provided for
          the CRISSP system including 151 users trained (114 training days).

D:\Docstoc\Working\pdf\45e4bdb2-eb43-438f-a996-d2f1e17ba759.doc                              66
                                                                        Success Matrices
                                                                        13 actions planned
                                                                        Achieved                   10
                                                                        Partially Achieved          3

          Action                Success Criteria /           Target     End of Year 2002 –          How
                                  Performance                 Date        2003 Position             Well
                                    Measure                                                        are we
 Pilot Structured Query
 Language (SQL)
                              Pilot operating in 10%
                              of schools
                                                                        80% of schools
                                                                        complete, despite           
 based modules into                                                     difficulties with timing
 Schools Management                                                     and poor quality of
 Information Systems                                                    Capita Software
 (SIMS)                                                                 releases

 Develop LEA related
                              Efficient movement of
                              relevant data to and
                                                            Ongoing     CTF, PLASC, LEA
                                                                        Out successfully            
  Assessment                from schools to the                       completed.
    Manager                   LEA
  Mark Sheet                                                          Assessment manager
                              Development of
    Builder                                                             new version at pilot
                              increased co-
                                                                        stage, presentations
  Key Stage                 operation with the
    Manager                                                             to advisers and
                                                                        schools underway
  Data Manager
     Common
                                                                        Key Stage Manager
        Transfer Form                                                   making transition into
     Pupil Level                                                      Data Manager.
        Annual School
        Census                                                          Capita software still
        (PLASC)                                                         causing difficulty, poor
        Return                                                          Capita support leading
     LEA Out (Data                                                    to increased
        Transfer from                                                   workloads
        schools to LEA
 Further Develop
 Electronic Data
                              OFSTED Action Plan
                                                                        All secure data now
                                                                        transferring via AVCO       
 Transfer from schools                                                  Anycomms
 to the LEA
 Introduce IT Services
 Business System to
                                                            End of
                                                                        completed                   
 Bourne House                 process                       year
                              Improved financial
 Develop and Extend
 Schools Help Desk in
                              Positive feedback
                              from schools
                                                                        Helpdesk review due
                                                                        to begin July 2003          
 Bourne House

D:\Docstoc\Working\pdf\45e4bdb2-eb43-438f-a996-d2f1e17ba759.doc                                         67
          Action                Success Criteria /            Target     End of Year 2002        How
                                  Performance                  Date       – 2003 Position        Well
                                    Measure                                                     are we
 Assist Finance
 Support Team with
                              Cost Savings on SIMS
                              Finance Licence
                                                            End of
                                                                         complete. Some          
 SAMIS/Schools                                              year         outstanding printing
 Information                                                2002/3       issues.
 Management System
 (SIMS) changeover
 Continue to securely
 integrate schools‟
                              Secure access to
                              relevant systems in all
                                                                         All school networks
                                                                         integrated.             
 administration and           schools
 curriculum networks
                              DfES target
 development of
                              Positive feedback
                              from schools
                                                            July 2002    New Schools' Link
                                                                         Technician Service      
 technician support                                                      Level Agreement in
                              Increased buyback of                       place
 Extend the range of
                              Positive feedback
                              from schools
                                                            July 2002    Full range of
                                                                         courses from SITSS      
 Information System                                                      and Capita in place,
                              Increased buyback                          new Office courses
 (MIS) training courses
                              training of service                        ready and on offer,
                                                                         web courses under
 Roll out of Broadband
 connectivity into
                              20% of schools
                              connected at 2
                                                                         Complete, except
                                                                         for 3 sites             
 Shropshire Schools           Mb/sec by March 31st                       representing
                              2002, DfES Target.                         exceptional
                              All schools connected                      difficulty -
                              by December 2002                           completion of these
                                                                         3 imminent
 Establish Education
 Management System
                              EMS Support in place          September
 (EMS) Support Posts
 Management of
 National Grid for
                              Positive Feedback
                              from schools
                                                            March 31st
                                                                         Complete and early
                                                                         discussions             
 Learning (NGFL)                                                         underway for new
                              Take up of supply                          ICT in Schools
 contract for ICT
                              contract by schools                        contract 2004
 equipment to schools

D:\Docstoc\Working\pdf\45e4bdb2-eb43-438f-a996-d2f1e17ba759.doc                                   68
          Action                Success Criteria /            Target   End of Year 2002       How
                                  Performance                  Date     – 2003 Position       Well
                                    Measure                                                  are we
 Management of
 Internet Service
                              Reduction in support
                              calls logged
                                                            On-going   ISP established and
                                                                       operating              
 Provider (ISP)                                                        successfully, early
                              Successful resolution                    discussions
 Contract schools.
                              of support calls                         underway for new
                              Positive Feedback                        contract/sourcing
                              from schools.                            alternative supply
                                                                       for WM Broadband

 Shropshire IT Support Services

 Work on the new releases of Capita software in schools is ongoing, and the achievement of
 80% completion in schools marks considerable effort by the SITSS team. Issues about the
 poor timing and suspect quality of some of the Capita releases is causing considerable
 additional workload and is responsible for a large number of helpdesk calls. Delayed release
 times are causing training courses to be re-scheduled.

 Electronic data transfer between schools and the LEA is now well established and all secure
 transfers take place this way. The EMS protocol group is working towards methods of
 monitoring and control of data requests and transfers and involves the Education Directorate,
 SITSS and Audit. Much of the success of electronic data transfer is down to the hard work of
 the EMS support team.

 The transfer of the business system to Bourne House has been completed successfully. This
 has enabled closer monitoring of the SITSS budget and is providing an improved service to
 schools. The administration team have worked very hard on this transfer.

 There have been severe staffing issues on the technician side of the operation resulting from
 the sudden loss of the senior technician. Despite this they have successfully put in place the
 Schools Link technician Service Level Agreement. This is very popular with schools who use
 it because it gives them their own technician who visits them regularly and maintains their
 equipment. Experience is showing that schools who use this service suffer fewer breakdowns
 of ICT systems. The rollout of broadband and the installation of the SAMIS clients have taken
 considerable technician resource and both have been completed with some additional
 resource being bought in.

D:\Docstoc\Working\pdf\45e4bdb2-eb43-438f-a996-d2f1e17ba759.doc                                69
 IT DEVELOPMENT SERVICES                                    Success Matrices
                                                            10 Actions Planned

                                                            Achieved                          9
                                                            Partially Achieved                1
                                                            Not Achieved                      -

          Action                Success Criteria /           Target    End of Year 2002 –       How
                                  Performance                 Date       2003 Position          Well
                                    Measure                                                    are we
 Complete migration           Resourcelink live             July       Migration of systems
 of systems off                                             2002       successfully

                                                                       Resourcelink live
                                                                       October 2002
 To provide Strategic National targets for                  25%        25% national target
 advice, operational  electronic service                    target     for ESD achieved.

                                                                       In addition a further
 support on the       delivery achieved                     Dec        £200,000 was
 implementation of E-                                       2002       secured from the
 government                                                            ODPM to implement

 To develop &                 The provision of a            Dec        Shropshire-Online
 implement a                  single electronic             2002       successfully launched

                                                                       January 2003
 Shropshire                   gateway for online
                                                                       Training to over 200
 Community Portal             services &                               Web Editors delivered
 To develop the
                              National targets for   25%
                              electronic delivery of target
                                                                       25% national target
                                                                       for ESD achieved            
 capability of the            services achieved      Dec
 SCC Internet site                                   2002
 To develop the
 electronic transfer of
                              interfaces between
                                                                       Interface between
                                                                       Samis & Transport           
                                                                       Management System
 data between                 Samis & key
                                                                       „TOMS‟ developed but
 systems                      operational                              not yet implemented.
                              systems:- Confirm,
                              EMS & Carefirst                          Specification for an
                                                                       Interface between
                                                                       Samis & Confirm
 To support the
 development & use
                              GIS accessible to all
                              Intranet users
                                                                       Well in excess of 100
                                                                       users have access to        
                                                                       MapExplorer a further
 of GIS across SCC
                                                                       150 users have
                                                                       access to ArcView

D:\Docstoc\Working\pdf\45e4bdb2-eb43-438f-a996-d2f1e17ba759.doc                                    70
          Action                Success Criteria /           Target   End of Year 2002 –        How
                                  Performance                 Date      2003 Position           Well
                                    Measure                                                    are we
 Assist Social
 Services with the
                              migration of data
                                                                      Migration of data
                                                                      successfully achieved.    
 implementation of            from legacy systems
                              System live & core                      System live &
                              functionality                           operational April 2003
                              operational on time
 Assist with the              Successful          Sept                Migration of data
 implementation of            migration of data   2002                successfully achieved
 the Educational
                              from legacy systems
 System                       System live and                         System live& core
                              core functionality                      functionality
                              operational on time                     operational
 Assist with the     All payrolls live and                  July      Payrolls live and core
 implementation of   core functionality for                 2002      HR functionality

                                                                      operational October
 Resourcelink        HR modules
 Complete Phase 2    Complete                               April     Successfully
 implementation of   implementation of                      2003      implemented PMS
                                                                      module & additional
 Integrated Highways PMS & Engineering
 Management          Modules
                                                                      elements of
                                                                      Engineering Module

 Development Services

 The migration of legacy systems off the mainframe was successfully completed in October
 2002. This project involved the procurement/development and implementation of a number of
 new systems covering many service areas including Payroll/Personnel, Transport, Property
 Management, Highways, Grounds Maintenance and School Meals Monitoring.

 The County Councils web portal Shropshire Online was successfully launched in January
 2003. The portal was developed to provide citizens with an electronic gateway to information
 and services in Shropshire, available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. The design and
 structure of the portal has focussed specifically on addressing the needs of citizens, with
 information and services organised and presented in ways which are meaningful to the citizen
 rather than reflecting the organisational structure of the authority. The portal is a fundamental
 component of the authority's e-Government Strategy and is key to the achievement of
 government targets in respect of electronic service delivery. The 25% national target and 35%
 local target set for electronic service delivery have both been met.

 A bid for further Local Government Online funding was written and submitted on behalf of the
 Shropshire IEG Partnership, which has resulted in a further £600,000 being awarded to the
 Partnership for joint e-Government projects. A successful bid was also made on behalf of
 Social Services for Local Government funding to develop an integrated electronic Mental

D:\Docstoc\Working\pdf\45e4bdb2-eb43-438f-a996-d2f1e17ba759.doc                                  71
 Health record. The Mental Health project is part of a national information sharing project
 'Fame' sponsored by the ODPM which has attracted £6 million government funding of which
 the Shropshire lead project has been awarded £450,000.

D:\Docstoc\Working\pdf\45e4bdb2-eb43-438f-a996-d2f1e17ba759.doc                         72
 PRINTING SERVICES                                          Success Matrices
                                                            5 Actions Planned

                                                            Achieved                            4
                                                            Partially Achieved                  1
                                                            Not Achieved                        -

          Action                Success Criteria /           Target    End of Year 2002 –         How
                                  Performance                 Date       2003 Position            Well
                                    Measure                                                      are we
 Implement Marketing          Raise profile of              Aug        The unit was
 Strategy                     service.                      2002       relocated in
                                                                       December 2002, the
                                                                       planning and
                                                                       execution of the
                                                                       project impacted on
                                                                       the proposed actions.
                              Secure more internal
                              work currently being                     Percentage of internal
                              produced externally.                     work produced rose
                                                                       from 77% to 86% in            
                                                                       the year.

 Continuous quality           Production of higher          On-        A new two colour
 improvements                 quality material.             going      printing press and
                                                                       guillotine were
                                                                       installed during the          
                                                                       relocation to enhance
                                                                       the quality of work

 Implement proposals          Provide better                June/      Apart from
 of Best Value and            services to SCC and           July       improvements to
 Audit reviews.               other users                              quality, new collection
                                                                       and delivery services         
                                                                       have been introduced.

                                                                       Financial reporting
                                                                       improved with 11 out
                                                                       of 12 submission
                                                                       dates achieved,
                                                                       compared with just 1
                                                                       out of 12 for the
                                                                       previous year.

D:\Docstoc\Working\pdf\45e4bdb2-eb43-438f-a996-d2f1e17ba759.doc                                      73
          Action                Success Criteria /           Target   End of Year 2002 –       How
                                  Performance                 Date      2003 Position          Well
                                    Measure                                                   are we
 Monitor and improve          Improved processes,           On-       New equipment and
 processes to deliver         higher level of staff         going     processes have been
 better services and
 develop staff.
                              moral and skills base.                  introduced increasing
                                                                      efficiency and           
                                                                      resource utilisation.

 Printing Services

 Overall the year was very successful, the re-location to the new unit, although not planned,
 has equipped the service with the best possible environment to continue the improvement
 programme for both quality and efficiency.
 The production of internal work rose, and in an attempt to deliver a more customer orientated
 service, a new collection and delivery service was introduced in conjunction with Shirehall

D:\Docstoc\Working\pdf\45e4bdb2-eb43-438f-a996-d2f1e17ba759.doc                                 74
 PUBLIC RELATIONS UNIT                                      Success Matrices
                                                            13 Actions Planned

                                                            Achieved                           4
                                                            Partially Achieved                 9
                                                            Not Achieved                       -

 The role of the PR unit has been largely reactive for some years. The Council took
 the decision last year to move towards a more proactive approach and agreed to
 establish a corporate communications strategy with action plans. Progress has been
 quite slow, but has been given added impetus following the Corporate Performance
 Assessment process in 2002.

          Action                Success Criteria /           Target    End of Year 2002 –        How
                                  Performance                 Date       2003 Position           Well
                                    Measure                                                     are we
 1. Corporate

                              Complete revisions to                    Completed
     corporate                the Corporate
     standards                Communications
                              Handbook by end
                              March 2002
                              Brief all senior and
                              middle managers on
                              the handbook by end
                              June 2002.
                              Ensure all officers and
                              members regularly in
                                                                       Being planned into
                                                                       corporate                    
                              touch with media have                    communications
                              undertaken                               action plan, due to be
                              appropriate corporate                    completed summer.
                              media training.
     Review press
                              Increase the volume
                              of positive local press
                                                                       Fall of 3.5%.
                                                                       Therefore not                
     including those          coverage by 10%                          achieved. This target
     identified in the        March 2003, based on                     is dependent upon an
     Best Value review        current media analysis                   effective
     report.                  figures                                  Communication Action
                                                                       Plan to some extent
                                                                       and to many other
                                                                       factors. The Unit is
                                                                       reviewing the
                                                                       usefulness of such a

D:\Docstoc\Working\pdf\45e4bdb2-eb43-438f-a996-d2f1e17ba759.doc                                     75
          Action                Success Criteria /           Target   End of Year 2002 –          How
                                  Performance                 Date      2003 Position             Well
                                    Measure                                                      are we
 2. Customer

     To be agreed             To increase                             Strategy for
     within the               awareness of the                        Communications
     Corporate                Council‟s                               approved by Cabinet
     Communications           achievements and                        03/06/03. Action
     Management               activities locally and                  Plans due for
     Action Plan              nationally                              completion by end
     including specific                                               July. Survey due in
     targets                  To improve by 10%                       2003.
                              over 3 years the level
                              of residents‟
                              satisfaction with the
                              Council, measured
                              through the Best
                              Value Residents‟
                              Survey (baseline
                              To review and
                              revitalise the internet
                                                                      Refer to update by
                                                                      Development Services        
                              website and begin to                    Manager in IT
                              measure progress.                       Services.
 3. Equal Access
                              To assist in setting                    To be included in

    To be agreed              corporate standards                     Communications
    within the                on equal access to                      Action Plan (see
    Corporate                 information and                         above).
    Communications            participation, including
    Management                the CRE standards
    Action Plan,              and work with other
    including specific        hard-to-reach groups
 4. Internal                  To increase                             New employee
    To be agreed
                              awareness of Council
                              initiatives, priorities
                                                                      newsletter launched
                                                                      June 2002.                  
    within the                and achievements.
    Communications            To increase                             Review of internal
    Management                participation in                        communications led

    Action Plan,              promoting County                        by Head of Personnel
    including specific        Council work.                           due during 2003/04.
                              To review and                           Intranet review deferred
                              revitalise the intranet                 to 2004 – see report
                              and begin to measure                    from Development
                              progress.                               Services Manager, ITS.      
D:\Docstoc\Working\pdf\45e4bdb2-eb43-438f-a996-d2f1e17ba759.doc                                    76
          Action                Success Criteria /           Target   End of Year 2002 –        How
                                  Performance                 Date      2003 Position           Well
                                    Measure                                                    are we
 5. Key Priorities,
    including Budget

     To be agreed             To achieve wide and                     See above –
     within the               balanced local media                    Communications
     Corporate                coverage for the                        Action Plan due to be
                              Council‟s priorities,
                              planning and budget
                                                                      completed Summer
     Action Plan,             strategy, measured
     including specific       through media
     targets                  monitoring

                              To achieve good                         Work on bringing
                              levels and quality of
                              response to all
                                                                      communications and
                              consultations                           consultation is due to
                                                                      start in June 2003.

                              To help to achieve                      See above – Action
                                                                      Plan due for
                              related targets
                                                                      completion this
                              identified in the
                              Corporate Plan and
                              linked to the key
                              priorities of the
                              Cabinet by providing
                              professional and
                              pump-priming support.

 Public Relations Unit

 A new staff newsletter was launched at short notice in July. It subsequently won an award for
 internal newsletters from Communicators in Business. Budget-setting was supported by
 additional publicity, with four adverts in the local press developed by the Unit. The Plain
 English Award, run by the Unit, was won by the author of a Cabinet report for the first time. A
 training session on preparing press releases was provided with a local journalist by the Press
 and Public Relations Officer. During 2002/03 the Unit has supported corporate and service
 work with regular media relations work. 422 press releases were issued up to the end of
 February (420 throughout 2001/02). 678 press enquires dealt with to the end of February
 (720 last year). Overall the monitored media coverage of the Council up to the end of March
 2003 showed 2906 positive items, 568 negative items and 384 involving “damage limitation”
 work by PRU officers.

D:\Docstoc\Working\pdf\45e4bdb2-eb43-438f-a996-d2f1e17ba759.doc                                  77
                                                            Success Matrices
 SHROPSHIRE PARTNERSHIP                                     8 Actions Planned
 Oliver Goode
                                                            Achieved                        6
                                                            Partially Achieved              1
                                                            Not Achieved                    1

          Action                Success Criteria /           Target    End of Year 2002 –     How
                                  Performance                 Date       2003 Position        Well
                                    Measure                                                  are we

 Development And              Draft completed in            29.3.02    Complete 0302             
 Production of                place
 Integrated Community
 Strategy                     Draft Designed and
                                                            26.4.02.   Complete 0502             
                              Draft ready for issue &
                                                                       Complete July 2002        
                                                            May 02

 Arrange Launch Event         Venue booked
 for Integrated Strategy      Refreshments
                              Presentations &
                                                            15.2.02.   Complete 0402             
                              Guest list & invitations
                              Press & media

 Shropshire Profile           Drafts from Health,           26.4.02.   Complete 0502             
 Sections from Health,        Environment Team
 Community &                  etc.
 Environment AND
 Crime and Disorder

 Assemblage of                Drafting by DB /Team          24.5.02.   Complete 0902
 Introduction and             Work to develop &
 Profile Sections             prepare web site

 Publish Introductory
 Leaflet (e.g.) for
                              Arrange leaflet with
                              Print & Design.
                                                                       Not complete              
                              Work with Jan Gilder
 Post Profile on
 Partnership Web Site
                              & SCC Web team                           Awaiting CES action       

D:\Docstoc\Working\pdf\45e4bdb2-eb43-438f-a996-d2f1e17ba759.doc                                  78
 Shropshire Partnership

 It has been an active year for the Partnership Support Team. The launch of the LSP in
 October, occurred at the Qube in Oswestry, a building refurbished with assistance from the
 Objective 2 programme. Preparation for the launch required major activity to strengthen
 Partnership infrastructure

 First we published the Integrated Community Strategy and launched it at the „Shropshire
 Debate in July 2002. This document will be driven by the LSP and implemented by partners.
 All statutory agencies in the Partnership have now connected their priorities to those of the
 Community Strategy, a first step in „mainstreaming‟ the targets. The Partnership this year will
 sharpen its needs analysis and performance management frameworks, to align all partners to
 a common understanding of Shropshire‟s needs.

  Second, we designed and launched the revised website for the Partnership as part of the
 Partnership Communications Strategy. We will be implementing the strategy over the next
 three years including encouraging greater use of the website by all partners and a more
 robust database of partners and supporters.

 Finally, the Partnership agreed set of Protocols, following extensive consultation throughout
 Shropshire. These determine the membership, roles and relationships of all Partnership
 bodies. To conclude this process Partnership Agreements are being negotiated with all
 organisations within the Partnership, including the County Council. These will clarify the
 inputs of each Partner and predicted outputs and outcomes of the Partnership.

D:\Docstoc\Working\pdf\45e4bdb2-eb43-438f-a996-d2f1e17ba759.doc                             79
          Action                Success Criteria /           Target    End of Year 2002 –      How
                                  Performance                 Date       2003 Position         Well
                                    Measure                                                   are we

 COMMUNITY                                                  Success Matrices
                                                            34 Actions Planned

                                                            Achieved                         19
                                                            Partially Achieved               12
                                                            Not Achieved                     3

 Support Law and
 Order Policy
                              Produce Community
                              Safety Strategy
                                                                       Action plan produced
                                                                       for discussion with     
 Commission                                                            partners.

                              Complete S17 Audit            April      Subsumed in policy
                                                            2002       commission work

                              Understand Impact of          June       Report on Auld
                              changes in
                              Magistrates Courts
                                                            2002       Reforms to Cabinet      
 Support and
 Participate in District
                              Number of joint
                                                            Ongoing    Continued to support
                                                                       5 partnerships and      
 Crime & Disorder                                                      their task groups
 Strategies and
 Community Safety             Completion of Review          30.7.02    Not proceeded with.
 Best Value Review
 Action Plan for
                              Adoption by Cabinet           30.4.02    Prepared and agreed
 People‟s Panel               Agreed with Partners          30.6.02    Report prepared but
 Annual Report                                                         unable to reach
 2001/2002                                                             agreement or
 Completion of                Available to                  31.5.02    Not workable in
 Databases                    Directorates                             current format
 New arrangements             Arrangements in place 30.6.02            Arrangements still
 post current People‟s        to operate from                          under discussion
 Panel                        October
 Deliver Local
                              Implement three pilot
                              projects in Wem,
                                                            31.03.03   Harlescott complete
                                                                       Wem and Bayston Hill    
                              Bayston Hill,                            ongoing.

D:\Docstoc\Working\pdf\45e4bdb2-eb43-438f-a996-d2f1e17ba759.doc                                    80
          Action                Success Criteria /           Target    End of Year 2002 –        How
                                  Performance                 Date       2003 Position           Well
                                    Measure                                                     are we
 Improve Parish
 Liaison between
 Deliver Training Pilot       14 Clerks trained and
                              pilot completed
                                                            30.4.02    Completed November
                                                                       2002                      
 Support for Quality          Establishment of              31.3.03    Still awaiting
 Parishes                     training programme                       Government guidance
                                                                       at year end.
 Develop Charters             Development with              31/3/02
 between 3 tiers              SALC/Districts of
                              Shropshire Charter

 Develop Parishes
 Training Partnership
                              Establish Shropshire
                              Training Partnership
                                                            30.6.02    Partnership
                                                                       established               
 Support for SALC             Appoint support
                              worker and attend
                                                            31.5.02    Parish liaison officer
                                                                       appointed                 
                              Executive Committee

 (vi) Produce Pack for        Pack produced and             30/06/02   Pack procedures
      Parishes                delivered

 Support Community
 Council of Shropshire
                              Continued attendance
                              at Executive
                                                            Ongoing    Ongoing
                              Committee and work
                              on Parish Plans.
 Support Chairman of
 County Council in
                              Establish civic
                                                                       Civic programme
                                                                       ongoing                   
 civics                                                     Ongoing

 Support Shropshire
                              Co-ordinate Royal
                                                            Ongoing    Ongoing –
                                                                       successfully              
                              Garden Party                             completed March
                              nominations                              2003
                              Golden Jubilee                           2003 nomination
                              Programme                                complete March 2003       

D:\Docstoc\Working\pdf\45e4bdb2-eb43-438f-a996-d2f1e17ba759.doc                                   81
          Action                Success Criteria /           Target   End of Year 2002 –        How
                                  Performance                 Date      2003 Position           Well
                                    Measure                                                    are we
 LSP and Community
 Prepare integrated
 Community Strategy
                              Integrated Strategy
                                                                      Completed and
                                                                      published in July 2002    
 for Shropshire:
                              Review the progress
 countywide and                                                       Approved by County
                              of the Countywide                       Council in December
 district/ borough                                          Dec
                              Plan.                                   2002.
 strategies                                                 2002
 Agree performance
                              Framework in place
                              and key performance
                                                                      Key indicators agreed
                                                                      in LSP Business Plan      
 framework to monitor         indicators from
 the implementation of        different agencies
 the Community                more closely aligned
 Strategy                     in one system
 Quality of Life
 Indicators 2002/2003
                              Quality of Life
                              indicators (32 main
                                                            8 April
                                                                      Full report published
                                                                      in January 2003.          
                              measures) delivered                     Included on
                              on time for the Audit                   www.shropshireonline
                              Commission pilot
 Increase county wide
                              Involvement of
                              stakeholders at
                                                                      Shropshire Debate
                                                                      July 2002, Local          
 knowledge and                events.                                 Partnership meetings
 understanding of the                                                 completed.
 Community Plan.
 Review the County
 Council Corporate
                              Revise Plan and
                              ensure links
                                                                      Done outline ready for
                                                                      new plan.                 
 Plan in line with other
 Audit existing
 Partnerships across
                              Clear links between
                              key Partnerships and
                                                                      Completed. To be
                                                                      reported in the Annual    
 Shropshire and agree         the LSP and                             Review June 2003
 common performance           Community Plan
 management and
 Support the
 development of the
                              PSA package put
                                                                      Done outline ready for
                                                                      new plan.                 
 Public Agreement for
 Commission research
 on the role of
                              Research findings
                                                                      Not undertaken
                                                                      because of budget         
 volunteers in                                                        reduction.

D:\Docstoc\Working\pdf\45e4bdb2-eb43-438f-a996-d2f1e17ba759.doc                                  82
          Action                Success Criteria /           Target   End of Year 2002 –        How
                                  Performance                 Date      2003 Position           Well
                                    Measure                                                    are we
 Help to develop the
 Community Service
                              Action Plan produced          Sept-
                                                                      Needs Assessment
                                                                      completed. Strategic      
 Legal Partnership                                          2002      Plan launched.
 Community Drug
 Action Team
 Review Drug Action
 Team structure
                              New structure
                                                                      Completed. Further
                                                                      work needed to reflect    
                              incorporating Drug                      latest guidance.
                              Action Team and
                              Community Safety
 Prepare Annual Plan
 for 2002/2003
                              Plan approved by new
                              Executive Group
                                                                      Completed on time,
 Develop website for
 Substance Misuse
                              Website established
                              and available on the
                                                                      Website included on
                                                                      www.shropshireonline      
 information                  Internet                                . Needs further work.

 Launch the new
 partnership on Safer
                              Day conference and a
                              positive outcome and
                                                                      Day conference
                                                                      successful – further      
 Communities and              evaluation from                         work underway.
 Substance Misuse             participants
 Establish meetings
 with Service
                              Establish once
                              national guidance
                                                                      Meetings undertaken
                                                                      and further meetings      
 Users/Carers                 produced in July                        planned.


 We have successfully completed the work of the Law and Order Policy Commission and
 produced an outline plan to work towards a Countywide Community Safety Strategy.

 We also completed the first three years of the People‟s Panel and are now working towards
 new arrangements to take Consultation forward with other partners.

 We have continued to develop, with varying degrees of success, local working through pilots
 at Wem, Harlescott and Bayston Hill.

 We are working closely with the Shropshire Association of Parish Councils to implement the
 Quality Parishes initiative and establish Charters for closer working between principal
 Councils and Parish and Town Councils.

 We successfully completed the Queen‟s Golden Jubilee Celebrations and two royal visits..

D:\Docstoc\Working\pdf\45e4bdb2-eb43-438f-a996-d2f1e17ba759.doc                                  83
 LEGAL SERVICES                                             Success Matrices
                                                            8 Actions Planned

                                                            Achieved                          8
                                                            Partially Achieved                -
                                                            Not Achieved                      -

          Action                Success Criteria /           Target    End of Year 2002 –       How
                                  Performance                 Date       2003 Position          Well
                                    Measure                                                    are we
 More liaison with the
 Head of Legal
                              Achieve joint
                              agreement with police
                                                                       Continue to meet
                                                                       quarterly and share         
 Services in District         and districts on anti-                   good practice. Joint
 Authorities e.g. fraud -     fraud and corruption                     Agreement on anti
 protocol                     work.                                    fraud work being led
                                                                       by police.
 Training for members
 on Rights of Way
                              Improved member
                                                                       Achieved Winter
                                                                       2002.                       
 Committee on
 Countryside and
 Rights of Way Act
 Training for Social
 Workers on Court
                              Enhance Social
                              Workers knowledge
                                                                       Achieved and ongoing
 skills.                      and confidence
                              (monitor through
 Review of Contract
 Rules and their
                              Rules implemented/
                              understood by
                                                                       Reported to Cabinet
                                                                       Spring 02. Continue         
 working in practice.         Directorates.                            to report annually to
 To assist in the
 implementation of the
                              Written scheme.               May
                                                                       Achieved by May 02.
                                                                       Now need to review          
 Race Relations                                                        scheme.
 Amendment Act.
 Increase knowledge
 and skills of Legal
                              New Partnerships
                              established on sound
                                                                       Ongoing work with
                                                                       Community Library           
 aspects of new               legal basis                              PFI Project
 Review the Political
                              Implement changes in
                                                                       Achieved by June 02
                                                                       and ongoing                 
 Review Whistle
 Blowing Policy
                              Put Monitoring in
                                                                       Reported to
                                                                       Standards Committee         
                                                                       Summer 02.
 Legal Services

 The Legal Services Team has remained essentially the same. Mark Weston (planning

D:\Docstoc\Working\pdf\45e4bdb2-eb43-438f-a996-d2f1e17ba759.doc                                    84
 lawyer) left at the start of the year to take up a new post at Rossendale, but his expertise has
 been replaced through Miranda McLaven who fitted quickly into the role, partly because she
 had a familiarity with the way we work by virtue of having trained here. The highlights of the
 year in terms of specific cases for legal services were probably the child abduction case of
 Social Services, and the highly contentious waste transfer site application in Craven Arms of
 Community and Environment."

D:\Docstoc\Working\pdf\45e4bdb2-eb43-438f-a996-d2f1e17ba759.doc                              85
 COMMITTEE SERVICES                                         Success Matrices
                                                            28 Actions Planned

                                                            Achieved                            23
                                                            Partially Achieved                  2
                                                            Not Achieved                        3

          Action                Success Criteria /           Target    End of Year 2002 –         How
                                  Performance                 Date       2003 Position            Well
                                    Measure                                                      are we
 Submission of Council        Submission of                 Sept       Submitted to
 Proposals for Periodic       proposals to Local            2002       Boundary Committee

 Electoral Review             Government                               October 2002

 Improve services to
 Chairman and
                              Chairman‟s electronic
                              Members‟ information
                                                            Sept       In place and being
                              and meeting boards            2002       used.

                              Increased surgeries           Ongoing    Small increase in
                              and briefings                            number of surgeries.
                                                                       Room for further

                              Provision of political        June       Political Assistants in
                              research/support              2002
                                                                       post and providing

                              Improve briefing to           June       Monthly Admin
                              Admin and                     2002       Briefings and Shadow
                              Conservative Groups                      Cabinets.
                              Improve briefings for         Ongoing    Some improvements
                              Chamber,                                 but further work
                              WMLGA/LGA Review                         needed to put formal
                              and Implement                            procedures in place.


D:\Docstoc\Working\pdf\45e4bdb2-eb43-438f-a996-d2f1e17ba759.doc                                       86
          Action                Success Criteria /           Target   End of Year 2002 –        How
                                  Performance                 Date      2003 Position           Well
                                    Measure                                                    are we
 Assist with
 implementation of new
                                All Members and co-
                                opted Members
                                                                      All members and
                                                                      voting co-opted           
 local Code of Conduct          undertake to abide                    Members signed up to
 and maintenance of             by Code                               new code by April
 high standards of                                                    2002.

 probity                        Maintenance of              Ongoing   New registers in place
                                Registers of Interest
                                and Hospitality

                                Reduction in                          No references to
                                complaints and fewer        Ongoing   Standards Board.
                                                                      Few complaints or
                                references to
                                Standards Board and                   referrals to
 Review of New Political
                                Ongoing review of
                                                            Ongoing   Reviewed quarterly
                                Review after six            April     Completed and
                                months of working           2002      charges implemented       
                                Review of Scrutiny          July      Completed including
                                                                      District Audit Review,
                                                                      Feb 2003

                                Implement changes           July      Changes implemented
                                                                      April 2003
 Review of
 Computerised Agenda
                                Upgrade or
                                replacement of
                                                                      Specification drawn
                                                                      up. Awaiting funding.     
 Production Systems             present system
 Increasing public
                                Review „Have Your
                                Say‟ material
                                                                      Revised material still
                                                                      to be published.          
 in meetings

                                Promote meeting             Sept      Some progress but
                                agendas                     2002      more to be done.

                                Take part in Design         May       Achieved
                                Democracy Pilot             2002                                

D:\Docstoc\Working\pdf\45e4bdb2-eb43-438f-a996-d2f1e17ba759.doc                                  87
          Action                Success Criteria /           Target   End of Year 2002 –        How
                                  Performance                 Date      2003 Position           Well
                                    Measure                                                    are we
 Support the
 development of
                              Produce the Pack and
                                                                      Pack produced and
                                                                      launched                  
 Democracy in schools
 with Education               Put the Pack on the           June      Achieved
 Advisory Service,
 Districts and SAPTC
                              website                       2002                                
                              Work with members to          Dec       Members trained and
                              support schools               2002      supporting schools        
 Review of Dispatch/
 Cashiers Office
                              Review of equipment
                              and machinery
                                                                      Replacement               
                                                                      programme started
                              Computerised cash             Dec
                                                                      In place and working
                              payments system               2002
                              Members‟ postal
                                                                      New postal systems
                                                                      introduced                
 Development of IT
 practices across the
                              Increase word
                              processing range of
                                                                      New services
                                                                      introduced.               
 Unit                         services
                              Training of staff in          Ongoing
                                                                      Training ongoing
                              additional applications
                              Increase range of
                              information and                         Good range of
                              services available via        Ongoing
                                                                      information available,
                              computerised system                     more is to be added       
 10. Maintain high
                              Retention of client       Ongoing
                              servicesof service to clients
                                                                      All elements retained

 Committee Services

 Good progress made in new political arrangements. Some good security work, but
 improvement plan put in place. Need to improve briefings for Members representing the
 council at Regional and National level and involving the public in meetings. Improvements
 made in internal working of division.

D:\Docstoc\Working\pdf\45e4bdb2-eb43-438f-a996-d2f1e17ba759.doc                                  88
6.      Key Achievements in 2002/03

Audit and Consultancy

     What we planned to do during 2002/03                         Achievements or outcomes. Revised
                                                                       timescales if appropriate

Audit of Performance Indicators for targets and            Performance Indicators produced to timetable
estimates for Best Value Performance Plan,                 with none qualified
Audit Commission and Local Indicators

Provide Project Management and support for                 All payrolls successfully transferred to new
the introduction of a new payroll/HR system                payroll system by November 2002.

Provide a Lead role on job evaluation in                   Project plan timetable achieved and job
support of Single Status Agreement                         evaluation is on target for introduction in August

Treasury and Pensions - Insurance

     What we planned to do during 2002/03                         Achievements or outcomes. Revised
                                                                       timescales if appropriate

Tender of Insurance arrangements                           Tender successfully completed in February

Development of Corporate Risk Management                   Strategy introduced with active participation
strategy to encompass the Insurance Service                from the Insurance team

Improve communication with Directorates                    Service Level agreement successfully re-
                                                           introduced. Quarterly claims surgeries
                                                           introduced. Claims handling process is now
                                                           monitored monthly and the use of electronic
                                                           claims forms has been successfully piloted.

D:\Docstoc\Working\pdf\45e4bdb2-eb43-438f-a996-d2f1e17ba759.doc                                      89
Treasury and Pensions -

   What we planned to do during 2002/03                           Achievements or outcomes. Revised
                                                                       timescales if appropriate

Review Banking Services contract                           Banking Services contract review completed
                                                           March 2003.

Active participation in CIPFA benchmarking                 SCC Treasury and Debt benchmarking statistics
club                                                       submitted and comparisons with other
                                                           Authorities received.

Treasury and Pensions - Payments

   What we planned to do during 2002/03                           Achievements or outcomes. Revised
                                                                       timescales if appropriate

Establish training and support capability for              Successful establishment of training and support
users (initially schools) of POP and PL                    team.
modules of SAMIS.

Relocation and integration of Data Preparation             Successful integration, including relocation,
and Purchase Ledger teams.                                 training and personal development.

Treasury and Pensions - Pension Fund

   What we planned to do during 2002/03                           Achievements or outcomes. Revised
                                                                       timescales if appropriate

Review Statement of Investment Principles                  Statement successfully updated (including
                                                           statement of Myners compliance) and approved
                                                           by Pensions Committee in February 2003.

Closure of Pension Scheme Accounts                         Accounts completed by 30 June 2002.

Complete Annual Report and Accounts and                    Annual report completed and Audited on time.
organise Annual Meeting
                                                           Annual Meetings successfully arranged with
                                                           largest attendance to date.

Appointment of Emerging Markets and Private                F&C management appointed as Emerging
Equity Fund Managers                                       Markets Manager and HarbourVest Partners
                                                           appointed as Private Equity Managers both
                                                           commencing management on 01 July 2002.

Appointment of „Engagement Overlay‟                        ISIS Investment Management appointed in
Manager                                                    November 2002.

D:\Docstoc\Working\pdf\45e4bdb2-eb43-438f-a996-d2f1e17ba759.doc                                      90
Treasury and Pensions – Pension Fund continued

   What we planned to do during 2002/03                           Achievements or outcomes. Revised
                                                                       timescales if appropriate

Implementation on new Pensions Payroll                     Successful implementation – October 2002

Develop performance monitoring arrangements                Monthly monitoring successfully introduced

Fully utilise the new enhanced Doc Production              Enhanced software introduced and
and task management systems in latest                      developments continue
software release

Induction of new Pensions Administration staff             Pensions team now fully staffed and fully trained

Treasury and Pensions - Sales

   What we planned to do during 2002/03                           Achievements or outcomes. Revised
                                                                       timescales if appropriate

Introduce and document new periodic                        Access data base developed and new
income system.                                             procedures in place to go live April 2003.
                                                           However, there will be a need for the
                                                           development group to continue to meet during

All income and sales ledger data input on                  All sales ledger and income data is now input on
line.                                                      line.

Improve system for processing private                      New form and procedure note issued.
school fund donations

Continue to develop the role of the Sales                  Meetings still taking place. Will look to revise the
Ledger Task group.                                         membership and focus of the group in 2003/04.

Improve Sales Ledger user training.                        Sales ledger staff have been actively involved in
                                                           the training of Directorate staff, and those from
                                                           Oswestry Borough Council‟ in the use of sales
                                                           invoicing and sales ledger both at Shirehall and

D:\Docstoc\Working\pdf\45e4bdb2-eb43-438f-a996-d2f1e17ba759.doc                                        91
Treasury and Pensions - Sales Ledger continued

What we planned to do during 2002/03                       Achievements or outcomes. Revised
                                                           timescales if appropriate

Increased use of Credit and Debit cards for                This target was revised to promote the use of
invoice payment.                                           Credit and Debit cards in general. In the year
                                                           2001/02 7839 transactions Totalling £178,234
                                                           were processed via credit card. 2002/03 to
                                                           January 2003 7601 transaction have been
                                                           processed with a value of £201,253.

Continue to promote the use of Sales                       In December 2002 72% of invoices by volume
Invoicing.                                                 were issued using sales invoicing. It is
                                                           anticipated that this will increase to 85%+ when
                                                           Carefirst comes on line in July / August 2003.

Personnel and Payroll

   What we planned to do during 2002/03                           Achievements or outcomes. Revised
                                                                       timescales if appropriate

Introduction of new Criminal Records Bureau                Procedures now fully in place despite national
(CRB) procedures.                                          delays.

Completion of Job Evaluation (JE) project for              Scheme and budget now approved by Council
lower paid jobs.                                           (Feb 03), with full implementation planned for 1
                                                           August 2003.

Transfer all payrolls to new Payroll/HR system.            Full transfer achieved by November 2002.

Launch of corporate guidelines and sickness                „Caring about Sickness‟ launched April 2002.
absence management.                                        200 managers trained. Ongoing.

Best Value and Performance Review

   What we planned to do during 2002/03                           Achievements or outcomes. Revised
                                                                       timescales if appropriate

Produce the Best Value Performance Plan by                 Production of the Best Value Performance Plan
30 June.                                                   by the 30th June 2002 which was unqualified
                                                           with no recommendations
                                                           Production of Corporate Cross Cutting Best
                                                           Value Review Guidance which was commended
                                                           by the CPA Inspectors
                                                           Successful co-ordination of the CPA inspection
                                                           Provision of CPA awareness raising sessions
                                                           with Central Services staff

D:\Docstoc\Working\pdf\45e4bdb2-eb43-438f-a996-d2f1e17ba759.doc                                     92
Best Value and Performance Review continued

What we planned to do during 2002/03                       Achievements or outcomes. Revised
                                                           timescales if appropriate
                                                           Revision of the review programme for
                                                           Shropshire County Council to reflect changing
                                                           local priorities and national requirements. The
                                                           programme now consists of BVR and
                                                           Management Reviews
                                                           Developing the improvement planning
                                                           framework to address the conclusions and act
                                                           on the recommendations from the CPA process
                                                           Production of the first „Corporate Performance
                                                           Management Report‟ which was commended by
                                                           Produced the Corporate Performance
                                                           Monitoring framework

Corporate Finance

   What we planned to do during 2002/03                           Achievements or outcomes. Revised
                                                                       timescales if appropriate
Develop PFI bid for Harlescott/Sundorne                    Successful decision and bid to increase value of
                                                           PFI schemes from £2.2 million to £16.2 million
Closure of 2001/02 accounts                                Faster closedown achieved and no qualifications
                                                           to the Accounts. Improved working papers
Roll out of SAMIS to schools                               Programme successfully started and
                                                           implemented at most schools. Training for
                                                           school based staff and Head Teachers delivered
                                                           by Corporate Finance.
Property Services

   What we planned to do during 2002/03                           Achievements or outcomes. Revised
                                                                       timescales if appropriate

Maximised capital receipts                                 Exceeded target of £2.25m by £1.9 million

Development of Asset Management Planning                   Suitability criteria drafted and piloted with Library
                                                           Service, and Service Asset Management
                                                           arrangements are planned for the year ahead.
                                                           Corporate AMP and Capital Strategy achieved
                                                           „satisfactory‟ grading

Produce a policy on Sustainable development                Produced and adopted

D:\Docstoc\Working\pdf\45e4bdb2-eb43-438f-a996-d2f1e17ba759.doc                                        93
Shire Services

   What we planned to do during 2002/03                           Achievements or outcomes. Revised
                                                                       timescales if appropriate

Achieve financial targets in all service areas.            Financial targets achieved in all business areas
                                                           as well as contributing towards the reserve

Successful completion of the Best Value                    The Best Value Action Plan has been accepted
Review of Shire Services including the                     by the Best Value Panel and is being
development of an action plan                              implemented.

Respond to the Improvement Notice and                      Manual Handling training has been implemented
review health and safety and training                      in accordance with the Health and Safety
procedures.                                                Executive (HSE) requirements. Target was to
                                                           train 650 staff by the end of March 2003 have
                                                           actually trained over 1100 staff as of March

Legal Services

   What we planned to do during 2002/03                        Achievements or outcomes. Revised
                                                                     timescales if appropriate
More liaison with the Heads of Legal Services              Became Chair of District Secretaries Group.
in District Authorities                                    Sharing advice with regard to Monitoring Officer
Review of Contract Rules and their working in              Review reported to Central Audit June 2002.

To assist in the implementation of the Race                Race Equality Scheme approved by Council
Relations Amendment Act                                    May 2002. Ongoing work in this area.

D:\Docstoc\Working\pdf\45e4bdb2-eb43-438f-a996-d2f1e17ba759.doc                                     94
IT Development Services

   What we planned to do during 2002/03                           Achievements or outcomes. Revised
                                                                       timescales if appropriate

Complete migration of systems off the                      Migration of systems successfully completed
mainframe                                                  October 2002

To provide strategic advice & operational                  We prepared an Implementing Electronic
support on the implementation of e-                        Government Statement (IEG) which met
Government                                                 government assessment criteria and will result
                                                           in the council being awarded further government
                                                           funding in 2003/4.
                                                           We submitted a bid on behalf of the Shropshire
                                                           IEG Partnership and were awarded a capital
                                                           grant of £650,000.

To develop and implement the Shropshire                    The Shropshire Community Portal „ Shropshire
Community Portal                                           Online‟ was successfully launched in January
                                                           Developed & implemented a Content
                                                           Management System for the portal.
                                                           Delivered training to over 200 Web Editors

Organisation Development Unit                                             Bridget Williams - Ext 2916

   What we planned to do during 2002/03                           Achievements or outcomes. Revised
                                                                       timescales if appropriate

Develop a Corporate
                                                           Achieved 4 months ahead of schedule.
Leadership/Development Programme:

                                                           3rd co-hort of Insight.
- launch first Module by Jan 2003
                                                           Rolled forward to April 2004 in order to evaluate
                                                           the pilot programme of INSIGHT
- 1 cohort (24 people) a year

Best Value Review for Personnel and                        - ODU team involved in the whole Review
Training                                                   process
                                                           - Steering group participation
to be completed with at least a rating of 2 Star           - Facilitating events throughout
will improve - by Jan 2003
                                                           Revised timescale for end of review = beginning
                                                           of June 2003

D:\Docstoc\Working\pdf\45e4bdb2-eb43-438f-a996-d2f1e17ba759.doc                                     95
Organisation Development Unit continued

   What we planned to do during 2002/03                           Achievements or outcomes. Revised
                                                                       timescales if appropriate

Developmental learning and support                         Positive feedback, improved performances
                                                           Springboard programmes 2 & 3 April-July 2002
Springboard women‟s personal development                   & Oct.02 – Jan.03 with 60 participants.
Programme                                                  Participants recruited and further interest
                                                           expressed in programme 5 for autumn 03.

Navigator men‟s personal development                       Navigator programme Sept-Dec.02 with 15
programme                                                  participants.

Community, Drug Action Team

   What we planned to do during 2002/03                           Achievements or outcomes. Revised
                                                                       timescales if appropriate

Review the Drug Action Team structure                      New structure is in place but further work is
                                                           needed to meet the changing Government

Prepare Drug Action Team plans                             All Drug Action Teams prepared on time:
                                                           Young People‟s Substance Misuse
                                                           Treatment Plan
                                                           Annual Template

Establish meetings with service users and                  Meetings achieved with
carers on issues to do with substance misuse
                                                           Drugs Anonymous
                                                           Public meetings on issues
                                                           Oswestry Families Affected by Drugs and
                                                           Gordano House Rehabilitation Centre
                                                           Treatment Day liaison with service users and

D:\Docstoc\Working\pdf\45e4bdb2-eb43-438f-a996-d2f1e17ba759.doc                                      96
Community Team

   What we planned to do during 2002/03                           Achievements or outcomes. Revised
                                                                       timescales if appropriate

Prepare an integrated Community Strategy                   Integrated Community Strategy published in July

Review the Countywide Community Strategy                   Strategy Reviewed December 2002.

Develop Quality of Life Indicators and publish             The first „State of Shropshire‟ report completed
the first „State of Shropshire‟ report.                    and published on our website

Support Law and Order Policy Commission                    Commission met from March to December. Key
                                                           recommendations agreed by Council and
                                                           Community Safety Action Plan agreed.

Consultation Action Plan for 2002/03                       Prepared and agreed.

Deliver Parish Clerk Training Pilot                        Pilot completed successfully.


   What we planned to do during 2002/03                           Achievements or outcomes. Revised
                                                                       timescales if appropriate

Submission of Council Proposals for Periodic               Proposals submitted to Boundary Committee
Electoral Review.                                          end October 2002.

Review of Political Structures.                            Initial review of structures completed 2002.
                                                           Review of Scrutiny, including District Audit
                                                           review completed February 2003 for
                                                           implementation April 2003.

Support the development of Citizenship                     Pack produced and launched. Training
Democracy in schools with Education Advisory               sessions held with Members.
Service, Districts and SALC.

D:\Docstoc\Working\pdf\45e4bdb2-eb43-438f-a996-d2f1e17ba759.doc                                      97
7.      What has not Worked So Well

Audit and Consultancy
                Area of weakness                                  Reasons why not achieved. Revised
                                                                     timescales and future action.

Provide ongoing support in respect of recently             Small amount of work undertaken but resources
introduced financial software                              utilised on payroll/HR project. Work still
                                                           required in 2003/04

To undertake company financial appraisals for              Company financial appraisals ongoing but not
the maintenance of all select lists                        carried out as quickly as expected due to
                                                           volumes and other workloads issues.

Auditing of District PSA targets                           Auditing not undertaken. Will be undertaken in
                                                           2003/04 with other BVPI‟s.

Treasury and Pensions - Insurance
                Area of weakness                                  Reasons why not achieved. Revised
                                                                     timescales and future action.

Development of benchmarking for insurance                  Responses from other Authorities have not been
services (adding to the process started as part            forthcoming due to workload commitments so
of Best Value Review).                                     benchmarking has not been possible. CIPFA
                                                           are now proposing to introduce a co-ordinated
                                                           national Insurance benchmarking exercise.
                                                           Shropshire will be an active member of this

Implement Aon recommendations (inc. review                 Some progress has been made towards
of resources and quarterly monitoring of claims            implementing recommendations including a
payments v ZM reserves                                     claims versus payments review. The review of
                                                           resources exercise has been completed.

Treasury and Pensions - Pension Fund

                Area of weakness                                Reasons why not achieved. Revised
                                                                     timescales and future action.
Review Pensions Investment Performance                     The decision was taken to delay this review
Measurement service                                        following the merger of our provider with a
                                                           competitor. Once we have established exactly
                                                           what the „new‟ company will offer going forward,
                                                           the review will commence.
Production of Annual Benefit Statements                    Some pilot statements produced. Full
                                                           introduction of ABS now planned for 2003/04.
Contributions Posting and completion of year               Concentration on the training of new staff and
end procedures                                             other workload pressures has delayed the
                                                           completion of this task. This is now a team

D:\Docstoc\Working\pdf\45e4bdb2-eb43-438f-a996-d2f1e17ba759.doc                                     98
Treasury and Pensions - Sales Ledger

                Area of weakness                                  Reasons why not achieved. Revised
                                                                     timescales and future action.

Direct Debit Promotion.                                    If, as anticipated, there would be a high take up
                                                           of the Direct Debit facility by customers,
                                                           changes will be required to the invoicing
                                                           process. This project has been rescheduled to
                                                           January to March 2004.

Consolidate the Sales Ledgers used by                      This project requires a concentration of activity
Social Services and Home Care.                             in; Sales ledger, Home Care and Social
                                                           Services Finance. Staff changes in all areas
                                                           prevented the establishment of a window of
                                                           opportunity. Discussions are under way with
                                                           Social Services to reschedule this project.

Reduction in the value of debt outstanding                 The Task Group will be asked to contribute
over 6 months old.                                         suggestions for a way forward in this area.

Take on meals Giro data directly from bank                 Shire Services have developed their recording
file.                                                      system to support this project. Ongoing work will
                                                           be undertaken with Shire Services during
                                                           2003/04 to progress this matter.

Personnel and Payroll

                Area of weakness                                  Reasons why not achieved. Revised
                                                                     timescales and future action.

New corporate Code on Recruitment and                      Work pressures/other priorities. New target date
Selection not completed.                                   - late 2003.

Corporate Finance                        What has not worked so well

                Area of weakness                                  Reasons why not achieved. Revised
                                                                     timescales and future action.

Financial information on internet.                         Final accounts and budget not yet on website.
                                                           Priority for next round of development. Training
                                                           to be undertaken.

New grant formula.                                         Only partial success in achieving a new formula
                                                           beneficial to Shropshire.

D:\Docstoc\Working\pdf\45e4bdb2-eb43-438f-a996-d2f1e17ba759.doc                                       99
Shire Services

                Area of weakness                                  Reasons why not achieved. Revised
                                                                     timescales and future action.

Asset management arrangements have been                    Contractor responsible for compiling the asset
improved with completion of a register of heavy            register failed to met the original deadline but
equipment in kitchens, but a programme of                  information necessary to plan replacements
equipment replacement has not yet been                     programme has now been received.
                                                           Revised timescale : March 04

Implementation of pilot cashless system was                Delay due to funding issue but now resolved.
delayed.                                                   Tender process completed and implementation
                                                           planned for September 2003.

IT Development Services

                Area of weakness                                  Reasons why not achieved. Revised
                                                                     timescales and future action.

Development of interfaces between SAMIS                    Confirm system does not currently have the
and the Integrated Highways Management                     facility to hold details of VAT. Issue being
System „Confirm‟ not completed.                            progressed with the system supplier.

Interface between Samis & Transport                        Requirement to review operational procedures
Management System „TOMS‟ developed but                     identified. Interface will be implemented during
not yet implemented.                                       2003/4 when revised operational procedures are
                                                           in place.

Property Services

                Area of weakness                                  Reasons why not achieved. Revised
                                                                     timescales and future action.

Continue development of Property Database                  Resources pulled in other directions and no
                                                           additional resources available

Complete development of Ludlow Library and                 Library and Museum Resource centre now
Museum                                                     handed over, within revised but not original
                                                           budget. Not within target timescale.

Computerise meeting room booking system                    Not yet achieved for technical reasons, but due
                                                           to be available form Summer 2003

D:\Docstoc\Working\pdf\45e4bdb2-eb43-438f-a996-d2f1e17ba759.doc                                     100
Organisation Development Unit

                Area of weakness                                  Reasons why not achieved. Revised
                                                                     timescales and future action.

Recording of Central Services staff training               Revised timescale to be confirmed: - Awaiting
                                                           development of the integrated payroll system,

Contribution to the development of                         Awaiting outcome of Best Value Review of
ResourceLink                                               Personnel, Training and Development.
                                                           September 2003 onwards.

Effective in-house trainers Forum in place                 Revised timescale August 2003 on target.

                                                           The Best Value review currently underway has
Selection made for accredited list of external
                                                           delayed this plan.
providers of corporate training
                                                           Revised timescale January 2004.

Best Value and Performance

                Area of weakness                                  Reasons why not achieved. Revised
                                                                     timescales and future action.

Cross-cutting review process in its first year.            Lessons have been learnt which have been
                                                           reported to Members and these will be followed
                                                           up in subsequent cross-cutting reviews.

Community Drug Action Team

                Area of weakness                                  Reasons why not achieved. Revised
                                                                     timescales and future action.
Safer Communities and Substance Misuse                     The national agenda changed and we were
Conference not staged as agreed.                           awaiting further consultation.

Community Team

                Area of weakness                                  Reasons why not achieved. Revised
                                                                     timescales and future action.

Commission research on the role of volunteers              Work not completed due to insufficient time and
in Shropshire.                                             loss of budget in 2002/03. Some of the work will
                                                           be covered through new quality of life indicators
                                                           and local survey work.

D:\Docstoc\Working\pdf\45e4bdb2-eb43-438f-a996-d2f1e17ba759.doc                                    101
Community Team

                Area of weakness                                  Reasons why not achieved. Revised
                                                                     timescales and future action.

People‟s Panel Annual Report 2001/2002                     Not able to reach agreement with Partners

Implement locality pilots in Wem, Bayston Hill,            No consistent political direction
Harlescott                                                 Working at pace of partners slowed process

Support for Quality Parishes/Parish Charters               Final Government Guidance still awaited


                Area of weakness                                  Reasons why not achieved. Revised
                                                                     timescales and future action.

Improve briefings for Members for Regional                 Some improvement, but needs final systems
and National meetings.                                     and procedures in place. To be set up by
                                                           December 2003.

Increasing public awareness/participation in               Revised „Have Your Say‟ leaflet to be produced,
meetings.                                                  July 2003.
                                                           Greater promotion of meeting agendas, October

D:\Docstoc\Working\pdf\45e4bdb2-eb43-438f-a996-d2f1e17ba759.doc                                   102
Year 2002/03

Central Services

Key Inputs to the Service                  Audit &           Best      Community   Corporate Legal      Committee Org.    Personnel   Property
                                           Consultancy       Value &   Team        Finance   Services   Services  Dev.    & Payroll   Services
Personnel                                                    Perf.                                                Unit

Staffing levels :

Average Number                             19                3         4           12        17         31        4       34          85
Numbers In                                 4                           1           0                    2         1       11          13
Numbers Out                                1                 1                     0         1          2                 6           8
Voluntary leavers as a % of staff          5.26%             33.33%    0.00%       0.00%     5.88%      6.45%     0.00%   17.65%      9.41%
in post
The average number of working              2.03              0.83      0.25        1.58      3.00       8.27      5.00    9.35        12.19
days lost due to sickness absence
per FTE (no of days lost divided
by number of staff in the section)

The average number of working              2.03              0.83      0.25        1.58      1.18       1.06      0.43    2.97        1.85
days lost due to sickness absence
per FTE, EXCLUDING long term
sickness (no of days lost divided
by number of staff in the section)

D:\Docstoc\Working\pdf\45e4bdb2-eb43-438f-a996-d2f1e17ba759.doc                                                                        103
Key Inputs to the Service               Printing         IT             IT          IT            Shire      Shirehall   Emergency   Shrops.
                                        Services         Technologies   Support     Development   Services   Services    Planning    Partnership
Personnel                                                               (Schools)

Staffing levels :

Average Number                          13               33             13          16            521        17          5           7
Numbers In                              3                5              4           2                        0           1           2
Numbers Out                             1                4              4                                    1           2           2
Voluntary leavers as a % of             7.69%            12.12%         30.77%      0.00%         22.00%     5.88%       40.00%      28.57%
staff in post
The average number of                   34.80            10.98          10.30       6.87          9.98       8.35        3.20        5.86
working days lost due to
sickness absence per FTE (no
of days lost divided by number
of staff in the section)

The average number of                   2.08             2.27           1.69        1.91                     1.5         0.4         1.86
working days lost due to
sickness absence per FTE,
EXCLUDING long term
sickness (no of days lost
divided by number of staff in
the section)

D:\Docstoc\Working\pdf\45e4bdb2-eb43-438f-a996-d2f1e17ba759.doc                                                                             104
Key Inputs to the Service                 Treasury &       Public    Drug     Total
                                          Exchequer        Relations Action
Personnel                                 Services                   team

Staffing levels :

Average Number                            37               3         3        877
Numbers In                                13                0        1        63
Numbers Out                               5                 0        1        39
Voluntary leavers as a % of staff         13.51%           0.00%     33.33%   4.45%
in post                                                                       *10.95%
The average number of working             24.12            4.33      9.33     8.53
days lost due to sickness
absence per FTE (no of days lost
divided by number of staff in the

The average number of working             2.53             4.33      0.33     1.73
days lost due to sickness
absence per FTE, EXCLUDING
long term sickness (no of days
lost divided by number of staff in
the section)

* excluding 521 FTE Shire Services

D:\Docstoc\Working\pdf\45e4bdb2-eb43-438f-a996-d2f1e17ba759.doc                         105


Central Services (overall responsibilty for Corporate Health PIs)

 BVPI     Description                                                 2001/02   2001/02   2002/03   2002/03   2003/04
  no.                                                                  Target   Outturn    Target   Outturn    Target
   1      Community Planning building on Local Agenda 21              Yes       Yes
  1a      Community strategy with LSP                                                     Yes       Yes       Yes
  1b      When will strategy review be completed?
  1c      Progress reported
  1d      When will strategy be in place
   2      Level of CRE's standard for local govt which authority        2         2
  2a      Equality Standard for Local Government Level 1 to 5                                         0               1
  2b      The duty to promote a race checklist score
   3      The percentage of citizens satisfied with overall service                                            70%
   4      %age of complainants satisfied with the handling of                                                    60%
   5      Complaints to the ombudsman - classified as maladmin           0         1
   6      The percentage turnout for local elections                  65.53%    65.53%
   8      The percentage of undisputed invoices paid within 30        97.50%    85.00%    100.00%    79%        100%
  11      The percentage of senior management posts filled by         36.36%    39.14%
  11a     The percentage of top 5% of earners that are women                              40.79%    42.92%       43%
  11b     The percentage of top 5% of earners from black & ethnic                                   0.72%      0.10%
          minority communities
  12      The average working days/shifts lost due to sickness per     8.54      9.70       8.5      8.61      8.20
  13      Voluntary leavers as % of staff in post                     9.65%     9.45%

D:\Docstoc\Working\pdf\45e4bdb2-eb43-438f-a996-d2f1e17ba759.doc                                                           106
 BVPI      Description                                                 2001/02   2001/02   2002/03      2002/03   2003/04
  no.                                                                   Target   Outturn    Target      Outturn    Target
  14       Early retirements as % of total workforce                    0.41%     0.33%      0.45%       0.34%     0.40%
  15       Ill health retirements as % of total workforce               0.35%     0.33%      0.35%       0.23%     0.32%
 16A       % of LA e/ees declaring they are disabled per Disability     1.50%     0.76%      1.25%       0.81%     1.00%
           Disc Act
 16B       % of economically active people in LA area declaring        4.28%     10.18%       -         13.50%    10.18%
           they are disabled
 17A       % of LA e/ees from minority ethnic communities              0.80%     0.61%      0.68%       0.64%     0.68%
 17B       % of economically active people in LA area from             0.69%     0.24%      0.69%       1.12%     1.12%
           minority ethnic communities
  156      Authority building open to the public accessible by         21.10%    19.32%    20.00%       22.50%    3.00%
  157      %age of interactions with public capable of electronic       25%      24.95%    35.00%       38.26%       50%
           service delivery
180a(i)    Actual/'Typical' energy consumption LA buildings -                                            204         -
180a(ii)   Actual/'Typical' energy consumption LA buildings - fossil                                     155         -
180b(I)    Average street lamp wattage - kWh/streetlight                                                 397
180b(ii)   Average lampwattage/national average lamp wattage -
 126a      Domestic burglaries per 1000 households                      11.5      8.08         8.5       7.79            8.6
 127a      Violent offences by a stranger                                                   N/A          1.10     Not
 127b      Violent offences in a public place                                               N/A          1.57     Not
 127c      Violent offences in connection with licensed premises                            N/A          0.55     Not
 127d      Violent offences committed under influence                                       N/A          1.12     Not
 128a      Vehicle crimes per 1000 population                           13.3      8.74            9.4    8.99         9.5
  173      LA has corporate strategy to reduce crime and disorder        No        No

D:\Docstoc\Working\pdf\45e4bdb2-eb43-438f-a996-d2f1e17ba759.doc                                                                107
 BVPI     Description                                               2001/02   2001/02   2002/03    2002/03   2003/04
  no.                                                                Target   Outturn    Target    Outturn    Target
 174      Racial incidents recorded by authority per 100,000          14.4     19.32        14.4    19.05       15.6
  175     % racial incidents that resulted in further action         100%      100%       100%       100%      100%
  176     No of domestic violence refuge places per 10,000             0         0           0          0         0
  177     Is the LA part of a Community Legal Service Partnership    YES       YES
  177     % of Legal & advice expenditure on Quality Mark                                100%       100%      100%

11a       New indicator, target based on recent survey of payroll records which makes Shropshire County
          Council the top performing county council.
      12 Reviewed following actual results and projected analysis of known present factors that show the
         original targets as unachievable.
      14 A tight reign is held on early retirements, no longer receiving batches of early retirements for process
         through Personnel. Thus the reduction in the target from 0.45% to 0.40%.
    15 Changed to show movement towards the county council top quartile of 0.30%. Actual result for
       2001/02 was between the target set and the top quartile result. Other than health promotion the
       authority has very little direct influence on people being retired due to bad health.
16a    Following a review of actual results for 2001/02 it was thought that the target was slightly over
       ambitious and has been adjusted to reflect a more achievable yet still challenging aspirational target.

   156 The reason for the dramatic reduction in the future years targets is that the PI definition is based on
       Building Regulations document M, which is being changed in October 2003 making buildings that
       were previously compliant non-compliant.

D:\Docstoc\Working\pdf\45e4bdb2-eb43-438f-a996-d2f1e17ba759.doc                                                        108

Central services                                                  2001/02    2002/03    2003/04
                                                                  Actual     Actual     Target
% of Central Services telephone calls answered in 12                 96%      95.99%       96%
Complaints received under the corporate complaints                      3       3          2

Audit & Consultancy                                               2001/02    2002/03    2003/04
                                                                  Actual     Actual     Target
Cost per audit day                                                £149.19    £167.77    £170.83

Corporate Finance                                                 2001/02    2002/03    2003/04
                                                                  Actual     Actual     Target
Accountancy cost as a % per £million gross revenue                  0.59%      0.62%      0.62%

Shire Services                                                    2001/02    2002/03    2003/04
                                                                  Actual     Actual     Target
Average Primary School meal numbers per day                        10,335      10355     10,500

Secondary Schools-average spend per pupil                            £0.73      £0.75     £0.77
Primary School take up %-number on roll Vs. meal                   52.20%     49.20%       50%
Number of schools with a hot meals service available                100%        100%      100%

Take up of paid meals in Primary Schools*                                                31.50%
Take up of free meals in Primary Schools*                                                   85%

D:\Docstoc\Working\pdf\45e4bdb2-eb43-438f-a996-d2f1e17ba759.doc                                   109
Take up of free meals in Secodary Schools*                                                 70%
Accident Incident Rate-overall (National Average 14.1 to              13.3      12.58      12.5
*Actual figures available from 2003/04

Committee Services                                                2001/02    2002/03    2003/04
                                                                  Actual     Actual     Target
Election turnout %                                                 72.00%     65.53%       -
Personnel & Payroll                                               2001/02    2002/03    2003/04
                                                                  Actual     Actual     Target
Cost per payslip (LA average £2.05)                               £1.89        Tba        Tba
Cost per employee (LA average £26.00)                             £24.00       Tba        Tba

Property Services                                                 2001/02    2002/03    2003/04
                                                                  Actual     Actual     Target
School closures-time lost to maintenance problems                 3 days       Jul-03     Jul-03

Satisfaction surveys (% overall satisafaction "excellent")           100%      Jul-03     Jul-03

% of Asset Register re-valued each year (running total                18%        20%      Jul-03
over 5 years)#
Rent arrears at 31 March a a % of annual rent roll (25                                    Jul-03
March for small holdings)#
(a) small holdings                                                  0.80%      0.80%      Jul-03
(b) ED workshops                                                    0.22%      0.22%      Jul-03
(c) gypsy sites                                                     2.08%      2.08%      Jul-03
Asbestos reinspection survey:#
  (a) High Risk                                                   100% pa    100% pa    100% pa
  (b) Medium Risk                                                 100%       100%       100%
                                                                  every 2    every 2    every 2
                                                                  yrs        yrs        yrs
  (c) Low Risk                                                    100%       100%       100%
                                                                  every 3    every 3    every 3
                                                                  yrs        yrs        yrs

D:\Docstoc\Working\pdf\45e4bdb2-eb43-438f-a996-d2f1e17ba759.doc                                    110
% of condition surveys carried out during the year for all         20.00%       20.00%      Jul-03
Number of FTE employees per Net Internal area/sq.                         15        10      Jul-03

Shirehall services                                                2001/02      2002/03    2003/04
                                                                  Actual       Actual     Target
Total waste leaving Shirehall in Kg per annum                       68,400       Jul-03     Jul-03
% of waste recycled#                                               81.75%         85%       Jul-03
#Target figures for 2002/03

Treasury, Exchequer Services & Pension                            2001/02      2002/03    2003/04
Aministration                                                     Actual       Actual     Target
% of payments made by BACS                                         59.60%       64.70%      Tba
% of sales invoices outstanding by value by age:

one month                                                           N/A          5.63%      Tba
two months                                                          N/A          3.14%      Tba
three months                                                        N/A          0.81%      Tba
four months                                                         N/A          1.39%      Tba
five months                                                         N/A          1.72%      Tba
six months plus                                                     N/A         16.72%      Tba
Value of invoices written off as a % of outstanding                 N/A          2.93%      N/A
The above excludes Social Services property charges

D:\Docstoc\Working\pdf\45e4bdb2-eb43-438f-a996-d2f1e17ba759.doc                                      111
Pensions Administration                                           2001/02   2002/03    2003/04
                                                                  Actual    Actual     Target
Composition of membership:
  Active (Full & Part-time)                                          60%     Nov-03     Nov-03
  Deferred pensioners                                                17%     Nov-03     Nov-03
  Pensioners                                                         23%     Nov-03     Nov-03
% of eligible employees not in scheme (Shropshire CC)                35%     Nov-03     Nov-03

Total cost per scheme member:
Shropshire                                                         £19.00    Nov-03     Nov-03
Authorities-administration in house (40)                           £21.07    Nov-03     Nov-03
Authorities-administration outsourced (5)                          £24.62    Nov-03     Nov-03
Average for all authorities (45)                                   £20.57    Nov-03     Nov-03

IT Technologies & Development                                     2001/02   2002/03    2003/04
                                                                  Actual    Actual     Target
Percentage of calls resolved within agreed time scale               N/A      97.60%      Tba

Percentage of calls when a service is restored within                                    Tba
agreed working hours:
a) 0-4 hours                                                        N/A         42%      Tba
b) 4-8 hours                                                        N/A         18%      Tba
c) 8-16 hours                                                       N/A         20%      Tba
d) over 16 hours                                                    N/A         20%      Tba
Total                                                               N/A        100%      Tba
Resolution of problems within priority time targets:

a) High priority half a day                                         N/A      93.40%      Tba
b) Medium priority one day                                          N/A      91.20%      Tba
c) Low priority 2 days                                              N/A      69.10%      Tba
Total number of workstations supported per support                  N/A          161     Tba
Legal Services
LEXCEL-Has met the core requirements of the Law Society's Practice Management

D:\Docstoc\Working\pdf\45e4bdb2-eb43-438f-a996-d2f1e17ba759.doc                                  112
                                                                    CENTRAL SERVICES

                                                       SUMMARY OF EXPENDITURE ON TRAINING

                                                             AREA                 BUDGET       ACTUAL

                                      Corporate & Democratic Core                      430       0

                                      Resources                                        21380   28280

                                      Organisation & Performance                       17400   30171

                                      ICT                                              31560   21517

                                      Partnership & Democratic Support                 15870   23660

                                                                                   86,640      103,628

D:\Docstoc\Working\pdf\45e4bdb2-eb43-438f-a996-d2f1e17ba759.doc                                          113

                                                   DETAILS OF TRAINING EXPENDITURE PER UNIT

                                                                          BUDGET        ACTUAL
                                                                             £             £
                                      Chief Executive                       430            0
                                      Corporate Finance                    6800          6649
                                      Property Services                    7560          6677
                                      Treasury & Exchequer Services        3340          6567
                                      Pensions                             3680          8387
                                      Personnel                            6900          21435
                                      Payroll                              5260            0
                                      Organisation & Development            830           235
                                      Best Value Support                    600           252
                                      Audit & Consultancy                  3810          8249
                                      Technology Services                  4950           297
                                      IT Development Services              20580         13901
                                      SITTS                                4000          7024
                                      Central Print Unit                   2030           295
                                      Shropshire Partnership               5000          2692
                                      Drug Action Team                      500          11329
                                      Legal Services                       8410          8244
                                      Committee                            1960          1395
                                                     TOTALS                86640        103628

D:\Docstoc\Working\pdf\45e4bdb2-eb43-438f-a996-d2f1e17ba759.doc                                  114
SECTION 10. Central Services – Best Value Reviews

Best Value Reviews undertaken in the last three years – progress and outcomes

The information which follows below for reviews which took place in 2000 – 2001, and which were reported in 2002-2003 Best
Value Performance Plan, includes reporting details and the key actions and outcomes of the reviews.

Information on reviews which were conducted in 2001-2002 also includes any outstanding actions where relevant and target dates
for these.

For the more recent reviews in 2002-2003, the key actions/recommendations and progress against these are included. It is too
early to assess impacts and outcomes.

D:\Docstoc\Working\pdf\45e4bdb2-eb43-438f-a996-d2f1e17ba759.doc                                                                115
                                                                  Year 2000/01

Central Services - Telecommunications

Key actions / outcomes
Due to changes in the delivery of our telecommunication contract before the BV review was completed, the service was subject
to full OJEC procurement, and an alternative provider found.

Central Services - Data Preparation

Where & when reported:             Resources Cabinet Committee - 20 December 2000
Key actions / outcomes:
To agree to restructure or re-position the Data Preparation section within one of its three main customers i.e., Financial
Services, Exchequer Services or Payroll Services
To agree an Action Plan to be commissioned to progress on-line data entry at source.
Successful integration with the Purchase Ledger team.
Re-training and specific personal development activities.
Completion of programme to introduce online data entry of invoices at schools.
Any ongoing initiatives:
All actions identified in the Action Plan have been completed. Progress identified in the monitoring report to Central Audit 18
October 2002 is still the current position.
Moderate savings have been achieved and have been taken into account in the budget process for 2003/04.

D:\Docstoc\Working\pdf\45e4bdb2-eb43-438f-a996-d2f1e17ba759.doc                                                                   116
Central Services - Furniture Design Group

Where & when reported:Resources Committee October 2000, latest update on action plan January 2003
Key actions / outcomes:
This service was subject to a „light touch inspection‟ by District Audit and found to be satisfactory.
Function retained in-house.
Improve IT systems/skills.
Improve despatch of price list.
Establish benchmark.
Move away from single client base.
Any ongoing initiatives:
The Furniture Design Team has achieved most of the requirements of the agreed action plan and continues to provide a unique
service to 74 local authorities.

Central Services - Building Maintenance

Where & when reported:Final Report & Action Plan Resources Committee December 2000, Monitoring Report on Action Plan
Jan 2003
Key actions / outcomes:
Function retained in-house.Assessed as a Good Service and likely to Improve.
Any ongoing initiatives:
All Actions identified within the action plan are being progressed and updates are regularly reported to Central Audit
An expanded range of services are being provided, particularly to the District Councils.

D:\Docstoc\Working\pdf\45e4bdb2-eb43-438f-a996-d2f1e17ba759.doc                                                               117
Central Services - Occupational Health

Where and when reported: Resources Committee January 2001, Central Audit October 2001

Key actions / outcomes:
First Aid and external counselling services have been compared with alternative providers and remain competitive and cost
Enhanced approach to managing sickness absence and the reasons for this, particularly in relation to long term absence,
Improved and standard referral reply processes have been designed and implemented to deal with sickness absence issues
An external clients‟ consultative forum meets annually to provide updates on occupational health issues and feedback from
OHU uses Corporate sickness returns to provide periodic analysis of patterns and trends in sickness absence and causes and
reports on thee to Directorates and Central Audit Committee.
Any ongoing initiatives:
Continued management of sickness absence, as above

Central Services - Print and Design

Where & when reported: Central Audit September 2001

Key actions / outcomes:
All actions and targets set during the review of Print & Design have been achieved, in particular the introduction of an
improved Management Information System, facilitating improved financial management and reporting and market
Also, a new quality assurance procedure has been established which resulted in Printing Services attaining a highly commended
award for overall service delivery, at the recent Apcom Awards held in April 2003.

D:\Docstoc\Working\pdf\45e4bdb2-eb43-438f-a996-d2f1e17ba759.doc                                                                 118
Improved working relations and processes between the area‟s examined in the review has also led to an increase in work
secured from the Design Team and the Publication and Design Unit.
Any ongoing initiatives: No ongoing initiatives

Central Services - Media and Corporate Communications

Where & when reported:Resources Committee – 28 September 2000 – Action Plan agreed.
Agreed Communications Audit reported to Cabinet Committee on 10 July 2001.
Action Plan Update to Central Audit – 19 November 2001.
Key actions / outcomes:
Corporate Communications Handbook now updated, including sections on rebuttal and employing external PR consultants. The
Handbook is reviewed annually.
Electronic media monitoring service now provided in-house, with monthly reports to directorates through Corporate
Communications Group.
Planned programme of media training will be provided by PR Unit this year as the standard for all those in touch with the
Corporate Communications Strategy and Action Plans due to be completed in July this year. The Action Plans will form the
framework for better planning of media work and for best use of resources for media work. Communications planning is now
included in the service planning process.
The Communications Audit report which went to Cabinet Committee in July 2001 was for the most part deferred for later
consideration. It remains deferred.
Revised Media Protocol approved by Council in 2001. The protocol is reviewed annually.
Any ongoing initiatives:
A review of the intranet has recently been deferred until 2004 due to lack of resources.

D:\Docstoc\Working\pdf\45e4bdb2-eb43-438f-a996-d2f1e17ba759.doc                                                             119
                                                                  Year 2001/02

Central Services - Shire Services

Where and when reported: Best Value Panel November 2002
Key Outstanding Actions:                                                                            Target date
Full register of all kitchen heavy equipment was completed in May 2003. A replacement               December 2003
programme is to be developed utilising leasing arrangements.
Review and implement the procedure and authorisation process for repairs to school kitchens         December 2003
which are not the responsibility of Shire Services.
Information concerning Shire Services to be included on the SCC portal.                             December 2003
Impact / Outcomes of actions to date
A full review of all health and safety policy and procedures has been completed to ensure compliance with the HSE Improvement
Notice received in March 2002.
Over 1,100 staff have attended a Manual Handling training course from September 2002 until end March 2003.
The accident incident rate for reportable accidents has reduced from 13.3 in 2001/02 to 12.58 in 2002/03.
The cleaning service has achieved a small surplus of £20,000.
The operational team for the cleaning service has been restructured to improve efficiency and to redistribute the workload.
A tender for a Cashless System for the collection of school meals income as a pilot in Shropshire was successfully completed.
System to be installed ready for September 2003.
Information is now available in order to monitor the take up of free meals as compared to the entitlement. This will now form
part of our local performance indicators.

D:\Docstoc\Working\pdf\45e4bdb2-eb43-438f-a996-d2f1e17ba759.doc                                                                 120
Central Services - Health & Safety

Where and when reported: Central Audit November 2002, May 2003
Impact / Outcomes of actions to date, with any outstanding actions:

All Safety Officers now have an annual programme of training and audit/inspection work to meet levels agreed in the July
Corporate Management Team (CMT) Health, Safety and Welfare report. Full plans for Safety Officers including
audit/inspection, training and other activities agreed with Directorates and aggregated into Corporate H+S plan went to
H,S+W Committee May 2003.
Central Safety Officer attends quarterly meeting of all Shropshire Councils‟ Safety Officers. Work is ongoing on
standardising the format of management safety reports and reviewing the joint management arrangements for shared
Monthly briefings now take place between Chief Executive, Directors and Central Safety Officer. Reports are made to
Directorate Management Team‟s at varying frequencies. Quarterly reports to HS&W Committee are in place.
The first newsletter entitled either “Safety Net” or “Health and Safety Matters” was published at end of November to very
positive feedback. The Spring edition is due to go to press imminently.
Central Safety Committee now replaced by Health, Safety and Welfare Committee with new constitution and scrutiny remit.
The new committee has received reports on violence and aggression, sickness absence and stress, amongst other items.
Committee continues to meet and develop its scrutiny role.
Over 70 school construction works inspections already undertaken in summer holidays (2002). Annual programme of
inspections/audits approved at CMT July 2002.
Inspection rates maintained. Audits/inspections built into Safety officer plans. Audit/Inspection Software evaluated and
purchase underway.
Inspection reports are delivered to local management and copied to Directorates. Audit Inspection Software used to
summarise results in Violence and Aggression Report to HS+W committee.
Directorates may have selected their own reduction targets but Central Safety Officer is reluctant to propose targets until a
more consistent and uniform approach is adopted to gathering and analysing incident reports. Centralising and computerising
the incident reporting procedure is considered to be essential to provide accurate baselines from which targets can be set.
Work has continued with the development of a modern electronic reporting system.

D:\Docstoc\Working\pdf\45e4bdb2-eb43-438f-a996-d2f1e17ba759.doc                                                                 121
Central Services - Health & Safety

New arrangements for training (i.e. annual programmes issued well in advance) are receiving good take-up and may well
increase training output despite the increase in inspection/audit activity
Central Safety Unit (CSU) has once again issued an annual programme of training to all Directorates. Funding has been
allocated for a dedicated H+S Training Officer so no impact on inspection frequencies. CSU continues to assist SCC in
evaluating alternative methods of delivery.
Health and safety induction training now offered to Social Care and Health by CSU includes all the relevant training
requirements laid down by the recent care standards legislation. Central Safety Unit awaits confirmation of dates for this
programme from Social Care & Health (SC+H). Annual programme of training agreed with SC+H whilst new H+S training
Officer Resources will assist as appropriate
Pro-formas to identify the health and safety training needs of individual jobs have been issued to Directorates following
consultation and include an additional form for managers to use at staff appraisal.

Central Services - Treasury Management

Where and when reported: Best Value Panel November 2001, Cabinet December 2001
Key Outstanding Actions                                                                                      Target date
Review with Shire Services procedures for collection of school meals income                                  Jan 2002
    (Review rescheduled for Summer 2003)
Review leasing policy as part of corporate capital financing strategy in conjunction with ITU, IT services   Jan 2002
& Directorates
    (Review completed but will need further work in light of the introduction of Prudential Code in
Comparison of Insurance services with other Authorities                                                      Jun 2002
    (CIPFA now working on Insurance benchmarking club)

D:\Docstoc\Working\pdf\45e4bdb2-eb43-438f-a996-d2f1e17ba759.doc                                                              122
Central Services - Treasury Management

Review of internal insurance provisions (including Education) incorporating independent review of          Jul 2002
internal funding levels and validity of individual claim reserves
    (Marsh carried out review of internal funding levels. Review continues)
Impact / Outcomes of actions to date:
Council‟s banking services tender successfully retendered
Savings generated by the increasing use of BACS creditors payments (increased from 52% to 65%)
Use of Money Market Funds/Busines Reserve Accounts for greater cash flow flexibility and increased returns
Active participation in the CIPFA Treasury/Debt Management benchmarking club
Successful retendering on Insurances
Introduction of Insurance Service Level Agreements with Schools and Directorates
Improved communication with Directorates on Insurance matters (quarterly claims review meetings)
Introduction of electronic insurance claim forms to reduce paperwork and speed up processing
Wider use of performance indicators in all areas of the teams work. Reviewed monthly.
Publication of Pensions „Statement of Investment Principles, including details of our compliance with the Myners code.

D:\Docstoc\Working\pdf\45e4bdb2-eb43-438f-a996-d2f1e17ba759.doc                                                          123
                                                                  Year 2002/03

Central Services - Property - Asset Management
Where and when reported: Best Value Panel, January 2003

Action Plan/Key Recommendations:                                                              Progress / Actions
                                                                                              (Too early to assess outcomes)
Area for Development: Organisational Arrangements:

Ensure that The Capital Steering Group (represented across all Directorates) considers
Asset Management issues in the context of the Capital Strategy & Medium Term Financial
Actions:                                                                                      now agreed & adopted by Capital
Produce formal terms of reference & agenda for property/ asset matters coming to this         Steering Group
group. Check the right people there & that correct reporting links made mechanisms in         References and forward plans
place.                                                                                        now in place in Service Plans
 Ensure links between all corporate documents (e.g. Community Plan, Service Plans, Cultural
Strategy) & AMP
Ensure that there are references to the property asset implications in corporate policies
and strategies such as the Best Value Performance Plan, Best Value Reviews, the Capital
Strategy, the Community Plan and LPSAs
Ensure that there are references to the property asset implications in corporate policies     Links in Capital Strategy already
and strategies such as the Best Value Performance Plan, Best Value Reviews, the Capital       in place. Service Plan
Strategy, the Community Plan and LPSAs                                                        references now cover this

D:\Docstoc\Working\pdf\45e4bdb2-eb43-438f-a996-d2f1e17ba759.doc                                                                   124
Central Services - Property - Asset Management
Area Basis
Liaison meetings are regularly held between Property Services & Directorates, but              District meetings now on formal
currently there is not this level of liaison with (potential) partners.                        twice a year basis, initial
Area-based analysis of need/ availability are not presently carried out - this is a concern    meetings taken place with Police
expressed by members on the BV Panel.                                                          & Health. Service AMPs now
Actions:                                                                                       starting to fill this gap
Arrange meetings with Districts, other public bodies (Health, Police, Fire Service etc.) -     Now started and to be in place
perhaps a wider Asset Management Group                                                         by next meeting with Districts
Provide area profiles for Members of property holdings (SCC and districts) and consider        in June.
how this approach can be used in the corporate AMP.
Ensure all relevant data is current, comprehensive and accessible to make informed Asset
Management decisions.
Proforma to be designed and agreed with services, with information gaps being fed back         Now being used for Service
to the Head of Strategy.                                                                       AMPs
Carry out an audit of existing data and systems to see where there are gaps or the need
for checking/ updating.
Consider developments of system to include web basis for plans, condition, suitability etc.,   Costed and approach to It made
AMP on intranet and internet.                                                                  re timing
Further comparisons with other authorities to ensure that Property Information is              Ongoing process - quarterly
sufficiently resourced. Feed information into individual and service AMPs, with summary        good practice comparisons with
in corporate AMP for 2003.                                                                     COPROP, ACES, IAG
Area for Development: Performance Management, Monitoring & Information:

Ensure systems are in place to monitor property performance, and enable target setting
for improved future Asset Management decisions.

D:\Docstoc\Working\pdf\45e4bdb2-eb43-438f-a996-d2f1e17ba759.doc                                                                   125
Central Services - Property - Asset Management
Regular (Quarterly or annual as practical) monitoring of all PIs to be set up to enable    Now reported to Property
target setting for improvements, in place 04/03 in time for AMP 2003.                      Group, with plans to provide to
                                                                                           Central Audit every 6 months
Establish a common register of surplus property and a Strategic Property Group including Format to be agreed at next
Districts and other public bodies. Link this to Community Plan                             COSGoC, and to link into
                                                                                           meetings with Partners as they
Suitability assessments                                                                    Now being adopted across range
Actions:                                                                                   of Services
Draft criteria and scoring mechanism to be agreed with services and tested with
Corporate approach/ flexible framework to follow with other services
Establish property protocols/ procedures and guidance notes for services on property
issues (compare with Hertfordshire.)                                                       Part of appraisal system for
Further Develop local performance measures in relation to assets that link asset use to    capital being worked up via
corporate & service objectives.                                                            COSGoC
take into account stakeholder consultation and user satisfaction findings. Measure and     User satisfaction to be part of
benchmark performance to describe and evaluate how the deployment of capital resources Service AMP profiles
contributes to the achievement of corporate and service objectives, communicating to
Stakeholders where relevant, and relation of capital projects with grants and partnerships
Area for Development: Programme & Plan Development & Implementation:

Develop an approach for Service AMPs to map needs to existing or potential surplus
property                                                                                  Developed and in use
Actions:                                                                                  Forward programs within
Toolkit to be developed and programme of service AMPs to be agreed                        Service Plans where agreed
b) Prioritise services in most need first with programme of work to be developed

D:\Docstoc\Working\pdf\45e4bdb2-eb43-438f-a996-d2f1e17ba759.doc                                                              126
Central Services – Property - Office Accommodation
Where and when reported: Best Value & Performance Panel, May 2003
Action Plan/Key Recommendations
Still to be fully detailed and an action plan/strategy agreed and developed for implementation.

D:\Docstoc\Working\pdf\45e4bdb2-eb43-438f-a996-d2f1e17ba759.doc                                   127

                              Areas for Improvement – Performance Monitoring and Reporting

The process of bringing the Annual Monitoring report together has highlighted a number of areas where improvements / additional information
will be required for future performance monitoring reports. The areas where improvements in information is required are described below:


The system for recording all training planned and undertaken within Central Services was not utilised in 2002/03 due to resourcing issues and
the fact that it was hoped the new Human Resources system would record the training undertaken.

This has not been the case and the new training module will not be fully implemented and rolled out to Directorates until April 2004. In the
meantime each individual manager will be maintaining records of training planned and completed for 2003/04. In order to collate and report on
this information it will be necessary, this year, to put systems in place to report on training achieved against plan and how it has contributed to
overall service and corporate objectives.

Local Indicators

Work is still required to ensure that we have a range of local indicators which are meaningful and can be reported on as part of the ongoing
monitoring process. Whilst some have been produced this year this is an area that will have to be reviewed for 2003/04 in order that a range of
robust measures are in place along with targets for achievement.

Numbers of Targets

The number of targets reported upon this time are considerable varying from low key actions to key objectives for Central Services. In future it
is hoped to streamline the process by identifying a range of key targets across all service areas contributing to corporate objectives. This it is
hoped this will provide clarity in the monitoring process and focus attention on the key areas of activity and the level of performance being


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