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“Clowning Around”


									 In                        House
                          “Clowning Around”
A Newsletter to our       The Hutton House Players
   Community              Summer
 September 2004           Drama
       Inside:            Program
        Page Two          From Springbank
    President’s Report    Park, to the New PL,
                          to London’s first
       Page Three         Annual Gourmet
     Adult Education      Festival, the whole
                          London community is
       Page Four          buzzing in
   Employment Support
                          anticipation of the
                          Hutton House Players’
       Page Five
     Youth En Route       next “Clowning
                          Around” experience.
      Page Seven                For seven weeks in Springbank Park, seven amateur thespians
   Donor Bill of Rights   worked diligently as a team, with their directors “Tootsie and Lolly”, the
                          Candy Clowns (Bob and Noel). Together, they created a series of stories
        Page Eight        for skits that demonstrated the best of theatrical clowning and nouveau
    Access Voluntarism    creative drama.
                                These original clown characters like “Sugar-Baby”, “Giggles-La-
       Page Nine          Fleur” and “Pepi-the-Great”, touched and entertained their audience
     Fond Farewells
                          through mime, improvisation, props, choreography and musical
        Page Ten
       Arts Award               The Hutton House Players achieved their goal of providing audience
                          participation with each of the clowns using specialized props! Children
       Page Eleven        lined up to taste, “Hobo Stew” in the “Clown-Cooking” show with over-
       Golf Report        sized spoons, while water-gun fights provided the fun in “Clown-
                          Gardening” with quick-draw “Tracy-Star”. Young and old alike went
       Page Twelve        marching with the clowns, following the surprise picnic baskets in the
    Day Breaking News     hilarious “Clown Picnic”.
                                                                             Continued on page 2

                                                                                               Page 1
President’s Report
        My name is Sue Barnes, not the MP in case
some of you wondered if this was going to be a
political speech.
        I am honoured to represent Hutton House
Association for persons with a disability as Chair of
the Board of Directors. It is an organization that I am
pleased to have been associated with for the past 3
years. I have a history of working with the population
that Hutton House serves, initially at Thames Valley
Children’s Centre (too many years ago to remember)
and then at the Ontario March of Dimes and the Brain
Tumour Foundation. I presently work at St. Joseph’s
Health Care Foundation. I have been, and continue to       Jeanette Dutot and Melissa Godwalt-Moripusi, Centre, receive a
                                                           commemorative print from members of the Hutton School
be so impressed with how Hutton House’s vision “the
                                                           Reunion of 2004. Hutton House played a valuable part in this
belief that all persons should have the opportunity        reunion as a meeting place and with displays and memorabelia
for meaningful participation in all aspects of life in     from former students and staff.
the community” is upheld and implemented on a
daily basis by staff and volunteers.
       Hutton House does indeed foster a climate of        Clowning Around
understanding, respect, dignity and worth of each          Continued from page 1.
person. Respect for personal choice and self-direction
is the guiding philosophy behind any decision in                  Kids of all ages laughed at adding their lollipops
terms of programs offered and inclusion in decision        to the gourmet dishes created by our clowns in
making.                                                    Victoria Park, like “Frog-Leg – Fruit & Fibre Salad”.
        I have noted the support given by staff and        Children were delighted to go fishing with “Hobo-
volunteers to build on the strengths, abilities and        Joe” and everyone enjoyed the antics of “Googles-the-
interests of each person that enters the doors of Hutton   Cop.”
House both here and in the community.                             The audience was challenged to articulate some
        It is the mandate of the Board of Directors and    very testing tongue-twisters and relished the
myself to continue to find new ways to seek out and        opportunity to bang, bouncing balls off “Buttons-
support each individual’s life dreams and goals and        Brown’s” bumbling backside …… and …..that’s
provide an opportunity for growth and self worth. I        “Clowning Around.”
invite both staff and participants to contact me in               The greatest reward a clown can receive is a
regard to your aspirations, ideas and support for          giggle, a laugh and a smile or two! Our Hutton House
Hutton House.                                              Clown Troupe was awarded all three. Bob Wallace
        We will seek new ways of informing the             and Noel Rozenveld (Tootsie and Lolly) would like to
public about the programs and services that are            thank the entire cast of clowns for their outstanding
provided at Hutton House so that people who need the       performances. Three cheers for Helen Campbell
services and programs can take advantage of the            (Sugar-Baby), Michael Goertz (Hobo-Joe), Susan
wonderful life-changing opportunities that are             Browning (Buttons-Brown), Tracy Rollings (Tracy-
available. We ask for your continued support and will      Star), Jim McGeough (Googles-the-Cop), Peter
seek new support from the communities that we serve        DaFonseca (Pepi-the-Great), Julia Ferguson (Giggles-
in London and area.                                        La-Fleur) and Cecila Rozenveld (make-up and
        We, the Board of Directors and staff are           costumes).
excited about future directions that Hutton House is              PS: Don’t miss our Hutton House Players
moving towards. We look forward to the next year.          Production of “Rhinestone Christmas” on November
                                                           20th, 2004 at Chalmers Presbyterian Church. Contact
 Page 2                                                    Hutton House for tickets and information.
Adult Education                                                 Our first group computer class, which was
                                                          taught over the summer, was a great success. Learners
                                                          covered many topics including keyboarding, Microsoft
      The fall is back-to-school time,
                                                          Word, using the Internet and email, and desktop
but in the Hutton House Adult
Education program, education is
                                                                As promised in the last newsletter - here are
lifelong and year round. We do get
                                                          some photos of our learners receiving their much-
busier this time of year with group
                                                          derserved certificates at our Awards of Excellence
classes beginning again after a summer break and
                                                          ceremony held in June of 2004.
many new or returning tutors. This school year, we
are offering group classes five afternoons a week
through our partnership with the Thames Valley
District School Board through the Ministry of
Training, Colleges, and Universities. Classes include
communication, numeracy, phonics, computer-based
instruction, and book clubs.
      Many learners can look forward to a new
reading program that was developed over the
summer. It includes a lot of hands-on materials,
books and activities to keep learning interesting and
meaningful. Letters are also being exchanged
between learners at Hutton House and the Woodstock
and District Developmental Services program in
Woodstock as we begin the pen pal program again.

                                                          Jane Morley entertained the gathering with some music.

                                                          Hutton House Cook Book
                                                                We are currently preparing a cook book of
                                                          favourite recipes from clients, staff and volunteers.
                                                          Many have been received to date and we are hoping
                                                          for a November release for purchases as Christmas

   Tammy Beadle proudly holds her Education Certificate

                                                                                                             Page 3
Employment Support                                                take leadership in
                                                                  maintaining the

                                                                  appearance and
                                                                  attractiveness of
                                                                  our home!
BRENDA – A TRUE ORIGINAL KID!                                             As if we are
By Art Fidler (Marketing Director) and Georgina Smith             not busy enough
(Office manager) –OKTC.                                           with all these
                                                                  rehearsals and
       One year ago Brenda Ritter joined the staff of             performances, we
Original Kids Theatre. She comes in 3 times each week             do a lot of other
for a total of 15 hours and keeps our place looking great!        things too. We
This is no small feat when you consider that we have over         teach four acting
300 Maincast kids, 50 staff and most of our rehearsals and        courses for youth,
performances taking place here at Covent Garden Market            we train young
in the Spriet Family Theatre and the Art Fidler Rehearsal         technicians to
Hall. It’s a big responsibility!                                  design lighting
       From the moment she joined our team we could see           and sound and to
that she ‘got it’. She completely understood her                  run our
importance to the big picture, realizing that keeping a place     professional
looking spiffy is really a part of public relations. She helps    equipment, we
to make it possible for us to communicate the message,            have a Kidlets
“We care about our environment!” We’re all here for the           program all year for little ones ages 5-8, and we run a six-
Kids and Brenda knows that her work gives them a theatre          week summer camp program for about 500 kids. The
and rehearsal space that they can be proud of. She knows          artistic side of things at Original Kids is masterminded by
that a clean environment makes everyone feel good.                Dale Hirlehey, and the business side by Karen Try. All of
       But Brenda’s biggest contribution goes way beyond          us do our very best to work together to keep our idealism
the physical environment. It’s the spirit Brenda brings to        fresh and alive and to provide the finest experiences
all she does that so endears her to us. She is always glad to     possible for every young person entrusted to us and to our
learn new things and loves to jump in and help when we            huge list of generous volunteers. Our mission is to provide
are racing against the clock and need an extra body to get a      a safe and nurturing environment in which youth can
job done. She truly is a member of the team and we can            challenge themselves and take risks to express themselves
always count on her for a beautiful smile and a cheerful          and to grow in the healthiest ways. Our great tool is the
and supportive attitude. These are the greatest gifts she         theatrical arts.
gives to Original Kids and the best part is when she                      And so Brenda is a member of this idealistic team
watches our productions she knows that at the end when            and we are very proud to work with her. Her attitude
the audience claps, part of that appreciation is meant for        exemplifies the best we could expect of any of our
her.                                                              members or staff.
       And now, maybe you are asking yourselves, “ What                   Of course, the best way to experience what OKTC is
is the story on this theatre company of which Brenda is           all about is to come to some of our productions. And so,
such an important part?” Well, Original Kids Theatre is a         we’ve added the play list and dates for the first half of our
non-profit company that began in 1991 with about 12               2004-2005 season. Come and see us at Brenda’s home
young people in it. We now have our own theatre, The              away away from home; The Spriet Family Theatre – Home
Spriet Family Theatre, in the Covent Garden Market. It is         of Original Kids.
the only theatre in Canada (so far as we know) that is
dedicated to live youth productions performed entirely by         For a listing of the up-coming schedule of the Original
children and teenagers. We have about 300 young people            Kids productions, turn to page nine.
in our company between the ages of 8 and 18 and they
rehearse and perform an amazing 20 plays and musicals
each year for about 15,000 audience members!
       So you can see that our beautiful little theatre is very
busy with so many people using it regularly. Thank
heavens we have a competent, caring person like Brenda to

 Page 4
                                                             convinced that John was an asset to his business and
More ESP                                                     wanted to see if John would like to man the store while
                                                             Paul was out painting on location. John’s Community
Roberta Mickle, a
                                                             Support Worker Ruth set up a work trial for the month of
participant of the
                                                             June and trained John to work in the store by himself, but
Employment                                                   they recognized that because of the longer time, this
Support Program                                              change in responsibility would require a renovation to the
stands with her stop                                         washroom door to widen it for accessibility. Both John
sign held high.                                              and Ruth feared the loss of this placement because of the
      Roberta has                                            costs associated with such a renovation, but their fears
been employed as a                                           were melted early in May when Ruth stopped by the
crossing guard with                                          Gallery and Paul showed her the completed renovations.
Stinson Security                                             Paul said, “We call it John’s door!” Paul had taken it upon
Services since                                               himself to bear the costly renovations and decided to hire
                                                             John for the summer tourist season.
January of 2004.
                                                                    John will be wrapping up his summer placement and
Her supervisor, Paul
                                                             has a portfolio full of oil and pastel paintings he has done
Roberts has been an                                          under Paul’s helpful instruction, confidence to pursue full-
extremely supportive                                         time employment and a great experience with Paul’s
employer and has helped Roberta to feel comfortable          gallery. We want to take a moment to thank Paul for his
and confident in her ability to cross kids safely to and     selflessness and generosity for opening up this “door” of
from school on a daily basis. When asked, Roberta            opportunity to John.
stated that the best part about her job is helping the
children to get across the street safely…and having
the summers off! Roberta continues on her journey of         Huron - Bruce
successful employment as a crossing guard as Paul
and the staff of Stinson Security Services have been         Barbeque
extremely supportive.                                              On June 25, 2004, the Huron–Perth YER team
                                                             invited participants, family and service providers for a
Oxford - Elgin                                               fun and relaxing barbecue at the beach/pavilion in
                                                             Goderich. Hamburgers, hot dogs, chip and beverages
     Hats off to an Employer who is                          were there for us all to enjoy. Our goal was to give
                                                             everyone a chance to meet each other and socialize.
       literally “Opening doors”                             We feel we succeeded!
             in Port Stanley
       Youth En Route Regional Oxford/Elgin would
                                                             and Laura
like to thank of Paul Schleusner of Schleusner Studio
Gallery in Port Stanley, Ontario for the added effort        ‘slaved’
taken to make his studio a place where John, a               over this
participant of YER, could work.                              hot stove
       Paul was approached by a YER job developer and        for hours
asked to consider hiring John as staff for the Gallery.      cooking a
Since John requires the use of a wheelchair, there were      main
only a few options for placement choices in his hometown     course of
of Port Stanley, Ontario. Schleusner’s Gallery is just one   “hot dogs
of a handful of wheelchair accessible businesses in the      and
small tourist area of Port Stanley.                          burgers a
       John did not have any formal work experience and
                                                             la BBQ”. The meal was incredible and the elegant
was willing to volunteer to start, gaining valuable work
                                                             dining area with the beautiful view of the lake was
experience for his resume. Beginning in March 2004, John
dropped by the Gallery periodically and attempted some       beautiful!! Everyone had a wonderful time.
computer work as needed. By May 2004, Paul was                                                                    Page 5
       A “Building and Establishing Friendships Workshop                      who has a very positive spirit and is an amazing team
entitled “Let’s Chat It Up!”, was held for participants from                  player. We are also fortunate to have a very dedicated
Huron/Perth Y.E.R in late spring. It was a great way for                      Employment Readiness Facilitator, Lisa McKay, who
participants to meet others. Everyone joined in with the                      helps young adults with developing skills to help them
various discussions and activities presented to them.                         become ready for employment. Our Community Support
Some of the topics covered were: types of relationships,                      Workers, Grace Grummett and Geoff Hudson, have
conversation starters, boundaries and humor in the                            worked very hard in promoting Youth En Route to
workplace. The workshop ended with participants                               employers and community agencies in the London/
completing a group puzzle and sharing what they enjoyed                       Middlesex area. They work with employers and
about their day.                                                              organizations to explain how individualized supports
                                                                              provided by our program, as well as employment ready
London - Middlesex                                                            participants could benefit their business or organization.
                                                                              We would like to welcome Steven Brown who dove right
YOUTH EN ROUTE LONDON - MIDDLESEX ENTERS SIXTH                                into his Community Support Worker role and looks
YEAR!!                                                                        forward to connecting with community employers as well
      The Youth En Route (YER) – London/Middlesex                             as supporting participants with their individualized goals.
program in partnership with Thames Valley Children’s                                 Fern Froats has done an amazing job supporting the
Centre has had a wonderful year of tremendous growth                          team this past year as Service Coordinator while Kim
and continuous change!! The Youth En Route team is                            Neable was away spending time with the newest member
heading towards the end of its fifth successful year! Over                    of her family. Kim has returned back into her Service
the past year we have welcomed 22 new participants                            Coordinating role – welcome back Kim!
while supporting 15 participants to graduate from the                                We will miss Grace as she leaves for her maternity
program. Our energized team supports youth (16-29)                            leave in mid September but will look forward to another
with pursuing their goals in employment, volunteer and                        team member who will help create another successful year
education goals. Leala Lee is our Rehabilitation                              of supports for Youth En Route participants. Thanks
Consultant representing Thames Valley Children’s Centre,                      everyone for another great year!!!

            Looking for that perfect gift?
Make a charitable gift to the Hutton House Foundation and not only will you be helping support people with disabilities in your commu-
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same time help others.
    “A Gift from me to you!”                       “A Gift for Hutton House”                        “In Memory Gift”
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 charitable tax receipt on your behalf.                                                          of your donation. We will send you a charitable
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 Recipient’s Name:                                                                               In memory of:

                                                                   Thank you for                    Attention Business owners!
Name                                                               your support!                 Put the real meaning of the holidays back into
Address                                                     Please make cheques                  your corporate holiday gifts. This year,
City                       Prov.       P.C.
                                                                 payable to                      consider giving a gift that keeps on giving. Your
                                                                  Hutton House                   clients will appreciate a gift of charity made in
Telephone                                                          Foundation                    their name as well as the holiday message from
                                                                                                 those who have benefited from your gift!
Email                                                        Charitable Registration
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   My cheque is enclosed                                       (BN) No. 87136 9328 RR0001

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   Card #                                             Expiry                         Signature
       Page 6
                                                             Creative Spirits

                                                                    This group explored the works of famous painters
                                                             with videos and library books. Images were created that
                                                             represented some of Andy Warhol’s work. Clay leaf
      The summer clubs provided lots of interesting          bowls, pop up cards and potato print windmills inspired
learning opportunities and experiences for over 65           this group to explore their creativity.
eager participants in July and August. The six staff
members involved in the summer programs provided             The Grab Bag Club
8,246 direct service hours to the participants. The
enthusiasm and dedication of the staff, volunteers and             This club
students made the summer of 2004 a memorable                 created some of the
experience for everyone!!!                                   most unusual new
                                                             faces to Hutton
The Travel Club                                              House this summer.
                                                             New small friends
      The wheels on the bus go round and round south         emerged in the form
western Ontario! Visits to the ever popular St. Mary’s       of hand puppets and
Baseball Hall of Fame, the historical Elgin County           some other rather
Museum and strange exotic animals at the Greenview           larger friends like
Aviaries and Zoo. The group also discovered the              our new Scarecrow
Mennonite culture at the St. Jacob’s Market. A trip to       buddies.
Longwoods Conservation Area provided a look into
the past at Ska-Na-Doht at long houses in the Iroquoin
                                                                                    Say Hello to JIM & JOE!!!!!

Variety Club
                                                             Fishing Club
        The name of this club describes the diversity that
participants experienced this summer. Golf, bocci ball,             Fishing would not have been the same this summer
karaoke and a trip to the downtown library provided lots     without the generosity of Mr. Wayne Goble. (Saint
of fun for everyone. The group also went to Rainbow          Wayne) The fishing equipment that Hutton House had was
cinemas in Galleria to see Harry Potter. The “Caribana       in poor shape and not safe to operate, Mr. Goble
Parade” was a big hit as the group march about the           recognized our dilemma and donated nine new fishing
Hutton House Main Building in feather crowns which they      rods and reels for the participants to use.
made and played marraccas which they designed. Rumor                New equipment tightly in hand this group managed
is that Marilyn was spotted with her own Caribana            to catch fish in hot spots all over south western Ontario.
crown!!!!                                                    Everyone’s favorite place to fish was the Pleasant Valley
                                                             Trout Farm. This was not only a great place to fish but
This N’ That Art Club                                        also the owners insisted that all the participants visit the
                                                             hatchery to see the life cycle of a trout. Thanks to Bob
       Funky placemats painted with acrylics, fun clay       and Debbie Bishop for their hospitality. The group
finger puppets and aluminum respousse pictures               learned where to fish and why, what different fish to eat
provided a little of this and a little of that to an eager   and species identification. Conservation was utmost on
group. On the last day a trip to Springbank for a            the clubs agenda as we practiced a total catch and release
picnic and games was fun for all. Entertainment by           system (except for six beautiful trout) that I hear tasted
the infamous Hutton House Drama Troupe provided lots         pretty good on the BBQ!!!!
of laughs for everyone as the clowns performed to a
captivated audience.
                                                                                                                  Page 7
Access Voluntarism
       The Access Voluntarism program had a very
busy summer. Once again we coordinated the
volunteer program at Storybook Gardens. There were
42 individuals who worked as either Grounds Keepers
or Gardeners.
       Beginning on June 14th, the volunteers and
support workers worked at keeping the park looking its
best. Flowerbeds were weeded and mulch worked up.
Shrubs trimmed and flowers tended to. Those working
in grounds were great at picking up the many straws,
napkins, cups and cigarette butts that visitors dropped.
       In July, Lynne Swanson, a free lance writer for the
London Free Press approached us to do an article about
the Storybook Gardens volunteer program. Two
individuals were suggested to her to interview and
have a photographer get some shots of working at the
park. Lynne’s article, featuring volunteers Peter
DaFonseca and Terri Leitch, was in the PosAbilities
column on August 16th in the Free Press. It was very
well done and spoke very well of our volunteers and
Hutton House. The Manager of Storybook, Susan
Scherer described the “exceptional” volunteers as
“part of our cast of characters” who work “side by           Lynne Swanson, with Amy Scudieri (back) and Terri Leitch.
side with our staff.” Scherer stresses “Storybook
Gardens wouldn’t be able to maintain the facility at the
level they do without Hutton House. Hutton House has
been awesome.”
       During September, only 11 volunteers and their
support workers will be working at Storybook Gardens
to maintain it until their winter programs begin.
       Hutton House Access Voluntarism program
continues to welcome new volunteers to the program,
but volunteers are waiting a while until we can find
support or the correct placement.
       If people are interested doing volunteer work,
contact Bill Mills at 472-7083 ext 224 to complete an
application form.

Welcome                                                      Lynne Swanson with Peter DaFonseca
Hutton House would like to welcome our newest group
of Students to work in the various programs.
Fanshawe College DSW students: Iryna Karkov, Paula
Mooney, and Amanda Russell. University of Waterloo
Student Jordan Hypes, and Tammy Bardawill from
Southwest Medix.

  Page 8
                 Original Kids
         Theatre Schedule 2004-2005

(Horror Comedy with Music)
OCT.21, 23, 27, 28, 30 AT 7PM
OCT. 23 AT 2PM - OCT. 30 AT 9PM

OCT. 22, 24, 25, 26, 29 AT 7PM
OCT. 24, 30 AT 2PM

A TRIPLE BILL- In Repertory (Comedy/ Drama/
1.Overnight Express, 2.The Vaudeville Rag, 3. Stuart
See your choice of 2 of these shows for one low price!
These one- act productions will be performed in these
double combinations. All are suitable for family and
youth 4+ and are at the Spriet Family Theatre.
NOV. 7 (2PM) – EXPRESS/ STUART                             A farewell Pot Luck lunch was held at the Hutton House
                                                           Learning Centre for Chuck Boon. He will be moving to
                                                           Calgary to work in Sales with Emco. He will be missed by all
NOV. 8 (7PM) – VAUDEVILLE/ EXPRESS                         staff and clients.
NOV. 12 (7PM) – EXPRESS/ VAUDEVILLE                      A SPECIAL GOOD-BYE
NOV. 13 (2PM) – VAUDEVILLE/ STUART                              Marisa Foster has been an outstanding volunteer
NOV. 13 (7PM) – STUART/ EXPRESS                          tutor in our Adult Education Program for 15 years and
                                                         had a conscientious way of handling her duties, and
ANNE FRANK AND ME (Comedy/Drama)                         an understanding and sensitivity concerning the adult
NOV. 17, 18, 19, 20 AT 7PM                               learners she tutored.
NOV. 20 AT 2PM                                                  Marisa – we all hope you enjoy the sunshine in
                                                         Florida this winter.
( Musical Comedy Revue)
NOV. 24, 25, 26, 27, 28 AT 7PM - NOV. 28 AT 2PM

SEUSSICAL. (Musical Comedy)
DEC. 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12 AT 7PM
DEC. 11, 12 AT 2PM

DEC.18, 19, 20, 21, 22 AT 7PM
DEC. 19, 22 AT 2PM

HANG 10 (Dance/Drama)
JAN. 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, AT 7PM                               Marisa Foster L, with Miriam Andrews
JAN. 8, 9 AT 2PM
                                                                                                                Page 9
Arts Award                                                           Upcoming Events
      In memory of Jane Cameron and in recognition
of her contributions to the arts, the Jane Cameron                 Celebration of Volunteers
Archives Committee (JCAC) and the Canadian Down           Join us to celebrate the contributions that participants
Syndrome Society (CDSS) have established an annual        of the Access Voluntarism make to the community
award for a person with Down syndrome who displays        throughout the year. Cherryhill Mall, Tuesday No-
expertise in an area of the arts. Visual, written and     vember 9, 2004.
performing arts are included. The award consists of a
cash prize of $500. A medal based upon one of Jane’s               “Rhinestone Christmas “
tapestries, produced by celebrated Canadian artist Jeff                 November 20, 2004.
de Boer, will also be awarded. To be considered for       A Hutton House Players drama performance at
the selection, applications must be received by CDSS      Chalmers Presbyterian Church.
not later than December 31.
      To qualify for consideration individuals must:                 Celebrate the Holidays
Submit a sample of his or her work in the form of
                                                                           December 16, 2004
originals, quality reproductions, slides or videos
                                                          A fantastic annual Christmas dinner with music,
(these will be returned.) You must be a resident of
                                                          drama and the friendship of the Hutton House family.
Canada, have Down syndrome, or become a member
                                                          To be held at the Greek Canadian Club.
of CDSS. Applications are also to include a brief
biography and the following:
Name, telephone number and full address of the artist,                   UWO Charity Ball
Name of contact, telephone number and full address if                 Saturday February 5, 2005.
not the artist. Submissions are to be sent to:            The UWO Student’s Council have selected the
                 Jane Cameron Award                       Adult Education program at Hutton House to share
          Canadian Down Syndrome Society                  the proceeds of this event. So get out your dancing
                  811 - 14th Street, NW                   shoes and get ready to boogie! Ticket information
               Calgary, Alberta T2N 2A4                   will be available shortly.

                                                                      Bowling Tournament
    Here are some ways that you can help to
     support people with disabilities in your             Stay posted for details. This fundraiser will be
                  community.                              taking place in early 2005. We would love to have
                                                          your support for this event, so start practicing!
           HeShopper’s Drug Mart
                                                            For more information on any of these events, call
Did you know that you can donate your Shoppers
                                                               Melissa for more details at 472-6381 x227.
Optimum points to help your favorite charity?
Please visit:                          In Memorium
and click “Donate Now” to donate some or all of
                                                                 It is with deep sadness that we announce
your Optimum points to Hutton House! We can
                                                           the passing on September 14th of Mr. Michael
use these points to buy much-needed supplies for
                                                           Siegfried, a participant of Hutton House pro-
programs, so we appreciate anything you can give.
                                                           grams. Michael was active in both the Youth En
                                                           Route Program and more recently with the
                 A&P Receipts
                                                           Access Voluntarism Program, delivering mail at
Drop off or mail in your A&P receipts - encourage
                                                           Mt. Hope Centre for Long Term Care three days
friends and family to do the same. If we collect
                                                           a week. Michael was an energetic fun-loving
enough receipts, A&P will send us a donation at
                                                           individual who was always a delight to be with.
the end of the year – so keep those receipts coming
                                                                 He may be remembered through donations
in!                                                        to the Dale Brain Injury Services.
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 2004 West Haven Annual Charity
Golf Classic an outstanding success!
     Hutton House would like to thank all sponsors, players,
 volunteers and guests who helped it all happen. The weather
 was gorgeous, the golf was great and the community support
    was unprecedented! $29,000 was raised to benefit the
        Adult Education Program at Hutton House.
 A super thanks to our title sponsors West Haven Golf &
   Country Club, Channer’s Men’s/Ladies/Apparel and
                       Greg Norman.
Another great job by committee members: Leanne Arthur, Sal Bruni,
Philip Channer, Rick Coates, Melissa Godwaldt-Morupisi, Mike Langley,
Barb MacLeod, Marilyn Neufeld, Liz Robb, Mark Trinnear, and Patrick
Zeversenuke.                         Costco Wholesale Canada Ltd.
3M Canada Company                         County Heritage Forest Products Ltd.
3M Canada Company - Electric Markets      Creative Art & Frame
Division                                  Dave Collver Auto
Air Design Services                       Days Inn                               Mark Breslin’s Yuk Yuk’s
Andrea’s on Albert                        Delta London Armouries Hotel           Marketing Department
Athletic Club                             Domino’s Pizza of London               McCabe Promotional Advertising Inc.
Atmosphere Spa                            Electrozad Supply Co. (London) Ltd.    McCormick Canada Inc.
Aziz Sakhizada                            Emco Corporation                       McDonald’s Restaurants of Canada Ltd
Barnes Insurance and Financial Services   ESAM Group                             Michael’s on the Thames
Basics Office Products                    Fleetway Bowling Centre                ML Golf
Bernie Pichette                           Four Points Sheraton                   Mount Zion Pottery
Besterd Mechanical                        Frank Zulauf                           Musky Marketing Inc.
Black Forest/Wilderness Valley Golf       Glendale Recreational Vehicles         Nash Jewelers
Bradford Group                            Golf One                               Nature’s Image
Broke Pig Subs                            Grand Theatre                          Nevada Bob’s Golf
Buffers Auto Clean Centre                 Greg Norman                            Nother’s Awards and Identifications
CAA Travel, Cherryhill Village Mall       Greyhound Canada                       The Oaks Golf & Country Club
Cadillac Hummer of London                 Gulf Hills Golf Club                   Onward Manufacturing Company
Camille Van Daele                         Hawaiian Tropic Canada                 Out’N Back
Canadian Baseball Hall of Fame &          Highland Golf & Country Club           Pacific & Western Bank
Museum                                    Hilton London                          Palasad Wonderland
Cando Contracting                         Hyde Park Paint & Paper                Palumbo Homes
Canon Business Solutions                  Joseph’s Estate Wines                  Partridge Skrypnyk LLP
Capital Colour Graphics Inc.              Kingsmill’s London                     Probart Mazda
Carter’s Printing                         Land of Software                       Purdom Insurance
Casino Windsor Cares                      Lashbrook Group                        Quixtar Canada Corp.
Channer’s Men’s/Ladies/Apparel            Laskey Properties                      Renee Havers Stained Glass
Charlotte Kaye RMT                        Lerners LLP                            Resource Centre Great-West Life
CIBC Wood Gundy - Henry Thuss             Les Ciseaux Inc.                       Robert Q’s Travel Service
CIBC Wood Gundy - James M. Hales          London Business Forms                  Rogers Cable TV
CIBC Wood Gundy - Thomas Fox              London Free Press                      Salliss Plumbing
CJBK/CKSL                                 London Life Insurance Company          Sam’s Club
Clinton Dental Clinic                     London Motor Products Inc.             Sander’s Pro Distributors
Coca Cola Bottling Ltd.                   Lori Chalmers                          Sandra Hobson
Columbia Sportswear                       Lovers at Work Office Furniture        Shaw Festival
Co-operators - Joe Barnes                 Lynda Mandziuk                         Shorten’s of London
Co-operators - Patrick Zeversenuke        Mahon Financial Management Inc.        Sifton Properties Limited
                                          Margaret Thornicroft         
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                                                                                 Day Breaking
Six Flags Darien Lake
Sorge Family
South London Infiniti Nissan
South West Chrysler
St. Thomas Golf & Country Club
                                                                                 News Ltd.
Station Park All Suite Hotel                                                            The summer at Day Break
Stratford Festival of Canada                                                     has been great for getting out and
Strictly Golf                                                                    doing activities. We have gone for
Sunningdale Golf Club
Superior Computer Sales & Peripherals     Photo Credits:                         many walks at Springbank Park.
Inc                                       Thanks to Lori Bardy, Bill Mills,      Everyone enjoys feeding the geese
Tempo Graphics Inc. Thielsen Galleries    Margaret Cressman, Stacy               and ducks. We have gone down to
                                          Jennings, Tracy Jones, Fern Froats     the Splash Pad at the Forks of the
THINQ Business Solutions Inc.                                                    Thames. Fun was had by all.
Tim Hortons
                                                                                 Everyone seemed to enjoy waiting
Toronto Maple Leafs Hockey Club
Toronto Raptors Basketball Club
                                          Cheshire’s 25th                        for the big pail to dump its water.
Tuckers Pottery                           Anniversary Celebration                Everyone agreed though that the
Union Gas                                                                        water was cold.
Unique Development Corporation                                                          Participants and staff packed
Upper Deck                                Friends and consumers of
                                                                                 their items and jumped into the
Via Rail Canada                           Cheshire are invited to a dinner
Viking Restaurants Inc.                                                          Hutton House van for a trip to
                                          & dance on October 23, 2004 at         African Lion Safari. The monkeys
West Haven Golf & Country Club
Western Fair Association                  the Hellenic Centre. The cost is       enjoyed sitting on the van mirrors
WestJet London                            $20.00 and tickets are available       for the whole trip. The giraffes
Westmount Shopping Centre                 by calling Lucy at 439-4246.
Willie’s Café
                                                                                 came up and licked the windshield.
Winner’s                                                                         Participants saw lions, tigers,
                                          Congratulations to Cheshire for        rhino’s and many other animals.
                                          25 years of making                     The van made it in one piece and
                                          independence possible for so           the trip was enjoyed by everyone.
                                          many people!                                  Participants are showing
                                                                                 their green thumbs in our
                                                                                 Community Garden at Thames
                                                                                 Park. The garden got off to a late
     In House is the newsletter of Hutton House, a charitable                    start but still looks great. We are
     organization that promotes and supports the inclusion of adults and youth   growing green peppers, zucchini
     with disabilities in community life through opportunities in training,      and we may have tomatoes if the
     employment, education, leisure, the arts and voluntarism, thereby foster-
                                                                                 weather stays nice to turn them
     ing independence and a lifestyle based on individual aspirations.
                                                                                 red. Participants harvested green
                           Board of Directors:                                   onions which were used in making
     Sue Barnes - President               Ian Shewan - Past President            the hot lunch recipe. Once a week
     Paul Coulter -Vice President         Dave Morrison                          we weed and water. Most of us
     Gaile Cohen - Secretary              Darren Couling                         enjoy getting our hands dirty.
     Carmen Sprovieri                     Paulette Soscia                               There are smiles and
     Lynda Mandziuk                       Sandra Hobson                          laughing the whole time. Even
     Marilyn Neufeld - Executive Director                                        though summer is over we will still
     Bill Mills - In House Editor                                                be harvesting our garden and look
                                                                                 forward to new outings and
     (519) 472-7083 ext 224 or e-mail                       activities this fall.

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