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					                          MCCS South Carolina
                    Lifelong Learning &
   Education Opportunities
    2                                                              MCCS SC Lifelong Learning

                                                                        Be One of the Proud, The Few, The Educated

M     arine Corps Community Services South
      Carolina’s Lifelong Learning program provides
voluntary education and library programs that can help
                                                                   Marine Corps Deployed Education
                                                                   is coordinated by MCAS Cherry Point and MCB Camp
prepare Marines for success in their professional lives,           Pendleton. Deployed instructors teach basic skills and college
both while in the Corps, and later in civilian life.               courses to deployed Marines. Park University is the local
                                                                   provider for the Beaufort area.

PROGRAMS                                                           The Servicemember Opportunity Colleges Marine
The Military Academic Skills Program (MASP)                        Corps (SOCMAR)
improves skills in reading, writing and mathematics for active     is a contract-for-degree agreement between the home col-
duty military personnel. Family members of active duty             lege and student at the Associate and Bachelor degree levels.
personnel (18 or older) are invited to attend on a space-          SOCMAR guarantees the transfer of courses between SOC-
available basis. A Test of Adult Basic Education (TABE)            member colleges and has limited residency requirements. All
placement test is required for admission to the program. This      colleges in the TriCommand area are SOCMAR participating
is an excellent resource for improving competency at work,         colleges. Agreements are available for military spouses as well.
ASVAB scores and other testing abilities.
                                                                   Sailor/Marine American Council on Education
The United Services Military Apprenticeship                        Registry Transcript (SMART)
Program (USMAP)                                                    documents recommended college credit for military training
is a formal military training program that provides service        in a format widely accepted by colleges and universities. The
members the opportunity to improve job skills and complete         actual type and amount of credit awarded will depend on
civilian apprenticeship requirements while on active duty.         the policies of the college or university you attend and your
USMAP requires no off-duty hours. It combines on-the-job           academic goal.
training and related technical instruction in which you receive    More information at
practical and technical training. Upon program completion,

                                                                   MARINE TUITION ASSISTANCE
the US Dept of Labor (DoL) provides the nationally-
recognized “Certificate of Completion”. More information is
available at                          TA is available to all active duty Marines at 100% of the cost
                                                                   of tuition, up to $250 per semester hour, for an annual cap of
Defense Activity for Non-Traditional Education                     $4,500 per fiscal year. The eligibility guidelines are as follows.
                                                                   You must:
Support Testing Program (DANTES)                                     • have TA authorization prior to beginning of course;
includes more than 200 examinations. Testing includes High           • have a minimum GT score of 100 (or 10.2 TABE Test
School equivalency (GED), College Level Examinations                         or MASP Completion);
(CLEP, DSST, Excelsior), certification examinations in many          • have completed College 101 orientation;
fields, plus SAT, ACT, GRE (subject exams only), Praxis, and         • have no outstanding TA debt;
GED Practice for spouses. If you want to take a test, check          • have no more than two grades outstanding;
with us first! Classification testing includes tests provided by     • have no disciplinary actions pending.
HQMC and USN including the ASVAB, DLAB, DLPT,
ASTB, and EDPT. Test proctoring services are also available
for Distance Learning college courses.

                                         Education Offices
          MCRD Parris Island, Bldg 923 • 228-2152 | MCAS Beaufort, Bldg 596 • 228-7484
MCCS SC Lifelong Learning                                                                                                  3

NAVY TUITION ASSISTANCE                                            DIRECTIONS
TA is available to all active duty sailors for 16 semester hours   MCAS Beaufort Education Office:
per fiscal year, at 100% of the cost of tuition up to $250 per     On main road, Bldg 596 is on left, just past MCX. Second
semester hour. The eligibility guidelines are as follows.          deck. Room 211
You must:
  • have TA authorization prior to beginning of course;
                                                                   Bldg 596. First deck.
  • have no outstanding TA debt;
  • have no more than two grades outstanding;
  • have no disciplinary actions pending.                          MCRD Parris Island Education Office:
                                                                   On the main road, turn right just past the theater. Go to the
                                                                   second stop sign (at “T” intersection), then turn left. Bldg 923
FINANCIAL AID INFORMATION                                          is the first building on the left. Office at far end of building.
Military family members primarily utilize the following            Library:
financial aid websites. We do not endorse any of these             On the main road, first building (Bldg 283) on left after you
websites. For a more detailed list, please visit your local        pass the Parade Deck. Second deck, above Visitors Center.
education office.

Alternate sites for textbooks:

Convenient and extensive services are available for your
research and study aboard MCRD Parris Island and MCAS
Beaufort. Please see details on page 12.

                                         Education Offices
          MCRD Parris Island, Bldg 923 • 228-2152 | MCAS Beaufort, Bldg 596 • 228-7484
    4                             EMBRY-RIDDLE AERONAUTICAL UNIVERSITY

                                                                                         The Only Accredited
                                                                    Aviation-Oriented University in the World

E   mbry-Riddle Aeronautical University is a global
    institution holding a prominent place in aviation
and aerospace education.
                                                               TUITION ASSISTANCE 100%
                                                               You might be closer to a degree than you think!

                                                               PROFESSIONAL & FLEXIBLE
DEGREES                                                        Many of our faculty are retired or active duty military
ERAU offers classes leading to an AS or BS in Professional     personnel. We have over 130 operation/teaching sites.
Aeronautics, Technical Management, and Aviation
Maintenance Management.
Minors are offered in Safety; Logistics; Occupational Safety   INTERNATIONAL REPUTATION
and Health; and Management.                                    ERAU Aerospace Department is ranked Number One in
Undergraduate and Graduate Aviation Safety certificates are    the country. Fully accredited by the Southern Association of
also available, as part of a program of study or separately.   Colleges and Schools.

ADVANCED DEGREES                                               EASY ACCESS
MS in Aeronautical Science, with specializations in            Courses are taught in five 9-week terms per year, with one
Aeronautics; Space Operations Management; Human Factors;       evening class session at MCAS Beaufort per term.
Aerospace Operations Space Studies; Aerospace Safety
Systems; Aerospace Management; and Aerospace Education
Technology.                                                    DISTANCE LEARNING
                                                               Distance Learning courses starting monthly, running

                                                               twelve weeks.

We award college credit for the following:
• 3, 4 Levels                                                  FOR YOU
• Enlisted and Officer tech, training schools and courses      The world’s largest independent aeronautical university,
• NCO and SNCO Academy leadership schools                      ERAU has a student body of more than 21,000. Serving the
• Major Naval Command Academies and PME                        Beaufort area since 1997. Open to military and civilians, and
• FAA A&P licenses/certificates                                designed for the non-traditional adult student. Approved for
• Most CLEP and DANTES exams                                   veteran’s benefits.
• Transfer credit from other colleges/universities attended

                                               ERAU Office
                          MCAS Beaufort, 228-7585 |
PARK UNIVERSITY                                                                                                               5

Changing the World One Degree At a Time

F    ounded in 1875, Park University is an
     independent, comprehensive university noted
for academic excellence, providing extended learning
                                                                    TERM INFO
                                                                    Courses are conducted in five annual 8-week terms, on
                                                                    weekday evenings, with 2 weeks between terms. Students
opportunities for military and civilians for over                   taking 2 courses per term are classified as full-time. An AS
100 years.                                                          degree can be earned in 2 years, a BS degree in 4 years or less,
                                                                    depending upon military/civilian transfer credits.

All courses required for the AS and BS degrees are offered          FINANCIAL AID
at MCAS Beaufort.                                                   Financial aid is available, including Tuition Assistance,
Bachelor of Science                                                 Veterans Administration, and Federal student aid grants
requires 120 semester hours and 30 hours in residency;              and/or loans. Please contact us for details.
Associate of Science requires 60 semester hours with 15 hours
in residency.
BS degrees are offered in Social Psychology; Criminal               DISTANCE LEARNING
Justice Administration; Business Management; Aviation               A wide variety of Internet undergraduate courses are available.
Management; Information Systems Management; Health                  Complete online graduate degrees in Health Care Leadership,
Care Management; and Human Resources Management.                    Communication and Leadership, Business Administration,
                                                                    Public Affairs and Education are available. Please contact us
Associate of Science                                                for details.
degrees offered in Computer Science; Criminal Justice
Administration; Business Management; Aviation
Management; and Social Psychology.                                  FOR YOU
                                                                    Open to civilian and military high school graduates or
ACCREDITATION AND TRANSFER                                          GED holders, with the desire and scholarly ability for college
                                                                    level achievement.
Park University is accredited by National, Regional and
State agencies. Courses and degrees are readily transferable.
Thousands of Park graduates have gone on to earn advanced
degrees. Students may transfer credits from courses taken at
other accredited colleges and universities with a course grade
of ‘C’ or better. Park also accepts successful CLEP, DSST and
Excelsior testing results along with transfer credit for military

                                       Park University Offices
              MCRD Parris Island, 228-3502 | MCAS Beaufort, 228-7052 / fax 228-9362
    6                               TECHNICAL COLLEGE OF THE LOWCOUNTRY

                                                                                             The Community’s College

W      hile stationed in Beaufort, attend the Technical
       College of the Lowcountry (TCL), the area’s
comprehensive two-year institution! Technology
                                                                PROGRAM OFFERINGS
                                                                Health Sciences
                                                                Nursing, Radiologic Technology, Surgical Technology,
intensive higher education that equips students with            Physical Therapy Assistant, and Massage Therapy.
the skills necessary to take advantage of excellent career
possibilities.                                                  Industrial Technology
                                                                HVAC, Industrial Electronics and Microsoft Certifications,
                                                                Building Construction, Civil Engineering Technology,
DEGREES                                                         Cosmetology, Biomedical Equipment Repair, Basic Video
                                                                Production, and Automotive Servicing.
Associate Degrees, Diplomas, Certificates, Transfer Programs,
Continuing Education & Workforce Development                    Business Technologies
                                                                General Business and associated career pathways including

                                                                Fire Service Administration and Hospitality/Tourism
                                                                Management, Legal/Paralegal, Computer Technology
Professional Services in non-credit instruction include Real    including Programming and Multimedia Design, and
Estate, Insurance Pre-Licensing, Phlebotomy, Command            Criminal Justice.
Spanish, Customer Service, Culinary Arts and many other
workforce development training areas.                           Arts & Sciences
                                                                Early Child Care & Education and Transfer courses and
                                                                programs to four-year institutions in South Carolina and to
ACCREDITATION                                                   several out of state institutions.
Southern Association of Colleges and Schools (SACS);
National League for Nursing Accrediting Commission;
National Accrediting Commission of Cosmetology Arts
& Sciences; Association of Collegiate Business Schools and
Programs; National Accrediting Commission of Cosmetology
Arts & Sciences (NACCAS); Paralegal program approved by
the American Bar Association.

                                               TCL Offices
                        MCRD Parris Island, 228-2659 | MCAS Beaufort 228-7494
                                Main Campus 525-8211 |
UNIVERSITY OF PHOENIX ONLINE                                                                                                7

The Nation’s Leading Online University

O    ur comprehensive Web-based program delivers
     unparalleled convenience and flexibility in
the pursuit of your Associate, Bachelors or Masters
                                                                   REAL WORLD
                                                                   More than just convenient, University of Phoenix offers one
                                                                   of the most up-to-date curriculums anywhere. We ensure
degree. University of Phoenix is the nation’s largest              that our programs provide the skills and expertise that are
private university. Our mission is to provide superior             in demand. We develop our curriculum based on the current
education designed around your busy lifestyle. Our                 needs of industry. We then draw our faculty from the leaders
                                                                   of that industry, to provide the most valuable education
commitment to your educational excellence, and student             possible. The curriculum is continually updated to reflect the
service has made us the number one school for working              latest proven concepts and practices.
                                                                   All courses are designed for the immediate use of new skills

                                                                   and knowledge in the workplace. The entire program is
                                                                   organized to foster teamwork, critical thinking, and project
Complete degree programs in Business; Technology; Criminal         management. While you are learning the concepts and
Justice; Education; Health Care; Nursing; Management; or an        techniques, you are developing the exact same skills that lead
Associate degree.                                                  to success in today’s military and business worlds: decision-
                                                                   making; communication; presentation; and

                                                                   leadership skills.

Global Management; Technology Management; E-Business;
Human Resources Management; Operations Management;
and Project Management.

In addition to 100% tuition assistance and your GI Bill
benefits, you may use MGIB Top-Up. University of Phoenix
offers numerous options for financing your spouse’s education
too. Low interest financial aid, loans, grants, and scholarships
are available.

                                       University of Phoenix Offices
                         MCRD Parris Island, 986-0300 | MCAS Beaufort, 470-0301
    8                            UNIVERSITY OF SOUTH CAROLINA BEAUFORT

W      elcome to The University of South Carolina
       Beaufort. As the center for research, scholarship,
and public service in the southeast coastal region of
                                                                     COLLEGE CREDIT AWARDED
                                                                     Military experience can be evaluated for college credit for
                                                                     fully-admitted freshmen or transfer students. Up to 15 hours
South Carolina, the University of South Carolina                     can be awarded toward an Associate degree and 30 hours
Beaufort (USCB) offers programs in Mathematics and                   toward a Bachelors degree. Credit awards will vary, depending
the Natural Sciences, Humanities, and Professional                   on the degree program pursued.
and Social Sciences. All curriculum encourages depth
of understanding, tolerance of others, and individual                CAREER SERVICES
accountability. USCB grounds its academic programs                   The Academic Success Center provides the following free
in a rigorous Liberal Arts core curriculum, reinforced               services for USCB students to assist with career-related issues:
by regional strengths and needs. The intellectual and                individual career counseling; information on graduate schools;
cultural keystone of the region, the University enriches             an employment notebook; the South Carolina Occupational
                                                                     Information System (SCOIS); access to and support of the
residents’ quality of life through community service;                USC Career website; a career resource library; resume and
symposia, presentations of the performing and fine arts;             cover letter review; and class presentations.
research initiatives; and partnerships with area schools,
businesses, and organizations.
                                                                     University Locations
                                                                     As a USCB Student you are welcome to attend classes at any
PROGRAMS                                                             of the four locations; MCAS Beaufort, MCRD Parris Island,
Associate of Arts and Associate of Science                           Bluffton campus, or Beaufort campus.
                                                                     With four teaching sites in Beaufort County, you will be able
Bachelor of Arts
                                                                     to find a convenient campus location. USCB holds classes
Early Childhood Education; English; Liberal Studies;
                                                                     in downtown Beaufort, on Hilton Head Island, at MCRD
Psychology, History, Spanish and Security Studies.
                                                                     Parris Island, and at MCAS Beaufort. In August 2004, the
Bachelor of Science                                                  University replaced the Hilton Head campus with a new,
Biology; Business Management; Hospitality Management;                full-service campus near Bluffton. The South Campus at New
Human Services and RN Completion Program.                            River expands access to University programs for residents
Master of Arts                                                       living in southern Beaufort County and Jasper County.
In Teaching and Early Childhood Development.                         USCB will continue to hold classes on its historic campus in
                                                                     downtown Beaufort, as well as on MCRD Parris Island and
TUITION ASSISTANCE                                                   MCAS Beaufort.
Tuition Assistance is available to qualified active duty military.
Military students and family members may also be eligible
for other financial aid such as grants, student loans and
scholarships. Contact the USCB Financial Aid office for
more information at 521-4104.

                                                USCB Offices
                          MCRD Parris Island, 228-2107 | MCAS Beaufort, 228-7499
                             Main Campus 521-4100 |
WEBSTER UNIVERSITY                                                                                                 9

Welcome to the World of Webster University

C    onsider Webster University for your Graduate
     Degree program. Webster celebrates its 25th
year in Beaufort, providing the military and civilian
                                                         GRE/GMAT exams are not required for admission.
                                                         A student must hold a Bachelors degree from a regionally
communities with quality Master Degree programs.         accredited college or university.
The University was founded in 1915 in St. Louis,
Missouri. There are now 100 campuses nationwide
and in Europe, China, Thailand, and Bermuda. There
                                                         LIVE INSTRUCTION
                                                         Direct contact instruction is provided by highly qualified
are campuses at over 35 military bases.                  professionals. Small classes assure individualized attention to
                                                         students’ needs. The MBA is also available online.

MBA (Master in Business Administration)
Master of Arts in Business and Organizational Security
Management; Human Resources Development; and
Management and Leadership

 It is possible to do “dual” degrees combining any two
 of the MA programs or to do an area of emphasis with
 the MBA.

 •   There are 5 nine week terms per year.
 •   Each class meets one night a week for nine weeks.
 •   A student may begin the program at any time.
 •   It is possible to complete the 12 course MBA and
     MA degrees in as few as 15 months.

                                      Webster University Offices
                      MCRD Parris Island, 228-3700 | MCAS Beaufort, 228-7490
              Naval Hospital Beaufort 524-1851 | Fax 524-1902 | beaufort@
   10                                                                               WHEELOCK COLLEGE

                                                                                    We Teach… We Inspire… We Lead

W       heelock College, founded by Lucy Wheelock in
         1888, is for those who have the desire to
         change the world.
                                                                   OUR FACULTY
                                                                   Wheelock College boasts a highly collaborative and qualified
                                                                   faculty. Small classes enable students to interact extensively
                                                                   with their professors.

MISSION                                                            Our academic community is committed to demonstrating
Wheelock’s mission is to improve the lives of children             excellence in all of our programs; helping students seeking
and families.                                                      careers in educaiton, social work, and child and family studies
                                                                   become outstanding professionals; and to producing graduates
                                                                   who leave Wheelock knowing they experienced “learning to
About Wheelock’s Programs in South Carolina:                       make a difference.”

Master of Science in Elementary Education (1-6)
To enrich students’ learning and preparation for professional
practice, the college emphasizes learning about many cultures,
and affirming the strengths and collective wisdom that we
all bring to the human tapestry. Our students do their field
work in schools in the Beaufort area and surrounding coun-
ties. Through fieldwork, practicum and intemship experiences
in urban community settings students build the capacity to
be professionals who work effectively with all of America’s
children and families.

Tuition Assistance is available to all military personnel.
Financial aid includes federal student aid grants and loans.

Wheelock alumni remain devoted to the College’s mission
long after they have graduated. Whether they are working in
the College’s tradition professions (education, social work, and
human services) Wheelock alumni continue to express their
commitment to an ethical and caring society. They become
leaders in their professions, and help shape national thought
about children, families and society.

                          National and Regional Programs-Wheelock College
                      MCAS Beaufort, 522-1183 | Main Campus, 800-734-5212 x2311
BEFORE YOU COMMIT TO COLLEGE                                                                                                   11

So you want to start college classes but are not sure where to
start? The following is a list of things you should consider.

 Visit offices, check websites, call representatives, etc. You may   The purpose is to check your math and English levels,
 take classes through colleges you find in this catalog or other     especially if you are a new college student or a transfer
 approved colleges (there are hundreds). Things to consider:         student without English and/or math classes. The SAT and
 (a) Is the college accredited? We recommend Regional                ACT tests are rarely required.
      accReditation, especially if you may wish to transfer
      or get a higher degree later. national accReditation           5. YOU CAN TAKE TESTS FOR COLLEGE CREDIT.
      may suffice, especially if the degree or certificate           We provide CLEP, DSST, Excelsior testing, and more.
      obtained completes all of your educational goals.              There are dozens of tests available. Lists of tests and study
 (b) Do they offer the degree and courses you want?                  guides are available via LLC/EO. Tests are free of charge
 (c) Do they have the delivery options you want? Many                for military personnel and at cost for family members
      on-base colleges offer in-class instruction or web-based       and military civilians. Tests are given at LLC/EO BY
      instruction.                                                   APPOINTMENT ONLY.
 (d) Is the college reasonably priced? Tuition assistance (TA)       Call: MCAS Beaufort 228-7474
      should cover tuition through the bachelor’s degree, and        MCRD Parris Island 228-3426
      can pay for some master’s degree tuition. TA rates are
      $250 per semester hour, $166.67 per quarter hour, and          6. TUITION ASSISTANCE PROCESS:
      $16.67 per clock hour.                                         (a) Choose classes (we recommend a new student start with
 (e) Ask us at the Lifelong Learning Center/Education                     one class due to busy USMC schedules).
      Office (LLC/EO) about the college you are considering          (b) Fill out entire TA request form.
      before you obligate yourself or sign any contract. We          (c) Get OIC/XO/CO signature.
      can ensure tuition assistance approval, accreditation and      (d) Bring TA request form to LLC/EO.
      sometimes reputation for the school you are considering.       (e) Pick up TA authorization (prior to first class or it
      We have a library with information on colleges you can              will be cancelled).
      review for schools.                                            (f ) Deliver to college immediately.
                                                                     (g) Must notify EO of any changes (withdraw from classes,
 2. SMART TRANSCRIPTS:                                                    additional classes, dates, amounts, subject/class, etc.)
 (a) Check your transcript and even print an unofficial
     transcript at:                     7. TAKE CLASSES SERIOUSLY.
 (b) Get an official SMART transcript sent to the school of          Set aside enough time for homework and studying. You must
     your choice via a form at the Education Office.                 pass the class or pay the TA back.

 Available from other schools, previous colleges, and even
 high schools. (There may be a fee.)

                                         Education Offices
          MCRD Parris Island, Bldg 923 • 228-2152 | MCAS Beaufort, Bldg 596 • 228-7484
  12                                                       MCCS South Carolina Libraries

                                                  Convenient Free Services: Internet Access, Word Processing software, Copying,
                                                    Faxing (at MCRD), Periodical Databases, Military History & Much More!

                MCAS BEAUFORT                                                   MCRD PARRIS ISLAND
Internet Access, Email, Online Research                             Internet Access, Email, Online Research
Copying and Scanning                                                Copying and Scanning
Computers with software for writing school projects, reports,       Computers with software for writing school projects, reports,
   letters, your next novel... Bring your floppy disks with you        letters, your next novel... Bring your floppy disks with you
   to save your work. We even have a typewriter, helpful for           to save your work. We even have a typewriter, helpful for
   filling out forms in duplicate.                                     filling out forms in duplicate.
Research & Reference                                                Research & Reference
   ProQuest® Database: The award-winning online                        ProQuest® Database: The award-winning online
   information service and database helps you research for             information service and database helps you research for
   papers and reports.                                                 papers and reports.
   NewsBank Database: NewsBank FullText Newspapers is                  NewsBank Database: NewsBank FullText Newspapers is
   the perfect resource for keeping track of news back home.           the perfect resource for keeping track of news back home.
   The database contains the full-text content of more than            The database contains the full-text content of more than
   400 local and regional newspapers.                                  400 local and regional newspapers.
Education & Reference Section: Working on college                   Education & Reference Section: Working on college
   courses, educational advancement, or just curious about             courses, educational advancement, or just curious about
   something? We have Study Guides for the following                   something? We have Study Guides for the following
   tests: CLEP and DSST only. We also have some of                     tests: ASVAB, CLEP, SAT, ACT, GRE, GMAT & LSAT.
   the textbooks and magazines currently in use for course          South Carolina Section: Information and history about our
   work at Park University, Embry-Riddle University, and               state; fiction and non-fiction by local writers.
   Wheelock College. Please ask at the circulation desk.            The General A.M.Gray Warrior Library Military Section:
Military Section: A wide assortment of materials on military           This unique-to-Parris Island resource contains a large
   tactics, strategy, biography, and fiction, covering all wars        collection covering a wide assortment of military tactics,
   and conflicts in which America took part. Plus the US               military strategy, biography, and fiction, covering all wars
   Marine Corps Reading List.                                          and conflicts in which America took part— starting
Quiet Study Room available for small groups.                           with the Revolutionary War. Also the US Marine Corps
Collections                                                            Reading List.
   Aviation Journals, Books on Tape, Books on CD-ROM,               Leisure Reading & Listening
   Best Sellers, Videos                                                Books on Tape, How-To Information Videos, Inter-
Inter-Library Loans, Reserve Book Service, Tax Forms                   Library Loans, Reserve Book Service, Tax Forms,
                                                                       Magazines, Other Periodicals and Newspapers.
Library Website
http://www.library/                               Library Website
MCAS Beaufort Library • 228-7682
Bldg 596 (Training & Education)                                     MCRD Parris Island Library • 525-3302 x7327
Monday-Friday 9am-8pm                                               Fax 228-3840
Saturday & Sunday Noon-6pm                                          Bldg 283 (above Visitor’s Center)
                                                                    Monday-Friday 9am-7pm
                                                                    Saturday & Sunday Noon-6pm

                                        Education Offices
         MCRD Parris Island, Bldg 923 • 228-2152 | MCAS Beaufort, Bldg 596 • 228-7484

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