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 VS. E3
                                                       COVER FEATURE:

                                                 NEW VEGAS
 Is Blizzard’s re-zoning for
 better or worse?
                               » OBSIDIAN ENTERTAINMENT TELL US ABOUT ONE OF
 >> Small, but perfectly formed.

Although this is issue 11 of Pixel Hunt, maybe         Speaking of Mr Burns, I’ll take this opportunity          Sony who are keeping both components of their
it would be more appropriate to put a dot in the       to thank him for giving me a shot at running the          audience in mind.
middle and consider it Pixel Hunt 1.1, given that      e-zine side of things. I was incredibly excited           While Sony and Microsoft were Moving this and
it’s a reboot of sorts for the Pixel Hunt e-zine.      when Dylan first gave me a chance as a games              Kinecting that, hardcore gamers were feeling
Making this analogy even more appropriate is           writer, and I’m even more excited now to have a           a little bit left out in the cold. Ironically, it was
that, like the very first issue of Pixel Hunt, our     chance to shape this outstanding little publication.      Nintendo coming to the rescue, with a lineup
cover features a Fallout game. As you might have       Although, as he has oft reminded me since                 featuring some serious heavyweights with Zelda,
noticed, Pixel Hunt’s review content now goes up       getting the job, all subsequent praise, adoration,        Metroid, Kirby, Donkey Kong and GoldenEye.
on the website. This means the e-zine is much          donations, gifts, promo games, groupies, freebies,        There was also the 3DS, a genuinely impressive
more compact, but hopefully more potent too, and       overseas junkets and industry cred are to filter          piece of hardware from all reports. Nintendo
perhaps a bit closer to Dylan Burns’ original vision   directly to him. After all, Pixel Hunt is Dylan’s baby.   undoubtedly, though unexpectedly, came out on
of a kind of ‘mixtape’ of high quality video game      It is my distinct honour to lend it a nipple.             top at E3.
writing. There are new segments, old segments,
opinions, previews, and some correspondence            As ever, the games industry is changing. This             We’ll see in the coming months exactly how all
from the enigmatic Professor Pixel. We hope you        year’s E3 saw both Sony and Microsoft reaching            this new hardware will impact gaming, but for now
like it.                                               out to the casual market, which to this point has         I want you to just sit back, relax, get a drink or
                                                       been the Wii’s domain. What’s interesting is              something, and enjoy the issue.
                                                       how each company’s approach to this task has
                                                       differed. Microsoft have gone for the ultimate               Michael Pincott | Editor
                                                       casual device with Kinect; a gaming peripheral
                                                       so accessible you literally don’t have to press a
                                                       thing. It’s a neat piece of technology, but we’re
                                                       yet to see anything to suggest that it’s going to
                                                       become a genuine participant in what we might                                                 EDITORIAL
                                                       cynically refer to as ‘proper’ games. Sony’s Move                            Publishing Editor Dylan Burns
                                                                                                                                      E-zine Editor Michael Pincott
                                                       seems to meet the needs of both groups. It bears                          Website Manager Matthew Williams
                                                       substantial similarity to the Wii remote, which                                   Art Design Damien Russell
                                                       the casual market are already very familiar with.
                                                       On the other hand, the Move seems precise
                                                       enough and versatile enough that it will be                                              ADVERTISING
                                                       capable of playing a part in the AAA titles of the                         Please contact the Editor if you would
                                                                                                                                       like to advertise with Pixel Hunt:
                                                       future, Killzone 3 for one. Both companies are
                                                       aggressively pursuing the casual market, but it’s                            
>> See what’s in store for you this issue...

 02                                                 Editorial
 04                                           Not the News
 06                           Reset 2.0: Things That Break
 08                                      Ode to the Manual
 10                Guybrush Threepwood: Mighty Boyfriend
 11                                     Left Out in the Cold
 13                   In With the New: Fallout: New Vegas
 17                             The Futur3: Games of E3
 32                                  In Case You Missed It
 33                                      Professor Pixel #1
 36                      Creative: Redemption’s Blind Eye
 38                            OST: Red Dead Redemption


                                     pp.   13-16
                                       We got in touch with
                                    Obsidian Entertainment
                                      to find out a bit about
                                       Fallout: New Vegas.
>> Sort of like Today Tonight, only more credible.

  New LEGO Title Announced                                           Rock Hero: Manager announced
  Having done a great job converting the Star                       With much focus on Rock Band 3 and its seeming ability to turn you into a lounge room
  Wars, Indiana Jones and Harry Potter franchises                   musician of epic proportions, Activision has pulled a sly move in announcing its upcoming
  into Lego videogames, Traveller’s Tales have                      title Rock Hero: Manager. “We realised that we’d basically raped band games to death,”
  announced the next concept they’ll be giving the                  explained Activision worldwide representative Howard ‘Rock God’ Smith. “Well, not quite
  LEGO treatment to: LEGO. Titled LEGO LEGO,                        to death, but we have enjoyed the raping very much.” He went on to reveal that this new
  this lovable co-op platformer will be interpreting the            franchise would likely last Activision around ten years, with six-monthly instalments and
  beloved and respected history of LEGO through the                 around 300 DLC packs. “It’s such a pleasure to have a slightly different approach to
  prism of LEGO.                                                    these games where we can hound players so much that they can’t help but buy the next
  “It’s going to be hilarious to see LEGO characters                iteration,” beamed Smith. Rock Hero: Manager ditches the instruments altogether and
  and events portrayed as LEGO,” chortled TT rep                    gives you a sneak peak into the wild and colourful world of band management. “Basically,”
  Lachlan Block. “Basically, once we showed LEGO                    explained Smith, “you’re this big knob manager and you need to keep your band members
  that we could do for their legacy what we’d done                  happy – so there’s kind of an RPG element to it. For example, your lead singer might really
  for Star Wars and Indiana Jones, they had to sign                 want some cocaine and hookers, so you’ll be able to use your in game phone to, like,
  up. There will probably be some hardcore fans                     order those things. And then you have to decide whether to give him the whole hit or keep
  out there that won’t be able to see how LEGO                      some for yourself so there’s also a morality system in play. It’s awesome!”
  could possibly do any justice to LEGO, but we’re                  Smith also told us that the game will ship with its own studio mixing desk and a blow up
  determined to prove them wrong. LEGO LEGO is                      secretary. Rock Hero: Manager will be released at whichever time is most inconvenient for
  set to be a blockbuster.”                                         stores to receive ANOTHER load of boxes full of useless plastic shit.

    peter molyneux undergoes radical surgery
    In startling news, it’s come to light that Peter Molyneux, most famously known for making awesome games… in his head, has been admitted to a British
    hospital to undergo voluntary radical surgery. A spokesman for Molyneux had this to say: “Peter is very sorry for all the bullshit that he’s said in the past.
    To show his dedication to his craft, when you next see Peter, he will no longer be able to talk about anything that is absolute bullshit in any of his games
    ever again.”Rumour has it that this feat will be accomplished via an automatic electrical pulse that will shock Peter in the testicles whenever an outright
    lie is uttered. Repeat utterances will apparently cause one or both to burst. This procedure, known as Ball-Shocker 5000 has proven popular with loud
    mouthed celebrities in the past. Popular gossip sites have also been suggesting that Mel Gibson might also be receiving this treatment.
>> Sort of like Today Tonight, only more credible.

  Crackdown 2 receives much-needed patch; sequel                                                    Medal Of Honor determined
  announced                                                                                         to outdo Call of Duty
  Crackdown 2 developers Ruffian Games were somewhat dismayed at the negative reaction              The eternal battle between rock music and
  to Crackdown 2, but have reassured fans by developing an emergency patch to fix the               rap music has become aligned with the battle
  game’s mind numbingly repetitive campaign, dodgy controls and general soullessness.               between FPS heavyweights Medal of Honor
  “Yeah, we spent a lot of time trying to think of ways that we could give the fans the game        and Call of Duty. Call of Duty: Black Ops has
  that they deserve, a better game,” said deeply concerned Ruffian Games developer Roger            employed a song by rapper Eminem for its
  Kashin. “Unfortunately, we couldn’t come up with any during the development process and           trailer, causing Medal of Honor to respond in
  we can’t come up with any now either. So we’re releasing a patch that will update your copy       kind, selecting nu-metal band Linkin Park for its
  of Crackdown 2 by overwriting the disc with the original Crackdown. We’re confident that          own trailer. EA had this to say on their choice:
  this will fix the errors and give players a superior game.” Kashin then went on to announce       “We were pretty pissed off when we saw that
  Crackdown 3, due out in two weeks.“After we put Crackdown 2 together in a year, we wanted         Call of Duty had snagged Eminem again. We
  to challenge ourselves even more. So we’re really excited to be delivering the final game in      were really worried that we weren’t going to
  the trilogy after a developmental cycle of four days. It’s in the same city again, only another   find another musical act as inane, as stupid
  ten years later. The Agent must again clear the city of rebels and mutants. But check this –      and as appealing to boys thirteen and under as
  the agility orbs are back!” When asked whether the game was in fact simply Crackdown 2            Eminem. But thank Christ. Somebody suggested
  with the number on the case changed, Kashin merely giggled and began counting his money.          Linkin Park.”
                                                                                                    It has since come to light that Nickelback’s
                                                                                                    management have had their legal team make
                                                                                                    legal threats to Activision after they were
                                                                                                    overlooked as the musical mascots for the game.
                                                                                                    Activision offered the band an undisclosed sum
                                                                                                    to apologise for their oversight, but the band
                                                                                                    are now instead demanding that Activision
                                                                                                    publish Guitar Hero: Nickelback. Activision
                                                                                                    have tentatively agreed, but there are internal
                                                                                                    concerns at Neversoft about all of the note
                                                                                                    charts being exactly the same.
 >> Reset 2.0: Things That Break

     Tim Henderson doesn’t appreciate shoddy craftsmanship.

With the retail space now a thing of my past             thought process has begun to move more towards          My PlayStation 3 died twice in the space of a year!
(hopefully not to be revisited in the near future), I    something along the lines of ‘easy come, easy go’.
found myself at ends over what I was going to put                                                                And it’s not even the console of this generation that
in this column. At least I was for a few days, until I   How did I end up with this mentality?                   is famed for being unreliable.
began once more to observe the world around me.
                                                         When, exactly, did it become OK for it to be            I recently joked with Dylan about the prospect of
However, by their nature, most written columns tend      expected of a product that it should break within its   buying a 360 as a kind of clean-slate approach
to be personal matters, and I honestly feel I need       lifetime?                                               to my my Playstation dying all the time. We
to get this over-obvious elephant that’s been sitting                                                            both laughed, and that was that. If nothing else,
in my headspace out of the way before I move on      I hate to find myself using the old adage of ‘they          Microsoft at least offer the superior repair and
to what may be more original and – dare I admit      don’t build them like they used to’, but GameTrailers       replacement service. But then, they kind of have

                                                                                      recently featured          to. We’re at the point now where having your Xbox
                                                                                      a video by some            fail isn’t considered bad luck – it’s considered par

                                                                                      Canadian girl who          for the course. If you buy a 360, you expect it to
           When, exactly, did it become OK for it to be expected of
                                                                                      did a series of utterly    red ring. If your 360 gets to be more than a couple
               a product that it should break within its lifetime?                    horrific things to         of years old, then your friends will call you lucky
                                                                                      a number of NES            while you yourself sit in fear of the inevitable that is
                                                                                      game carts only            to come. Because, when it comes down to it, you
it – engaging material than this particular write-up to find that – most of the time, at least – they still      know that your console is going to die before you
has any motive to address. You have my sincerest     worked afterwards.                                          consider it ready to retire.
apologies for my dragging issue 11 of PixelHunt
through a puddle of orthodox mediocrity.             More to the point: her NES still works!                     The simple fact is that the hardware is shoddy;
                                                                                                                 the physical product below market standards. It
Those of you who have been listening to the              My Mega Drive still works!                              was rushed in a desperate (but effective) attempt
fortnightly PixelCast will probably be aware that                                                                to beat Sony to the current generation, and the
2009 was a pretty terrible year for me with regard to    My original Gameboy still works!                        consequences are obvious. Meanwhile, the
hardware of all sorts. The strange thing, however,                                                               Playstation 3 is faring much better, but still not as
is that for all my external moaning, my internal         With a little tinkering, my Dreamcast still works!      well as consumers should be able to expect of it.
 >> Reset 2.0: Things That Break

     Tim Henderson doesn’t appreciate shoddy craftsmanship.

But that’s fine for Sony – so long as Microsoft’s
figures continue to be abysmal, then they’ve at least
got that to hide behind.

When I look back, I shouldn’t be surprised that my
Playstation was wearing itself out. I used it all the
time. I own more games than your average statistic
Joe, I’ve ripped most of my CD’s to the hard drive,
I occasionally purchase Blu-Ray films, I check the
PSN every week, and I did a fair amount of folding
to top it all off. Such heavy use enhances the risk of
the Blu-Ray laser dying, and of an eventual yellow
light problem. My console, in spite of all the physical
breathing space I granted it, was a prime candidate.

But that doesn’t change the fact that the Mega Drive
that I accidentally left on for two weeks while on a
family vacation many years ago will be happy to
allow me to spend some quality time with it the next
chance we have to be together.

Screw you all. I’m off to play Bubsy.

   Tim Henderson
 >> Ode To The Manual

     Michael Pincott really loves manuals. It’s not natural.

A few months ago, Ubisoft announced that they            dispute that in the last few years, the manual has         but it’s a part of the process and I don’t want it to
would be dispensing with the game manual as              become increasingly redundant. The vast majority           die. Call me a sucker for tradition.
we know it. Instead of the thin booklet usually          of games incorporate helpful (or condescending)
lodged under clips in the plastic case, a digital        tutorials that give the player adequate knowledge          Sadly, it’s hard to stand up for manuals when their
manual would be available for download, as well          of what’s going on without ever having to touch            quality has fallen into such decline. Cue ‘back in
as featuring in the games themselves. It’s a smart       the manual. Information like control schemes are           the day’ rant. The manual for the original Metal
decision on Ubisoft’s part. They save themselves         nearly always shown somewhere in-game from the             Gear Solid was 45 pages long and in full colour.
money by not printing the manuals, and perhaps           pause menu or on loading screens, and if they’re           It featured comprehensive information on every
more importantly from a PR perspective, it paints        not, players still won’t have to open the manual           nuance of the controls and stealth mechanics,
them as an environmentally conscious and forward-        anymore: control schemes are now often printed on          artwork of all the characters, a glossary, detailed

                                                                                          the back cover.           backstory and the middle pages of the manual
                                                                                                                    folded out into a neat little poster. Compare that
           I know deep down that one day I’ll open up a game case                          But manuals are          to the manual for Modern Warfare 2: black and

            to be greeted with nothing but the disc itself. I know that                    about more than          white, 9 pages long, only 4 of which actually
             after a small noise of anguish, and some rocking back                         learning the controls    had information on the game. Where the Metal
                                                                                           and mechanics of         Gear Solid manual is a genuine asset to the
                        and forth, I’ll probably get over it.
                                                                                           games. They’re a         game disc, the Modern Warfare 2 manual is an
                                                                                           companion piece, a       embarrassment. I guess making an informative,
thinking company. Though it’s yet to happen, it          sacred document that makes up one part of the holy         well-presented manual was less important than
seems inevitable that other game publishers will         trinity of manual, case and disc (or cartridge). For       selling working night vision goggles with the game.
follow suit. So I’m here to lament with you the loss,    me, the manual is part of the ritual of a new game         Maybe the bells and whistles of limited editions are
or at least onset of the loss, of a perennial element    purchase. If I buy a game while I’m shopping on the        one of the main reasons decent manuals seem to
of the physical video game package. The thought          weekend or during my lunch hour at work, I can’t           be a rarity. Perhaps it’s things like official strategy
of opening up a game case without that informative       play the game until I get home. But I can crack open       guides and bonus art books that are drying up the
tome safely nestled within makes me a little bit         the seal on the bus or at my desk and browse the           incentive for publishers to put effort into a game’s
teary.                                                   manual. It’s an entree to the meal, the support act        manual. Why give to us with the game what they
                                                         before the headliner, the trailers before the movie.       can sell to us separately?
I know most people won’t care. After all, it’s hard to   It’s a poor substitute for playing the game itself, yes,
 >> Ode To The Manual

     Michael Pincott really loves manuals. It’s not natural.

To end this column on a positive note, I want      Travis like ‘I wanna do her!’ A classy guy,
to acknowledge several recent-ish games for        Travis, and a cleverly executed manual.
their high quality manuals:
                                                   Other high-profile titles like Red Dead
BlazBlue – in gorgeous full colour, with lots of   Redemption, BioShock 2 and Alan Wake have
detail about the fighting mechanics and some       also done their part to raise the standard for
great character artwork.                           game manuals, with all three getting into the
                                                   spirit of their respective games, reflecting both
Katamari Forever – as vibrant and colourful        concept and aesthetic. It gives me a little bit of
as the game itself, and in the spirit of the       hope that maybe, just maybe, physical game
game’s aversion to normality, it has to be read    manuals aren’t dead and buried yet.
turned on its side.
                                                   But still, I know deep down that one day I’ll
Heavy Rain – a foldout rather than a booklet.      open up a game case to be greeted with
The textured paper and sinister scrapbook          nothing but the disc itself. I know that after       DUE TO POPULAR DEMAND
presentation, as well as neat little things like   a small noise of anguish, and some rocking           PIXELHUNT IS NOW USING
an advertisement for Scott Shelby’s services       back and forth, I’ll probably get over it. But I
as a private detective and a coffee-stained        also know there’s a good chance that a single
printout about Norman Jaydon’s ARI glasses,        tear will fall from my eye and land upon the
made this a document that truly reflected the      empty place where the manual used to be.
nature of the game itself.
                                                      Michael Pincott
No More Heroes – an older game, but with
a manual very much worthy of mention.
If you’ve played the game, you won’t be
surprised to learn that it features comics,
fictional classifieds ala GTA and some very
nice character art, complete with notes from
 >> Guybrush Threepwood: Mighty Boyfriend

     Annika Howells is walking the plank… of love.

They say women date men who remind them of                had more pixels and you could make out more of
their fathers. When I look at my sister’s fiancée, I      his features. To an eight year old girl, he didn’t look   Unfortunately, finding a man reminiscent of a video
can see similarities between him and our dad. But         half bad. During lunchtimes at school I would sit on      game character was not as easy as it sounds.
when I think about my taste in men, I don’t see links     top of the monkey bars (oh the irony) and regale          So while other kids were experiencing the first
to my father.                                             my friends with tales of Mr Threepwood – my future        blossoms of romance, I was sitting in a dark room
                                                          husband.                                                  playing Escape From Monkey Island. Guybrush
I see Guybrush Threepwood, Mighty Pirate™.                                                                          was three dimensional by then, but he was still a
                                                          Adolescence approached. In The Curse of Monkey            poor substitute for a real relationship. Something in
It was the early ‘90s, and my family had just             Island, Guybrush was given a voice. The little            my brain just got things muddled up, and instead of
purchased their first computer. Once the initial thrill   blob of pixels was given a solid, cartoony outline.       looking to my father as a role model, I looked into
of Minesweeper faded, Dad sought out more games           I didn’t play this one with Dad: I was becoming a         the computer screen and chose Guybrush – the
for us. He brought home a little title called The         teenager, and parents had become the enemy.               quirky little blueprint for my perfect man.
Secret of Monkey Island – a quirky point-and-click        Despite my growing hormone-driven angst, Monkey
adventure game which followed the adventures              Island continued to permeate my psyche. Pets              Monkey Island has enjoyed a resurgence of late,
of wannabe pirate Guybrush Threepwood. I was              were named after characters (including a cockatiel        thanks to the episodic reboot from Telltale Games,
mesmerised, and I wasn’t even old enough to read          called El Pollo Diablo – The Devil Chicken). I would      as well as the remakes of the first two games.
the dialogue text. Dad would read it out to me while      say ‘papapishu’ instead of ‘ouch’. I was constantly       When I excitedly told my father about them, I
I watched him play.                                       pointing out three-headed monkeys, accusing               realised that though I may not have looked to him
                                                          people of fighting like cows and waving imaginary         as the template for my future male relationships, the
By the time LeChuck’s Revenge was released,               swords around like feather dusters.                       Monkey Island games were a bonding experience
I was able to read the text on my own. I still                                                                      for us that have shaped our relationship today. One
preferred to watch Dad play it though, while offering     By then I was at an age where real life boys were         day, when I walk down the aisle towards my own
puzzle solutions like a know-it-all backseat driver.      more exciting than animated ones, but Monkey              personal Mighty Pirate™, I hope that my father will
We agonised over the hint booklet, trying to resist       Island had already left its mark. I had grown up          be beside me.
pulling it out whenever we were both stumped (by          with the attitude that silliness was charming,
the way, how dare they leave the stump joke out           unconventional logic was alluring and mild                He doesn’t know it yet, but I’m going to make him
of SMI Special Edition!). I remember being terrified      ineptitude was utterly adorable. My soul mate was         give me away wearing an eyepatch and a peg leg.
of Zombie LeChuck – his MIDI theme song chilled           one who would use a rubber chicken with a pulley in
me to my bones. But Guybrush fascinated me. He            the middle to reach the island of my heart.                  Annika Howells
 LEFTN                                                                Blizzard’s segregation is hurtin
 OUT I                                                                its community... and its reputa g

Blizzard have always had a long and stellar              developer. Blue posts now tend to be more shielded        lambasting Blizzard for the decision. Reports of
reputation when it comes to nurturing and                in a thick, PR-style blanket of vague promises and        obscene pings to Singapore data centres emerged;
respecting its user base. From the initial launch        “announcements”.                                          highlighting Australia’s notoriously terrible SE-
of back in 1997, to coincide with the                                                                   Asian backbone links and claims by Blizzard that
release of Diablo, to the gradual expansion of its       Everything came to a head a few months ago when           Australian gamers caused lag problems on US
enormous World of Warcraft universe; Blizzard have       Blizzard announced that, for the first time, Australian   servers was laughed down by players on both sides
long listened and responded to criticism, whether        and South-East Asian Starcraft 2 (and Diablo 3)           of the boat.
complaint or compliment, in a manner that benefits       players would no longer be grouped under Oceania
the game experience.                                     and hosted, along with North American players, on         But some of the strongest cries against this action
                                                         US servers. Instead, these gamers would now be            were the complaints about cross-border community
The (in)famous ‘blue’ posts on the multitude of          ‘treated’ to region specific servers for the   segregation. Players on the SEA forums were
forums that scatter the many different community         first time, located in Singapore.                         resigned to develop their own community, from
posts across Blizzard’s game galaxy are the                                                                        scratch, regardless of the fact that they had been
players’ connection to the developer; so many, in        The guise, at first, seemed noble. Blizzard was           playing with North American friends for over 10
fact, that the company is thought to have hundreds       simply trying to group players geographically to          years across Diablo, Starcraft and WoW. Much
of dedicated community managers that exist simply        provide better performance and prioritise load on         touted cross-game communication features were
to respond to the concerns of a rapidly growing          its US servers for local players. But the cultural        also locked out, thanks to this cross-server block.
player base.                                             differences and existing ties that Australian players     But players were more confused and disappointed
                                                         have always had with their US counterparts had            then angry with this decision, since it didn’t seem to
It works. Although it wouldn’t really seem that way if   been completely ignored in the process. Blizzard          make any sense. Thousands of Australian gamers,
you took a quick look at the ‘General’ forum of any      had made the first major mistake of community             including myself, who were lucky to play in the
of Blizzard’s staple titles, but people appreciate the   engagement; it hadn’t consulted the players before        SC2 beta were situated on the US West battle.
time, effort and honesty that Blizzard puts into its     it made such a major decision.                            net servers, and issues with lag were almost non-
responses. But the recent acquisition of Blizzard                                                                  existent. The many competitive friendships and
by gaming monolith Activision has, in the eyes           The response was fierce, and instantaneous.               community growth that were developed over the 3
of some players and commentators, seemed to              Hundreds of threads popped up across both the             months of the beta were now moot.
slowly change the dynamic of the once fan-friendly       old and recently redesigned forums,

Blizzard’s solution to this conundrum was a strong        everything from Australian friendly WoW servers to
promise that SEA account holders would get access         local support lines and promotions.
to US servers within 60 days of the game’s launch.
While details on how this will occur are still sketchy,   But the campaign to mash Australia, a country
it’s likely that Australian gamers will have to have      that almost every major game software or
dual clients on their PCs; one to play with Aussies       hardware developer has trouble ‘classing’, in with
and another to play with Americans. In the eyes           its geographical but almost completely culturally
of many, this is not a solution, it’s simply another      different neighbours is a bad idea in almost every
headache.                                                 way. It creates problems instead of solving them,
                                                          showing that making decisions by committee, rather
But cross-server chat, a smaller and less                 than decisions based on real world feedback, never
competitive player base and community/cultural            work as well in practice as they do on paper.
deficiencies aren’t the only issue; custom maps
have been brought front and centre from the fringes       From a developer that prides itself on quality work
of the modding community, but again, the best ones        and honest dialogue with its base, this is a big
are developed by the biggest player base – The US.        hit to its reputation as one of the last bastions of
Since SEA players aren’t able to contribute to forum      “developers for gamers”. Starcraft 2 is a brilliant
discussions within other regions; the local modding       game, by all accounts, and the redesign of Battle.
community lacks the ability to contribute and gain        net reflects the new social arena of multiplayer
real criticism from the big boys on the playing field.    gaming. But creating regions, thus unnecessarily
                                                          separating players and fracturing strong community
Blizzard has always had a strong and consistent           bonds is not a great way to start this new frontier.
support base in Australia. The millions of
Australian gamers who indulge in one or many of              James Pinnell
the company’s stellar titles are a real part of the
company’s support base and, until recently, the big
blue developer had reciprocated in kind, creating
Fallout 3 more or less owned          Obsidian Entertainment have
2008, taking Game of the Year         been tasked with giving players
awards left, right and centre.        that feeling once more with
Fallout: New Vegas may not            Fallout: New Vegas. It’s not the
directly follow the events of         first time Obsidian have taken
that game, but it’s in the same       up the mantle of another series
universe and with the same game       either, developing the well-
engine. Pixel Hunt got in touch       received sequel Knights Of The
with Obsidian Entertainment’s         Old Republic II. We asked Sawyer
Josh Sawyer, Project Director and     how the team felt about working
Lead Designer to find out a bit       on another highly respected and
about Fallout: New Vegas.             revered property.
                                      “We have a small number of
There’s a moment early on             Fallout franchise veterans
in Fallout 3 where the player         (formerly of Black Isle Studios,
emerges from Vault 101. Like a        developer of the first two Fallout
baby out of the safe confines         games) working on New Vegas so
of the womb, your character           for several of them it’s a welcome
is suddenly thrust into the           homecoming. I’ve wanted to work
real world – the oppressive           on a Fallout game since about
wasteland of Washington DC. A         1997, so I’m glad I finally got the
dead, hostile expanse stretching      opportunity!”
out in all directions. A place of
perpetual misery and decay. It’s a    More recently Obsidian put out an
memorable sequence because it’s       RPG hybrid of their own making
so full of promise to the player.     in the form of Alpha Protocol. Like
Though from the character’s           Fallout, you can talk to people, put
perspective it’s a world of hellish   points into skills and blow things
depravity, to the player it’s the     up, and like Fallout, the things you
ultimate playground.                  did could have a lasting effect.
So what did Obsidian learn from Alpha Protocol        choice of location. Where Washington DC was the          the spirit of late 1950s Vegas... the ‘Rat Pack’ era,
that they’ve applied to New Vegas?                    political heart of America, Las Vegas is perhaps         when Vegas really started to take off. A lot of our
“We put a lot of effort into reactivity to player     America at its most excessive. As for New Vegas,         art director’s aesthetic choices were based on
choice. Like Alpha Protocol, New Vegas puts           it’s important to note that it’s in a lot better shape   capturing that vibe.”
heavy emphasis on reacting to the player’s            than DC is in Fallout 3. It avoided direct contact       Sawyer goes on to say: “Some people may think
actions. We’ve also taken feedback on AP’s action     with the nukes and, as Sawyer mentions, looks a          it’s garish, but the New Vegas Strip is dazzling,
elements to heart since, depending on your play       lot less depressing than its East Coast counterpart      especially when contrasted with the “rest of the
style, combat can be a large part of your New         as a result.                                             city” around it. The Ultra-Luxe casino in particular
Vegas experience.”                                    “Most of the New Vegas environments are actually         has some really cool architectural elements on the
                                                      pretty cheerful: warm sands and blue skies. What         inside, though I really like the neon lights on the
Moral dilemmas are another virtually obligatory       you find in those environments can often be pretty       exterior of The Tops.”
element of Western RPGs. Most come down to            depressing, but I think people will note that the
black and white solutions, but it’s always the grey   Mojave Wasteland does not look as bleak as the           More important than the bright neon lights of
areas that are the most interesting. We ask Sawyer    east coast.”                                             Vegas is what happens inside the buildings they
where the player’s choices in New Vegas will sit on                                                            adorn: gambling. Players spent plenty of time
that spectrum.                                        But how will Fallout’s take on Las Vegas match up        in Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas blowing their
“In some cases, it still is black and white. But,     to the real thing? Distinctive features of Washington    illegally earned cash in Las Venturas, and players
we’ve tried to introduce more ambiguity with                                                                   definitely took to poker in Red Dead Redemption.
the factions and especially the individuals                                                                    The demand for poker to be a part of Red Dead’s
involved in the New Vegas power struggle.                                                                      multiplayer was so strong that Rockstar included it
With some quests, there really aren’t any                                                                      in the most recent batch of DLC. So how will New
“pure” good or bad options, just various trade-                                                                Vegas handle it?
offs that the player has to weigh.”                                                                            “The player can encounter a few small casinos
                                                                                                               outside of the Strip itself, but ultimately the big
Las Vegas and its surrounds is an interesting                                                                  winnings can be found at the major casinos. None
                                                                                                               of the gambling games are required, but they do
                                                                                                               allow the player to make a significant amount of
                                                                                                               money. As the player plays at the casino, he or
                                                                                                               she will be ‘comped’ with gifts from the casino -- at
                                                                                                               least until they win too much and are banned.”

                                                                                                               Another thing we’re curious about is whether or not
                                                                                                               we’ll get a feel for the life of Vegas itself.
                                                                             DC like the Washington            “It’s a mix. Some characters are set in their
                                                                             Monument and the Capitol          locations and others wander the wasteland or
                                                                             Building contributed heavily      change location based on the state of the world.
                                                                             to the bleak reality of Fallout   We’ve tried to ensure that communities do feel
                                                                             3.                                like they have an ebb and flow to their days and
                                                                             “We’re not trying to recreate     nights, though the Strip really never shuts down.
                                                                             21st century Vegas as much        Especially when it gets dark out, the centre of the
                                                                             as we are trying to capture       city is a beacon in the night.”
Fallout 3 was critically acclaimed, and      setting. Conversely, the humour in the
topped plenty of end-of-year lists. It did   first two Fallout games was excessive
have its issues though, some of which        and over the top, invoking pop culture
Obsidian are keen to rectify, while          references and breaking the fourth-
keeping what made the game so great          wall. Since the Obsidian crew includes
intact.                                      people who worked on those games,
“We’ve tried to improve the elements of      we wondered where the humour in New
Fallout 3 that received criticism and left   Vegas would lie.
things alone that people seem to like        “Honestly, it’s very tricky. Fallout has
overall. Structurally and mechanically,      always had a lot of humour. At times
there are a lot of Fallout 3 elements in     it has spilled over into absurdity. On
Fallout: New Vegas.”                         New Vegas, I was initially conservative
                                             about ‘wacky’ humour because it’s an
One element of Fallout 3 that was            extremely divisive issue for fans as well
slightly off was the manual shooting. It     as the developers. We finally settled
was perfectly functional, but didn’t have    on using an opt-in trait, Wild Wasteland,
the polish of a dedicated FPS. New           to open the door to more absurd or
Vegas has tweaked real-time combat by        bizarre comedic elements. If you like
allowing the player to aim down the gun      your Fallout experiences to have a
sights. Sawyer details a couple of other     sprinkling of goofy nonsense, take Wild
changes made to the combat.                  Wasteland. If you don’t, you won’t miss
“One of the biggest changes is that          any content. It will just be a bit more
melee and unarmed characters have            straight-laced.”
new options in VATS. As a character’s
Melee Weapons and Unarmed skill              All in all, New Vegas is shaping up to
rises, he or she will gain the ability to    be a worthwhile successor to Fallout
perform special moves in VATS. For           3. It’s a different developer, a different
long-range shooting, real-time will still    environment and a different feeling. If
be more accurate than in VATS. This          New Vegas can improve upon Fallout
may seem counter-intuitive, but it helps     3’s shortcomings while delivering
retain some challenge -- especially          the same level of atmosphere and
for high Sneak characters that could         experience as its predecessor, there’s
otherwise just creep through the game        no reason why New Vegas can’t make
VATS-sniping everything.”                    its own showing as one of the games of
                                             the year.
Another element of Fallout we quiz
Sawyer on is its humour. Fallout 3’s         Fallout: New Vegas is slated for a 22
humour was ever-present but subtle,          October release.
often achieved through the juxtaposition
of the game’s dark circumstances with           Michael Pincott
the blissful cheeriness of the 1950’s
Obsidian recently announced the array of voice talent that will
feature in New Vegas, and next to the compulsory inclusion of
 Ron ‘…War…’ Perlman are some very interesting selections:

                   Danny Trejo (Machete!)
           Matthew Perry (that guy from Friends)
  Michael Dorn (Star Trek: The Next Generation, Fallout 2)
            Wayne Newton (Las Vegas legend)
        Felicia Day (celebrity geek from The Guild)
      Kris Kristofferson (actor and singer-songwriter)
            Zachary Levi (that guy from Chuck)
 René Auberjonois (Star Trek: Deep Space Nine and Boston
           John Doman (Rawls from The Wire!)
                                                              The dust has settled on on

                                                                gaming ev ents, and the Pi of the year’s biggest
                                                              scrounged through the sc xel Hunt team have
                                                                thoughts on some of the ps to bring you some
                                                                                          most intr
3RUTUF EHT                                                              promising titles shown at iguing and

   Dylan Burns
Kirby: Epic Yarn – for turning a WTF? reaction as it was
announced into a “Holy crap! That actually looks awesome!”

    Michael Pincott
I was enamoured with the gorgeous art style of Kirby: Epic
Yarn, but if I could have any E3 game in my hands right now
it would be Portal 2.

    Ken Lee
Dance Central. While I am personally excited about the
potential in Microsoft’s Kinect, most games shown did not
take advantage of it. But Dance Central seems to build
upon Kinect’s strengths, offering an experience that cannot
be replicated elsewhere. While dance games are not new,
the execution in Dance Central is unique, with the game
actually actively tracking body movements. Music and
dancing wildly in the living room? I’m there.

  Tim Henderson
3RUTUF EHT                                                                                               DISAPPOINTED BY?
                                                                                                                              Dylan Burns
                                                                  Just about the whole show really. There were very few surprises, which
                                                                 spoke of an event that’s a little unsure of its place. No shows from a few
                                                                large publishers suggests that the games show circuit may be spreading
                                                                  out more across the year, rather than being focused in one huge geek-

                                                                                                                          Michael Pincott
MICROSOFT, SONY OR NINTENDO?                                        The Last Guardian was a no-show. I’m sure there are perfectly good
                                                              reasons for it not being there, but damn it, I watched that whole torturously
                                                                self-congratulatory Sony conference waiting for it to appear, only for it to
   Dylan Burns                                                    end with Twisted Metal. I have nothing against Twisted Metal, but The
Nintendo are Winnarz!                                                                                                Last Guardian it ain’t.

   Michael Pincott                                                                                                             Ken Lee
Nintendo by a long shot. Impressive new hardware in the        Lack of news for the future. Everything seems especially geared towards
form of the 3DS, coupled with the revival of Donkey Kong,       this holiday season, and nothing much beyond that. I don’t only want to
Kirby and Kid Icarus, suggested a genuine focus on making       know what I can buy in the next few months, I want to be excited by the
good games rather than outdoing the competition with                                                           direction of the industry.
technology, although they kind of did that as well.
                                                                                                                          Tim Henderson
   Ken Lee                                                                                                         Zelda: Skyward Sword.
Nintendo. The reveal of the 3DS was personally exciting to
me, but Nintendo has really stepped up its offerings in all
areas. Games like Epic Mickey, Kirby’s Epic Yarn, Donkey
Kong Country Returns, Golden Sun, Kid Icarus and Metroid:
Other M are just a small example of what to expect from

   Tim Henderson
   Dylan Burns
The 3DS. I can’t wait to see what Nintendo will do with 3D gaming
that isn’t pushed on us just as a gimmick.

   Michael Pincott
The 3DS. I’ll probably pick up Move and Kinect on their respective
launch days mostly out of cautious curiosity, but the 3DS is a first
day purchase without a shadow of a doubt.

    Ken Lee
Nintendo 3DS. I have always made it clear that I am a fanboy
of Nintendo’s portable consoles. The 3DS will become my next
obsession. It builds upon the established strengths of the DS, while
adding a whole slew of improvements: larger top screen, analogue
slider, tilt sensor, 2-way camera (with the outer facing one being a
3D camera), and of course, 3D image functionality.

  Tim Henderson
I really don’t understand the hate for the second Deus Ex (I
still inadvertently pronounce this ‘due-sex’). Sure, Invisible
War was ‘dumbed down’ for consoles, but it was still an
engaging game and well above what was on offer at the
time. That it didn’t live up to the first perhaps says more
about Deus Ex itself than of its sequel. Under any other
name, Invisible War would have been considered a fine
hybrid of shooter and RPG.

Set as a prequel, Human Revolution will tell of the events
that lead up to the formation of UNATCO. The game’s
protagonist, Adam Jensen, is a security officer for a company
that deals in human augmentation. When Adam incurs a fatal
injury, he is forced to undergo life-saving augmentation. The
player will follow his experiences as the game tackles the
issue of humanity moving beyond its strictly organic origin.
Human Revolution seems much more in line with the first
Deus Ex, which has fans understandably excited. It remains
to be seen if the game will be an anachronistic release or
if its embrace of more modern shooter elements, such as
a regenerating health system, will give it the modern edge
needed to make a mark in today’s market. Expect the game
to hit in February 2011.

   Dylan Burns
          thatgamecompany has never been shy about its
          experimentations with methods of play and challenging
          the way we think about games. With Journey, it seems
          they are about to do the same; turning us away from the
          established game tropes of wins and losses, immersing us in
          experiences, and aiming to re-ignite a sense of wonder and

          Players take their characters on an exploration through a
          vast desert landscape, with no real objective other than to
          experience the world. Players explore at their own pace,
          choosing to walk or even surf the swirling sands like waves
          in an ocean. You can even fly, powered by bits of cloth which
          are activated and collected by a burst of song from the

          Along the way, players might encounter other people, as
          Journey is thatgamecompany’s first foray into the multiplayer
          space. With no real objective to fulfil, they may choose
          to travel together for a while, or go their separate ways.
          Communication is limited to the songs that the characters
          sing and patterns drawn in the sand.

          In a similar vein to Team Ico’s Shadow of the Colossus,
          Journey seeks to place players in a world so much larger
          than themselves. To date, only screenshots have been
          released. Despite not having seen the game in motion,
          thatgamecompany has an encouraging track record. Their
          games have always sought to give players new experiences
          and new methods of play. As such, anticipation for Journey is
          justifiably high.

             Ken Lee
I was a big fan of the first Dead Space, and could never quite
understand how people thought its similarity to Resident
Evil 4, which is one of the best action-adventure games
ever, was actually a bad thing. Dead Space 2 looks to be
shaping up nicely. Visceral Games showed off a playable
sequence from the game in two parts at E3. Unsurprisingly
the gameplay remains fairly similar to the first game, with
returning protagonist Isaac Clarke dispatching space nasties
by way of limb removal.

Clarke is no longer mute, giving more potential to a story that
has already been strongly established from the cross-over
of the comic, the animated film and the game itself. Clarke
is apparently suffering from post-traumatic stress disorder
(and who can blame him, after the ending of the first game?)
which will hopefully lend a psychological element to Dead
Space 2’s horror aesthetic. I’m also intrigued by the setting.
The first game made effective use of the claustrophobic
confines of the USG Ishimura spaceship. Dead Space 2 is
set in The Sprawl, a large space station that functions as a
miniature city. This frees up Visceral Games a lot in terms of
the variety of locations and situations they can place Clarke
and the player in.

Judging by the E3 demonstration, Visceral will continue
to focus on the kind of intense set-pieces that made Dead
Space feel so gripping and cinematic. At this stage Dead
Space 2 looks like Dead Space, only bigger and nastier. I
can’t wait to shoot alien space babies with my harpoon gun.

   Michael Pincott
          CHILD OF EDEN:
          Did you play Rez? No? Did you play Rez HD? Yes? Good.
          I’ll assume that you didn’t just think the word ‘yes’ to yourself
          because I was giving you an implied look. That would just
          be wrong. Like eating Mexican food the day after you start a
          Of course, not having played Rez would be even more
          wrong. It was a fantastic game that created a real-time trip
          down sensory lane. It was, despite working in an ancient
          genre, somewhat ahead of its time: a masterful fusion of
          the audio, visual, and, occasionally, the rumbling physical. It
          also came in handy in a pinch for art students who needed
          to vindicate their hobby. Aside from the drugs (which can
          always be purchased separately, unless you happen to be
          in Singapore – in which case you probably shouldn’t do that)
          the only thing missing from the London nightclub experience
          was the sore arms that came from all that damn pointing at
          the roof.

          Child of Eden, effectively a sequel to Rez hiding behind a
          different name, proposes to iron out that particular problem
          by actually making Kinect and Move look like they may
          have an appealing use. Demoed on the 360 at E3, the
          game quickly became a welcome quasi-apology for all the
          insulting Kinect nonsense that came before it. Showcasing
          visual trappings even more elaborate than those before and
          a pulsing soundtrack that has snuck in some more ambient
          undertones, the game stands a chance of being porn for
          new TVs, and with a download price-point (and, thankfully,
          regular pad support), there’s a chance that even those who
          don’t ‘get’ it may still derive some enjoyment from this on-
          rails shooter.

             Tim Henderson
A lot of people have mixed feelings about Marvel vs Capcom
3’s visual style, but I for one am really happy with it. It’s really
cool that Capcom chose a more Western comic book look
for the game, rather than the generic anime style that we’ve
seen over a million times. It will do wonders in attracting
the hardcore Marvel fans and Western gamers in general.
Capcom have tried new visual styles with Street Fighter IV,
Tatsunoko vs Capcom and now Marvel vs Capcom 3.

The roster announced so far features a dream cast of
fighters with enough to make fans from both Capcom and
Marvel camps giggle like a school girl on her first date.
Personally, I was really happy to see Dante (even though his
inclusion was inevitable) as it was something I had dreamt
about ever since I played the first Devil May Cry. I’m not
ashamed to admit that I want this game solely for kicking ass
as Dante.

There will be plenty of familiar faces from past Marvel vs
Capcom games as well as new additions, such as the
iconic and fourth-wall breaking Deadpool and unorthodox
characters like Amaterasu from Okami. Given Capcom’s
recent impressive track record, we can expect Marvel vs
Capcom 3’s gameplay to be highly polished. The gameplay
videos have shown off some impressive 3 v 3 team
battles that would make SNK worry, as well as some fancy
extended airborne combos and Team Supers. Marvel vs
Capcom games were huge back in the day, in an era where
developers were pumping out one top quality fighting game
after the next. Thanks to Capcom, Street Fighter IV and
online gaming, that glorious era has returned once more.
Marvel vs Capcom will hopefully take that revival to the next
level. Times are good again for fighting fans.

   Jahanzeb Khan
THE       PORTAL 2:
 FUTUR3   Valve did a fine job of building up expectations for Portal 2’s
          E3 appearance, with their official E3 appearance cancelled,
          replaced with the more tantalising (and quite humorous)
          promise of a ‘surprise’. That surprise was Gabe Newell
          showing up at, of all places, Sony’s press conference. Mr
          Newell, in total deadpan, made light of his past views of the
          PS3, as well as making the announcement that the PS3
          version of Portal 2 would be supported by Steamworks,
          which Newell later said he believes will make the PS3
          version the best console iteration of the game. We were
          treated to a brief but mouth-watering glimpse of Portal 2 that
          focused more on the environment than gameplay. Aperture
          Science’s laboratories aren’t looking too hot, with mother
          nature well and truly moving in. Glados is up and running
          again, one sinister eye blinking back into existence, and the
          words ‘It’s been a long time… how have you been?’

          Since E3, plenty of gameplay footage has surfaced,
          demonstrating the numerous new gameplay elements. So
          far we’ve seen Aerial Faith Plates (platforms that launch
          you into the air) Pneumatic Diversity Vents, Excursion
          Funnels, Propulsion Gel and Repulsion Gel, and the Thermal
          Discouragement Beam. The two brightly coloured gels look
          like they’ll really shake up the gameplay. The repulsion
          gel essentially makes you bounce while the propulsion gel
          sends you sliding across the ground with speed. A lot of
          the movement puzzles in the original Portal were based
          on the idea of building momentum, and it appears this is a
          concept that will be expanded upon a lot here. Speaking of
          expansion, I’ll be interested to know how Valve will adapt the
          gameplay and story to the 7 or 8 hours expected of a fully
          fledged retail title. Portal was small, minimalist and genius.
          At this stage I’m confident Portal 2 will replicate Portal’s
          success on a larger scale.

             Michael Pincott
I’ve been playing Kingdom Hearts: Birth by Sleep and to be
honest all this Disney love is not really my thing. Even so, it
doesn’t seem at all strange to be an adult still playing games
featuring a talking mouse and a fairy godmother.
Disney characters are part of just about every person’s
childhood. Like gamers who have grown up with Pokemon,
there must be a part of the brain that accepts what, to
outside eyes, seems childish and puerile.

Epic Mickey seems anything but puerile, yet will play off of
your childhood memories. Warren Spector, the brain behind
the excellent (and much gushed over) Deus Ex, might seem
at first like a strange lead for this game, but given its darker
tone and moral choices, perhaps this could be the game that
gets even full grown gamers to openly declare their Mickey

Gameplay looks set to be of the platform variety, but it’s the
inclusion of paint thinner and the magic paintbrush which
should open up the experience considerably. A recharging
meter will allow Mickey to either destroy parts of the
environment with paint thinner, or create new elements such
as platforms or bridges with the magic paintbrush.

Spector is also promising a morality system whereby Mickey
will become either a hero or villain in the magical world he’s
found himself in. Hopefully this system isn’t too black or
white and that some truly interesting choices are presented
– not just whether or not to strangle Goofey. If you own a Wii,
Epic Mickey is probably the next big game to be focused on.

   Dylan Burns
          The original Donkey Kong Country was immensely
          successful, and is still the source of fond memories for
          many gamers from the 16-bit era. Though there are some
          who now think the game was over-rated, Donkey Kong
          Country Returns still has some large shoes to fill. If properly
          executed, DKCR has a huge potential to both appeal to
          Nintendo loyalists, and to usher in a whole legion of new

          The series’ original developers moved on when Rare was
          acquired by Microsoft in 2002. But the current developer,
          Retro Studios, has a similar level of pedigree with their
          previous work on the Metroid Prime series. Instead of
          completely rebuilding the franchise (like their approach to the
          Metroid Prime series), Retro will be taking a more traditional
          route, re-introducing many elements found in the original
          DKC, such as the mine cart levels, and collecting bananas.
          Much of the level design will also be inspired by DKC.

          However, that doesn’t mean Retro won’t be introducing a few
          new touches of their own. The levels where DK’s silhouette
          is laid against a setting sun are absolutely beautiful. And
          aside from graphical upgrades, Retro will also be making
          gameplay changes such as introducing a new co-op
          multiplayer mode, and WiiMote controls. Donkey Kong
          Country Returns builds upon its roots to offer quality 2D
          platfomer goodness that should appeal to its most ardent
          fans. There is also strong potential to bring in newcomers to
          the genre. But more importantly, it could convert the series’
          detractors into believers. Retro Studios has set themselves
          an immense task, but they seem to have taken to the
          challenge with aplomb.

             Ken Lee
KIRBY’S EPIC YARN:                                                THE
One of the biggest surprises of E3 was Kirby’s Epic Yarn.
The surprising part wasn’t so much that Nintendo was
reviving Kirby – that was something that has been on the
cards for a while now – but the way Epic Yarn looked. Not
being somebody innately familiar with the terminology of
sewing, the best analogy I can come up with is that Epic
Yarn looks like everything in your grandmother’s sewing
basket – not so much the needles and scissors part, but
fabric and material and thread. Like most Kirby games,
Epic Yarn is a 2D platformer, but don’t let that fool you into
notions of same old – the reason Epic Yarn’s trailer was so
impressive wasn’t just because of the magnificent art style,
but the fact that the aesthetic is built into the gameplay too.
Things like Kirby pulling a piece of fabric taut to bring two
platforms closer together and literally unzipping a part of
the world are promising examples that Epic Yarn is going
to be more than just a pretty face. Kirby itself is made of
pieces of string, and can extend said string to interact with
the environment, such as grabbing and pulling back the
zipper mentioned earlier. Kirby has traditionally been able
to assume different forms and that will be the case once
more in Epic Yarn. The trailer showcased Kirby turning into,
among other things, a parachute, a car, a UFO, and most
awesomely, a tank. It also looks like there’s going to be
room for co-op play, with a little crown-wearing blue follower
accompanying Kirby through some of the areas in the trailer.
When Kirby becomes the almighty KirbyTank, crown boy is in
the cockpit. Epic Yarn will probably be marketed at a younger
audience but it clearly oozes the charm and personality that
will get the older gamers in. If some of the platforming genius
of Super Mario Galaxy can be filtered into Epic Yarn, and if
co-op is used to its full potential, expect Epic Yarn to be a
sleeper hit. Especially if Meta Knight and King Dedede show

   Michael Pincott
          MORTAL KOMBAT:
          The Mortal Kombat franchises have experimented with 3D
          fighting and super heroes to mixed reception. But this latest
          iteration looks set to return to its roots as a brutal, heavy
          hitting 2D fighter.

          The success of Street Fighter IV (and the Super follow-
          up) made it quite clear that there is demand for old-school
          fighters. And returning to its roots satisfies hardcore fighter
          fans by focusing on the depth of the fighting system, while
          appealing to newcomers by reducing the level of complexity.
          The game celebrates its gory claim to fame, determinedly
          aiming for the M-rating. Fights are bloody, with both your
          victims and yourself copping the bitter end of the stick. And
          should you be victorious, you revel by (literally) tearing your
          opponent a new hole.

          But going old-school is not the only trick that this game pulls.
          It introduces a new Super Meter which allows each fighter to
          pull off stronger special attacks. And a full meter will unleash
          the X-Ray move, a devastating series of attacks where you
          see bones broken and organs crushed. The game also adds
          tag-teaming which opens up options for combos and sneak

          Mortal Kombat’s return heralds a new golden age of fighting
          games. And it looks to be in good shape to challenge for the

             Ken Lee
FABLE III:                                                         THE
Fable III’s showing at E3 was genuinely odd. I expected it to
be a fairly sizable part of Microsoft’s E3 presentation, being
a Microsoft exclusive and the sequel to the fairly successful
Fable II. I had expected we’d also be seeing plenty of Fable
III utilising Kinect, which Peter Molyneux has enthusiastically
demonstrated in the past with Milo & Kate. Perhaps it
would have been helpful for Microsoft to show Kinect’s
implementation in a ‘real’ game (It has since become clear
that Fable III will have zero Kinect support out of the box).
Instead, Fable III’s moment in the spotlight was brief, with
Molyneux coming out and not saying a great deal about
anything, followed by a trailer for the game. That was it.

Fable III is shaping up as an intriguing successor to Fable II,
but at this stage it looks more like Fable 2.5. Your character
is the son of your Fable II hero, who has died. Unfortunately,
daddy left the crown to his other, more evil son, leaving you
with the task of raising an army of rebels against him and
taking the crown for yourself. This is apparently just the first
half of the game, with the other half focused on your role as
King. Will you carry on the dastardly work of your brother,
or turn things around to make Albion the sweet and lovely
place it can surely be? This element of the game has plenty
of potential to be interesting, but as we learned from Fable II,
things never quite turn out as good as Molyneux would like
us to believe they are.

Despite its flaws I enjoyed Fable II a lot, so my expectations
for Fable III will be for another solid, engrossing fantasy
adventure, hopefully this time with a deeper moral scope and
more significant consequences to my actions. The fact that
John Cleese, Stephen Fry and Simon Pegg feature on the
voice cast is promising for the game’s fairly enjoyable sense
of humour.

   Michael Pincott
 FUTUR3   Everyone really, really hated Raiden after Metal Gear Solid 2. He
          was whiny, he was incompetent, he was totally whipped by girlfriend
          Rose. Standing next to the very pinnacle of manliness – Solid Snake
          – Raiden looked even more like a little girl. Worst of all, you weren’t
          only having to tolerate his meagre existence, you actually had to play
          as him! However, Metal Gear Solid 4 gave Raiden the opportunity to
          redeem himself. And that he did, becoming a rather badass cyborg
          ninja much like Gray Fox in the original Metal Gear Solid; more
          machine than man. Rising is, at this stage, still a vague proposition.
          In terms of storyline, Rising fills the five-year gap between Metal
          Gear Solid 2 and 4. In other words, a more accurate subtitle would
          be ‘How Raiden Stopped Being A Bitch And Became A Man.’ The
          trailer shown at E3 portrayed Raiden fighting what is either a robot or
          a man in some heavy duty armour, defeating it with ease by liberating
          it of its upper body. He then removed what was left of the mechanical
          spine and absorbed the energy into himself, which appears to be the
          key of the game’s ‘zan-datsu’ philosophy, which means ‘cut and take’.
          Cutting is something you’ll be doing a lot of, and in rather spectacular
          and gory style.

          The E3 trailer went on to show gameplay footage of Raiden slicing
          and dicing his way through guards with consummate ease, literally
          bisecting his foes in a way that’s going to cause the Classification
          Board to think more than twice about this one. Particularly lovely was
          when Raiden swept one enemy, triggering a slow-motion opportunity
          for the player to select their slices with care and consideration. It
          seems Raiden’s blade can cut just about anything, including pillars
          and vehicles, so it will be interesting to see what role destruction of
          non-living things will have in the gameplay. At this stage Rising is
          looking very flashy and very violent, but this is still a Metal Gear Solid
          game, so you can expect some stealth, a convoluted plot, plenty of
          anti-nuclear sentiment and many, many cutscenes along with the
          dismemberment, pillar slicing and watermelon cutting the trailer has

             Michael Pincott
 >> ‘It means no worries, for the rest of your days…’

AFRIKA (2008)                                            to snap a male, female and a baby before the Field
                                                         Guide will be completely filled in. This game is a
I don’t blame you for missing Afrika. In 2008 it was     completionist’s wet dream.
released only in Asia, under the title Hakuna Matata.
Over a year later it was released in the U.S as          The animals themselves are very well animated.
Afrika, but went relatively unnoticed – unsurprising     They react to their environment and each other,
when you consider that its competition at the time       nurturing their young, travelling in herds and
was Uncharted 2. However, if you are looking for         exhibiting fight or flight behaviour when you get
something different for a quiet Sunday afternoon         too close. It’s only when you see a large amount
gaming session, it’s worth tracking this little gem      of them in one place – such as a flamingo flock –
down.                                                    that the animation loops become apparent. The
                                                         soundtrack is great too. You feel like Indiana Jones
In Afrika, you play the role of a photojournalist sent   as you drive across the plains to the triumphant
into the African wilderness. You receive emails from     score. Tribal beats add tension to hunts and battles
various clients requesting specific shots of animals     between animals.                                        There are no elephant joyrides and no cuddles with
or parts of the landscape. As you complete missions                                                              cute lion cubs. You don’t even get to run anything
you earn money for your photos, allowing you to          The cameras you use are all real Sony cameras           over in your jeep. And while you CAN be attacked
buy better cameras and new equipment. There              (There is a LOT of product placement in this game).     by the animals if you piss them off, you don’t get to
are several habitats to explore, from savannahs          You can simply aim and shoot on auto if you want        see them viciously disembowel you. This game is
to swamps, with different animals native to each         to, but for the more advanced photographers all the     not about action. It’s about patience, nature and art.
area. Some animals only appear at certain times          options are there to adjust shutter speed, aperture     You will spend an awful lot of time hiding in bushes
of the day, or only reveal themselves once you’ve        and exposure.                                           waiting for the perfect shot. But when you get it, and
passed a certain mission. There are also scripted                                                                see it on the cover of National Geographic, all that
events called Big Game Trophies, where you have          The game still has it flaw’s. There’s no fast travel,   waiting will have been worth it.
to nab the perfect shot of an action event, such as a    and loading times are excruciating. For every
cheetah on the hunt or a herd of wildebeest crossing     gorgeously rendered antelope there is an abysmally      If you’re an animal lover, a budding photographer
a river to greener pastures.                             pixellated shrub. Sometimes it feels like the game is   or a sucker for obsessive compulsive database
                                                         giving you the run-around just for the sake of adding   completion, then this game will make for a very
When you discover a new animal and upload a              hours to gameplay, which is ridiculous when there       satisfying safari.
photo of it, the animal is unlocked in the Field         are more than enough animals to track down without
Guide. This extensive guide features facts, photos       the need for artificial game lengthening.
and videos from National Geographic, all waiting to                                                                 Annika Howells
be unlocked. For many of the animals you will need       You don’t get to ever actually touch the animals.
 >> Gaming’s version of the Stig.

We here at Pixel Hunt consider ourselves     might make for a neat character. Rumour
a pretty knowledgeable bunch when it         has it that he grew Peter Molyneux in a
comes to video games. But there are          lab in a horribly failed attempt to clone
secrets in gaming beyond even our            himself. One man claimed to have
grasp, the sort of mysteries and dilemmas    arranged a meeting with him. That man
that drive the sane insane, turn regular     turned up dead a day later, a SNES
sleepers into raving insomniacs, and         controller lodged in his throat.
leave the strongest of us in a pool of our
own tears.                                   They call him Professor Pixel.

           The love triangle between Mario, Bowser and Peach
                          is a complicated affair.

But, there is hope. In our darkest hour,     Gaming publications have been
there is a shining light.                    attempting to secure the Professor’s
                                             services for years, but in a massive coup,
There is a man for whom the                  Pixel Hunt has been granted exclusive
insurmountable problems that shatter         access to his infinite wealth of knowledge.
the mortal psyche are mere specks to         It took nothing less than the sacrifice
be crushed and tossed aside. We don’t        of our very souls, offered up to the
know where he lives, how old he is, or       Professor in a pagan ritual that featured
whether he’s even truly human. Some say      six cows, five virgins and a Frisbee. So
he travels underground, riding a gigantic    if you have the kind of gaming question
mythical sloth. Some say the heads of        that no one else will touch, we’ll pass
Microsoft, Sony and Nintendo all answer      it on to Professor Pixel, and then await
to him, and that he once suggested to        his pigeon-delivered response, which
Shigeru Miyamoto that an Italian plumber     we will then translate using ancient
 >> Gaming’s version of the Stig.

Swedish runes. Just to make sure he was legit,         investigate further.) The clues are all there. For      GORDOS
we’ve already tested the Professor with a couple of    a start, he’s not even a man. Look at that sissy
questions of our own. We’ll let the answers speak      crowbar. Whatever happened to chainsaws? Did            And while you’re at it, put in a big L to reflect what a
for themselves.                                        they go out of fashion? And that goatee! Are you        loser this guy is.
                                                       trying to make me laugh, Freeman? Either grow a         GLORDOS
Q: Professor, I’m a big fan of the Half-Life series.   real beard, or start wearing stockings. So you can
But Gordon Freeman never says a word! He’s been        cross man right out of his name, like so.               And what is this ‘or’ shit in the middle? The only ‘or’
through so much, he must have something to say. Is                                                             around here belongs at the end of ‘Profess’.
he truly a mute or just a really shy guy?
                                                       GORDON FREEMAN                                          GLORDOS
PP: There’s a perfectly logical explanation here,
so blatantly obvious I can’t believe Pixel Hunt are    Look at what we have then.                              Hey Gordon, have an A instead… for asshole! Now
wasting my time with it. Gordon Freeman is not                                                                 let’s see what we have left…
who he says he                                         GORDON FREE
is. (Professor’s                                                                                               GLADOS.
Note: But since                                        Well, that hardly makes sense. Gordon Free…
he’s never said                                         is that like fat free? Gluten free? Tax free? Free     That’s right. This is the real reason Valve haven’t
anything, he                                              Willy? So axe Free, and have a look at what’s        released Episode 3. The truth is sometimes just
can’t have                                                  left.                                              too horrifying to be revealed. Gordon Freeman
said he was                                                                                                    is actually Glados from Portal. He remains mute
Gordon                                                       GORDON                                            because to speak would give away his true identity
Freeman                                                                                                        as a psychopath AI. I suspect there’s a companion
in the first                                                    Seems innocent enough. But there’s             cube hiding in that moustache. Mind blown? You’re
place.                                                           nobody more suspicious than people            welcome.
Must                                                              who have the same letter at the start or
                                                                   end of both names (Professor’s Note:        Q: Professor, I just bought Super Mario Galaxy
                                                                    Must change own name to Rofessor           2, and guess what? The Princess gets kidnapped
                                                                     Ixel), so take off that extra N, put an   again! I mean, damn, Peach should have learnt by
                                                                       S there or something.                   now how to avoid these kind of situations. Surely
                                                                                                               she can hide some mace under that frilly pink dress.
                                                                           GORDON                              Professor, do you think that deep down Peach
                                                                                                               wants to be kidnapped by Bowser?
 >> Gaming’s version of the Stig.

                                                        are Mario and Bowser. They’re both being used by
PP: Undoubtedly. Get kidnapped once, that’s             Peach to her own ends. She cares not for Mario’s
unfortunate. Get kidnapped twice, you’re very           anguish as he tries desperately to save her, or for
unlucky. But when you’ve been kidnapped as many         Bowser’s. She doesn’t care for Bowser Junior, who
times as Princess Peach, you’ve clearly become a        in all likelihood is the result of Peach and Bowser’s
willing party to the event. The love triangle between   forbidden romance. (Professor’s Note: Bowser
Mario, Bowser and Peach is a complicated affair.        denies this is the case. Can you get paternity
Peach appears torn between the two men in her           tests in the Mushroom Kingdom? Must check birth
life. Unable to reconcile her conflicting feelings,     certificate.)
she must repeatedly carry out a charade that will
grant her a relationship with both of them. I can       The young Bowser has strayed down his father’s
only speculate what planted this twisted seed in her    troubled path without a consistent female influence
simple mind, but I suspect she may have developed       to guide him. But we can’t lay the blame solely
something similar to Stockholm Syndrome over            at the feet of the Princess. Mario and Bowser,
the course of her initial kidnappings. Stockholm        whether consciously are not, play an active part in
Syndrome (Professor’s Note: Or should that be           this twisted little play. Should either fail to play their
Mushrolm Syndrome?) is a curious psychological          part - if Mario decides he has better things to do,
condition wherein the victim’s feelings on their        or if Bowser decides Daisy would be a more exotic
kidnapper change from fear and repulsion to             quarry – Peach’s machinations fall apart. The real
respect, admiration and love.                           question is this: where does Yoshi fit in?

(Professor’s Note: I never did understand why nice      If you have any questions for the Professor, send
girls like bad boys.)                                   them to

She spends time safe and sound in the Mushroom             Professor Pixel
Kingdom, supposedly baking cakes. It’s a pleasant
enough existence, but she gets bored. She needs
a little danger, a little excitement. Lo and behold,
Bowser shows up. She gets her danger and
excitement, Mario risks his neck for the umpteenth
time. By the time she’s had her fill of Bowser, Mario
has got around to saving her. The real losers here
 >> Redemption’s Blind Eye

   *Disclaimer: This is a piece of creative fiction and is in no way endorsed by or affiliated with Rockstar

**WARNING: STRONG LANGUAGE                                          Boss’s expression grew even more
A grim moon watched over the gang as they buried                    Two days later, after being cooped
the bodies in a shallow grave. Fingers and clothing                 up together, the gang decided it
stuck up from the thin soil drizzled over them, as                  was worth a quick supply run into
though it were just a token effort at duplicity.                    Armadillo. Jim was sent to scout
“Jesus,” croaked one of the gang, “you want to feel                 it out, see if anyone had a price on their head, andflick of his eyes removed a great weight from his
the bite of a rope?”                                                use some of their hard-earned loot on supplies and  shoulders. The Brady Gang was the flavour of
Three men with shovels grunted and covered up the                   horse feed.                                         the week. They probably even got blamed for that
bodies, patted the soil down and covered it with a                  Jim wasn’t stupid. He knew that they sent him       poor family… the little girl’s eyes flashed into Jim’s
rotting wooden pallet.                                              because he was the most expendable. If he were      memory and he winced. It was fucking Gray’s fault.
                                                                                                                                        He couldn’t keep his dick in his pants

“They didn’t even have to fucking
die,” said one of the men, the                                                                                                          and that stupid bitch had fought back.
youngest.                                                                                                                               Jim pushed the memory away – he

“Shut the fuck up, Jim. It’s too                    He            knew this man would one day be on the other side of                   wasn’t a bad person but you had to
fucking late now anyway.”                                                  the law, hunting down his brothers.                          do what you could to survive.
One man watched over the                                                                                                                The storemaster was a right prick
proceedings, his face lit from the                                                                                                      when it came to fleecing him on
bright end of a half-burnt cigar.                                                                                                       price, but in the end Jim got what
“The boy’s right,” he said. “Now the                                                                                                    he needed. A commotion caught
Sheriff will be forced to investigate. Rape a woman,               caught and hung he had no illusions of a timely      his attention from the tavern. Raised voices, a
beat a child, steal money, and that lazy son of a                  rescue. The rope would bite deep into his neck and   woman’s scream, a drunken man with a knife. Then
cunt can easily brush it off. But bodies… we’ll have               he’d be with his momma once more. He wondered        a gun shot, blood and a lone shooter holstering his
to lay low for a while boys.”                                      if they had hot baths in heaven. Jesus that would be weapon, eyes like burnt coal.
One of the men started to apologise but stopped                    nice.                                                “That’s Marston,” whispered the storemaster, who’d
at the leader’s dark expression. Surprisingly, it was              Armadillo bustled lazily in the midday heat. Jim     poked his head out to snoop. “That there be one
Jim who was brave enough to speak first.                           slinked into town via the back alleys and gathered   tough cocksucker.” He realised that he’d spoken
“Boss, I heard there’s a law man of sorts might be                 the courage to walk quickly past the various wanted  too loudly when Marston’s gaze swung their way.
to fear. Goes by the name Marston.”                                posters stuck to the train station wall. A quick     Jim was rooted in place with apprehension. He
knew this man would one day be on the other side
of the law, hunting down his brothers. He breathed
out as Marston went to help the woman who had
almost been assaulted. She was hysterical at the
blood on her dress, but thankful just the same.
Jim punished his horse back to their hideout and
reported what he had seen. Boss took it all in with
unreadable equanimity. That night, as everyone
slept, Jim took his turn at watch. He waited for the
rhythmic snores of them all before slipping out
and unhitching his horse. He didn’t take anything
that didn’t belong to him – he’d come to the gang
with his horse, and the clothes on his back and a
few supplies in his pack he’d earned. He walked
his mount several hundred feet before mounting.
He took one last look back to where his brothers
slept and said a silent goodbye. One day, no doubt,
a man like Marston would put lead in every one
of them, even Boss. Jim wasn’t going to let that
fate be his. Starving on the road was better than
that. The little girl’s eyes haunted him whenever
he closed his eyes. Perhaps God would grant him

   Dylan Burns
 >> Red Dead Redemption

                                                       If your sandbox game fits the context of Grand           too. When it’s time for chases on horseback and
                                                       Theft Auto (and let’s face it, many do), then you’re     shooting bad men right in the face, the music
                                                       pretty safe relying upon car radios as your game’s       seamlessly picks up pace, a snarl of guitar or a
                                                       source of music. If not, you face the challenge of       tumultuous roll of percussion breaking in and setting
                                                       providing music that is consistently in the player’s     off. It’s here that the compulsory influence of Ennio
                                                       headspace but doesn’t annoy the player through           Morricone, the man who more or less invented
                                                       sheer repetition. Assassin’s Creed II managed to do      the sound of the spaghetti western, can be heard.
                                                       this rather well, and Red Dead Redemption handles        The horns, the whistling, the bells, the percussion:
                                                       it even better, crafting atmosphere and mood with        it’s all classic Morricone, sounds that are instantly
                                                       ease.                                                    evocative of Sergio Leone’s films. One of the core
                                                                                                                appeals of Red Dead Redemption is that you’re
                                                       Bill Elm and Woody Jackson’s score drifts in and         playing a spaghetti western instead of watching one;
                                                       out of the game with such organic fluidity it almost     Elm and Jackson have done their part in making the
                                                       feels like it’s being conjured up by the game’s          score fit that role.
                                                       environment itself. The way instruments are woven
                                                       into the natural sounds of the game’s world is           According to a Guardian article by Keith Stuart,
                                                       exemplary. A subtle flourish of strings might be the     Elm and Jackson kept the score in A-minor and at
                                                       wind sending tumbleweeds across your path, the low       130 beats per minute in order to keep transitions
Rockstar faced an interesting challenge when it        drone of horns a warning of a thunderstorm to come.      smooth and cohesive. Another interesting point
came to the music for Red Dead Redemption. The         Percussion echoes the clapping hooves of your            made in that article is their approach to the music
music in their Grand Theft Auto titles was almost      horse. Dry twangs of guitar punctuate Marston’s          in the three main areas of the game: Elm says
entirely diegetic; aside from the opening theme, and   lonesome treks across the barren countryside. The        that they were aiming for a feel of peacefulness in
the ditty that would play upon completing a mission,   hollow ring of piano punctures the chilling silence of   the beginning section of New Austin, focusing on
the rest of the music came from the radios in          hunting (or being hunted by) a bear at night in the      violins, harmonica and guitars, as well as the classic
vehicles. Radio was used cleverly, particularly from   snow. You aren’t so much listening to a soundtrack       Western whistle. Mexico, unsurprisingly, featured
Vice City onwards, featuring real life musicians as    as a soundscape. Try playing the game with a good        more of a focus on mariachi horns. For the West
DJs and plenty of well-known tracks.                   pair of headphones: it becomes that much more            Elizabeth section of the game, Elm says that they
                                                       obvious how exceptional the sound design here is.        were aiming to connect to the themes of the New
Red Dead Redemption afforded no such opportunity.                                                               Austin score while doing something totally different
Assuming Rockstar didn’t consider the possibility      Being a game where you’ll kill many, many, people,       at the same time. He said they also incorporated
of horses with magical radio implants, they had to     sometimes ambience and subtlety isn’t the right          some experimental elements, like using the
take an entirely different approach. Background        approach. But Elm and Jackson, current and               heartbeat of a baby girl as a source of percussion.
music in a sandbox game is a difficult proposition.    former members respectively of instrumental rock         Rockstar have released the soundtrack on iTunes,
                                                       band Friends Of Dean Martinez, have that covered         so let’s take a look at a few of the tracks. The
whistling and strings in Born Into Trouble both           Finally, we must mention the two points in the game
establish motifs which surface again in tracks like       where certain songs are triggered by a gameplay
The Shootist, the main theme, titled (Theme From)         event. (SPOILER ALERT!)
Red Dead Redemption, and Muertos Rojos (The
Gunslinger’s Lament). That main motif is a great          The first is Far Away by José González, which
little hook… don’t be surprised to find yourself          plays as Marston rides into Mexico. The second is
whistling along with it. One of the reasons it works      Compass (Red Dead On Arrival Version) by Jamie
so well is that played gently and slowly, it sounds       Lidell, which plays when Marston rides back to
mournful and melancholic. Blown up by horns               his family’s ranch. Each song is perfect for that
and drums and guitar, it sounds epic, triumphant,         moment in John’s story. Far Away is a melancholic
determined.                                               ballad with lyrics that can easily be imagined to
                                                          coincide with Marston’s circumstances. Likewise,
Triggernometry is an interesting track in that it’s       Lidell’s song fits the moment like a glove, and the
really the only song here to wilfully incorporate         lyrics instantly resonate with the player as Marston
modern elements. The style of drumming is more            hurries back to his family. Both tracks are mostly
bombastic and more contemporary, quite different          acoustic and sparsely arranged. The horns in
to the loping, atmospheric percussion frequently          Compass tie the song nicely back into the aesthetic
heard elsewhere. It’s a very well executed track,         of the main score. These were very smart song
especially in its use of horns. It’s a clash not unlike   choices by Rockstar. In both instances they add
the game itself: just as Red Dead Redemption              a lot of emotional punch to the game’s story, and
represents the early 1900’s with the technology of        are in part very effective simply because you’re not
2010, this track marries Morricone’s style with a         expecting them. Like the regular score, these songs
modern beat.                                              also adapt to the gameplay in that they would trail
The shorter tracks are strong too: there’s the sad        off if the ‘moment’ was interrupted. William Eliot
drone of harmonica in Already Dead, a dissonant           Whitmore’s version of ‘cowboy folk’ song Bury Me
darkness to the guitars in Gunplay and the pretty,        Not On The Lone Prairie also adds appropriate
contemplative Estancia. Horseplay and The                 gravitas to the game’s ending.                         SOUNDS LIKE:
Shootist are really the go-to tracks for action
sequences.                                                There is a real maturity and sense of craftsmanship    If you particularly enjoyed the soundtrack to this
                                                          in this score, and the game’s use of sound overall.    game, there are several albums worth pursuing
One of my favourites is Exodus In America, which          The amount of care and effort in making it work        that have a similar sound. José González albums
veers back and forth between the touching interplay       is on par with the care that’s gone into the rest of   In Our Nature and Veneer are both excellent if you
of piano and strings to a harsh, droning harmonica        the game. Rockstar realised how important the          enjoyed Far Away. Dirty Three’s albums Ocean
sound. In some ways it feels a little out of place;       soundtrack would be, and thanks to the elegant         Songs, Horse Stories and Cinder have a similar
though the main motif is present, the style and           and nuanced work of Elm and Jackson, the player’s      feel to some of Red Dead’s arrangements but from
tone is quite different to most of the other tracks.      experience of Red Dead Redemption is made all          a more Australian angle, especially thanks to violin
The Outlaw’s Return is also fantastic, particularly       the richer.                                            of Warren Ellis (who worked with Nick Cave on the
the second half when the squall of horns comes                                                                   soundtrack of Australian ‘western’ The Proposition).
in over a lonely guitar line. Like all excellent game                                                            Another band worth checking out are Calexico:
                                                             Michael Pincott
soundtracks, you don’t need to play the game to                                                                  members Joey Burns and Jon Convertino were
enjoy these songs.                                                                                               originally members of Friends Of Dean Martinez
                                                                                                                 alongside Elm and Jackson.
       y ou wer e here!

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