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                             RUN IT... JOG IT... WALK IT... ENJOY IT!

                                              Tees Pride 10k
                                                  & PCT Fun Run


    Organised under UKA rules. Licence number 20090082
    Suitable for wheelchair athletes
    T-shirt and medal for all finishers
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            Middlesbrough              Middlesbrough
                                              moving forward   Public Health North East
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                             Welcome to the 2009 Middlesbrough
                             Tees Pride 10k and PCT Fun Run.

                             This booklet contains important information
                             for runners and local residents.

                             CONTENTS PAGE
                             Pre-race Information ................................... 5
                             Race Information ........................................ 6
                             Route Map & Site Plan ............................ 8-9
                             Post-race Information ................................ 11
                             Road Closures & Access Points ........... 12-13
                             Entertainment............................................ 15
         moving forward      Timetable ................................................. 16

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    Important Information for Runners
    Application Information                                  RACE NUMBER, CHIP AND MEDICAL
    10K - APPLYING IN PERSON: Anyone wishing to              INFORMATION
    apply in person has until noon on Friday 4th             The most important items in this race pack are your
    September and needs to arrive at the Race Events         race number and race chip (10k). It is essential that
    Office, Stewart Park, The Grove, Marton,                 you bring them with you on race day; without them
    Middlesbrough TS7 8AR. Normal office hours               you will not have an official time or position.
    8.30a.m-4.30pm, weekdays only.                           NEVER swap your race number with ANY other runner
    POSTAL APPLICATIONS: The Race Events Team                as it could create dangerous medical situations.
    have extended the deadline for receiving postal          Anyone who does swap their race number will be
    applications until Tuesday September 1st. This is the    disqualified from the race and reported to UK
    final day that allows the runners to receive their       Athletics.
    race packs through the post.
    ON LINE APPLICATIONS: If you wish to apply on-           You MUST provide full and correct medical and
    line please visit            contact information on the back of your race number
    the deadline via this method is Thursday 3rd             with a PERMANENT MARKER and ensure your
    September. However those who apply after Monday          relatives (or other contactable person) have your race
    31st August you will need to pick up their race packs    number for reference. Remember to do this before
    on the day. Please note there are no on-the-day 10k      you leave home.
    entries.                                                 DO NOT PUT YOUR OWN CONTACT
    ENTRANTS                                                 DETAILS ON YOUR RACE NUMBER.
    If you have entered either event already and need
    to change any personal detail please ring 01642          Check List
    515672.                                                  Write yourself a checklist to
    3K FUN RUN: People can apply for the 3k Fun Run          ensure you bring appropriate
    on the day (not 10k) but are not guaranteed a T-shirt    clothing (for before, during and
    or medal. Anyone wishing to enter the Fun Run prior      after the race),
    to the event needs to follow the 10k information.        race number, race
    RACE PACKS: Please check your pack to ensure             chip(10k), baggage tag and any
    you have the following: race chip and race number,       energy food and drinks you may
    (please ensure these numbers correspond) safety          require.
    pins, baggage tag. If you are handing in your baggage
    you MUST write clearly your name and contact

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    Pre-Race                                                     To help prevent long queues and frustration, if at all
    ARRIVE EARLY                                                 possible try to use these well in advance of the start
    To save disappointment please arrive early. Please           of your event. Please ensure you use the toilets
    note that the full race route including all routes to the    provided to avoid upsetting local residents as this
    start, finish and designated race car parks are closed       could prove detrimental to future events.
    from 9.00 a.m. prompt.                                       CLOTHING
    ROAD CLOSURES                                                It is recommended you come ready to run with
    If you are travelling to the race by car and intend to       appropriate clothing, footwear, race number and
    use one of the designated car parks please study the         electronic chip (10k) with additional clothing/baggage
    map on pages 8-9 and plan your route and timetable           for pre and post event
    accordingly.                                                 CHANGING FACILITIES
    PARKING                                                      There are limited changing facilities within Acklam
    There are 4 designated car parks, which are free of          Sports Centre but runners must use the designated
    charge, and spaces will be allocated on a first come         baggage area. Do NOT leave any baggage/valuables
    first served basis. These car parks will open from           unattended.
    7.30 a.m. and will close at 1.30 p.m. and will not           BAG STORAGE AND LABELS
    re-open till the following day. If you intend to use this    If you do bring baggage try to keep it to a minimum
    facility then please be aware that the car parks will        and complete all the relevant information on the label
    not re-open till the race route is safe and the race         provided and attach it to your bag the night before,
    route has been officially opened.                            making sure it is clearly visible.
    THE ATHLETES VILLAGE                                         WARM UP/PRE RACE ENTERTAINMENT
    The Athletes Village is situated at the dual use facility    There will be mass warm ups for both the 10k and 3k
    of Kings Manor School/Acklam Sports Centre, which            runners (please check the timetable on page 16) and
    is situated on Hall Drive between the start and finish       will take place at the Athletes Village close to the
    line. The village is the hub for both the 10k and the        main stage adjacent to the 3k start area and
    3k Fun Run. Please refer to the map on pages 8-9 to          approximately 800 metres from the 10k start (please
    locate the village and specific facilities                   see map on pages 8-9)
    Toilets can be located within Acklam Sports Centre
    with a number of portaloos positioned around the
    warm up area and adjacent to the start line.

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    Start Arrangements                                             If it important for you to run with someone who is in a
    THE 3K FUN RUN                                                 different colour zone to you, you MUST line up in the
    The 3k Fun Run will start 9.10 a.m. Please arrive at           colour zone that is furthest back from the start line.
    the Athletes Village in sufficient time to warm up and         Anyone failing to adhere to this may have their
    be ready to assemble for your event, as the timetable          number eliminated from the event and there will be
    will be strictly adhered to.                                   no record of them in the results service.
    3K LINE UP                                                     TIMING (10K)
    There is no specific order in terms of line up for the         There will be race clocks on the lead car and finish
    3k Fun Run, however for safety reasons it is advisable         gantry. Due to the number of expected runners there
    that slow joggers and walkers start at the back.               may be a delay in crossing the start line, but your
    10K ROAD RACE                                                  electronic chip will ensure you will be given an exact
    Please arrive at the Athletes Village in sufficient time       time for your race, so please be patient.
    to warm up and be ready to assemble for your event,            FINISH LINE
    as the timetable will be strictly adhered to. In the 10k,      Runners will pass under the finish gantry where they
    Racing Wheelchair Athletes will start at 10.10 a.m.            will be funnelled through to be de-chipped and collect
    and the main event will start five minutes later at            a bottle of water and goody bag including medal and
    10.15 a.m.                                                     T-shirt.
    10K RACE LINE UP                                               DRINK STATIONS
    The line up for the race has been changed from                 Water will be provided at the finish of both races as
    previous years:                                                well as at 2.3k, 5k and 7.5k along the 10k route.
    The Elite athletes will still line up in front of the start    REAL RADIO and RACE COMMENTARY
    gantry but the funnel for all other runners will be             Real Radio presenters Lisa Shaw and Ben Weston
    along Acklam Road (Not Hall Drive) and will line up            will be there throughout the morning providing
    along the opposite side of the road to the actual race.        entertainment and cheering the runners across the
    In effect runners will do a 'U' turn and come round            finish line. The Real Patrol will also be on hand giving
    under the start gantry and onto the electronic timing          away bags of merchandise and taking pictures for the
    mat.                                                           website. Runners are invited to come along to the
    LINE UP ZONES                                                  Real Radio chill out tent for a free sports massage
    There are four line-up zones, which are colour                 after the run!!
    co-ordinated, and it is vital you line up in the coloured
    zone that is specific to your number.

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      Route Map & Site Plan

    page 8
10k info booklet for print   6/8/09   16:27   Page 9


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    GOODY BAGS/T-SHIRTS                                        the Live 10k results, here a new window will open,
    FUN RUN: Goody Bags including your race T-shirt            enter your name and race number to view your start
    and medal to be picked up near the start/finish point      and finish time along with your current finish position.
    after you complete the run. Please ensure you pick up      These live results will be available to view within
    the size you ordered on entry, however on-the-day          seconds of you crossing the start line.
    entries are not guaranteed a Goody Bag or T-shirt.         EVENING GAZETTE
    10K: Please exchange your chip for your Goody Bag          The Evening Gazette will provide stories and
    which includes your race T-shirt and medal from the        photographs both in print and on-line and all the
    marquee/stall in the Athletes Village and ensure you       official results commencing Monday September 7th.
    collect the size you ordered on entry.                     Please visit for more details.
    PRESENTATIONS                                              MIDDLESBROUGH COUNCIL
    There will be a 10k presentation ceremony for the          You will be able to access all the results plus a wide
    men's, women's open race together with wheelchair          range of event photos via
    athletes and North East Championships from the main and also
    stage in the Athletes Village at 11.30 a.m. prompt.
    PRIZE WINNERS                                              BBC TEES RADIO
    All prize winners including veterans will receive their    The Voice of the Boro - Alastair Brownlee - will be
    prize money via a cheque in the post within 7 working      running the Middlesbrough 10K. You can hear how he
    days of the event.                                         got on on his programme on BBC Tees. Week nights
    POST RACE DEPARTURE                                        at 6pm. That's on 95FM, digital radio. Plus full
    The roads will not be fully open until approximately       coverage of the race at
    12.00 noon so please be patient, do not attempt to         YOUR RACE PHOTO
    enter the route until the roads are fully open.   will be photographing
    If you have some free time at the end why not watch        every runner in the Middlesbrough PCT 3k Fun Run
    the live entertainment on the main stage alternatively     and the Middlesbrough Tees Pride 10K. Your photos
    go across to Hall Drive and encourage other runners        will be online within 48 hours of the race, to see your
    to complete the race.                                      photos, simply find the event on our website and type
    RESULTS SERVICE                                            in your race number or surname. Orders may be
    Raceahead                                                  placed online, with a range of payment options. We
    If you have supplied us with your mobile number you        offer an exciting range of print and digital photo
    will receive an SMS text once you have crossed the         options. The Digital Super Pack is particularly popular.
    finish line informing you of your race completion time.    It offers all identified images of a runner in all
    You and your friends will be also able to follow your      purchase options. Digital orders are available to
    progress via the live results on the race website          download the next working day from receipt of, follow the link for           payment.

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       Road Closures & Access Points

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10k info booklet for print   6/8/09   16:27   Page 13

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    There are many reasons why the Middlesbrough Tees           fresh, 5-piece band from Teesside who play some of
    Pride 10k and PCT 3k Fun Run are seen as one of the         the greatest pop and rock from the last 50 years!
    best running events in the country. One of them is          From the Beatles to Oasis, from Tina Turner to Lady
    because of live entertainment that is on offer and this     Gaga, Running For Cover really do have songs for
    year may well prove to be the best yet.                     every occasion and will keep you wanting to move
                                                                long after you have finished your run!
    Real Radio presenters Lisa Shaw and Ben Weston              The band members also have an impressive back
    will be there throughout the morning providing              catalogue of gigs under their belt including:
    entertainment and cheering the runners across the           BBC Proms In The Park, Stockton Riverside Festival &
    finish line. The Real Patrol will also be on hand giving    Middlesbrough Music Live as well as many other
    away bags of merchandise and taking pictures for the        venues and events from all around the country!
    website. Runners are invited to come along to the           Visit for more
    Real Radio chill out tent for a free sports massage         information.
    after the run!!
                                                                So once you have completed your run and picked up
    Joining them on the main stage will be the brilliant        your Goody bag just chill out and listen to the brilliant
    'Running For Cover'! 'Running For Cover' are a tight,       sounds from the past and present!

        Start Area                                  Jonathan Booth
        Blue Bell                                   Middlesbrough Jazz and Blues Orchestra
        Municipal Golf Centre                       Jamie Sample
        Texaco Garage                               Andrew Davies
        Prissick Base/Marton Road                   Rhythm Train
        Toby Inn                                    Abingdon Steel Band
        St Chad's Church                            Femme Fatal
        Green Lane Nursery                          Sonner
        Coronation Pub                              Skinny Legs
        Master Cooper                               Damaged Angels
        Finish Area                                 Steelworks

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         7.30am        Race car parks open

         8.50am        Middlesbrough PCT 3k Fun Run warm up

         9.00am        Full race route road closure except northbound Acklam Road
                       traffic from Trimdon Avenue and southbound traffic along
                       Marton Road. These will remain open throughout the race as
                       access for emergency services only

         9.10am        Middlesbrough PCT 3k Fun Run START

         9.40am        Middlesbrough Tees Pride 10k Road Race warm up

        10.10am        Middlesbrough Tees Pride 10k Wheelchair Race START

        10.15am        Middlesbrough Tees Pride 10k Road Race START

        11.30am        Presentations on main stage

        12 noon        Route fully re-opens to traffic

    *These are estimated times and will depend on events throughout the morning.

    Middlesbrough Council would like to thank all our partners and
    contributors for their support. A special thank you goes to the
    Cleveland Army Cadet Force for the tremendous work they carry
                                                                                    Designed by Q Design Ltd T: 01642 242024

    out year on year.

                  “To Inspire to Achieve”
                              ARMY CADET FORCE MOTTO

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