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Making a List and Checking it          Real Estate 2007: An Internet                     Buyers Ask: Will the Grass Be
Twice                                  Odyssey                                           Greener if I Get Off the Fence?
Whether you were naughty or nice       First, advances in cell phones,                   To be sure, many real estate markets
this past holiday season, NAR has      e-mails, and PDAs helped                          across the country have been seeing
a book to help you ring in the New     Realtors® stay in touch with their                housing inventory increase and home
Year. The recently published           clients. Next, the real estate                    prices stabilize.
1,200 Great Sales Tips for Real        industry made online listing
Estate Pros compiles information       information a reality. Now, new                   Although most sellers are still seeing
from REALTOR® Magazine’s past          participatory Internet develop-                   a very good return on their housing
“List” issues, an annual series of     ments such as blogs and social                    investment, with more than 50
real estate-related tips and advice.   networking sites are changing the                 percent appreciation over the past six
                                       real estate landscape.                            years, some home buyers have
The shift from a seller’s to a                                                           concerns about the timing of their
buyer’s market in many areas of        For example, although its future                  home purchase in this environment.
the country, influx of immigrants,     remains to be seen given its recent               For their part, homeowners are
increasing influence of 20- and 30-    acquisition by Google™, YouTube                   wondering about the long-term value
somethings, and growth of              not only allows Realtors® to post                 of their home and how the laws of
technology and the Internet are all    videos of listings, but also to share             supply and demand will affect home
forces transforming the industry.      information on topics such as final               sellers in their community.
This book aims to help                 walk-throughs, selling in a slow
professionals adapt to the evolving    market, or the effects of pools and               In this uncertain environment, a
demands of the current real estate     hot tubs on property values on the                Realtor®’s experience and expertise
market.                                site, demonstrating their                         is vital for both buyers and sellers.
                                       knowledge and value to                             Story Springboard
The book is available at               consumers.
www.realtor.org/store.                                                                    • Been there, seen that
                                       Products like Apple Inc.’s                         This month, NAR is launching
Story Springboard                      upcoming iTV could expand the                      two new advertising spots,
• Cultural cognizance                  realm of virtual tours to include                  explaining to consumers that
One section of the book                footage of neighborhood schools,                   “Every market’s different, call a
provides insights into serving a       community shopping centers,                        Realtor® today.” Interview
more culturally diverse                restaurants, and cultural and                      Realtors® in your area who have
clientele. According to the            recreational facilities.                           worked in both buyers’ and
Joint Center for Housing                                                                  sellers’ markets. Ask them how
Studies at Harvard University,          Story Springboard                                 their clients’ home search and
immigrants have accounted for           • YouTube, WeTube                                 marketing tactics reflect the
more than one-third of                  Talk to Realtors® in your area                    changing real estate environment,
household growth in the United          who are using some of these                       and have them provide tips for
States since the 1990s. Visit           new venues to reach potential                     both buyers and sellers in your
www.realtor.org/                        homebuyers. What technologies                     community. To learn more about
libweb.nsf/pages/fg225 to learn         do they use? What is the                          NAR’s advertising campaign,
how trends in home feature              response? Has their business                      visit www.realtor.org/
preferences, decision making,           changed or been influenced as a                   awarenesscampaign.
and the home search process             result? Interview consumers
vary by culture, and get                who have used real estate                        Please contact Stephanie Singer,
Realtors®’ perspectives on how          information on the Internet –                    202/383-1050, or via e-mail at
immigration is influencing the          what resources do they find                      ssinger@realtors.org, for additional
real estate market in your area.        most useful?                                     ideas, sources, data and resources.

                                                                                                                 Home Delivery
                                                                                                                  January 2007
                                                                                                             Volume IV, Issue 1

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