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                              Volume IV, Issue 11             Car Collector Chronicles                                   November 2011

 Car Collecting Today                                       The (Publishing) Year in Review
 Classic Rides                   With this issue, CCC® em-         Cruiser in the Automotive Ances-
                                 barks on year 4 of publication.     try article proved to be enlight-
 Reports From the Field
                                 Happy Birthday! In that time we     ening to me, and I hope for you.
 Oldsmobile (1897-2004)        have covered a lot of ground,       The design line of progression
                                 and amassed a cadre of loyal        between the two rides is readily
 Cadillac (1902- )             readers. To my amazement,           discernible.
                                 some 17,800 + individuals have
 Allanté (1987-1993)                                                 A relatively new feature for
                                 read some edition of the pub.       CCC® is Humor on Wheels. Not
 Corvair (1960-1969)             One of my favorite articles       being the most imaginative crea-
                                 was the True One Owner article      ture on earth it does take a bit
                                 in the April issue about M. Allen   of effort on my part to a) find a
                                 Swift, the elderly gent who         suitable pic and then, b) to
                                 owned his 1928 Rolls Phantom        come up with an appropriate
                                 from brand new. As well was         caption.    I cannot guarantee
                                 the companion Spirit of Ecstasy     there will be a CARtoon every
                                 piece; the story behind the fa-     month, but it is fun to try and
IN THIS ISSUE:                   mous Rolls hood ornament.           come up with them.
                                   I learned quite a lot research-     Of course, the whole purpose
                                 ing the Motometers article that     of our pub is to share info. I
                                 appeared in March. I do find        have had a bit of email commu-          Future subjects I am looking into
The (Publishing)          1      them to be interesting devices      nication from readers, for which      deal with the use of ethanol in our
Year in Review                   that both served a practical        I am thankful. Going into year        classics and the ‘old ride’ tire di-
                                 purpose and satisfied the ever      4, I am still waiting for our first   lemma we all face; to modify or not.
                                 present desire of people to         reader written article. Surely
GDYNets                   1                                          someone out there has some-             What subjects would you, the
                                 personalize their rides.
On the Web                                                           thing they would like to say and      readers, like presented? Let me
                                  The May comparisons between        share? Send it to me, and see         know. If you do, it could very well
                                 the Chrysler Airflow and the PT                                           appear on the pages of CCC®.
                                                                     yourself in print! Just do it!
Ethanol                   2

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                             This is not going to be diatribe against ethanol. There would be no
                           sense in going on and on about it. The simple fact is, it is here, and we
                           are stuck with it. Our interests are better served in learning to cope with
                           ethanol blended gasoline; commonly referred to as E10.

                             Let me state at the outset, in 6 years of maintaining my old rides I’ve
                           not encountered problems with ethanol; except maybe once. That prob-
                           lem was one of vapor lock. It happened after a long drive on a hot sum-
                           mer day, the last of which was in, for lack of a better term, parade mode.

                             Before one may address coping with ethanol blended fuel, cursory
                           knowledge of a few facts are necessary. Bear with me here –

  “Our interests             Gasoline begins to oxidize 30-45 days after refinery manufacture.
     are better            Products of oxidation include: gum, varnish and insoluble residue. 6
                           gallons of untreated fuel loses on average 4 octane points every 30
      served in            days. Higher grades lose their octane rating faster than regular gas.
     learning to
                             Ethanol blends well with gasoline. It also mixes completely with water.
     cope with             When water infiltrates a gas tank, the ethanol will absorb the water. If
       ethanol             enough is present, it will overwhelm the ethanol’s ability to remain
                           blended with the gasoline. In older cars, gas tanks are vented. Vented
      blended              fuel tanks pull moisture out of the air, blending it with the fuel in the tank.
      gasoline;            After the ethanol absorbs as much water as it can, the unabsorbed wa-
                           ter, being heavier than gas, settles to the bottom of the tank. As your
     commonly              fuel pickup line is near the bottom of the gas tank, you will be sucking in
   referred to as          the worst fuel first.

        E10.”                This is what ethanol blended gasoline looks like after it
                           has undergone “phase separation;” caused by water ab-
                           sorption. The top portion is gas. The bottom solution is
                           a water-ethanol mix. Who would want to be pumping
                           this through their engine? Once phase separation has
                           occurred, the process cannot be reversed. [Photo courtesy

                             Ethanol blended fuel does effect older rubber fuel lines, by softening
                           them & allowing them to collapse internally. Soft metals such as zinc,
                           brass or aluminum, which are commonly found in conventional fuel sys-
                           tems, are not compatible with ethanol. Some nonmetallic materials, such
                           as natural rubber, polyurethane, adhesives, bushings, gaskets, filters
                           and materials made of cork may degrade when subjected to continual
                           contact with ethanol. Carburetor float materials may also lack compati-
                           bility with ethanol.
Car Collector Chronicles                                                                            Page 3


  All fuel handling systems tend to accumulate deposits of one kind or
another in crevices and corners. Sediments, gums, rust, lacquer, var-
nish and other materials fall into this category. Generally, the older the
fuel system the more such accumulations will be present. Ethanol in
gas gives the blended mixture enhanced cleaning ability. Unfortunately,
fuels containing ethanol tend to loosen accumulated deposits. They
then move on to the fuel pump, fuel filter, carburetor, injectors, etc., and
plague the driver with mysterious fuel starvation problems.

                             Lest you think this is just a bogus, scare tactic      “The simplest
                           claim, check out this picture. It shows the car-         thing to do is
                           buretor of a 2-cycle engine after being switched
                           over to E10 fuel. All that white, crusty stuff            to keep your
                           should not be there!           [Photo courtesy http://      tank full.
                           Ethanol does not burn as well as leaded gas.
                                                                                    enters the gas
Yet the fuel system delivers the same amount of fuel to your engine,
causing it to run a bit lean. Running lean may cause engine overheat-                tank via the
ing, resulting in premature wear on all parts, valves burning, spark plug
                                                                                        air. …
life being shortened and in worst case scenarios, blown head gaskets.
Being a dry fuel, ethanol also scours the oil film from cylinder walls.             Reducing the
This may result in piston rings and other hard components wearing pre-
                                                                                    amount of air
                                                                                     in your tank
  Now that we have described the nature of ethanol blended fuels, how
                                                                                    will reduce the
does one minimize the negative effects? In actuality, it is not that diffi-
cult. The simplest thing to do is to keep your tank full. Moisture enters             amount of
the gas tank via the air. It can only be absorbed by ethanol if there is air
                                                                                    water that can
space in your gas tank. Reducing the amount of air in your tank will re-
duce the amount of water that can enter with the air.                               enter with the
  The second tool in your arsenal is fuel stabilizer. It should be used at
every fill-up, not just for long term storage. Why? If you are like me, I
may not run through an entire tank of gas in a 30 day period. Use of a
stabilizer keeps the gas from deteriorating while just sitting in the tank.

   A good fuel stabilizer contains corrosion preventers and a fuel system
cleaner to protect against corrosion and deposit build up. It disperses
the water already accumulated in the tank, helping to make it burn with
minimal harmful effects. It also has cleaning agents and emulsifiers to
liquefy the gum and varnish already formed in the system; hopefully per-
mitting it to pass through the fuel system without causing harm to en-
gine components.
Car Collector Chronicles                                                              Page 4;;


  Over time, expect to have to replace lines, gaskets, etc. that are subject to attack by
ethanol. In each instance, always replace with materials that are rated as being ethanol
compatible. Do be aware, some gaskets, seals and the like may not be readily visible.
They may be inside other parts, such as your fuel pump and carburetor.

  In closing, let me make two points: The U.S. Federal Aviation Agency 2006 Airworthi-
ness Bulletin expressly forbids the use of ethanol blended fuel in any aircraft. Ask your-
self, if it is harmless, why?

  Since 1998, Ed Syrocki has specialized in repairing and maintaining all types of his-
toric vehicles. The constant parade of customers who travel far and wide to his Warren,
MI garage are a testament to his integrity and reputation. He says, “In the past three
years, work on fuel-related repairs has more than doubled. Gas tanks, floats going bad,
fuel pumps, carburetors—where it used to be that most of our work was related to other
mechanical problems, now three days every week is spent working on cars with fuel sys-
tems damaged by ethanol-blended fuel.”

  Which fuel stabilizer treatment to use is your call. There are enough of them out on
the market from which to choose. Go with a brand that has a reputation among collector
car owners. In my case, the product of choice is Sta-Bil Marine™. This is the green col-
ored formula, as opposed to the more familiar red. Why marine formula? No, not be-
cause my years of military service have left me diagnosed with “Chronic Marine Syn-
drome.” It is because the (green) marine formula has better water absorption handling
characteristics than the conventional red mix. Purportedly, it also has double the corro-
sion preventers and more than four times the fuel system cleaner than the conventional
(red) formula. At 1 oz./10 gals. in daily use, and 1 oz./5 gals. for vehicle storage use, it
also takes less to do more. Believe it, an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure!

   Cuban Car Market

  I indicated last month we would be taking a look at this subject. It does appear the
landscape in this regard has changed slightly under Raul’s rule.

  Under new rules, foreigners residing in Cuba can buy new cars at approved dealer-
ships or import them. They are limited to two purchases for the duration of their stay.
Cubans earning dollars or convertible pesos because they are working for the govern-
ment or "in positions of benefit to the government" can also buy new cars, as long as
they get a permit from the transport ministry. Artists and sports stars, who had been
given permission to import modern cars from abroad, are now also free to sell them.
Tens of thousands of Cubans who were allowed to buy Soviet-made cars can now sell
them freely to other individuals. Cubans migrating from the island are permitted to sell
their cars or to give them to family members.

  Will the new rules may any difference for the average Cuban, or the American collec-
tor? Events will give us the answer, but any change will probably be not more than
Car Collector Chronicles                                                                                          Page 5;

than slight. This is because the average Cuban cannot afford to buy a car, let alone purchase a
new one. Also, the rules deal with imports only. The export situation is not addressed. Neverthe-
less, the door has been opened, albeit only by a crack.

   Here are links to some old Cuban rides now on the market -
top_10_amazing_cars_for_sale_o.php?page=3 Next, the Cuban version of Craig’s List -
Click on the listings that have “fotos.”

     Humor on Wheels

                                                              Who said:
                                                              You cannot fit a square peg
                                                              into a round hole?

– Ok, I’ve had my say for the month. Now it’s your turn! I invite/encourage submission of your com-
ments, opinions and article contributions. I also ask that you please help spread the word about our
publication. Everything sent shall indeed be reviewed by me. Submissions should be sent to CCC®

–– Now that you have finished reading this month’s issue of the newsletter, come start/join an ongo-
ing dialog with other CCC® readers and like-minded car collector folk on the CCC® Forum. Stop by,
check us out and share your views … .



   Time for Tires?
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