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					Instant Money Order Service

        Transaction flow
Customer request

                   IMO training2
iMO login

            IMO training3
iMO Home page

                IMO training4
Collection Process 1

                       IMO training5
Collection Process 2

                       IMO training6
Collection Process 3

          • List of POs within the
            search criteria
          • Select the PO

                               IMO training7
           Collection Process 4

• In this page enter the remitter’s and receiver’s name and
  address details and messages(if any)
• On completion click the Save Personal information
                                                         IMO training8
         Collection Process 5

• This page displays the saving of personal details
• Click close to proceed further

                                                IMO training9
           Collection Process 6

• In this page enter the amount of remittance, the commission,
  message charges and Total amount are displayed
• Collect money and click Save Amount Collected button
• Click Close in the confirmation message box

                                                             IMO training10
          Collection Process 7

• In this page, observe the status – Amount collected
• Click the Generate IMO button to complete booking and to
  generate IMO number

                                                     IMO training11
          Collection Process 8

• Observe the confirmation dialog box on generation of IMO
  number; Notice the IMO voucher number being displayed
• Enter the IMO voucher number in the relevant TRP-1 form
• Click Close to proceed further
                                                      IMO training12
         Collection Process 9

• In this page, click the IMO No. Print to print the
  receipt for the customer

                                                IMO training13
        Collection Process 10

• Now click OK button in the message box to quit
  the booking operations

                                              IMO training14
              Collection Report

• When Cash collection – Daily Report option is selected,
  the above page appears
• Enter the from and to date to get the report of transactions
  for the day
                                                         IMO training15
           Collection Report

• The Collection report appears as above
• A print out can be generated using the Print icon
• On completion the user has to log out
                                               IMO training16
Payment request

                  IMO training17
         Payment Process 1

• When the customer approaches, the operator has
  to login and select the Cash Payment option

                                            IMO training18
Payment Process 2(3 screens)

• In the Make Payment page as above, the operator has to enter
  the IMO number as given by the payee in the TMP-1 form
• Click Get IMO Details button; The MO details are furnished, if
  the IMO number is correct

                                                            IMO training19
Payment Process 2 – 2/3

                          IMO training20
       Payment Process 2 – 3/3

• Enter the identification details and click Save button

                                                           IMO training21
             Payment Process 3

• Click the Pay Amount button and click OK in the Message box

                                                                IMO training22
          Payment Confirmation

• To confirm payment, you can enter the IMO number and try to
  fetch IMO details
• The message as in the figure above appears which confirms that
  payment is already made
                                                             IMO training23
               Payment - Report

• To get the day’s report of payment select the option Cash
  Payment – Daily Report and enter the date
• The report as in the above figure appears

                                                              IMO training24

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