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									Emerging Career Development
   Higher Education Staff Career Management Consortium
                        Seattle, WA
                       October 2008

                        Martha Russell, M.S. NCC, MCC
           National Career Development Association (Former President)
                    Russell Career Services Battle Ground, WA
               Bag of Tools A.L. Sharpe
                Isn’t it strange that princes and kings,
               And clowns that caper in sawdust rings,
               And common people like you and me,
                        Are builders for eternity.

                    Each is given a bag of tools,
                 A shapeless mass, a book of rules,
               And each must make, ere life is flown,
               A stumbling block or a stepping stone.

Russell 2008                 Emerging Trends               2
                 Our Tools
                  Career Theories
               Career and Workforce
              Management Practices
            Workforce Participation and
                 Lifelong Learning
          Involvement and Advocacy from
               Committed Individuals

Russell 2008         Emerging Trends      3
               Focus on Career
               Development trends
               integrated with
               workforce needs
               Combination of latest
               theories and practical
               Emphasis on
                      Your Setting and
                      Your Roles and
Russell 2008                   Emerging Trends   5
       Rich Theoretical Base

               Foundation (Parsons)
               Trait-factor Approach - Tools
               Lifelong Development - life roles
               and life stages with attention to
               transitional points (Super)

Russell 2008            Emerging Trends            6
    Present                                  While making a
    Role of Career Development               living, people
                                             are living a life

               Life roles influence each other
               (Super, Savickas 1996)
               Life Structure Planning (Niles

Russell 2008               Emerging Trends                       7
     Career Development Trends

     Career development will continue to grow and
      change. It will move…………..
      From emphasis only on fitting persons into
      the labor markets to career development
      over the life span;
      From focus only on individualism to
      emphasis on collectivism, context, and
      From remedial to preventive approaches;

Russell 2008         Emerging Trends           8
Career Development

• From remedial models to positive human
  development and psychology;
• From focus only on objective approaches to
  knowledge to subjective, qualitative ways of
  knowing; and
• From compartmentalizing human beings to
  helping them become whole persons by
  integrating the totality of their many life
  roles and experiences.
                             ACES/NCDA Position Paper 2000
     Theorist Views of the Future
     World of Work and Role of Career Development

       Global Village
       Social transformation of
       world of work
       Social justice, advocacy and
       public policy
       Address the turbulence
       in the world of work and
       sooth the anguish and ills
       experienced by workers

        Savickas, Herr, Niles, Feller and Hanson

Russell 2008                         Emerging Trends   10
      Insufficient creation of new
      Increased choice and risk
      Increased influence of
      competitive and economic
      Increased tension between
      work and family life

Russell 2008        Emerging Trends   11
         Mismatch between
         skills and business
         Increased social
         stratification based
         largely on
         Changing nature of
Russell 2008          Emerging Trends   12
  Reduction in community
  Shortcoming of the health
  care system
  The boomer demographic
  Unrealized opportunities to
  make more effective use of
  human capital

    •How do you interpret these
    findings in your role and in
    your setting?
    •Which have the greatest
    impact on you, your setting,
    your deliver of career
     Theorist Views of the Future

        Career Service Providers……"expand their
         career building services to world workers
          who could use assistance in coping with
          assimilation stress, cultural shock, and
             confusion about work norms and
                 behavioral expectations”
                                            Ed Herr

Russell 2008          Emerging Trends            15
Expanding and Integrating Our Services
  Career Development
  Career Development in
  the United States
  Career Development in
  Your State and Your
  Career Development as
  an Individual
International Career Development
and Public Policy Meetings
Shaping the future: Connecting       Maximizing the Value of
  career development and               Career development for
  workforce development
                                       sustainable growth and
    ∆ Human capital
                                       social equity
    ∆ Labor supply
                                        ∆ Blending economic and
    ∆ Employability skills
                                          social goals
    ∆ Career development
      services for workforce            ∆ Strategic leadership
      development                       ∆ Harnessing Diversity
    ∆ Older workers                     ∆ Impact Evidence
    ∆ The information base for          ∆ Role of the citizen
      public policy making

                       Emerging Trends                      17
     Addressing Challenges
               Evidence based
               Value for Career
               Development in
Russell 2008             Emerging Trends   18
Advocacy (Niles)
                              Pressing need for
                              career development
                                professionals to
                                 engage more
                                 actively in the
                              dialogue about who
                              we are and what we
                                  can provide

            Emerging Trends                 19
     Addressing Challenges
     with the individual
         Use of Narrative and Life Stories
         Life Space- Life Roles
          Increased tension between work and family
          Older worker issues
          Skills building
         Managing Change and Transition

Russell 2008           Emerging Trends          20
                   Keys to mobility
               and professional growth
        Develop a mindset for adapting to
        Understand concept of Career Lattice
        Build strong technical, business and
        interpersonal skills
        Strengthen skills in self-promotion

Russell 2008         Emerging Trends       21
     Human Factor
     The workforce greatly matters
       Must be valued
       Must be compensated appropriately
       “High commitment management
      approaches” in organizations enhance
      organizational performance.

Russell 2008      Emerging Trends       22
                Integrating the future
                  in your work today

         Embracing change
         Passion for our profession
         Desire to understand the past to be
         able to work with the present and
         embrace the future

Russell 2008         Emerging Trends           23
     Qualities of a Visionary
                                  Personal Power
                                  Continuous Learner
                                  Positive Attitude
                                  Toward Life
                                  Living Their Vision
                                  Integrate Past, Present
                                  and Future
Russell 2008    Emerging Trends                      24

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