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Celery contains a lot of dietary fiber, eat more to promote bowel movement, accumulation of toxins from the body in time to make your resume a flat belly. Note: Celery is the absorption of food, the best food at night to avoid darkening of the skin.

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    Celery!                                                   QUICK FIX TIPS:

     NUTRIENTS IN CELERY:                                     • Create “ants on a log” by cutting celery
     Vitamins: A and C.                                         in 3-inch sections and spreading peanut
                                                                butter in the crease of the celery. Line
     SELECTION:                                                 top of peanut butter with raisins!
     Choose straight, rigid stalks with fresh                 • Combine chopped celery, mayonnaise
     leaves. Avoid limp stalks. Should smell                    or mustard, and tuna or chicken. Serve
     fresh, not musty.                                          over whole wheat bread or a toasted
                                                                English muffin.
     Refrigerate in a plastic bag for a week                  • Make a veggie tray! Include cut-up
     or more.                                                   celery, carrots, cherry tomatoes,
                                                                broccoli, and snap peas on a platter.
                                                                Serve with dip, low-fat dressing, and
                   Braised Celery
                    with Herbs
       Prep Time: 20 Minutes                Cups of Fruits and
       Serves: 6                            Vegetables per Serving: ½
       Ingredients:                         Preparation:
       • 4½ cups sliced celery              1. Cut celery stalks into diagonal
       • 2½ cups reduced-sodium                slices about ¼-inch wide.            Nutritional Information
         canned chicken broth               2. In large saucepan, bring chicken     per Serving:
       • ½ cup chopped onion                   broth to full boil over HIGH heat.   Calories:33; Total Fat:0.5g;
       • 1 tbsp chopped parsley                Add chopped onion with herbs         Dietary Fiber:2g; Sodium:401mg
       • 2 tsp dried leaf thyme, crushed       and seasonings.                      Recipe is courtesy of Produce for Better
       • 1 tsp dried rosemary, crushed      3. Add sliced celery and return         Health Foundation (PBH).

       • ¼ tsp black pepper                    broth to simmer.
       • ¼ tsp salt                         4. Reduce heat and cook for 4-5
       • ¾ tsp butter, for garnish             minutes.
       • 2 tsp chopped herbs, for garnish   5. Drain immediately and place in
                                               a serving bowl.
                                            6. Toss with butter and additional
                                               herbs. Serve hot.

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