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									                          TRINIDAD AND TOBAGO


Alpha Omega Prison Ministry

Contact:   Elsa Drayton / Wayne Emmanuel
Address:   424 Phase One La Horquetta
Telephone: 643-3345

Arima Agriculture Group

Contact:   Norman Kistow
Address:   N/A
Telephone: 667-2196

Arima Charity Organisation

Contact:   Verna de Freitas/Frank Hart
Address:   116 Capildeo Lands Mausica
Telephone: 642-7535/667-3333/2721

Arima Community Welfare Council

Contact:   Jeanette Gay/Audrey Hinckson
Address:   Anglican Street Arima
Telephone: 662-2136/667-3215

Arima Women's Group

Contact:   Lisa Marcano/Glenda Thomas
Address:   Anglican Street, Arima
Telephone: 667-2468/4912

Asa Wright Nature Centre

Contact:   N/A
Address:   PO Box 4710, Arima
Telephone: 667-4655

Contact:   Pearl Rivers/Arthur Jordan
Address:   1 La Chance Trace, Malabar
Telephone: 667-1135

Church of the Nazarene Women's Group

Address:   2A Robinson Circular, Arima

Crystal Waters Action Group

Contact:   Dunoven de Graff
Address:   c/o #1 Lands Street, Arima
Telephone: N/A

Demographic Surveys and Research Group

Contact:   N/A
Address:   N/A
Telephone: 44 Emerald Gardens. O'Meara Road, Arima

Electrical Association for Women

Contact:   N/A
Address:   c/o T&TEC, Tumpuna Road, Arima
Telephone: N/A

Evergreen Community Action Group

Contact:   Ulson Small/Samuel Campbell
Address:   Evergreen Community Action Group, Arima
Telephone: 667-4441/646-0254

Feed the Hungry Programme

Contact:   Julius Forbin
Address:   2 Mary Werges Street, Arima
Telephone: 646-3857
Friends of the Arima Hospital Society Ltd

Contact:   Bruce Wood
Address:   c/o Dental Clinic, Arima Hospital Grounds, Queen, Mary Avenue
Telephone: 643-2367

Greater Malabar Christian Centre

Contact:   H. Joseph Griffith/Linda Kendal
Address:   Lot 185 Christian Drive, Phase IV, Malabar
Telephone: 667-5683

Holy Faith Spiritual Baptist

Contact:   Gaston Hercules
Address:   Arima
Telephone: 643-5322

House of Praise

Contact:   Ashton Forde
Address:   De Gannes Street
Telephone: 625-3012/667-1544

Housewives in Dialogue

Contact:   N/A
Address:   Mt Pleasant Road, Arima
Telephone: N/A

Jesus Revival Centre

Contact:   Mervyn Seerattan
Address:   N/A
Telephone: 667-7415

Jonestown Community Group

Contact:   Catherine Castillo
Address:   RC Church Lands, De Gannes Street, Arima
Telephone: 667-0734

Malabar Action Committee
Contact:   John Hall, Michael George
Address:   2 Croton Lane, Malabar
Telephone: 642-2064

Malabar Gospel Tabernacle

Contact:   Pastor Allan Ellis
Address:   La Croix & Immortelle Avenues, Malabar
Telephone: 642-3670/674-3439

Malabar Phase II Action Committee

Contact:   Michael George
Address:   117 Nutones Boulevard, Malabar
Telephone: 642-2064

Malabar Village Council

Contact:   Mervyn Yeates/Roger Highley
Address:   13 Allamanda Drive
Telephone: 643-4634/667-0349

National Union of Domestic Employees

Contact:   Clotil Walcott
Address:   Mt Pleasant Road, Arima
Telephone: 667-5247

People of Praise

Contact:   Winston Garcia
Address:   Upper Street, Arima
Telephone: 667-1544

Printeryville Village Council

Contact:   Carl Rampersad
Address:   Printeryville. Arima
Telephone: N/A

Rotary Club

Contact:      George Hadeed
Address:   N/A
Telephone: 667-3268

Secondary Schools Volleyball Association

Contact:   Russell McKend
Address:   c/o Arima Senior Comprehensive, Arima
Telephone: 667-2305

St Jude's Anglican Church

Contact:   Fr George Pow
Address:   Arima
Telephone: 667-3656


Contact:   Lynette Chattoo
Address:   4 Paul Mitchell Street
Telephone: N/A

Word of Life Prayer Community

Contact:   Ursula Bleasdell/Father Moses
Address:   Ave Maria House, 47 Green Street
Telephone: 667-3533


ASJA Community Services

Contact:   Sheriffudin Mohammed
Address:   N/A
Telephone: 672 2864

Central Women Voluntary Organisation

Contact:   Debra Gulston / Una Charles
Address:   Eqypt Extension, Crown Trace Enterprise
Telephone: 671 1382 673 1651
Chaguanas Borough Council

Contact:   Ina Clayton
Address:   N/A
Telephone: 665 7673

Chaguanas women and Youth Group

Contact:   Greta George / Patsy Gibbon-Baird
Address:   St. Paul Street, Chaguanas
Telephone: 665 4188 / 1027

Chandernagore Core Networking Committee

Contact:   Roy Saroop
Address:   Chandernago
Telephone: 636 8107

Chin Chin Madras Village Council

Contact:   Gloria Jerome / Alicia Thomas
Address:   LP 59 Perseverance Road, Chandernagore
Telephone: 672 5956

Coalition Against Drugs

Contact:   Deanarine Rambally /Sandra Ramdath
Address:   N/A
Telephone: 672 4173 / 0242

County Caroni Single Parent Support Organistaion

Contact:   K Ramcharan N Mohammed
Address:   COMDEV, 24 Ramsaran St.
Telephone: 671 9872

County Caroni Voluntary Counseling Services

Contact:   Patricia Joseph
Address:   Nibblet Street, Enterprise
Telephone: 671 3715
Cunupia Community Development Organisation

Contact:   Hemraj Ramsackal
Address:   7 Southern Main Road
Telephone: 6710924

Cunupia Strikers Football Club

Contact:   Hakim Khunja
Address:   Tee Lane, Southern Main Road
Telephone: 671 0743

Democratic Women’s Association

Contact:   Aletia Alleyne
Address:   61 John Street
Telephone: 665 8321

Divine Life Society

Contact:   Karmanda Acharya
Address:   Connector Rd, Sivananda Ave, Chase Village
Telephone: 671 4739

Dorman Nursery School

Contact:   Lakhwatie Sookdeo / Ramnarace Dwarika
Address:   N/A
Telephone: 665 2627

Edinburgh Hindu Temple

Contact:   Pundit Ramesh Tiwari
Address:   Old Southern Main Road, Edinburgh
Telephone: N/A
Endeavour Committee for Social Development

Contact:   Krishna Latchman
Address:   Endevour
Telephone: 669 3000

Endeavour Women’s Affairs and Youth Group

Contact:   N/A
Address:   Endeavour Road
Telephone: 665 6055

Enterprise Community Services Cooperative Society Ltd

Contact:   Karl Richard
Address:   c/o Nebblett Shop, SMR Enterprise
Telephone: 671 4067

Enterprise Management Committee

Contact:   Carmelita Pierre
Address:   Enterprise
Telephone: N/A

Felicity Action Committee

Contact:   N/A
Address:   133 Main Road, Felicity
Telephone: N/A

Flaming Word Ministry Community Revival Committee

Contact:   Susan George Choo-Tim
Address:   58 Caroni Savannah Road
Telephone: 671 9673

Guidance Unit

Contact:   Nadine Nakim / Rahab Gayaz
Address:   N/A
Telephone: N/A
Kiwanis Club of Enterprise

Contact:   Amarnath Jaggasar
Address:   35 Pierre Road, Felicity
Telephone: 665 2942

Lawrence Wong Squatter Regularisation Community

Contact:   Rishi Jankie / Michael Guelmo
Address:   Lawrence Wong Road, Longdenville
Telephone: 672 1569 8585

Lions Club of Chaguanas

Contact:   Aga Rafeque
Address:   c/o 467 Circular Drive, Lange Park
Telephone: 665 4473

Mizpeh Halfway House Inc.

Contact:   Rev. Pearl Noriega
Address:   13 Royal Park, Cunupia
Telephone: 671 3097 / 668 3897

Mount Bethel Church – Social Events Committee

Contact:   Janice Bristol / Kethleen Ishmael
Address:   Main Road, Lendore Village
Telephone: 671 6050 / 7722

NHA Community Officer

Contact:   Roslyn Williams
Address:   Felicity
Telephone: 623 HOME

Oriental Martial Club

Contact:   Shemona Baboolal / Sabrina Coard
Address:   4 Crown Trace Enterprise
Telephone: 672 4765
Pierre Road Agricultural Organisation

Contact:   Dhansear Teelcuksingh / Latchmin Teelucksingh
Address:   52 Pierre Road, Felicity
Telephone: 665 2322

Pierre Road Women’s Group

Contact:   Lachmin Narine
Address:   21 Pierre Road, Charlieville
Telephone: 665 2304 / 2037

Presentation Associates for Life & Services

Contact:   Andre Boodoo/ Jason David
Address:   Presentation College
Telephone: 665 5752
Presentation Brothers

Contact:   Bro M Benedict Taylor
Address:   c/o Presentation College
Telephone: 665 4266 /5752

Ramgoolie Social Group

Contact:   Molly Toolsie / Merle Bradshaw
Address:   Ramgoolie Trace, Chin Chin Road, Cunupia
Telephone: 672 5697

Roman Catholic Church

Contact:  Kenneth Spence
Address:  N/A
Telephone N/A

Rotary Chaguamas

Contact:   Mike Rambarran
Address:   N/A
Telephone: N/A
Sai Krishna Children’s Home

Contact:   Linda Ramoutar
Address:   Alexander Street, Longdenville
Telephone: 671 6559

Sangre Grande Organisation

Contact:   Pearl Noriega
Address:   13 Royal Park, Cunupia
Telephone: 668 3897

Senior Citizen’s Home Chaguanas

Contact:   Mrs. La Motte / Frank Hyland
Address:   Beckles Street
Telephone: 665 5082

SEWA-Social Establishment for the Welfare of All Maha Sabha

Contact:   Persad Maharaj
Address:   Main Road, Todds Road
Telephone: 636 2135

St. Ann’s Astar Circle for Divine Light

Contact:   Rev. Edmund Mejias
Address:   c/o Spiritual Head, 17 London Street, Longdenville
Telephone: 637 6294/672-3866

St. Charles Dharma Sahba

Contact:   Dharmraj Frankie Sammy
Address:   36 Caroni Savannah Road
Telephone: 665 0175/3704

T&T Society for the Promotion of Social Care

Contact:   Ramnarine Dowal
Address:   Manchasies Street
Telephone: 665 1918
Temple Groups

Contact:   Iverne Yearwood
Address:   96 Dahlia Avenue, Edinburgh Gardens, Chaguanas
Téléphone: 665 4835



Contact:   J Jagesar
Address:   16 Bruce Road. Point-a-Pierre
Telephone: 648 5413

Agricultural Farmers Group

Contact:   Ramroop Sookdeo
Address:   Brazil Village, Brazil
Telephone: N/A

Ahmadiyya Muslim Women’s Association

Contact:   Khairoon Khan
Address:   Government Quarters, 21 Railway rd, Couva
Telephone: 636 3010

Basta Hall Core Networking Group

Contact:   Agned Sonnilal
Address:   Basta Hall Village
Telephone: 636 5129

Brasso Seco/Los Attajos/Alleyne Road Unified Action Group

Contact:   Marilyn Villafana
Address:   N/A
Telephone: 652 2675
Brazil Catholic Church

Contact:   Alicia Sarran/ Vranney Kallie
Address:   Transport Street, Brazil Village
Telephone: 643 8603/8141

Brazil Community Council

Contact:   Meeroon Ram / Susan Abraham
Address:   Transport Rd, Brazil Village
Telephone: 643 8013

Brazil Folk Group

Contact:   Yolande Viera
Address:   643 8223
Telephone: N/A

Brazil Lome Action Group

Contact:   Kathleen Britto / Mathilda Williams
Address:   Brazil Lome Brach Trace
Telephone: 643 8231

Brazil Sports and Cultural Club

Contact:   Monica Gooplar
Address:   Hector Street, Brazil
Téléphone: N/A

Brazil Village Council

Contact:   Yolande Vieira / Ravi Lalchan
Address:   Evangelical Church
Telephone: 643 8223

Brazil Women’s Group

Contact:   Jocelyn Superville / Maria Lezama
Address:   c/o Brazil PO
Telephone: 643 8252 / 8762
Brazilome Sports Club

Contact:   Yolande Viera
Address:   N/A
Telephone: 643 8223

Brickfield / California Core Networking Committee

Contact:   Neila Kissoon
Address:   Brickfeild / California
Telephone: 673 1381

Brothers Road Village Council

Contact:   Paula Rahim
Address:   Torrib Tabaquite Road
Telephone: N/A

Brothers Road Women’s Groups

Contact:   Shaheeda Khan
Address:   Torrib Tabaquite Rd
Telephone: 656 2084

Chest & Heart Association (South)

Contact:   B Dolly
Address:   St. Andrew Street, Petrotrin, Pointe-a-Pierre
Telephone: 658 3266

Citizens for Quality Neighborhood

Contact:   Sandaye Rampersad
Address:   22 Rivulet Road, Couva
Telephone: 672 2204
Couva Home for the Aged

Contact:   Mrs. Khan
Address:   Grant extension Road, Couva
Telephone: 636 3010

Crescent Girls Cricket Club

Contact:   Indra Singh
Address:   Ridge Road, San Pedro
Telephone: N/A

Crystal Clear Organisation for Community Concerns

Contact:   Edwin Walcott
Address:   Claxton Bay
Telephone: 659 0656/3764

Cultural & Welfare Group

Contact:   Doolare Singh
Address:   Ridge Rd, San Pedro
Telephone: N/A

Dades Trace Village Council

Contact:   Adina Beckles
Address:   Dades Trace
Telephone: 644 3958

Dattatreya Yoga Centre of T&T

Contact:   Pundit Sharma/Ralph Seupersad
Address:   Datta Drive, Orangefield Rd, Carapichima
Telephone: 673 3269

Destiny Achievers

Contact:   Carline Franklin/Hazel Richards
Address:   Perseverance Village, Copecano Street, Couva
Telephone: 679 2361
El Dorado Youth Group

Contact:   Nessam Jagdath
Address:   56 Mohammed Street, El Dorado, Tacarigua
Telephone: 645 1766

Gasparillo Cultural and Social Organisation

Contact:   Pascall Gay
Address:   30 Medine Street, Caratal Rd, Gasparillo
Telephone: N/A

Garparillo Gita Bhawan Mandir

Contact:   Rameshdath Sharma
Address:   76 Bonne Aventure Rd, Gasparillo
Telephone: 650 2359

Global Friendship Forum

Contact:   Bibi Ali/Melanie Tikasingh
Address:   67 Second Avenue, Couva
Telephone: 636 4433/658 3104

Harmony Hall Halfway House

Contact:   Radhica Saith
Address:   Anand Circular Drive, Harmony Hall, Gasparillo
Telephone: 650 2800/2684

Helping Every Addict (HEAL)

Contact:   N/A
Address:   Rienzi Complex, Exchange Village
Telephone: 679 2616

Hindu Youth Movement

Contact:   Tina Dalip
Address:   3 Binda St, Orange Valley, Couva
Telephone: 636 5513
Indian Trail Women’s Group

Contact:   Parbatee Ramlogan/Cenetia Sobers
Address:   India Trail Village, Couva
Telephone: 636 5513

Jeffers Pentecostal Youth Group

Contact:   Robin Lakhan
Address:   Tabaquite Road, Jeffers
Telephone: N/A

Jeffers Village Council

Contact:   Veronica Belle
Address:   Tabaquite Rd, Jeffers
Telephone: 644 6451

Jeffers Women’s Group

Contact:   Ruth Shirley Ali
Address:   Tabaquite Rd, Jeffers
Telephone: N/A

Journey Sports Youth Group

Contact:   Paul Hernandez
Address:   Las Lomas
Telephone: 643 8525

Kiwanis Club of Gasparillo

Contact:   Dhanesh Ramdin
Address:   23-30 Harmony Hall, Gasparillo
Telephone: 658 5651

Korea Evangel Tabernacle

Contact:   Mohomie Bhanat/Naseem Radhay
Address:   Roopsingh Rd, Korea Village, Carapichima
Telephone: 665 6130/671 4244
Koskeros Pan Side

Contact:   Kelvin Pascall
Address:   Campbell Trace, Libertville
Telephone: N/A

La Esmeralda Village Council

Contact:   Barbara Jean Richards
Address:   Las Lomas # 2, Postal Agency Via, Arouca
Telephone: 643 8158

Las Lomas # 3 Village Council

Contact:   Radha Solozano
Address:   N/A
Telephone: 643 8359

Las Lomas # 2 Village Council

Contact:   M Paul/Vashti Guiness
Address:   Caroni South Bank Rd, Las Lomas
Telephone: 669 0476

Las Lomas # 3 Women’s Group

Contact:   Bernadine Rashered/Ann Hernandez
Address:   Ben Jadoo’s Residence
Telephone: 643 8525

Libertville Village Council

Contact:   Tassin Boxer
Address:   46 Paymar Trace, Libertville
Telephone: 644 0508

Libertville Women’s Group

Contact:   Sheriffa Dookie
Address:   Paymar Trace, Libertville
Telephone: 644 2082
Livestock and Poultry Rearing

Contact:   Lawrence Sampson/Ria Hosein
Address:   Jeffers, San Pedro
Telephone: 644 2734

London Baptiste Church Group

Contact:   Jason Johnson
Address:   Libertville
Telephone: N/A

Los Attajos Women’s Group

Contact:   Jessica Sorillo-Cole
Address:   c/o Flanagin Town PO Telemaque Rd, Flanagin Town
Telephone: N/A

Mayo Village Council

Contact:   Idorn Medford
Address:   Palm St. West, Mayo Village
Telephone: N/A

Mayo Welfare & Development Council

Contact:   Idorn Medford
Address:   Mayo
Telephone: 656 1446

McBean Voluntary Community Organisation

Contact:   Carol Noel
Address:   239 Dove Avenue, Couva
Telephone: 652 1736

Mundo Nuevo Village Council

Contact:   Rookmin Ramdhanie / Sumintra Gosyne
Address:   Mundo Nuevo
Telephone: N/A
National Ever Ready Burrokeets

Contact:   Adina Beckles
Address:   Dades Trace
Telephone: 644 3958

Orange Valley Women’s Group

Contact:   Parbatie Babwah/Kaminee Rajkumar
Address:   3 Binda Street, Orange Valley, Couva
Telephone: 636 1086/671 9593

Penetcostal Evangelical Ministries

Contact:   J Boodhoo/Eunice Alexander-Sealey
Address:   Brazil Lome Trace, Brazil
Telephone: 643 8310/8768

Plaisance Park Community

Contact:   Albert Howard/Wilbert Keith
Address:   Plaisance Park, Point-A-Pierre
Telephone: 659 1063/3581

Plaisance Village Community Council

Contact:   Julia Andrews/Clyde Callender
Address:   290 MacNaughton-Jones St, Plaisance Park, Point-a-Pierre
Telephone: 659 0611/3581

Plaisance Village Women’s Institute

Contact:   Martina Regis/Marion Prieto
Address:   290 MacNaughton-Jones St, Plaisance Park, Point-a-Pierre
Telephone: 659 0611/3581

Plaisance Women’s Group BSYA

Contact:   Natalie Ramdahar/Saratoati Ranagdar
Address:   97 Petrea Avenue, Point-a-Pierre
Telephone: 659 3363

Point-a-Pierre Wild Fowl Trust
Contact:   Molly Gaskin
Address:   N/A
Telephone: N/A

Presto Presto Youth Camp

Contact:   Steve Barras
Address:   Freeport
Telephone: 673 1995

Pt. Lisas Development Committee

Contact:   Nola Dierre
Address:   213 Marjorie St. Pt Lisas Gardens
Telephone: 636 0235/623 3511

Raja Yoga Centre

Contact:   Sister Jasmine
Address:   N/A
Telephone: 665 6733

Rural Women’s Resource Centre

Contact:   N/A
Address:   Rienzi Complex, Exchange Village, Couva
Telephone: 636 4940

San Raphael Village Council

Contact:   Ruffina Pickering
Address:   San Raphael, PO
Telephone: 643 8478

Secondary Schools Track & Field

Contact:   Lester Osouna/Irm Riley
Address:   Learning Resource Centre, Mc Bean Village, Couva
Telephone: 636 1057
Soriah Trace Action Group

Contact:   Ramkeran Sarran
Address:   Soriah Trace, Brazil
Telephone: N/A

St. Boniface Anglican Church

Contact:   George Pow
Address:   Brazil
Telephone: 667 3656

St. Margaret’s Community Council

Contact:   Desmond Philomen
Address:   St. Margaret’s Village, Claxton Bay
Telephone: N/A

Student’s Protective Services Ltd.

Contact:   Dorothy Perkins/Joan Corrapse
Address:   5 Balisier Street, Couva
Telephone: 646 2408

T&T Association for the Mentally Handicapped San Fernando)

Contact:   N/A
Address:   70 Christian Drive, Plaisance Park
Telephone: N/A

T&T Cricket Board of Control

Contact:   Edmund Le Blanc/Florence Gomez
Address:   Talparo Community Centre Todds Station Rd
Telephone: 643 7109

T&T Teachers Union

Contact:   N/A
Address:   70 Christian Drive, Plaisance Park
Telephone: N/A
Talparo Carnival Development Committee

Contact:   Vincent Booker
Address:   Lp 336 Main Rd, Talparo
Telephone: N/A

Talparo Sports and Cultural Group

Contact:   Florence Gomez
Address:   Todds Station Rd, Talparo
Telephone: N/A

Talparo Village Council

Contact:   Alma Diaz-Stewart/Eulyn Gaitan
Address:   Main Rd, Todds Rd
Telephone: 671 5600/7277

Talparo Women’s Group

Contact:   B Monsegue/G Williams
Address:   Talparo Community Centre, Toods Station Rd
Telephone: N/A

Tamana Pioneers Steel Orchestra

Contact:   Michael Antoine
Address:   Four Roads Junction, Four Rds, Tamana
Telephone: N/A

Todds Road, Organisation for Cheer & Hope

Contact:   Alloy Lequay/Suren Dhaniram
Address:   Couva Shopping Complex, Issac Junction, Couva
Telephone: 636 1577/4745

Agape Health Care Centre & Retirement Home

Contact:   Una White
Address:   6 St. Clair Hill, Diego Martin
Telephone: 633 7326/640 7993

ASJA Ladies Section

Contact:   N/A
Address:   c/o 116 Alexander Rd, Westmoorings
Telephone: N/A

Association for Developmental Education

Contact:   Zuleika Dhanny
Address:   7 Cassia Drive, Petit Valley
Telephone: 633 0112

Bagatelle & Lower Greenhill Village Council

Contact:   Floyd Marcel/Janet Francois
Address:   Mahogany Trace, Bagatelle, Diego Martin
Telephone: 637 9227

Bagatelle All Fours Club

Contact:   N/A
Address:   Highland Park, Bagatelle
Telephone: N/A

Bagatelle Outreach Church

Contact:   Peter Mc Kie
Address:   Sea Trace Bagatelle Rd, Diego Martin
Telephone: 637 3710
Bagatelle Outreach Social Welfare Committee

Contact:   Patricia Arthur/Sam Mc Clean
Address:   Sea Trace, Bagatelle Rd, Diego Martin
Telephone: 633 4570

Bagatelle Road Neighbourhood Watch Group

Contact:   N/A
Address:   Hiland Park
Telephone: N/A

Better Living Community Group/Services

Contact:   Annette Lewis
Address:   57 Rodney Street, Pt. Cumama, Carenage
Telephone: 632 0425

Cameron Youth Rising

Contact:   Janelle Mayers/Darien Harripaul
Address:   N/A
Telephone: N/A

Camp Inn Ministries

Contact:   Kenneth Joseph
Address:   36 A Quarry Street, Diego Martin
Telephone: N/A

Canadian Women’s Club

Contact:   Joy Carson
Address:   140 Sandyways, Fairways Maraval
Telephone: N/A
Carenage Committee Sport Culture & Educational Development

Contact:   Monica Sandy
Address:   c/o Cor Constantine & Crown Trace
Telephone: 637 1696

Carenage Village Council

Contact:   Ken Edwards/Walliyah Muhammed
Address:   Abbe Poujade Street, Carenage
Telephone: 632 4786

Caribbean Association of Home Economists

Contact:   Catherine Cumberbatch
Address:   c/o Woodsbury Park, Diego Martin
Telephone: 635 8059

Caribbean Co-Publication Programme for Children’s Books

Contact:   Julie Morton
Address:   97 B Saddle Rd, Maraval
Telephone: 628 3111

Caribbean Nurses Organisation

Contact:   N/A
Address:   33 Tiara Blvd, Diamond Vale, Diego Martin
Telephone: 625 8108

Central Diego Martin Village Council

Contact:   Eugene Pollidore/Carmen Williams
Address:   200 Jasper Avenue, Diamond Vale, Diego Martin
Telephone: 637 7101/3105
Christ Child Convalescent Home

Contact:   Amadeus Nicholas/Annette Dickie
Address:   Church Street, Diego Martin
Telephone: 637 6023/622 4495

Cocorite Community Council

Contact:   Lue Ann Carrington
Address:   LP 67 Upper Water Hole
Telephone: 628 6463

Cocorite Village Council

Contact:   Rudolph Hypolite/Irene Hinds
Address:   Waterhole, Cocorite
Telephone: 622 1016/628 2664

Community Revival Network

Contact:   Khalid Hassan
Address:   38 River Estate Circular Road, Diego Martin
Telephone: 637 6987

Community Services Organisation

Contact:   Anthony Stephens
Address:   LP 54 Rich Plain Road, Diego Martin
Telephone: 632 8507

Diego Martin East Charitable Foundation Ltd

Contact:   Peter Pena/Ena Alexander
Address:   1B Morne Coco Road, Maraval
Telephone: 629 3830
Diego Martin East Consituency

Contact:   Thomas Senior
Address:   c/o NW Liason Office, Murray Street, Woodbrook
Telephone: N/A

Diego Martin Old Boys & Girls Association

Contact:   Acklin Thomas/George Burey
Address:   PO Box 329
Telephone: 637 6201/3550

Emmanuel Community (Crisis Counseling)

Contact:   N/A
Address:   N/A
Telephone: 628 8181/1586

Hope & Faith In Action

Contact:   Leon Singh
Address:   Wilson Rd, Four Roads, Diego Martin
Telephone: 632 1625

House of Hope

Contact:   Frankie Mapp
Address:   2 L’Anse Mitan Rd, Carenage
Telephone: 633 5972

Kiwanis Club of POS

Contact:   Oswald Stewart/Halvan Roberts
Address:   c/o Queen Elizabeth Avenue, Petit Valley
Telephone: 633 3337/638 3505
L Hochoy Vocational Centre for the Mentally Retarded

Contact:   Sr Margarita Chan
Address:   Dunlop Drive, Cocorite
Telephone: 628 6210

La Seiva Best Village Council

Contact:   Bartholomew Selvon
Address:   Centre Trace, LA Seiva, Maraval
Telephone: 645 4718

La Seiva Road Maraval Environmental Development Group

Contact:   Stephen Greaves
Address:   Lp 35, Upper LA Seiva Rd, Maraval
Telephone: 658 4313

La Seiva Village Council

Contact:   Francis Ragoo
Address:   23 D LA Seiva Trace
Telephone: 628 7858

Ladies Association of the Age of Enlightenment

Contact:   N/A
Address:   8 Fondes Amandes Rd, St. Anns
Telephone: N/A

Lady Hochoy Home for Children

Contact:   Sr Bertill Dean
Address:   Lady Hochoy Circular Rd, Harding Place
Telephone: 622 9535/5462
Lower Diego Martin Improvement Organisation

Contact:   June Marcano
Address:   Lot 10 Walker Street, Diego Martin
Telephone: 637 1616

Lynch Hall Carenage Early Childhood Community Board of Education

Contact:   N/A
Address:   Lot 1, Constabulary St, Carenage
Telephone: N/A

Mount Horeb Spiritual School

Contact:   Floyd Jobe
Address:   WMR PO Box 3120, Carenage
Telephone: 632 1968

Mount Horeb Women in Mission

Contact:   Floyd Jobe
Address:   Western Main Rd, L’Anse Mitan, Carenage
Telephone: Floyd Jobe

North Diego Martin Village Council

Contact:   Herbert Pierre, Joel Paul
Address:   La Puerta Avenue, Diego Martin
Telephone: 633 7624/637 0062

Nova Women’s Committee

Contact:   Lara Quentrall-Thomas
Address:   c/o Chamber of Commerce, Westmoorings
Telephone: 637 6966
Nursery/Adolescent Schools

Contact:   AZ Pascall/Norma Lewis-Phillips
Address:   Maraval VC, Nicholas Street, Maraval
Telephone: 629 2060/2034

Paramin Women’s Group

Contact:   Hilary Boisson
Address:   Sant D’eau Road
Telephone: 629 8640

Paramin/Le Platte Improvement Organisation

Contact:   Percy Selvon
Address:   Le Platte Village, Morne Coco Rd,
Telephone: 629 3307

Patna/River Estate Village Council

Contact:   Winstin Simmons/Sheila Cudjoe
Address:   9 Woodpecker Lane, River Estate, Diego Martin
Telephone: 633 5983.637 0826

Petit Valley Village Council

Contact:   N/A
Address:   Petit Valley Community Centre
Telephone: N/A

Pioneer Heights Multipurpose Cooperative

Contact:   Andre Matthews
Address:   c/o The Home Office, West Mall
Telephone: 622 6065

Pour L’innocent

Contact:   Andre Matthews
Address:   La Seiva Maraval
Telephone: N/A
Powder Magazine Early Childhood Centre

Contact:   Andre Matthews
Address:   Powder Magazine Phase II, Cocorite
Telephone: 622 6065

Powder Magazine Management Committee

Contact:   Maurice Chevalier/Claris Robins
Address:   25 Amowsville, Pt. Cumana
Telephone: 632 1121/663 7756

Powerlifting Federation of T&T

Contact:   Stephanie John
Address:   Powder Magazine, Phase II
Telephone: 628 2704

Pt. Cumana Interactive Community Organisation

Contact:   Debra Chang/Moses Barbour
Address:   48 Opal Gardens, Diamond Vale, Diego Martin
Telephone: 628 3934/8936/632 0366

Retired Teachers Association

Contact:   N/A
Address:   9 William Street, Boissiere Village # 1
Telephone: N/A

River Estate/Blus Basin Police Youth Club

Contact:   WPC Marcia Marchan
Address:   Field Trace, Blus Basin Rd, Diego Martin
Telephone: 633 5564

Seafront Lions Club

Contact:   Stella Herbert
Address:   18 Rich Plain Rd, Diego Martin
Telephone: 632 8259
Shotokan Karate of T&T

Contact:   Alana Anastasia Diaz
Address:   5 Sanora Park, Pt Cumana
Telephone: 637 5307

South Diego Martin Community Centre

Contact:   Ann Marie Noel/Jacqueline Gollop
Address:   Senior Street, La Puerta, Diego Martin
Telephone: 637 0735/9460

South Diego Martin Community Services

Contact:   Joycelyn Pierre
Address:   Pierre Felix Drive, Sierra Leone Rd, Diego Martin
Telephone: 637 3623/633 8138

South Diego Martin Village Council

Contact:   Cornelius Lewis / Ann Marie Noel
Address:   12 Macaw Drive, River Estate Diego Martin
Telephone: N/A

Spiritually Humble

Contact:    Stephen Medina
Address:    1A Mary Avenue
Telephone: 637 3038
St. Michael’s School for Boys

Contact:   N/A
Address:   Diego Marti Main Rd, Diego Martin
Telephone: 637 7886

T&T Amateur Gymnastics Association

Contact:   Tina Johnson
Address:   c/o Schooner Court, Starboard Drive, Westmoorings
Telephone: 632 3350
T&T Body Builders Federation

Contact:   Mitizi Silva
Address:   8 Francis Rd, Maraval
Telephone: 622 9274/5

T&T Karate –do Federation

Contact:   Gerald Nicholas/Denyse Gonzales
Address:   9 Amethyst Avenue, Diamond Vale, Diego Martin
Telephone: 633 5680/623 5477/1

T&T Midwives Association

Contact:   Neil Lawrence
Address:   13 Woodpecker Lane, River Estate, Diego Martin
Telephone: 637 0900/642 0993

T&T Power Boats Association

Contact:   Peter Peake/Alfred Bell
Address:   c/o Peake Marine, Lot 5 WMR, Chaguramas
Telephone: 634 4427/623 5000

T&T Squash Association

Contact:   Brian Jackson/Dianne Julien
Address:   57 E Orchid Avenue, Victoria Avenue, Diego Martin
Telephone: 637 4888/ 632 2759

T&T Women’s Cricket Board of Control

Contact:   Donna Cox/Jean Carmino
Address:   Diego Martin Main Road, New Yalta, Diego Martin
Telephone: 622 8611/637 0434

T&T Yachting Association

Contact:   Michael Rostant/Anthony Edwards
Address:   PO Box 3140, Carenage
Telephone: 624 3414/622 5772
The Group

Contact:   Venus Mark
Address:   John & Farfan Streets, La Puerta Avenue, Diego Martin
Telephone: 637 7391/5608

Trinidad Arts Support Alliance

Contact:   Allison Seepaul
Address:   PO Box 3292, Diego Martin
Telephone: N/A

Westmoorings Faith Hope & Love Centre

Contact:   N/A
Address:   6 Anchor Drive, Westmoorings
Telephone: N/A

Wholeness Ministries

Contact:   Sheila Proctor
Address:   68 Jasper Avenue, Diamond Vale, Diego Martin
Telephone: 637 8492

Women’s Detachment – T&T Defence Force

Contact:   N/A
Address:   LA Fantasie Road, Diego Martin
Telephone: N/A

Women’s Help Organisation

Contact:   Roslyn McBurnie
Address:   10 Hillaire Street, Diego Martin
Telephone: 637 7125/632 0576

Women’s Organisation for the Underprivileged

Contact:   Vere Achong
Address:   13 Pearl Gardens, Diamond Vale, Diego Martin
Telephone: 637 9089
Yacht Services Association of T&T

Contact:   Angeli Huggins
Address:   PO Box 3163, Carenage
Telephone: 634 4938


4H Young Farmers Club, St. Patrick East

Contact:   Angela Alexander
Address:   Ramjattan Trace, Penal
Telephone: 647 8460

9 KM Penal Rock Road Community Council

Contact:   Higgins Marchan.Mitra Mahabir
Address:   5 ¾ MP, Penal Rock Road, Penal
Telephone: 647 9547

Barrackpore Children’s Lunch Council

Contact:   Franklyn Sabessar
Address:   GP Rd, Barrackpore
Telephone: 654 0861

Blackwater Village Council

Contact:   Sahadeo Ramlal
Address:   175 Kalliecharan Temple, Gopee Trace, Penal
Telephone: 647 8420

Blackwater Welfare Committee

Contact:   Sahadeo Ramlal/Leela Deonarine
Address:   175 Gopee Trace, Penal
Telephone: 647 8420

Charlo Village Council

Contact:   Christina Campo
Address:   Sunrees Rd, Penal
Telephone: 647 8573
Clarke Rochard Women’s Group

Contact:   Savitri Barrath-Ali/Jagranie Boodoo
Address:   Rochard Rd, Penal
Telephone: 654 0289

Cunjal Village Council

Contact:   Habib Ali/Jagroop Samaroo
Address:   Cunjal Rd, Barrackpore
Telephone: 654 2491/0925

Electrical Association for Women

Contact:   N/A
Address:   232 Southern Main Road, Bamboo Village
Telephone: N/A

I Am Special Preschool Women’s Group

Contact:   Nirmala Ramkellawan/Indra Harbuckan
Address:   39 Clarke Rd, Penal
Telephone: 647 5885

Kiwanis Club of Penal

Contact:   Edison Doodnath
Address:   Ramjohn Street, Penal
Telephone: 647 7621/658 5413/6660

Lady Hochoy Home for the Mentally Handicapped (Penal)

Contact:   N/A
Address:   Clarke Rd, Penal
Telephone: N/A

Manohar Community Core Group

Contact:   Phillip James
Address:   Manohar Trace
Telephone: 654 0776
Mohess Road & Environs Community Council

Contact:   Kalawatie Sookdeo/Gangapersad Ramphal
Address:   Mohess Road
Telephone: 647 4191/647 4292

Organisations for Senior Citizens

Contact:   Rafeek Khan/Charles Seepersad
Address:   LP 317 Syne Village, Penal
Telephone: 649 3049/6416

Oropouche Jaipaulsingh Village Council

Contact:   Alvin Mahadeo
Address:   Barrackpore PO, Oropouche River Road, Barrackpore
Telephone: 654 0768

Oropouche South Trace Village Council

Contact:   Ramchand Siew
Address:   Oropouche PO, Oropouche South Trace, Barrackpore
Telephone: 654 0605

Penal Central Village Council

Contact:   Joanne Baptiste/Joanne Fraser
Address:   Community Centre St. 4 km Clarke Road
Telephone: 647 6384/7657

Platanite Farmers Association

Contact:   Linda Jipersad
Address:   Penal
Telephone: N/A

San Francique Sports, Educational Cultural Council

Contact:   Devanand Sinanan/ Doodnath Parmanan
Address:   185 San Francique Road, Penal
Telephone: 647 3149/3716
Sarawatie Vidyalai

Contact:   Chaitram Gayah
Address:   Door Basar & Jokan Trace
Telephone: 649 1646

St. Dominic’s Social Action Group

Contact:   Sr Columbia Byrne
Address:   c/o Holy Faith Convent, Penal
Telephone: 649 2329

St. Patrick East Voluntary Brigade

Contact:   Andy Ali/Keisha Julien
Address:   Bhupsingh Street, Penal
Telephone: N/A

Sumarie Trace Hindu Temple Women’s Group

Contact:   Samdaye Mohan
Address:   Sumarie Trace, Barrackpore
Telephone: 654 1964/647 8931

T&T Association for the Physically Challenged Children

Contact:   N/A
Address:   Penal
Telephone: N/A

Trinidad Women’s Education Association Inc

Contact:   N/A
Address:   Gandhi College, ¼ mm, Clarke Road Penal
Telephone: N/A

TTARC School

Contact:   Angela Martin/Champa Samaroo
Address:   Oliviere Drive, Clarke Road, Penal
Telephone: 647 4134

AA Hotline

Contact:   Mary Siu Butt/Diane de la Rosa
Address:   1 Cawnpore Street, St. James
Telephone: 622-3520-622-3264

Adult Literacy Tutors Association

Contact:   Reveena Sarran-Persad
Address:   1 Gallus Street, Woodbrook
Telephone: 623 3962

AIDS/HIV Counseling

Contact:   N/A
Address:   101-103 Arapita Avenue, Port of Spain
Telephone: 627 7489

All Saints Anglican Church Gordon Home for Senior Citizens

Contact:   Elsa Lynch
Address:   105 Arapita Avenue, POS
Telephone: 622 7206

Anissette Youths United Sports & Cultural Club

Contact:   N/A
Address:   105 Tragarete Rd, POS
Telephone: N/A

ANSA McAl Foundation

Contact:   N/A
Address:   105 Woodford Street, Newtown
Telephone: N/A

Anstey House (Coterie of Social Workers of T&T)

Contact:   Cynthia Hayes
Address:   106 Frederick Street, POS
Telephone: 623 6425
Archdiocesan Commission for Social Action, Justice & Peace

Contact:   Rhonda Maingot/Monica Malcolm
Address:   109 Frederick Street, POS
Telephone: 623 4677/624 7084

ASJA Ladies Section

Contact:   N/A
Address:   11 Jernigham Avenue, Belmont
Telephone: 624 1088

Association of Caribbean Transformation Ltd

Contact:   Dr Scipio
Address:   115 Abercromby Street, POS
Telephone: 627 3927

Association of Catholic Counselors

Contact:   Dr Anirudha Mahabir
Address:   115 Abercromby Street, POS
Telephone: 623 7246

Association of Early Childhood Education

Contact:   Edison Raphael/Paul Browne
Address:   13 Brabnat St, Woodbrook
Telephone: 633 0576

Basilon Street Youth Centre

Contact:   Major Lynette Walkins
Address:   131-133 Henry Street, POS
Telephone: 623 2547

Belmont Amalgmated Action Committee

Contact:   Rose McAlister
Address:   136 A Belmont Circular Rd, Belmont
Telephone: 624 1525
Belmont Community Council

Contact:   Kenwin Rodriguez/Deepak Mahabir
Address:   13 A Wrightson Rd, POS
Telephone: 625 2805

Belmont Halfway House

Contact:   Korisha Mohammed/Ludia Pierre
Address:   13 A Wrightson Rd, POS
Telephone: 623 2931/4

Belmont Village Council

Contact:   Kathleen Guy
Address:   13 A Wrightson Rd
Telephone: 627 6431

Belmont Youth Movement

Contact:   Shirley Ann Hussen
Address:   13 A Wrightson Rd, POS
Telephone: 625 2805

Belmont/Gonzales Committee for Development

Contact:   Frances Serville/Dr. David Quamina
Address:   13 C Wrightson Rd, POS
Telephone: 623 0612/3

Benevolent Society

Contact:   Selwyn Bhagan
Address:   140 Bretton Hall, Victoria Avenue, POS
Telephone: 623 6418

Better Life for Women Foundation

Contact:   Patricia Bynoe
Address:   15 Carlos Street Woodbrook
Telephone: 628 2026/28
Bruce Stephens Trust

Contact:   Margaret Browne
Address:   15 Dunlop Drive Cocorite
Telephone: 622 1940.0/6145

Business & Professional Women’s Club – North

Contact:   Phyllis Ragoonanan
Address:   15 Fitzblackman Drive, Wrightson Rd Ext, POS
Telephone: 623 8010

Business Women’s Network

Contact:   Carl Alfonso/Roland Forde
Address:   156 Frederick St, POS
Telephone: 628 4117/627 4872

Calvary Hill Village Council

Contact:   George Lynch
Address:   157 A Western Main Rd, St. James
Telephone: 622 6827/8497

Caribbean Conference of Churches

Contact:   Penelope Lee Pow/Althea Rudder
Address:   16 Flim Centre Street. St. James
Telephone: 632 2146/640 1440

Caribbean Forest Conservation Association (CFCA)

Contact:   Hugo Webb/Stacy Foster
Address:   16 Geoffrey Street, Ross Lands St. James
Telephone: 622 7575/1112

Caribbean Islamic Secretariat

Contact:   George Edwards
Address:   16 O’ Connor Street, POS
Telephone: 627 8213
Catholic Marriage Advisory

Contact:   N/A
Address:   17 Duke Street West
Telephone: N/A

Central Executive –Registered Nurses Association

Contact:   N/A
Address:   17-19 Pembroke Street
Telephone: N/A

Centre for the Rescue of Endangers Species of T&T

Contact:   Lyra Panda
Address:   17 A Lady Chancellor Hill
Telephone: 628 4218

Chest & Heart Association of T&T (POS)
Contact:   Dr Frank Gonzalez
Address:   182 Western Main Rd, Cocorite
Telephone: 622 3904

Child Guidance Clinic

Contact:   Mr. Seemungal
Address:   189 A Tragarete, POS
Telephone: 622 1367

Child Welfare League of T&T

Contact:   Sharon Fortune
Address:   19-21 Park Street
Telephone: 623 1322

Children’s Aid Society

Contact:   Astral Clarke
Address:   1A Bath Street, East Dry River
Telephone: 627 2288
Choices Project

Contact:   George Bowen
Address:   1 B St Paul Street, POS
Telephone: 623 6318

Church of Our Lord Jesus Christ

Contact:   Lorraine Rooks/Cheryl McKenzie-Cook
Address:   1st Floor , 14-17 Park Street, POS
Telephone: 624 0402

Citizens for Conservation

Contact:   Mervyn Henry
Address:   2 Epson Rd, Goodwood Park Ext, Carenage
Telephone: 637 4536

City Police Youth Club

Contact:   Samuel Piggott
Address:   2 Hill Lane, St. James
Telephone: N/A

Coalition Against Domestic Violence

Contact:   Rasheeda Piggott
Address:   2 Queen Street, POS
Telephone: 622 5664/625 3249

Cooperative Credit Union League

Contact:   Elizabeth Perez
Address:   2 Queen’s Park East, POS
Telephone: 623 2277

Coterie of Social Workers of T&T Inc

Contact:   Lennox Farrell
Address:   20 Duncan Street, POS
Telephone: 623 1147
Credo Drop-In Centre for Street Children

Contact:   N/A
Address:   20 Duncan Street, POS
Telephone: 625 3562

Deliverance Ministries

Contact:   Salima Siwaju/Kareem Ibrahim
Address:   20 Prince Street, POS
Telephone: 624 2129

Dental Association of T&T

Contact:   N/A
Address:   21 Duncan Street, POS
Telephone: 623 4926

Detta Butch Wildlife Rehabilitation Centre

Contact:   Sr Helena Profeiro
Address:   21 Taylor Street, Woodbrook
Telephone: 623 6723/622 8586

Diabetes Association of T&T

Contact:   Jim Young Jung/Joan Moore
Address:   22 Belle Smythe Street, Woodbrook
Telephone: 628 5812/637 2529

Diocesan Mother’s Union of the Anglican Church

Contact:   Frank Ferreira
Address:   22 Norfolk Street, Belmont
Telephone: 624 1903

Disabled People’s International

Contact:   N/A
Address:   22-24 St. Vincent Street, POS
Telephone: 623 8870
Disabled Women’s Network (DAWN)

Contact:   N/A
Address:   26-30 Frederick Street, POS
Telephone: N/A

Dyslexia Association

Contact:   N/A
Address:   27 Borde Street, POS
Telephone: N/A

Ecumenical Church Loan Fund (ECLOF)

Contact:   N/A
Address:   27 Edward Street, POS
Telephone: 625 4120

Electrical Association for Women

Contact:   Elma Brown/Enid Dick Baptiste
Address:   27 A Meyler Street, Belmont
Telephone: 624 7345/632 4076

Emmanuel Community/Emmanuel Cradle

Contact:   Cecilia Le Maitre
Address:   28 B Layan Hill, Belmont
Telephone: 624 0772

ESHE’s Learning Centre

Contact:   Noel Donawa
Address:   29 Mucurapo Rd, St. James
Telephone: 637 4773

Families in Action

Contact:   Muriel Douglas
Address:   2nd Floor, Frederick Court, 43-45 Frederick St, POS
Telephone: 623 1166
Families Life Commission of Roman Catholic Church

Contact:   N/A
Address:   3 Alfredo Street, Woodbrook
Telephone: 627 2277

Families of the Disabled of T&T

Contact:   Rhona Ince
Address:   3 Elizabeth Street, St. Clair
Telephone: 622 3132

Family Focus

Contact:   Allan Williams
Address:   3 Pelham Street, Belmont
Telephone: 624 2142

Family Planning Association

Contact:   Dr. J Homaida Kazim
Address:   3 Rapsey Street, St. Clair
Telephone: 628 0813

Federation of Women’s Institute

Contact:   Lyra Panda
Address:   3 Rust Street, St. Clair
Telephone: 628 4210

Festival of Cultures

Contact:   Dominic Xavier
Address:   30 Belmont Circular Rd, Belmont
Telephone: 623 6332

Fishermen and Friends of the Sea

Contact:   Jean Elder
Address:   308 Pres Weizman Avenue, Petit Valley
Telephone: 624 0466/633 8352
Friends for Ever

Contact:   David De Fleurs
Address:   31 Fitt Street, Woodbrook
Telephone: 622 2520

Friends of the Blood Bank Association

Contact:   Ms Tomyick
Address:   31 Independence Square, POS
Telephone: 622 2691

Friends of the Port of Spain Hospital

Contact:   Linda Wyke
Address:   31 Independence Square, POS
Telephone: 623 5139

Girl Guides Association of T&T

Contact:   Donald Berment/Chris Gay
Address:   32 New Street, POS
Telephone: 637 0924/623 6621

Gonzales Village Council

Contact:   Trevor Alleyne
Address:   32-34 Maraval Rd, Newton
Telephone: 622 3100/4896

Goodwill Industries

Contact:   Michelle Foster
Address:   33 Basilon Street, East Dry River
Telephone: 624 8256/622 3400

Guardian Neediest Cases Fund

Contact:   Stelford Ollivierre
Address:   33 Beetham Highway, Sea Lots
Telephone: 624 8256/622 3400
Harmony in Diversity

Contact:   Dean Porter
Address:   34 Anissette Street, East Dry River
Telephone: 625 6214

Hindu Women’s Organisation of T&T

Contact:   Elsa Redwood
Address:   34 Duke Street, POS
Telephone: 625 0660

Holy Name Training Centre

Contact:   Sr Francisca Serrette
Address:   34 B Belmont Circular Road, Belmont
Telephone: 624 7882/7067

Horticultural Society of T&T

Contact:   Dr. D Watkins
Address:   36 Ramjit Kumar Street, St. James
Telephone: 662 2082

Imam E-Zamada Mission

Contact:   David Farrell/ Stanley Hunt
Address:   37 Henry Street, POS
Telephone: 627 1254/627 4192

Imortelle Children’s Centre for Special Education Ltd

Contact:   Mavis Griffith
Address:   39 Baden Powell Street, Woodbrook
Telephone: 623 7222

Indian Women’s Group of T&T

Contact:   Pearl Marshall Baird
Address:   39 Boissiere Village, Maraval
Telephone: 622 9223
Inter Religious Organisation (IRO)

Contact:   Beulah Duke
Address:   4 Fitizblackman Drive, POS
Telephone: 627 8215

Islamic Ladies Social & Cultural Association

Contact:   David Lee Shang Tin
Address:   4 O’ Connor Street, Woodbrook
Telephone: 627 1092

Islamic Missionaries Guild

Contact:   N/A
Address:   40 Duke Street, POS
Telephone: N/A

John Hayes Memorial Kidney Foundation

Contact:   Claudia Leacock
Address:   40 Woodford Street, POS
Telephone: 622 7273/1079

Josephine Shaw Yougn Women’s Hostel (Salvation Army)

Contact:   Matron Rogers
Address:   43 Fitt Street, Woodbrook
Telephone: 622 2825

Kids in Need of Direction (KIND)

Contact:   Valence Massiah
Address:   43 Gallus Street, Woodbrook
Telephone: 622 5882

Kiwanis Club of POS West

Contact:   N/A
Address:   43 St. Vincent Street, POS
Telephone: N/A
Lady Hochoy Home for the Mentally Handicapped

Contact:   Linton Brown/Jean Elder
Address:   43 A Duncan Street, POS
Telephone: 627 2626/624 0486

Laventille & Environs Beautification Committee

Contact:   Eddie Fung
Address:   46 Rosalino Street, POS
Telephone: 628 1586/8181/1064

Legal Aid Advisory Services

Contact:   Alexander Asson/Deserine Ryan
Address:   47 Jerningham Avenue, Belmont
Telephone: 625 0714


Basse Terre Village Council

Contact:   Michelle Lorant, Moruga
Address:   Basse Terre, Moruga
Telephone: 656 4115

Ben Lomond Council

Contact:   Anna Chaitee/Alicia Mohammed
Address:   81 Ben Lomond Village, Williamsville
Telephone: 650 3558/0762

Ben Lomond Women’s Group

Contact:   Maureen Sookram/Chan Roopnan
Address:   81 Ben Lomond Village, Williamsville
Telephone: 650 1102

Bread of Life Community

Contact:   Yvonne Steele
Address:   c/o St. Clements Church, Manahambre
Telephone: 657 7324
Brothers Garth Village Council

Contact:   Roshne Ganga/Yvonne Cross
Address:   63 Garth Rd, Williamsville
Telephone: 665 0536

Calvary Hill Women’s Group

Contact:   Ann Noriega/Joan Fraser
Address:   Calvary Hill Community Centre
Telephone: 667 5204

Committee For the Upliftment of the Underprivileged

Contact:   Tara Orie/Vadewatee Roopchand
Address:   21 St Julien Village
Telephone: 655 6253/0309

Community Based Rehabilitation Organisation

Contact:   Judy Duntin/Genevieve La Barrie
Address:   Gran Chemin Health Centre, Moruga
Telephone: 656 4282/6125

Cunjal Road Village Council

Contact:   Shaheed Mohammed
Address:   c/o Cunjal PO, Cunjal Road Princess Town
Telephone: 654 0917

Fifth Company Baptist Church Women’s Group

Contact:   U Sanders
Address:   Fifth Company Village, Moruga
Telephone: 655 2012

Fitts Reading Foundation

Contact:   N/A
Address:   Indian Walk PO, Moruga
Telephone: N/A
Future Generation Community Group

Contact:   Joy George
Address:   1, Second Branch Monkey Town Rd, New Grant
Telephone: 655 2413

George Village Village Council

Contact:   Mohan Bholasingh/Geeta Ramsumair
Address:   George Village, Tableland
Telephone: 656 7004

Iere/Malgretoute Village Council

Contact:   Sherina Aggan/Angela Gay-Persad
Address:   21 Corial Road, Iere Village
Telephone: 655 3340/7642


Contact:   Brendon Burke
Address:   Eccles Road, Princess Town
Telephone: 665 3463

Lothians Road Village Council

Contact:   Cyntra Bachan/Alicia Mohammed
Address:   Lothians Road, Princess Town
Telephone: 655 6495

Lower Brothers Road Village Council

Contact:   Yvonne Marshall
Address:   Brothers Road
Telephone: 656 2576

Marac Women’s Group

Contact:   Marilyn Graham/Mavis Guerro
Address:   Marac Village via
Telephone: 655 5320
Moruga Sporting Committee

Contact:   Kenwyn McPherson
Address:   Basse Terre, Moruga
Telephone: 665 4118

Mothers Union of T&T (South)

Contact:   Elsa Crawford
Address:   68 Scotland Drive, Cocoyea
Telephone: 652 1825

Mt. Olive Baptist Church

Contact:   Eugenia Belmadis/Kelton Paul
Address:   Basse Terre, Moruga
Telephone: 656 4107/4306

New Grant Women’s Group

Contact:   Linda Rondon/Cheryl Charles
Address:   Mt. Pleasant Community Centre
Telephone: N/A

Princes Town Spiritual AIMS Committee

Contact:   Wilfred Lee/Kerwin Chinfat
Address:   Beun Intento Road, Holy Cross RC Church
Telephone: 655 2753/1973

Princes Town Welfare Council

Contact:   Zanifa Fakira/Sophia Baptiste
Address:   Lothians Road, Princes Town
Telephone: 655 2252

Princes Town Welfare Group

Contact:   Sharon Mohammed
Address:   13 St. Croix Street, Princes Town
Telephone: 655 3269
PTA Moruga AC

Contact:   Nina Fortune
Address:   Grand Chemin, Moruga
Telephone: N/A

Reform Women’s Group

Contact:   Indra Ramdhanie
Address:   118 Reform Main Road
Telephone: 650 1358

Sancho/St. Julien Village Council

Contact:   Gerard Chadee
Address:   St. Julien Village, Princes Town
Telephone: 656 2369

Sisters Road Community Development Group

Contact:   Ramchand Dharamadass/Doolbassie Ganga
Address:   Issac Junction, Sisters Road
Telephone: 656 2327/2397

Tableland Village Council

Contact:   Glenis Brown
Address:   McSween Second Branch Road, Tableland
Telephone: 656 3287

Trench Town Sports & Concerned Citizens Promotion

Contact:   Anthony Marchan
Address:   Maracus, Moruga
Telephone: 656 7161

Whiteland Village Council

Contact:   Diane Burtley/Janet Le Gendre
Address:   c/o 42 Corosal Road, Whiteland, Williamsville
Telephone: 656 1244/1124

Williamsville Islamic Trust
Contact:   Errol Fakira/Omid Hamid
Address:   7 Hosein Street, Williamsville
Telephone: 655 8450/8720

Winners (Women in Neighbourhoods)

Contact:   Joslyn Ramsubhag
Address:   Main Road, Williamsville
Telephone: 656 0593

Yesterday’s Youth

Contact:   Winnifred Hutchkinson
Address:   190 St. Croix Road, Princes Town
Telephone: 665 1951


21ST century Youths

Contact:   Lalmanie Mohammed
Address:   Naparima/Mayaro Road, Libertville
Telephone: 644 2853

Agostini Pitchers Sports Club

Contact:   N/A
Address:   c/o Agostini Rd, Ecclesville
Telephone: N/A

Biche ASJA Mosque

Contact:   Imam Shafat Ali
Address:   O’Brien Trace
Telephone: 668 9322

Biche Women’s Group

Contact:   Mabel Durmont
Address:   46 Hibiscus rd, Rio Claro
Telephone: 644 3328
Boos Youth Group

Contact:   Clyde McKnight
Address:   Boos Village, Rio Claro
Telephone: N/A

Bucket Corner Men’s Windball Cricket Club

Contact:   Alicia Corban
Address:   Bucket Corner, Naparima/Mayaro
Telephone: N/A

Campbell Trace Village Council

Contact:   Elizabeth Williams
Address:   Campbell Trace, Rio Claro
Telephone: N/A

CEPAC Network

Contact:   Sharon Ramdeen/Thomas Ottley
Address:   Lewis & Sucre Street, Mayaro
Telephone: 630 1720/1260

Cultural Concepts Group

Contact:   Val Carbrera
Address:   Guayaguayari
Telephone: N/A

Dades Road Village Council

Contact:   Paul David Montique
Address:   Dades Rd, Rio Claro
Telephone: N/A

Ecclesville Women’s Group

Contact:   Paul Guerra
Address:   Cardinez Street, Ecclesville
Telephone: N/A
Fonrose Village Council

Contact:   Allan Humprey
Address:   Rajali Street, Rio Claro
Telephone: N/A

Grand Lagoon

Contact:   Arneau de Gannes
Address:   Maloney Rd, Grand Lagoon
Telephone: 630 9163

Mayaro Enterprises

Contact:   Robert Montouis
Address:   Plaisance Rd, Mayaro
Telephone: 630 9111

Merry Boys Sports Club

Contact:   Joseph Williams
Address:   Ecclesville, Rio Claro
Telephone: 644 4043

Nariva Eco Tours

Contact:   Indira Bridgelal/Rudy Rampersad
Address:   c/o Mayaro PO
Telephone: N/A

Rio Claro Community Council

Contact:   Anthony Bau
Address:   Fraser St, Rio Claro
Telephone: 644 3229

Union Village Council

Contact:   Tesan Chote/Zaheeda Singh
Address:   Union Village, Rio Claro
Telephone: N/A

ASJA San Fernando

Contact:   Fletcher Darneaud/Anne Marie Hart
Address:   1 St. Vincent Street, San Fernando
Telephone: 652 4040/2175

Ayodha Mandir

Contact:   Patrick Roberts
Address:   102-104 Howard Lane, San Fernando
Telephone: 652 4489

Billiards & Snooker Control Council of T&T

Contact:   Denise Basorath
Address:   117 Independence Avenue, San Fernando
Telephone: 657 8832

Brahma Kumaris Raja Yoga Centre

Contact:   Kenneth Jadoo/P Baldeo
Address:   12 Crawford Street, Vistabella
Telephone: 652 2950/673 0014


Contact:   Petreecee Cuffie
Address:   12 San Fernando Street, San Fernando
Telephone: 657 5355

Business & Professionals Women’s Club (South)

Contact:   Wilmot Hoyte/Lincoln Mathura
Address:   12 Zada Lane, La Romain
Telephone: 663 1269/648 1424

Central Missions Foundation

Contact:   Hafeez Majid
Address:   13 Cipero Street, San Fernando
Telephone: 650 0773

Contact:   Kenneth Jadoo
Address:   13 Prince of Wales Street, San Fernando
Telephone: 652 2950

Church Women United of T&T

Contact:   Dr. Kedar Rampaul
Address:   14 Kenneth Avenue, Cocoyea Village, San Fernando
Telephone: 657 6339

Cocoyea Community Council

Contact:   Elaine Corbie
Address:   194 Gopaul Street, Vistabella
Telephone: 658 3967

Collaboration of Ecumenical Planning & Action in the C’bean

Contact:   D Baksh-Mowlah
Address:   1B Gopaul Street
Telephone: 652 0181

Community Chest Limited

Contact:   Russel De Bance
Address:   20 Princes of Wales Street, San Fernando
Telephone: 652 2889

Coterie of Social Workers of T&T

Contact:   Rabkah James
Address:   21 Mootoo Street, Marabella
Telephone: 658 3048

County Medical Officer of Health

Contact:   Jessie Keseraj
Address:   28 Roy Avenue, San Fernando
Telephone: N/A
Deaf Alert

Contact:   Janice Benjamin/Francisca Wilson
Address:   28 Royal Rd, San Fernando
Telephone: 652 2729

Embacadre’s Resident Association

Contact:   N/A
Address:   31 Princess Margaret Street, Les Efforts
Telephone: 653 1932

Family Planning Association (San Fernando Branch)

Contact:   N/A
Address:   33 Coffee Street, San Fernando
Telephone: 652 2575

Fellowship Hall Baptist Church

Contact:   Roopnarine Toolsie
Address:   36 Seepaul Boulevard, La Romain
Telephone: 649 2464/657 1705

Friendship Village Council

Contact:   Junior Yullie
Address:   36-49 Ruth Avenue, Les Efforts West, San Fernando
Telephone: 657 9189

Gulf View Recreational Committee

Contact:   Betty Dyer
Address:   38 Cipero Street, San Fernando
Telephone: 652 0123

Happy Venture School for Slow Learners

Contact:   Pastor E Charles
Address:   418 Southern Main Rd, La Romain
Telephone: 652 0654/657 4747
Health Psychology & Right Education Society

Contact:   Ivan Lancaster
Address:   46 Third Avenue, Maharaj Lands
Telephone: 653 7523

Hermitage Village Council

Contact:   Abraham Abdula
Address:   47-53 Pointe-a-Pierre Rd, San Fernando
Telephone: 657 9630

Holistic Health Education

Contact:   Magarita Sewah
Address:   5 Hermitage Estate, Dumfries Rd, San Fernando
Telephone: 648 3128

Hope Centre Limited

Contact:   Naomi Regis/Carol Gittens
Address:   5 London Street, Cross Crossing, Victoria Avenue
Telephone: 648 3128

Humming Bird Club of San Fernando

Contact:    BK Hemlata Sanghi
Address:    55-57 Pointe-a-Pierre Rd, San Fernando
Telephone: 653 3766
I Care Christian Crusade

Contact:   N/A
Address:   6 Devan, Les Efforts West
Telephone: N/A

Islamic Home for Children

Contact:   Shaeed Baksh/Rehan Abdool
Address:   68 Mucurapo Street, San Fernando
Telephone: 652 2059
Jaycees (San Fernando Branch)

Contact:   Beverly Beckles
Address:   7-21 New Street, San Fernando
Telephone: 652 4880

JC MacDonald Home for the Aged

Contact:   Fr John Theodore
Address:   78 Harold Avenue, Mootoo Lands, Marabella
Telephone: 653 3947/652 4403

La Romain Community Council

Contact:   Ian Artherly
Address:   7B Harold Avenue, Mootoo Lands
Telephone: 652 7373


African Association of T&T

Contact:   Dr. Ralph Henry
Address:   145 Eastern Main Road, Barataria
Telephone: 674 2635

Angel Network

Contact:   Lynette Charles
Address:   Pashley Street, Laventille
Telephone: 662 5605
Audrey Mollineau Halfway House

Contact:   N/A
Address:   119 Tenth Avenue, Barataria
Telephone: N/A
Ball Players Sports Club

Contact:   Alexander Thomas
Address:   Barataria
Telephone: N/A

Barataria Anglican PTA

Contact:   N/A
Address:   Barataria
Telephone: N/A

Barataria Child Welfare League

Contact:   Elma Romano
Address:   Barataria
Telephone: 638 3474

Barataria Coterie of Social Workers

Contact:   P James
Address:   Barataria
Telephone: N/A

Barataria Sports & Cultural

Contact:   N/A
Address:   Barataria
Telephone: N/A

Barataria Village Council

Contact:   Marie St. Rose/Elma Romano
Address:   112 Norman Spann Circular, NHA
Telephone: 674 9714/638 3474

Beetham Gardens Community Development Organisation

Contact:   Lawrence Clarke
Address:   C/O Apt 3 23rd Street
Telephone: 623 9495
Beetham Improvement Committee

Contact:   Arthur Jordan
Address:   Main Street, Beetham Gardens
Telephone: 627 8324

Bourg Mulatresse Cricket Club

Contact:   Michael Walker
Address:   Bourg Mulatresse
Telephone: N/A

Bourg Mulatresse San Juan Jabloteh

Contact:   Andrew Jones
Address:   Bourg Mulatresse
Telephone: N/A

Bourg Mulatresse Women’s Group

Contact:   Merle Patrovani
Address:   N/A
Telephone: N/A

Caledonia AIA

Contact:   N/A
Address:   Ninth Avenue, North Caledonia
Telephone: N/A

Cantaro Upper Santa Cruz Association

Contact:   Richard Tracy
Address:   Cantaro, Santa Cruz
Telephone: 676 7462

Cantaro Upper Santa Cruz Village Council

Contact:   Iva Moe
Address:   Cantaro, Santa Cruz
Telephone: 676 8182
Care & Respect for Youth

Contact:   Lystra Penny
Address:   Old St. Joseph Road, Success Village
Telephone: 624 7840

Champs Fleurs West Community Group

Contact:   Ruth Popplewell
Address:   Mt D’or
Telephone: N/A

Champs Fleurs Women’s Group

Contact:   Marcellina Marshall
Address:   Quarry Drive, Champ Fleurs
Telephone: N/A

Champs Fleurs Youth Group

Contact:   Fabien Greenway
Address:   Quarry Drive, Champs Fleurs
Telephone: N/A

Child Welfare League, Mother’s Club

Contact:   N/A
Address:   Health Centre, Epinet Street, Laventille
Telephone: N/A

Chinapoo Village Council

Contact:   Cardinal Tratman/Dolenia Douglas
Address:   Wallace Rd, Chinapoo Village
Telephone: 624 7060

Church of Nazarene

Contact:   N/A
Address:   Santa Cruz Old & Quarry Roads, Santa Cruz
Telephone: N/A
Community Development Workshop

Contact:   Glenford Noel/Wendy Williams
Address:   Second Caledonia
Telephone: 638 5884/623 8441

Community United Relief Establishment

Contact:   Allison Raymond/Loren Walcott
Address:   42 St. Barb’s Rd, Laventille
Telephone: 625 4082

Community Uplift Organisation

Contact:   Cathy Ann Mounsey
Address:   Upper 7th Avenue, Malick
Telephone: 647 4082

Concerned Women for Progress

Contact:   N/A
Address:   31 Eastern Main Rd, Laventille
Telephone: 623 6997

Coterie of Social Workers of T&T

Contact:   N/A
Address:   77 Eight Street, Barataria
Telephone: 674 2853

Don Miguel Women’s Group

Contact:   Zorida Balchan/Adelia Birchwood
Address:   Don Miguel Road, San Juan
Telephone: 675 0922/623 4301

Eastern Quarry Welfare Committee

Contact:   Clay Thomas
Address:   La Paix Circular, Eastern Quarry, Laventille
Telephone: 627 2339
El Socorro Boundary Road Women’s Group

Contact:   Hafeeza Mohammed/Maltie Narsier
Address:   Boundary Rd, San Juan
Telephone: 674 0469/2820


Achamville Village Council

Contact:   Nazaroon Singh
Address:   Guaico Tamana Rd, Guaico
Telephone: N/A

Achamville Women’s Group

Contact:   Yvonne Peters-Achamville
Address:   104 Guaico Tamana Rd, Guaico
Telephone: N/A

All Stars All Four Club

Contact:   Rudy Grant
Address:   Grande Rivere
Telephone: N/A

Aquarius All Fours Club

Contact:   Conrad Peters
Address:   Sans Souci Village
Telephone: N/A

Balandra Action Group

Contact:   Edward Mahedeo
Address:   Toco Main Rd, Rampanalgas Village
Telephone: N/A
Benevolent Fund Committee

Contact:   Joanna Bartholomew
Address:   Valencia Peneteco
Telephone: 667 901/8052

Bois Bande Farmers’ Association
Contact:   Verne Richards
Address:   33 Toco Rd, Sangre Grande
Telephone: N/a

Brigand Hill Village Council

Contact:   MacDonald Gobin
Address:   LP 110, Plum Mitan Rd, Brigand Hill
Telephone: N/A

Brooklyn Old Boys Association

Contact:    Herman Diaz
Address:   Katwaroo Trace, Sangre Grande
Telephone: N/A

Brooklyn Sports Club

Contact:   Tricia Pollonais
Address:   Brooklyn Settlement
Telephone: 668 7344

Brooklyn Village Council

Contact:   Cleo Cruickshank/Irma Pollonais
Address:   Brooklyn Settlement, Sangre Grande
Telephone: 668 2538

Brooklyn Women’s Group

Contact:   Irma Pollonais
Address:   Brooklyn Settlement
Telephone: 668 7344
Caigual Village Council

Contact:   Satnarine Sankar
Address:   Caigual Settlement
Telephone: 668 5233

Caigual Women’s Group

Contact:   Bernadine Sankar
Address:   Caigual Settlement
Telephone: N/A

Carmichael Village Council

Contact:   Leon Saunders
Address:   c/o Carmichael PO
Telephone: N/A

Church of the First Born Assembly

Contact:   Norris Johnson
Address:   Cor. Walke & Alfonzo Streets
Telephone: 643 4883

Clarita Thomas Senior Citizens Home

Contact:   Lennox Charlerie
Address:   c/o Toco Composite School
Telephone: 670 8261

Comparo/Caigual Community Council

Contact:   Deonarine Motie
Address:   c/o Caigual Village PO, Caigual Rd, Manzanilla
Telephone: N/A

Coryal Village Council

Contact:   Joan Tidd
Address:   c/o Coryal PO, Coryal
Telephone: N/A
Coryal Women’s Group

Contact:   Joan Tidd
Address:   c/o Coryal PO, Coryal
Telephone: N/A

Coryal Youth Action Group

Contact:   Roy George
Address:   c/o Coryal PO, Coryal
Telephone: N/A

Crompton Sports Club

Contact:   Haimnath Singh
Address:   Baker Trace, Sangre Grande
Telephone: N/A

Cumana Men Ministries

Contact:   Wendy Murray
Address:   Toco Main Rd, Cumana
Telephone: N/A

Cumana Village Council

Contact:   Althea Pascall
Address:   Simeon Rd, Cumana
Telephone: N/A

Cumana Visitation Group

Contact:   Glenda Charles
Address:   Anglais Rd, Cumana
Telephone: N/A

Cumana Women’s Ministries

Contact:   Kendal John
Address:   Toco Main Rd, Cumana
Telephone: N/A
Cumana Women’s Group

Contact:   Catherine Joseph
Address:   Cor. Arthur & Toco Main Rd, Cumana
Telephone: N/A

Cumuto Adopt a Community Committee

Contact:   Din Mohammed
Address:   Cumuto Main Rd, Cumuto
Telephone: N/A

Cumuto Empowerment Network

Contact:   Robert Fortune
Address:   Cumuto
Telephone: 643 9014

Cumuto Muslim Jamaat Association

Contact:   Muntaz Ali
Address:   Jamma Masjid, 6mm Cumuto Main Rd
Telephone: 643 9144

Cumuto Seventh Day Adventist Church EP

Contact:   Charles Bourgeois
Address:   123 Main Rd, Cumuto
Telephone: 623 8452

Cumuto Village Council

Contact:   Solomon Dharamjit
Address:   Cumuto Main Rd, Cumuto
Telephone: N/A

Cumuto Women’s Group

Contact:   Vidowatie Jagasar
Address:   Cumuto Junction, Cumuto
Telephone: N/A
Cumuto/Tamana Action Group

Contact:   Din Mohammed
Address:   Cumuto Main Rd, Cumuto
Telephone: N/A

Cunapo Concerned Committee

Contact:   Francis Mannick
Address:   Cunapo Southern Main Rd, Guaico
Telephone: 668 0125

Cunapiro Sports and Cultural Club

Contact:   Rajcoomar Bhagaloo
Address:   Guaico Tamana Rd, Guico
Telephone: 668 2518


4h club Cedros

Contact:   Dinana Ash
Address:   Bonasse Village, Cedros
Telephone: 648 1174

Ackbar Trace Village Council

Contact:   Jason Chattergoon
Address:   Siparaia Old Rd, Fzyabad
Telephone: 648 1174

Buenos Ayres Village Council

Contact:   Marian Bartholomew
Address:   Charming Village, Buenos Ayres
Telephone: N/A
Cedros Harmony Community

Contact:   Cheryl Mauge/Jenny Boodoo
Address:   St. Marie Street, Bonasee
Telephone: 648 2705/2075

Cedros SDA

Contact:   Esther Prince
Address:   Bamboo Village, Cedros
Telephone: 648 2705/2275

Cedros Village Council

Contact:   Veena Ali/Verna Greenidge
Address:   Union Street, Bonasse Village
Telephone: 648 2776

CEPAC Community Group

Contact:   Merle Calpu
Address:   Chatham
Telephone: 648 5021

Coterie of Social Workers of T&T

Contact:   N/A
Address:   Albert Street, Siparia
Telephone: 649 0746

Disciples of Christ

Contact:   Marilyn Christian/Nicole Sylvester
Address:   Coora Hernandez Rd, Siparia
Telephone: 649 4351/2158

Disciples of Christ

Contact:   Alicia Howie/Marilyn Christian
Address:   Los Bajo Junction, Los Bajos
Telephone: N/A
Erin Senior Citizens Club

Contact:   Sheila Lamorell
Address:   Rancho Quemado, Palo Seco PO, Erin
Telephone: 649 4420

Fyzabad Community Council

Contact:   Benjamin Bobb
Address:   c/o Fyzabad Community Centre, Guapo Rd, Fyzabad
Telephone: 677 6891

Fyzabad Senior Citizen Home

Contact:   Leon Figuero
Address:   c/o Fyzabad Community Centre, Guapo Rd
Telephone: 677 7417

Glorious Reflection Ministries

Contact:   Holda Lee
Address:   High Street, La Brea
Telephone: 648 9063

Granville Village Council

Contact:   Cindy Balgonin/Seema Baboolal
Address:   Syfoo Trace, Granville, Cedros
Telephone: 648 2864

Granville Women’s Group

Contact:   Michelle Jaffar/Suzanne Behrue
Address:   Syfoo Trace, Granville, Cedros
Telephone: 648 6657

Happy Home

Contact:   Lester Joseph/Carmen Joseph
Address:   Porthere Street, Majuba, La Brea
Telephone: 648 8237
Joshua Generation Workshop

Contact:   K Sweene-Chase
Address:   1 Partap Street, St/ Mary’s Village, South Oropouche
Telephone: 677 6404/657 7282

La Brea Senior Citizens Home

Contact:   Kathleen Lynch/Augustine Pascall
Address:   High Rd, La Brea
Telephone: 648 7464/7268

La Brea Seven Days Adventist Welfare Department

Contact:   Eric Charles/Emma Tyson
Address:   Vessigny Village, La Brea
Telephone: 648 7688/9139


Tobago Association for the Deaf

Contact:   Eileen Guillaume
Address:   14 Bacelot Street, Scarborough
Telephone: 639 3167

Coterie of Social Workers of T&T

Contact:   N/A
Address:   Bacelot Street, Scarborough
Telephone: 639 2671

Roxborough Police Youth Club

Contact:   Nola Manswell
Address:   Bloddy Bay Rd, Roxborough
Telephone: 660 5357

Strike Force Sports Club

Contact:   Eliston Duke
Address:   c/o Roxborough PO, Argyle
Telephone: 660 4209
Voluntary Organisation for Life’s Transformation

Contact:   Falby Lewis
Address:   c/o Volts Centre, Bacelot Street, Scarborough
Telephone: 639 3101

Calder Hall Community Council

Contact:   Lucy Mark
Address:   Calder Hall Rd, Scarborough
Telephone: N/A

Save out Sea Turtles (SOS)

Contact:   Wendy Herron
Address:   Courland Bush Trace, Black Rock
Telephone: 639 9669

Electrical Association for Women

Contact:   N/A
Address:   Darrell Spring Rd, Scarborough
Telephone: N/A

National Federation of Women

Contact:   Claudia de Vignes
Address:   Douglas Rd, Canaan
Telephone: 639 8549

Tobago Rotary

Contact:   Colonel Blackett
Address:   Fairfield Complex, Bacelot Street
Telephone: 639 2248

Tobago Youth Council

Contact:   Lt Col Eugene Blackett
Address:   Fairfield Complex, Bacelot Street, Scarborough
Telephone: 639 2248
Canaan Church of the Nazarene

Contact:   Carlyle Issac
Address:   Golden Grove Rd, Canaan
Telephone: 639 8745

Phillips Home for the Abandoned

Contact:   Dorset Phillips
Address:   LP 21, Mt. Pelier Crown Trace
Telephone: 639 2844

Environment Tobago

Contact:   Kamau Akili
Address:   PO Box 503, Scarborough
Telephone: 660 7462

T&T Association for the Blind (Tobago workshop)

Contact:   Joan Bobb-Alleyne
Address:   Shelbourbe Street, Plymouth
Telephone: 639 3582

Mothers Union of T&T (Tobago Branch)

Contact:   Phora Crooks/Veronica Taylor
Address:   Zion Hill, Belle Garden
Telephone: 639 8588

4H/YFC – Division of T7T (Tobago Branch)

Contact:   Julia Mc Dougal
Address:   N/A
Telephone: N/A

Argyle Village Council

Contact:   Eron Wilson/Yvonne Daniel
Address:   Argyle
Telephone: 660 4834
Association of Village and Community Councils

Contact:   Sylvan Crucikshank/Margaret Wright
Address:   Black Rock
Telephone: 639 7671

Belle Garden Village Council

Contact:   Kenrick Andrews/Luceille MvConey
Address:   Belle Garden
Telephone: 660 5622/4236


Acono Village Council

Contact:   Diana Ramsumair/Angela Boodoo
Address:   Acono Rd, Maracas
Telephone: 663 3920

Acono Women’s Group

Contact:   Theresa Lewis
Address:   LP 71 Acono Rd, Maracas
Telephone: 663 6807

Acono Youth Group

Contact:   Julie LA Band
Address:   Acono Rd, Maracas
Telephone: 663 3920

Adoption Support

Contact:   Kamella Joseph
Address:   N/A
Telephone: 642 2649
Aranguez Rotary Club

Contact:   Sundar Seecharan
Address:   Aranguez
Telephone: N/A

Aranguez Women’s Group

Contact:   Gowrah Samaroo
Address:   Aranguez
Telephone: N/A

Aripo Village Council

Contact:   Bernard Millette/Denise Mahabir
Address:   Aripo Community Centre
Telephone: 662 2002 X 3134

Arouca (London) Baptist Church

Contact:   Ellen Cooper
Address:   Emperor Blvd, Bon Air Gardens, Arouca
Telephone: 640 5115

Arouca Baptist Church

Contact:   Pastor Anselm Warwick
Address:   St. John’s Baptist Church, 6-8 Pembroke Street, POS
Telephone: 623 8427

Arouca Pentecostal

Contact:   Roland Hope
Address:   Arouca
Telephone: 668 4326

Arouca RC Church

Contact:   Herbert Charles
Address:   Arouca
Telephone: 642 4374
Arouca RC Committee for the Poor

Contact:   Dominic Andrews
Address:   c/o Arouca RC Church, Eastern Main Rd, Arouca
Telephone: 642 4314

Arouca Revival Tabernacle

Contact:   Raymond Boca
Address:   642 9018
Telephone: 642 9018

Arouca Welfare Development Council

Contact:   Peter Marine/Cornelius Salvary
Address:   Arouca Community Centre
Telephone: 646 3912

Arouca Women’s Group

Contact:   Iris Horsford/Ester Perot
Address:   Arouca Community Centre
Telephone: N/A

Autistic Society

Contact:   Teresina Sieunarine
Address:   St. Helena Village, Piarco
Telephone: 642 4720/646 0468

Bamboo # 3 Community Council

Contact:   Moottiram Beharry
Address:   Bamboo #3
Telephone: 663 9833

Bamboo Grove #2 Kirtan Temple Group

Contact:   Yvette Ramnarine
Address:   Hosein Circular, Bamboo Grove # 2
Telephone: 643 5815
Bamboo Grove #2 Mosque

Contact:   Nyron Ali
Address:   Jaffar Street, Bamboo Grove #2
Telephone: 663 9156

Bamboo Grove #2 Shiva Mandir

Contact:   Yvette Ramnarine
Address:   Hosein Circular, Bamboo Grove #2
Telephone: 643 5815

Bamboo Grove #2 Village Council

Contact:   Tyab Ali/Balliram Ramlakhan
Address:   Bamboo Grove Community Centre
Telephone: N/A

Bamboo Grove Settlement #1 Village Council

Contact:   Winston Naran
Address:   Bamboo Grove Settlement #1, Bamboo Village
Telephone: N/A

Bamboo Grove Settlement #2 Women’s Group

Contact:   Christine Baldeo/Carolyn Beepath
Address:   Bamboo # Community
Telephone: 645 4468

Bamboo Grove Settlement #3 Ram Vijay Organisation

Contact:   Harry Karamtasingh
Address:   Bamboo Grove Settlement #3, Bamboo Village
Telephone: N/A

Bamboo Grove Settlement #3 Sports Club

Contact:   Dayanand Basdeo
Address:   Bamboo Grove Settlement #3, Bamboo Village
Telephone: N/A
Bell, Weather, Entient

Contact:   Rev Ephraim E Ewing
Address:   22 Valencia Drive, Fiver Rivers, Arouca
Telephone: 640 0246/642 4136

Blackpool Sports Club

Contact:   Joyce Williams
Address:   N/A
Telephone: N/A

Blanchisseuse Tourism Action Committee

Contact:   Ginette Holder
Address:   Community Centre, Upper Village
Telephone: 669 3909

Blanchisseuse Village Council

Contact:   Sharon Phillander/Owen Charles
Address:   Community Centre, Upper Village, Blanchisseuse
Telephone: 669 5083

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