THE EYE OF THE TIGER by yaosaigeng


									                  THE EYE OF THE TIGER
      Vo l u m e 1 1 , I s s u e 3                                         June 1, 2011
                                                                               DUNBAR HIGH SCHOOL

                                                                                3800 East Edison Ave.

                                                                                 Fort Myers, FL 33916

  This is our last newsletter for this school year.                                Tel. 239-461-5322

                                                                                   Fax 239-461-5110
It has been a rewarding and exciting school year
when it was announced that Dunbar High was a                        

grade “A” school. We are the only “A” high school                                     Principal:
in the South and East school zones in Lee
County. While this is an achievement in itself,                                 Carl C. Burnside
there is nothing more important to me than our                                  Assistant Principals:
students graduating from Dunbar High.                                                 Curriculum:

At the end of each school day, I remind our                                       Ken Savage
students that “Achievement is the Expectation”                                    Grades 9-10:
and that it takes hard work, and high energy to                                   Toni Hause
reach the goal. The goal is “graduation” with a
                                                                                 Grades 11-12:
high school diploma and that diploma allows them to enter the local
                                                                                 Andrew Biggar
workforce, attend college, or join the military. All choices become easier
with a high school diploma. A number of our graduating seniors were             Athletic Director

honored during our Senior Awards Night with numerous honors, schol-              Aubrey Daniels
arships, and certificates for their educational achievements at our
school. I am proud of their contributions to DHS.                           Boys Basketball    Page 2
Congratulations to our seniors, parents, friends, and family members
                                                                              Wrestling        Page 3
who share in their joy, their day, the day of their high school graduation!
We wish our graduating Class of 2011 the best success as they choose Girls Basketball Page 4
their direction in life. Stand tall as Dunbar Alumni!                         YoungLife        Page 5
 We have dedicated teachers at Dunbar High and this past year a num- Soccer Teams Page 6-7
ber of them were recognized by Lee County Schools. Laurie Metz was
selected as a Golden Apple Finalist. Rita Effing, Catherine Griffin, and Girls Track Team Page 8
Eric Reynolds were selected as Teachers of Distinction. Rebecca          National Honors Page 9
Jamme was selected as the Lee County Language Arts Teacher of the              Parent
Year. Cynthia Webb was selected as the Lee County Exceptional Stu-         Information Page 10-11
dent Education Teacher of the Year, and Colin Kelly was selected as
the Lee County Drivers Education Teacher of the Year.                       AVID News     Page 12
I look forward with great anticipation to our new school year that will          & Softball         Page 13
start earlier than prior years. Our teachers return to school on Monday,
August 1st with our students reporting on Monday, August 8th, 2011.           Academy News          Page 14
I know that we will again serve our community and our students with           JR - ROTC News        Page 15
the best staff of employees and teaching faculty in Lee County.
                              Enjoy your Summer!                              Important Dates       Page 16
                     DUNBAR VARSITY 2010 BOY’S BASKETBALL
                                                      VARSITY BOYS
                                                    BASKETBALL TEAM
                                                         Head Coach
                                                         Andre McGill
                                                       Top Row: L to R
                                                        Orton Coleman
                                                    Montell Smith-Stallworth
                                                     James Strowbridge
                                                       Jontae Jackson
                                                      Selvin Industrious
                                                     Bottom Row: L to R
                                                        Johnell Barnes
                                                       Justin Hutchins
                                                       Jamal Hendricks
                                                        Quadre White
                                                       Joe Williams IV

      Head Coach
     Sammy Brown

    Top Row: L to R
      Eric Conner
     Matt Stillman
  Selvin Industrious
 Bottom Row: L to R
    Justin Hutchins
       Raj Fanroy
     Greg Houston

Volume 11, Issue 3                                                       Page 2

                                          DISTRICT CHAMPION
                                              JUMBARY PAUL

                                     VARSITY WRESTLING TEAM
                                         Head Coach Brian Winter
                                 Volunteer Assisant Coach Dwayne Courtney
                                This year we had five of our wrestling team
                                 members place at District’s with Jumbary
               ISAC             Paul (above) becoming Dunbar High’s first
                                  District Champion at the 160 lbs class.
                                      Wrestling Team Members are:
                                             David St Hilaire
                       XAVIER                  Justin Torres
                       PARSON                  Isac Segura
                                              Mario McNeal
                                              Xavier Parson
                                              Jumbary Paul
                                               Jorge Andres
                                              Clay Clawson
                                               Colton Shore
                                            Andrew Courtney

Volume 11, Issue 3                                                     Page 3

                               VARSITY GIRLS BASKETBALL
   L to R: Dominque DeLoach, Johnetta Williams, Ireysha Morrison, Ternovia Hunter,
     Sabrina Bouie, Erin German, Keva Pittman, Kadiedra Burger, Charrie Dennard,
  Shanessa Stewart. Not pictured: Head Coach is Dwayne Donnell. Volunteer Assistant
  Coaches: Howard West and Brian Besley. Junior Varsity is coached by Justin Gallon.

                                    DUNBAR HIGH SCHOOL
                                    EASTER PARADE FLOAT
                                   67th Annual Dunbar Easter Parade

  Boy Scout—Chris Kelly
DHS Junior earns the prestigious
  rank of “EAGLE SCOUT”.

Volume 11, Issue 3                                                               Page 4
         YOUNGLIFE CLUB @ DUNBAR HIGH - Room 1802
                                                         What is Young Life at Dunbar High School ?
                                                    I hope you have as much fun reading it as we have doing it!
                                           Tuesday afternoon at 2:00 pm: The dismissal bell has sounded and hun-
                                           dreds of kids are streaming to the bus ramp. A few start trickling in to Mr.
                                           Liddle’s classroom at the end of the hallway. Steven, one of his students,
                                           is busy setting up the PA system, Lloydaejah and Nyra are out in the hall-
                                           way trying to steer kids into the classroom, Shanessa and Brandon are
                                           pushing the desks out of the way as the music starts and Steven has a
Oh, no! They did NOT just do that!         smile on his face as he steps away from the sound system.
                                                 By 2:15, eighty-six kids crowd into the classroom and Young Life
                                               Dunbar is off and running for another hour of high energy excitement!
                                           The meeting starts out with a mixer that gets everyone up and moving
                                           around. The music is loud and the kids, each equipped with a playing
                                           card, try to get in groups of five to see which group ends up with the best
                                           poker hand. After five rounds of “YL Poker”, we move on to another com-
                                           petition: Newspaper Scavenger Hunt! Each team has a newspaper and
                                           manically search for items shouted out from the front… an ad for air con-
                                           ditioning repair! A picture of the Royal couple! A story about the space
                                           shuttle! Paper is flying everywhere as kids race to the front with their finds.
                                           A couple of songs are attempted and the singing is as bad as ever, but
Rob and Bill, demonstrating the new        boy, are they having fun sounding bad! Another game, this one involving
wonder product, Light and Fluffy!          four kids fishing marbles out of a tub of ice water with their feet, has eve-
                                           rybody laughing as the “fishermen” make hilarious faces with their feet
                                           submerged in the ice water. The game is immediately followed by the
                                           song, “My Girl,” by the Temptations. A dozen kids are up and dancing to
                                           the old Motown hit, as the others sing at the tops of their lungs.
                                           After a few announcements and a skit performed by leaders, Bill and Rob,
                                           Ariza gets up and leads the singing of two Gospel songs (we can’t really
                                           call them “slow” songs, because of the energy with which they sing
                                           them!) It’s finally time for the “old guy” (Bill) to get up and share with the
                                           crowd, about God’s incredible love for them. The story of Jesus’ arrest,
                                           trial, crucifixion, and resurrection comes to life for the kids in a very per-
This is what it looks like in the room     sonal way as they hear that this was all done for them, because God
                                           loves them so much.
when Bill leads the singing. (Notice the
closed mouths! )                           At 3:15, the room is silent, as Bill offers up a prayer. Thirty seconds later,
                                           the music starts and the pizza arrives. In fifteen short minutes, twelve
                                           large pizzas are devoured and five gallons of Kool Aide disappears. The
                                           Leaders wander around the room, making sure that every student is spo-
                                           ken to and called by name. This is the most fun we’ll have all afternoon,
                                           as we get the chance to talk with kids and hear what’s going on in their
                                           By 3:30, many of the kids have left for other after school events. Some go
                                           to sports or band practice, some walk the few blocks home, and others
                                           stick around to go home on the activity bus. No matter where they
                                           disappear to, they know, at least for a little while, that they are loved.
                                           Thank you, for your support. Without it, Dunbar’s YoungLife, would not
                                           exist. Dunbar has the highest average attendance in the state of Florida!

Volume 11, Issue 3                                                                                                 Page 5
                       VARSITY GIRLS SOCCER TEAM

Top Row: L to R: Varsity Head Coach Rebecca Jamme, Tamisha Biassou, Jabrina Bouie, Gertrude Fleurantin, Sarah
Perez, Assistant Coach Angela Merritt. Kneeling Front Row: L to R: Ysmerelda Exantus, Julie Toyloy-Stanton, Sitting
Left-Arleasia Carter, Amber Jaimes, Sitting Right-Rosalba Martinez, Joseline Meme, Betty Flores.

Sophomore Sabrina Bouie, left, and Senior
Tamara Donaldson, compete in the discus and
shot put for Dunbar High School. Of the 151
points the Dunbar High girls track and field
team scored to win its first Lee County Athletic
Conference title at Mariner this spring, 45 of
them came from throwers.

You read that correctly: The Tigers scored
nearly a third of their meet points in just two
'It's huge,' said Dunbar throwing coach Brian
Winter. 'Those three, four girls win a lot of
meets for us.'
Those girls are Seniors Tamara Donaldson and
Dominique Deloach and Sophomores Johnetta
Williams and Sabrina Bouie.

Volume 11, Issue 3                                                                                               Page 6
                        VARSITY BOYS SOCCER TEAM

BACK ROW: L to R: Gil Lima, Zorante Napper, Michael Wainilko, Mozard Bien-Aime, Brandon Bernhardt, Jeff Boisrond,
Francisco Martin and Coach Falk.
FRONT ROW: Kevin Galety, Romano Hinds, Austin Stewart, Jeff Farley, Kurt Vega, and Juan Benitez.
Not pictured: Jean Pierre Louis, Joel Kelly, Jorge Ruiz, Trey Mifflin, Shan Moore, Chris Matsumoto, and Wesley Flint.

                           Varsity Boys’ Soccer 2010-11 Season Recap
         The Boys’ Soccer team finished a competitive season with their first playoff victory in nearly four
years, prior to bowing out of the state competition at the “feet” of the defending state-champions from
Bishop Verot. The Tigers were able to defeat Island Coast 3 – 1 in District Playoff competition thanks to a
superb team effort. The tenacity and teamwork illustrated by the Tigers from the opening whistle to the end
was a culmination of efforts that developed as the season progressed. A shaky start to the season (the Tigers
started five freshmen and two sophomores) was washed away as Senior leaders, Kervin Galety, Jeff Boisrond,
and Jean Pierre-Louis took charge offensively. The defense buckled down behind the steady goalkeeping of
Junior Joel Kelly, who had over 100 saves on the season. Freshmen Branden Bernhardt and Juan Benitez an-
chored down the middle of the defense with physical, but under control play. When both the offense and
defense were clicking for the Tigers, great play ensued. Dunbar demonstrated this great play in a 3-2 win
over Island Coast and in a near defeat of eventual State Champion, Cape Coral (4-3).
         Galety led the Tigers in goals scored, tied for the team lead in steals, and was second on the team in
assists. This earned him “Team MVP” honors and a selection as an “All-Conference” player for Lee County.
Boisrond and Kelly each earned the “Leadership” award for their efforts on and off the field. Kelly and fellow
Junior, Chris Matsumoto, co-captained the Tigers. While the team will lose some firepower with the
departures of the seniors, Coach Falk can’t help but be encouraged by the improved play of the underclass-
men. Should the young nucleus of Fighting Tigers stay intact, the future looks bright!
         **Coach Falk would like to thank the efforts of Assistant Coach Curet, Special Assistant - Jair Quirama,
the parents/guardians, the Dunbar Athletic Booster Club, as well as the other supporters of the team and
Dunbar Athletics.**

Volume 11, Issue 3                                                                                                      Page 7

DUNBAR GIRLS VARSITY TRACK TEAM that won Lee County and District Track Meets this past Spring.
Standing: Saneria Jackson, Sabrina Bouie, Jennell Daniels, Johnetta Williams, Shayla Smith, Charrie
Dennard, Keva Pittman, Kayla Williams, Jasmine Teaque, Tamara Donaldson, Ronisha Newton, Patoria
Williams, Dominique Deloach. Kneeling: Shanessa Stewart, Sharicka Parson, Nykia Coleman. With the
TROPHY are Ta’Quoya Jones and Arlesia Carter. Not pictured are Head Girls Coach, Cheyenne Brown;
Assistant Coach, Brian Winter; Track Volunteer and Dunbar Graduate, Assia Lee.

Volume 11, Issue 3                                                                            Page 8

    The following students were ―tapped‖ this Spring to join
  Dunbar’s National Honor Society. The new members are Luc
Bednarek, Chayana Burnside, Arneasha Andrews, Clay Clawson,
 Daniel Mollard, Danielle Sutherland, Delta Green, Desire Cody,
  Devin Harris, Eric Conner III, Erin German, Isaiah Debman,
  Javier Domingo, Juliana Toyloy-Stanton, Norma Zambrano,
   Orton Coleman, Jr. Raj Desai, Sara Perez, Shantyria Jacob,
            Thomas Rubenstein, and Yareli Sanchez.
  Current members of the Dunbar High National Honor Society
are Eduardo Montano, Kharizma Houston, Grant McNulty, Patrick
  Lantrip, James Reilly, Tonisha Williams, Thaddaeus Watkins,    DUNBAR HIGH
 Darriel Dickerson, Taelor Nolen, Shacoria Massey, Sinetia Jean, NHS ADVISER
  Jacinto Tolentino, Marie Chery, Lisandra Ibarra, Aimee Jasso,
Rhode Romeus, Brittany Ramirez, Kurt Barekman, Keva Pittman,
                      and Robers Mesidor.
         Mrs. Cheyenne Brown Named Lee County Athletic
            Conference Girls Track Coach of the Year!

BACK ROW: McEven Dorsainvil, Seneria Jackson, Dominique Deloach, Jennell Daniels, Kayla Williams,
Renee Claude, Patorra Williams, Andre Adams, Shayla Smith, Keva Pittman, Xavier Parson, Jasmine
Teaque, Darien Jackson, Sabrina Bouie, Ronisha Newton, Jontae Jackson, Charrie Dennard, Sternson
Ladouceur, Shakira Williams, Johnetta Williams, and Tamara Donaldson. FRONT ROW: Julio Galety,
Mikia Coleman, Ta’Quoya Jones, Arlesia Carter, Sharicka Parson, Shanessa Stewart, Bernard
McDonald and Tyoen Powell. Not pictured are Boys Head Track Coach, Guy Thomas; Coaching
Assistants are Volunteer Sammy Brown and Coach Chris Fields.

Volume 11, Issue 3                                                                          Page 9
Kids love summer! One of the reasons they love summer is that it’s a time when life is more relaxed. But kids need some type of struc-
ture to their day, too, or they may spend most of it watching TV or they become bored. Here are a few tips for making summer fun and
at the same time, a learning experience: Look for information about fun activities offered at parks, libraries, churches, and other nearby
locations and add them to your summer calendar.

    Set up a time for planned activities. Help your child plan fun and interesting activities with their friends.

    Ask your child what new things they would like to do or learn this summer and then plan a time to try them.

    Limit TV and video game time; plan a weekly schedule and stick to it.

Help your child make their summer schedule, then post it; include time for chores, reading, learning, relaxing, and playing.
Be careful not to schedule every minute of your child’s day; leave plenty of time for play. And, although you may relax your rules on bed-
time, let your child know that there will be limits. A plan for summer will help your child manage how their time is spent.
¡A los niños les encanta el verano! Una de las razones que a ellos les gusta el verano es que es una época cuando la vida es más relajada
(“relax”). Pero también los niños necesitan algún tipo de estructura durante el día, o si no, pasarían la mayor parte de el mirando televi-
sión o se aburren. Las siguientes sugerencias son para hacer el verano más divertido y a la misma vez, un tiempo de aprendizaje: Busque
información sobre actividades divertidas que se ofrecen en los parques, bibliotecas, iglesias, y otras cercanas localidades y añádaselas a
su calendario de verano.

    Separe un tiempo de actividades planificadas. Ayude a sus hijos a planificar actividades divertidas e interesantes con sus amigos/as.

    Pregúntele a su hijo/a cuáles cosas él/ella le gustaría hacer o aprender este verano y entonces planifique un tiempo/oportunidad para

    Limite el tiempo de televisión y juegos de video; planifique un horario semanal y cumpla con el.

    Ayude a su hijo/a a hacer su horario de verano, entonces fíjelo en un lugar para mostrarlo; incluya las horas para hacer trabajos; leer,
    aprender, relajarse, y jugar.
Tenga cuidado de no programar cada minuto del día de su hijo/a, reserve bastante tiempo para que juegue. Y a pesar que usted relaje sus
reglas respecto a la hora de dormir, déjele saber a su hijo/a que habrán límites. Un plan para el verano le ayudará a su hijo/a a manejar

 Timoun renmen vakans yo! Yonn nan rezon yo renmen vakans se poutèt yo ka detann epi tren lavi a pa twò rapid. Men si timoun yo pa gen
estrikti nan lavi yo tou, yo gendwa pase lajounen nan gade televizyon oubyen y ape anniye. Men kèk ti poul pou fè vakans yo yon lè kote
timoun yo ka amize etan yo aprann yon bagay:
         Gen plizyè aktivite nan pak, libreri, legliz ak lòt kote ki amizan etan edikatif.
         Fikse yon lè ansanm ake timoun a ou yo pou planifye aktivite amizan etan edikatif .
         Mande timoun ou yo ki nouvo aktivite yo ta renmen fè pou vakans yo, lòfini planifye yon lè pou eseye yo.
         Limite tan yo ka pase nan gade televizyon oubyen nan jwèt videyo; fikse yon orè chak semenn.
         Ede pitit ou yo fikse yon orè pou vakans yo epi mete li sou frijidè; fè sèten sa enkli tan pou fè travay nan kay la, lekti, lwazi e
             jwèt. Ou pa bezwen mete chak minit chak jou nan orè a; kite anpil tan pou lwazi. Lòfini, menmsi ou ka relakse sou kèk regle-
             man, se pou ou fè sèten timoun ou konnen toujou gen limit. Yon plan pou vakans yo pral ede pitit ou jere kijan li pase tan li a.

                                                    DUNBAR HIGH SCHOOL
                                  PARENT INVOLVEMENT POLICY—2010-2011
                                                          TITLE I SCHOOL
 We value the help and involvement of parents. It is our goal to reach out to, be in contact with, and work with
 parents as equal partners as we build ties between our parents and Dunbar High School. We have many ac-
 tivities planned during the year including: School Advisory Council (SAC), District and School Parent Surveys.
 If you would like to be a participant in these valued activities and would like to volunteer from time to time
 at Dunbar High School, please contact Kim Ward at the school .

Volume 11, Issue 3                                                                                                                    Page 10
                              PARENT INFORMATION CORNER

               PARENTLINK INFORMATION: Go to the district website.
Locate Parentlink under “For Parents”. It is in the “School Information” section. Log on by doing the following:
The User Name is the Student ID of the eldest child enrolled in the school district, plus the student’s first and last
initial. Example – 12345678JD for John Doe whose school ID is 12345678. The Password is your eldest child’s
birth date in MMDDYY format. Example – 010192 if John Doe was born on January 1, 1992.
Please change the password to something unique, that you can remember after logging on for the first time.
If your child has already accessed Parentlink and set up a password that you do not know, or if you have
forgotten your password, please contact Mr. Cesar Cuevas at the school to have the password reset.
                                             GRADES AND ATTENDANCE
Grades should be updated once a week on Wednesday, and are reflective of the previous week’s grades.
If you have a question about your child’s grades or attendance, or are concerned about a specific grade or
assignment, please contact your child’s school directly for the most up-to-date information.

                                               Guidance Department
                             Need assistance with SAT’s , ACT’s, FCAT’s, AVID or COLLEGE planning ?
                              Please contact one of our three Guidance Counseling Team Members.
         Names A—H : see Mrs. Madigan. Names I— Z : see Ms. Henderson. Testing Coordinator: see Mr. Albritton.
                     AVID program: Contact Mrs. Madigan our AVID Counselor. All can be reached at 461-5322

                                                   AVID INSTRUCTORS
          9th grade: Mrs. Metz: 10th grade: Mr. Reynolds
  11th grade: Ms. Jamme                   Counselor: Ms. Madigan

                                          LEARNING RESOURCE TEACHER
                                        Title I Learning Resource Teacher Job Description
                         PURPOSE = Student Achievement Through Support For the Classroom Teachers
                                            FOCUS = Adequate Yearly Progress (AYP)
     Assist with Title I requirements      Analyze data regarding AYP subgroups       Participate in the A+ Data Team
                        Model and coach Response to Intervention (RtI) strategies (Florida Rule 6A-6.0331)
                                   Facilitate interventions for low-performing AYP subgroups.
                            Ensure that the RtI process requirements are implemented with integrity.
                                           Kim Ward
                                            Title I Learning Resource Teacher

Volume 11, Issue 3                                                                                                      Page 11
    AVID—Advancement Via Individual Determination
Two Dunbar High School 9th grade AVID students,
Eduardo Morales and Ireysha Morrison are the recipients of the
Take Stock in Children Scholarship. They were among the 30 stu-
dents who were honored at the Foundation for Lee County Public
Schools, Inc. and Take Stock in Children celebration luncheon held
May 27, 2011— at Harborside Convention Center. Sheriff Mike
Scott was the keynote speaker at the event. He sincerely con-
gratulated the recipients and encouraged them to always be fo-
cused on a goal, to remember that it is better to give rather than
to succeed and the importance of being active in their schools.
 Along with the scholarship recipients, the luncheon honored their
mentors who are a vital component of this program, parents, fam-
ily members and the school coordinators. The students were se-
lected based on their academic achievements, financial need and a
personal essay. Acceptance of the scholarship requires that stu-
dents pledge to stay in school, maintain good grades and behavior
and remain crime and drug free. Meeting with their assigned com-
munity mentor is another intricate part of the program.
Provided that all terms of the contract are met the students will
receive four year college tuition scholarships upon graduation of
high school. Congratulations Eddie and Ireysha – we are very
proud of you! Ireysha, Eddie and mentor Nikijha Lynch are pictured
above, top right.

DHS AVID has hosted three all night LAN party fundraisers this year, the final one was on May 20 th. For the un-
initiated, a LAN party means that our students bring their computers, video game systems, televisions, handhelds,
peripherals and themselves. DHS AVID provides the switches and cables (with help from Digital Divide), media
center, prizes, chaperones and food. They link their computers and games together via cables and switches and
then GAME ON ALL NIGHT LONG! They are ―locked in‖ the Media Center as it morphs into a high tech marvel
complete with a big screen and projector. The students play games and have a blast to raise funds for AVID field
trips. Look for the next one in the fall of 2011…

Volume 11, Issue 3                                                                                         Page 12

                              BOYS VARSITY BASEBALL TEAM

Front Row: Robert Ballard, Kenneth Dawson, Jeffrey Kopec, Michael Green, Shaquon Young, Clay Clawson, Shan
Moore, Brandon Ibarra, Keddrick Weatherspoon. Back Row: Bobby Williams, Jr., Cody Ritchey, Ryan Welch, Cory
Jackson, Jari Curry, Frankie Lightfoot, Chris James, Brandt Rice, Trey Mifflin, Tanner Zeitvogel, Sheldon McDonald.
Dunbar Varsity Head Coach is Justin Gallon. Assistant coaches are Zack Hopple, Dwayne Donnell, Tom Welsh and
Gene Kopec.

Front Row: Team Manager Richie Santiago. Donya Davis, Shaniel Sinclair, Ja’Keyah Glover, Erashea Cooper,
Haley Doerr, Courtney Gordon, Amanda Jones, Vanishe Phosy, Mychaela Mitchell. Back Row: Coach Rob Liddle,
Gloria Fisher, Keyana Williams, Stephanie Gruszewski, Kardasha Patterson, Joselie Pierre, Keidasisha Ramsey,
Gertrude Fleurantin, Jabarina Bouie, Amber Jaimes, Ireysha Morrison and Head Coach Howard West.
Volume 11, Issue 3                                                                                           Page 13
Dunbar High School Academy for Technology Excellence
The Academies for Technology, Digital, Game Design & Programming Excellence Awards Ceremony
was held Thursday, May 26, 2011. Ray Kelly, President and C.E.O. of Certiport, Inc. was the guest
speaker. Patrick Koster, a representative from Adobe congratulated our students. NBC-2’s, Patrick
Comer was our Master of Ceremonies for the evening. This year featured career tables manned by
every local college/university. Students were able to talk with each representative about college
opportunities and their future. Several local business partners participated as well in career
discussions, including Chicos and CenturyLink. Since the beginning of our Academy program at DHS,
there have been 2,477 certification tests passed. These results are truly amazing! Our DHS Academy
faculty are: Denise Spence, Mark Hufnagel, Matthew Miller, Dan Trembley, and James Bell.

                           Certifications for 2010-2011
                                 221 Certified Students
                             502 Certification Tests Passed
                      150 Microsoft Office Specialist tests passed
                              27 CompTIA A+ tests passed
                           28 CompTIA Network+ tests passed
                               18 Microsoft Office Masters
           61 Microsoft Technology Associate (MTA) tests passed
                       21 Microsoft Certified Professionals (MCP)
      13 Microsoft Certified Desktop Support Technician (MCDST)
                      4 Microsoft Certified IT Professionals (MCITP)
              5 Microsoft Certified Technology Specialists (MCTS)
                      5 Cisco Certified Entry Network Technicians
                       160 Adobe Certified Associate tests passed
              1 Microsoft Certified Systems Administrator (MCSA)

                     Please visit our School website to see your student’s
                name and their certifications!

Volume 11, Issue 3                                                                           Page 14

Volume 11, Issue 3                                       Page 15
                IMPORTANT DATES
GRADUATION                         Sunday - June 5th
HARBORSIDE EVENT CENTER                        7 PM
LAST SCHOOL DAY 2011             Friday   - June 10th                                          CLASS

         FIRST SCHOOL DAY 2011-2012
                                                                                              of 2011
DHS Teachers Report              Monday, August 1st
Students Report                  Monday, August 8th
                                                                                        YOU MADE IT!

  THE SCHOOL BOARD OF LEE COUNTY, FLORIDA                               Out-Of-Field Notification
    Thomas Scott, Chairperson - District 5
                                                        Florida State Statute 1012.42 recognizes that teachers at
  Mary Fischer, M.A.- Vice Chairperson - District 1     times must be assigned duties in a class outside the field
      Don H. Armstrong - Member - District 4            in which the teacher is certified. The following teachers
       Jeanne S. Dozier - Member - District 2           are certified teachers but are in the process of meeting
                                                        in-field requirements:
    Jane E. Kuckel, Ph.D., - Member - District 3
          Dr. Larry Tihen, Interim Superintendent       In addition, the following teachers are engaged in train-
     VISION: TO BE A WORLD CLASS SCHOOL SYSTEM          ing to add ESOL to their certificates: Barbara Raymond,
                                                        Nina Hart-Barnes, Jill Klausing, Kim Merritt and Rebecca

    If you get a chance check out the
    great grounds work these
    AP Environmental Science students
    did with our butterfly garden.

    Adviser and Environmental Science/
    AP Environmental Science/Biology
    Teacher Mr. Gary Rullo had them
    out there sweating for the last two
    weeks of May, cleaning, planting
    and mulching. It looks great!

    Please thank the following stu-
    dents: Jacquan Facey, Francisco
    Andrade, Arleasia Carter, Norma
    Zambrano, and Jaymie Grant.

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