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									  December 2007 Boy                ALL UNIT LEADERS: BRING
    Scout Theme:                   YOUR SENIOR PATROL
      COOKING!!!                   We are going to begin providing
                                   a breakout session for Senior
                                   Patrol Leaders at the monthly
                                   Roundtables. This will provide
                                   your older boys the opportunity
                                   to grow and develop in a couple
                                   of ways. By attending the young
We will be providing unit          men will receive information to
leaders w/ recipe ideas, outdoor   help better the program of your
cooking techniques, and some       units. The young men will also be
treats to enjoy while learning     provided with the opportunity to
new cooking skills.                meet, network, and share ideas
                                   with other Senior Patrol Leaders
                                   within the district. Make sure
                                   they are in the full Dress Uniform
  • Dutch oven cooking
                                   as they will be putting on the
  • Food Dehydration               opening flag ceremony.
  • Cooking without utensils
Training for new scout patrol      Remember Roundtable is not
           leaders:                just open to Scoutmasters.
  •   cooking M/B menu             Assistant Scoutmasters,
  •   shopping                     Committee members, Senior
  •   food storage                 Patrol Leaders, and even
  •   safety                       Chartered Organization
      Training for adults w/       Representatives are all invited to
                                   attend. The more people we get
      regular scout patrols:       to attend, the more breakout
  • Dutch oven Cooking             sessions we can have in the
  • Making a reflector oven        future to provide you with more
  • How to make and package        specific information to help you
    trail food                     with your role in the troop.
  • Cooking w/ camp

                                           See You at
Training for Venturing/ older             Roundtable!
        boy patrols:
  • Cooking w/ out utensils          Thursday November
  • Identifying & preparing
                                           15, 2007
    edible wild plants               7:00 pm- 8:30ish pm
  • Food planning and                6450 Walerga Road
    budgeting for a troop 50
    miler                            North Highlands, CA
  • Leave No Trace food                     95660

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