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The Campaign for Stepping Stones at Ten


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									 The Campaign for

 Stepping Stones at Ten

                                               Volume IV   March 2011

                                                                                                                         Focused on our future
                                                                                                                         We know the final phase of any
                                                                                                                         campaign can be the most
                                                                                                                         challenging. Though the
                                                                                                                         physical work is behind us, we
                                                                                                                         remain focused on raising the
                                                                                                                         remaining $3.5 million needed
                                                                                                                         to reach our campaign goal.
                                                                                                                         We extend sincere thanks to
                                                                                                                         our grand re-opening sponsors
                                                                                                                         GE Captial, Xerox Corporation
                                                                                                                         and Moffly Media, and are so
                                                                                                                         grateful for each and every
                                                                                                                         contribution that brought us
                                                                                                                         to this place.
                                                                                                                         However, it is critical that we

The new and future Stepping Stones                                                                                       continue to expand our ability
                                                                                                                         to serve more children and
                                                                                                                         families; to consistently create
Our newly expanded museum wasn’t built just by               At last, on November 20, 2010 we delivered on               new and exciting experiences;
us. It was built by our community – a massive                our promise to be amazing. The press touted                 to become a premier educational
undertaking that included the support of thousands           “bigger and better” and reported “rave reviews              and entertainment destination;
of individuals, large and small businesses,                  from children and parents alike.” Stepping Stones           and to broaden our reach to
corporations, local and state officials, as well             recognized our most loyal supporters at the                 become part of a more global
as more than 300 construction workers, engineers,            Appreciation Dinner and VIP Ribbon Cutting                  community. Your continued
trades people and countless others who worked                ceremony. We welcomed more than 3,000 visitors              support is as important today
together to create the new Stepping Stones.                  during the weekend and more than 32,000 by                  as it was when our expansion
                                                             December 31. Well into the new year, the crowds             was only a dream.
In the weeks leading up to the grand re-opening,
                                                             continue to arrive, setting record numbers daily.
media coverage escalated, children eagerly peeked
through our windows to check on construction
progress and a flurry of activity from visitors lit up
our phones, website, Twitter and Facebook pages.

                        We hosted an enthusastic
                        group of broadcast anchors,
                        journalists, bloggers and
                        photographers for a “Kid
                        for a Day” sneak peek, while
                        the community at large
                        speculated just what was
                        going on behind our walls.

 Stepping Stones Museum for Children   I   Mathews Park, 303 West Avenue   I   Norwalk, Connecticut 06850   I   203 899 0606   I   steppingstonesmuseum.org
Going for the Gold! We did. And we got it!
A critical component of the expansion plans for Stepping Stones                 Stepping Stones garnered LEED Gold certification
was to grow greener, particularly with the museum’s focus on                    because of the solar panels, “green” roof, wind turbine,
conservation and energy-themed education and learning. The new                  use of recycled materials throughout the building and
facility was designed and built to LEED Gold certification standards,           our focus on related educational stewardship.
celebrating the use of natural, renewable energy sources, recycled/
green building materials and with great attention to the
environmental quality of the building both inside and out.

In February 2011 Stepping Stones received official notice of the
LEED Gold certification from the United States Green Building
Council. An internationally recognized green building certification
system, LEED (which stands for leadership in energy and
environmental design) states that a building meets all performance
metrics including energy savings, water efficiency, CO2 emissions
reduction, improved indoor environmental quality and stewardship
of resources and sensitivity to their impacts.

Stepping Stones is one of three public buildings in Connecticut
to reach this milestone and has received LEED certificate and plaque
to be displayed at the museum.

Page 2       The Campaign for Stepping Stones at Ten   I   Volume IV   I   March 2011
Campaign Donors
We would like to express our deepest appreciation for the friendship and generosity of the following campaign donors whose support has
enabled Stepping Stones to continue to enhance and build our programming and fulfill our vision as the museum enters its third decade.

Gifts $100,000 and above                 Gifts $5,000 – $9,999                 Mr. and Mrs. Ramsey W. Goodrich          Mr. and Mrs. Kevin Connell
CME Group, Inc. (a CME/Chicago           A. Pappajohn Company                  Mr. and Mrs. Edward A. Griswold          Mr. and Mrs. James Connelly
Board of Trade/NYMEX Company)            Mr. and Mrs. Lee Barnes               Mr. and Mrs. Michael D. Hobbs            Mr. and Mrs. Charles Cortese
Connecticut Energy                       Mr. and Mrs. Robert Cioffi            Mr. and Mrs. Howard C. Johnson           Mr. and Mrs. Peter B. Cosco
Efficiency Fund                          The Daphne Seybolt Culpeper           Mr. and Mrs. John Lancaster              Crossroads Pizza 3, LLC
The Foster Family Fund                     Memorial Foundation, Inc.           Mr. and Mrs. Real H. Leclerc             Mr. and Mrs. Christopher Crovatto
Mr. and Mrs. Whitney George              Mr. Phil Deutch                       Mr. and Mrs. Gary W. McCarthy            Mr. and Mrs. Bruce Dominick
                                         Mr. and Mrs. Jonathan T. Feldman      Mr. and Mrs. Sean C. McManus             Law Offices of Sharon E. Donovan
The Gullquist/Mullin
Family Foundation                        Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Fisher            Mr. David B. Murphy                      Ms. Denise Doria
                                         Mr. and Mrs. David L. Fogel           Mr. and Mrs. Hunter Murtaugh             The Edge Fitness Clubs
The Jeniam Foundation
                                         Mr. and Mrs. Francis Gehring          Network Synergy Corp.                    Ms. Kathy Engstrom
Natural Gas Partners Foundation          IMS Health                            Newmark Knight Frank                     Mr. and Mrs. Andrew Ertel
Mr. and Mrs. John P. Neafsey             The Jaffe Family Foundation           Mr. and Mrs. Peter M. Nolin              Mr. and Mrs. Matthew G. Fair
and The H.O. West Foundation             Mr. Michael Levins and                Norwalk Redevelopment Agency             Famous Pizza
JPMorgan Chase Bank, National              Ms. Shari Kaufman                   Mr. and Mrs. Timothy P. Pettee           Mr. and Mrs. Martin Fox
Development Council, Local               Ms. Rhonda Kiest
Initiatives Support Corporation                                                Mr. and Mrs. Christopher A. Pohle        Mr. and Mrs. Dana Gargano
                                         Mr. and Mrs. Michael Kramer           Mr. and Mrs. Brian Ramsay                Mr. and Mrs. Stephen Gelhaus
Funding provided through participation
in New Markets Tax Credit program        Lone Pine Foundation                  RBS Sempra Commodities                   Mr. J. Kevin Smith and
                                         Mr. and Mrs. Daniel McLeod            Mr. David Ruksznis and                     Ms. Donna E. Glen
Newman’s Own Foundation
                                         New Canaan Community Foundation         Ms. Elizabeth Cahill                   Mr. and Mrs. E. B. Griswold
Northeast Utilities Foundation
                                         Newman’s Own, Inc.                    Mr. and Mrs. Jeffrey L. Salguero         Mr. and Mrs. John Hanauer
                                         People’s United Bank                  Stanley M. Seligson Properties           Mr. Steve Hanke
Gifts $50,000 – $99,999
                                         Mr. and Mrs. Scott Phillips           Service Management Group, LLC            Mr. and Mrs. Doug Harris
                                         Mr. and Mrs. David H. Priebe          Mr. and Mrs. Carl Shanahan               Mr. and Mrs. Nigel Hart
The Bauer Foundation
                                         Mr. and Mrs. Michael E. Wallace       Mr. and Mrs. Sheldon Sklar               Mr. and Mrs. Timothy Hartnett
Evolution Markets
Mr. Jonathan Farber and                                                        Spinnaker Real Estate Partners, LLC      Mr. and Mrs. David Havens
  Ms. Jolyn Swanson                      Gifts $1,000 – $4,000                 Mr. and Mrs. Chris C. Stroup             Mr. and Mrs. John Hill
The Betsy and Jesse Fink Foundation      Anonymous                             Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth G. Tropin           Mr. and Mrs. Greg Hillman
Mr. and Mrs. Marc D. Granetz             Mr. Jeffrey Arsenault and             Mr. and Mrs. Arthur E. Trotman           Mr. and Mrs. Michael F. Hoben
                                           Ms. Kim Nathanson                   Mr. and Mrs. Bruce C. Turner             Innovative USA, Inc.
                                         Mr. and Mrs. Gregory A. Beard         Mr. and Mrs. George Weiksner             Mr. Fritz Jellinghaus and
Gifts $25,000 – $49,999
                                         Beinfield Architecture PC             Westview Group, LLC                        Ms. Cynthia Glacken
GAULT Energy & Stone
                                         Mr. and Mrs. Duane Biasi              Mr. and Mrs. Robert M. Williams, Jr.     Mr. and Mrs. Charles Kammerer
General Re Corporation
Mr. and Mrs. Mark S. Kristoff            BlumShapiro                           Mr. and Mrs. James E. Wixtead            Mr. and Mrs. Garrett Kirk
Betty R. & Ralph Sheffer Foundation      Mr. and Mrs. Spencer Boggess          Mr. and Mrs. Andrew K. Woolford          Mr. and Mrs. Michael F. Klein
                                         Mr. and Mrs. Darius Brawn                                                      The Kneisel Foundation
Gifts $10,000 – $24,999                  Mr. and Mrs. N. Harrison Buck         Gifts $500 – $999                        Ms. Marta Jo Lawrence
Anonymous                                Mr. and Mrs. David Carlson            1220 Exhibits, Inc.                      Mr. and Mrs. Jonathan Legge
Energy Income Partners                   Mr. and Mrs. I. John Cholnoky         Mr. and Mrs. Seth Alvord                 Mr. and Mrs. Thomas A. Lesica
GE Capital                               Steven A. & Alexandra M. Cohen        Mr. and Mrs. Garth W. Appelt             Dr. and Mrs. David L. Levinson
                                           Foundation                                                                   Mr. and Mrs. Kirk Ludtke
Guy Carpenter & Company, LLC                                                   Assurant
Mr. and Mrs. Charles P. Kontulis II      Mr. and Mrs. A. J. Conley                                                      F. R. Male Memorial Fund
                                                                               Mr. and Mrs. Scott Bailey
Littlejohn Family Foundation             Connecticut Light and Power Company                                            Mr. and Mrs. Patrick Marsh
                                                                               Mr. and Mrs. David A. Ballard
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph W. Merrill           Mr. and Mrs. Christopher J. Connors                                            Mr. and Mrs. Jenkins C. Marshall
                                                                               Barnum Financial Group
Mr. and Mrs. Brian P. Miller             Creative Video Corporation                                                     Mr. and Mrs. Alan R. McClymonds
                                                                               Mr. and Mrs. David Barrett
Mr. and Mrs. Patrick M. Mullin           Mr. Thomas G. Cronin and                                                       Mr. and Mrs. David G. McCollum
                                           Ms. Joy Herfel Cronin               Black Bear Saloon
Nestlé Waters North America                                                    Mr. and Mrs. Stephen Boeschenstein       Mr. and Mrs. Roberto Mignone
                                         Ms. Margaret W. Drake
NovaFund Advisors, LLC                                                         Mr. and Mrs. Anthony J. Bosco, Jr.       Mr. and Mrs. Matthew T. Miklave
Mr. and Mrs. Craig M. Overlander         Mr. and Mrs. R. Grosvenor Ely
                                                                               Mr. and Mrs. Alec S. Burger              Mr. and Mrs. William H. Miller, Jr.
Mr. Gus Pappajohn                        Mr. and Mrs. Edmund J. Feeley
                                                                               Mr. and Mrs. Jonathan B. Burleigh        Mr. and Mrs. Stephen Minichini
Pepperidge Farm, Inc.                    First County Bank Foundation
                                                                               Mr. and Mrs. Jack Butcher                MOMS Club of Norwalk NE-CT
Pitney Bowes Inc.                        Mr. and Mrs. Michael Frankenfield
                                                                               Mr. and Mrs. Mark S. Campbell            Mr. and Mrs. George B. Moore
Mr. and Mrs. John Tavlarios              Mr. and Mrs. Edward M. Glassmeyer
                                                                               Mr. H. Frazier Caner and                 Mr. and Mrs. Howard Morgan
U.S. Trust, Bank of America              Mr. and Mrs. Brian Gold
                                                                                 Ms. Kate Stallfort                     Mr. and Mrs. Justin Myers
Mr. Robert Weintraub                     Mr. and Mrs. David Goldman
                                                                               Mr. and Mrs. Scott Case                  Mr. and Mrs. Donal C. O’Brien III
Xerox Corporation                        Mr. and Mrs. Carl Goodnow
                                                                               Connecticut Public Broadcasting, Inc.    Ms. Kathryn Owens
                                                                      The Campaign for Stepping Stones at Ten   I   Volume IV   I    March 2011        Page 3
Mr. and Mrs. James Pappas                 Best Appliance Repair                  Diane Brown Catering                 Mr. and Mrs. Charles Harper
Mr. and Mrs. Stuart Parker                The Bike Shop CT, Inc.                 Mr. and Mrs. Mark DiBenedetto        Mr. Paul Heindl and
Mr. and Mrs. Andrew Pforzheimer           Ms. Judith Billman                     Mr. and Mrs. Tad Diesel                Ms. Bonnie Gurran-Heindl
Mr. and Mrs. Paul Pizzolato               Mrs. David R. Bliss                    Mr. Jon Distasio                     Mr. and Mrs. John Heron
Mr. and Mrs. Rick Richter                 Mr. and Mrs. Christopher Bolger        Mr. and Ms. Howard Dixon             Mr. and Mrs. Mike Hess
Mr. and Mrs. Ashraf Rizvi                 Mr. and Mrs. John Michael Borg         Mr. and Mrs. Bill Dreska             Howard K. Hill Funeral
Mrs. Wendy G. Rockefeller                 Mr. and Mrs. Robert Boyd               Drs Chiropractic LLC                 Hillard Bloom Shellfish, Inc.
Mr. and Mrs. Gregg Rosh                   Ms. Barbara J. Brown                   Durango Insurance                    Mr. and Mrs. Scott Hobbs
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Rowland               Mr. Paul Burack and                    Mr. and Mrs. David Durkin            Home Improvement by Stan
Mr. J. Richard Tucker and                   Ms. Joan Meixner                     Eastern Phones                       Homessentials Dave’s Appliance
  Ms. Charlene Russell-Tucker             Butterfield 8 Restaurant & Lounge      Mr. and Mrs. Jim Eckert              Mr. and Mrs. James D. Howe
Mr. and Mrs. Marc Samit                   Cafe Cogolulu                          Ed’s Garage Doors, Ltd.              Dr. Thomas A. Hunter
Mr. Ron Elton and                         Mr. John F. Cahill                     Mr. Daniel Egan                      I-4 Insurance Services
  Ms. Elizabeth Scheines                  Attorney Christopher Caldwell          Mr. and Mrs. David N. Elders         Icahn Charter School
Mr. and Mrs. Michael H. Schwabe           Mr. Edwin Camacho and                  Mr. and Mrs. Bradley Ellis           Image Works
Mr. and Mrs. Howard Schwartz                Ms. Dede Farnsworth                  Elmer’s Diner                        Izzy B’s Allergy Free, LLC
Mr. and Mrs. David Simon                  Cameo Kitchen Design                   Mr. and Mrs. Clute C. Ely            Mr. and Mrs. Mickey Jardon
Mr. and Mrs. David Sklar                  Campus Cafe                            Mr. and Mrs. James S. English        JB Landscaping
Mr. and Mrs. Brian Smith                  Canaan Technology                      Expresso Neat                        Jeff’s Cuisine
Mr. and Mrs. Michael M. Smith             Mr. and Mrs. Martin C. Carl            Family Dentistry                     Mr. and Mrs. Charles Jellinghaus
Mr. George Sorenson                       CarnaudMetalbox Engineering            Fibi                                 Mr. and Mrs. William Jennings
Ms. Patricia Sullivan                     Mr. and Mrs. Kevin D. Carter           Ms. Carol Flinn                      Jerry’s Artarama
Mr. and Mrs. Christopher Tasik            Casa Villa Restaurant                  Mr. Kyle F. Fohlin                   Mr. and Mrs. William Jessup
Mr. and Mrs. Todd S. Thomson              Castiglione Funeral Home, Inc.         Mrs. Jane Forte                      Mr. and Mrs. Diego Jimenez
Mr. and Mrs. Michael A. Turpin            Mr. and Mrs. Robert J. Cavello         Mr. and Mrs. Christopher T. Foster   Mr. and Mrs. Britton Jones
Tutor Time Child Care                     Centennial Marketing Group             Ms. Mary Fragola                     Jordans Restaurant & Pizza
  Learning Center                         Mr. and Mrs. Michael J. Chapey                                              Jordans Too Restaurant & Pizza
                                                                                 Mr. and Mrs. Stephen Franklin
Mr. and Mrs. William Van de Graaf         Charitybuzz                                                                 Kalama
                                                                                 Franklin Learning Systems
Mr. Albert B. Van Rennes                  Mr. and Mrs. Michael Charlton                                               Ms. Ashley Kane
                                                                                 Mr. and Mrs. Clarke Futch
Mr. and Mrs. James Wackerman              Chase Driving School                                                        Kaoud Brothers Oriental Rugs
                                                                                 Mr. and Mrs. Neil Gabriele
Mr. Gregory Walters and                   The Children’s Attic                                                        Mr. and Mrs. Jeffrey Kaplan
  Ms. Torrance B. York                                                           Mr. and Mrs. Robert J. Gallois
                                          Mr. and Mrs. David Chute               Gateway Art & Framing                Mr. and Mrs. Michael Kaplan
                                          Mr. Jason Morrill and                  Mr. and Mrs. Michael A. Gebicki      Mr. and Mrs. Bryan D. Kelley
Gifts $100 – $499                           Ms. Sheri Cifaldi-Morrill
                                                                                 Ms. Angela Gencarelli                Ms. Caryn Kelly
A to Z Signs, Inc.                        Cigar Factory Outlet
                                                                                 Mr. Rey Giallongo                    Kent Hardwood Floors Inc.
A. S. Italian Fine Foods                  Mr. and Mrs. Dale Cihi
                                                                                 Mr. and Mrs. Steven J. Gilbert       Mr. Keitha Kinne
Alan S. Abrams DDS                        Mr. and Mrs. Craig Cloud
                                                                                 Mr. and Mrs. Dan Glickman            Knight Street Auto, Inc.
Accurate Auto Repair                      Mr. and Mrs. Leon Cohen
                                                                                 Mr. Adam Goldberg and                Mr. and Ms. Patrick Kocsi
Ace Auto                                  Mr. and Mrs. Jonathan R. Cohen           Ms. Kerri Riccardo                 Mr. Miklos P. Koleszar and
Affordable Self Storage                   Mr. and Mrs. John Collins                                                     Dr. Michele Koleszar
                                                                                 Mr. and Mrs. Marvin Goldstein
Mr. and Mrs. Lucien Agniel                Connecticut Towing & Recovery                                               Mr. and Mrs. Albert Kronick
                                                                                 Mr. and Mrs. Felix Gomez
Mr. Emil Albanese                         Ms. Kathleen Connolly-Alger                                                 Ms. Ingrid Kurensky and
                                                                                 Ms. Connie Goodman
American Art Heritage Pub                 Mr. Christopher M. Conte                                                      Ms. Kristen Kurensky
                                                                                 Dr. Malcolm Gordon and
Mr. and Mrs. Bruce Anfindsen              Ms. Cara B. Cox                          Ms. Nan Miller                     Mr. and Mrs. Richard Kurth
Angelo’s Foreign Car Service              CP Eaton Partners, CCC                 Mr. John Byrne and                   Laborers’ International Union
Appletree Pre-school                      Creative Video                           Ms. Barbara Gould                    of North America, L.U. 146
Mr. Stephan Ariyan and                    Crystal Restoration Services, Inc.     The Graduate Institute               Mr. Brian Ladyko
  Mrs. Claire Kilmer                      Cutting Edge Masonry                   Mr. and Mrs. Alan Graham             Mr. Fred Laffan and
Mr. and Mrs. Bernard Ascher               CVS Pharmacy                           Mr. and Mrs. Michael Grant             Ms. Nanette Lucier-Laffan
Auto Enterprises                          Mr. and Mrs. Joseph N. D’Agostino      Grapes of Norwalk                    LaJoie’s Auto Parts
Auto Glass Specialists, Llc               Mr. George D’Angelo                    Green Moon                           Mr. and Mrs. Christopher Lane
Ayometha Grocery                          Darien Car Clinic                      Greenwich Maid                       Mr. and Mrs. Curtis O. Law
B.J. Ryan’s                               Darren K. Martinez, DDS                Mr. and Mrs. Jeffrey Griffin         Let’s Make a Deal
Ms. Christine Baldwin                     Mr. and Mrs. Michael Daversa           Griffith Shellfish, LLC              Mr. and Mrs. Ian Levine
Bang Bang Pizza                           DBI Development, LLC                   Mr. and Mrs. Laurence Grossman       Mr. Eric Levine and Ms. Terri Simon
Barcelona Restaurant                      Mr. and Mrs. Yvan De Munck             Growth Communications                Ms. and Mrs. Mike Liebowitz
Mr. and Mrs. William R. Battey, Jr.       Mr. and Mrs. Frank DeBernardis         Mr. and Mrs. David Hagen             Mr. and Mrs. John Lindell
Dr. and Mrs. Paul Beiles                  Mr. and Mrs. Daniel Defrancesco        Mr. and Mrs. John Haire              Mr. Steven E. Lipson
Mr. Bruce D. Beinfield                    Mr. and Mrs. Joseph J. DeGregorio      Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Hall             Mr. Tim Lujan
Belltown Pizza                            Depot Storage                          Hank May’s Goodyear                  Lula’s Market, Llc
Mr. and Mrs. Michael Bender               Mr. and Mrs. Joseph W. Derr, Jr.       Mr. and Mrs. Charles Hannigan        Mr. and Mrs. Stephen T. Lynch
Mr. and Mrs. John Bergin
Page 4          The Campaign for Stepping Stones at Ten   I   Volume IV   I    March 2011
Madison & Mott                         Mr. Antonio Pantaleo and                St. Michaels Parish                        Ms. Amy Altmann
Mr. and Mrs. Ivan Madrid                 Ms. Leann Sandil-Pantaleo             Stark Carpet Corp.                         Ammi’s Hair Design
Mr. and Mrs. Eric Maidenberg           Papa Joe’s Restaurant                   Steve Burtt Seafood                        Ms. Jenny Anderson
Majesta Beauty Salon & Spa             Paragon Builders of CT, Inc.            Ms. Nicole B. Stoller                      Mr. Roy Anderson
Mr. Gerry Male                         Park Avenue Limo                        Strategic Solutions for Industry, LLC      Mr. Robert Anderson
Manager’s Investment Group             Mr. and Mrs. Robert Pascarelli          Sullivan Architectural Group               Mr. Charles Andreae
Mario’s Custom Sounds                  Pediatric Healthcare Associates         Sullivans                                  Mr. Gregory Andrew
Marlin Electric, LLC                   Penny’s Restaurant                      Summerview Development Group, LLC          Ms. Aura Anechiarico
Mr. and Mrs. Ralph Martino             Pepe Realty, Inc.                       T. Palmer Landscaping Co., LLC             Mr. Ralph E. Anthony, Jr.
Jacob and Ruth Mazer Foundation        Ms. Vivien Perlis                       T.M. Ward Coffee Co.                       Ms. Diane H. Ard
Mr. Wayne Mazzoni                      Mr. and Mrs. Gregory M. Perry           Mr. Andrew Rosen and                       Artists’ Market
Mr. David McCarthy                     Ms. Sarah Petery                          Ms. Ana Paula Tavares                    ASL Consignment
Ms. Linda A. McDonald                  Phil’s Main Roofing                     Ms. Wendy Teal                             Mr. Roberto Avalos
Ms. Carolyn McGoldrick                 Pierson & Smith, Inc.                   This Won’t Hurt Dental Staffing            Mrs. Awlasewicz
Mr. and Mrs. Michael P. McGroarty      Mr. and Mrs. Robert E. Pirtle           Mr. and Mrs. Jeremy Thompson               Bagel King
Mr. and Mrs. Ryan McInerney            Mr. and Mrs. Klaus Planton              The Law Offices of                         Mr. and Mrs. Craig Barney
Mr. David McMahon                      Mr. and Mrs. Marc Porosoff                John P. Thygerson, LLC                   Mr. and Mrs. Matthew Barr
Mr. and Mrs. William McManus           Mr. Lewis Powers                        Mr. and Mrs. David Titlebaum               Mr. Miguel Barreto
Mr. and Mrs. Edmund Megna              Mrs. Frank A. Priebe, Jr.               Tripp Design Naval Architecture            Barrett Bookstore
Ms. Barbara Melamed                    Mr. and Mrs. Michael Priore             Mr. Bill Trudeau and                       Ms. Shirley Baskin
                                       Mr. Frank Puccio                          Ms. Heather Bliss
Mr. Robert W. Merkle                                                                                                      Mr. and Mrs. Juan Miguel Bassalik
                                       Pumpkin Ridge Landscaping               Tuff Lawn Service, Inc.
Mr. and Mrs. Benjamin Merrill                                                                                             Ms. Roberta Bauchner
                                       R. F. H. Company, Inc.                  Mr. and Mrs. David Upson
Michael R. Corsello, Attorney at Law                                                                                      Mr. Milton Beers
                                       Dr. and Mrs. Andrew Rabinowitz          USI Connecticut
Mr. Joseph Michaels                                                                                                       Ms. Elizabeth Bennett
                                       Mr. and Mrs. Daniel Radman              Valley Pediatrics of Greenwich
Mid Ocean Marine, Llc                                                                                                     Mr. and Mrs. John J. Berry, Jr.
                                       Mr. and Mrs. Mark Radzin                Mr. and Ms. John W. Van Der Kieft III
Mike’s Deli                                                                                                               Mr. Robert Bertrand
                                       Mr. and Mrs. John Radzin                Vavala’s Deli and Catering
Mr. John A. Miles                                                                                                         Mrs. Teri Bilyard
                                       Mr. and Mrs. Steven Raich               Mr. Steve Viebrock
Mr. and Mrs. Peter Miles-Prouten                                                                                          Ms. Arlene Black
                                       Mr. and Mrs. Christopher Raleigh        Village Market
Mr. and Mrs. Carlos Miller-Rivero                                                                                         Black Duck Cafe
                                       Mr. and Mrs. Daniel Rappaport           Mr. and Mrs. Raj Wadehra
Minuteman Press                                                                                                           Mr. Chris V. Blake and
                                       Mr. and Mrs. Peter B. Rathbone          Mr. and Mrs. Mort Walker                     Ms. Elena A. Rockman
Mr. and Mrs. Evgeni T. Mitkov
                                       Ms. Sonya Rencevicz                     Ms. Shannon R. Wall                        Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Bleemer
MkM Fine Art Inc.
                                       Reproductive Medicine Associates        Mr. and Mrs. James Wall                    Mr. and Mrs. Michael Bloom
Mr. and Mrs. Jonathan W. Moffly
                                       Rex Marine Center, Inc.                 Mr. and Mrs. Daniel Wallitt                Mrs. Dorothy Bochniak
MOMS Club of Stamford - North
                                       Rick’s Main Roofing                     The Waring Team, LLC                       Ms. Carol Boehly
Mr. and Mrs. Frederico Monnerat
                                       Mr. and Mrs. Michael Riina              Mr. and Mrs. Renny Warren                  Ms. Gestha Bonnet
Mr. Robert Morrow and
  Ms. Polly O’Brien Morrow             Riverside Cemetery                      Mr. and Mrs. Gordon Washburn               Mr. Conrad Borgeson
Mothers Care Doula Service, LLC        Mr. and Mrs. Steven Rodgers             Mr. Timothy J. Sherogan and                Ms. Diane Borrelli
                                                                                 Ms. Diana L. Wege Sherogan
Mr. and Mrs. John H. Moulton           Mr. and Mrs. Timothy Rogers                                                        Mr. Rocco Boulay
                                                                               Westport Auto Craft Ltd.
Mr. and Mrs. Jeffrey Mount             Rowayton Pizza                                                                     Ms. Jessica Bouton and
                                                                               Mr. and Mrs. Bill White                      Mr. John Sansevera
Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth F.                Mrs. Gary Salce
  Mountcastle, Jr.                                                             Mr. Michael B. Wieczorek and               Bouton Street Garage
                                       Mr. and Mrs. Paul Scarpelli               Ms. Lynette A. Prescott
Mr. and Mrs. Edward Musante            Mr. Frank Scaturchio                                                               Mr. Scott Boyce
                                                                               Ms. Jacquelyn Wilkins
Mutual Security Credit Union           Mr. and Mrs. Richard Schafrann                                                     Ms. Ruth Boyd Shular
                                                                               Ms. Lisa Williamson
My Way Auto Body of Greenwich          Mr. and Mrs. Kurt Schlegel                                                         Ms. Lisabeth L. Brailoff
                                                                               Mr. and Mrs. Douglass Wilson
Naramake Elementary School             Schoolhouse Restaurant at                                                          Mr. Leon Brainard
                                                                               Wilton Service, Inc.
Netology, LLC                            Cannondale Village                                                               Mr. and Mrs. Mark Brennan
                                                                               Mr. Adrian Ruck and
New Canaan Chiropractic                Schor Associates                          Ms. Clare Woodman                        Bridge Partners, LLC
Ninety 9 Bottles                       Mr. Joe Seaman                          Mr. and Mrs. Jason Woody                   BrightStar Healthcare of Fairfield
Mr. and Mrs. Paul Nisco                Mr. and Mrs. Robert Selverstone         Mr. and Mrs. Paul Zapotosky                Mr. and Mrs. Craig Brommers
Norfield Children’s Center             Seperack & Company, LLC                                                            Bruce’s Flowers
Norm Bloom & Company                   Shear Partnership                       Gifts up to $99                            Mr. and Mrs. Scott Bryce
Mr. and Mrs. Geoffrey Norman           Mr. and Mrs. Michael Shullman           Anonymous                                  Ms. Devynne Buffman
Northeastern Communications, Inc.      Ms. Myrna Silver                        4 Nurses at Work, LLC                      Mrs. Colleen Burke
Norwalk Yellow Cab                     Mr. and Mrs. Michael Simko              A Better Back Massage Therapy              Mr. Gregory Burnett Sr.
Mr. and Mrs. Donal C. O’Brien, Jr.     Mr. and Mrs. Scott Skyrm                Ms. Salma Ahmad                            Burtt and Associates, PC
Mr. and Mrs. William Orr               Ms. Marcy Smith                         Mr. and Mrs. Frank Aiello                  Mr. and Mrs. John Busch
Osetra Restaurant                      Mr. and Mrs. Stephen Smith              Alarcon Tire & Automotive Repair           Mr. and Mrs. Roperto Calle
Mr. Michael Palmer and                 Soft Quest                              Mrs. Janet Aley                            Ms. Carrie Campbell
  Ms. Janet Kulyk                      Sono Brewhouse Restaurant                                                          Mrs. Barbara Campfield
                                                                               Ms. Carol Allen
Panda Hut Chinese Take-Out             Soundfoot Care Center of Connecticut                                               Cappello Realty, LLC
                                                                               Mr. and Mrs. John L. Altieri
                                                                The Campaign for Stepping Stones at Ten   I   Volume IV     I    March 2011             Page 5
Mrs. Louise S. Carcusa                 Ms. Jeanne Desalvo                    Growth Engine Company, LCC           Mr. Philip Lawlor and
Ms. Patricia Card                      Ms. Robyn Diblasio                    Mr. and Mrs. Philippe Gudet            Ms. Christine Labate
Mrs. Hazel Carlson                     Mrs. Marion Dickman                   Mr. and Mrs. Brian Hall              Ms. Michele Lecardo
Mr. Albert Carlson                     Mr. and Mrs. David DiNanno            John Halloran Associates             Mr. William Dubon and
Mrs. Steven Carlson                    Ms. Sharon Distler                    Happy Daze Costumes                    Mrs. Alison Lee-Dubon
Mr. and Mrs. Peter Carlton             Ms. Margaret Dobbins                  Mr. Robert Hard and                  Mrs. Deborah Lefebvre
Mr. and Mrs. Mark Carmody              Dollar Mania                            Mrs. Jeanne Taylor-Hard            Ms. Cynthia Leonard
Mr. Alan Carpenter                     Mr. Alan Donnelly                     Mr. and Mrs. Obie Harrington-Howes   Mr. William Leopold
Mr. Michael Case and                   Mr. Charles Doran                     Mr. and Mrs. Joel P. Harvill         Mr. and Mrs. Phillip Levine
  Ms. Lisa Speer                       Ms. Paige Doyle                       Mr. Randy Hatch                      Mr. Nick Lewis and Ms. Lisa Gottheil
Mr. and Mrs. Charles Catugno           Ms. Kathy Duggan-Josephs              Ms. Olive Hauser                     Mr. and Mrs. Chris Lindau
Mr. Rob Cavanagh                       Ms. Lois Duke                         Mr. and Ms. Frank Hermann            Ms. Donna Lindsay
Ms. Lorena Ceja                        Mrs. Wanda J. Dunn                    Mr. Thomas F. Hickey                 Mr. James M. Liptrot
Centre for Natural Healing             Ms. Elizabeth Dunne                   Mr. and Mrs. Daniel Hickman          Mr. George Lombardi
Mr. Jay Chalnick                       Mr. and Mrs. John DuRie               Hill Central Homes, Inc.             Mr. Edward Long
Champion Transmissions, LLC            Edo Fuji                              Mrs. Victoria Hirsch                 Mr. and Mrs. John Longley
Mr. and Mrs. William Chanler           Ms. Christina Eisen                   Mrs. Barbara A. Hoffman              Ms. Maria Longo
Mr. Daniel E. Charnas                  Mr. Matt Ellenthal and                Mr. and Mrs. Charles Holmes          Mr. and Mrs. Anthony Loparro
Mr. Steve Chick                          Mrs. Martha Outlaw                  Mrs. Jacqueline M. Horan             Los Portales Mexican Grocery
Mrs. Jocelyn Chilvers                  Elmer’s All the Best Wines            Horizons Massage Therapy             LPL Financial Services
Mr. Robert Chmielewski                 Mr. and Mrs. Angel Escalante          Mrs. Judith Hotchkiss                Lyn Gaylord Accessories
Chris Auto Repair                      Mrs. Jean C. Evans                    Mr. and Mrs. Jason Hou               Mr. Brian MacDonald and
Ms. Angela Christofor                  Mrs. Dianne H. Ewell                  Hunter Mechanical                      Dr. Rachel Messinger
Ms. Carol Cioppa, AIA                  Fairfield County Body Works, LLC      Ms. Jill Hynes                       Mr. and Mrs. Luis Madariaga
Mr. and Mrs. Timothy W. Clark          Mr. and Mrs. Paul Fairleigh           Ms. Teresa Inzerra Rollitt           Ms. Irene Maddox
Mrs. R. Clark                          Fairport Capital Inc.                 Itochu International Inc.            Ms. Tally Maffucci
Ms. Sandra Clemons                     Mrs. Diane Farber                     J.F. Buchta Electric Co. Inc.        Mrs. Joan Mahoney
Cocchia’s Norwalk Grape Company        Mr. and Mrs. Michael Fenton           Janet’s Child Care                   Mrs. Doris H. Majesky
Ms. Shirley Coleman                    Mr. and Mrs. Michael Ferdinand        Connie Janssen, LCSW                 Sarah Malanoshi
Ms. Anita Coles                        Ms. Agnes Finch                       JD Environmental                     Mr. Joseph Malizia
Ms. Jeanne Collins                     Mrs. Renee Finnemore                  Ms. Janet Jefferson                  Mrs. Vera Marchese
Color Blends                           Ms. Patricia Flanagan                 Mrs. Jimenez                         Mr. and Mrs. Robert Marchesi
Commercial Refuse                      Mr. and Mrs. Robert Flicker           Jimmy’s Mediterranean Deli           Marketing Spectrum Associates
Commuter Coffee, Co.                   Mr. Brian Fontaine and                Ms. Frances Johnstone                Mr. and Mrs. Nicholas Martschenko
Mr. Frank Concepcion                     Ms. Christine Simeone               Mr. and Mrs. Louis Jordan            Ms. Mary Maul
Ms. Mary E. Conlin                     Mrs. Sharon B. Forelli                Mrs. Joan Kacin                      Ms. Carol Mavrakis
Connie B’s                             Frankie’s Service                     Ms. Diane Kacin                      Mr. James McCay
Mr. and Mrs. Patrick Conroy            Ms. Maureen Furnaros                  Ms. Maria Karwowski                  Mrs. Brandon McCue
Mr. and Mrs. Colin Coogan              Mr. Chris M. Gabriele                 Mr. Robert Kauders                   Mr. Van McGregor and
                                       Ms. Ana R. Gallego                                                           Ms. Patricia McCullough
Mr. and Mrs. Peter Courtney                                                  Mr. Oliver Kaufman
                                       Ms. Margaret Gallivan                                                      Mr. and Mrs. John E. McDermott III
Mr. Glen Coutts                                                              Mr. and Mrs. Michael Keady
                                       Mr. Ernest Garcia                                                          Ms. Linda A. McDonald
Ms. Janet C. Coviello                                                        Mrs. Gerald Keegan
                                       Mr. Leonardo Garcia-Berg and                                               Ms. Deidre McDonald
Creations by David                                                           Mrs. Carolanne A. Keely
                                         Ms. Veronica Calomarde                                                   Mr. Kevin McFadden
Mr. and Mrs. Eugene Cronin                                                   Ms. Maryellen Keenan
                                       Mr. Ari Gendason and                                                       Mr. and Mrs. Colin McGahren
Mrs. Mary Ann Crystal                                                        Ms. Jennifer Keenan
                                         Ms. Helaine Cooper                                                       Ms. Sharon McGinty
Cuccolo & Castro Insurance, LLC                                              Mr. Brian Kelley
                                       Mr. and Mrs. Richard Gibson                                                Mr. and Mrs. Donald M. McGuire
Mr. Larry Cummings                                                           Ms. Kailyn Kieffer
                                       Globos Envios, Inc.                                                        Ms. Keenan M. McMahon
Ms. Barbara Cunard                                                           Mr. and Mrs. George Kiriakis
                                       Ms. Linda Glowienka                                                        Ms. Carol McOwen
Mrs. Teresa L. Cuseo                                                         Mr. Fredrick Kish
                                       Mr. Stuart Goldberg                                                        Ms. Kristi McPadden
Custom Design Woodworking                                                    Jonathan J. Klein, Attorney and
                                       Ms. Joan Goldberg                       Counselor at Law                   MDT Design, LLC
Mr. and Mrs. Craig D. Cuttner
                                       Ms. Kristyn Golier                    Mrs. Andrea Kocak                    Mr. and Mrs. John R. Meek
Mr. Henry Czeladka
                                       Mrs. Linda J. Gombar                  Mrs. Val Kocyba                      Ms. Tomomi Melton-Tanaami
Mr. Diego Da Lar
                                       Mr. and Mrs. John Goodreds            Mrs. Merle K. Koteen                 Mr. and Mrs. Scott Metchick
Mr. Roger J. D’Agostin
                                       Mr. and Mrs. Vincent Goodson          Mrs. Lynne K. Kruseski               Ms. Deborah Michals
Ms. Barbara Daniel
                                       Mr. and Mrs. Daniel W. Gravereaux     Mr. and Mrs. John La Greca           Ms. Hattie Middleton
Ms. Jessica Daquila
                                       Mrs. Karolina Z. Graves               Mr. Peter Laivins                    Caroline Miejer
Ms. Lisa Davis
                                       Mrs. Susan Graybill                   Mr. Joseph V. Lash                   Milford Pet Salon
Ms. Christine E. Deahn
                                       Mr. and Mrs. Chris Greene             Mr. and Mrs. John E. Lash            Mr. and Mrs. Jeffrey Miller
Mr. and Mrs. Cao Deambrosio
                                       Ms. Debbie Gregory                    Ms. Kathryn Lasky                    Mr. Alvin Miller
Mr. and Mrs. Vinny Dejana
                                       Ms. Renee Grenier                                                          Miller Mechanical, Inc.
Mr. Vincent K. DePierro
Page 6       The Campaign for Stepping Stones at Ten   I   Volume IV   I   March 2011
Ms. Maggie Mills                       Mr. and Mrs. Barry Reichgott          Brittany Smith                             Ms. Amber Wingate
Mr. Sergio Miraballes and Ms.          Renasci Academy of Hair               Mr. and Mrs. Sokolowski                    Ms. Pamela Winikoff
Karina Leon                            Ms. Caroline Renner                   Mr. Peter Soldat                           Ms. Casey Wissell
Mr. and Mrs. Lequiezer Mondesir        Mrs. Lilian Revel                     Sono Seaport Seafood                       Mr. Ken Wong
Mrs. Lisa Montaine                     Mr. and Mrs. Manfred Richter          Southport News & Deli, LLC                 Ms. Kathleen M. Wynn
Ms. Ruth Moran                         Ms. Carolina Righetti                 Mr. Steven Soyland                         Ms. Nancy Yap
Mr. George E. Morrissey                Mr. Jon L. Ringel                     Mr. Edward Spauster                        Mr. Jerry Young
Mr. Christopher Moughty                Mr. and Mrs. James Ritman             Mr. and Mrs. John Staikos                  Mr. Ariel Yudelev and Ms. Einav Babi
Mr. and Mrs. Eric Moxham               Ms. Tammy Roberts                     Ms. Sue Stango                             Mr. John S. Zabel, Jr.
Mr. and Mrs. Imran Mughal              Mr. and Mrs. Phillip Roche            Stark Carpet Corp.                         Ms. Caran Zambo
Ms. Garie Mulcahey                     Mr. Kenneth Alcorn and                Law Office of Rita A. Steinberger          Mr. Lance E. Zimmerman and
Mr. and Mrs. Michael W. Mulvehill        Ms. Lizzy Rockwell                  Mr. Dan Stevens                             Ms. Deborah Lewis
Mrs. Nikki Murphy                      Ms. Patricia M. Rodriguez             Mr. Gregory Stewart                        Ms. Vicki Zoeller
Mr. Dominick Musilli                   Ms. Courtney M. Rogers                Studio Ceramics Restoration
Ms. Marjorie Neaderland                Mr. and Mrs. Jeffrey L. Rohr          Subway                                     Gifts in Kind
Mr. and Mrs. Yoshi Nobumoto            Mr. Richard Rohr                      Ms. Jessica Sumner and                     A Quick Pick Crane Service
Mr. Michael Nolting                    Ms. Mary Roman                          Ms. Susan Jenkins                        Abigail Kirsch
Norwalk Dental, LLC                    Mr. and Mrs. Michael Rosato           Mr. and Mrs. Richard J. Sweetnam           Age of Reason
Mrs. Moira O’Connor                    Mr. and Mrs. Chuck Rote               Tacos Mexico, LLC                          Mr. Jeffrey Arsenault and
Mr. and Mrs. Christopher B. O’Connor   Mr. Andrew Rote                       Mr. and Mrs. Christopher Tasik               Ms. Kim Nathanson
Ms. Nancy O’Connor                     Mr. and Mrs. Marc Ryan                Mrs. Louise Tatangelo                      Bailey’s Backyard
Mrs. Jeanne O’Connor                   Rye Ridge Deli                        Mr. Kyle Taylor                            Beinfield Architecture PC
Ms. Margaret O’Halloran                Mr. Yohei Saito                       Ms. Rebecca Terhaar                        Bethel Cycle
Mr. Darryl Ohrt                        Ms. Melody Salas                      Mr. and Mrs. Matthew Terry                 Boardroom, Inc.
Ms. Josephine Olsen                    Mr. Willard M. Salzer                 Ms. Valerie Thompson                       Brandman’s Paint & Decorating
Omex Office Maintenance                Mr. Sandeep Samal                     Mr. Andrew Thorne                          Mr. Dan Chilvers
On Cue Billiards & Music               Mr. Nicholas Samodel                  Mr. Joe Tison                              Cloud Nine Day Spa
Mr. and Mrs. Dean Orton                Mr. Homero Sandoval                   Ms. Elena Tosti                            CostCo Wholesale Corporation
Mr. Kevin Overs                        Ms. Selina J. Santos                  Total Printing Center                      COX Radio, Inc.
Pagano’s Inc.                          Mr. and Mrs. Victor Santos            Mrs. Anne E. Triano                        Creative Cookie
Ms. Bonnie Paige                       Ms. Sandra Sarcinella                 Trillium Architects, LLC                   Crystal Rock Water Company
Mrs. Analiese Paik                     Mrs. Dale Sartor                      Mr. Thomas O. Trillo                       Cycle Center of Stamford
Mr. and Mrs. Fotini Panagiotidis       Ms. Anna Schaab                       Ms. Emily Troelstra                        Diageo North America
Mr. Gary Parese                        Mrs. Bridgitte H. Schattenfield       Tutti’s Ristorante                         DPS Sporting Club Development, LLC
Mr. David Park                         Mr. Tom Schlachtenhaufen              Mr. Joseph Antonuccio and                  Fairfield Processing Corporation
Mr. and Mrs. Jeff Parrott              Mr. and Mrs. Mark Schlater              Ms. Carol Tweedy                         Mr. Jonathan Farber and
Ms. Elaine Pecora                      Ms. Lynn Schlesinger                  Mrs. Maggie Urcinoli                         Ms. Jolyn Swanson
Mr. and Mrs. Lasse Pedersen            Ms. Kristen Schneider                 Ms. Brenda Vacca                           Fat Cat Pie Company
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Penna              Mr. William Scholl                    Ms. Jenn Vaccaro                           Fearless Entertainment
Performance Specialties                Ms. Doris E. Schoonejongen            Val’s Tire and Alignment, LLC              Flowers & Flowers
Mrs. Marian Persico                    Sciaudones Garage, LLC                Mrs. Patricia Van Buskirk                  Mr. and Mrs. John S. Foster
Mr. and Mrs. Anthony Petrazzuoli       Mr. and Mrs. Dan Sedley               Ms. Doris R. Varlese                       Gateway Art & Framing
Ms. Ellen H. Petrino                   Ms. Rachel Senia                      Mr. Raymond Vento                          Glen Gate Pool & Property
Ms. Joan Phillips                      Sergio’s Pizza & Restaurant           Village Gourmet                            GO Entertainment
Mr. Jim P. Pickering                   Mr. Felix Serrano                     Mr. Greg Voornas                           GroSolar
Ms. Diane Piro                         Mr. Mark Servido                      Ms. Cynthia Wagner                         Ikea New Haven
Mr. Joseph Piscitell and               Ms. Lee Sforza                        Ms. Beverly Wagner                         The Jazz Guild
  Ms. Cathleen Crowley-Piscitell       Mr. and Mrs. John Shain               Mr. and Mrs. Michael E. Wallace            Jeff’s Cuisine
Plate Ridgefield Restaurant            Ms. Marilyn J. Shaul                  Mr. and Mrs. Binu Wariyar                  Mr. Mar Jennings
Mr. Jonathan Pogact                    Mr. Dennis Shea                       Mrs. Karen Watson                          Jerry’s Artarama
Mr. and Mrs. Tristan Polomchak         Mr. and Mrs. Christopher Shehadeh     Ms. Catherine Weber                        Mr. and Mrs. Howard C. Johnson
Ms. Caroline Prangley                  Mrs. Barbara Sheldon                  Ms. Beverly Weed                           Julian Enterprises
Mr. Mathew Pressley                    Jeffrey Silberman                     Ms. Irene Weed                             Kempo Academy of Martial Arts
Pro Auto Relo Service                  Mr. Stephen A. Sinacore               Mrs. Martha M. Weiss                       Keno Graphics
Ms. Susan Putze                        Mr. and Mrs. Jonathan C. Skipper      Mrs. Brice Westring                        Ms. Rhonda Kiest
Pymander                               Mrs. Beth D. Slazak                   Mr. Herb Wexler                            Mr. and Mrs. Mark S. Kristoff
Ms. Sharon Querro                      Mr. and Mrs. Peter Small              Mr. and Mrs. Fred Wexler                   Mackenzie Limousine LTD
Quigley & Co.                          Ms. Dayvonne Smith                    Mrs. Dora M. White                         Maclaren USA, Inc.
Mr. David Rabins and                   Ms. Gerda Smith                       Mr. and Mrs. Edward Williams               Magical Music for Life Foundation
  Mrs. Claudine Cohen                  Mr. David Smith and Mrs. Maria        Mrs. Thelma Williams                       Mainstreet Connect
Mr. David Rapoport                     Mendoza-Smith                         Ms. Jeanne Wingate                         Mr. John Mayer

                                                              The Campaign for Stepping Stones at Ten   I   Volume IV     I    March 2011             Page 7
McCann Systems, LLC                       Mr. J. Kevin Smith and                 Today’s Tan
Ms. Linda A. McDonald                       Ms. Donna E. Glen                    Trader Joe’s Company                         Capital Growth
Mr. and Mrs. Sean C. McManus              Standard Demolition Services           Mr. and Mrs. Bruce C. Turner                 Planning Committee
Mitchells of Westport                     Starbucks Coffee Company               Upper Crust Bagel & Deli Company
Moffly Media                              Stew Leonard’s                         Videofilm Systems, Inc.
                                                                                                                              Michael Wallace
Mr. and Mrs. Patrick M. Mullin            Subway                                 Villa Blanca Cloud Forest Hotel & Spa        Chair, Capital Growth
Music by DJ Scott                         Super Fun Inflatables, LLC             Wal-Mart Stores, Inc.                        Planning Committee
Norwalk Fire Department Local 830         Super Stop & Shop                      Walter Lewis Blues Trio
Norwalk Hospital                          T. Palmer Landscaping Co., LLC         WCTZ/WFOX                                    John S. Foster
Norwalk Police Department                 Talent Education Suzuki School         WEBE 108                                     Chair, Board of Directors
NunoErin                                  Target Training                        Westport Country Playhouse
                                          Mr. and Mrs. Christopher Tasik                                                      Ramsey Goodrich
Osetra Restaurant                                                                Whole Foods Market Westport
                                          Ms. Hillary Taylor                                                                  Chair, Community Campaign
Peace by Piece                                                                   Wholesome Wave Foundation
Mr. and Mrs. Nathan Pusey, Jr.            Teddy’s Transportation System          Ms. Jacquelyn Wilkins                        Jeff Arsenault
School of Rock                            The Advocate/Greenwich Time            Mr. and Mrs. Robert M. Williams, Jr.         Co-chair, The Kaleidoscope Ball:
ShopRite Supermarket                      The Edge Fitness Clubs                                                              Ten Years and Growing

                                            Thank You!
   Our newly expanded museum offers exceptional naming and sponsorship opportunities – exhibits,
   galleries, gardens, paving stones, tiles and other special designations – providing a one of a kind
                                                                                                                              Rhonda Kiest
                                                                                                                              Executive Director
                                                                                                                              Fritz Jellinghaus
                                                                                                                              Director of Leadership Giving

   gift that will make a difference in how a child learns and grows.
   Please contact Fritz Jellinghaus at 203 899 0606, ext. 246 to learn more about
   the myriad of giving opportunities available to honor you, your family and friends.

   Following on the heels of the grand re-opening, visitation to
   Stepping Stones was off the charts. By doubling our size we                         Big Events Coming in 2011
   aimed to increase visitation and membership by 25 percent                           May 1                         YouthForum:
   over three years. The results are outstanding – between                                                           Youth Voice on Climate Change
   closure in August 2010 and February 28, 2011 we have
   increased our membership base by 46 percent!                                        May 6 – 7                     Family Fun Night and Morning
                                                                                                                     with Clifford
   Re-opening Weekend                                                                  May – June                    NEW EXHIBIT   Stepping Outside the Box
   Saturday, November 20 – Sunday, November 21, 2010
                                                                                       June 4 – 5                    BooZoo’s Canine Carnival
   General Admission Attendance                 2,932
   Group Visitors                                 300                                  June – September              NEW EXHIBIT   access/ABILITY
   Total New Membership                            60                                  June 22 – July 13             Launch of Stepping Stones
   Total Renewal Membership                        28                                                                Teen Initiative with four concerts
                                                                                                                     to be held in the Courtyard on
   The crowds continued to arrive.                                                                                   four consecutive Wednesdays
   Saturday, November 22 – Tuesday, December 30, 2010                                  September – December          NEW EXHIBIT   Cyberchase
   General Admission Attendance                32,669
   Group Visitors                                  514                                 October 1 – 2                 Worldwide Day of Play
   Total New Membership                            611                                 October 6                     Swing Into It! Golf Tournament
   Total Renewal Membership                        213
                                                                                       October 21 – 22               Monster Mash
                                                                                       October 28 – 29
   Setting record numbers of visitation well into the new year.
   Total numbers through February 28, 2011.
   Saturday, November 20 – Tuesday, February 28, 2011
   General Admission Attendance                      91,083
   Group Visitors                                     1,520
   Total New Membership                               1,622
   Total Renewal Membership                             550

   Total Membership at Closure                               3,700
   Total Membership as of February 2011                      5,400

Stepping Stones Museum for Children   I   Mathews Park, 303 West Avenue   I   Norwalk, Connecticut 06850   I   203 899 0606    I    steppingstonesmuseum.org

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