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Mission    We are passionate healers dedicated to honoring
           the Sacred in our sisters and brothers.


  Values   In the spirit of good Stewardship, we heal by practicing:
           compassion through our kindness, concern and genuine caring;
           reverence in honoring dignity of the human spirit;
           excellence by expecting the best of ourselves and others;
           Integrity by being and speaking the truth.
  St. Joseph’s Family Medicine Residency seeks to blend the primary care orientation of a community
  hospital with the academic and educational resources of a major medical school. Our goal is to produce strong
  clinicians who are capable of delivering high-quality primary care in any setting, from rural to suburban
  to inner city practice locations.

   Highlights                         u

                                          unopposed Family medicine residency
                                             – Family Medicine residents are the residents at St. Joseph’s Hospital
                                          excellent collegial relationship with SuNy upstate medical university
                                      u   Positive work environment with commitment to residency education and strict
                                          observation of New york state regulation 405 limiting resident work hours
                                             – Maximum 80 hours/week
                                             – Home post call by 10 a.m.
                                             – 24 hours off each week
                                      u   Well-respected program established in 1968 at St. Joseph’s Hospital Health
                                          center, a non-profit, 431-bed hospital/health care organization serving
                                          patients from 16 central New york counties
                                             – Designated a Magnet Hospital for Excellence in Nursing by the American
                                               Nurses Credentialing Center
                                             – Five-star rated (best) for coronary interventional procedures nine years in
                                               a row (2003-2011), and five-star rated for treatment of heart attack
                                               two years in a row (2010-2011)
                                             – Recipient of the HealthGrades Joint Replacement Excellence Award™
                                               (2011) and ranked among the top 5 percent in the nation for
                                               joint replacement in 2011
                                             – Accredited as a Chest Pain Center with PCI by the Society of Chest
                                               Pain Centers
                                             – Intensive Care Units received the Beacon Award for Critical Care
                                               Excellence from the American Association of Critical-Care Nurses
                                      u   Flexibility of a large program

                                             – Resident input in scheduling, sequencing rotations and vacations
                                             – Four weeks’ vacation permitted each year with weekends free on both
                                               sides of vacation week
                                             – Experience in couples match
                                             – Established maternity and paternity policies
                                             – Away electives permitted and available per ABFP guidelines
                                             – Responsiveness to residents’ personal needs

For more information, contact St. Joseph’s Hospital Family medicine residency
301 Prospect ave. u Syracuse, Ny 13203 u 315.448.5537 u
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                               u   extensive procedural training
                                      – Joint injections, arthrocentesis, casting and splinting
                                      – Colposcopy, endometrial biopsy and other gynecologic procedures
                                      – Minor skin surgery
                                      – Vasectomies
                               u   Strong obstetrics and women’s health curriculum
                                      – Several faculty members with specific interest and training in women’s
                                        health issues
                                      – Obstetrics track available for those with interest
                                      – Over 100 deliveries possible during the three years
                                      – GYN procedure clinics—both during required rotations and as electives
                               u   abundant sports medicine opportunities
                                      – Syracuse University athletics
                                      – Syracuse Chiefs—Triple-A minor league baseball team, affiliate of the
                                        Washington Nationals
                                      – Empire State Games
                                      – Local school sports programs
                               u   excellent balance of ambulatory and inpatient medicine, didactic and clinical
                                   experiences, and medical and biopsychosocial patient care
                               u   elective time
                                      – Established electives or resident-created electives are available for
                                        individual interests
                               u   Biopsychosocial orientation of curriculum

                                      – Full-time family therapist and social worker on faculty
                                      – Workshops and rotations provide psychosocial training and awareness
                                      – Balint groups help residents examine their interactions with patients,
                                        attendings, nursing staff and each other
                               u   community involvement
                                      – Involvement in nursing homes, justice center and homeless clinics

For more information, contact St. Joseph’s Hospital Family medicine residency
301 Prospect ave. u Syracuse, Ny 13203 u 315.448.5537 u
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                                  The first year of residency emphasizes the inpatient experience,
                                  during which house calls average every one in four nights, with strict compliance
                                  with New York state work hour rules. Interns spend one to two half days per week,
                                  regardless of rotation, seeing their continuity patients in the Family Medicine
                                  Center. There is a wide variety of exposure, from obstetrics to pediatrics to
                                  surgery and anesthesia, during the first year.

                                  First year (13 four-week rotations)
                                      u Obstetrics          u Family Medicine Inpatient          u   Emergency Room
                                     u   Obstetrics             u   Medicine Night Float         u   Pediatric Inpatient
                                     u   Surgery/Anesthesia     u   Medicine Inpatient           u   Pediatric Outpatient
                                     u   Surgery/Anesthesia     u   Family Medicine Outpatient   u   Nursery
                                     u   Elective

                                  as a second-year resident, a significant emphasis is placed on taking
                                  more clinical responsibilities and enhancing decision-making skills. There are
                                  four months of inpatient medicine where residents are the primary physicians
                                  for their patients. Each resident will manage his/her own inpatient service with
                                  supervision by an attending physician. This is held to be a strong component of
                                  the residency. In addition, second-year residents spend two to three half days
                                  per week in the Family Medicine Center.

                                  Second year (12 one-month rotations)
                                     u Medicine          u Obstetrics                            u   Gynecology
                                     u   Medicine               u   Ambulatory Pediatric         u   ENT
                                     u   Medicine               u   Pediatric Emergency Room     u   Elective
                                     u   Medicine               u   Behavioral Science           u   Elective

                                  The third-year resident has a significant role in teaching and supervising
                                  junior residents. The PGY3 resident assumes direct responsibility for leading
                                  the Medicine Teaching Service and Family Medicine Inpatient Teaching Service.
                                  Office efficiency and management are also priorities, and all third-year residents
                                  attend weekly conferences to prepare for job hunting and transition to life after
                                  residency. Office time increases to four half days per week; however, call is limited.

                                  Third year (13 four-week rotations)
                                    u Medicine Admitting       u Geriatrics                      u   Orthopedics
                                    u    Medicine Night Float         u   Dermatology            u   Urology/
                                    u    Family Medicine              u   Elective               u   Elective
                                    u    Community Medicine           u   Pediatric Elective     u   Elective
                                    u    Pediatric Elective

For more information, contact St. Joseph’s Hospital Family medicine residency
301 Prospect ave. u Syracuse, Ny 13203 u 315.448.5537 u
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                               The Family Medicine Center

Family Medicine
                                                                       relocated on the St. Joseph’s Hospital
                               Health Center campus in January 2008. This state-of-the-art facility
                               features a new layout to improve patient access and enhance resident efficiency
                               during scheduled clinic time.

                               The residency practice began using a fully integrated electronic medical record
                               (emr) in the spring of 2008. This provides residents with up-to-the-minute
                               retrieval of their patient’s entire medical chart 24/7 from any computer—at
                               home or in the hospital. Laboratory studies, radiologic reports and images,
                               inpatient data from recent hospitalizations and correspondence from other
                               physicians are now readily available. Nationally, between 40 and 50 percent of family
                               physicians are presently using an EMR, so having a system in place is an important
                               training opportunity for residents in preparation for their ultimate practice. The EMR
                               also simplifies data retrieval and chart audits, which are used as teaching and
                               research tools.

                               Currently, more than 4,000 families in Syracuse and surrounding communities
                               receive their health care—ranging from obstetrics and pediatrics to adult
                               medicine and geriatrics—from the residents. The Family Medicine Center patient
                               population is diverse, drawing people from many different cultures, including
                               black, Hispanic and Native American communities. Many of our patients also come
                               from regions around the world that have seen political upheaval and social unrest
                               in recent years, including Southeast Asia, Eastern Europe and North Africa.

                               Each resident is assigned a panel of patients to follow throughout the three years,
                               providing continuity of care to these individuals and families. The panels grow in
                               size as the residents grow and develop as physicians. Through the Family Medicine
                               Center experience, our program is committed to the dual mission of providing
                               patients with professional, high-quality care and our house staff with an
                               exceptional learning experience. As of January 2008, the faculty also now
                               practices at the Family Medicine Center, serving as positive, professional role
                               models for the residents.

                               The Family Medicine Center is equipped to perform multiple procedures in the
                               office setting, including, but not limited to, punch biopsy, mole removal, casting,
                               endometrial biopsy, colposcopy, joint aspiration and injections, and other minor
                               surgical procedures.

                               The Family Medicine Center is staffed by highly skilled nurses and administrative
                               personnel. They are sensitive to the fact that the family medicine residents
                               are physicians-in-training, and are committed to the residents’ education and
                               development in this regard.

For more information, contact St. Joseph’s Hospital Family medicine residency
301 Prospect ave. u Syracuse, Ny 13203 u 315.448.5537 u
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  The family medicine faculty is diverse and well trained. All faculty members hold academic
  appointments in the Department of Family Medicine at SUNY Upstate Medical University. In addition, they have
  active private practices. Ten of the physician faculty members practice obstetrics. Each member of the family
  medicine faculty has an area of expertise, which helps create a robust training environment for residents. There
  are also a number of adjunct faculty members from the community and Upstate Medical University who lend
  their time and experience for precepting residents in the Family Medicine Center. All faculty members are board
  certified in family medicine, and many serve on hospital committees and/or participate in state and national family
  medicine professional associations.

                             James B. Tucker, md                              Stephen Hoag, md
                             residency director                                 Medical School:
                                Medical School:                                 Uniformed Services University of
                                Boston University School of Medicine            the Health Sciences
                                Residency:                                      Residency: Naval Hospital,
                                Wright Patterson Air Force Hospital             Jacksonville, Florida
                                Special Interests: Sports medicine              Special Interests: Full scope,
                                                                                office procedures

                             Pamela Horst, md
                             associate director, emeritus                     lynne Humphrey, md
                                Medical School:                                 Medical School:
                                Pennsylvania State University                   SUNY Upstate Medical University
                                Residency: Shadyside Hospital                   Residency: St Joseph’s Hospital Health
                                (Pittsburgh, Pa.)                               Center Family Medicine Residency
                                Special Interests: Palliative/hospice care,     Special Interests: Full scope, adolescent
                                ethics, geriatrics                              medicine, preventive medicine

                             dawn Brink-cymerman, md                          michael Kernan, md
                                Medical School: Ross University               associate residency director
                                                                                Medical School: Universidad de Navarra
                                Residency: St Joseph’s Hospital Health
                                Center Family Medicine Residency                Residency: St Joseph’s Hospital Health
                                                                                Center Family Medicine Residency
                                Special Interests: Rural medicine,
                                developmental pediatrics                        Special Interests: Sports medicine,
                                                                                adolescent medicine

                             deann cummings, md
                                Medical School:                               david Kolva, md
                                SUNY Upstate Medical University                 Medical School:
                                                                                SUNY Upstate Medical University
                                Residency: St Joseph’s Hospital Health
                                Center Family Medicine Residency                Residency: St Joseph’s Hospital Health
                                                                                Center Family Medicine Residency
                                Special Interests: Hospitalist medicine,
                                patient education                               Special Interests: Practice management,
                                                                                medicolegal topics, evidence-based medicine

                             Gerry edwards, md
                                Medical School:                               chris laBounty, md
                                SUNY Upstate Medical University                 Medical School:
                                                                                SUNY Upstate Medical University
                                Residency: St Joseph’s Hospital Health
                                Center Family Medicine Residency                Residency: University of Rochester
                                Special Interests: Integrative medicine,        Special Interests: Teaching internal medicine
                                preventive medicine, orthopedics, patient
                                education, information technology             Jennifer mccaul, md
                                in health care
                                                                                Medical School:
                                                                                SUNY Upstate Medical University
                                                                                Residency: St Joseph’s Hospital Health
                                                                                Center Family Medicine Residency
                                                                                Special Interests: Maternity care,
                                                                                women’s health, adolescent care

                                                                              Kristen mcNamara, md
                                                                                Medical School: Albany Medical College
                                                                                Residency: St Joseph’s Hospital Health
                                                                                Center Family Medicine Residency
                                                                                Special Interests: Women’s health,
                                                                                adolescent medicine

For more information, contact St. Joseph’s Hospital Family medicine residency
301 Prospect ave. u Syracuse, Ny 13203 u 315.448.5537 u
e-mail: u Visit
                           Gerald mcmahon, md                           Bobby Pohar, md

                             Medical School: University of Notre Dame     Medical School: Government Medical
                             Residency: SUNY Upstate                      College, India
                             Medical University                           Residency: St. Elizabeth Medical Center
                             Special Interests: Hospitalist medicine      (Youngstown, Ohio)
                                                                          Special Interests: Care of the adult
                           elizabeth mcNany, md                           patient, reducing medical errors,
                                                                          communication skills
                             Medical School:
                             SUNY Upstate Medical University
                             Residency: St Joseph’s Hospital Health
                                                                        ajaz Shawl, md
                             Center Family Medicine Residency             Medical School: University of Kashmir, India
                             Special Interests: Full scope,               Residency: State University of New York
                             residency education                          at Buffalo
                                                                          Special Interests: Hospitalist medicine,
                           larry Novak, md                                preventive medicine
                             Medical School: Albany Medical College
                             Residency: Franklin Square Hospital
                                                                        Sandra Sulik, md
                             Center Family Practice Residency Program     Medical School: University of Virginia
                             (Baltimore, Md.)                             School of Medicine
                             Special Interests: Medical director of       Residency: St Joseph’s Hospital Health
                             the Elmcrest Children’s Center,              Center Family Medicine Residency
                             practice management                          Special Interests: Obstetrics and women’s
                                                                          health with special emphasis on
                           John O’Brien, md                               procedures, administration
                             Medical School:
                             SUNY Upstate Medical University            melissa arthur, Phd
                             Residency: St Joseph’s Hospital Health     director of Behavioral Science
                             Center Family Medicine Residency             Graduate Education: Syracuse University,
                             Special Interests: Preventive medicine       MSW and MA in marriage and
                             and adolescent medicine                      family therapy
                                                                          Syracuse University, PhD in
                                                                          Counseling Education
                           matthew Picone, md
                           Transitional year Program director             Special Interests: Integration of
                                                                          biopsychosocial mode
                             Medical School: New York Medical College
                             Residency: St Joseph’s Hospital Health
                             Center Family Medicine Residency
                                                                        mary Studdiford, mSW, mPa
                                                                        Social Work coordinator
                             Special Interests: Graduate medical
                             education, medical student clinical          Graduate Education:
                             skills development                           Syracuse University, MSW and MPA
                                                                          Special Interests: Child abuse
                                                                          (Child Abuse Coordinator for St. Joseph’s
                                                                          Hospital), family violence

For more information, contact St. Joseph’s Hospital Family medicine residency
301 Prospect ave. u Syracuse, Ny 13203 u 315.448.5537 u
e-mail: u Visit
                               u Scott Allan, MD                    u Neeraj Mahajan, MD
                               u Wayne Chou, MD                     u Jacob Nelson, MD
                               u Alex Filipski, DO                  u Okwudili Ezeude, MD

                               u Anne Johnson, MD                   u Rabeea Rehman, MD

                               u Elina Kerzuma, MD                  u Vivian RedEye, MD

                               u Nadine Khouzan, MD                 u James Sullivan, MD

                               u Brian Kline, MD                    u Quoc Tran, MD

                               u Monazza Ahmed, MD                  u Keith Marshall, MD
                               u Mark Doyle, MD                     u Sovan Powell, MD
                               u Erika Hegland, DO                  u John Pylman, MD

                               u Mukta Kapdi, MD                    u Amanda Ray, DO

                               u Vanessa Lalley DeMong, DO          u Kathryn Schlegel, MD

                               u   Susan Levinsohn, MD              u   Amit Sharma, MD
                               u   James Loomis, MD                 u   Jennifer Tibbens-Scalzo, MD

                               u Karen Bertrand, MD                 u Madiha Khan, MD
                               u Brian Chan, MD                     u Julie King, MD
                               u Roslyn Chang, MD                   u Radhika Mehra, MD

                               u Chelsea Doyen, MD                  u Supriya Oberoi, MD

                               u Justin Fedor, DO                   u Emily Rhodes, DO

                               u Michael Fuller, MD                 u Chandra Sharma, MD

                               u Marissa Gonzalez, MD               u Daniel Spangenberg, MD

                               u Ovais Hasan, MD                    u Erin Thompson, MD

                               u Marc Iqbal, MD

For more information, contact St. Joseph’s Hospital Family medicine residency
301 Prospect ave. u Syracuse, Ny 13203 u 315.448.5537 u
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  As one of the first family medicine residency programs established in the United States, the
  St. Joseph’s Hospital Health Center Family Medicine Residency has graduates in all regions of the country. Most of
  these family medicine physicians have remained in and around Central New York. However, with more than 450
  graduates, there is a great deal of diversity in geography and practice style. The following comments are some of
  the reasons why St. Joseph’s Family Medicine Residency graduates continue to think highly of the training they
  received at St. Joseph’s:

                                  “St. Joseph’s residency became my first choice because it is a large hospital that
                                  provides all the services of a community hospital, yet also delivers state-of-the-art
                                  tertiary care in a number of disciplines. Family medicine being the only residency
                                  based there gives residents the opportunity for responsibility and training with
                                  greater depth and intensity than that provided by smaller community hospitals on
                                  the one hand and large teaching hospitals with multiple residencies on the other.”

                                  Robert Ostrander, MD, Class of 1987, Valley View Family Practice, Rushville, NY

                                  “When I reminisce about my experience as a St. Joseph's resident, the first word
                                  that comes to mind is ‘family.’ The residency program truly embodies the concept
                                  of family. This is in reference not only to our patient families, but to the larger
                                  St. Joseph’s family. Spending so much time together creates bonds that transcend
                                  most barriers. Having grown up in New York City with all my immediate family in
                                  ‘Da City,’ it is a testament to the residency program that I stayed in the Syracuse
                                  area for residency and private practice.”

                                  Luis Castro, MD, Class of 1999, Medical Director, Westside Family Health Center,
                                  Syracuse, NY

                                  “I frequently think about what I've seen in the last year and realize that residency
                                  can’t possibly teach you everything, but hopefully gets you to the point where
                                  you know what’s bad and what’s not, and what is an emergency and what is not.
                                  It felt good to have confidence in my training so that I can figure those things out
                                  and can take care of the emergencies when they happen. I’ve also seen a huge
                                  difference in what I did in residency compared to what other people did, and
                                  now I realize that all programs are not created equal! Thanks for providing that
                                  knowledge base.”

                                  Karen Williams, MD, Class of 1999, Watertown, NY

For more information, contact St. Joseph’s Hospital Family medicine residency
301 Prospect ave. u Syracuse, Ny 13203 u 315.448.5537 u
e-mail: u Visit
                             ”You’d think that working in a small, private practice next to a dairy farm would

Graduates                    be a far cry from my job as a resident, working in a 431-bed hospital in an urban
                             setting, but actually it’s not at all. After medical school I wasn’t certain where I
                             would be working after residency (urban, rural, office practice, hospital), so I
                             looked for a training program that would prepare me for any of these. St. Joseph’s,
                             an unopposed, hospital-based Family Medicine Residency program, gave me the
                             medical challenges and the caseload that prepared me for a number of different
                             settings. Not only was the transition to my current office-based private practice
                             a smooth one, but I was already comfortable with hospital work, which was
                             imperative as my new group continued to admit their own patients.

                             “Additionally, as I was going to be far away from any family, I was drawn to the
                             intimate nature of the St. Joseph’s program, and I am still in close contact with the
                             members of my graduating class.”

                             Kari Borrelli, MD, Class of 2005, Scotia-Glenville Family Medicine, Ballston Spa, NY

                             “The Family Medicine Residency at St. Joseph’s Hospital Health Center provided
                             me with all the skills and confidence to practice medicine in a rural area. The well-
                             balanced curriculum provides exposure to ICU patients, to a wide variety of
                             ambulatory pathology, to plenty of experience in office-based procedures, and
                             excellent training in behavioral medicine. The faculty is nurturing and supportive.
                             I couldn’t be happier with the experience I had in residency.”

                             Kevin Gallagher, MD, Class of 2006, Granville Family Medicine, Granville, NY

                             “The St. Joseph’s Family Medicine Residency has many outstanding attributes, yet
                             the key to the success of the program is the attending faculty. Our attendings
                             possess superior clinical and teaching skills, and they often go above and
                             beyond to ensure the residents receive nothing but the highest-quality residency
                             experience possible. They recognize that family medicine is a fluid and dynamic
                             specialty, and they continually seek to incorporate new concepts and ideas into the
                             educational process.”

                             James Fennelly, MD, Class of 2007, Farmington Family Practice, Farmington, NY

For more information, contact St. Joseph’s Hospital Family medicine residency
301 Prospect ave. u Syracuse, Ny 13203 u 315.448.5537 u
e-mail: u Visit
  In addition to the benefits of being in a community hospital, St. Joseph’s residents and faculty also are
  affiliated with the Department of Family Medicine at SUNY Upstate Medical University. This relationship allows
  ample opportunity to serve as clinical faculty for second-, third- and fourth-year medical students, as well as to
  participate in active research.
                                           acting internship in Family medicine
                for Medical Students

                                           This elective is open to all fourth-year medical students, from both SUNY
                                           Upstate and other medical schools. The goal is to experience what Family
                                           Medicine Residency is all about by participating as a team member of the Family
                                           Medicine Inpatient Teaching Service. The acting intern functions as a PGY1.

                                       u   Practice of medicine
                                           This is the first- and second-year medical student course at SUNY Upstate that
                                           provides the foundation for history taking, physical exam and differential
                                           diagnosis skills. Third-year family medicine residents have the opportunity to
                                           hone their teaching ability by working with faculty to instruct medical students
                                           in this setting.

                                       u   medicine clerkships
                                           St. Joseph’s Hospital Health Center serves as a clinical training site for the SUNY
                                           Upstate third-year medicine clerkship. The clerkship involves following and
                                           managing patients under the guidance of PGY3 and PGY1 family medicine
                                           residents and supervising attending physicians. Medical students also actively
                                           participate in morning teaching rounds and attend daily noontime conferences.

                                       u   Family medicine Student Organization (FmSO)
                                           Faculty serve as advisors to the FMSO at SUNY Upstate, and family medicine
                                           residents organize and run medical student workshops (e.g., casting clinic, joint
                                           injection clinic, GYN procedures clinic).

                                       u   international rotations for medical School
                                           Global Health Tracks provide international rotation opportunities for
                                           medical students.

For more information, contact St. Joseph’s Hospital Family medicine residency
301 Prospect ave. u Syracuse, Ny 13203 u 315.448.5537 u
e-mail: u Visit
  St. Joseph’s Hospital Health Center offers a number of educational tracks                                        for
  residents to enhance their skills and pursue careers in specific areas of medicine. Through hands-on patient care,
  additional elective coursework, and the mentorship of experienced professionals, residents gain the knowledge
  and confidence to succeed in their respective fields.
                                  Global Health Track/international medicine rotation

                                  international Health Track Proclamation
                                  Nations as diverse as Bhutan, Bosnia, Cambodia, Laos, Liberia, Sudan, Somalia,
                                  Vietnam and the former USSR are represented in the immigrant and refugee
                                  populations treated every day at St. Joseph’s Family Medicine Center. St. Joseph’s
                                  tradition of excellence in family medicine and service to our community continues
                                  — endeavoring to extend beyond the borders of Syracuse, into the homelands of
                                  our patients — by offering a Global Health Track.

                                  Utilizing a community of professionals devoted to global health, our outstanding
                                  maternal and child health curriculum, and affiliations with Syracuse University
                                  and SUNY Upstate Medical University, St. Joseph’s offers a progressive,
                                  multidisciplinary approach to training Global Health physicians. We provide
                                  advanced education in obstetrics, infectious and tropical diseases, public health
                                  promotion, and global health policy.

                                  St. Joseph’s has the largest Family medicine residency in the Northeast. This
                                  gives our Global Health residents the freedom and flexibility to spend at least
                                  two months of their elective time on clinical rotation in a developing country of
                                  their choice. To build a foundation for that work, interns rotate in a rural hospital
                                  honing their obstetric and general surgery skills.

                                  Our affiliation with SUNY Upstate Medical University and our own infectious
                                  disease department provide didactic and practical training in tropical and infectious
                                  diseases — including directly observed therapy for TB and HIV. Additionally,
                                  Global Health residents spend a month working in a local international travel clinic
                                  learning immunization protocols and tropical disease prophylaxis.

For more information, contact St. Joseph’s Hospital Family medicine residency
301 Prospect ave. u Syracuse, Ny 13203 u 315.448.5537 u
e-mail: u Visit
Educational    Tracks
                               To explore the logistics and politics of health care delivery in the developing world,
                               Global Health residents are required to complete an interdisciplinary project of
                               their own design in conjunction with the Maxwell School at Syracuse University.
                               Our program’s great strength is its adaptability. With the support of the family
                               medicine faculty, the Global Health Track evolves and grows to meet objectives
                               defined by individual residents.

                               u   Progressive, interdisciplinary, holistic, comprehensive approach to health care
                               u   Developing physicians with the skills and knowledge base to deliver
                                   high-quality health care in resource-poor communities both here and abroad
                               u   3 core principles: solid clinical training, interdisciplinary exchange of ideas,
                                   community and international outreach
                               u   Global Health journal club and lecture series in association with SUNY Upstate
                                   and Syracuse University
                               u   Global Health rotations here and abroad — Sudan, Tanzania, Kenya, Ghana,
                                   Guatemala, Nepal, China

                               Goals and objectives
                               Provide additional procedural training for Family Medicine residents:
                                    u Advanced OB and C- sections (additional training beyond residency)

                                    u Diagnosis and treatment of tropical diseases

                                    u Procedures

                                          – Vaginal deliveries         – Dermatologic procedures
                                          – Operative Obstetrics
                                    u International disasters preparedness

                               methodology (elective opportunities)
                                   u Two months working in a rural hospital with a family doctor and general

                                     surgeon (office hours one day per week to maintain continuity)
                                   u One month working with a local international travel clinic

                                   u Up to three months of elective time working in a Third World country

                                     with supervision
                                   u Research project in International Health performed in conjunction with

                                     Syracuse University
                                   u Individual study with Internet resources

                                    u Observation by preceptor while working in a developing country

                                    u Evaluation by preceptors

                                    u Record of all procedures maintained by each resident and signed off by

                                      the preceptor
                                    u Entrance and exit interview with faculty advisor

                                    u Residents will write a paper pertaining to their experience

For more information, contact St. Joseph’s Hospital Family medicine residency
301 Prospect ave. u Syracuse, Ny 13203 u 315.448.5537 u
e-mail: u Visit
                               Sports medicine Track

                               Primary care Sports medicine curriculum
                               Residents interested in focusing their talents on sports medicine may sign up for
                               the Sports Medicine Track, which will prepare them to care for both medical and
                               orthopedic problems in the context of competitive sports. Residents in this track will:
                                    u Work closely with Family Medicine attending physicians, Orthopedic

                                      surgeons, Physical Therapists, and Athletic Trainers
                                    u Work directly with faculty members at Syracuse University, the Syracuse

                                      Chiefs Triple-A baseball team and local high schools
                                    u Learn injury care, such as: bracing, orthopedic injections, pulmonary

                                      function tests and casting of orthopedic injuries
                                    u Become familiar with illnesses and medical conditions related to sports

                               Residents interested in sports medicine fellowship training will be supported
                               and mentored in achieving that goal. This will include research and scholarly
                               activities with potential presentations and publications. Recent graduates have
                               obtained fellowship training at several excellent programs: University of Nevada,
                               University of Hawaii, University of Connecticut, Moses Cone Health System, and
                               Ohio State University.

                               Hospitalist Track
                               Those interested in pursuing additional training in hospital medicine may enroll in
                               the Hospitalist Track, which prepares residents for all aspects of hospital medicine
                               upon graduation. Curriculum and coursework include:
                                    u 3 months of inpatient medicine in the first year, 4 months in the second

                                      year and 3 months in the third year
                                    u Specific reading assignments with expected mastery of the information

                                    u Additional electives in palliative care, ICU medicine, and various internal

                                      medicine specialties
                                    u Mastery of certain procedures relevant to hospital medicine

                                    u Specific seminars for residents in the Hospitalist Track which discuss topics

                                      relevant to a practicing Hospitalist
                                    u Curriculum is based on the guidelines put forth by the Society of

                                      Hospital Medicine

                               Obstetrics/Women’s Health Track
                               OB Track
                               Residents interested in practicing OB once they have completed their residency may
                               pursue studies in the OB Track. Curriculum and coursework include:
                                    u An additional month of Obstetrical night call in the second year during the

                                      Behavioral Science rotation
                                    u An additional month of OB elective in the second or third year

                                    u Elective OB experience can be done in any number of settings, including:

                                         – The Perinatal Center, taking OB call at Crouse Hospital
                                         – An away Obstetrical elective
                                         – Additional OB at MCHC/Labor and Delivery
                                         – Paired with a private attending, seeing patients and taking call in their
                                            private offices
                                    u Cover OB patients from the Westside Clinic with an attending physician,

                                      Dr. Luis Castro, during the third year:
                                         – OB patients will be seen with Dr. Castro on Monday afternoons during
                                           several identified months throughout the year
                                         – Patients who go into labor during those months will be delivered by the
                                            resident covering with Dr. Castro
                                    u Opportunity for teaching

                                    u Participate in all MOREOB workshops held during the year

For more information, contact St. Joseph’s Hospital Family medicine residency
301 Prospect ave. u Syracuse, Ny 13203 u 315.448.5537 u
e-mail: u Visit
                               Women’s Health Track

                               Residents interested in learning or enhancing their women’s health skills may com-
                               plete the Women’s Health Track. Curriculum and coursework include:
                                    u A selection of additional electives:

                                         – Colposcopy experience — become proficient in colposcopy culminating
                                           in readiness to take the colposcopy exam and become certified
                                         – Experience with adolescents and women at the Family Planning Clinic,
                                           as well as any other interested site
                                         – Experience with an attending physician, Dr. Sulik, working in her office
                                           with GYN-consult patients to further enhance skills in women’s health
                                           issues, such as placement of IUD’s, pessaries and performing
                                           endometrial biopsies
                                    u Proficiency in performing LEEP independently

                                         – A longitudinal LEEP experience can be pursued by interested residents
                                           and includes one-on-one training in LEEP with multiple sessions
                                           scheduled for hands-on practice with patients
                                    u Opportunities for teaching GYN skills and lectures, as well as opportunities

                                      for writing during the year
                                    u Flexibility to pursue individual interests

                               master of Public Health Track
                               Residents interested in obtaining a Master of Public Health (MPH) degree may begin
                               this pursuit while still in residency training. The MPH Graduate Degree Program,
                               co-sponsored by SUNY Upstate Medical University and the Maxwell School of
                               Citizenship of Syracuse University, will work to:
                                     u Develop an individualized, coordinated curriculum in which the resident

                                       can use residency elective time to pursue course credit towards the MPH
                                     u Enable most residents to obtain the MPH degree with only an additional

                                       12 months of coursework upon completion of their residency
                               For in-depth, additional information about the Central New York Master of Public
                               Health Program, please refer to

For more information, contact St. Joseph’s Hospital Family medicine residency
301 Prospect ave. u Syracuse, Ny 13203 u 315.448.5537 u
e-mail: u Visit
                                 Resident stipends parallel the salaries of similar level residents at SUNY Upstate
                                 Medical University. Cost of living increases also run concurrent with that system.

                                                                              PGY1              PGY2             PGY3

                  and Benefits   2011-2012                                    $48,152           $51,766          $54,166

                                 additional benefits:

                                 u   Four weeks’ annual paid vacation per year. Vacations are generally taken in one-
                                     week blocks Monday through Friday with weekends on both sides without
                                     medical responsibilities. This equals four nine-day vacation periods/year. Vacations
                                     may also be taken in two-week blocks.

                                 u   Communication devices for all residents to use within the scope of both clinical
                                     and educational responsibilities. Currently, we are involved in an initiative to use
                                     handheld computers for patient sign-out, as well as maintaining on-call and office
                                     schedules and documenting procedural skills.

                                 u   Malpractice insurance for all activities related to the residency curriculum.

                                 u   Subsidized health and dental insurance. The hospital underwrites a variety of
                                     individual and family plans with modest payroll deductions. $50,000 life insurance
                                     also is provided.

                                 u   Relocation allowance up to $500 per IRS guidelines.

                                 u   A one-time CME stipend of $1,250 is available to be used at any time during
                                     residency and one week of conference time.

                                 u   ACLS, PALS, Neonatal Resuscitation certification provided (required). ALSO and
                                     ATLS available.

                                 u   Personal days for job hunting and interviewing as PGY3.

                                 u   Access to SUNY Upstate gym and fitness center (campus activities building).

                                 u   Free parking.

                                 u   Discounted prescription medications for residents and families provided by
                                     St. Joseph’s Franciscan Pharmacy.

                                 u   Discounted food in hospital cafeteria. Simple snacks and juice are available at all
                                     times in the resident lounge. The residency also provides lunch for all conferences,
                                     lectures and meetings.

                                 u   Three white laboratory coats.

                                 u   E-mail and computer access. Residents have unlimited medical library access at
                                     St. Joseph’s as well as SUNY Upstate. This includes 24-hour online access to full text
                                     journals and other electronic media.

For more information, contact St. Joseph’s Hospital Family medicine residency
301 Prospect ave. u Syracuse, Ny 13203 u 315.448.5537 u
e-mail: u Visit
  Nestled in picturesque Central New York, Syracuse offers big-city living complete with cultural,
  sports and recreational activities, without the crowds and crime. Yet, minutes away, the charm of country life beck-
  ons. You can live in trendy Armory Square downtown, nearby quaint villages or out in the country. Most impor-
  tantly, Syracuse is affordable. Housing and living costs in general are among the lowest in the country. Suburban
  and city schools are excellent, and there are many opportunities for higher education.
                                          Sports teams
                   and Central New York

                                            Syracuse chiefs: Triple-A minor league baseball, affiliate of the Washington Nationals
                                            Syracuse crunch: Minor league hockey, AHL, affiliate of the Anaheim Ducks
                                            Syracuse university Orange: NCAA Division I, Big East Conference

                                          entertainment centers
                                            carrier dome: Concerts and Syracuse University sports
                                            landmark Theatre: Concerts and film series
                                            alliance Bank Stadium: Syracuse Chiefs baseball
                                            civic center at Oncenter: Syracuse Symphony, Syracuse Opera, stage plays, musicals
                                            convention center at Oncenter: Trade shows and conventions
                                            War memorial at Oncenter: Syracuse Crunch ice hockey, concerts, circus
                                            New york State Fairgrounds: The Great New York State Fair
                                            Turning Stone: Resort, casino, golf, spa, concerts

                                          Parks and recreation
                                            Beaver lake Nature center                    u
                                                                                             montezuma Wildlife refuge
                                            Burnet Park Zoo                              u
                                                                                             Onondaga lake Park
                                            Green lakes State Park                       u
                                                                                             Sylvan Beach and amusement Park
                                            Jamesville Beach Park

                                          Performing arts
                                            Salt city center for the Performing arts     u
                                                                                             Syracuse Symphony Orchestra
                                            Syracuse Opera                               u
                                                                                             The Talent company
                                            Syracuse Stage

For more information, contact St. Joseph’s Hospital Family medicine residency
301 Prospect ave. u Syracuse, Ny 13203 u 315.448.5537 u
e-mail: u Visit
                  and Central New York
                                           armory Square: A unique collection of shops, gift boutiques, bars and restaurants
                                           located in historic downtown Syracuse
                                           carousel center: One of Central New York’s finest and largest shopping and
                                           entertainment centers. More than 175 shops, seven department stores, 20 movie
                                           theaters, and an antique carousel offering rides daily
                                           More than 10 other malls are conveniently spread throughout the Syracuse area
                                           Factory outlet mall featuring 100 stores, less than one hour away
                                           Future home of Destiny USA, the largest mall in America

                                         Higher education
                                             cazenovia college                         u
                                                                                           SuNy Oswego
                                             le moyne college                          u
                                                                                           SuNy upstate medical university
                                             Onondaga community college                u
                                                                                           Syracuse university
                                             SuNy cortland                             u
                                                                                           SuNy college of environmental Science
                                                                                           and Forestry

                                         day trips and scenic spots
                                           adirondack mountains
                                           corning Glass center
                                           darien lake Theme Park
                                           Finger lakes Wine Trail
                                           international Boxing Hall of Fame
                                           international museum of Photography
                                           multiple ski areas within a short driving distance
                                           National Baseball Hall of Fame
                                           Niagara Falls
                                           Saratoga Performing arts center and racetrack
                                           Taughannock Falls State Park
                                           Thousand islands
                                           Turning Stone (resort, casino, golf, spa, concerts)
                                           Vernon downs (gaming, racing, entertainment)
                                           Watkins Glen international racetrack
                                           Women’s rights National Historical Park

For more information, contact St. Joseph’s Hospital Family medicine residency
301 Prospect ave. u Syracuse, Ny 13203 u 315.448.5537 u
e-mail: u Visit
                                         Festivals and events
                  and Central New York

                                         February                       July                           October
                                         Syracuse Winterfest            Syracuse Nationals             LaFayette Apple Festival
                                                                           Car Happening               Syracuse International
                                                                        Syracuse Arts & Crafts           Film Festival
                                         march                             Festival                    DIRT Week
                                         St. Patrick’s Parade           Great American
                                                                           Antique Fest
                                                                        Empire Brewing &               November- January
                                         June                              Music Festival              Syracuse Invitational
                                         Taste of Syracuse
                                                                                                          Sporthorse Tournament
                                         Polish Festival
                                                                        august                         Dickens’ Christmas
                                         Jamesville Balloon Fest                                          in Skaneateles
                                         St. Sophia’s                   CNY Scottish Games
                                                                          and Celtic Festival          Lights on the Lake
                                            Greek Festival
                                                                        Great New York State Fair      Christmas Around
                                         Syracuse Jazz Fest                                               the World
                                                                                                       Gingerbread Gallery
                                                                        September                      Art Mart
                                                                        La Festa Italiana
                                                                        Irish Festival
                                                                        Golden Harvest Festival

                                         Outdoor activities
                                             Golf (40+ courses, more than any other area in the region)
                                             Seasonal fruit and vegetable picking (apples, pumpkins, berries)
                                             Winter activities (snowshoeing, snowmobiling, sleigh rides)

For more information, contact St. Joseph’s Hospital Family medicine residency
301 Prospect ave. u Syracuse, Ny 13203 u 315.448.5537 u
e-mail: u Visit
                  and Central New York

                                         Whether looking to purchase or rent a home, condo or apartment, the Syracuse area
                                         has options to fit the lifestyles of both singles and families of all sizes. With the median
                                         selling price of homes in Onondaga County at $129,500, Syracuse is one of the most
                                         affordable places to live in the country. The area offers everything from city living in
                                         its many trendy urban condo and loft apartments in and around downtown, to family
                                         living both within the city and throughout the surrounding suburbs. Here are some of
                                         the options around the area:

                                         Syracuse city
                                         u   James Street and Sedgwick — Colonial-style homes dating from the mid-1800s
                                         u   Franklin Square area — Upscale city living, lofts and apartments
                                         u   Nettleton commons — Trendy city living, studios and apartments
                                         u   Tipperary Hill — Homes, restaurants and bars in a historic Irish neighborhood
                                         u   little italy — Historic homes and buildings amongst unique shops, restaurants
                                             and businesses

                                         Syracuse Surrounding Suburbs
                                         u east — Quiet neighborhoods in convenient proximity to businesses, restaurants

                                           and golf course communities (Cazenovia, DeWitt, Fayetteville, Jamesville,
                                           Manlius and Pompey)
                                         u North — Rapidly developing communities near many new restaurants and shopping

                                           areas (Baldwinsville, Cicero, Clay, Liverpool, Lysander, Salina and Van Buren)
                                         u South — Small-town living in picturesque hill and valley areas near ski resorts and

                                           apple orchards (LaFayette, Spafford and Tully)
                                         u West — Scenic, rural living overlooking Syracuse and the region’s Finger Lakes

                                           (Camillus, Elbridge, Geddes, Marcellus, Onondaga, Otisco and Skaneateles)

For more information, contact St. Joseph’s Hospital Family medicine residency
301 Prospect ave. u Syracuse, Ny 13203 u 315.448.5537 u
e-mail: u Visit
                               Listed below are some of the more common questions asked by interested

                               applicants and other physicians.

                               Where are most of your graduates located and what type of practices are they
                               going into from residency?
                               All of our graduates are family medicine physicians; however, they work in many
                               different practice environments. Most graduates are part of a group practice or
                               in solo practice, primarily in Central New York. Several of the St. Joseph’s Family
                               Medicine Residency faculty are alumni of the program itself.

                               are some rotations done at other hospitals?
                               Yes. There are two additional hospitals used for the residency program. The first
                               is Upstate Golisano Children’s Hospital, where residents complete an inpatient
                               pediatrics rotation during their intern year. The second is University Hospital
                               at SUNY Upstate Medical University, where the residents work in the pediatric
                               emergency room for one month during the second year. Both hospitals are
Frequently Asked

                               available for elective rotations as well.

                               are any other residency programs in-house?
                               No. The St. Joseph’s Hospital Health Center Family Medicine Residency is an
                               unopposed residency. However, the hospital currently has Transitional and
                               General Dentistry residencies, and is a co-sponsor of the SUNY Upstate Medical
                               University ER program.

                               How and how often is feedback provided to residents?
                               Residents receive formal monthly feedback sessions with their supervising fellow
                               residents and faculty members on all rotations. Feedback is strongly encouraged
                               to be given at all times during the resident educational process as well.

For more information, contact St. Joseph’s Hospital Family medicine residency
301 Prospect ave. u Syracuse, Ny 13203 u 315.448.5537 u
e-mail: u Visit

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