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									                  Unit 1 Study Guide                        a.) Independent variable:
             Honors Biology I—Mrs. Hansell
                                                            b.) Dependent variable:
Directions: Answer the statements below about the
following experiment:                                       c.) Control:

1.) A student investigated the effect of radiation on the   d.) According to your graph, what conclusions can be
germination of bean seeds. He thought that exposure to      made about whether ants dig more tunnels at night or
radiation would limit the seeds ability to germinate        during the day? State your conclusion below.
(grow) much like ultraviolet light causing skin cancer.
Three hundred seeds were soaked in distilled water for      3.) Directions: Look at the graph below and answer the
one hour. They were then divided into three groups.         following questions.
One group was placed in a microwave oven on high for
3 seconds. Another group was microwaved on high for 6
seconds. The last group was not microwaved. The seeds
were then planted in 3 separate boxes and given the
same amount of water. The boxes were placed in a
location with a constant temperature of approximately
27 degrees Celcius. Each day for two weeks the number
of seeds that germinated each group was recorded.

a.) Write a problem and hypothesis for this experiment.

b.) What is the independent and dependent variable?

c.) What is the control?

d.) What remained constant.

2.) Directions: Read the following experiment.
Determine the control, independent and dependent            a.) What is the difference between male and female
variable. Then create a graph on the graph paper            students in room 301?
provided to represent the data.
                                                            b.) Which classroom has more females than males?
A student investigated the effect of fertilizer on the
growth of bean plants. She thought that the fertilizer      c.) Which classroom has the most males compared to
would provide extra nutrients and make plants grow          females?
faster. Thirty bean seeds were divided into 2 groups and
planted in different boxes. All seeds germinated after 12   d.) Which rooms have more males than females?
days. The boxes were given the same amount of water
and the same amount of light. They were measured for        4.) Write an example for the following:
7 days. Box A received fertilizer and box B did not
receive fertilizer.                                         Qualitative Observation- _________________________
Final Heights of Bean Plants (cm)
Day #                Fertilizer          No Fertilizer      Quantitative Observation-________________________
1                    8.5                 6.5
2                    9.0                 6.5                5.) Mark (T) for theory and (L) for Law next to the
3                    9.5                 7.5                statement it pertains to.
4                    10.5                8.5                _____a well-supported description
5                    11.0                8.5                _____absolute scientific certainty
6                    11.0                9.5                _____can be proven false
7                    11.5                10.0               _____highly tested explanation, generally accepted to
                                                            be true
6.) What would be the power of magnification for a
microscope that has an ocular lens of (10x) and a
objective lens of (100x)?

7.) What type of microscope do you use to see the 3-D
shape of a virus?

8.) What type of microscope do you use to see the               A.                    B.
inside of a cell or virus?
                                                             19.) Identify what medical imaging device took the
9.) Which microscope allows you to see living cells in
                                                             pictures above.

10.) The compound light microscope uses light to help
                                                             20.) Relate each step of the scientific method to the
see a small object, whereas an electron microscope
                                                             steps of medical diagnosis:
uses ______________________.
                                                             (Problem, Observation, Experiment, Hypothesis, Data,
                                                             Conclusion, Peer Review)
11.) Why are images in an electron microscope not in
                                                             Steps of Diagnosis:
                                                             -Patient history, Patient complaint
12.) What type of medical imaging would a doctor
                                                             -Doctors possible diagnosis
recommend for a person who may have broken their
                                                             -Physical examination, diagnostic testing
                                                             -Physical examination and diagnostic testing results
                                                             -Correct diagnosis or change diagnosis based on lab
13.) A patient comes to you complaining of severe
                                                             results—develop treatment
headaches, what type of medical imaging would you
                                                             -Share treatment and diagnosis with patient

14.) What is the smallest unit of life?
15.) Homeostasis means _________________________

16.) List the characteristics of life:

17.) Put the following biological hierarchy in order from
smallest to largest:
Organ, Organ System, Cell, Tissue, Organism

18.) A teacher demonstrates a drop of glue that quickly
consumes pieces of wood and moves around rapidly in
a petri-dish responding to other glue drops. Several
students in the class are convinced that this glue drop is
alive because it is able to move, consume food and
respond to stimuli. How could you convince them that
this glue drop is not considered a living thing?

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