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					Welcome to
Tucson High Magnet School
You are in Ms. Castillo-Flores´s
This is room T-256
This is Integrated Science Class
Este es el salón de Ms. Castillo-Flores
Salón # T- 256
Clase de Ciencias Integradas
      Attendance Policy

Be on time
Lunch detention after three tardies
In school suspension
Lost of credit for the class after 10
excused or unexcused absences
Student needs to appeal if a passing
grade was obtained.
        Arizona Standards

Strand 1: Inquiry Process
Strand 2: History and Nature of Science
Strand 3: Science in Personal and
Social Perspectives
Strand 5: Physical Sciences
          Integrated Science

Students are to become better citizens that
are able to make informed decisions by
using a sound scientific background.

Los estudiantes aprenderán a ser mejores
ciudadanos que serán capaces de tomar
mejores decisiones basadas en ciencia.
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The Web of Support at THMS
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Hours of sleep
A quiet place to study
Good meals
     Required Materials

Spiral bound notebook
Colored pencils to have at home
Un cuaderno de espiral
Lapiz y plumas
Colores para la casa
    Ms. Castillo-Flores´s Approach

Section 1: objectives, bellwork and reflections

Section 2: Notes and CLasswork

Section 3: Laboratory Reports and Inquiry

40 % Assessments: quizzes and projects/
Evaluaciones:cuestionarios y proyectos
40 % Laboratory reports and
Classwork/Reportes de laboratorio y trabajo
en clase
10 % Bellwork and Participation/Trabajo de
campana y participación
10 % Homework/Tarea
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student grades by logging on to your
parental access account
 14 August 2009
 Objective: Know Ms. Castillo-Flores’ science
Bellwork: How much does a human brain
 weigh? ¿Cuánto pesa un cerebro
 How many neurons does a brain have?
¿Cuántas neuronas tiene un cerebro
      Frontal Lobe/Lóbulo Frontal
Functions: emotions,
reasoning, planning,
creativity, judgment,
problem solving,
personality, movement,
parts of speech.
Funciones: emociones,
razonamiento, planeación,
creatividad, juicio,
solución de problemas,
movimiento, lenguaje.
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Do you have any question?
What are your expectations for this
Objective: Discuss the rules of
engagement in the classroom.
Bellwork: What does engagement mean?
       Rules of Engagement:
   Guidelines for class discussions

Anyone can share any opinion
All opinions will be respected
Raise your hand to question or
comment unless otherwise instructed
One person will talk at a time unless
otherwise instructed
_________Red Activity

Find a partner
Write your partner’s name on the line next
to the title.
With your partner discuss what you think
each of the Rules of Engagement means
Write down an example of each
Be prepared to share with the class!
 _________Blue Activity

Answer in written form the following questions:
  What is the difference between respecting
  authority and challenging authority?
  Can you both respect and challenge authority at
  the same time?
  Find a partner
  Write your partner’s name on the line next to the
  With your partner discuss your answers and be
  ready to share!
  _______Green Activity
Answer in written form the following questions:
  How would you question authority in this class?
  What would you consider to be proper behavior in
  this class?
  Find a partner
  Write your partner’s name on the line next to the
  With your partner discuss your answers and be
  ready to share!
21 August, 2009
Objective: State in my own words what science is
given the new concepts.

 Bellwork: Based on the cartoon below, would you
 trust Calvin’s dad? Why or why not?
What do all of these words have in common?
         Discuss it with your partner and be
         ready to share!
     Biology                  Biophysics
     Chemistry                Genetics
     Physics                  Botany
     Biochemistry             Zoology
     Geology                  Physiology
     Astronomy                Pathology
     Astrophysics             Optics
     Oceanography             Microbiology
     Meteorology              Anatomy
           Science Is…

a way of knowing based on observation,
study, and experimentation
               Science Is…

1. Logical: Based on earlier known
   events or conditions; Consistent with
   reason and intellect
2. Subject to peer review: looked over
   by other scientists to make sure it is
3. Public: available to everyone
              Science Is…

4. Respectful of rules of evidence:
• validated (aka backed up, proved to be
  true) by empirical (aka verifiable or
  provable by means of observation or
  experiment) testing
• must be testable, can’t just fit data!
• Follows the scientific method
        Criteria for valid science

In your own words, write a definition of each
  of the scientific criteria:
1. Definition Logical:
2. Definition Subject to peer review:
3. Definition of Public:
4. Definition of Respectful of rules of

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