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August 12, 2010                                                    Mary Kay Marquisos, MPEA

                                                                   Meghan Risch, CCTB

          Mayor Daley, Convention Leaders Announce Latest Successes
                      for Chicago’s Convention Industry
               International Manufacturing Technology Show Re-Commits,
Bringing more than 250,000 Attendees and Nearly $600 Million in Spending Back to Chicago

CHICAGO – Mayor Richard M. Daley joined Chicago’s convention and tourism leaders today in
announcing the latest success story resulting from convention reform legislation recently enacted
by the Illinois General Assembly. The International Manufacturing Technology Show (IMTS) is
re-committing to Chicago for 2012, 2014 and 2016. IMTS, one of the country’s largest and most
prestigious tradeshows, will deliver a total of more than 250,000 attendees and nearly $600
million in estimated direct expenditures to the City and the State over that three-year period.

Mayor Daley cited the IMTS announcement as further proof that the reform legislation has had a
“profound and positive” impact, making Chicago’s convention industry as competitive as ever.

“We’ve taken important steps to reform how we conduct our convention business, but we have to
keep our momentum going. We intend to stay the course with these successful efforts and grow
Chicago’s convention and tourism industry,” said Daley during a news conference held at
McCormick Place.

Peter Eelman, Vice President, Exhibitions and Communications for the Association of
Manufacturing Technology, said IMTS re-signed as a direct result of the convention reforms.

“We are thrilled to be in Chicago because it is the best place to do business. Never before has
that ever been clearer than right now, with the implementation of the historic McCormick Place
reforms,” Eelman said. “The City, State and industry's commitment to the customer is
unparalleled, and we are confident it will ensure our continued success in Chicago.”

In addition to IMTS, six current tradeshows have re-committed to host their shows in Chicago
and three shows have signed on as new pieces of business. Collectively, this convention business
now represents $1.6 Billion in estimated direct expenditures for Chicago and Illinois for future
years.*(See list below.)
Eelman, Mayor Daley and other convention leaders spoke from the floor of the Orgill Fall
Dealers Market, the first McCormick Place tradeshow to benefit from the new reforms.

“Our move-in went extremely well and our exhibitors have already commented how much easier
it was for them to set-up their booths under the new work-rule changes,” said Ron Beal, Chief
Executive Officer of Orgill. “They’re also seeing a number of cost savings. These are tangible
improvements at McCormick Place that we appreciate and we expect other tradeshows will too.”

“We are very pleased with the feedback regarding the early stages of Phase One
implementation,” said David Causton, McCormick Place General Manager. “These changes
were designed to provide the greatest flexibility and cost effectiveness to our show organizers,
exhibitors and attendees.”

"Today, we began a new era at McCormick Place, which will positively impact hundreds of
thousands of Chicagoans whose livelihoods depend upon the convention industry” said Jim
Reilly, Trustee of the Metropolitan Pier and Exposition Authority (MPEA), owner and operator
of McCormick Place and Navy Pier. “The convention reform legislation has allowed us to make
substantive changes, resulting in decreased costs and increased flexibility for our customers. This
should allow us to retain tradeshows and win back convention business for Chicago."

“Over the next 60 days, the Bureau expects to confirm more new and returning pieces of
business representing more than $700 million in estimated direct expenditures to the city and
state for future years,” said Tim Roby, President and CEO of the Chicago Convention &
Tourism Bureau.

About the Convention Legislation Reform:

Legislation passed on May 27 brought sweeping changes to Chicago’s convention industry,
lowering prices for customers and improving service for exhibitors and show management.

Phase One of implementation started August 1 and covers:

       In addition to reduced crew sizes, there is a new standardization of Straight Time,
       Overtime, and Double Time Provisions for all show work completed by workers
       represented by a labor union.

       Expanded Exhibitor Rights, which allow exhibitors or their full-time employees to
       complete a wide range of tasks which were previously prohibited. The rights are extended
       to all exhibitors regardless of the size of their show floor booth.

       Significant changes to Focus One operations (the in-house electrical contractor),
       including a new name (Exhibitor and Technical Services), and changes to pricing and
       service delivery.

       New pricing plans for banquet services, and cash sales provided by Chicago Restaurant
       Partners. Food and beverage will be sold with no commission to McCormick Place.

       A new Automobile and Small Utility Vehicle policy that allows exhibitors to deliver,
       unload, and reload certain exhibits, equipment, and materials without paid assistance.
About Chicago’s Convention Industry:

Conventions and trade shows at McCormick Place are a vital economic resource for the City of
Chicago and State of Illinois, generating more than 65,000 jobs and $8 billion in economic
impact for the City and Sate.

*McCormick Place
List of recommitted and new business:

Re-committed pieces of business include:

        International Manufacturing Technology Show (IMTS)
        2012, 2014, 2016
        Estimated delegate expenditure/year $200 million

        International Housewares Association
        March 2012 through 2016
        Estimated delegate expenditure/year $79.6 million

        American Academy of Ophthalmology
        October 2010 – 2018 (even years)
        Estimated delegate expenditure/year $40.2 million

        American College of Cardiology
        March 2012 ($49 million), 2017 ($55 million), 2020 ($60 million)

        American Wind Energy Association
        May 2013
        Estimated delegate expenditure $34 million

        Society for Neuroscience
        October 2015- $62 million
        Oct 2021- $69 million

        Lions Club International
        July 2017 - $40 million

New Business

        April 2011, 2012
        Estimated delegate expenditure/year $20 million

        American Federation of State, County and Municipal Employees (AFSCME)
        July 2014
        Estimated delegate expenditure $16.3 million

        LEGO KidsFest
        October 2010
        Estimated delegate expenditure $6 million

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