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                                                                                                       Unified Gecko Pic: Bonnie Savage – Page 3

                 Inside:                                  P. 4 & 5 Dance & Theatre – Golden Chains
                                                          – Rosalind Crisp Residency – Prodigal
                 P.2   Editorial
                                                          Daughter – DasSHOKU Hora! – kultour
                 P.3 Music     – Unified Gecko - UNIDOS
                                                          P.6 & 7 Retrospective
                 (unity) International Human Rights Day
                 Concert - What’s on                      P.8   What Else

                                                                                                                     MAV folio
                                                                                                  December 2005 – January 2006
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                                                                                                                Remember Me

                                                       Multicultural Arts Victoria will launch         Melbourne Gaol on Human Rights day. This is a exciting new partnership
                                                       “The Way Forward - arts in a                    with the National Trust of Victoria. The Gaol will be transformed into a
                                                       multicultural Victoria”, a report on the        marketplace with information and stalls on human rights set up in the
                                                       findings of the needs analysis in               cells of the gaol from 9.30am. At 2.00 pm the Goal will ring to the
                                                       multicultural arts, conducted by                sounds of music, poetry and traditional dance from artists and cultures
                                                       Multicultural Arts Victoria in partnership      that have suffered human rights abuse. As a mark of respect as to what
                                                       with the Victorian Multicultural                is happening close to home, we will start with the Indigenous group Koori
                                                       Commission. The report will be                  Youth Will Shake Spears followed by an Indonesian gamelan orchestra
                                                       launched by Ministers Delahunty and             and end up in Ethiopia having travelled with the cultures of Somalia,
                                                       Pandazopoulos at the Art Centre at              South Africa, Tonga and Sudan. The Gaol will open its doors and entry will
                    9.30 am in the Fairfax Lounge on December 13th. All members and                    be by donation for the day and proceeds will be donated to the Refugee
                    supporters of MAV are invited to attend this launch. The analysis is an            Asylum Resource Centre and refugee artists by donation only. We thank
                    important document that fits snugly within the context of the State                the National Trust for their generosity in supporting this event and waving
                    Governments current policy framework “A Fairer Victoria - creating                 the normal entry fee for the day.
                    opportunity and addressing disadvantage”.
                                                                                                       In January and February, when the evenings are balmy and warm,
                    The single most important finding of the research was that cultural                Multicultural Arts Victoria will program a Twilight Jazz and Voice series at
                    diversity and Arts for all Victorians is now widely accepted and endorsed.         Federation Square. You will hear whilst the sun is setting a range of
                    The challenge now is how to translate this into real strategies that will          quality music ranging from smooth Brazilian jazz to the sublime vocals of
                    eliminate the current existing barriers and increase CALD and NESB                 a Polynesian Maori choir, outdoors in Federation Square. Melbourne is a
                    artists and communities' participation in the arts.                                great place to experience the world.
                    The report highlights the importance of looking at real partnerships and           Finally, on a more personal note, Multicultural Arts Victoria is very proud
                    concrete ways to support the development of multicultural arts practice in         to announce we have two new MAV babies. Miriam Abud has just given
                    the State.                                                                         birth to Mouahmed and Jane Carew-Reid has given birth to Sonny.
                    It is critical that we develop multicultural artists and it is vitally important   Mouahmed and Sonny are now MAV's youngest members! We
                    that we support skills development in the arts for culturally and                  congratulate both Miriam and Jane who will be on maternity leave for a
                    linguistically diverse (CALD) artists particularly artists from new and            short time. Also Elda Koro, who returned to Bosnia, fell in love and will
                    emerging communities. The launching of the report is a very significant            not be returning to MAV in the near future as expected, as she is now
                    way to end a year for MAV, as the organisation has worked tirelessly as            married and living in Calgary. We still keep in touch with Elda and wish
                    well as strategically to present, promote and support multicultural artists        her all the best. So we welcome Meg Larkin and Janette Hoe to the MAV
                    and communities in 2005.                                                           office. So as you can see we are finishing a productive the year on a very
                                                                                                       positive note.
                    In the next months MAV has a very high quality and diverse cultural
                    program. We start with a funky EP launch with the very talented cross              Congratulations to the Remember Me team who toured with Kultour to
                    cultural Turkish band Unified Gecko. They will launch their new EP                 Brisbane and Lismore. It was a great success.
                    Zomma at the Hi Fi bar in the city at 7-30pm, Sunday November 27th.                The MAV Board and Staff wish everyone a Happy New Year and great
                    On November 30th at 7-30pm we then have a Deli Merry Xmas concert                  festive season. I would like to personally thank every artist, community
                    at the ABC. Choirs from four different parts of the world will bring their         and audience member that participated in the MAV 2005 program. We
                    beautiful harmonies to the Iwaki auditorium, a concert not to be missed.           hope to see you all at the Special General Meeting on Monday 28th
                    Another event to mark in the calendar is Unidos the Human Rights day               November at the Richmond Town Hall.
                    concert and event December 10, to be held symbolically at the Old                                                                Jill Morgan Executive Officer

        MAV folio
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           Music                                                                                                                                               ETAGS

                                                                                                                                                               Unified Gecko Pic: Bonnie Savage
               Unified Gecko 'Zomma' EP Release
               One of the most unique sounds to come out of Melbourne is Unified Gecko - the                                    Jo Malatji
               sound of hotted up traditional Turkish tunes colliding with reggae vibes and rootsy
               gypsy rhythms. Led by Turkish born singer/ songwriter/guitarist Murat Yucel, Unified
               Gecko features an impressive lineup of talent from Melbourne's world, jazz, reggae
               and hip hop scenes including irrepressible master of groove Nicky Bomba on drums,
               funky basslines by Alex Savage (Fizard), Natalia Mann on electro harp, a growling horn
               section (Alisha Brooks, Labjacd's Tristan Ludowyk, Morph's Dan Richardson) and Anita
               Larkin on darabuka. Born out of a rich diversity of cultures, the group is well known for
               its energetic and soulful blend of gypsy, reggae, jazz, funk and dancehall and for the
               positively intoxicating performances of belly dancer, Tanleea.
               Unified Gecko released their first album Gecko Kebab in 2003, and shortly after won
               the Melbourne Fringe Festival Best Music Act Award 2003. In their most recent
               exploits they returned to their musical roots in Turkey, performing to capacity
               audiences all over Istanbul and down the south west Mediterranean & Aegean coast.
               The tour was funded by the Australia Council for the Arts and was the beginning of the
               band's launch into the Turkish music scene.
               Now fresh back from Istanbul, Unified Gecko are set to release their long anticipated
               single 'Zomma' with funding received from Melbourne City Council. The unique 9 beat
               reggae sound co written by Yucel and award winning songwriter Nicky Bomba, will be
               unearthed in one awesome show alongside the extraordinary Underbelly Dancers,
               Fingers of Fury and some rarely scene traditional Turkish musicians. This is a show not
               to be missed!
               Sun27 Nov 7.30 - 11pm
               HiFi Bar & Ballroom 125 Swanston St Melbourne (Opp Melbourne Town Hall)
               Tickets : Door $12/ Presale $10 + bf visit or                                                                                            ETAGS, Human Rights
      or ph 9419 6620.
               For more info visit
                                                                                                           UNIDOS (unity) International Human Rights Day Concert
                                                                                                           – Presented by Multicultural Arts Victoria in partnership with the
                                                                                                           National Trust.
               What’s On                                                                                   Human Rights Day marks the anniversary of the United Nations General
               December                                                                                    Assembly's adoption of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights in 1948.
               Vardos Fortyfivedownstairs, 45 Flinders Ln, Melb Thur 1 Dec 8.30pm                          '…the equal and inalienable rights of all members of the human family is the
                                                                                                           foundation of freedom, justice and peace in the world,'
               The Iyer Brothers + Sridar Chary Boite World Music Cafe 1 Mark St, Nrth Fitz Fri            The United Nations Universal Declaration of Human Rights
               2 Dec 8.15pm
                                                                                                           On Human Rights Day this year, Saturday 10th December, extraordinary Australian
               Umanee Boite World Music Cafe 1 Mark St, North Fitzroy Sat 3 Dec 8.15 pm                    multicultural performers will transform one of Melbourne's most infamous
               Bahia Powerhouse Cnr Queens Rd & Lakeside Drv, Albert Park Sat 3 & 10 Dec                   historical places, the Old Melbourne Gaol, with a showcase of traditional and
               Kachazca The Wedding Sausage 86 Lygon St, East Brunswick Sun 4 Dec 7pm                      contemporary music and dance from Sudan, Ethiopia, Somalia, South Africa,
                                                                                                           Indonesia and the Pacific Islands. This unique event, UNIDOS, celebrating unity
               Bahia Latinlover 2005 Christmas Ball, San Remo Ballroom, Carlton Sun 4 Dec                  between people in freedom and adversity all over the world, will kick off at
               Canto Coro + Inka Marka Ablaze - The Right to Live in Peace Northcote                       9.30am with a Human Rights Day Marketplace inside the Gaol.
               Uniting Church, 251 High St Fri 9 & 10 Dec 8.00pm                                           At 2pm an indigenous smoking ceremony and performance by Koori Youth Will
               Melbourne Singers of Gospel Boite World Music Cafe 1 Mark St, Nth Fitz Fri 9                Shake Spears will set the stage for speaker Dr. Helen Szoke (Equal Opportunity
               Dec 8.15pm                                                                                  Commission) and other special guests. From 2.30pm onwards the Gaol will come
                                                                                                           alive with stunning performances by:
               Tzigani Czech House 497 Queensberry St, North Melbourne 8.30pm                              Dereb Desalegn and Lion of Judah - new wave Azmari music and dance from
               Unidos Human Rights Day Concert Old Melbourne Gaol, Russell St, City Sat 10                 Ethiopia, Thula Sana - South African township jazz led by Joe Malatji, ETAGS Choir
               Dec 2pm                                                                                     - angelic voices from the Pacific Islands, Tonga, Yusuf Omar - unique voice of
               End of Year Celebration Boite World Music Cafe, 1 Mark St Nth Fitz Sat 10 Dec               one of Australia's only Somali poets, Sudanese Women's Dance Group -
               6.30pm                                                                                      traditional song and dance from women of the South Sudanese Dinka tribe and
                                                                                                           the Indonesian Gamelan Orchestra - the haunting and sacred sounds of traditional
               Austrian Choir + Austrian Stubenmusik Ensemble Box Hill Town Hall, 1022                     Indonesian orchestra.
               Whitehorse Rd Sat 10 Dec 8pm
                                                                                                           "Human rights are our common heritage and their realization depends
               Klezmania Czech House, 497 Queensberry St, Nth Melb Sat 10 Dec 8.30pm                       on the contributions that each and every one of us is willing to make,
               Zulya Northcote Social Club Sun 18 Dec                                                      individually and collectively, now and in the future."
                                                                                                           Louise Arbour – United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights
               Stiletto Sisters Borsch, Vodka and Tears, 173 Chapel St, Windsor Wed 7,14,
               21& 28 Dec 8pm                                                                              So come along and support our Human Rights event - all proceeds of the day will
                                                                                                           be donated to Asylum Seekers Resource Centre and refugee artists.
               Del Barrio Alumbra, Southwharf, City Wed 7,14,21 & 28 Dec
                                                                                                           Sat 10 Dec 9.30am - 5.00pm
                                                                                                           Old Melbourne Gaol, Russell Street (between LaTrobe & Victoria Sts)
               January                                                                                     Tix: Entry at door by Australian bank note or gold coin donation.
               16th Boite Singers Festival Daylesford begins Fri 13 Jan
                                                                                                           For further information phone 9417 6777 or email
               Twilight Jazz Concert Series Federation Square 7, 14, 21 Jan 6pm FREE             

                                                                                                                                                      MAV folio
MAV FOLIO 60     21/11/05      4:37 PM        Page 4

                           Golden Chains
                           Created by Elissa Goodrich - director music(percussion) with Kath Papas
                           - performer, Alycia Hevey - lighting.
                           Narrators - Susan Bamford Caleo, Karen Berger, The Voice
                           Golden Chains is a physical theatre work with live percussion, inspired by
                           Alexander Pushkins' 1828 Folktales. Cat - half-human, half-ghostlike,
         Dance & Theatre

                           revisits the old tales. yet something is changing. A radio crackles in and
                           out with news reporters' stories. Cat finds herself reliving memories of a
                           birth and a death. But whose are they? Are these events in the present
                           of from the past?
                           This work is an exploratory physical piece with live percussion, and
                           continues a collaboration between Elissa Goodrich, Kath Papas and Alycia
                           Hevey that began in 2003 with the original work Binded Flight
                           (Dancehouse 2003).
                           La Mama Theatre, 205 Faraday St, Carlton
                           Wed 7 Dec - Sun 18 Dec
                           Wednesdays and Sundays @ 6.30pm
                           Thursdays to Saturdays @ 8pm
                           Tickets $12 full, $9 conc.
                           Bookings: (03) 9347 6142

                           Rosalind Crisp Residency
                           Rosalind Crisp returns to Dancehouse in December after a successful          Prodigal Daughter
                           year of international touring and development. During her one week           presented by Women of Asia Company
                           residency, Ros will teach an intensive block of masterclasses andpresent
                           a new work, dance.                                                           Thought-provoking US writer/director Asa Palomera, renowned for
                           Ros will also be engaged in professional exchange while she is here with     strong sexual imagery in her work, takes a global stance on child
                           Lizzie Thomson and local artists (TBA).                                      abuse with her new play Prodigal Daughter opening at Trades Hall on
                           "My inquiry into dance is addressed through the body, through my             24 November.
                           bodyand through the bodies of the dancers who collaborate with me. We        Prodigal Daughter follows the journey of Mina - a Korean American -
                           are engaged in a corporeal practice of using multiple sources                who as a child was sent away from Korea to live in the US. In her
                           interchangeably to propose an unstable body, one that is continuously        middle age, Mina returns to Korea for her father's funeral and finds out
                           reforming and deforming, without resolution". Rosalind Crisp                 she was a victim of sexual abuse as a child and sent away to hide the
                             Masterclasses: Mon 5 – Fri 9 December                                      family shame. Through dialogue, reconstruction of the past, strong
                             Performances: Thur 8 – Sat 10 December                                     sexual imagery and comic relief, the play shows how Mina's troubled
                           Class and performance prices and booking information will be available       relationship with her mother (who wants to sweep everything under a
                           on the Dancehouse website soon.                                              carpet of secrecy) breaks down.
                           dance project 2005/2006 is an Omeo Dance Inc. initiative in partnership      The cast comprises eight Australian actors of multiple cultural
                           withthe Centre national de la danse, Paris, Atelier de Paris-Carolyn         backgrounds and bases. It includes: Amanda Sebastio-Ong, Felicity
                           Carlson,Festival Parcours de danse Chamarande France, and Tanzfabrik         Steele, Kaori Hamamoto, David Dawkins and Cindy Elliott, Elizabeth
                           Berlin, in association with Dancehouse Melbourne, Performance Space          Semmel and Vejay Shanmugam. Sonya Kerr and Lucy Campbell
                           and Critical Path Sydney.                                                    undertsudy for the main roles.
                           Info: Dancehouse 9347 2860                                                   24 Nov – 4 Dec @ Old Council Chambers, Trades Hall.
                                                                                                        Tix: $20/$15 Bookings: 9685 5111

        MAV folio
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                                                                                 kultour is a national touring network dedicated to touring Australian
                                                                                 multicultural arts. kultour's program of events is a microcosm of
                                                                                 contemporary artistic practice in Australia. With the aim of creating new
                                                                                 audiences for some of our most talented artists, it crosses genres, styles
                                                                                 and cultures. There are currently 11 members in the kultour network who
                                                                                 together cover every State and Territory. Every year the members of kultour
                                                                                 meet to select a program of events. The next selection meeting is
                                                                                 scheduled for March 2006 to select a touring program for 2007.As one of
                                                                                 the 11 network members, Multicultural Arts Victoria is seeking expressions
                                                                                 of interest from multicultural artists and producers to apply for the funding
                                                                                 for touring in 2007 kultour program.
                                                                                 The deadline for all submissions is January 18 2006.
                                                                                 For further info visit or contact Anita Larkin email
                                                                        or phone 03 9417 6777.
                                                                                 kultour is an iniative of the Australia Council for the Arts.

                                                                                 Mark Elliott, Wang Zheng Ting and Ajak Kwai (pictured) will be touring in
                                                                                 the 2006 kultour program produced by Multicultural Arts Victoria.

        Pic:Jeff Busby

        DasSHOKU Hora!
        This November audiences at the Malthouse Theatre were treated to a
        third show in the DasSHOKU series, created and performed by Yumi
        Umiumare in collaboration with, Matt Crosby and Ben Rogan.
        The story is of Yamamba(Yumi), an ancient mountain hag who
        cannibalises those who stray too close, giving birth to twins(Matt &
        Ben) - the scientist and the businessman. Together they exploit a
        shallow world hooked on instant gratification and collective denial of
        the dark within.
        Yamamba mutates into Ganguro girl,the blonde, tanned Japanese
        icon of Shibuya subculture. At dawn she arises from her nocturnal
        trance dance to become Muijina, the kimono girl with no face. Then,
        pretty in pink as “Hello Kitty!” girl in the enjokosai - 'rescue
        relationship' lounge - she sells her panties to wrinkled lovers.
        “Wild extremes in fearless performance shock, fascinate” – The Age
        "Watching Umiumare dance butoh is like watching a stainless steel
        mannequin ram a knife into a toaster. " – Vibewire on line
        We look forward to more stimulating shocking performances in the
        DasSHOKU series in the new year from the DasSHOKU team!                                 3

                                                                                                                                        MAV folio
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                                              5                      6







        MAV folio
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                                              15                          16



                                         23                                                                                                          24



                                                   1. Afrobeats Workshops           11. Cultural Diversity Week        20. Prayer Bells
                                                   2. Belonging                     12. Silent Voices                  21. Cultural Diversity Week
                                                   3. Silent Voices                 13. Celebremos                     22. Refugee Festival
                                                   4. Black Harmony                 14. Visible                        23. Remember Me
                                                   5. Musica del Mundo              15. Cows & Bayonets                24. New Zealand Festival
                                                   6. Black Harmony                 16. Cultural Diversity Week        25. Refugee Festival
    25                                             7. Deli Divas                    17. Cultural Diversity Week        26. Cultural Diversity Week
                                                   8. Musica del Mundo              18. Opposite My House Is a         27. World Poetry
                                                   9. Grand Union Orchestra         Funeral Parlour                    28. Leading Voices
                                                   10. Seniors Concert              19. El Amel

                                                                                                                       MAV folio
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     What else
     Dance                                                                                            Other Events
                                                                                                                                                                                       Folio Editorial Team
     Harem Nights Christmas Party presented by Hip to                                                 ArtAbility 2005 is an art show designed to showcase the
                                                                                                                                                                                       Editor-in-Chief Jill Morgan
     Hip Belly Dance Sun 11 Dec @ Central Cafe.Dress to belly                                         art of people from ethnic backgrounds who have a disability.                     Sub-Editors
     dance & impress & dance the night away with live drummers                                        12-19th December 2005 9.30-4.30pm @ Gasworks Arts Park,                          Music Anita Larkin
     & DJ Audi. Finger food buffet & 2 floor shows Tix presale: $25                                   21 Graham Street, Albert Park. Melways Reference: 2J G7.                         Dance Tony Yap
     Info: 9421 4962 or 0402 886 646                                                                  Entry by donation. For more information: 94801666 or                             Visual Arts Naomi Ota
                                                                                                                                                             Word & Theatre Meg Larkin
     Opportunities                                                                                    The El Horea Cultural Group were funded recently by                              Multicultural Arts Victoria Staff
     Trocadero Arts Space Applications for their 2006                                                 Australia Council to run a series of cultural workshops in
                                                                                                                                                                                       Executive Officer Jill Morgan
     exhibition calendar. Closing date: For 1st half of 2006 - 30                                     singing, music, dance and visual arts in Flemington with                         Finance Officer Anna Luzza
     Nov. Info: 9687 6110 or                                                children from Horn of Africa background.                                         Admin Officer Miriam Abud / Janette Hoe                                                                            The program will culminate in an event for the communities at                                     / Meg Larkin
                                                                                                      Kingston Community Centre featuring performances by the                          Project Officer Anita Larkin
     Call For Performers: from all cultural, language &                                               children and Sudanese singers Ajak Kwai (Tasmania) and                           kultour SW/C Jane Carew-Reid
     religious backgrounds: theatre, dance, music, singing, opera,                                    Yasmin (Sydney) This is a FREE event - all welcome. Sat 3 Dec                    Graphic Design Tony Yap
     puppetry & anything else .A Melbourne based theatre director                                     8pm For further information call ph 9417 6777.
     is establishing a performance collective to work towards a
                                                                                                                                                                                       Multicultural Arts Victoria
     large theatrical performance in 2006
                                                                                                                                                                                       Fitzroy Town Hall
     Performances will be paid. Contact:0415 768 996 or
                                                                                                                                                                                       201 Napier St Fitzroy
                                                                                                                                                                                       PO Box 2179 Fitzroy DC 3065
     Theatre Alive is a promotional campaign & website                                                                                                                                 P 9417 6777
     dedicated to promoting Victoria's small-to-medium performing                                                                                                                      F 9416 3342
     arts sector, developed through Arts Victoria's marketing                                                                                                                          E
     program. for year-round,info on                                                                                                                           W
     shows, venues, discount offers & companies.
     2006 Community Cultural Development
     Grants - Australia Council for the Arts. The '06 Australia
     Council Handbook & forms will be available in Jan. Info:
                                                                                                                                                                   El Horea

                                             Multicultural Arts Victoria
                                        SPECIAL GENERAL MEETING
                                          Date: Monday 28 November 2005
                                            Time: 6.30pm for a 7pm start
                                             Venue: Richmond Town Hall
                                         Address: 333 Bridge Rd, Richmond
                                              ALL MEMBERS WELCOME
                                             Light refreshments available
       Application for MAV Membership

                                              Group/Organisation                                                                    Name
                                              Address                                                                                                         Postcode
                                              Phone (bh)                                                   (ah)                                    Mobile
                                              Fax                                     email                                                  www
                                              Culture                                                                               Profession

                                           Artform (please tick)
                                                        Visual Arts      Theatre                  Craft                    Literature               Music                  Dance
                                                        Multimedia       Film/Video               Design                   Other (please specify) _________________________

                                           Membership Type GST Inclusive (Please tick)
                                                        Concession $22           Individual $33               Group/Organisation $66              Corporate $176
                                                        New                       Renewing                    Please tick if a tax invoice is required (for memberships of over $50)

                                           Credit Card payment (You can pay by credit card OR by cheque)

                                           Name on Card:                                                                                Card Type:

                                           Card No:                                                                                     Expirary Date:

                                           Signature                                                       Date

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