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					                   Getting WARM
                                     Summer 2008

             P   ROMOTING       S   USTAINABLE           A   FFORDABLE          C   OMMUNITIES          S   INCE    1981

       Success Story

                                    K NOWLEDGE IS (S AVING ) P OWER
                                    WARM continues its work to
                                    educate Detroit residents on
                                    energy efficiency, and in ef-
                                    fect, energy savings. Rising
                                    utility costs and a stagnant
                                    economy make this knowl-
                                    edge a vital tool of survival for
                                    many, and WARM strives to
                                    maximize its services to meet
                                    the growing demand. By the
 Nathaniel Scott is a 77            end of 2008, over 3,000 peo-
 year old Sunday School             ple will have received energy
 teacher. He participated           education in the form of work-
 in WARM’s energy educa-            shops or home visits.
 tion program in December,                    None of this would
 2007, when Andrea Flem-            be possible without funding
                                    from the Michigan Public
 ing, one of WARM’s                 Service Commission, or with-
 friendly energy educators,         out the help of WARM’s part-
 paid Nathaniel a home              ners: The Salvation Army,
 energy visit.                      Detroit Department of Human
                                    Services, and The Heat and
 “Initially, from her coming        Warmth Fund (THAW).            In George Highgate, WARM Energy Educator, teaches a workshop of nearly
 out, it helped in a lot of         addition to providing resi-       50 Detroit residents at Salvation Army’s Brightmoor Community Center
 ways. My light bill went           dents with assistance on their                                            crisis at hand while empower-
                                                                      man Services, work with
 down 10 to 15 percent—a            bills, the SA, DDHS, and          WARM to ensure each client              ing residents to control their
 very noticeable decline—           THAW sites such as Mack           completes educational train-            own energy use, now and in
                                    Alive, Friendship House, and                                              the future.     WARM is ex-
 after using those energy                                                             ing before re-
                                    Acts     29    provide “These partnerships ceiving             assis-     tremely grateful to these or-
 efficient light bulbs.”            WARM with the space provide both long and tance. In this                  ganizations for giving us the
 Mr. Scott also made use of         and facilities to hold short term solutions” way, these part-             opportunity to have a positive
 the window kits, caulking,         its workshops. These                              nerships provide        impact on so many Detroit
                                    agencies, along with the                                                  residents.
 weather stripping, and                                               both short and long term so-
                                    Michigan Department of Hu-        lutions. They deal with the
 door sweep provided by
 WARM to see a reduction

                                    G REEN C ONSULTING F OR C ITIES !
 in his gas bill, which he
 called “tremendously im-
 Now Mr. Scott encourages                     If you look around the country you
 people at his church to            find that municipal governments have had a
 enroll in the program when         unique role in determining whether a region
 they are having trouble            adopts sustainable practices. Residents and
                                    businesses are often much more inclined to
 with their utility bills.          “go green” if they see their municipal govern-
 Regarding the combina-             ments leading by example and providing in-
 tion of WARM energy edu-           centives.
 cation and financial assis-                  WARM recently received a grant from
 tance from THAW, Mr.               the Michigan Public Service Commission that
                                    will allow us to bring our expertise to local
 Scott said, “Emotionally,          governments. While awareness of green is-
 the program saved my               sues has become very high, actual knowledge          The green roof atop Chicago’s City Hall demonstrates
 life… The Lord heard my            about best practices varies. We’ll be able to        the City’s commitment to sustainability.
 prayers!”                          help cities take those next steps, getting
                                                                                                   With these partnerships in place, no
                                    ahead of the curve on rising energy prices and
                                                                                         one has to reinvent the wheel and we can lev-
                                    future carbon legislation.                           erage a better service for the region. Some
Save the Date: Oct. 29, 2008                  Partnerships are at the center of          groups have the connections to city govern-
Financial Institutions Commu-       making this new program work. WARM will be           ments, while others have the expertise, and all
nity Development Conference:        partnering with the Michigan Suburbs Alli-           share the desire to not let Michigan get left in
                                    ance, SEMCOG, the Michigan Municipal                 the dust in the 21st century.
  “Where Do We Go                   League, the US Green Building Council and
                                                                                                   Stay tuned for more details on this
                From Here?”         others to help Detroit and other cities in the
                                    region tackle how to make green work for             exciting initiative as we roll out the program.
                                    their circumstances.
 Congratulations GRDC
 The Grandmont Rosedale Development Corporation recently moved its offices to a newly renovated building on Grand River Avenue.
 WARM was happy to lend its consultation services to help GRDC include many green building features in its new home, such as daylight-
 ing tubes, high efficiency lighting and HVAC equipment, super-insulation, and recycled materials.

 Get your questions answered with WARM’s new Green Blog
 What kind of sustainable flooring works best in a bathroom? Are new windows a cost-effective investment? Go to
 WARM’s new interactive Green Blog to get answers to all your green questions, share information, and see the latest
 discussions regarding green topics. Find a link to the blog on WARM’s website:

 New Board Members
 A WARM welcome to Greg McDuffee and Malik Goodwin. Malik is project management director at the Detroit Economic Growth Corpora-
 tion. Greg is the general manager of the Detroit-Wayne Joint Building Authority that owns and manages the Coleman A. Young Municipal
 Center, a 2006 and 2007 Energy Star award winner. We value their contribution to WARM as we work to help Detroit Get Green!

 Home Repair Class Series
 WARM continues free homeowner education for Detroiters through our Home Repair Class Series. The class offers hands-on instruction
 on basic carpentry, electrical and plumbing repair, painting and drywall repair, outdoor maintenance and landscaping, and green build-
 ing and healthy homes. If your organization would like to host a home repair series, call Peter Klein at (313) 894-1030 x110.

 WARM Training Center
 4835 Michigan Avenue
 Detroit, MI 48210
 (313) 894-1030

Save the Date: Oct. 29 2008
 Community Development

Get Green this Summer with
these Money $aving Tips:        WHERE                   DO WE GO FROM HERE?
Keep windows, curtains and    Fall Conference to Focus on Future of Community Development
 blinds closed on hot days to
 keep out heat from sun;
                                  Wednesday, October 29 be-                                                  sources of a Sustainable De-
 open at night to let the         gins an important three days                                               velopment Assessment Team
 cooler air in                    for those who care about                                                   (SDAT). This three day char-
                                  neighborhood community de-                                                 rette, headed up by Dr. Mal-
Give your AC a break! Keep velopment in Detroit. It marks                                                  lach, will include national
  doors or vents to unused        the 2008 annual Community                                                  experts in the fields of energy,
  rooms closed so your AC
                                                                                                             land use, public transporta-
  has less space to keep cool, Development Conference.
  and opt for natural cooling     In a time of major slowdown                                                tion and green jobs.
  whenever weather permits        on new housing starts, a fore-                                             Thursday’s conference will
Invest in a rain barrel. Di-    closure crisis, high unemploy-                                             give the team unique insight
  vert water from your down-      ment and struggling City ser-                                              on the challenges community
  spout to use for lawn and       vices, the Conference theme                                                leaders face in Detroit, mak-
  garden care, car washing,       was obvious: “Where Do We                                                  ing them better prepared for
  etc. Your plants will like the Go From Here?”         The key-
                                                                     April’s Financial Institutions Commu-
                                                                                                             their weekend’s work. Like-
  untreated water and your        note speaker will be Allan         nity Development Conference focused     wise, community leaders will
  pocket book will thank you      Mallach, senior fellow at the      on food, jobs and energy in Detroit.    benefit from the fresh input of
  when the water bill comes!      National Housing Institute.                                                national experts as they grap-
                                   Linked to the Conference is       October 31 and Saturday,                ple with the issues.
                                  an exciting initiative taking      November 1. The American                Look for more information in
 Promoting Sustainable Affordable                                    Institute of Architects (AIA)
                                  place in Detroit on Friday,                                                the near future on both of
     Communities Since 1981                                          has awarded Detroit the re-             these events.

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