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					EPIPHANY OF THE LORD                                                                           JANUARY 3, 2010

BIBLE READINGS:          For Sunday, January 10: 1 st
Reading: Isaiah 40:1-5, 9-11; 2 nd Reading: Titus 2:11-                     Our Local Knights of Columbus
14; 3::4-7; Gospel: Luke 3:15-16, 21-22.                                    Scholarship Program Continues.
MUSIC LED BY: Masses for January 9-10 are:                                   The Knights of Colum bus of St. Michael’s
Masses: 5:00 PM - Contem porary Music Ministry; 8:00 AM                      of Poplar Springs Council are pleased to
& 12:00 PM - Leaders of Song; 10:30 AM - Adult Choir        announce the fourteenth year of our Scholarship Program .
                                                            For the year 2010, three scholarship grants are available for
                                                            Catholic students to attend college. One grant of $1000 is
                                                            provided by our local Knights of Colum bus. A second grant
         THIS WEEK’S ACTIVITIES                             of $1000, the Marie & M el Mied Scholarship, is provided
                                                            through the generosity of the Mieds. In addition this year, a
                                                            grant of $400 is available through the generous sponsorship
 M ONDAY: BINGO: 7:00 PM in Parish Hall. TEAM #5 is
                                                            of the St. Michael’s Ladies Auxiliary.
 scheduled to work on January 4. The Jackpot is $700 in
                                                                     The scholarship grants are m ade available through
 59 num bers.
                                                            the continuing efforts of St. Michael’s Knights of Colum bus
                                                            Council 10525. The Scholarship Fund is supported by
 RELIGIOUS EDUCATION CLASSES:                               tax-deductible donations from individuals and by our
         Sundays: Jan. 3, 10, 17, 24, 31                    Knights’ scholarship fund-raisers held each year.
         Sundays: Jan. 3, 10 & 17 (LIFE class)                       To qualify for a scholarship, you m ust be Catholic;
                                                            you (perhaps through your fam ily) m ust be registered at St.
         M ondays: Jan. 4, 11 & 25 (H.S. only)
                                                            Michael’s Church in Poplar Springs, Maryland, (you m ay be
         Tuesdays: Jan. 5, 12, 26 (H.S. only)               registered in another parish if your father is a m em ber of
         Tuesdays: Jan. 5, 12, 19, 26                       Council 10525); you m ust be a high school senior accepted
 Family Prog: Jan. 20                                       by an accredited college or university for enrollm ent in a
                                                            program leading toward a bachelor’s degree (your plan for
                                                            a bachelor’s degree m ay include com m unity college), and
                                                            you m ust subm it com pleted application form s. The criteria
 January 6 at 7:00 PM in Room A122. SEE THE
                                                            for selection are your personal qualifications and leadership,
                                                            as dem onstrated by your academ ic record and by your
                                                            participation in extracurricular school, church, and
 EUCH ARISTIC ADORATION: Sm all church open for             com m unity activities.
 visits to the Blessed Sacram ent every Friday until 7:00            The deadline for the receipt of com pleted
 PM and the exposed Blessed Sacram ent on the first         applications is M onday, M arch 1, 2010 at 4:30 PM . For
 Friday of each m onth.                                     application m aterials, applicants should contact M artin
                                                            Luchansky at 301-829-0269.
 ST. M ICHAEL’S PRAYER GROUP m eets every Friday
 at 6:30-7:30 PM in the sm all church. Everyone is
 welcom e!
                                                                           Flower Chart:                There is a new
                                                                           flower chart for 2010 available on the bulletin
                                                                           board (in atrium ). If anyone would like to
                                                                           donate flowers on a special weekend, fill in
      CHILDREN’S ENVELOPES                                                 the nam e on the chart and fill out the form s
                                                                           provided. The flower arrangem ents for 2010
         ARE AVAILABLE                                                     will cost $25 each.
         IN THE ATRIUM
 W hen using the envelopes, please m ake sure you put
 your nam e on the envelope at least once during the
 year. W e have no record of who takes which envelope       Please Pray             for the repose of the soul of Frank
 num ber.                                                   Donnick, the grandfather of Jam es Looper and grandfather-
                                                            in-law of Suzanne Looper and great-grandfather of Corinne,
                                                            Jam es, Justin & Joseph Looper.
      Lord, every nation on earth
            will adore You!
                                                                    Pastoral Council Meeting - Agenda
2010 CHURCH FAMILY PICTORIAL                                          January 6, 2010 ~ 7:00 PM. – 9:00 PM
         Together we m ake it special! Make our Church
Directory com plete with your fam ily.         Each fam ily     Approval of Decem ber Minutes
(household) will receive a com plim entary 8x10 Color           Pastor’s Report
Portrait and a free Church Fam ily Pictorial Directory – just   President’s Com m ents
for participating! Schedule a portrait appointm ent on the
                                                                        •         Pastoral Council Retreat (Jan. 16)
Sign-Up Sheets at church or online at the “EZ SignUp”
website:                                                        Pastoral Council Sub-Com m ittee Reports:
https://signup.olanm /fam ilyinfo.aspx?chcontract=             •         Evangelization
48904                                                                   •         Com m unication and W eb site update
         If you need to m ake changes once you have
                                                                        •         Faith Com m unity
signed up, please go to: www.signup.olanm . The
scheduled dates for professional photography and portrait       Com m ittee/Ministry Reports:
viewing at St. Michael’s church are: Tuesday thru Friday,               •         Liturgy
January 19-22, 3:00-9:30 PM; Saturday, January 23, 10:00                •         Religious Education
AM-5:00 PM; Tuesday thru W ednesday, January 26-27,
                                                                        •         Youth Ministry
3:00-9:30 PM; Tuesday thru Friday, February 2-5,
3:00-9:30 PM; Saturday, February 6, 10:00 AM-5:00 PM.                   •         Developm ent Com m ittee
                                                                Action Item s
The Military Tribute Page in Our Church Family                  Round Robin
Pictorial Directory:   Military pages are for those             Sum m ary/Prayer/Close Meeting
currently serving in the military, and are free. W e can
display a m axim um of 6 im ages per page. Pictures in
uniform should be subm itted with nam es on back of them         NOTE:
in a separate envelope with nam e branch of service and          Pastoral Council meetings are open to all parishioners.
station. The “W e Salute Our Military” text is autom atically    Meetings are held on the first Wednesday of each
included in the page design.                                        month and will begin promptly at 7:00 PM.
                                                                 Meeting location is in Room A-122 unless notified
                                                                 Please print your own copy of previous meeting
                                                                   minutes/distributed material and bring them with

 Social Justice...                                               For changes or requests of items to be included in the
                                                                 agenda, please contact:
                                                                           Colette Henriette (301-829-9327 or email
              Next weekend, January 9-10
       Social Justice W eekend at St. M ichael’s

 To shine a light on the question
 “W hat king of society do we wish to becom e?”
                                                                Inclement Weather
                          ALSO                                           ~ Cancelations
 The opportunity to sign up for an 8 week
 Just Matters course discussing our values
                                                                St. Michael’s follows the Howard County Public Schools’
 relating to the econom y and the federal budget.               inclem ent weather school-closing policy on school days.
                                                                No decision will be m ade until 4:00 PM unless Howard
 See the Just Matters Flyer for m ore inform ation.             County has closed its schools early. If
                                                                weekend activities or sessions are
                                                                canceled because of inclem ent weather,
 Catholic Social Teaching rem inds us that we are
                                                                an announcem ent will be m ade on the
 responsible for both ourselves and the com m on good.
                                                                office voice m ail at extension 102, 105 or
 Be inform ed. Make a difference.                               106 or check the church website
Parish Fam ily Budget Report - Collection for week ended: Decem ber 27, 2009

                   Budget          Actual           Year-To-Date          Budget          Actual
                                                                                                          PLEASE REMEMBER
 Envelopes:     $ 14,423.08     $ 17,723.00         Envelopes          $ 360,577.00   $ 344,551.84
 Loose:            1,746.23        1,695.29         Loose:                43,655.75      42,829.10          ST. MICHAEL’S
 Poor box:           192.31          190.36         Poor box:              4,807.75       7,327.43          IN YOUR WILL!
 Christmas:                       35,233.66

 Mortgage                                           $ 1,176,234.14                      BUILDING FUND (Week of Dec. 27, 2009)
 December principal                                -$    14,725.59                      Bldg. Envelope Pmts: $   0.00
 December interest                                 -$     4,410.88                      Pledge Pmts:         $   0.00
 Ending balance                                     $ 1,161,508.55                      Total:               $   0.00
 *Interest rate dropped 7/1/09 from 5.5% to 4.5%

ATTENDANCE: ADULTS:              761 CHILDREN:            200      =     961
ENVELOPES:  ADULTS:              322 CHILDREN:              6      =     328

                                                                          VOLUNTEERS NEEDED:
                                                                          Prayer for Healing Team Ministry is holding a training
Please Pray             for the repose of the soul of Harry
                                                                          session for those interested in volunteering to pray with our
W ilhelm, the grandfather of Karen Gaydosh and                            brothers and sisters for any prayer request. Our goal is to
grandfather-in-law of Tim Gaydosh and great-grandfather                   be available after each Mass on the weekends for a few
of Gregory & Grace Gaydosh.                                               m inutes of prayer with anyone wishing to have prayer for
                                                                          whatever they are seeking from God. Many of us already
                                                                          pray with each other about various needs, and this m inistry
                                                                          is an extension of that by being m ore visible and available
                                                                          to help each other in our tim es of need. Of course, your
                                                                          intentions are always welcom e to be put on the prayer
                      WELCOME TO THE                                      request list that has been available for m any years as well.
                       COMMUNITY!                                         The training session will be held on W ednesday evening
                                                                          at 7:30 in the small w hite church. For any further
                                                                          inform ation, please contact Linda Gasch 410-489-7985 or
                    Raul Humberto Yzaguirre, III
                                                                          lindagasch08@m .
                      Baptized December 23, 2009
                                child of
                        Raul & Abdela Yzaguirre
                                                                            From Your Pastoral Council
                Xavier Richard Hadsall
              Baptized December 27, 2009                                            W e invite the Parish com m unity to be involved
                        child of                                            by approaching or contacting your Pastoral Council
                 Guy & Rachel Hadsall                                       m em bers and officers with any questions, concerns,
                                                                            and suggestions regarding the parish.
                                                                                    Pastoral Council m eetings are open to all
                                                                            parishioners. They are held on the first W ednesday of
                                                                            each m onth at 7:00 PM in Room A-122. Minutes of
                                                                            past m eetings can be found on the Pastoral Council

 Please !!!                                                                 page, under "Com m ittees" on St. Michael's W eb Site.

 Do not put anymore paper
 in the recycling bins until                                                    Pregnancy, Need Help? Call the Gabriel
 further notice.                                                                     Network - 1- 800-ANGEL-OK
                                                                               Suffering Post-Abortion Stress? Call Project
     THEY ARE FULL!!!                                                                   Rachel - 1-800-286-4224
                                                                Other Community Announcements...

         PRAYER NETWORK REQUESTS                                NATURAL FAMILY PLANNING: It’s about staying in
          WEEK ENDING DECEMBER 26                               touch. In touch with each wom an’s natural cycle of fertility,
                                                                which expresses itself clearly in signs that each couple can
Troops, contractors and their fam ilies    Dave                 learn to recognize. In touch with each other. In touch with
Thelm a and Jeff, chronic pain             Denny                God’s plan for our lives. Learn m ore by attending a Natural
                                                                Fam ily Planning course offered to engaged and m arried
Elna, depression                           Craig
                                                                couples at Our Lady of Perpetual Help starting January 9,
Nicole Lorsang                             Krystle
                                                                2010. For m ore inform ation, contact Mark and Kathy
Ed and Lori McKee                          Vicki
                                                                Schm idt at 410-747-5611; m ak.schm idt@ gm or to
Valerie Dick                               Kathy                register go to
Marguerite Lange                           Sandy
Dick Metott                                Karen
W ilm a Sterling                           Mig                  POST-ABORTION HELP
Mydosh fam ily                             Charlie              Do you know som eone who is hurting from the pain of
Jon, find a job                            Bolcik               abortion? There is hope & healing for those who are
Jim Collins                                Lanee                suffering the after-effects of abortion traum a.        All
Mrs. Copeland                              Frank M.             com m unication        is    strictly    confidential.
Gem m a Lopresti                           Pete                 Counseling— spiritual support-Rachel’s Vineyard Retreats.
Ed Acevedo                                 Dennis               The next retreat is January 29-31. Call 410-625-8491 or
Greg, Debra and fam ily                    Linda                1-800-286-4224 or em ail projectrachel@ Visit
Karen's dad                                Debbie      or for
Mary Tate                                  Maggie               m ore inform ation.
Margaret Long                              Chris
Karen McDavid                              Kelsie
Lex Hughes                                 Morgan
Chris Long                                 David
Mel Powell                                 Doug                              Woodmont Academy
Angela Souders                             Sally
Paul Lenhart                               Lonnie                   Forming Leaders for Tomorrow through Excellence
Patricia W elker                           Charlie                             in the Classroom Today
Sally Hawkins                              Christina
Gene Marshall                              Anita                      Open House - January 14, 2010 at 9:30 AM
Michelle Vistica                           Brooke                               PK3, PK4 & Kindergarten
Louise W elsh                              Caedon                         Tour the cam pus with our students,
Bill Barry                                 Derek                       Speak to parents & faculty, observe classes
Carol Daly                                 Eric                 At our Howard County cam pus on rt.144 between 32 & 97
Dan Lyons                                  Connie
Mikki Lem on                               Heidi                        Visit us at www.woodm ontacadem
                                                                  Contact the Adm issions office at: 443-574-8100 x104
Tom Theis                                  Sharon
Mike's health                              Kathy
Betty's health                             Donald
Earl W . Lowe                              Grace
                                                                Woodmont Academy invites your preschool child
All unem ployed                            Donna
                                                                (ages 2-4) to our m onthly “Read To Me!” story tim e on
Kristina                                   Mark
                                                                January 5 at 9:30 AM featuring the works of Ezra Jack
Susan                                      D.J.                 Keats. Join other m om s and little ones for story tim e,
                                                                m usic, finger plays, crafts and a free book giveaw ay! The
If you write a request on the board in the atrium and it does   event is FREE, but lim ited to 15 children. Please call
not appear in the bulletin, that m ight be because I cannot     ahead to reserve your space! 443-574-8100 LOO KING
m ake out w hat it is. M y e-m ail address is                   AHEAD: February 2 will feature Eric Carle.
vivmtairy@ You may send me the request if you
so choose.
                                                                THE CATHOLIC ALUM NI CLUB, a social organization for
Holy Father’s intentions for the m onth of January:             single. professional Catholics will m eet for dinner on
        Young People and M edia. That young people              Saturday, January 30 for dinner at Acropolis Restaurant.
m ay learn to use social com m unication m edia for their       A chance for you to taste som e authentic Greek food and
personal growth and in preparation to serve society.            socialize. The group will m eet at 7 PM at the restaurant
        Christian Unity. That every believer in Christ          located at Oldham and Eastern Avenue. RSVP by January
m ay understand that unity am ong all Christians is             28 by calling George at 410-284-0417, For other events
necessary for effective proclam ation of the gospel.            that the club has to offer call 410-580-1250 or e-m ail us at
                                                                info@ cacbaltim

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