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                                     GRADUATE COUNCIL MEETING
                                       September 19, 2011, 3:30 PM

         The Graduate Council met in the Dick Smith Library’s Multi-purpose Room. In attendance were Drs.
Danna Beaty, Kendra Bowen, Bowen Brawner, Richard Cruz, Sam Dodson, Sue Erwin, Rusty Freed, Nate Heller,
Don Henneke, George Mollick, Kayla Peak, Beth Rinard-Hinga, Shonda Sears (student rep.), Jason Sharp for Leah
Schultz, Mr. Brandon Shipman (COGS), Leslie Stanley-Stevens (COGS), Allison Stewart, Rudy Tarpley, Diane
Taylor and Roger Wittie. Dr. Linda Jones presided. Not in attendance were Drs. John Calahan, Sally Lewis, Jerry
Jones (TAMU-CT) and Stephen McNett (TAMU-CT).

       Dr. Jones called the meeting to order. She then asked for approval on the minutes of the last meeting in
May 2011. Dr. Beatty moved followed by a second from Dr. Erwin. The minutes were approved unanimously.

        All new members were introduced to the Council.

       Graduate Faculty Nominations

Dr. Jones asked for consideration on forming a smaller, sub-committee to review all graduate faculty nominations.

College of Business Administration
         Dr. Rusty Freed (Dept. of MMAS) presented for approval, Drs. Randy Brown, Tanya Cooper and R.
Michael Haynes for affiliate responsibility and Drs. David Notgrass and J. Garry Smith for graduate faculty

         Dr. Jason Sharp (Dept. of CIS) presented for approval, Dr. Joseph Schuessler, for graduate faculty

College of Education
         Dr. Danna Beaty (Dept. of EDLPS) presented for approval, Drs. Joyce Anderson, Denae Dorris, Laura
Estes, Darrel Floyd, Julia Frink, Sandra Hancock, Kim Jamieson and Sandra Talbert for pending status.

          Dr. Allison Stewart (Dept. of CNSL & PSY) presented for approval, Dr. Julie Merriman, for graduate
faculty responsibility level and Drs. Michael DuPont, David Giles, Stephen Karten, Cynthia McMahon, Karlen
Moore, Alexis Neumann and Gary Peer for pending status.

College of Liberal & Fine Arts
          Dr. James Vardalis (Dept. of SW, Soc & CJ) presented for approval, Dr. Kendra Bowen, for graduate
faculty responsibility.

College of Science & Technology
         Dr. Beth Rinard-Hinga (Dept. of Chem, Geosciences & Env. Science) presented for approval, Dr. Ali
Saleh, for graduate faculty responsibility.

A vote was taken by ballot.

Majority voted to Approve and all graduate faculty responsibility levels were approved as requested.

       Other Business

Dr. Jones and Council discussed moving forward the proposal for a Dual Master’s Program (students pursuing two
graduate-level degrees simultaneously). The 5-year bachelor’s-to-master’s degree (4+1) proposal was included in
handouts for information. Council approved the proposal for the Dual Master’s Program and both will be presented
to the next approving body, Academic Council.

Council also discussed an increase in transfer hour limits from 6 hours to 12 hours and our current non-degree
seeking policy. The proposal was to increase in the number of hours students could use towards a master’s degree
taken under a non-degree seeking status. Council approved the proposal and it will be presented to the next
approving body, Academic Council.

       Announcements

New Graduate Student Organization-Samantha Greathouse (organization president) and Roger Wittie (faculty

Microfilming and publishing through UMI-ProQuest is now an online process (cost-savings method)

Graduate Dean’s evaluation

The Texas A&M University System Student Research Symposium will take place at TAMU-College Station on
November 11-12, 2011-registration deadline is October 15th

        The meeting adjourned at 5:02 PM.

Respectfully submitted,

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