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									THE NEW
                        International Affairs
                                    at The New School

“Questions of economics, social                                        Our Students
 and political systems, sustainability,                                In less than a decade, enrollment in the International Affairs
                                                                       program at The New School has grown from 50 to more than
 and our relationship to the natural                                   400 students from 60 countries. Our students work with
 world remain open. . . . It’s up                                      departmental and university organizations and participate in
                                                                       events that complement their research. They take advantage
 to this generation to engage in                                       of the many opportunities for internships, field programs, and
 working out these questions.” 1                                       consultancies. Continuous contact with academic advisors,
                                                                       program staff, and university student services keeps them
Michael Cohen, director of the graduate program
                                                                       on track as they progress toward their professional careers.
in International Affairs                                               ¶ Student working groups include the Latin America Forum,
                                                                       Project Africa, Imagining Global Asia, Economics of Security,
                                                                       and Global Health. Students in the program also publish an
                                                                       annual journal, Contexts. Learn more about student activities
Our Program: Theoretical,                                              and achievements at www.newschool.edu/internationalaffairs.
Practice-Based, Multidisciplinary
The graduate program in International Affairs, established             Our Location in New York City
in 2001, is a multidisciplinary master's degree program that           The New School is located in Greenwich Village, one of
combines theory and practice, classroom discussion and                 New York City's oldest and most dynamic neighborhoods.
fieldwork. The problem-oriented education offered by the               The city offers vast resources to students of international
program distinguishes it from conventional international affairs       affairs. It is home to international institutions such as
programs. In a short period, the New School's program has              the UN General Assembly and Security Council, leading
taken a leadership role in international affairs, setting              research institutes, and hundreds of grassroots NGOs. It is
the pace for the education of scholars and practitioners in            also the headquarters of major multinational corporations
the global arena.                                                      and a center of media production and business.
¶ The New School is a unique urban university founded in               ¶ The International Affairs program takes full advantage
1919 by a group of progressive American educators including            of this setting, bringing students into direct contact with
John Dewey, James Harvey Robinson, and Thorstein Veblen.               outstanding scholars, diplomats, businesspeople, journalists,
The New School offers a distinguished faculty, motivated               and global activists working in and visiting New York.
students, small classes, and close attention to the needs and
interests of each individual. The International Affairs program
draws on the academic resources of other divisions of the
university, particularly Milano The New School for Management
and Urban Policy and Parsons The New School for Design.
Graduate programs in media studies and the traditional social
sciences of anthropology, economics, political science, and
sociology enrich the academic environment, as do research
institutes like the Transregional Center for Democratic Studies
and the Schwartz Center for Economic Policy Analysis.

                     Curriculum & Faculty
                                Theory Meets Practice

A Distinctive Curriculum                                            The International Affairs Faculty
The program of study integrates a set of core courses               Our diverse faculty is made up of experienced researchers
and a broad range of electives with real-world                      and policy makers in global affairs. They include
experience. Sixty courses, along with many internship               anthropologists, economists, architects, political scientists,
opportunities, are offered every semester. In the summer,           journalists, project management specialists, urban
students can participate in the International Field                 specialists, and experts in international law and in culture
Program, in which they work in developing countries.                and media. Their concerns are development, the environment,
The program's small seminar-style classes combine                   migration, international law, human rights, health, women’s
research and critical thinking with practical training.             issues, security and conflict resolution, peacekeeping,
Most courses are offered in the late afternoon and evening.         international finance and debt, microenterprise, global
Learn more at www.newschool.edu/internationalaffairs.               governance, new media and culture, and issues confronting
                                                                    cities around the world. They have worked in organizations
Concentrations                                                      ranging from the World Bank, UNICEF, and the United Nations
Students structure their studies in the program by selecting        Development Programme to the World Policy Institute, the
a concentration in one of the following areas:                      International Rescue Committee, and Human Rights Watch.
                                                                    ¶ The New School is a small and tightly knit academic
–   Governance and Rights
                                                                    community. Students in the graduate program in International
–   Development
                                                                    Affairs develop close relationships with the faculty through
–   Media and Culture
                                                                    interactions in the classroom and collaborations on
–   Cities and Urbanization
                                                                    research projects, which are often global in scope.
–   Conflict and Security
                                                                    Members of the Core Faculty and Their Specializations
Sample Elective Courses                                             – Director Michael A. Cohen PHoTo 2, urban policy and economic

Supplementing foundation and concentration                            development, development policy
requirements is an ever-changing selection of                       – Nehal Bhuta PHoTo 1, international law, human rights law
elective seminars. Sample course titles:                            – Stephen Collier PHoTo 4, neoliberalism, anthropology of security
                                                                    – Sakiko Fukuda-Parr PHoTo 6, human development, human rights
–   Race and Gender in International Relations
–   Sustainable Development
                                                                    – David Gold, economics of security, macroeconomic policy
                                                                    – Margarita Gutman PHoTo 5, urban history, Latin American cities
                                                                                                                                         “The program develops a core
    Global Migration
    Tsunamis, Monsoons, Hurricanes: Cities and Infrastructure
                                                                    – Sean Jacobs, media and politics, film and politics                  orientation toward critical thinking
–   Humanitarian Intervention
                                                                    – Mark Johnson, international program management,
                                                                      humanitarian aid
                                                                                                                                          and offers numerous opportunities
    Microfinance in the Developing World
    Refugees and Asylum
                                                                    – Nina L. Khrushcheva PHoTo 3, comparative media, Russian politics    for students to confront cutting-edge
–   Law and Praxis of Human Rights
                                                                    – Terra Lawson-Remer, political economics, law and development
                                                                    – L.H.M. Ling, international relations, Asian development
                                                                                                                                          issues in politics and policy.” 1                               5
–   Corporate Justice and Rights
                                                                    – Everita Silina, critical political economy, security and
                                                                                                                                         Nehal Bhuta, a new core faculty member, came
–   Public Finance and Debt in Development
                                                                      human rights                                                       to The New School from the University of Toronto,
–   Art and Politics
                                                                    The core faculty is supported by a number of adjuncts who are
                                                                                                                                         where he was an assistant professor of law.
–   Epidemics and International Responses
–   Media Terrorism Discourse                                       scholars and professionals of the highest caliber. They teach        He has worked with Human Rights Watch, with
–   Narratives and Memories of War                                  courses on subjects including postconflict strategies, refugee       the International Center for Transitional Justice,
–   Issues in Latin American Development                            rights, international migration, cultural aspects of media           and at the Federal Court of Australia. His research
–   States of Africa                                                reporting, and global health. Visit the website to learn more
                                                                                                                                         interests include international law, political theory,
–   Middle East Development                                         about our distinguished faculty and their accomplishments.
–   The U.S. in the World Economy
                                                                                                                                         human rights law, and the laws of war.
–   India-China Interactions
                                                                                                                                                                                                      1   6

                                                                2                                                                                                                                 3
                                          Learning Beyond
                                                        the Classroom

            International Field Program                                           Practicum
            The International Field Program takes students to remote              One option for completing the master of arts degree is
            villages and major urban centers around the world.                    the Practicum in International Affairs, a faculty-supervised
            There they work with humanitarian relief organizations like the       consulting assignment driven by a client organization.
            International Rescue Committee, health and human service              A team of four to six students take on a discrete assignment
            organizations like the African Services Committee, and other          of at least three months duration assisting a nonprofit, public,
            institutions ranging from the Asian Human Rights Committee            private, or academic institution. The practicum simulates
            in Hong Kong to Viva Rio in Brazil and Argentina's Ministry of        the professional context in all respects, including deadlines,
            Economy in Buenos Aires. The field program has recently been          professional standards for work products, and the imperative
            offered in Brazil, China, Nepal, Hong Kong, Senegal, Uganda,          to make recommendations based on imperfect information.
        3                                                                         ¶ Examples of recent student practicum projects and
            Guatemala, Argentina, Kosovo, and Ethiopia. Participants earn
            6 credits for completing these summer internships, which              client institutions:
            combine an academic component with hands-on work.                     – International Rescue Committee: devising methods
                                                                                    to identify and reach victims of human trafficking
            Other Internships                                                     – United Nations Development Programme:
            Professional internships in all kinds of relevant institutions          project on gender and trade
            are strongly encouraged. Our students are sought after by             – Human Rights Watch: research on human rights accountability
            NGOs and cultural institutions such as the Coalition for the            and impunity in Afghanistan, Kosovo, and Argentina
            International Criminal Court, the Council on Foreign Relations,       – Cities Alliance: designing the University Urban Research Initiative
            the World Policy Institute, the UN Division for Social Policy         – Women’s Environment and Development Organization:
            and Development, the Museum of Modern Art, and UNICEF.                  research into how gender is being addressed in the One UN
        4   Credit and noncredit field experience is strongly recommended           reform process in Tanzania and Vietnam
            but is not required for completion of the MA or MS.                   – UN Global Alliance for Information and Communication
                                                                                    Technologies and Development: white paper on the potential
                                                                                    of information and communication technology in the
                                                                                    developing world
            “It was the best learning experience                                  – Doctors of the World USA: survey and evaluation of the
             I have ever had. I was able to gain                                    New York City medical centers' ability to serve immigrant
                                                                                    populations including torture survivors
             a strong understanding of what was                                   – UNICEF: institutional mapping of social insurance and
             actually going on there through                                        protection schemes for children, women, and families

             my interviews and compare it with
             what I had studied before the trip.                                  Photos opposite were taken on site by participants in

             I saw the gap between policy and                                     the International Field Program. Clockwise from left:
                                                                                  Josephine Q. Vu PHoTo 1, Nepal
             reality.” 1 Meghan Holohan worked with                               Farzana Ramzan PHoToS 2 & 3, South Africa
            a partner from Cheikh Anta Diop University and the                    Bonny Vosu PHoTo 4, Senegal
                                                                                  Andrea Feduzi PHoTo 5, India
            United Nations Population Fund on a 2009 study                        Jennifer Zanowiak PHoTo 6, India
            of youth sexual behavior and HIV/AIDS in Senegal.

    1   6

4                                                                             5
                     Global Opportunities
                                           Global Careers

Where Can the Master’s Degree in                                        Robert, Rachel, and hundreds of other International Affairs
International Affairs Take You?                                         graduates are making a mark in public and government
                                                                        service, international organizations, NGOs and non-profits,
The New School takes your education as seriously as you do.             academia, media, and the private sector. They are policy
You are considering making the financial, time, emotional,              advocates and program managers in development, human
and intellectual commitment to attend graduate school.                  rights, and health and environment. They are documentary
You are thinking about outcomes, and so are we. Students                filmmakers, international journalists, grant writers, educators,
come to International Affairs from a variety of backgrounds             and financial analysts. They have worked in humanitarian
that may provide a foundation for their academic work                   assistance and disaster relief in Darfur, Indonesia, and
and their subsequent career. Students may also discover                 India; in HIV/AIDS advocacy in Ethiopia; in conflict zones
an entirely new career direction while in the program.                  in Liberia, Sierra Leone, Afghanistan, and Chechnya; in
 Robert Demeranville managed port operations for                        refugee camps in Pakistan, Ethiopia, and Kenya; and in
 containerized shipping companies. Speaking with people                 municipal government in Buenos Aires. They hold positions
 who worked in humanitarian relief convinced him that his               at the International Rescue Committee, UNIFEM, UNICEF,
 technical knowledge and experience could be applied to relief          UNDP, the World Bank, Human Rights Watch, Amnesty
 operations. Admitted to the program, he concentrated in                International, the Open Society Institute, the Grameen
 economics, worked in Turkey on an earthquake reconstruction            Foundation, the Global Fund for Children, UNESCO, Africare,
 project, and wrote his thesis on humanitarian operations in the        the Rockefeller Foundation, the U.S. Department of State,
 Horn of Africa. After receiving his master's degree, Robert went       USAID, and a variety of media organizations including the
 to work for the USAID Office of Foreign Disaster Assistance.           BBC, MTV International, Al-Jazeera, and the New York Times.
 He has since been deployed with disaster assistance                    The New School offers Career Development services. See page 8.
 response teams in Darfur, Pakistan, Burma, and Haiti and
 in New Orleans as the international donations liaison during
 Hurricane Katrina. He also served as the logistics coordinator         “The New School seemed like a
 in the Washington, DC operations center for USAID.                      place that would welcome creative
 Rachel Nadelman worked for several years developing
 community service opportunities but wished to be directly
                                                                         thinking, critical questions, and
 involved in poverty reduction. Admitted to the MA program,              problem solving and would offer
 she concentrated in socioeconomic development. The
 International Field Program sent her to Uganda, where, with
                                                                         training for practitioners and
 the Ugandan Export Promotions Board, her team researched                academics alike in an ever-evolving
 how women's beekeeping cooperatives could be supported to
 improve economic opportunities and strengthen the national
                                                                         political and economic context.
 industry. The next year, Rachel interned with Argentina's               I was excited by the newness of
 Ministry of Economy. Her practicum placed her with the                  the program and was inspired by
 International Rescue Committee. After graduating, Rachel was
 hired by the World Bank’s Social Development department.                a curriculum that could change
                                                                         with the world’s issues.” 1 Alumna
                                                                        Cate Owren, MA, is the coordinator of the Sustainable
                                                                        Development Program of the Women’s Environment
                                                                        and Development Organization. She has been working
                                                                        with a team of advocates at UN climate change
                                                                        negotiations to ensure that gender equality principles
                                                                        are incorporated into a climate change agreement.

                                                                    6                                                                      7
Master of Arts or Master of Science                                   Career Development Services
     in International Affairs
The Master of Arts curriculum is designed for people looking
                                                                      The New School supports International Affairs graduates with
                                                                      – Individual mentoring and career advisement with
                                                                        trained counselors
                                                                                                                                                                                      Related Programs
to pursue, advance or transition into careers in international
affairs. They include recent college graduates and career
changers with less than five years’ relevant experience.
                                                                      – Career workshops, seminars, and panel discussions
                                                                        with successful professionals in related fields
                                                                      – Networking events on hot topics such as urban development
                                                                                                                                                                                             at The New School
The MA requires completion of 42 credits.                               and the role of media in international affairs
¶ The Master of Science curriculum is designed for students           – Information about internships and career opportunities
with at least five years of post-university work experience             posted on websites, wikis, and social networking sites
in a related field (as determined by the admission committee)
who wish to enhance their careers. The MS requires
completion of 30 credits.
                                                                                        Visit Us/Talk to Us
¶ Candidates for both the MA and the MS must complete                                                                                                                                                              Historical          Political
                                                                      Learn more about the graduate program in International Affairs                                                                               Studies             Science
the following courses:                                                                                                                                                                           International
                                                                      in person. Group and individual information sessions are held
– Global Flows and the International Community
                                                                      throughout the year at which you can discuss the program of
– Comparative Development Experience                                                                                                                                                                                                                     Anthropology
                                                                      study, career directions, costs, and financial aid. Admission
– Economics in International Affairs                                  representatives also travel to other cities in the United States
– Methods Course                                                      to meet prospective students who cannot come to New York City.                                                                                         Con ict and
¶ In their final year, MA candidates have the choice                  ¶ Learn about and sign up for admission events at
of writing a master’s thesis or participating in a practicum          www.newschool.edu/internationalaffairs.
with an approved international organization.                                                                                                                                          Economics                                                                     Urban Policy
MS candidates complete their requirements with electives.
¶ The program is designed to be completed in two years
                                                                                  The New School in Brief                                                                                                Socio-
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                               Cities and
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                    Analysis and
of full-time study, but part-time study is an option.
                                                                      – Founded in 1919

Financing Your Education                                              – Chartered as a university in 1934
                                                                      – Located in New York City
Tuition and fee schedules and other financial information             – Has 10,000 students enrolled in all degree programs
are posted at www.newschool.edu/studentservices.                      – Has 400 students enrolled in the International Affairs program
                                                                                                                                                                                      Nonpro t                                                                      Organizational
¶ All applicants are considered for merit scholarships.                                                                                                                               Management                                                                    Change
                                                                                                                                                                                                                 Media and             Governance
                                                                      The academic divisions of the university are The New School                                                                                Culture               and Rights
¶ U.S. citizens and permanent residents should file
                                                                      for General Studies, The New School for Social Research,
the Free Application for Federal Student Aid, available online
                                                                      Milano The New School for Management and Urban Policy,
at www.fafsa.ed.gov (the school code is 002780).
                                                                      Parsons The New School for Design, Eugene Lang College The
¶ The New School participates in all federal and New
York State need-based financial assistance programs,
                                                                      New School for Liberal Arts, Mannes College The New School                                                                 Media                                                   Philosophy
                                                                      for Music, The New School for Drama, and The New School                                                                    Studies
including campus employment and student loans.
                                                                      for Jazz and Contemporary Music.
All need-based financial assistance is awarded in
                                                                      ¶ Visit www.newschool.edu for complete and up-to-date
accordance with federal formulas and regulations.                                                                                                                                                                  Psychology          Sociology
                                                                      information about The New School.
Student Financial Services
For more information about the costs of attending graduate            Stay Connected
school and financial assistance, see the Financing                    www.facebook.com/thenewschool
Solutions Guide on the website at www.newschool.edu/                  www.twitter.com/thenewschool                                                                                                    = related graduate programs at the university
admin/finaid or speak to an admission counselor at
an information session (see Visit Us/Talk to Us,                      The New School is an Affirmative Action/Equal Opportunity Institution.                                                          = concentrations within International Affairs
this page) or email nsadmissions@newschool.edu.                       Published 2010 by The New School
                                                                      Produced by Communications and External Affairs, The New School

Housing                                                               The information published here represents the plans of The New School at
                                                                      the time of publication. The university reserves the right to change without
The New School has a variety of residence halls in the vicinity       notice any matter contained in this publication, including but not limited
of the Greenwich Village campus, including a number of                to tuition, fees, policies, degree programs, names of programs, course             The New School is a private university in New York City offering    may lead to the PhD; others train students for high-level
                                                                      offerings, academic activities, academic requirements, facilities, faculty, and
options for graduate students. Applicants who are interested          administrators. Payment of tuition or attendance at any classes shall constitute   undergraduate, graduate, and continuing education programs          careers in public service and business. All are enriched by the
in university housing should apply as soon as they receive            a student’s acceptance of the administration’s rights as set forth above.          in the liberal arts and social sciences, management and policy      progressive traditions and academic culture of The New School,
their admission decision; spaces are awarded on a first               Photography (unless otherwise noted):                                              analysis, design, and the performing arts.                          a unique institution in American higher education.
come, first served basis. More information and application            Michael DiVito, Don Hamerman, Matthew Sussman                                      ¶ International Affairs is one several related graduate programs    ¶ Visit www.newschool.edu to see what The New School
forms are available at www.newschool.edu/studentservices.                                                                                                at The New School. Some are traditional research programs that      can offer you.

Office of Admission, 72 Fifth Avenue, 3rd floor, New York, NY 10011

                         Apply now at                                 International Students
                         www.newschool.edu/                           The New School is authorized under federal law to enroll
                                                                      non-immigrant alien students. Students whose native
                         internationalaffairs                         language is not English must provide proof of English
        The graduate program in International Affairs seeks           language proficiency. Documentation necessary to obtain
        a diverse group of individuals who are committed              a visa for entry into the United States is provided after
        to deepening their knowledge and improving their practice     a student has been accepted into a degree program.
        in the international arena.
        ¶ New students are admitted for the fall and spring
        semesters. Priority deadlines are January 15 for fall and
        October 15 for spring. For more information, contact
        Office of Admission
        The New School
        72 Fifth Avenue, 3rd floor
        New York, NY 10011

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