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									  Carlos A. Chéverez Rodríguez, MBA
                   HC-01 Box 1886 Morovis, Puerto Rico 00687
                              Tel. (787) 549-9315

To obtain position where I can contribute in achieving the institution goals as well as the
initiatives and which allows me the opportunity of professional growth and development.


Principal Consultant & Owner                       CCR Consulting Services, Inc; Morovis, PR
2004 to present


         Provide expertise support in Finance, Accounting, Budgets, Business and Human
          Resources to small business, corporations and individuals.
         Create and offer trainings in Human Resources, Quality Management, Safety &
          Industrial Hygiene and other business areas.
         Preparation of Financial Statements, Personal and Corporate Income Tax forms and
          other accounting & financial documents.
         Create and implement Safety Programs for Construction Companies and
          Pharmaceutical & Biological Industry.
         Provide Safety seminars and certifications for Construction Companies and
          Pharmaceutical & Biological Industry.

Professor                   Universidad del Este, Recinto de Barceloneta; Barceloneta, PR
2004 to present

   Provide education to master’s degree students

       Course: Safety, Security and Industrial Hygiene Administration
      Course description: Study the legislation upon Industrial Hygiene and the Occupational
      Health and Safety & Security in the work areas. Focused in the responsibilities to create
      and administer work areas using the applicable laws and regulations in the said areas.
      Also study the relation of the Occupational Health and Safety & Security will be done
      inside the field of the Human Resources and the impact in the same one. Developed the
      investigation, understanding and application of the laws and guides established by the
      regulatory agencies and the government to assure the effective and efficient
      implementation of the requirements established by law to maintain informed, trained and
      with full knowledge of the employee upon its labor rights inside the Occupational Health
      and Safety & Security. Besides provide a historic development in this field. General and
      specific cases upon the applicable themes will be discussed.

    Course: Industrial and Service Quality Management
   Course description: Presents an overview of the key theory and current practice in
   monitoring and making quality improvements. Introduces the fundamental management
   tools, techniques and specialized skills and provide the recent changes in the ISO 9000
   Quality Management Standards. Also, introducing to the entire subject of Quality
   Management rather than focusing on very specific tools. Develop future competency and
   provide specific examples of Quality Management successes and failures and explore &
   review the technical tools needed to implement a Quality Management program.

Provide education to bachelor’s degree student

    Course: Labor Relations
   Course description: Focused in the introduction, analysis and evaluation of the state and
   federal labor relations and examines the legal framework that the government has
   established for the labor relations at United States and Puerto Rico in public and private
   sectors. It describes the actual conditions of the working relations including the increase
   in the cultural diversity of the labor strength and the employment environment. The
   emphasis of this course is the integration of knowledge in behavioral sciences, the
   governmental politics and the collective negotiation process, which resulted in effective
   solutions to the labor matters. Also study the procedures, laws and actual labor
   regulations and its future, the procedures to resolve labor complains; including arbitration
   and the simulation of a collective negotiation.

    Course: Business Strategies and politics
   Course description: Relates the student with the problems of the real world that have to
   see with the Strategic Administration in all kinds of organizations; the formulation,
   implementation and control/evaluation of politics and business strategies. The same one
   will integrate and put in practice the knowledge acquired in Administration such as:
   Theory and Practical, Human Resources Administration, Organizational Behaviors,
   Finance, Economy, Accounting, Business Operations and Production. The course
   introduce to strategic process of administration was analyzed in detail, including the
   study of the successful adaptation of the organization to its environment. Study
   qualitative and quantitative methods of analysis in the solution and political analysis of
   cases to integrate the functional areas of the organization. Emphasis of communication
   will be given written and verbal in the development, defense and evaluation of the
   Strategic Administration.

    Course: Occupational Safety
   Course description: Study of the origin and development of the legislation at state and
   federal level on Industrial Hygiene and the Health and Occupational Safety and Security
   in the work areas. The course focused in the responsibilities surrounded in the creation of
   a safe and healthful work area and the laws applicable to these areas such as: Medical
   insurances, services, prevention, quality of life, etc.     Also discuss to the different
   approaches in occupational techniques of prevention from injuries, accidents and diseases
   and the corresponding administrative controls. Development the investigation,
   understanding and application of the laws and guides established by the regulating

agencies and the government to assure the effective and effective implementation the
requirements established by law to maintain informed, trained and with total knowledge
of the employee on its labor rights within the Health and Occupational Safety and

 Course: International Relations
Course description: Theoretical study of the international relations in the political-legal
areas with emphasis on the development of an international business conscience.
Analyze the economic, cultural, and political map of the world. Presents and discuss
different themes as the world political power, the economic relations, the causes of the
wars and the reasons for the peace, the national security, global issues as terrorism,
environmental contamination, political refuge, etc. Study and investigations, analysis of
cases and presentations will be developed. In the same one the international relations
were studied an historic development of the international systems, the political behavior
and the processes of political outside in the international environment, the international
institutions and rights, the management of the resources and the existing gap among the
countries at the international environment.

 Course: International Management
Course description: Analyzes the structures and managerial processes since the
international perspective. It considers the applications of the fundamental concepts of
administration, its functions and processes to international dimension of business. Study
private emphasis to the strategies and the structure of the actual international business
including the cultural differences, factors of institutional diversity, political risks, the
globalization and applicable laws that impacting the commercial activities.

 Course: Business Introduction
Course description: Business Introduction exposes the philosophy, techniques and
political structures based on the operations of the business; emphasize the complex and
dynamic activity to establish, management and development the modern business.
Topics include: Introduction to the environment of the different business systems, types
of businesses, small businesses, new investments and franchises, social responsibility and
ethics of the businesses, the global context of the business, international business based
on administration and the organization of the business.

 Course: Production and Operation Management
Course description: Presents the bases of the Production and Operations Management in
the production and services areas. Also presents the importance of the strategic plans to
achievement the business goals. Permits relate the techniques and the available tools for
the operations and control of the business organization, emphasizing in quality and

 Course: Small Business Administration
Course description: Small Business Administration consists of the study, investigation
and discussion of the Business Administration in Puerto Rico. Emphasize the
fundamental factors to establish and operate an efficient small business. It includes the
creation of the concept of business risk, marketing investigation, promotion,
identification of financing fountains, business plan preparation, worries of the legal
aspects, successful factors of the business and market incursion. Analyze all the

   documentation, viability studies and necessary permits to establish a business. Also
   analyze, inventory management, accounting systems, financial analysis, quality
   measurements and analysis to determine the efficiency of the business.

    Course: Commercial Ethic
   Course description: Focused in the introduction, analysis and evaluation of fundamental
   aspects of the ethical values. The basic principles of the ethical values and the
   importance of the ethical conduct within economic, enterprise, social, political,
   psychological and philosophical fields and actual enterprises systems.

Provide education to technical degree students

    Course: Credit Administration
   Course description: Describes the activities of loans in the different institutions are
   administered financial institutions. The form of generating incomes through the different
   creditor’s facilities that offers the banks and other lending institutions in Puerto Rico and
   the United States. Besides emphasize the importance of granting loans to achieve and
   obtain the performance projected.

    Course: Insurances, Movable and Immovable Contribution
   Course description: Introduction and familiarization with Puerto Rico laws of
   Contributions that affect and regulate the banking industry and its clients. It includes in
   addition all those regulations, contributions and insurances that affect the bank and the
   banking clients.

    Course: Accounting Introduction I
   Course description: Accounting Introduction I prepare and focused the student in the
   accounting principles and fundaments, the analysis and registry of commercial
   transactions, the preparation of financial statements and providing the understanding of
   the present commercial world.

    Course: Accounting Introduction II
   Course description: Accounting Introduction II prepare and focused the student in the
   basic concepts of accounting on internal control, special accounting sheets; tangible and
   intangible fixed assets, inversions in bonds and other market investments. In addition
   prepare the student in accounting principles that regulate the societies and corporations
   and the preparation of the statements of cash flow.

    Course: Accounting for Office Clerks
   Course description: Course has been designed to cover the basic knowledge of the
   accounting. The main objective of the same one is to help the students to understand and
   apply the principles of accounting that are necessary for whom desires success in its
   administrative career as in its personal life.

    Course: Administration of Cooperative of Savings and Credit
   Course description: Course that extensive the basic knowledge of administration students
   and adds the concept of expiration and performance, the administration of branch offices
   and the concepts of the credit. It is included the principles upon credit and consumption,

       federal and state regulations, collection, law of practices for collection, fountains of
       approval, credit cards, debit cards, fraud in the credit or debit cards, etc.

        Course: Health Services Invoicing Audit
       Course description: The course develops to the student known as verify invoices; their
       most common mistakes and determines the reason for its possible denial. Educates
       students to use the audit as the income received metrics by receiving and quantify
       potential losses occurring in billing processes.

Professor                    Universidad Del Este, Recinto de Barceloneta; Barceloneta, PR
2006 to 2007

          Mentor Professor working in retention area.

Safety Specialist                      Ortho Pharmaceutical/Ortho Biologics; Manatí, PR
1998 to 2004

      Creates, administers, and conducts safety training programs by planning and scheduling
       sessions and provide safety trainings.
      Creates and reviews safety statistics, accident reports, and safety audit results through
       team safety meetings with employees and management.
      Stays abreast of company and government safety requirements and regulations by
       attending training sessions, seminars and studying published material; uses knowledge to
       develop and administer safety policies and procedures.
      Performs safety audits, inspections and accident/incident investigations by observing
       employee activities and workplace conditions, submitting recommendations to
       management to correct deficiencies, eliminate hazards, and improve the overall safety
      Create Budgets and Capital Appropriation Requests (CAR) in order to use responsible
       and correctly the business resources and maintain records and statistics of the business
       resources and realize presentations to provided information about use of Budgets and
       strategic planning’s.
      Represent the organization in Industry Organizations and encourages employees to
       participate in safety goals through continual communication, close observation, and
       committee work to recognize people for exceptional efforts and present awards.

Line Attendant
1994 to 1998
    Coordinate, administrate and training the line employees in Safety, GMP, Environmental,
       machine operations and Pharmaceutical Processes topics.
    Reviews statistics in the pharmaceutical production line and provide recommendations to
       improve the production line output.
    Supervise the pharmaceutical production line employees.

Packaging Operator                        Warner Lambert Pharmaceutical; Vega Baja, PR
1993 to 1994

      Inspection and packaging of pharmaceutical products.


   Turabo University
   D.B. A. In progress
   Doctor Degree in Business Administration
   Major: Management
   Expected Graduation date: May 2011

   Polytechnic University of Puerto Rico
   Master Degree in Business Administration
   Major: International Business
   May 29, 2004

   University of Puerto Rico, Arecibo Campus
   Bachelor’s Degree in Business Administration
   Major: Accounting, Minor in Management
   December 2000

   University of Puerto Rico, Arecibo Campus
   Associate Degree in Business Administration
   Major: Accounting
   June 18, 1998

   Universidad del Este
   Distance Education Certification
   Specialization: Online courses

   Jaime A. Collazo Del Rio High School
   Accounting Clerk, Commercial Course
   May 1988

   Income Tax Specialist (Num. 17926)
   Internal Revenue Service, PR
   February 20, 2004

   Construction Safety and Health
   OSHA 30 Hours Training Course
   December 2003

   New Steel Erection Standard
   OSHA 10 Hours Training Course
   August 2002

   Introduction to Industrial Hygiene for Safety Personnel
   OSHA 10 Hours Training Course
   August 2003

   Certified Forklift Instructor
   March, 2005

   Certified Construction Forklift Instructor
   May 2006

   Certified Scaffold Competent Person
   April 2006

   Certified Scissor & Aerial Lift Instructor
   December 2006

   Train the Trainer Course
   April 2007

   Firefighter Course
   40 hours Fire Fighting Course
   Fire Department of Puerto Rico
   March 2003


   Accounting continued education courses: Ethics, Personal Income Tax (Large Form),
   Personal Income Tax (Short Form), Changes in 2004 and 2006-2007 Personal Taxes,
   Donations, Municipal Patents, IVU (Sales Tax), Corporations and Corporation Income Tax
   Forms, Personal Financial Statements, Employers Income Tax Responsibilities, Individual
   Employer Social Security Responsibilities, Federal Contributions 1040-PR, Capital Gains,
   etc., Annual Federal Safety & Health Congress Expo, Fundaments of Industrial Hygiene,
   Today’s OSHA: A compliance Update, How to Conduct Effective Audits (GMP), Health
   and Safety in the Work (OSHA), Safety Professional Development Course, Record keeping,
   Electrical Safety, Teamwork Seminar, How to Manage Stress and Anxiety in the Workplace,
   Mind mapping Training, Construction Safety and OSHA regulations, Hazardous Waste
   Operation and Emergency Response, First Aid and CPR Trainings, Occupational Safety and
   Health Management System under OHSAS 18001, Process Excellence Trainings:
   Introduction to Process Excellence Training and Executive Green Belt.


Academy of Management (AOM) Member, National Fire Protection Agency (NFPA) Member


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