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					                                              October 21, 2011                       CONGRESSIONAL RECORD — Extensions of Remarks                                                                 E1897

                                                                                       EXTENSIONS OF REMARKS
                                              ANNOUNCING THE DAVIDSON MAN-                            centrated, for the most part, on living in peace       Louviere, Belgium and became a naturalized
                                               AGEMENT HONORS PROGRAM AT                              and making an honest living.                           United States citizen in 1971. Major General
                                               THE UNIVERSITY OF TEXAS AT                                The civic club today has over 1,200 family          Fontaine was commissioned as an Army offi-
                                               DALLAS                                                 members and is involved in many Assyrian               cer in 1976 following his graduation from Uni-
                                                                                                      civic and national activities. They participate in     versity of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, where
                                                          HON. SAM JOHNSON                            the Assyrian Martyr Day, on August 7th, in             he was named as Distinguished Military Grad-
                                                                   OF TEXAS
                                                                                                      commemoration of the Assyrians massacred               uate. Along with the Bachelor of Science de-
                                                                                                      during the 20th century, and the Assyrian New          gree in Management which he earned from
                                                 IN THE HOUSE OF REPRESENTATIVES
                                                                                                      year at the start of the Spring season. The            LaSalle, Major General Fontaine also holds
                                                         Friday, October 21, 2011                     club also has a beautiful national choir and or-       master’s degrees in business administration
                                                 Mr. JOHNSON of Texas. Mr. Speaker, it is             chestra which promotes the Assyrian culture            from Webster University in St. Louis, Missouri,
                                              my privilege to announce before the United              and heritage through concerts conducted                and advanced military studies from the Army’s
                                              States House of Representatives the formation           throughout the United States. The Assyrian             Command and General Staff College. He also
                                              of The Davidson Management Honors Pro-                  American Civic Club of Turlock has worked              completed the Training with Industry program
                                              gram at The University of Texas at Dallas (UT           diligently to assist not only their own commu-         at the Defense Contract Agency in Indianap-
                                              Dallas).                                                nity but the surrounding area as well and is a         olis, Indiana. His military education includes
                                                 The Davidson Management Honors Pro-                  tremendous source of pride to all of us.               the Ordnance Officer Basic and Advanced
                                              gram is named for distinguished UT Dallas                  For the past sixty-five years, the Assyrian         Courses, the School for Advanced Military
                                              alumni and philanthropists Charles (Chuck)              American Civic Club of Turlock has been fo-            Studies, and the U.S. Army War College.
                                              and Nancy Davidson. The Davidsons grad-                 cused on serving the interests of the large and           Major General Fontaine has diligently and
                                              uated from the School of Management in 1980             ever-increasing Assyrian population while also         admirably served the Army and his country
                                              and have generously given back to UT Dallas             being actively involved in the valley commu-           through previous assignments. Major General
                                              ever since.                                             nities. Their main objective is to promote unity,      Fontaine came to ASC from Kaiserslautern,
                                                 Mr. Davidson sits on the university’s Devel-         education, good citizenship and peace for all.         Germany, where he served as Commanding
                                              opment Board, and a gift from the couple                The Assyrians are excellent members of the             General of the 21st Theater Sustainment
                                                                                                      community and fine examples to our youth of            Command (TSC). Prior to that assignment, he
                                              helped to finance the construction of the cur-
                                                                                                      individuals who display civic pride and dedica-        served as the G4 (Logistics) for U.S. Army-Eu-
                                              rent School of Management facility. The
                                                                                                      tion. I am proud to say that many members of           rope, 7th U.S. Army, in Heidelberg, Germany.
                                              Davidsons are also responsible for estab-
                                                                                                      the Assyrian American Civic Club of Turlock            Major General Fontaine also served as the G4
                                              lishing four endowed faculty research positions
                                                                                                      have become close personal friends of mine.            for the 82nd Airborne Division and the G4 and
                                              at UT Dallas.
                                                                                                         Please join me in congratulating the Assyr-         Chief of Staff for the U.S. Special Operations
                                                 Without a doubt, The Davidson Manage-
                                                                                                      ian American Civic Club of Turlock on their            Command, both at Fort Bragg, North Carolina.
                                              ment Honors Program will draw first-rate stu-
                                                                                                      65th Anniversary and commemorating the                 During Operation Desert Shield, Major Gen-
                                              dents from across the globe to the Naveen
                                                                                                      Centennial of Assyrians settling in Turlock.           eral Fontaine deployed to Southwest Asia with
                                              Jindal School of Management.
                                                                                                                                                             the 24th Infantry Division. When Operation
                                                 Therefore, as a representative of UT Dallas                            f
                                                                                                                                                             Desert Storm began, Major General Fontaine
                                              in the United States Congress, it is my honor
                                                                                                       RETIREMENT OF MAJOR GENERAL                           acted as liaison officer with France’s 6th Light
                                              and privilege to publicly recognize Chuck and                                                                  Armored Division. He then became Support
                                              Nancy Davidson for their generous and vital                    YVES J. FONTAINE
                                                                                                                                                             Operations Officer for the 24th Infantry Divi-
                                              contributions to the North Texas community,                      HON. ROBERT T. SCHILLING                      sion’s 24th Support Battalion at Fort Stewart,
                                              and specifically, the Naveen Jindal School of                                OF ILLINOIS                       Georgia. After assuming command of the 1st
                                              Management at the University of Texas at Dal-                IN THE HOUSE OF REPRESENTATIVES                   Corps Support Command, Major General
                                              las.                                                                                                           Fontaine deployed from Fort Bragg to South-
                                                                                                                 Friday, October 21, 2011
                                                               f                                                                                             west Asia in support of Operation Iraqi Free-
                                                                                                         Mr. SCHILLING. Mr. Speaker, I would like to
                                              IN RECOGNITION OF THE ASSYR-                                                                                   dom.
                                                                                                      take this opportunity to speak on the floor of            Other key assignments held by Major Gen-
                                                IAN AMERICAN CIVIC CLUB OF                            the House of Representatives about an incred-
                                                TURLOCK                                                                                                      eral Fontaine during his career include com-
                                                                                                      ible member of our Armed Forces.                       mander of the 82nd Forward Support Bat-
                                                                                                         Major General Yves J. Fontaine has served           talion, 82nd Airborne Division; maintenance of-
                                                      HON. DENNIS A. CARDOZA                          as Commanding General of the U.S. Army                 ficer for the Bradley Fighting Vehicle System
                                                                OF CALIFORNIA                         Sustainment Command (ASC), since Sep-                  Materiel Fielding Team, and materiel oper-
                                                 IN THE HOUSE OF REPRESENTATIVES                      tember 2, 2009. As Commanding General of               ations officer for the 19th Maintenance Bat-
                                                                                                      ASC, Major General Fontaine leads a global             talion, 3rd Corps Support Command, in
                                                         Friday, October 21, 2011                     organization responsible for providing front-line      Vilseck, Germany; company commander and
                                                 Mr. CARDOZA. Mr. Speaker, I rise today to            logistics support to combat units. This impor-         battalion maintenance officer with the 4th In-
                                              recognize the Assyrian American Civic Club of           tant Command manages Army pre-positioned               fantry Division (Mechanized) at Fort Carson,
                                              Turlock, as they celebrate their 65th anniver-          stocks located in strategic sites around the           Colorado; and platoon leader, shop officer and
                                              sary and commemorate the Centennial of As-              world; maintains weapons and equipment at              battalion maintenance officer with the 8th In-
                                              syrians settling in Turlock.                            bases in forward areas; and oversees the Lo-           fantry Division in Germany. His entire service
                                                 Dr. Isaac Adams, an Assyrian medical mis-            gistics     Civil     Augmentation       Program       record is a credit to his training in the Army,
                                              sionary, established the Turlock Assyrian col-          (LOGCAP), which provides contractor support            his focus on education and the support of his
                                              ony in 1910 with 45 people who were mem-                in theaters of operation. Major General                wife and four daughters.
                                              bers of his own family and relatives from Can-          Fontaine has diligently worked to bring to-               Major General Fontaine’s awards and deco-
                                              ada, plus some settlers he had recruited from           gether the Rock Island Arsenal community,              rations include the Distinguished Service
                                              Chicago and points East. Beginning in 1920,             both on and off the island. He has been a              Medal; the Legion of Merit with two Oak Leaf
                                              refugees from the holocaust of World War 2              great asset to the Quad Cities community and           Clusters; the Bronze Star Medal; the Defense
                                              began to arrive in Turlock. Poor as they were,          his service as Commanding General of ASC               Superior Service Medal; the Meritorious Com-

                                              the Turlock Assyrians sent money to bring               will be greatly missed.                                bat Action Badge; and the Master Parachutist
                                              over family members who survived the war.                  I would like to take this opportunity to share      Badge.
                                              By 1930, twenty percent of Turlock’s popu-              his incredible history with the American peo-             I appreciate the great service he has pro-
                                              lation was Assyrian. Most Assyrians con-                ple. Major General Fontaine was born in La             vided to Rock Island Arsenal and our nation

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                                              E1898                                  CONGRESSIONAL RECORD — Extensions of Remarks                                                  October 21, 2011
                                              as a whole. I also appreciate the sacrifices                 HONORING W. DOUGLAS CALL                          of U.S. jobs. Our massive indebtedness to
                                              that he and his family have gone through dur-                                                                  China, for example, is a direct result of the
                                                                                                                                                             trade deficit that followed the 2000 China
                                              ing his time in the military. We are very lucky                 HON. KATHLEEN C. HOCHUL                        trade agreement.
                                              to have folks like Major General Fontaine                                   OF NEW YORK                           We now know that these deals were not de-
                                              serving our country and I wish him and his                   IN THE HOUSE OF REPRESENTATIVES                   signed to help U.S. workers or businesses
                                              family the best as they move on into this new                                                                  that produce here. Rather they were de-
                                              adventure. On behalf of a grateful nation,                         Friday, October 21, 2011                    signed to allow multinational corporations
                                              thank you for your dedication and your serv-               Ms. HOCHUL. Mr. Speaker,                            to off-shore production in countries where
                                              ice.                                                       Whereas: W. Douglas Call is a resident of           costs are cheap because workers are sup-
                                                                                                      Genesee County and has been married for 48             pressed, the environment is abused and fi-
                                                               f                                      years to Donna Hunt; and                               nance is unregulated.
                                                                                                                                                                As in prior trade deals, the new agree-
                                                                                                         Whereas: W. Douglas Call and Donna are              ments lack enforceable labor and environ-
                                              INTRODUCTION OF THE HOUSE OF
                                                                                                      the proud parents of three children and 10             mental protections. They allow foreign com-
                                                REPRESENTATIVES SUMMER IN-
                                                                                                      grandchildren; and                                     panies to challenge U.S. laws on the grounds
                                                TERNSHIP PROGRAM
                                                                                                         Whereas: W. Douglas Call served as a                that they inhibit foreign competition. And
                                                                                                      United States Air Force Judge Advocate from            despite the claims of ‘‘free trade,’’ they give
                                                  HON. ELEANOR HOLMES NORTON                          1966 to 1973, a former seminarian, and an at-          away access to the U.S. markets without re-
                                                       OF THE DISTRICT OF COLUMBIA                    torney; and                                            ciprocal rights for U.S. producers.
                                                                                                                                                                Thus, to give one example, under the
                                                 IN THE HOUSE OF REPRESENTATIVES                         Whereas: W. Douglas Call was the Gen-               agreement with Panama, any company reg-
                                                           Friday, October 21, 2011                   esee County Assistant County Attorney from             istered in that country—including the thou-
                                                                                                      1976 to 1980, Genesee County Sheriff from              sands of Chinese and other foreign companies
                                                 Ms. NORTON. Mr. Speaker, today I intro-              1981 to 1988, Monroe County Director of Pub-           registered there—will have the right to bid
                                              duce a resolution to establish a House of Rep-          lic Safety from 1988 to 1990 and Stafford              on virtually any significant U.S. government
                                              resentatives Summer Internship Program,                 Town Justice from 1999 to the present; and             procurement or construction project. But
                                              which would allow youth, from college-bound                Whereas: W. Douglas Call was instrumental           American firms are denied access to bid on
                                              to senior-level college students, to work in the        in developing a unique program along with              the only large scale project of any size in
                                              House of Representatives for seven weeks in                                                                    Panama—the widening of the Panama Canal.
                                                                                                      more than 120 community groups which re-                  In effect, we would give away American
                                              the summer. The students, from every state,             quired community service for non-violent of-           jobs in order that U.S. multinationals have
                                              territory, and the District of Columbia, would          fenders; and                                           even greater opportunity to use Panama’s
                                              assist Members of Congress and congres-                    Whereas: W. Douglas Call continued in his           notorious lax and corrupt financial system
                                              sional and Cloakroom staff with legislative du-         efforts to protect residents of Genesee County         to escape U.S. taxes and rules against money
                                              ties, filling a void left after House leadership        and New York State by initiating the Stop DWI          laundering.
                                              terminated the House of Representatives                 and roadblock program; and                                The negative impact of the deal with
                                              Page Program.                                                                                                  South Korea will be larger. The Economic
                                                                                                         Whereas: W. Douglas Call has dedicated
                                                 The participants would still need to meet                                                                   Policy Institute—which has accurately fore-
                                                                                                      his life to serving the residents of Genesee           cast the economic impact of prior trade
                                              most of the qualifications under the former             County. Be it further                                  deals—estimates that the Korean FTA will
                                              House Page Program, except students would                  Resolved; That we pause in our delibera-            directly cost Americans at least 160,000 jobs
                                              need to be at least 18 years of age, be enter-          tions to honor W. Douglas Call for his out-            to start. The long term damage will be even
                                              ing or enrolled in college, and have earned a           standing commitment and service to the resi-           greater. The agreement allows South Korea
                                              3.0 or better grade point average over the              dents of Genesee County.                               to export goods duty-free to the U.S. even if
                                              prior two academic years. The House Speaker                               f
                                                                                                                                                             only 35% of the content is actually produced
                                              and Minority Leader would select and appoint                                                                   there. This will open the door for the trans-
                                              the interns, and the Office of the Clerk of the         UNITED   STATES-KOREA FREE                             shipment of goods primarily manufactured
                                              House would administer the program. My bill              TRADE AGREEMENT IMPLEMEN-                             in places like China, Vietnam and the totali-
                                                                                                                                                             tarian regime in North Korea.
                                              would also establish an oversight board, and             TATION ACT                                               Moreover, the Korea agreement has no ef-
                                              require the Clerk to propose regulations to im-                                                                fective provision for dismantling the lab-
                                              plement the program.                                                         SPEECH OF
                                                                                                                                                             yrinth of non-tariff barriers that already re-
                                                 In announcing the termination of the House                   HON. MICHAEL H. MICHAUD                        sults in the U.S. selling only 6,000 autos
                                                                                                                                                             there a year, while Korea sells us 500,000.
                                              Page Program, the House Speaker and Minor-                                    OF MAINE
                                              ity Leader cited the program’s high operating                                                                  Neither does it prohibit Korea from manipu-
                                                                                                           IN THE HOUSE OF REPRESENTATIVES                   lating its currency to gain competitive ad-
                                              costs and advances in technology that elimi-
                                                                                                                 Tuesday, October 11, 2011                   vantage in the same way that China now
                                              nated the need for Pages. My bill does not                                                                     does.
                                              contain the major financial obligations of the             Mr. MICHAUD. Mr. Speaker, I would like to              The proposed deal with Colombia is mor-
                                              Page Program, such as the costs of providing            insert into the RECORD the following additional        ally offensive as well as economically un-
                                              housing, residential staff, teachers and tutors,        letters of opposition to the Free Trade Agree-         sound. Colombia has by far the most brutal
                                              and a stipend for students. Under my bill, the          ments with Korea, Panama, and Colombia: A              record of repression of independent trade
                                              House interns would be required to arrange              letter from the United Brotherhood of Car-             unionists in the world. On nothing but the
                                              and pay for their own housing and would                 penters and Joiners of America; and a letter           flimsy promise that they will do better in
                                                                                                                                                             the future, our government will be rewarding
                                              serve without being paid. The interns would             from the International Association of Machin-          a corrupt oligarchy that suppresses workers’
                                              attend a one-hour class per week on the exec-           ists and Aerospace Workers.                            efforts to improve wages and working condi-
                                              utive, judicial, or legislative process, which are                  UNITED BROTHERHOOD OF                      tions with beatings, torture and assassina-
                                              already offered to all interns and congres-               CARPENTERS AND JOINERS OF AMERICA,                   tion. Despite claims that the political sys-
                                              sional staff throughout the year by the Legisla-                       Washington, DC, July 11, 2011.          tem there has ‘‘reformed,’’ a record 52 Co-
                                              tive Resource Center.                                     DEAR MEMBER OF CONGRESS: On behalf of                lombia trade unionists were murdered last
                                                 Since the termination of the Page Program,           the over half a million members of the                 year. Of the 2,800 assassinations of union
                                                                                                      United Brotherhood of Carpenters, I am writ-           leaders over two and a half decades, only five
                                              congressional staff, fellows, interns and legis-
                                                                                                      ing to urge you to vote against the proposed           percent of the cases have been prosecuted.
                                              lative branch employees have come to under-             Free Trade Agreements with South Korea,                   The primary purpose of the treaty with Co-
                                              stand the unique and proactive value of the             Colombia and Panama. Approval of these                 lombia is the same as that of the 2007 treaty
                                              program. For example, congressional staff               three proposals is a vote to undercut Amer-            with Peru—outsourcing American jobs. As
                                              now have to make frequent deliveries to the             ican living standards                                  the Peruvian president told the U.S. Cham-
                                              U.S. Capitol, cutting into their daily work du-           The evidence is clear. Over the last twenty          ber of Commerce the night the Peru FTA

                                              ties. But, perhaps the most valuable and last-          years our government has agreed to similar             was signed, ‘‘Come and open your factories
                                              ing aspect of the Page Program was the in-              trade deals with Mexico, Central America,              in my country so we can sell your own prod-
                                                                                                      China and other nations. Each time their               ucts back to the U.S.’’
                                              valuable experience it provided to young peo-
                                                                                                      promoters promised the Congress that the                  The United Brotherhood of Carpenters sup-
                                              ple.                                                    agreements would make America more com-                ports balanced reciprocal trade agreements
                                                 I urge my colleagues to support my bill, and         petitive and create more jobs. Each time, the          that provide the benefits of economic growth
                                              I call for its immediate passage to continue            result was a widening trade deficit financed           to workers in both the U.S. and its trading
                                              youth participation in the legislative process.         by borrowing from foreigners and a net loss            partners. Under any circumstances, these

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                                              October 21, 2011                       CONGRESSIONAL RECORD — Extensions of Remarks                                                                E1899
                                              current proposals would not meet this com-              and has the potential to eliminate as many             dustrial Complex (KIC), the North Korean
                                              monsense test. Today, at a time of high job-            U.S. jobs. While the Administration is care-           sweat shop zone set up by Hyundai where
                                              lessness, deteriorating wages and shrinking             ful to only claim that the FTA will ‘‘sup-             some 120 South Korean companies employ
                                              work opportunities, our members and their               port’’ 70,000 jobs, the net effect will be a loss      over 40,000 North Koreans, and where labor
                                              families have little tolerance for trade poli-          of jobs; EPI estimates a 159,000 job loss. Ac-         rights are nonexistent, could gain future ac-
                                              cies that will make their lives worse and               cording to the International Trade Commis-             cess to the U.S. market. According to South
                                              their country weaker.                                   sion (USITC) the KORUS FTA will increase               Korea’s Ambassador to the U.S., Han Duk-
                                                The only responsible vote is no.                      the trade imbalance in seven industrial sec-           Soo, ‘‘The planned ratification of the South
                                                    Sincerely,                                        tors. Electrical equipment (with a negative            Korea-U.S. free trade agreement will pave
                                                               DOUGLAS J. MCCARRON,                   balance between $762 and $790 million) and             the way for the export of products built in
                                                                         General President.           motor vehicles and parts (with a negative              Kaesong to the U.S. market.’’
                                                                                                      balance $531 and $708 million) being the two             North Korean workers in the KIC are paid
                                                    INTERNATIONAL ASSOCIATION OF                      most at risk sectors. Jobs will also be at risk        a mere 0.25 to 0.38 per hour with the repres-
                                                     MACHINISTS AND AEROSPACE WORKERS,                in the aerospace, auto parts and supply, ap-           sive North Korean regime first taking a cut
                                                       Upper Marlboro, MD, June 30, 2011.             pliance, machinery, textile, and other indus-          of nearly 45 percent of the wages. These pay-
                                              Re Jobs and Trade.                                      tries.                                                 ments provide an important source of foreign
                                                DEAR SENATOR/REPRESENTATIVE, As one of                   It is important to note that prior official         currency for North Korea, pumping millions
                                              the nation’s largest manufacturing unions,              estimates by the USITC of the impact of                per month into the corrupt regime, and,
                                              and the largest union in the aerospace indus-           trade agreements have significantly under-             ironically, helping to fund the North’s dan-
                                              try, one of the few industrial sectors in               estimated U.S. trade imbalances and job                gerous nuclear program. The Kaesong Indus-
                                              which the U.S. has a positive balance of                losses. According to the USITC, China’s                trial Complex has remained open despite the
                                              trade with the world, IAM members know                  entry into the World Trade Organization was            ongoing geopolitical tensions on the Korean
                                              the potential benefits of international trade.          not supposed to have appreciably affected              peninsula that require the continued pres-
                                              We have, however, also witnessed the sys-               employment, but an estimated 2.4 million               ence of 28,500 U.S. military personnel.
                                              tematic destruction of our manufacturing                American jobs have been lost to China since            Hyundai recently signed a new lease to ex-
                                              base and the loss of six million manufac-               2001. A similar impact was felt after the pas-         pand the KIC ten fold and house an expected
                                              turing jobs in the last decade from failed              sage of NAFTA, which the USITC originally              1,500 companies and employ an estimated
                                              trade policies and the devastation that this            projected would create a trade surplus for             350,000 North Korean workers.
                                              has wrought on American workers, their                  the U.S.                                                 This KORUS FTA also fails to address
                                              families, and their communities.                           The KORUS FTA does not address the huge             flaws in the May 2007 framework that the
                                                A critical test for any trade agreement is            trade imbalance between the U.S. and South             Bush     Administration    negotiated.  That
                                              whether it will create American jobs, raise             Korea in automobiles. In 2009, South Korea             framework, which also applies to FTAs with
                                              living standards, and improve international             shipped approximately 500,000 cars to the              Columbia, Panama, and Peru, specifically
                                              labor, consumer, and environmental stand-               U.S., while we exported a mere 6,000 autos to          excludes reference to the conventions of the
                                              ards. A careful review of the three pending             South Korea. While the December 2010 sup-              International Labor Organization, the only
                                              free trade agreements with South Korea, Co-             plemental agreement allows the Big Three               internationally enforceable labor standards.
                                              lumbia, and Panama reveals that these                   U.S. automobile manufacturers to sell up to            The labor provision also limits labor viola-
                                              Bush-era, NAFTA style agreements all fail               a total of 75,000 U.S. made cars (but, impor-          tions to those that ‘‘affect’’ trade and are
                                              this essential test. Consequently, the IAM              tantly, does not guarantee this number)                sustaining or reoccurring. The framework
                                              strongly opposes the deeply flawed free trade           without having to meet South Korea’s strin-            also extends extraordinary private investor
                                              agreements with South Korea, Columbia,                  gent safety and environmental requirements,            rights that undermine federal and state sov-
                                              and Panama.                                             it is doubtful that a South Korean consumer            ereignty and incentivize the offshoring of
                                                               THE JOBS CRISIS                        would want to buy an inferior U.S. made                U.S. jobs. Additionally, the agreement’s de-
                                                Passage of these trade agreements will add            product, particularly when South Koreans               regulation of financial services ignores the
                                              to the misery of our nation’s workforce and             have a cultural aversion to foreign made               experience of the recent financial debacle
                                              could hamper efforts to restore the struc-              autos; foreign autos only make up four per-            that led to our current economic crisis and
                                              tural and sustainable health of our economy.            cent of the South Korean market.                       threatens to undermine the re-regulation of
                                              For ordinary Americans the current eco-                    Any extension of the U.S.’s meager 2.5 per-
                                                                                                                                                             that industry.
                                              nomic crisis has meant persistent and deep              cent protective tariff will continue to be nul-
                                                                                                      lified by the manipulation of Korea’s cur-                  NO TO THE U.S.-COLUMBIA FREE TRADE
                                              unemployment. This month’s employment
                                                                                                      rency, an issue that the FTA fails to address.                           AGREEMENT
                                              report showed a stagnate job market with a
                                              high unemployment rate of 9.1 percent. Hun-             Nonmarket barriers in South Korea’s auto                 The killings of trade unionists continue in
                                              dreds of thousands of Americans have given              market, such as, higher insurance rates and            Columbia. Last year, even with the ETA
                                              up looking for nonexistent jobs and have                taxes, were also not addressed in the FTA.             under scrutiny, fifty-one of our brothers and
                                              dropped out of the workforce. Through May,              The Korea Automobile Manufacturers Asso-               sisters were murdered and twenty-one trade
                                              labor force participation remained at 64.2              ciation actually expects exports to the U.S.           unionists survived attempts on their lives,
                                              percent for the fifth consecutive month, the            to increase.                                           an increase from 2009. According to the
                                              lowest rate since the start of the Great Re-               The agreement contains inadequate provi-            International Trade Union Confederation
                                              cession. The Economic Policy Institute (EPI)            sions regarding the rule of origin that under-         (ITUC), more trade unionists are killed in
                                              estimates that if labor force participation             cut what it means to label a product ‘‘Made            Columbia than the rest of the world com-
                                              were the same as a year ago, the official un-           in U.S.A.’’ and allows for 65 percent foreign          bined.
                                              employment rate would be 10.1 percent.                  content in manufactured goods that are eli-              The killings continue because year after
                                                Long-term unemployment, the percentage                gible for the lower tariff treatment. This             year the Columbian government has failed to
                                              of the unemployed out of work for over six              means that a product with only 35 percent              bring justice for the victims of this violence.
                                              months, has risen to 45.1 percent, only                 domestic content will be considered Amer-              Nearly 2,800 trade unionists have been mur-
                                              slightly off last year’s record 45.6 percent.           ican made. NAFTA required a 50 percent do-             dered in Columbia since 1986 yet there have
                                              The other significant employment rate, the              mestic content requirement and the EU-                 been only a handful of persecutions. The im-
                                              U–6 measure of underutilization which in-               South Korea agreement requires an even                 punity rate for the murders of trade union-
                                              cludes the unemployed, discouraged, and                 higher 55 domestic content. The ultimate ef-           ists is 96 percent.
                                              those working only part time continues to               fect of the low domestic content requirement             The Administration’s so-called ‘‘Action
                                              hover at 15.8 percent, representing nearly 25           of the KORUS FTA will be to incentivize the            Plan’’ to address the labor atrocities is not
                                              million Americans.                                      outsourcing of production to countries with            an agreement and lacks any meaningful en-
                                                With the continued loss of jobs comes                 low wages and few labor rights, including              forcement provision. Indeed, once imple-
                                              downward pressure on the wages and benefits             Mexico and China. More specifically South              mented, any violation under the LAP would
                                              of working Americans. According to the De-              Korean vehicles shipped to the U.S. could be           be ‘‘resolved’’ through the weak labor chap-
                                              partment of Labor, workers’ pay for the                 built with North Korean and Chinese made               ter based on the May 10 agreement. Since
                                              twelve months ending in May rose a scant 1.8            auto parts, putting at risk the jobs of both           violations would have to be connected to
                                              percent before adjusting for inflation. The             American and South Korean workers, which               trade, labor violations in the public sector,
                                              economic news, however, is not all bad. Ac-             is a primary reason why South Korean                   or any sector where there is not a connection
                                              cording to the Department of Commerce,                  unions oppose the KORUS FTA. While the                 to trade, would apparently not be covered.

                                              through the first quarter of 2011, U.S. cor-            lowest domestic content requirement may be             Moreover, violations would have to be sus-
                                              porations earned profits at a record annual             beneficial to large multinational corpora-             tained or reoccurring. Most importantly,
                                              rate of $1.727 trillion—the highest amount              tions like General Motors, which now pro-              however, the LAP makes absolutely no guar-
                                              ever recorded in the sixty years the govern-            duces and sells more vehicles in China than            antee that the killings, injuries, and threats
                                              ment has been tracking such data.                       it does in the U.S., it will put the jobs of           will stop. Even if all of the requirements of
                                              NO TO THE KOREA-U.S. FREE TRADE AGREEMENT               American auto workers at risk.                         the ‘‘Action Plan’’ are met there is no guar-
                                                This FTA is the largest since the North                  The FTA also raises concerns over the pos-          antee that the murder rate will go down, nor
                                              America Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA)                    sibility that goods made in the Kaesong In-            would a failure to stop the killings prevent

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                                              E1900                                  CONGRESSIONAL RECORD — Extensions of Remarks                                                    October 21, 2011
                                              the free trade agreement from being imple-              ico have had to pay millions because of these           If you have any questions, please contact
                                              mented, and once the free trade agreement               challenges.                                            Legislative and Political Director Matthew
                                              goes into effect the U.S. will lack any lever-                CHINA—THE REAL TRADE CHALLENGE                   McKinnon.
                                              age with Columbia to stop the murders and                 Like most Americans, we do not under-                     Sincerely,
                                              improve labor rights.                                   stand why Congress and the Administration                          R. THOMAS BUFFENBARGER,
                                                If the Central American Free Trade Agree-             continue to focus on passing these free trade                              International President.
                                              ment (CAFTA) is any model, there will be an             agreements while our manufacturing base
                                              increase in murders if the FTA is passed.               and economy strain from the impact of the                                 f
                                              When CAFTA was under consideration, the                 unfair trade practices of China. Last year
                                              murders of trade unionists in Guatemala                 our trade imbalance with China was over                ANNOUNCING THE NAVEEN JINDAL
                                              dropped to zero, only to increase to sixteen            $273 billion, an imbalance that costs the U.S.          SCHOOL OF MANAGEMENT AT
                                              in 2009 and ten in 2010. The labor protections          millions of jobs and billions in lost tax rev-          THE UNIVERSITY OF TEXAS AT
                                              in CAFTA have been a failure; last year the             enue. China is a country that gives generous
                                              Guatemalan labor leader who filed the first             subsidies to state owned enterprises, engages
                                              labor complaint under CAFTA was mur-                    in intellectual property theft, has no inde-
                                                The agricultural provisions of the FTA fail
                                                                                                      pendent labor unions, and continues to ma-
                                                                                                      nipulate its currency, which is estimated to
                                                                                                                                                                          HON. SAM JOHNSON
                                              to address the displacement of over 5.2 mil-            be undervalued by as much as 40 percent.                                   OF TEXAS
                                              lion Afro-Columbians and indigenous peoples             The undervalued currency makes Chinese                        IN THE HOUSE OF REPRESENTATIVES
                                              within Columbia, which now has more inter-              manufactured products artificially cheap
                                              nally displaced citizens than any other coun-           and U.S. made products more expensive.                             Friday, October 21, 2011
                                              try in the world.                                       Failing to address China’s numerous unfair
                                                                                                                                                                Mr. SAM JOHNSON of Texas. Mr. Speaker,
                                                Before a trade agreement with Columbia                trade practices will prevent the U.S. from
                                              goes forward, Columbia needs to dem-                    ‘‘winning the future’’ as President Obama              it is my privilege to announce before the
                                              onstrate to the world that it has a zero toler-         has proclaimed America must do.                        United States House of Representatives the
                                              ance for violence against trade unionists and                    FAIR TRADE—A NEW TEMPLATE                     naming of The Naveen Jindal School of Man-
                                              that human rights will be protected. The                  We have stated repeatedly that the U.S.              agement at The University of Texas at Dallas
                                              U.S. needs to show the world that it is seri-           should take a strategic pause and evaluate             (UT Dallas).
                                              ous about protecting basic human rights and             the full impact of past trade agreements and              UT Dallas is the educational institution of
                                              that it will not sacrifice that agenda for              practices before ratifying any new agree-              choice for over 17,000 students from North
                                              higher profits for multinational corpora-               ments. Such a pause is more important than
                                              tions.                                                                                                         Texas and around the world. Its School of
                                                                                                      ever before as our weak economy continues
                                                    NO TO THE U.S.-PANAMA FREE TRADE                  to struggle with the lasting effects of bad            Management, established in 1974 and alma
                                                                 AGREEMENT                            trade deals and the wreckage of the global fi-         mater to over 600 new graduates per year,
                                                As the U.S. struggles with a budget deficit           nancial crisis brought on by deregulation.             plays a crucial role in fulfilling the university’s
                                              of historical proportions, it is incredible that        The KORUS FTA has yet to be ratified by                mission statement: to serve as a global leader
                                              we would be considering extending trade                 the South Korean Parliament, and 2012 par-             in innovative, high quality science, engineer-
                                              privileges to Panama, one of the world’s top            liamentary and presidential elections may              ing, and business education and research.
                                              countries for tax cheats. Panama has long               push off ratification even further into the fu-
                                                                                                      ture.                                                     The Honorable Naveen Jindal, now the
                                              been a heaven for money laundering both for                                                                    namesake of the School of Management,
                                                                                                        Economically, the KORUS FTA has the po-
                                              multinationals and narco-traffickers. Unfor-            tential to do as much damage to the living             earned his Masters of Business Administration
                                              tunately, the FTA fails to effectively close            standards of ordinary Americans and
                                              this huge loop hole. Nor does the FTA allow                                                                    degree from UT Dallas in 1992. During his
                                                                                                      NAFTA. Linking Trade Adjustment Assist-                time in the MBA program, he was named Stu-
                                              U.S. companies the ability to bid on im-                ance (TAA) to the KORUS FTA is a clear in-
                                              provement projects in the Panama Canal                  dication that the FTA will result in the loss
                                                                                                                                                             dent Government president and the univer-
                                              Zone.                                                   of American jobs. American workers need                sity’s Student Leader of the Year.
                                                All three of these flawed FTAs contain the            jobs, not the burial insurance of TAA. Mor-               Mr. Jindal now serves as an esteemed
                                              NAFTA Investment Chapters which provides                ally, no FTA is as repugnant as the agree-             Member of Parliament in his homeland of
                                              foreign investors and corporations extraor-             ment with Columbia, the murder capitol of
                                              dinary rights to challenge state and federal
                                                                                                                                                             India. He is known as a responsible industri-
                                                                                                      the world when it comes to violence against            alist and youth icon for his work in the private
                                              laws pertaining to procurement (e.g., Buy               trade unionists. As previously stated, the so-
                                              American requirements), consumer and pub-               called Action Plan is a fig leaf that seeks to
                                                                                                                                                             and public sectors alike.
                                              lic health protections, and environmental               provide cover for the inaction of the Colum-              As a proud representative of UT Dallas in
                                              regulations. Such challenges would not take             bia government and the impunity with which             the United States Congress, it is my privilege
                                              place in U.S. courts, but before secret inter-          murders take place in that country.                    to recognize Naveen Jindal for his leadership,
                                              national tribunals which would have the                   America can no longer afford ‘‘free’’ trade          innovation and philanthropy.
                                              power to require compensation for ‘‘regu-               agreements that benefit Wall Street and
                                              latory takings.’’ This is no hypothetical               multinational corporations at the expense of              I look forward to the many stories of suc-
                                              matter, as the federal and state governments            U.S. workers. I urge you in the strongest              cess and growth which will continue to come
                                              have spent millions defending NAFTA chal-               possible terms to reject these job killing             from the students, administrators, and faculty
                                              lenges to regulations while Canada and Mex-             agreements.                                            of The Naveen Jindal School of Management.

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