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CD Player (DOC) by broibtidak


									CD Player
The compact disc or CD player was the first major entertainment appliance that used digital
technology. It revolutionized the music industry, offering sound clarity unavailable on
magnetic tapes--even the best. So when prices came down, the CD player became one of the
most popular entertainment devices, now found in most homes and many cars.

How Does It Work?
A CD player is an electronic device powered by a universal
motor that rotates a flat plastic disc that has been stamped
with a digital code representing specific sounds. As the
player rotates the CD at high speed the sound track--less
than the width of a human hair--is read by a laser beam used
to produce an electric stereo sound signal. This signal goes
to an amplifier and speakers or earphones to reproduce the
music represented on the CD.
                                                               A compact disc player uses a
What Can Go Wrong?                                             central motor to rotate the disc
                                                               while the lens reads digital
CD players either work or they don't. The third option is that information imprinted on the
they work, but the sound skips--which typically is caused by
                                                               bottom of the disc.
a dirty or damaged disc rather than the player. CD players
have few moving parts and are mostly trouble free. In fact,
there is little you can do besides clean the CDs, clean the machine, or replace cords. Just
about everything else should be turned over to an electronics technician.

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