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									minetomarket                                             ISSUE 85 : APRIL 2008

Lead awareness in Mount Isa
Xstrata raises over $32,000 for World’s Greatest Shave
Handlebar Hill reaches 20 million tonne milestone
New decline at George Fisher Mine
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                                                                                                                                                              Following recent coverage in the media this month regarding the blood lead levels
                                                                                                                                                              of children in Mount Isa, we have dedicated several pages of our newsletter to
                                                                                                                                                              this issue to ensure that all of our employees are aware of Xstrata’s actions to
                                                                                                                                                              sustainably manage our environment and the health of the Mount Isa community.
                                                                                                                                                              This information is available on pages 3 to 6.
                                                                                                                                                              We would like to reiterate that if you or any members of your family have any
                                                                                                                                                              concerns about your lead in blood levels, please take advantage of the Xstrata
                                                                                                                                                              funded community blood lead monitoring program. This confidential service
                                                                                                                                                              is available between 10am to 12pm and 2pm to 4pm daily at the Queensland
                                                                                                                                                              Medical Laboratory located at 13 Isa Street in Mount Isa. Our number one priority
                                                                                                                                                              is to make sure our operations are environmentally sustainable and that Mount Isa
                                                                                                                                                              continues to be a safe place to live.
                                                                                                                                                              This month we are pleased to announce that Xstrata Mount Isa Mines raised over
                                                                                                                                                              $32,000 in the 2008 Leukaemia Foundation’s World’s Greatest Shave. This was
                                                                                                                                                              a tremendous effort made by all to raise vital funds for this worthy organisation.
Steve de Kruijff                                                                                                                                              Together we can make a difference in our communities and in the lives of those
                                                                                                                                                              less fortunate than us. For full details of this year’s event, please refer to page 9.
                                                                                                                                                              Next year we hope to see our other operations join this fundraising event.
                                                                                                                                                              Late March marked Handlebar Hill’s operational milestone where 20 million tonnes
                                                                                                                                                              of material were moved after just six months of mining. This is testament to the
                                                                                                                                                              hard work of our employees and contractors during the initial stages of operation.
                                                                                                                                                              Additionally, George Fisher Mine’s underground decline project is progressing
                                                                                                                                                              well. The new decline will soon join the north and south mining operations of the
                                                                                                                                                              underground mine. For more information please refer to page 8.
                                                                                                                                                              Our congratulations are extended to employees who achieved their long service
                                                                                                                                                              anniversaries with Mount Isa Mines. It is pleasing to see so many people reaching
                                                                                                                                                              significant milestones in their careers, 20, 30, 40, and 50 years of service, and we
                                                                                                                                                              thank them for their commitment and dedication to Mount Isa Mines. We look
                                                                                                                                                              forward to reporting the achievements of our employees’ service throughout our
                                                                                                                                                              North Queensland operations in future editions.
                                                                                                                                                              STEVE DE KRUIJFF                                                                   KEVIN HENDRY
                                                                                                                                                              CHIEF OPERATING OFFICER                                                            EXECUTIVE GENERAL MANAGER
                                                                                                                                                              Xstrata Copper North Queensland                                                    Xstrata Zinc Mount Isa
Kevin Hendry
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                                                                                                                                                                                                                                Nov-2007   Jan-2008          Mar-2008
                                                                                                                            What Xstrata is doing
                                                                                                                             We have a comprehensive emissions
                                                                                                                             monitoring network that measures
                                                                                                                           What Xstrata is doing
                                                                                                                             emission levels in the community. Our Air
                                                                                                                             Quality Control Centre incorporates 15
                                                                                                                            We have a comprehensive emissions stations:
                                                                                                                             ambient air quality monitoring
                                                                                                                            monitoring network that measures
                                                                                                                                 10 sulphur-dioxide real-time monitoring
                                                                                                                            emission levels in the community. Our Air
                                                                                                                                 stations that are monitored 24 hours per
                                                                                                                            Quality Control Centre incorporates 15
                                                                                                                                 day – every Mount Isa resident lives no
                                                                                                                            ambient air quality monitoring stations:

Xstrata – committed to
                                                                                                                                 more than 1,200 metres from one of these
                                                                                                                              10 sulphur-dioxide real-time monitoring
                                                                                                                                 stations, and
                                                                                                                              stations that are monitored 24 hours per
                                                                                                                                   – every volume resident lives that
                                                                                                                              dayFive highMount Isadust samplersno are

 Xstrata – of Mount Isa
the futurecommitted to
                                                                                                                                 monitored to Australian standards.
                                                                                                                              more than 1,200 metres from one of these
                                                                                                                              stations, and
                                                                                                                              We have improved the environmental
                                                                                                                              Five high volume dust samplers that are
                                                                                                                              performance of our operations, including
                                                                                                                              the following major standards.
                                                                                                                              monitored to Australian investments:

     the future of Mount Isa
                                                                                                                                 Installing four the environmental
                                                                                                                            We have improved converter hoods in the copper
      ounded more than 80 years ago as a mining town, Mount Isa is a thriving                                               performance in September last year to reduce
                                                                                                                                 smelter of our operations, including
      industrial, commercial, administrative and tourism centre which has now become                                        the following major investments:
                                                                                                                                 the likelihood of emissions coming from this

      the regional centre for the North West.                                                                                 Installing four converter hoods in the copper
                                                                                                                                 part of the smelting process
           ounded more than 80 years ago as a mining town, Mount Isa is a thriving
                                                                                                                              smelter in September last year to reduce
           industrial, commercial, administrative and tourism centre which has now become
 Its population of 23,500 is growing rapidly and enjoys modern facilities including government                                   Purchasing an in-line stack monitor for
                                                                                                                              the likelihood of emissions coming from this
                                                                                                                                 real time measurement of sulphur dioxide
           the and services, over the North West.
 departments regional centre for10 primary and secondary schools, major retail and boutique                                   part of the smelting process
      Its population range of accommodation.
 stores and a wideof 23,500 is growing rapidly and enjoys modern facilities including government                              Purchasing an in-line stack monitor for
                                                                                                                                 Installing a new furnace water cooling
                                                                                                                              real time measurement of sulphur dioxide
     departments is renowned for 10 primary and secondary schools, major retail and boutique
 Mount Isa today and services, over its strong community spirit. Xstrata Mount Isa Mines is proud                                system
                                                                                                                              emissions in the lead smelter, and
     stores and a with the rejuvenation of the
 to be associated wide range of accommodation.mine and the town over the last five years in                                       Purchasing furnace water cooling
                                                                                                                              Installing a newheavy duty industrial vacuum
     Mount with the local and State Government and the community.
 partnershipIsa today is renowned for its strong community spirit. Xstrata Mount Isa Mines is proud                              trucks and sweepers to collect dust within
                                                                                                                              system in the lead smelter, and
                                                                                                                                 our operation
                                                                                                                              Purchasing heavy duty industrial vacuum
      to be associated with the rejuvenation of the mine and the town over the last five years in
      partnership with the local and State Government and the community.                                                      Since the 1990s, we collect dust within
                                                                                                                              trucks and sweepers to have worked with the
                                                                                                                              our operation
                                                                                                                              Mount Isa City Council and Queensland
                                                                                                                               Health to provide lead awareness
                                                                                                                            Since the 1990s, we have worked with the
                                                                                                                               programs to local residents.
                                                                                                                            Mount Isa City Council and Queensland
                                                                                                                               We to provide lead awareness
                                                                                                                            Health worked with Queensland Health to
                                                                                                                            programs to local residents.
                                                                                                                               encourage Mount Isa residents to have
                                                                                                                               their children tested for Health to
                                                                                                                            We worked with Queenslandlead in blood and
                                                                                                                               offer a Mount Isa residents to have
                                                                                                                            encourage free, independent and confidential
                                                                                                                            their children tested for lead in blood and
                                                                                                                               blood lead monitoring program for all
                                                                                                                            offer a free, independent and confidential
                                                                                                                               Mount Isa residents through Queensland
                                                                                                                            blood lead monitoring program for all
                                                                                                                               Medical Laboratory (QML).
                                                                                                                            Mount Isa residents through Queensland
                                                                                                                               All employees at our Mount Isa operations
                                                                                                                            Medical Laboratory (QML).
                                                                                                                              are required to have regular blood tests

                                                                                                                            All employees at our Mount Isa operations
                                     ecently there has been significant attention concerning                                    for lead.
                                                                                                                            are required to have regular blood tests

                                       ecently health issues significant attention concerning
                                     potential there has beenwith the blood lead levels of                                  forWe commenced our Smelter Emissions
                                       potential health Isa.
                                     children in Mountissues with the blood lead levels of                                     Project in mid-2007 to assess further
                                                                                                                            We commenced our Smelter Emissions
                                        children in Mount Isa.                                                                 opportunities to improve the capture and
                                                                                                                            Project in mid-2007 to assess further
                              I would like to assure all      approach. That’s why we are working closely with                 treatment to sulphur the capture and
                                                                                                                            opportunities of improve dioxide emissions
                              members of the Mount all
                                 I would like to assure Isa   local and State Government through the Living with
                                                                approach. That’s why we are working closely with            treatment ofprogressed a Whole of Emissions
                                                                                                                               We have sulphur dioxide emissions
                              community that at Mount Isa
                                 members of the Xstrata       Lead Alliance. Government through the Living with
                                                                local and State
                                                                                                                            We have to help us further minimise our
                                                                                                                               Study progressed a Whole of Emissions
                              Mount Isa Mines, theXstrata
                                 community that at safety      Lead Alliance.
                                                              Like the vast majority of the mine’s employees, I live in     Study to help us further minimise our
                                                                                                                               environmental impact, and
                                 Mount Isa Mines, the
                              of our employees and safety                                                                   environmental impact, and
                                                                Like the vast majority of the mine’s employees, I raised
                                                              Mount Isa. I‘ve done so for most of my life andlive in          We have formed the Living with Lead
                              theof our employees and
                                  community is our
                                                                 family here. It’s a great place to my life a thriving
                                                              a Mount Isa. I‘ve done so for most oflive withand raised         Alliance with the Living with Government
                                                                                                                            We have formed local and State Lead
                                 the priority.
                              highestcommunity is our
                                 highest priority.
                                                                a family here. It’s easy access to live with a beauty
                                                              community spirit, a great placeto the natural thriving           partners, local and State Government
                                                                                                                            Alliance withto drive long-term actions
 Since Xstrata’s involvement with Mount Isa began in            community spirit, easy access
                                                              of the outback and a vibrant to the natural beauty
                                                                                               economy. Let’s continue      partners, to drive long-term actions
                                                                                                                               to address the issue of lead in the
      Since Xstrata’s involvement with Mount Isa began in       of the outback and a vibrant economy. Let’s continue        to address the issue of lead in the
 2003 we have spent hundreds of millions of dollars on        to work together to minimise our exposure to this                community.
      2003 we have spent hundreds of millions of dollars on     to work together to minimise our exposure to this           community.
 more than 80 environmental improvements. Further             naturally occurring mineral.
      more than 80 environmental improvements. Further         naturally occurring mineral.
      ambitious initiatives being identified through the
 ambitious initiatives are are being identified through the
      Smelter Emissions Project launched last year, line
 Smelter Emissions Project launched last year, in in line
      our our commitment to continuous improvement.
 with with commitment to continuous improvement.

     Importantly, we have same requirements for lead
 Importantly, we have the the same requirements for lead
     emissions as other mine in in Queensland.
 emissions as any any other mine Queensland.

                                                              Steve de Kruijff

                                                               Steve de Kruijff
      levels of lead naturally occur in in Mount and
 High High levels of lead naturally occur Mount IsaIsa and    Chief Operating Officer
                                                               Chief Operating Officer
 managing this issue requires a whole of of community
      managing this issue requires a whole community           Xstrata Copper North Queensland
                                                              Xstrata Copper North Queensland

    more information visit our website www.xstrata.com or call the Community Information line 1 1 800 297
ForFor more information visit our websitewww.xstrata.com or call the Community Information line on on800 336336 297
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         The latest on lead
    Environmental sampler, Graham Milligan,
                                               There has recently been significant attention concerning potential
    checks a high volume dust sampler at the   health issues with the blood lead levels of children in Mount Isa.
    Barkly Highway monitoring station.
                                               Xstrata takes any issue concerning the health and wellbeing of
                                               our employees and the residents of Mount Isa very seriously.
                                               We very much want our city to be a safe and healthy place to live
                                               and work, and we believe that it is and will continue to be.

                                               For the past two decades, we have been continuously improving
                                               the mine’s environmental performance to ensure it operates in an
                                               environmentally sustainable way.

                                               Since Xstrata purchased the mine in 2003, we have spent over
                                               two hundred million dollars on more than 80 environmental
                                               improvements. Further initiatives are being identified through the
                                               Smelter Emissions Project launched last year, in line with our
                                               commitment to continuous improvement.

                                               Xstrata will continue to strive – in everything we do – to ensure
                                               our operations are environmentally sustainable and Mount Isa
                                               continues to be a great place to live.

                                               For this reason, we are working closely with the State Government
                                               and Mount Isa City Council to support community health.

                                               Operationally, Xstrata will continue to look for new ways to
                                               improve our performance. With monitoring programs, and a
                                               number of safety measures in place, Xstrata is dedicated to
                                               protecting the health of Mount Isa residents and our employees.

                                               The health and safety initiatives currently in place include:

                                                  The Air Quality Control (AQC) Centre
                                                  Smelter Emissions Project
                                                  Living with Lead Alliance
                                                  Free testing of lead levels in blood at QML.

                                                 Xstrata Sustainability Reports
                                                 Our 2007 Xstrata Sustainability Reports will be posted out to
                                                 all employees in May and will also be available online at

                                                 On page 5 of the March issue, there was an error. It should
                                                 have read 21% of Bowen residents were calling out for
                                                 activities for Bowen’s youth to help reduce crime in Bowen.
                                                                                                                                                            ISSUE 85 : 5

        AQC Centre
Xstrata Mount Isa Mines is committed to           There are also 10 sulphur dioxide real-time
                                                                                                 N                               ay
monitoring and improving air emissions            monitoring stations located in the                                          w
from its operations and ensuring the              community to ensure the smelters operate                                       ST1

community has an understanding and                within regulatory limits.
awareness of air quality issues.
                                                  Another five high volume dust samplers
The AQC Centre has 15 monitoring                  are located throughout the community.
stations located around Mount Isa,
                                                  Emissions from the copper smelter stack                                        ST6
including 10 sulphur dioxide monitoring                                                              7
                                                  have decreased significantly since the                                                      4
stations, that measure air quality and dust
                                                  opening of the Incitec Pivot acid plant in
levels. The strategic placement of the                                                                                       2
                                                  2000, because much of what had                                                                    ST3
monitoring stations is prescribed by the                                                                                     3
                                                  previously been emitted is now being                    8                             5
Queensland Government and gives
                                                  converted to a by-product through the                                      ST9
excellent coverage of the Mount Isa
                                                  plant for use in producing fertiliser at the
community. This network of monitors is                                                                                                        ST4
                                                  company’s Phosphate Hill operation.                           ST10
one of the best in the world. No Mount
                                                  The Incitec Pivot acid plant accepts                          6
Isa resident lives further than 1,200 metres                                                                                     ST5
                                                  between 70% to 80% of the copper
from at least one monitoring station.
                                                  smelter off gases during each month
Ambient air quality is measured by                of the year. Treatment of the gases by the
15 of these monitoring stations located           acid plant, to produce sulphuric acid,
                                                                                                 LEGEND                      Sulphur Dioxide Monitoring Locations
throughout the city. Each station monitors        substantially reduces the levels of sulphur                           1 First and Last takeaway shop
levels of chemical compounds that help            dioxide emissions to the air. In coming                               2 Grace Street Bridge
dictate operations at the mine, such as           years our target is to increase the capture                           3 PCYC/Isa Street Bridge
                                                                                                                        4 Buchanan Park
control of the smelters.                          of off gases to 95%
                                                                                                                        5 Mount Isa Hospital
                                                                                                                        6 Tony White Oval
The Air Quality Control team monitors air quality                                                                       7 Black Star Open Cut Mine
over Mount Isa at Xstrata’s Air Quality Control Centre.                                                                 8 Copper Smelter/Copper Stack
6 : mine to market

          ‘Get Bled for Lead’ community program

   Three year old Cole Borchard received a lead in blood test in 2007, who was watched by his sister Reece.

   The Get Bled for Lead screening program was managed by
   Queensland Health and supported by Xstrata. This initiative
   pro-actively encouraged parents to have their children’s blood
   tested for lead. In a 15-month period, the screening program
   tested just over 400 children aged between one and four years old.

   Next month, Queensland Health will release a report that
   discusses the results.

   When the full report is released, we will analyse what further
   improvements can be made to our processes, plant and equipment.

   In the meantime, Xstrata continues to offer free blood tests to all
   members of the community. The test is available on request from
   10am–12pm and 2pm–4pm daily at the Queensland Medical
   Laboratory located at 13 Isa Street in Mount Isa.                     Xstrata employee, Bruno de Valter, gets his lead levels tested by a
                                                                         Gemini Medical Centre nurse.
   The results of the blood-lead test are confidential and are
   forwarded to a General Practitioner (GP) nominated by the
                                                                            A reminder to all Xstrata Mount Isa Mines employees that
   community member being tested. The GP will explain the test
                                                                            the Campaign Blood Lead Sampling program is being
   results to the patient and outline any actions required. Xstrata
                                                                            conducted during the month of May in all offices and
   funds this program so that it is free to the public
                                                                            operating areas on the Mount Isa Mines lease. Your support
                                                                            and cooperation is appreciated. For more information please
                                                                            contact Gemini Medical Services or your Safety Advisor.
                                                                                                                                   ISSUE 85 : 7

       Smelter Emissions Project
In 2007, the Smelter Emissions Project was established to improve         installing additional sampling ports in gas handling systems to
the capture and treatment of emissions at our copper and lead             develop improved data to base designs; and
smelters. The Project builds on improvements we have been
                                                                          undertaking a specialist review of the copper smelting process to
making at the mine since 2003. A dedicated team was formed
                                                                          better define flow volumes and SO2 concentrations in various
to assess opportunities to improve the capture and treatment of           parts of the process so that additional capture and treatment
sulphur dioxide (SO2) emissions at the copper smelter against our         options can be considered.
target of 95%, and at the lead smelter against a capture and
treatment rate of 98%. The team is developing potential designs        LEAD SMELTER
through a consultative process with stakeholders and, where               installing a new furnace cooling water system to improve
feasible, will implement these controls progressively during the          process control;
next five years.                                                                                        ensuring a continuous supply of
The Smelter Emissions Project will build                                                                good quality coking coal from
                                                                                                        Xstrata Zinc’s Bowen Coke Works to
on capture, treatment and process
                                                                                                        maximise furnace performance and
control improvements that have been
                                                                                                        reduce uncontrolled emissions;
implemented in both smelters over
approximately the past three years.                                                                     established a new hygiene
These improvements consist of both                                                                      department to reinforce and
engineered and administrative controls.                                                                 improve plant hygiene practices;
These initiatives include:                                                                              initiated hygiene improvement
                                                                                                        projects including flue upgrades,
                                                                                                        changes to operating procedures to
  completing hooding upgrades to
                                                                                                        reduce emissions and change-house
  four converters in September 2007
                                            A section of the Mount Isa lead smelter flue                upgrade;
  to reduce the likelihood of fugitive
                                            replaced as part of the Smelter Emissions Project.
  emissions coming from this part of                                                                    investigated best industry practice
  the smelting process;                                                                                 and shared technology with industry
                                                                                                        partners; and
  implementing a daily planning process to promote a nine-hour
  converter cycle, including staggered converter operations, to           decreasing sulphur dioxide emissions through the purchase of
  match the acid plant capacity to maximise the amount of                 concentrate with lower levels of sulphur.
  process gas being captured and treated;
                                                                       The potential value of the Smelter Emissions Project is currently
  purchasing an in-line stack monitor for real time measurement        estimated at between $100 million and $200 million including
  of SO2 emissions not captured and treated in the acid plant;         design, construction and commissioning

On the move

Tim Purvis                  Amanda Wellington           Aaron Wandel                 Anthony Lawler                Joel Anderson
is the new Project Leader   has recently graduated      has moved from an            has been promoted to          is the new Environmental
of the Underground          and been promoted to        Underground Serviceman       Project Supervisor for Zinc   Advisor for Townsville
Feasibility Project at      Human Resources Advisor,    to Mine Assistant at         Lead Maintenance and          Copper Refinery.
Ernest Henry Mining.        Metallurgical Operations,   George Fisher Mine.          Support Engineering
                            Xstrata Copper and is                                    department, Mount Isa.
                            based in Mount Isa.
8 : mine to market

           Mount Isa – a great place to live
                                                              With the majority of Mount Isa Mines employees and management
                                                              living in Mount Isa, the senior management would like to assure
                                                              employees and the Mount Isa community that Mount Isa is a safe
                                                              place to live and raise a family.
                                                              During his visit to Mount Isa in April, Xstrata Copper Chief Executive
                                                              Charlie Sartain said he loved living and raising his family in Mount
                                                              Isa during his time at Mount Isa Mines.
                                                              “Two of my three children were born in Mount Isa and my wife and I
                                                              have very fond memories of raising our family here during the 1980s.
                                                              Mount Isa has always been a great city to live in,” said Charlie.
                                                              Xstrata Zinc’s General Manager Lead Smelting Operations, Fred
                                                              White has similarly spent a lot of his working life in Mount Isa and
                                                              raised his family here.
                                                              “I began with Mount Isa Mines as an operator in the lead smelter,
                                                              and have since raised my family in Mount Isa. It’s been a great place
                                                              for our children to play sports and to get involved in the
                                                              community,” said Fred.
                                                              Starting with Mount Isa Mines as an apprentice, Xstrata Copper
                                                              Chief Operating Officer, Steve de Kruijff has lived in Mount Isa for
                                                              most of his life and raised his family here.
                                                              “We love living in Mount Isa with its thriving community spirit. It is
                                                              important that all parents remember that there are measures we
                                                              can all take to minimise our exposure to naturally occurring minerals
    Charlie Sartain in Mount Isa in April.                    in our city,” said Steve

     George Fisher’s $10 million
   underground decline progresses
   A new $10 million underground decline project at George    A 2.4 metre diameter return air/fill raise is currently being
   Fisher Mine (GFM) will soon join the north and south       drilled from the surface to 8 Level of George Fisher North
   mining operations of the underground mine.                 (around 500 metres deep) by Xstrata Mount Isa Mine’s
                                                              in-house Raiseboring and Diamond Drilling division. Once
   Having commenced in late 2007, the KG53 Decline/Incline
                                                              completed, the raise will be used to exhaust the return air
   Project will provide GFM with an additional means of
                                                              from the incline for the duration of the project, allowing
   access between George Fisher North and South.
                                                              the Downer EDI Mining incline team to fire independently.
   The access will be used to truck ore from George Fisher
   North, South Upper Mining Block (colloquially known as     “The project comprises 1,815 metres of development at
   the BLOB) across to George Fisher South and then out of     a 1:7 gradient with the dimensions of 5.5 metres high by
   the mine through the portal via the U59 surface decline.    5.3 metres wide,” said Geoff.
   Mine Manager for George Fisher Mine, Geoff Hender,         “To date 727 metres have been completed and the teams
   said the access is being developed concurrently by two      are working hard to ensure the holing between the
   groups: from George Fisher South as a decline from          decline and incline is completed by the scheduled date
   4 Level by an Xstrata Zinc development team, and as an      of the 4th quarter 2008,” he said
   incline from 8 Level at George Fisher North by a Downer
   EDI Mining team.
  “The decline team has now accessed the L54 fill pass,
   which has been converted into an exhaust raise in
   order to allow the decline to be independently
   ventilated. This gives the decline team the ability
   to fire independently, thereby increasing the rate
   of development without compromising safety,”
   said Geoff.                                                George Fisher Mine – KG53 Decline/Incline Project.
                                                                                                                               ISSUE 85 : 9

  Xstrata raises over
$32,000 for World’s Greatest Shave
Congratulations to all those who participated in the 2008             “I’ve had long hair since I was a teenager and I can really
World’s Greatest Shave which helped to raise vital funds for the      understand how difficult it must be for people who lose their
Leukaemia Foundation. As a site, Xstrata Mount Isa Mines              hair from Leukaemia. I haven’t enjoyed losing my hair, but
raised over $32,000!                                                  thankfully, I did it as a fundraiser and I hope many Leukaemia
                                                                      patients can benefit from the money raised,” said Dave.
This is a fantastic effort and is the largest amount of funds
that Xstrata Mount Isa Mines has ever raised for the World’s          Additional fundraising by the Lead Smelter Department brought
Greatest Shave. This year, an inter-departmental competition          the lead smelter’s total to $6,411.
was held between the various departments at Mount Isa Mines.
                                                                      George Fisher Mine (GFM) held their shave-off and sausage
The department that raised the most amount of money was the           sizzle on Friday 14 March and raised an impressive $5,636.
zinc-lead concentrator, with a whopping $7,466! Personal              This well and truly exceeded GFM’s 2007 total of $3,912. Liam
donations were made from staff at the zinc-lead concentrator          Dare, John Hay and Barry Rodgers raised significant amounts of
including those from the Mill Office and the Heavy Medium             money for this event. Barry was even brave enough to shave off
Plant. Luke Truskinger, Mechanical Engineer, raised over $6,300       his moustache which he has had for 20 years!
to shave off his hair.
                                                                                                      “I’ve had my goatee and
“I can’t begin to express how                                                                         moustache for twenty years –
amazed I am by people’s                                                                               my younger sons, Jeff and Beau,
generosity. Everyone gave so                                                                          (who are 15 and 16 years old)
much money for this cause and                                                                         had never seen me without it.
had no qualms about doing so.                                                                         They had a bit of a laugh too,
I never expected this kind of                                                                         but it was worth shaving it off
result nor did I expect the support                                                                   knowing that the money was
I got. In the end it was all worth it                                                                 going toward such a good
to aid the cause,” said Luke.                                                                         cause,” said Barry.
Further funds were raised from                                                                         Belle and Moir sponsored $100
morning teas for the various                                                                           for Liam to shave off his hair.
crews, a Jellybean guessing                                                                            “I was amazed at how giving
competition, lolly-bag sales, soft   Scott Ezzy and Dave English (Xstrata Zinc) present                people were when I asked for
drink, chocolate and chip sales,     Joyce Neilson, Kathy Swift and Elaine Gamer                       sponsorship. People didn’t
and of course the ‘shave-off’        (Leukaemia Foundation) with a cheque for $6000.                   hesitate to donate money for
barbecue lunch. Local businesses                                                                       such a worthy cause,” said Liam.
in the Mount Isa community,
                                                                      GFM and Handlebar Hill Open Cut (HHOC) mine organised a
including Red Earth Hotel, Brumbys, Lamberts and Turanga
                                                                      raffle and Outback Photographics donated a GFM/HHOC
Butchery also gave generously in support of this worthy cause.
                                                                      framed photograph, while Buffs Club, The Wardrobe and
Fundraising efforts at Black Star Open Cut (BSOC) mine included       Rockmans each donated a voucher for the raffle. HHOC alone
a ‘Sizzle and Shave’ lunch for each of the four crews in the          raised $1,270 for the Leukaemia Foundation.
Operations Department. The crews got very creative and
                                                                      Over at the R62 Plat, Barry Merrick, Trevor Brebner, Nathan
combined a putt-putt golf competition with their ‘Sizzle and
                                                                      Bullock and Vince Vardy cooked up a storm for all MICO
Shave’ lunches. Hot dog lunches were also held and Anthony
                                                                      employees and raised an impressive $1,936. George Fortune
Kocken, General Manager BSOC, organised the profits from the
                                                                      raised $250 in support of shaving his goatee, which he has been
Coke machines to go to the fundraising effort.
                                                                      growing for nearly 18 months.
The Safety, Training and Administration Department at BSOC
                                                                      Other sites that participated were Central Office, Isa Distribution
held a coffee and cake afternoon tea. Marci Dixon brought in
                                                                      Centre, Site Services, Skills Centre, and Engineering Support
her cappuccino machine and it turned out to be a real hit. Doms
Restaurant very kindly donated a dinner for two as a lucky door
prize and Luke Thistleton from Hastings Deering donated a             Congratulations to all departments and to everyone who
limited edition model dozer which was also raffled.                   participated in raising invaluable funds for this worthy cause.
                                                                      We can all be assured that we have helped many families,
Scott Ezzy, Lead Smelter Manager, presented Kathy Swift
                                                                      children and their loved ones in their fight against Leukaemia
from the Leukaemia Foundation with a cheque for $6,000.
Dave English, Water Blast Supervisor at the Lead Smelter,
who has had long hair for the past 20 years, raised most of         “This is a fantastic effort and is the
this money.                                                           highest amount of money that Xstrata
                                                                      Mount Isa Mines has ever raised for the
                                                                      World’s Greatest Shave.”
10 : mine to market
ISSUE 85 : 11
12 : mine to market

          A night in the life of: a mine control officer
   When you hear the broadcast call on the two-way radio and              6:45pm The surface portal has also been secured by the portal
   loud speaker advising, “Attention, attention, attention – general      guard who will remain there so that no vehicles travel
   broadcast – mine control calling all-clear from firings,” the          underground.
   underground mining operations begin for the nightshift at
                                                                          7:00pm Belinda takes a final check of her paperwork and is
   George Fisher Mine (GFM).
                                                                          adamant she knows the location of every single member of the
   The crucial role of attaining the ‘all-clear’, blocking off the        crews underground, so Belinda prepares to fire. Around eight
   tag-boards and firing at GFM is undertaken by Mine Control             years ago GFM had a 440 volt firing line, which looked similar
   Officer, Belinda Griffin. If all goes to plan each evening, the        to a pull-down lever, however today, a computerised CARDAX
   ‘all-clear’ broadcast usually takes place at around 8:20pm.            system is used. It is not as simple as a computer mouse click
                                                                          though as the process requires a number of confirmations,
   But this particular evening, Belinda begins in a very hectic manner
                                                                          and of course, it’s kept under lock and key.
   two and a half hours prior to the broadcast call.
                                                                          7:25pm The night is progressing smoothly and Belinda is
   5:45pm Belinda arrives at GFM Control Centre to begin her
                                                                          continuously taking phone calls, answering questions from
   handover from colleague Anthony Collier who has spent the past
                                                                          operators on the two-way radio and also some face-to-face
   twelve hours monitoring; controlling; overseeing de-watering,
                                                                          queries from miners. At this time the underground miners are
   ventilation, hoisting and cage operations; and activating the
                                                                          attending PASS meetings and crew meetings in the crib rooms.
   CARDAX firing computer.
                                                                                                          Once she’s been given the
   Tonight is a very busy handover                                                                        approval from underground that
   because it’s also the change of                                                                        all firing has been successful,
   shift at GFM. Outside the Mine                                                                         Belinda begins the ‘Attention
   Control Centre, underground                                                                            broadcast alert’ and nightshift
   miners await the cage of dayshift                                                                      miners begin their 12-hour shift.
   miners to return to the surface.                                                                       It’s now time to re-open the
   Others are queuing at the window                                                                       tag-board and begin allocating
   of Mine Control requesting keys                                                                        jobs for the evening.
   to vehicles and signing the
                                                                                                           10:30pm With still another seven
   contractors logbook, while shift
                                                                                                           and a half hours of the shift, this is
   bosses exchange mine plans and
                                                                                                           Belinda’s first chance to respond to
   paperwork left for them at the
                                                                                                           her emails. She continues to take
   Mine Control Centre. Anthony
                                                                                                           calls internally from miners and
   and Belinda, however, are
                                                                                                           gain authorisation for them to
   focussing on exchanging the
                                                                                                           travel to certain areas of the mine.
   necessary information and
   messages before Belinda settles                                                                           Midnight Having reached the
   in for her 12-hour nightshift.                                                                            middle of her shift, Belinda has
                                                                          allocated numerous jobs to electricians and radio technicians,
   6:15pm Having worked in Mine Control for over five years, the
                                                                          and solved some problems in hoisting activity and ventilation.
   hectic nature of the job doesn’t seem to faze Belinda. Taking a
                                                                          It’s time for a coffee break to allow the next six hours to be as
   phone call while listening to the two-way radio with the other
                                                                          successful as the first six.
   ear, writing all happenings in the blue logbook, and watching
   14 screens of live operational footage is all handled                  3:00am Operationally, the mine is working smoothly, but things
   simultaneously by the Mine Control Officer. Belinda’s focus is         aren’t quiet in the Mine Control Centre. Phones are ringing and
   also fixed on the clock, ensuring the tag-board will be cleared        the two-way radios continue well into the morning. By now
   in time for underground firing.                                        Belinda has a long list of notes that she’ll advise Anthony,
                                                                          her shift change, when he arrives at 5:45am.
   “I’ve never had to stop a firing from taking place, however I have
   had to seek clearance to fire later than usual on occasion, so it is   6:00am Belinda passes on phone messages and the blue
   particularly busy between now and 8pm,” said Belinda.                  logbook to Anthony for the day-shift before heading home for
                                                                          a well-deserved sleep.
   6:30pm It is now time for the tag-board to be officially ‘closed
   off’ to prevent the movement of miners between the surface             What is most impressive about a Mine Control Officer is their
   and underground.                                                       ability to remain level-headed, have a fantastic memory of names,
                                                                          faces and phone numbers, and manage many tasks at once –
   Belinda starts receiving numerous phone calls from underground
                                                                          all with a great sense of humour. So the next time you phone
   operators and shift supervisors giving her the clearance she
                                                                          Mine Control and get that friendly voice saying “Mine Control,
   requires that miners are situated in their secure locations.
                                                                          Belinda speaking,” try to remember the 14 computer screens
   She registers every name and she then reverses the operators
                                                                          she’s monitoring, the two-way radio and the person at the
   tag on the tagboard. The Mine Control Officer is the only person
                                                                          window, not to mention the ventilation, hoisting, or cage
   who has authority to remove or reverse an underground miner’s
                                                                          operation problem she’s trying to solve. It’s all in a night’s work
   tag from the tag-board, other than the tag’s owner of course.
                                                       ISSUE 85 : 13

The crucial role of attaining the ‘all-clear’,
blocking off the tag-boards and firing at GFM is
undertaken by Mine Control Officer, Belinda Griffin.
14 : mine to market

          Handlebar Hill hits milestone
   Handlebar Hill Open Cut mine (HHOC) has reached a                     Both Huddy’s and Xstrata are very proud of Handlebar
   milestone after only six months of mining.                            Hill personnel who’ve played a pivotal role in reaching
                                                                         this milestone. Congratulations
   HHOC commenced operations on 6 September 2007,
   and Good Friday, March 21, saw the total material moved
   reaching an enormous 20 million tonnes.
   The open cut pit has now reached its final boundary
   limit size which is approximately 850 metres long and
   350 metres wide.
   The pit is presently around 60 metres deep and will have
   a total depth limit of 180 metres.
   The material was moved over the past six months with
   the help of 120 employees working on one large shovel,
   three excavators, and a fleet of 13 trucks.
   The 20 million tonnes of moved material has been                      The Handelbar Hill Open Cut pit is currently
   achieved with an injury free record.                                  850 metres long and 350 metres wide.

     Smoking – you know it is bad for you
   so why do you still smoke?                                                                                                MEDICAL

                                                                         smoker to keep smoking. Interestingly, all nicotine can be
                                                                         removed from the body in about 12 hours and very few smokers
                                                                         actually have a chemical addiction.
                                                                         Smoking is often an unconscious habit and is associated with
                                                                         many tasks such as drinking coffee, eating, drinking alcohol,
                                                                         talking on the phone, and socialising after work. It’s important
                                                                         for all smokers who want to quit, to realise and understand what
                                                                         triggers their cravings. It is also useful to keep a smoking diary.
                                                                         Once you can identify your smoking patterns and habits, they are
                                                                         easier to break.
                                                                         PSyCHOLOGICAL DEPENDENCE
                                                                         How many times have you heard that people smoke because it
                                                                         relaxes them? The reality is that nicotine is a stimulant and does
   There was a time when most people smoked. Those times are
                                                                         the exact opposite. However, in the time the person is having a
   over as more and more people quit or don’t start smoking to
                                                                         cigarette they have removed themselves from the stressful
   begin with. Latest statistics show that smoking rates are on the
                                                                         situation and have taken some deep breaths when smoking. Over
   decrease. However, 21% of Australian adults are still regular
                                                                         time smokers can use smoking as a crutch to pick them up when
   smokers. This rate is even higher in remote Australia with 33% of
                                                                         they are stressed out or feeling down. Many smokers grieve for
   adults still smoking.
                                                                         cigarettes when they quit and feel like they have lost a friend,
   THE SMOKING ADDICTION                                                 leading them to start up again.
   Many smokers report that they have tried and failed many times
                                                                         BREAKING THE ADDICTION
   to quit smoking. This is because, like any addiction, the smoking
                                                                         Eventually smokers feel that the benefits of quitting far outweigh
   addiction consists of three parts: chemical/physical addiction,
                                                                         the perceived benefits of smoking. If you are ready to tackle your
   habit, and emotional/psychological dependence. Smokers need
                                                                         smoking addiction there are people who can help including your
   to address all of these factors before they will be able to quit.
                                                                         doctor and the Quitline – call them on 13 78 48.
   CHEMICAL/PHySICAL ADDICTION                                           For more information on quitting smoking visit the QUIT website:
   People can become addicted to nicotine in cigarettes. The addiction   www.quit.org.au
   to nicotine leads to an uncomfortable craving that causes the
                                                                                                                             ISSUE 85 : 15

How are you applying your safety knowledge from work, at home?

Chris Hy                            Graham Kiehne                        Steve Pay                         Wade Elms
Mine Geologist,                     Maintenance Scheduler,               Boilermaker, Fixed Plant,         Ringfirer,
Ernest Henry Mining                 Townsville Refinery                  George Fisher Mine                Copper Mine, Mount Isa
“When I return home I               “I make a conscious                  “I always wear earplugs at        “Over the past five years
live by the rule of always          attempt to implement my              home when I’m operating           working with the
selecting the most                  safety training from the             a grinder. I wear                 company, it has become
appropriate footwear                workplace into the home              sunglasses and I never            second nature to wear
for the task required               environment, in particular           wear thongs when I’m              my Personal Protective
(e.g. I always wear thongs          the use of Personal                  doing the yard work               Equipment while doing
inside to minimise the              Protective Equipment.”               around the house.”                odd jobs around
chance of slips, trips                                                                                     the house.”
and electrocution).”

       Mine production mandatory training days
Xstrata Copper’s Mine Production team recently completed the
first of their three Mandatory Training Days for 2008. Facilitator,
John King, ran through Hand and Pneumatic Tools, an
underground core competency which strongly focuses on grinder
safety, and band-it and punch lock tools. The revamped Manual
Handling competency presented by Mount Isa Physio focused on
risk assessing all work situations where lifting or movement is

The training days were very successful with more than 90% of
Mine Production personnel having now completed both
competencies. All personnel also participated in a question and
answer session with Mine Production Manager, John Loader,
who used this opportunity to meet everyone within his new
department and address current issues and future directions of
the department.

All personnel who completed the training were issued with a
Mine Production lanyard specifically printed with the Xstrata
Mount Isa Mines logo, and Xstrata’s safety target of zero harm.

Thank you Monica Thomas, Training Coordinator for Mine
Production for your contribution                                      Pete Axsentieff assists         Grant Allan carrying
                                                                      John Mullavey with the          out hose repairs.
                                                                      operating band-it tool.
16 : mine to market

     Xstrata employees
   celebrate their anniversaries

     20 years
     of service
     Standing from left to right:
     Steve de Kruijff, Chief Operating
     Officer Xstrata Copper North
     Queensland, Adrian Kapernick,
     Allen Davidson, and Michael
     Holmes, General Manager MICO.
     Seated from left to right:
     Barry Carlson, Thomas Larkin,
     and Rodney South.

     30 and 40 years
     of service
     Standing from left to right:
     Michael Holmes, Brian MacPherson
     (30 years), and Steve de Kruijff.
     Seated from left to right:
     Vaino Hautamaki, Vic Stampton,
     and Peter Boscarin (all 40 years).
                             ISSUE 85 : 17

Xstrata Copper
30 years
of service
Standing from left to right:
Steve de Kruijff, Chief Operating
Officer Xstrata Copper North
Queensland, Paul Bloomfield,
Ken Draffen, General Manager
Engineering Support Services and
Projects, Dennis O’Brien, and
Terry O’Neill, General Manager
Metallurgical Operations.
Seated from left to right:
Cecil Eisenmenger, Robyn Wright,
and Doug Bold.

Xstrata Copper
40 years
of service
Standing from left to right:
Steve de Kruijff and Ken Draffen
celebrate with 40 year service
Xstrata Copper employees
Terry Allen, and Des Krieger.
18 : mine to market

    RFDS joins Xstrata Community Partnership
  Program to improve emergency medical training
   The Royal Flying Doctor Service (RFDS)         opportunity provided by these                  “The SimMan Medical Simulation Project
   Mount Isa has joined the Mount Isa             mannequins allows health staff based in        was only made possible by the very
   Centre for Rural and Remote Health             the region to improve and maintain their       generous financial support of the XCPP
   (MICRRH) in a partnership program with         emergency skills in supervised realistic       NQ. This program is an excellent initiative
   Xstrata to extend the SimMan Medical           scenario cases.                                which supports many local activities,”
   Simulation Project.                                                                           said Karen Spicer, Mount Isa Base
                                                  “We are very pleased that the RFDS has         Manager Royal Flying Doctor Service of
   SimMan, currently based at MICRRH, is a        come on board with our community               Australia.
   state of the art computerised life support     partnership program. Being able to
   mannequin, providing simulation training       capitalise on the training benefits that       Xstrata has funded, through the
   for health professionals in Mount Isa.         SimMan is currently offering medical           XCPP NQ, $135,000 from 2005 to 2007
   The RFDS has now come on board to              practitioners in Mount Isa and take that       for SimMan and $110,000 from 2006 to
   sponsor a replicate of SimMan called Frank     training to the wider western Queensland       2008 for SimBaby. Given the success of
   Grant who will now provide the same            region is the very essence of a sustainable    the program, Xstrata has renewed
   benefits through scenario training to          partnership program,” said Melanie Edgar,      funding with MICRRH and has extended
   remote hospitals and clinics in the region.    Manager Community Relations.                   their partnership with MICRRH and JCU
                                                                                                 by committing another $90,000 over the
   Frank Grant is valued at $24,000.              The launch for Frank Grant was held at         next three years to the SimMan Medical
   The XCPP NQ partnership now has three          the RFDS Hangar at the Mount Isa               Simulation Project
   world class mannequins; Frank Grant,           Airport on 31 March.
   SimMan, and SimBaby. The training

   From left to right: Dr Louis Peachey (MICRRH), Nadine Tipping, Dr Don Bowley, Mary Lucas, Jacinta Ottone,
   Dr Ali Murphy, Pilot Bruce Waller, and Dr John Robson (all from RFDS) at the Frank Grant launch on 31 March.
                                                                                                                                        ISSUE 85 : 19

Employee profiles

Zane Hughes                         Darryl McHardie                       Ian De Satge                           Roxann Parker
Indigenous Affairs Advisor,         Mine Production Supervisor,           Safety Advisor,                        Indigenous Employment
Xstrata North Queensland            Ernest Henry Mining                   Townsville Operations                  Officer, George Fisher Mine

Birthplace: Mount Isa.              Birthplace: Atherton.                 Birthplace: Maryborough,               Birthplace: Sunny Mount Isa.
years with Xstrata: 2 months.       years with Xstrata: 9.                                                       years with Xstrata: 18 months.
                                                                          years with Xstrata: 29.
My role at Xstrata involves:        My role at Xstrata involves:                                                 My role at Xstrata involves:
Developing the company’s            Supervising the mining                My role at Xstrata involves:           Developing and implementing
Indigenous Affairs policy and       Production of C Crew.                 Working with all levels of the         strategies for attraction and
strategy, and engaging our                                                group to achieve our targets           retention of Indigenous employees.
                                    Strengths: Easy going.
Indigenous Stakeholders in                                                within the 17 HSEC standards.
                                                                                                                 Strengths: My family and friends.
North Queensland.                   Weaknesses: BBQs and parties.
                                                                          Strengths: Good communicator.
                                                                                                                 Weaknesses: Chocolate.
Strengths: Down to earth.           Family: 3 boys.
                                                                          Weaknesses: I hoard things.
                                                                                                                 Family: Mother, 5 sisters,
Weaknesses: My stubbornness,        Favourite TV show: All.
                                                                          Family: 2 sons and 1 daughter.         2 brothers, and my dog.
Friday Night League.                Holiday destination of my
                                                                          Favourite movie: Deal or               Favourite TV show/movie:
Family: Married with 3 children.    dreams: Fishing holidays.
                                                                          No Deal and Holy Grail                 NCIS and Good Luck Chuck.
Favourite TV show: ABC Landline     Five celebrities I would like         (Monty Python).
                                                                                                                 Holiday destination of my
and the Footy Show.                 to invite to dinner:                  Holiday destination of my              dreams: A week long fishing
Holiday destination of my           Mick Doohan, Casey Stoner,            dreams: The Kimberleys, WA.            charter on the coastline of WA.
dreams: Revelstoke, Canada.         Valentino Rossi, Bart Cummings,
                                    and Malcolm Johnson.                  Five celebrities I would like to       Five celebrities I would like to
Five celebrities I would like to                                          invite to dinner: Kevin Rudd,          invite to dinner: JT (Jonathon
invite to dinner: Darren Lockyer,   If I could change something it        Nelson Mandela, Rex Hunt,              Thurston), Steven Price, Halle Berry,
Troy Dunn, John Wayne, Zane Grey,   would be: The weather.                Peter Garrett and Her Majesty          The Man (Anthony Mundine) and
and Richard Branson.                Wish for the future: To own a         The Queen.                             Chad Reed (Supercross legend).
If I could change something it      BIG fishing boat.                     Wish for the future: To take a         If I could change something it
would be: The state of the roads                                          trip to the Kimberleys to see where    would be: Getting people to accept
in Mount Isa.                                                             they get those huge tidal swings.      the things they cannot change and to
                                                                                                                 succeed in the things they can.
Wish for the future: Live long
enough to watch my kids marry                                                                                    Wish for the future: To have a
and have their own families.                                                                                     healthy investment property portfolio.

     Mary Kathleen Park receives tourism signage boost
                                               During Easter the signage at Mary Kathleen          The Cloncurry Tourism Advisory Committee
                                               Recreational and Tourism Park was replaced          and Xstrata Copper planned these signs in
                                               with colourful, vibrant and informative signs       partnership with the Cloncurry Shire Council
                                               promoting the new playground.                       and Main Roads to promote sustainable
                                                                                                   economic activity related to tourism.
                                               The Mary Kathleen signage project is an
                                               initiative between the Cloncurry Tourism            Manager for the Mary Kathleen Park facility,
                                               Development plan and Xstrata Copper in the          Gail Wipaki, said that the timing of these
                                               Xstrata Community Partnership Program               outstanding and colourful signs could not be
                                               North Queensland. This project aims to              better with the tourism season about to begin.
                                               establish ‘destination and attraction’ signage
                                                                                                   “I’m very proud of the work of the committee
                                               promoting the North West helping make
                                                                                                   and am particularly thankful to Gary Baker
                                               tourism an easy choice. The signage project is
                                                                                                   who installed the signs,” said Gail.
                                               inclusive of the Fossickers Way and Historical
                                               Trail signage both in Cloncurry and along the       If driving in the region, look out for more
                                               Flinders Highway between Cloncurry and              signage being installed by Main Roads in the
                                               Mount Isa.                                          coming weeks
Gary Baker puts the final touches on the
revitalised Mary Kathleen Park signage.
20 : mine to market

          Re-concreting R62 wheel wash area

   Old concrete being hammered out on the old R62 wheel wash bay.     R62 wheel wash bay after it has been re-concreted.

   The R62 wheel wash area has recently been re-concreted.            Small improvements such as this are critical to the continued
   This area is an access point to the R62 mine office at Xstrata     functionality of the mine and are required to assure our mine site
   Mount Isa Mines and is located close to the R62 mine gate.         remains as productive and safe as is possible.

   Over the years the concrete in the area had broken down,           The wheel wash was commissioned in approximately 1994 and up
   at times causing the drains to become clogged and then flood       until four years ago it was used full time as a secondary access to
   when there was runoff water from vehicles being washed.            the Mount Isa Mines lease. It is estimated that this facility would
   These issues were identified as being potential hazards when       have cleaned 874,000 vehicles in this time.
   entering the lower level R62 office and R62 sub-brace.
                                                                      Interesting to note, the pipe work that runs from this facility to
   Neil Isaacson of MICO Engineering pulled together a team           Davidson Ponds was checked for discharge suitability in 1994
   including shafts refurbishment crew personnel to clean up and      by Ron Pippenbacher. Ron entered the pipe using Breathing
   rework the site. Mud was sucked out and the area was cleaned       Apparatus and crawled the entire length from the wheel wash to
   down to allow the old concrete to be removed before a new layer    Davidson Ponds, checking for visible cracks and wear and tear.
   of mesh and concrete was laid in the area. The drain in the area
                                                                      The upgrade of the wheel wash facility at R62 Gate also supports
   was also unclogged and reformed to allow the water to flow
                                                                      the Lead Committee’s lead management improvement strategies.
   away and the new concrete pad now slopes to the drain
                                                                      Thanks to Neil and the team for their positive safety and
   effectively. The area is no longer a potential safety hazard and
                                                                      production initiative.
   allows smoother access to the R62 mine office.
                                                                      Thank you Neil Isaacson and Maryann Wipaki for your

      Xstrata Mount Isa Mines recently welcomed new                   Nick Slade, Manager MICO Coordination,
      teaching and hospital staff and their families who              Matt Magee, Principal Metallurgist Strategic
      are new to Mount Isa by hosting a surface tour of               Planning, and Darren Bracey, Emergency and
      the Xstrata Mount Isa Mines lease.                              Protective Services Superintendent, were Xstrata’s
                                                                      tour guides for the morning and provided a
      The tour, held on 29 March, included over
                                                                      running commentary of the mining operations
      90 guests. The tour started with a brief
      presentation of the mines’ history before the
      guests boarded the bus to begin the surface tour
      of Xstrata’s mining operations.
                                                                                                                                          ISSUE 85 : 21

         School kids visit Bowen Coke Works

Decked out in safety vests almost as big as them, 42 Year 3                    to talk to the eight year olds on safety in the workplace.
students from Bowen State School toured Bowen Coke Works                       Not only was the tour an exciting new experience for the
(BCW) recently. In preparation for the excursion, Kim Beasley,                 children, it also gave the accompanying parents and teachers
Administrative Assistant, BCW, visited the school the day before               an insight into the operations of the works

My colleagues don’t know this, but...

Selwyn Power                            Sean unwin                             Kylie Hughes                         Derek Skora
Operator/Maintainer,                    Shift Supervisor, Mine                 Mining Systems Co-ordinator,         Purchasing Officer,
Bowen Coke Works                        Production, MICO                       Ernest Henry Mining                  Zinc Lead Supply

My colleagues don’t know this,          My colleagues don’t know this,         My colleagues don’t know this,       My colleagues don’t know this,
but I’m about to climb up to the        but my friends call me Tiger, due to   but I juggle taking care of my son   but but I have a pet fish at home.
top of the load out plant!              my golfing skills.                     Michael with studying for my
                                                                                                                    My favourite food is Australian
                                                                               Degree in Mining Engineering.
My favourite food any kind of           My favourite food is steak, eggs                                            beef.
seafood with a dash of garlic butter.   and chips.                             My favourite food is bruschetta.
                                                                                                                    I drive a Nissan Maxima.
I drive my wife up the wall and she     I drive a Ford XR6 Turbo.              I drive a red Honda Accord Euro –
                                                                                                                    The people I most admire are my
drives my VW.                                                                  2006 model.
                                        The person I most admire                                                    family.
The people I most admire are my         is Craig Lowndes.                      The person I most admire is my
                                                                                                                    In my spare time I read
father and mother.                                                             Grandmother. She was a hard
                                        In my spare time I play golf,                                               newspapers and books.
                                                                               worker, raised four boys and
In my spare time I play my piano        garden and pamper my car.
                                                                               placed the highest importance        My pet hate is deceitful people.
and mow the lawn.
                                        My pet hate is cruelty to animals.     on family life.
                                                                                                                    I can’t live without a good coffee.
My pet hate is fishing. I hate
                                        I can’t live without my wife.          In my spare time I entertain my
baiting my wife and kids’ lines,
                                                                               very active 18 month old...
then cleaning the fish!
                                                                               My pet hate is my husband not
I can’t live without food and
                                                                               making the bed... sorry Steven.
water apparently.
                                                                               I can’t live without cuddles from
                                                                               my boys.
22 : mine to market

         Air compressor efficiency
   Optimising compressed air systems can provide energy efficiency   Fix leaks – Perform regular checks for leaks in piping, joints,
   improvements between 20 to 50%.                                   drains, relief and drain valves, flexible hoses, quick release hose
                                                                     fittings, filter and lubricator units. Repair leaks immediately to
   Energy and operating cost savings can be achieved by:
                                                                     save costs. A 6.4 millimetre hole costs about $3,400 a year for a
     Maintaining the system regularly;                               system operating at a pressure of 700 kilo Pascals.
     Selecting the right compressor to match the purpose; and
                                                                     Maintenance system – Ensure a thorough maintenance
     Optimising the size of the air distribution system.
                                                                     procedure is enforced.
                                                                     Shorten distribution distance – Reduce the distance air has
   Turn equipment off – Turn off compressed air equipment
                                                                     to travel from the unit to save energy and costs.
   when not being used.
                                                                     Check belt drives – Belt driven compressors need regularly
   Reduce air pressure – Ensure the air pressure for the
                                                                     checked belt tension. Incorrect tension can cause energy losses
   compressed air system is set at the minimum required to do
                                                                     from belt slippage or exert excessive stress on the compressor
   the job. If the air pressure is too low it may function
                                                                     and motor bearings.
   inefficiently, or too high it may damage the equipment
   and increase the likelihood of leaks.                             Check that the size of the compressors meets your needs.

   Prevent unnecessary use – Do not use air compressors for          ADDITIONAL BENEFIT
   drying or cleaning. A fan can generally do the same job for a     Equipment longevity. Operating compressors efficiently can
   fraction of the cost.                                             help improve their life span

        Team Donna Kuskopf raises vital funds for MIRu
                                                                     Xstrata Chef, Donna Kuskopf, is a strong contender for the
                                                                     prestigious Mount Isa Rotary Rodeo Queen Quest title.

                                                                     With only four months to go until the winner is announced,
                                                                     ‘Team Donna Kuskopf’ have been busy organising a number of
                                                                     community fundraising events in order to raise money for the
                                                                     Mount Isa Rugby Union (MIRU) club.

                                                                     “I wanted to support a local organisation. I have done a lot of
                                                                     work with the rugby club over the years and I saw that the club
                                                                     needed help to update the clubhouse and maintain the
                                                                     grounds,” said Donna.

                                                                     Donna has recently held the very successful ‘Jerseys and Jewels’
                                                                     Ball at the Overlander Hotel. Over 170 guests turned up in their
                                                                     sparkling attire and footy shorts to help raise much needed
                                                                     funds for MIRU.

                                                                     “We had a great turnout. Everyone really got into the theme
                                                                     and had a great night,” said Donna.

                                                                     As part of her many upcoming fundraising events, Donna and
                                                                     her team will be bringing the festive season to Mount Isa early
                                                                     this year with a mid-winter Christmas party which will be held
                                                                     at the Overlander Hotel on Saturday 12 July.

                                                                     ‘Team Donna Kuskopf’ is also organising a Mount Isa Fun Day
                                                                     with an Iron Man/Iron Woman competition, which will be held
                                                                     on 18 May. A 1920s poker night which will be held at the Buffs
                                                                     Club is scheduled for 31 May.

                                                                     Keep an eye out for more details of Donna’s community fundraising
                                                                     events in the Calendar of Events section of Mine to Market
   Donna Kuskopf, Mount Isa Rotary Rodeo Queen Quest entrant.
                                                                                                                              ISSUE 85 : 23

  Spinifex students
interested in mining careers

Left to right: Xstrata’s Roxann Parker with Spinifex State College students Richard Burgen, Bobby Ambrum, Josh Retchford,
Tommy Dempsey, and Roxanne Chapman.

This month Spinifex State College year ten students were             Roxann Parker delivered an ‘Xstrata Career Options’ presentation
presented with career options at Xstrata as part of the Mount Isa    to a group of 35 Indigenous year ten students. Of the 35
Youth Pathways Program.                                              students, 21 expressed interest in a career with Xstrata.

Mount Isa Youth Pathways are delivering a ‘Career Option             Some of the careers the students expressed interest in at Xstrata
Program’ to Indigenous students studying in year ten. The aim of     include a Magazine Keeper, an Open Pit Operator, Metallurgical
the program is to increase the retention rate of Indigenous          Plant Attendant, Coreshed Technician, Apprentice Diesel Fitter,
students after completing year ten.                                  Apprentice Electrician, and Apprentice Boilermaker

        Sponsored Apprenticeship Intake 2009
   Mount Isa Mines is offering existing employees the                This is an outstanding opportunity to formalise your existing
   opportunity to complete an apprenticeship as a part of our        unrecognised skills or develop qualifications in an area you are
   Sponsored Apprenticeship Intake for 2009. You will be able to     passionate about.
   gain nationally recognised qualifications through combining
                                                                     Numbers and trade areas will be subject to business needs.
   practical work with structured on and off the job training.
                                                                     We will be advertising for applications mid-June, so discuss
                                                                     the opportunity with your manager and keep an eye out for
                                                                     the opportunity through internal job notifications

24 : mine to market

    Mount Isa’s future engineers
   mentored by Xstrata

   Xstrata Zinc’s Tiffany Sproles, and Spinifex State College’s Grant Salmond, conduct a debrief with Spinifex students, Kael Larkin,
   Frances Potter, and Jonathan Kable, following the recent physicists’ tournament.

   If you have ever tried to explain the Theory of Relativity to           “After some research, we felt we had a plausible scientific
   someone, then a ‘Physics Fight’ is probably something you may           solution to explain the phenomena for spinning ice.
   be interested in. Three of Mount Isa’s Year 12 students have            We presented our case within the allocated twelve-minute
   recently represented the region at the 2008 International Young         time frame, then listened to the rebuttal from our opposing
   Physicists’ Tournament (IYPT) Australian Challenge in Brisbane.         team which was from All Saint’s Anglican School (near
                                                                           Mudgeeraba),” said Frances.
   The tournament involved the three Spinifex College students
   explaining a scientific theory behind physics-based problems            Following the rebuttal by All Saint’s students, the ‘Physics Fight’
   and then debating their theory in a ‘Physics Fight’. The team           took around 45 minutes to complete. The debate was judged by
   was mentored by George Fisher Mine’s Reliability Engineer,              a series of jurors made up of university professors and industry
   Tiffany Sproles, as well as their physics and maths teacher,            professionals.
   Grant Salmond.
                                                                           “Having university professors judging us was a bit intimidating
   One of the challenges that the team of Kael Larkin, Frances             when the debate began, however we then realised we were at
   Potter, and Jonathan Kable encountered was to formulate a               a similar level to the other teams, and we continued to argue
   scientific theory about ‘Spinning Ice’. The problem involved:           our theory,” said Kael.

   Pour very hot water into a cup and stir it so the water rotates         Student Jonathan Kable said the tournament was a great
   slowly. Place a small ice cube at the centre of the rotating water.     opportunity to put their physics and mathematical theories to
   The ice cube will spin faster than the water around it.                 the test.
   Investigate the parameters that influence the ice rotation.
                                                                           “During the physics fight, our experimental methods were
   While some of you may not want to contemplate even                      questioned but we continued to argue our theory based on our
   beginning to answer the question, the team tackled the                  research,” said Jonathan.
   challenge head on, explaining that the reasoning behind the
   phenomena was due to convection currents. The team argued               Also part of the team was Spinifex teacher, Mr Grant Salmond,
   that a rotational vector and heat convection was the main cause         and team coach and Xstrata Zinc Reliability Engineer, Tiffany
   for faster rotation of the cooler ice. Frances Potter explained the     Sproles, who were both very proud of the students.
   warmer water with a chilled centre was similar to a cyclone.            “The skills learnt by the students will be beneficial to them in
                                                                           their chosen professions, which could very well be in the mining
                                                                           industry,” said Tiffany
                                                                                                                              ISSUE 85 : 25

          What’s retirement going to cost you?
Just how much it costs for a comfortable          Association of Superannuation Funds of
retirement is a difficult question to             Australia (ASFA) provides interesting         9% Superannuation Guarantee
answer. Most people know they need to             figures in relation to this issue.            Contributions for someone on
save for retirement, yet few know exactly                                                       average earnings after 30 years
                                                  The table below sets out budgets for          employment will provide a lump sum
how much money will be needed to fund
                                                  retired single persons and couples for        of $167,000, or approx $19,800 p.a.
a comfortable lifestyle.
                                                  both the modest and comfortable               in retirement income.
How much you will need to save will               retirement living standards for Sydney in
depend on what savings and other                  September 2005 on both a weekly and
investments you start off with, how long          yearly basis.                                  Consider reviewing your investment
it is until you retire, and what level of                                                        strategy and budget regularly –
retirement income you are seeking.                TOOLS TO HELP yOu WITH                         especially when your personal
                                                  PLANNING AND SAVING                            circumstances change.
Do you want to be active in retirement,           Working out how much you need to save
and be able to afford to undertake a                                                             Consider seeking professional advice
                                                  for your retirement can be tricky and
range of activities? Do you want your                                                            from a qualified financial
                                                  depends on your personal circumstances.
lifestyle to be a:                                                                               planner – to access a financial planner
                                                  Below are some ideas that may assist you
                                                                                                 on the AdvantEdge ActivePlan panel
                                                  to prepare for your retirement:
   modest lifestyle in retirement – better                                                       call 1300 557 586.
   than a lifestyle based on income from             Consider making voluntary
   the Age Pension only, but still restricted                                                 Remember that prior to making any
                                                     contributions to your
   to fairly basic activities; or                                                             financial decisions concerning your
                                                     superannuation sooner rather
                                                                                              superannuation you should consider the
                                                     than later – voluntary contributions
   comfortable retirement lifestyle –                                                         Product Disclosure Statement for the Fund.
                                                     can be made from your after-tax or
   enabling you to have a broad range of
                                                     before-tax salary.                       To calculate approximately how much
   leisure activities and a good standard
   of living.                                                                                 money you may have in superannuation
                                                     Consider consolidating your
                                                                                              when you retire, check out the Watch
                                                     superannuation – making it easier
Research (first released February 2004)                                                       your super grow calculator available on
                                                     for you to keep track of your
commissioned by Westpac from the                                                              the Plum website at www.plum.com.au
                                                     investment strategy.

                                                  MODEST                   MODEST             COMFORTABLE           COMFORTABLE
                                                  LIFESTyLE                LIFESTyLE          LIFESTyLE             LIFESTyLE
                                                  (SINGLE)                 (COuPLE)           (SINGLE)              (COuPLE)

Housing – ongoing only                            $59.96                   $62.02             $79.66                $81.71

Energy                                            $11.02                   $13.12             $12.06                $14.16

Food                                              $59.19                   $124.58            $117.42               $165.54

Clothing                                          $14.82                   $25.56             $31.29                $57.07

Household goods and services                      $47.91                   $50.73             $85.14                $90.07

Health                                            $11.02                   $20.77             $46.43                $91.31

Transport                                         $67.53                   $68.27             $103.05               $103.80

Leisure                                           $44.23                   $73.24             $141.51               $203.17

Personal care                                     $23.68                   $37.32             $23.68                $37.32

Gifts and/or alcohol and tobacco                                                              $20.79                $41.58

Total per week                                    $339.36                  $475.61            $661.03               $885.73

Total per year                                    $17,695                  $24,799            $34,467               $46,184

Both lifestyles assume that you own your own home outright and are relatively healthy.
26 : mine to market

          Julia Creek Dirt n Dust Festival
   The 2008 Julia Creek Dirt n Dust Festival        Ernest Henry Mining (EHM) employees              Aaron Farlow from Queanbeyan won the
   was held during the first weekend in             were keyed up for an action packed               individual race, completing the swim, cycle,
   April. The action-packed weekend                 weekend. Five EHM teams comprising of            and run in just 1 hour and 9 minutes.
   started on the Friday afternoon with a           two corporate teams, two men’s teams
   street parade, followed by a triathlon,          and one mixed team were nominated to             The weekend crowd totalled around
   races, and rodeo on Saturday and then            compete in the triathlon on the Saturday         3,000 with record numbers entered in
   the famous bog snorkelling on Sunday.            morning, and started a friendly rivalry          the triathlon.
                                                    among the participants. With record              The Dirt n Dust Festival wouldn’t have
   The annual Dirt n Dust Festival is funded        numbers of triathlon entrants, the
   through the Xstrata Community                                                                     been complete without the Rodeo on
                                                    competition was tough, but tougher still         Saturday evening, which saw 25 bull
   Partnership Program North Queensland             with the bragging rights of EHM at stake.
   (XCPP NQ). Xstrata has committed                                                                  riders from the Professional Bull Riding
   funding of $15,000 over three years from         The EHM men’s team consisting of Danny           (PBR) Association put on an impressive
   2007–2009 to this festival.                      Huisman, Brett Wass, and Greg Targett,           display at Kev Bannah Oval in Julia Creek.
                                                    placed third in their division, leaving          Caboolture’s Tim Wilson obtained a well
                                                    them also the winners of the EHM                 deserved first place with a total of
                                                    internal competition.                            166.5 points, while Australia’s Jock
                                                                                                     Connolly received a close second place
                                                                                                     with 163.5 points

   EHM Triathlon participants: left to right (back row): Brian Webb, Tim Purvis, Steve Rooney, Steve Perkins,
   and Richard Forsyth. Middle row: Andrew Upfill, Danny Huisman, Amanda Wass, Nicole King, Mike
   Westerman, and Ryan Turner. Front row: Brett Wass, Laura Tully, Ivan Zapata, and Greg Targett.
                                                                                                                          ISSUE 85 : 27

  1-4        Richmond Fossil Festival
  2          Gregory Canoe Marathon
  3-5        EHM Shutdown
  4          Labour Day – public holiday
  7          New Starters Induction (Mount Isa)
  10         Show Society Wine and Cheese Night (Cloncurry)
  11         Mother’s Day
  16-18      Julia Creek Campdraft
  18         Mount Isa Fun Day – Queen Quest fundraiser
  17         Cloncurry Race Meeting (Cloncurry)
  30         Show Society Barefoot Bowls (Cloncurry)
  31         Poker Night for Queen Quest fundraiser –
             Buffs Club (Mount Isa)

  June                                                            Ernest Henry Mining Tours
  2-8        Queensland Week                                      ERNEST HENRy MINING
  4          New Starters Induction (Mount Isa)
                                                                  SuPPORTING LOCAL TOuRISM IN CLONCuRRy
  5          World Environment Day
  7          Mount Isa Cup (Mount Isa)                            Xstrata Copper Ernest Henry Mine is located approximately
                                                                  38 kilometres north-east of Cloncurry in the mineral rich
  8-9        Finke Desert Races (Alice Springs)
                                                                  province of North West Queensland.
  9          Queen’s Birthday – public holiday
  13-15      Cloncurry Show                                       Ernest Henry Mine is considered to be a world class deposit
  20-22      Mount Isa Annual Show                                being the third largest copper deposit in Australia.
  27-29      Saxby Campdraft                                      Tours are operated every Wednesday and Friday between May
  28         McKinlay Race Meeting                                and September with a minimum of ten people departing from
                                                                  Mary Kathleen Park, Cloncurry.
                                                                  During the tour you will observe the day-to-day operations of
  2          New Starter’s Induction (Mount Isa)
                                                                  a world class open cut pit mine.
  5-6        Isa Campdraft
  8-10       Rockhana Festival (Cloncurry)                        Bookings            Mary Kathleen Park
  12         Mid-winter Christmas Party (Queen Quest              Phone/Fax           (07) 4742 1361
             fundraiser), Overlander Hotel (Mount Isa)
                                                                  Email               gail_mkparkcloncurry@bigpond.com
  10-13      Cloncurry Stockman’s Challenge and Campdraft
  18-20      Boulia Camel Races                                   Entry               $15.00 adult
  26         Quamby Rodeo                                                             $25.00 double
             Townsville Cup                                                           $30.00 family

         Finke Desert Race
The Finke Desert Race is held every year over the Queen’s
Birthday weekend with official race days being the 8th and
9th of June this year. The race is an off-road race from
Alice Springs down to the Aboriginal community of Finke
(approximately 225km from Alice Springs) and returning to
Alice Springs the next day. The total distance of the race is
approximately 450 kilometres over the two days.
The Finke Desert race is one of the biggest and most famous
long-distance events on the Australian Motorcycle calendar.
Several Xstrata employees are competing in this year’s event
and are seeking support. For enquiries, please contact          From left to right: Terry Johns, Aaron McDermott,
Londt van der Merwe on 4744 3366                                Londt van der Merwe, Paul Sorensen, and Lindi van der Merwe.
                                                                                       PHOTO COMPETITION
For sale
DMH Australia ‘Endeavour’                3.75m fibreglass boat and trailer
travellers backpack with day             As is - $550. Ph. 0432 490 494.
pack. Fully adjustable harness,
                                         2005 Holden Viva Hatch silver,
padded backing and straps.
                                         20,000kms. Great car - $13,000
Used only once. Excellent
                                         neg. Ph. 4743 4221.
condition. 78ltr, plum/navy blue.
Approx. 70cm L x 40cm W x 20cm D.        Tall boy pine $180, tall 4 door pine
Worth over $200, is selling for $85.     cupboard $120. Ph. 0421 777 513.
Ph. 4749 4390 after 6pm or
                                         Xbox Console with 2 controllers,
0427 591 921.
                                         ready for gaming. Includes
Good Shepherd Catholic High              11 games: Ghost recon 2,
School uniforms 3 x size 16              The godfather, Spartan total
shorts, 3 x size 10 shirts, 1 x size     warrior, Driv3r, Tony Hawks
small sports shirt, 1 x size 14 sports   underground, The warriors,                 Congratulations to Vanessa Perkins
shorts - $150 for the lot. Nearly        Fable the lost chapters, Fight             who correctly guessed that March’s
brand new. Ph. 4743 9368 and             Night round 3, Prince of Persia            photo competition was a detail
leave message.                           warrior within, Grand theft auto           from page 11
                                         san andreas and Evil Dead fistful
Suzuki Grand Vitara V6 1998,
                                         of boomstick. $250 the lot. Please
white, 200,000km, 5spd manual,
                                         contact Glen on 4749 4390 after
Mags, Yokohama Geolander tyres,
                                         6pm or 0427 591 921.
A/C, elec windows/mirrors, alloy
b/b, new battery and clutch m/c,
Uniflo a/f, T’bar, Pioneer CD,           Wanted
Great for off-road and town
                                         Stainless steel evaporative air
driving. $10,500. Ph. 0418 799 757.
                                         conditioner Ph. 4743 8753 and
Genuine Holden White Hard                leave message.
Tonneau cover to suit late model
                                         Clay bricks Ph. 4743 8753.
Holden Rodeo Crewcab/Dualcab.
2 years old VGC $1,600 ONO.
Ph. 4749 0890.                           Employees from Townsville Copper
                                         Refinery and Port Operations, Bowen
Free!! Dog kennel, insulated             Coke Works, EHM and Mount Isa
colourbond roof, vents in rear           Mines only are invited to list items for   Can you guess this month’s
wall. Will suit any size dog.            sale. Please contact your Community        photo competition? You will find
Ph. 0418 873 178.                        Relations Department for the               the answer somewhere in this
Gold detector GPX4000, excellent         classifieds form.                          publication.
condition. Ph. 0416 086 529.             All submissions are due to the Editor      For your chance to win, email
SYD hill Barcoo Suprema stock            by the 3rd business day of each month.     cpeters@xstratacopper.com.au
saddle 17” $950, kids 16” stock          Mine to Market will not accept any         before Friday 16 May.
saddle $150, AP kids saddle, small       commercial advertising notices.
                                                                                    The winner will receive a double
$100 and miniature horse saddles                                                    movie voucher and have their
P.O.A. Ph. 0421 777 513.                                                            name published in the next issue
                                                                                    of Mine to Market

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