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					The libraries of the affiliated university colleges at the University of Waterloo are exempt from the Tri-University Group of Libraries’
“Preservation of Last Copy Agreement”. Their holdings are not reflected in this bulletin. It is possible that copies of items listed below
are available in these libraries.

This bulletin includes items from the Porter Reference and Porter Stacks for which there are no other copies in the University of
Waterloo, Guelph or Laurier libraries. Please note that the items being suggested for withdrawal are on this list for various reasons.
Should you have concerns about any title on this list, please contact your Liaison Librarian who can provide more detail and/or retain
the item in our collection.

                                           TITLES HIGHLIGHTED IN GREEN HAVE BEEN RETURNED TO THE STACKS

       Call                                         Title                                     Author                                    Imprint

AC8.G954 1970        Solar journal (oecological sections)                      Grossinger, Richard, 1944-              Los Angeles : Black Sparrow Press, 1970.

AC8.W26 1971         Men and ideas; essays.                                    Wallas, Graham, 1858-1932.              Freeport, N.Y., Books for Libraries Press

AC25.F37 1950        Enfant d'Agrigente ; suivi de, Le Grec et la nature       Festugiere, A. J. (AndreiJean), 1898-   Paris : Iles d'Or, 1950.

AC30.E58 1978        Entwicklungen der siebziger Jahre : Studien aus der                                               Gerabronn : Hohenloher Druck- uns
                     Gesamthochschule Siegen                                                                           Verlagshaus, 1978.

AC35.F7213 1969      Reminiscences and reflections                             Friedlander, Max J , 1867-1958.         Greenwich, Conn. : New York Graphic
                                                                                                                       Society, 1969.

AC35.M84x 1977       Namen und Menschen : unpolitische Erinnerungen            Muhsam, Erich, 1878-1934.               Berlin : K. Guhl, 1977.

AE25.E6D62x 1983     Woman in the Encyclopedie : a compendium                  Dock, Terry Smiley                      Potomac, Md. : Studia Humanitatis, 1983.

                                                                           Page 1
AE25.E6F73 1972      Ricerche su l'Encyclopedie                                        Freer, Alan.                     Pisa : Libreria goliardica editrice, 1972-

AG25.M56x 1984       Apprendre dans le dictionnaire                                    Milou, Charles.                  Paris : Sermap : Hatier, 1984.

AG243.R55 1974b      Shell book of firsts                                              Robertson, Patrick.              London : Ebury Press, 1974.

AM7.K53 1981         Museum und Offentlichkeit : Fakten und Daten, Motive und          Klein, Hans-Joachim, 1938-       Berlin : Mann, 1981.D27

AM41.R68x 1980       Bibliography of museum and art gallery publications and audio-    Roulstone, Michael.              Cambridge : Chadwyck-Healey, 1980.
                     visual aids in Great Britain and Ireland, 1979/80

AM96 .T47 1981       Art galleries and museums of New Zealand                          Thomson, Keith Westhead, 1924-   Sydney : Reed, 1981.

AM101.B46F6x 1973    Deed of trust : a tribute to Charles Reed Bishop : on the occasion Force, Roland W.                Honolulu : Bishop Museum Press, 1973.
                     of the celebration of the sesquicentennial of his birth

AM401.A42A43x 1979   University collects                                               University of Alberta.           Edmonton : University of Alberta Press,

AP2.A836 1971        Audience, November-December, 1971, volume 1, number 6.                                             Boston, Mass. : Hill, 1971.

AP4 .G32 v. 1-4      Selection of curious articles from the Gentleman's magazine       John Walker.                     London, Longman, Hurst, Rees, Orme
                                                                                                                        and Brown, 1811-1814

AP50.R812R87 1977    Russkaja mys', 1905-1918                                          Hans Rothe.                      Giessen : W. Schmitz, 1977.D34+D47

AP50.S47x 1984       Severnaia lira na 1827 god                                        Golts, T.M.                      Moskva : Nauka, 1984.

AS6.A5               Committees : how they work and how to work them                   Anstey, Edgar.                   London : Allen & Unwin, 1963, 1962.

                                                                                   Page 2
AS25.R47 1982         Research institutions and learned societies                        Joseph C. Kiger                 Westport, Conn. : Greenwood Press,

AS30.T6 no. 12        New perspectives in American literature.                                                           Washington, Pa., Washington and
                                                                                                                         Jefferson College, 1966.

AS30.T6 no. 8         Man and society.                                                                                   Washington, Pa., Washington and
                                                                                                                         Jefferson College, 1964.

AS911.N9D43 1968      German Nobel prizewinners. German contributions in the fields of                                   Munchen, Moos 1968
                      science, letters and international understanding

AS911.N9L8            Nobel prize winners                                                Ludovici, Lawrence James, ed.   London, Arco Publishers, Ltd. 1957

AZ103 .G27 1982 t.1   Du vouloir dire : traiteid'epistemologie des sciences humaines     Gagnepain, Jean.                Paris : Pergamon Press, 1982-

AZ221.W6              World of ideas; essays on the past and future                                                      Norman, University of Oklahoma Press

AZ361.L34T37 1972b    Richmond lecture, its purpose and achievement                      Tasker, John.                   Swansea : Brynmill, 1972.

BF1.B72 no. 30        Function fluctuation                                               Anderson, Charles C. (Charles   Cambridge : University Press, 1958.
                                                                                         Campbell), 1923-

BF1.B72 no. 29        Development and present status of the trace theory of memory       Gomulicki, Bronislaw R.         Cambridge : University Press, 1953.

BF1.B72 no. 31        Figural after-effects                                              McEwan, Peter.                  Cambridge : University Press, 1958.

BF21.K285 1971        Psychology and society; readings for general psychology.           Karlins, Marvin, comp.          New York, Wiley 1971

BF31.F7 1954          Psychological glossary.                                            Fraser, Douglas Campbell.       Cambridge Eng. Heffer, 1954.

                                                                                  Page 3
BF39.C574x 1954      Survey of mathematical models of small group behavior                  Coleman, James Samuel, 1926-1995     New York : Bureau of Applied Social
                                                                                                                                 Research, 1954.

BF39.K73x 1977       Unrestricted common factor analysis by Newton's method                 Krane, William R                     London : Dept. of Psychology, University
                                                                                                                                 of Western Ontario, 1977.

BF39.K8              Foundations of psychological research: statistics, methodology,        Kurtz, Kenneth H                     Boston, Allyn and Bacon, 1965.
                     and measurement

BF39.N47x 1976       Fallacy of the reliability-discriminability principle in research on   Neufeld, Richard W J                 London : Dept. of Psychology, University
                     differential cognitive deficit                                                                              of Western Ontario, 1976.

BF39.T47x 1907       Empirical studies in the theory of measurement                         Thorndike, Edward L. (Edward Lee),   New York : Science Press, 1907.

BF44.H4x 1936        Typusbegriff im Lichte der neuen Logik:                                Hempel, Carl Gustav, 1905-           Leiden : A.W. Sijthoff, 1936
                     wissenschaftstheoretische Untersuchungen zur
                     Konstitutionsforschung und Psychologie

BF56.D7              Psychology of industry.                                                Drever, James, 1873-1950.            London, Methuen 1947

BF76.5.H34 1981      Psychology laboratory computing : a report of a study group on         Hale, David.                         London : Social Science Research
                     possible SSRC initiatives to aid psychology laboratory computing                                            Council, 1981.

BF79.M6              Laboratory studies in operant behavior.                                Michael, Jack.                       New York, McGraw-Hill 1963

BF145.R38 1957       Histoire de la psychologie.                                            Reuchlin, Maurice.                   Paris, Presses universitaires de France,

BF95.O5 1982         Beginnings of modern psychology                                        O'Neil, William Matthew, 1912-       Brighton : Harvester Press, 1982.

BF109.F78K62x 1982   Erich Fromm                                                            Knapp, Gerhard Peter.                Berlin : Colloquium Verlag, 1982.

BF111.E3 1819        Conversations on the science of the human mind                         Ely, Ezra Stiles, 1786-1861.         Philadelphia : W. Fry, Printer, 1819.

                                                                                       Page 4
BF113.S312E45 1971      Romantische Sehnsucht und Kosmogonie; eine Studie zu Gotthilf Elschenbroich, Adalbert.              Tubingen, M. Niemeyer, 1971.
                        Heinrich Schuberts Geschichte der Seele und deren Stellung in
                        der deutschen Spatromantik.

BF121.B39 1973          Giving psychology away                                                Belcher, Duane M              San Francisco, Canfield Press 1973

BF121.R75 1865 (1974)   Brief outline of an analysis of the human intellect                   Rush, James, 1786-1869.       Weston, Mass. : M & S Press, 1974.

BF131.G672x 1980        Search PsycINFO instructor guide                                      Gosling, Carolyn G.           Washington, D.C. : American
                                                                                                                            Psychological Association, 1980?.

BF131.R32               Psychology for individual education                                   Raushenbush, Esther, ed.      New York, Columbia University Press,

BF131.R84               Psychology and life; a study of the thinking, feeling, and doing of   Ruch, Floyd Leon, 1903-       Chicago, Scott, Foresman 1941
                        people, including a section on physiological backgrounds.

BF131.S545 1974         Getting acquainted with psychology                                    Smith, Patricia A 1929-       New York, Springer Pub. Co. 1974

BF141.L4x 1975b         Introduction to psychological science : basic processes in the        Legge, David.                 London : Methuen, 1975.
                        analysis of behaviour

BF145.B7313 1971b       Unknown ego: an introduction to everyday psychology                   Brocher, Hans Heinz Tobias.   London, Transworld for Richard Sadler
                                                                                                                            Ltd., 1972 1971

BF149.G47 1970          Selected readings in psychology                                       Gibbons, Don E comp.          Saint Louis, Mosby, 1970.

BF173.S56               Symptomatology, psychognosis, and diagnosis of psychopathic           Sidis, Boris, 1867-1923.      Boston, R. G. Badger, 1914

BF173.S563 1970 t.1-2   Oeuvre de Wilhelm Reich.                                              Sinelnikoff, Constantin.      Paris, F. Maspero, 1970.

BF173.V494C65x 1974     Constructions et reconstructions en psychanalyse                      Societe psychanalytique       Paris : Presses Universitaires de France,

                                                                                       Page 5
BF175.C48 1971        Pour une psychanalyse de l'art et de la creativite.                   Chasseguet-Smirgel, Janine, 1928-   Paris, Payot, 1971.

BF175.E38 1973        Education et psychanalyse                                             Robert Barande [et al               Paris Hachette 1973

BF175.G4214x 1980     Action psychanalytique                                                Gear, Maria Carmen.                 Paris: Editions de Minuit, 1980.

BF175.G68 1978        Corps et le signe dans l'acte de parole                               Gori, Roland Claude.                Paris : Dunod, 1978.

BF175.J44 1972        Jesus und Freud; ein Symposion von Psychoanalytikern und                                                  Munchen, R. Piper, 1972

BF175.J87 1984        Lacan et la philosophie                                               Juranville, Alain.                  Paris : Presses universitaires de France,

BF175.K28 1980        Ideologie, etudes psychanalytiques : mentalite de l'ideal et esprit   Kaes, Rene.                         Paris : Dunod, 1980.
                      de corps

BF175.4.C84K38 1974   Psychanalyse et theorie de la culture                                 Kaufmann, Pierre, 1916-             Paris : Denoel, 1974.

BF175.L47 1980        Reve du cosmonaute                                                    Lemoine-Luccioni, Eugenie.          Paris : Seuil, 1980.

BF175.M267 1979       Theorie comme fiction : Freud, Groddeck, Winnicott, Lacan             Mannoni, Maud, 1923-                Paris : Seuil, 1979.

RC509.8.M35 1982      Theatres du Je                                                        McDougall, Joyce.                   Paris : Gallimard, 1982.

BF175.M37x 196-       Lealing influence of active immagination in a specific case of        Marjula, Anna                       Zurich : printed by Schippert, 196-?.

BF175.S556 1983       Structure of psychopathological experience                            Siomopoulos, V.                     New York : Brunner/Mazel, 1983.

                                                                                       Page 6
BF176.N468x 1984   Elaboration of incorrect application of traditional test           Neufeld, Richard W. J.                 London : Dept. of Psychology, University
                   discriminating power formulations to diagnostic-group studies                                             of Western Ontario, 1984.

BF176.N47x 1983    On the psychometric sensitivity of measures with complex           Neufeld, Richard W. J.                 London : Dept. of Psychology, University
                   structures to sources of between-group differences                                                        of Western Ontario, 1983.

BF181.H78          Psychology through experiment                                      Humphrey, George, 1889-                London, Methuen 1963

BF199.B83 1981     Human reflex : behavioral psychology in Biblical perspective       Bufford, Rodger K.                     San Francisco : Harper & Row, 1981.

BF199.D35 1977     Buying and goodbying of behaviorism's way : confessions and        Davidson, Jon R                        Roslyn Heights, N.Y. : Libra Publishers,
                   perspectives of an ex-behaviorist                                                                         1977.

BF199.M4 1967      Structure du comportement. Precede de Une philosophie de           Merleau-Ponty, Maurice, 1908-1961.     Paris, Presses, universitaires de France,
                   l'ambiguite, par Alphonse De Waelhens.                                                                    1967.

BF199.R3 1926      Complacency : the foundation of human behavior                     Raup, Robert Bruce, 1888-              New York : Macmillan, 1926,

BF199.R5           Total self regulatory functions in animals and human beings.       Richter, Curt Paul, 1894-1989          n.p. 1964.

BF199.R62          Behaviorism at twenty-five                                         Roback, A. A. (Abraham Aaron), 1890-   Cambridge, Mass., Sci-Art Publishers
                                                                                      1965.                                  1937

BF200.G3 1975b     First experiments in psychology                                    Gardiner, John M                       London : Methuen, 1975.

BF200.G4 1971      Contemporary experimental psychology: in flagrante delicto.        Germana, Joseph, 1940-                 Monterey, Calif., Brooks/Cole Pub. Co.

BF200.P26 1961     Systematic observation of gross human behavior                     Pascal, Gerald R                       New York, Grune & Stratton 1961

BF204.S68 1982     Personne qui s'actualise : traiteide psychologie humaniste         Saint-Arnaud, Yves, 1938-              Chicoutimi, Quebec : G. Morin, 1982.

                                                                                  Page 7
BF205.M6J6 1972       Factorial analysis of ability in fundamental motor skills           Jones, Lloyd Meredith, 1900-1948.        New York, AMS Press, 1972

BF205.M6W75x 1973     Investigation of the relationships between physiological readiness Wright, David Allen, 1943-                Greeley : University of Northern Colorado,
                      and the rates and efficiency of learning three gross motor skills by                                         1973.
                      children from five to nine years of age

BF237.P76x 1981       Problemy psikhofiziki i differentsia'noi psikhofiziologii                                                    Kazan : Kazanskogo universiteta, 1981.

BF251.H33 1974        Psychoacoustics                                                     Harris, J. Donald (John Donald), 1914-   Indianapolis, Bobbs-Merrill 1974

BF293.S55x 1980       Similarity and choice : papers in honour of Clyde Coombs            Lantermann, Ernst D.                     Bern : Huber, 1980.

BF295.B85x 1973       Psycho-physiological variables in motor task performance            Bunker, Linda Kay, 1947-                 Urbana-Champaign : University of Illinois,

BF295.V47x 1973       Effect of different post knowledge of results intervals and         Verabioff, Lorne John, 1938-             Columbus : Ohio State University, 1973.
                      interpolated verbal activity on performance and retention of a
                      motor skill

BF311.F55x            Florida studies in the helping professions                          Combs, Arthur W.                         Gainsville, University of Florida Press,

BF311.G468 1975       Cultural content of thinking : a comparative study of Punjabi and   Ghuman, Paul Avtar Singh.                Windsor : NFER, 1975.
                      English boys

BF311.K28 1970        Tragedie cosmique de la conscience.                                 Karquel, Andre, 1890-                    Paris, Librairie le Courrier du livre, 1970.

BF319.5.O6B68x 1972   Mediated self-control : an operant model of rational behavior       Blackwood, Ralph O 1922-                 Akron : Exordium, 1972.

BF323.C5T54 1972      Decisions and attitudes as outcomes of the discussion of a social Timmons, William Murray, 1906-             New York, AMS Press, 1972
                      problem; an experimental study.

BF323.O2D9x 1970      Influence of observers of the same race and a racially mixed        Dugas, Edmond Anthony, 1940-             Baton Rouge : Louisiana State University,
                      audience on level of aspiration and gross motor performance of                                               1970.
                      college males

                                                                                      Page 8
BF335.K32         Foundations of human behavior.                                     Kaplan, Louis, 1914-                New York, Harper & Row 1965

BF335.K56 1976    Magic theater : the psychology of adjustment                       Kinnie, Ernest J                    New York : Harper & Row, 1976

BF335.S43         Psychology and human problems                                      Sechrest, Lee.                      Columbus, Ohio : C.E. Merrill Books,

BF335.T8          Adjustment; models and mechanisms                                  Tucker, Irving F                    New York, Academic Press 1970

BF335.W6 1933     Adjustment and mastery; problems in psychology                     Woodworth, Robert Sessions, 1869-   Baltimore, Williams & Wilkins, 1933.

BF341.D8 1977     Condition de l'homme dans l'univers : determinismes naturels et    Dubouchet, Jeanne.                  Neuchatel : Delachaux & Niestle, 1977.

BF353.Z2          Theories des milieux et la pedagogie mesologique                   Zaniewski, Romuald.                 Tournai Casterman, 1952.

BF357.U6x 1966    Problems in experimental design and inference : Workbook for       Underwood, Benton J., 1915-         New York : Appleton-Century Crofts,
                  the first course in experimental psychology                                                            1966.

BF367.P24x 1977   Comparisons of mental clocks                                       Paivio, Allan, 1925-                London : University of Western Ontario,

BF367.P29x 1978   Psychological processes in the comprehension of metaphor           Paivio, Allan, 1925-                London : University of Western Ontario,

BF371.A59 1984    Gedachtnis                                                         Arbinger, Roland.                   Darmstadt : Wissenschaftliche
                                                                                                                         Buchgesellschaft, 1984.

BF371.S577 1982   Memoire et l'oubli : dans la pensee grecque jusqu'a la fin du Ve   Simondon, Michele.                  Paris : Belles Lettres, 1982.
                  siecle avant J.-C. : psychologie archaique, mythes et doctrines

BF376.D42         Maladies de la memoire                                             Delay, Jean Paul Louis, 1907-       Paris, Presses universitaires de France,

                                                                               Page 9
BF378.F7B47 1975   Oubli : revolution ou mort de l'histoire                           Bertrand, Pierre.                        Paris : Presses Universitaires de France,

BF408.A6617 1970   Psikhologiia literaturnogo tvorchestva. Perevod s bolgarskogo D.   Arnaudov, Mikhail Petrov, 1878-          Moskva, Progress, 1970.
                   D. Nikolaeva.

BF408.C55 no 5     Monstres dans "La Divine Comedie"                                  Luciani, Gerard.                         Paris : Lettres modernes, 1975.

BF408.C55 no 6     Monstres dans la science-fiction                                   Baudin, Henri.                           Paris : Lettres modernes, 1976.

BF408.E72x 1971    Stages of life in creative process                                 Eranos Conference (1971 : Ascona,        Leiden : Brill, 1973.

BF408.G5 1951      Ecole des muses                                                    Gilson, Etienne, 1884-1978.              Paris : J. Vrin, 1951.

BF408.M67x 1982    Wir Schopfer                                                       Moser, Ernst.                            Chur : Verlag Aristarch, 1982.

B105.N4 S35 1983   Invention intellectuelle                                           Schlanger, Judith E.                     Paris : Fayard, 1983.

BF408.S67x 1952    Estructura mental y energias del hombre                            Sorokin, Pitirim Aleksandrovich, 1889-   Mexico : Instituto de Investigaciones
                                                                                      1968                                     Sociales, Universidad Nacional, 1952?

BF412.B82 1892     Genie. Vortrag gehalten im Saale des Ingenieur- und                Brentano, Franz Clemens, 1838-1917.      Leipzig, Duncker & Humblot, 1892.
                   Architektenvereins in Wien

BF412.B82 1892     Vom Ursprung sittlicher Erkenntnis                                 Brentano, Franz Clemens, 1838-1917.      Leipzig, Duncker & Humblot, 1889.

BF431.B185 1982    Changes in ability as related to educational and occupational      Balke-Aurell, Gudrun.                    Goteborg, Sweden : Acta universitatis
                   experience                                                                                                  gothoburgensis, 1982.

BF431.K49 1974     Aids and precautions in administering the Illinois Test of         Kirk, Winifred D                         Urbana : University of Illinois Press, 1974
                   Psycholinguistic Abilities

                                                                                Page 10
BF431.M57 1935       Major factors in cognition                                          Monaghan, Edward Aloysius.            Baltimore : Williams & Wilkins, 1935.

BF431.M58 1948       Principles and practice of the Rorschach personality test           Mons, Walter Ernest Richard, 1897-    Philadelphia, J. B. Lippincott 1948?

BF431.T44            Factorial analysis of human ability.                                Thomson, Godfrey Hilton, Sir, 1881-   London, University of London Press 1956,

BF431.5.V47x 1970    Methodologoical problems in cross cultural research                 Vernon, Philip Ewart.                 St. John's : Institute for Research in
                                                                                                                               Human Abilities, 1970.

BF441.B43x 1981      Bestimmende und reflektierende Urteilskraft                         Benedikt, Michael.                    Wien : Verlag des Verbandes der
                                                                                                                               Wissenschaftlichen Gesellschaften
                                                                                                                               Osterreichs, 1981.

BF441.B7x 1982       Varieties of strategy training in Piagetian concept learning        Brainerd, Charles J.                  London : Dept. of Psychology, University
                                                                                                                               of Western Ontario, 1982.

BF441.D34 1975       Strategie cognitive dans des jeux competitifs a deux : etude        Dami, Catherine.                      Geneva : Archives de psychologie, 1975.
                     genetique des relations entre procedures etulisees et interaction
                     sociale entre adversaires

BF441.D4x 1971       Importance of concrete as well as abstract reasoning in models of Denny, J Peter, 1934-                   London, Dept. of Psychology, University of
                     human thinking                                                                                            Western Ontario, 1971.

BF441.D813x 1911     Reason and sentiment : an address delivered in the aula of the      Dubois, Paul, 1848--1918.             New York : Funk & Wagnalls, 1911.
                     University of Berne, March 3, 1910

BF441.G55 1941       Experiment in the development of critical thinking                  Glaser, Edward Maynard, 1911-         New York : Teachers College, Columbia
                                                                                                                               University, 1941.

BF441.K73x 1983      Problemlosendes Denken im Unterricht : Lehrmethoden und             Kretschmer, Ingo F., 1954-            Frankfurt am Main : Lang, 1983.

BF455.B72515x 1974   Sprachliche Entwicklung in Kindheit und Jugend.                     Britton, James, 1908-                 Dusseldorf, Padagogischer Verlag
                                                                                                                               Schwann 1973

BF455.G53 1978       Denken ohne Sprache?                                                Gipper, Helmut.                       Dusseldorf : Padagogischer Verlag
                                                                                                                               Schwann, 1978, 1971.

                                                                                    Page 11
BF357.G79 1962      Dynamique de l'expression et de la communication; la voix, la        Guilhot, Jean.                          Paris, Mouton, 1962.
                    parole, les mimiques et gestes auxiliaires.

BF455.H446 1982     Sprechen und Situation : eine psychologische Konzeption zur          Herrmann, Theo.                         Berlin : Springer, 1982.
                    situationsspezifischen Sprachproduktion

BF455.L496 1981     Sprachpsychologie                                                    List, Gudula.                           Stuttgart : W. Kohlhammer, 1981.

BF455.L8315 1982    Sprache und Bewusstsein                                              Luriia, A. R. (Aleksandr Romanovich),   Koln : Pahl-Rugenstein, 1982.

BF455.M59x 1969     Early development of verbal mediation in children : an inter-        Minke, Karl Alfred.                     Madison : Wisconsin Research and
                    paradigm comparison                                                                                          Development Center for Cognitive
                                                                                                                                 Learning, 1969.

BF456.R2L3 1972     Relation of social, economic and personal characteristics to         Ladd, Margaret Rhoads, 1899-            New York, AMS Press, 1972
                    reading ability

BF469.A24x 1904     Theorie der Lokalzeichen : ihr Verhaltnis zur empiristischen und     Ackerknecht, Erwin, 1880-1960.          Tubingen : J.C.B. Mohr, 1904.
                    nativistischen Losung des psychologischen Raumproblems

BF469.R3 1976       Adaptation au deplacement de l'espace visuel : revue critique        Radeau, Monique.                        Geneve : Editions Medecine et hygiene,

BF481.B75 1983      Probleme der Kausalerklarung menschlichen Handelns                   Brunner, Vincent F.                     Bern : P. Haupt, 1983.

BF575.A6O54x 1974   Treatment of anxiety in the physically disabled by three different   O'Neill, Robert Herman, 1944-           Grand Forks, North Dakota : University of
                    variations of systematic desensitization                                                                     North Dakota, 1974.

BF575.D4 M3 1970    Metamorphoses du desir et l'oeuvre : le texte d'Eros; ou, Le corps Martinon, Jean Pierre.                    Paris : Klincksieck, 1970.

BF575.F2D4 1973     Peur et l'etre.                                                      Delpierre, Guy.                         Toulouse Privat 1973

BF575.F2P28 1958    Peur dans l'histoire.                                                Palou, Jean.                            Paris, Editions ouvrieres 1958

                                                                                    Page 12
BF575.G8C48 1979    Freud et le probleme de la culpabilite                              Charron, Ghyslain.             Ottawa : Editions de l'Universiteid'Ottawa,

BF575.L8I5 1970     Tratado del amor: la metafisica del amor, teoria genetica del       Ingenieros, Jose, 1877-1925.   Buenos Aires : Editorial Losada, 1970.
                    amor, eluminacion social del amor, psicologia del amor

BF575.L8T74x 1979   Tratado de la pasion                                                Trias, Eugenio, 1942-          Madrid : Taurus, 1979.

BF588.L9 1948       Probleme de l'expression; essai sur les sources de l'inspiration.   Lucques, Claire.               Paris, Presses universitaires de France,

BF637.C6B32         Guidelines for guidance; readings in the philosophy of guidance     Beck, Carlton E                Dubuque, Iowa, W. C. Brown Co. 1966

BF637.C6J57         Barriers and hazards in counseling                                  Johnson, Dorothy E             Boston, Houghton Mifflin 1970

BF637.C6O8          Outcomes of counseling and psychotherapy, theory and research                                      Minneapolis, University of Minnesota
                                                                                                                       Press 1965

BF637.C6W65 1974    Women and ACES : perspective and issues                                                            Washington : Commission for Women,
                                                                                                                       Association for Counselor Education and
                                                                                                                       Supervision, 1974

BF637.D4H5          Individual and group decisions in gambling situations               Hinds, Walter Charles.         Cambridge, Mass. Massachusetts Institute
                                                                                                                       of Technology, 1962.

BF637.D4J3 v. 1-2   Strategies in risk-taking situations                                Jarrett, Jacqueline M          Cambridge, Mass., Harvard University
                                                                                                                       Archives 1951.

BF637.O72K67 1981   Mouthing off, oral behavior : its causes and treatments             Kottler, Jeffrey A.            Roslyn Heights, N.Y. : Libra Publishers,

BF637.S4G85 1972    How the West is one.                                                Gunther, Bernard.              New York, Mcmillan 1972

BF637.S8 M34 1977   Psychology today omnibook of personal development                   Matson, Katinka.               New York : Morrow, 1977.

                                                                                 Page 13
BF637.S8C63 1972    Conduite de soi et progres humain; l'eveil de nos virtualites         P. Chauchard [et al.]              Paris, Ed. ouvrieres 1972

BF637.S8R587 1979   Begin to live                                                         Rose, Helen.                       New York : St. Martin's Press, 1979.

BF639.D723 1917     Spirit of the new thought : essays and addresses by                   Horatio W. Dresser                 New York : Thomas Y. Crowell, 1917.
                    representative authors and leaders

BF639.W65 1914      Man of to-morrow : human evolution impelling man onward to God- Wilson, Floyd B.                         London : W. Rider, 1914.

BF683.C5            Animal drives, an enduring problem in psychology                      Cicala, George A ed.               Princeton, N.J., Van Nostrand 1965

BF697.G66 1982      Identitat und Tod : zum Verhaltnis von Mythos, Rationalitat und       Grabsch, Renate.                   Frankfurt/Main : Campus, 1982.

BF697.I33 1977      Identite: seminaire interdisciplinaire                                Claude Levi-Strauss                Paris : B. Grasset, 1977.

BF697.W27x 1973     Effects of hospitalization upon the self concept of mental patients Wagner, Mervyn K                     Nashville Dede Wallace Center, 1973.

BF698.A74 1969      Personality in social process; values and strategies of individuals   Arnspiger, Varney Clyde, 1896-     Dubuque, Iowa, W. C. Brown. 1969
                    in a free society

BF698.4.B87x 1974   Inferential accuracy and threshold in person perception               Burron, Bryan F                    London :University of Western Ontario,

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                                                                                    Page 105
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                                                                                  Page 106
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                                                                          Page 107
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                                                                                       Page 108
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                                                                                   Page 109
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                                                                                Page 110
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                                                                                      Page 111
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                                                                               Page 112
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                      religieux des seizieme et dix-septieme siecles

                                                                                   Page 133
Page 134

     Page 135

Bound with 32-33

                   Page 136
Page 137


    Page 138
Page 139
Page 140
Page 141
Page 142
Page 143
Page 144
Page 145

    Page 146
Page 147
Page 148
analysed set

               Page 149
Page 150
UG has v. 3-4

                Page 151

      Page 152

to WLU who have no. 1-

                         Page 153
only v.

          Page 154
v. 1 of 3

            Page 155

     Page 156

UG has Ser. 2-3

12 v.

                  Page 157


     Page 158
UG has Bd. 4 in annex

                        Page 159
Page 160
2 v.

       Page 161

     Page 162


         Page 163
Page 164
Page 165
Page 166
Page 167

     Page 168
Page 169
Page 170
Page 171
Page 172
Page 173
Page 174
2 v.
       Page 175
Page 176
Page 177

     Page 178
Page 179
6 v.

       Page 180
Page 181

         Page 182
Page 183
Page 184
Page 185
Page 186
Page 187
Page 188
v. 1 of 2


            Page 189
UW has latin 7 french

2 v. 13 English in EEBO
                          Page 190
Page 191
Page 192
Page 193
UW has 4 English

                   Page 194
Page 195
only v.

          Page 196
only v. ?

            Page 197
serial at least to v. 5

12 v.

                          Page 198

     Page 199
to WLU who has v. 1

                      Page 200
Page 201
Page 202
Page 203
1 v?

       Page 204
Page 205

4 v.

       Page 206

     Page 207

     Page 208
5 v.

UW has 3 english

                   Page 209

     Page 210
Page 211
Page 212
Page 213
Page 214
Page 215

     Page 216
Page 217
Page 218
Page 219
Page 220
Page 221
Page 222

     Page 223
Page 224
to WLU

         Page 225

    Page 226

     Page 227
to WLU

to WLU

         Page 228
Page 229
Page 230
to WLU

         Page 231
To Porter; WLU has

                     Page 232
2 v.

material included in
later ed. Nouveau
Corpus Racinianum


                       Page 233
t. 1-4 at WLU

                Page 234

WLU has t. 4?

                Page 235
v. 2 of 2

v. 1 of 3

2 v.

2 v.

            Page 236
3 v.




2 v.
         Page 237


v. 2 of 2

v. 3 of 3

            Page 238
v. 1 of 2

2 v.

2 v.

v. 2 of 2


3 v.

2 v.
            Page 239
2 v.

2 v.




? v.

13 v.

         Page 240
v. 2 of 2

? V.

2 v.


v. 1 of 2

2 v.

            Page 241
3 v. Should be series

                        Page 242

         Page 243
2 v.




         Page 244
Page 245
Page 246
Page 247

     Page 248
3 v.
       Page 249
Page 250
serial 1961 in Davis GP

                          Page 251
2 v.

       Page 252
2 v.

       Page 253
Page 254
Page 255

         Page 256

2 v.
         Page 257


          Page 258
Page 259
2 v.

       Page 260
Page 261

     Page 262
Page 263
Page 264
Page 265
CGC has t.1-12,15,17-
18, 24 WLU has t. 6

                        Page 266

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