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					PATR L NEWS                      May/June 2009


 K-9 Kai Retires
                                                 Story On Back Cover.
From the Staff ...
Major Ronald K. Replogle
Criminal Investigation Bureau

                    Once again it is my turn to write the “From the Staff” article for the Patrol News. This time
               around a topic quickly came to mind. I would like to comment on my observations during the trial of
               Lance Shockley for the murder of Sergeant Carl Dewayne Graham Jr. I had the privilege of attending
               the entire six-day-long trial in Howell County.
                    I have been involved in many murder investigations and trials throughout my Patrol career, but
               never one involving the murder of a Patrol member. I also had never been allowed to stay in the
               courtroom from opening remarks to the announcement of the verdict. I have always been a witness
               and not allowed to do so in the past. For this investigation, I was at the command post during the ini-
               tial days of the investigation coordinating resources as the captain of DDCC at the time. I did not get
               involved in any investigative activity that required my testimony.
                    I am sure that most of you have heard by now: Lance Shockley was found guilty of first-degree
               murder by a jury of his peers from his home county, Carter County.
                    The trial was obviously a very emotionally charged week for all who attended, especially for De-
               wayne’s family and his co-workers from Troop G. I am sure I had greeted Dewayne in passing either
               at GHQ or in Troop G in years past, but I cannot say I knew him personally. The lead prosecutor in
               the trial, Kevin Zoellner, from the Missouri Attorney General’s Office, did an outstanding job of in-
               troducing Dewayne to me, the jury members, and others who did not personally know Dewayne. He
               was obviously a very dedicated father and member of the Patrol. His memory and legacy will truly
               live on forever in both his immediate and Patrol families.
                    We rose when the jury re-entered the courtroom to announce the verdict. I have never experi-
               enced the range of emotions going through my body at that moment. They ran the gamut from fear
               to relief and everything in between. Certainly justice was served when the jury foreman announced
               the unanimous guilty verdict. The verdict will never bring Dewayne back and it will not erase the
               pain that his family and friends have experienced for the past four years, but it does put your faith
               back in a justice system that works. I was pleased that the jury saw through the defense tactics of at-
               tacking the investigation and the officers involved. Although they could not unanimously arrive at a
               sentence, they did their job in rendering the appropriate verdict based on the evidence at hand. [On
               Friday, May 22, Judge David Evans sentenced Lance Shockley to death.]
                    I would like to close by thanking everyone that took part in this lengthy and, at times, frustrating
               process. Each of the Patrol members and employees that testified did so in a professional, dedicated
               manner. I know Dewayne would have been proud of his co-workers for a job well done!

2 Patrol News/May-June 2009
 The Official Publication of the
 Missouri State Highway Patrol
                                                     PATR L NEWS
                                                     “OVER 75 YEARS OF SERVICE & PROTECTION”
                                                                                                                               May/June 2009

  Jeremiah W. (Jay) Nixon, Governor
           State of Missouri                                                Volume XLIII • Number 6
         John M. Britt, Director
        Department of Public Safety
                                                     On The Shelf .............................................................. Page 9
Col. James F. Keathley, Superintendent
      Missouri State Highway Patrol
                                                     Inspectors Arrive Just In Time .............................. Page 15

            PATROL NEWS STAFF                        Lost But Found ........................................................ Page 24
                 Capt. J. Tim Hull
                 Managing Editor
                                                     Show Me The Money ............................................. Page 27
                   Cheryl Cobb

                                                                             Patrol News
                   Erin Center

                 Tresha McBaine
                 Chad Buschjost
              Printing & Assembly                                             Publication Policy
                  Brenda Schmitz
                                                          The Patrol News is the employee publication of the Missouri State Highway
                   Photography                       Patrol. It is published bi-monthly by the Highway Patrol’s Public Information and
                                                     Education Division for distribution at no cost to all Patrol employees and retirees,
                                                     members of The MASTERS, and those approved by the managing editor. All submis-
                                                     sions of articles or photographs should be directed to the editor.
             TROOP REPORTERS
                                                          The Patrol News’ managing editor has final responsibility for all articles and
   Troop A, Sgt. Scott Meyer; Troop B, Sgt.
   Brent Bernhardt; Troop C, Sgt. Al Nothum;         photographs published in the Patrol News. The managing editor shall make the de-
   Troop D, MVI III Skip McMillan; Troop
   E, Sgt. Dale Moreland; Troop F, Sgt. Paul
                                                     termination whether an article submitted meets the criteria for publication. The Pa-
   Reinsch; Troop G, Lead Radio Personnel Bob        trol News’ editor reserves the right to edit any submission.
   Chaney; Troop H, Sgt. Sheldon Lyon; Troop
   I, Sgt. Dan Crain.                                     Articles submitted for publication should relate directly to the Missouri State
                                                     Highway Patrol, its mission of public safety, or its employees. Articles should be of
                                                     general interest and understanding to all Patrol employees. Articles should be lim-
               GHQ REPORTERS                         ited to no more than 2,000 words. Longer articles must be approved by the Patrol
   Budget & Procurement, Brent Miller; Com-          News editor. Related photographs are encouraged with all submissions.
   mercial Vehicle Enforcement, CVO Jerry
   Baker; Communications, Chief Technician
                                                          The author of an article must be identified. Requests for an author’s name to be
   Scott R. Bigham; Crime Laborator y, Lisa          withheld will be taken under consideration by the managing editor. Request should
   Walker; Criminal Records & Identifica-
   tion, Diana Klug; Driver Examination, Capt.
                                                     be made to the editor if the author desires photographs to be returned; otherwise,
   Gary Moore; Drug & Crime Control, Sgt.            all photographs or artwork become the property of the Public Information and Edu-
   Jason Clark; Field Operations, Capt. Ron
   Walker; Gaming, Sgt. Mark Knox; Governor’s        cation Division.
   Security, Lt. Mike Meyer; Human Resources,             Articles published in the Patrol News with the notation “reprinted with permis-
   Sgt. Kristin Coulson; Information Systems,
   Cheryl Crocfer; Motor Equipment, Larry            sion” maybe reprinted only by obtaining permission from the original source. All
   Rains; Motor Vehicle Inspection, Brenda
   Davis; Research & Development, Capt. Tim
                                                     other articles published in the Patrol News may be reprinted with recognition of the
   Baysinger; Traffic, Loretta Mitchell; Training,   publication and author, when cited. For more information about any subject pub-
   Cpl. Leslie D. Thurston.
                                                     lished in the Patrol News, contact the editor. Comments regarding the Patrol News
                                                     are welcomed and should be directed to the managing editor.
     The Patrol News is published by the
  Public Information & Education Division                                                 Patrol News
    of the Missouri State Highway Patrol                                c/o Public Information and Education Division
   in the interest of all active and retired                                   Missouri State Highway Patrol
         personnel. (573) 526-6115
                                                                                         P.O. Box 568
                      SHP-862                                                 Jefferson City, MO 65102-0568 or
                                                                                       (573) 526-6115 or
                                                                                                                  May-June 2009/Patrol News 3
      By Public Info. Spec. III Cheryl D. Cobb, Q/PIED

           In late December 2008, Mr.             After dis-
      John Crone, from the National          cussions were
      Rifle Association, contacted Cap-      complete,
      tain J. Tim Hull, Q/PIED, with an      and approv-
      unusual request. Mr. Crone was         al gained, the
      contacting the Missouri State          Bonnie and
      Highway Patrol on behalf of the        Clyde BAR took
      Friends of NRA. This charita-          a trip to the Pa-
      ble organization is a fundraising      trol’s Crime
      arm of the NRA Foundation. The         Laboratory for
      funds raised are awarded in the        evaluation. The
      form of grants to groups such as       Firearms Sec-
      4-H, Boys Scouts of America, and       tion checked
      local gun clubs. The funds also        the safety and         Sgt. C. Rod Land, Q/TND, observes as guests from
      help cover the costs of gun safety     functionality of       the NRA Foundation fire the BAR.
      programs for young people, such        the weapon, then
      as Eddie Eagle.                        cleaned and oiled the rifle, which func-   labor to the Patrol’s Safety Ed-
           The Friends of NRA were in-       tioned without fail. Then, Sergeant C.     ucation Center for exhibit up-
      terested in a joint project with the   Rod Land, Q/TND, and Cpl. Jeffrey L.       grades. PIED chose to include
      Patrol. The group had learned          White, Q/TND, fired the BAR on De-         the Missouri State Troopers
      that the Browning Automatic Ri-        cember 22, 2008, verifying its function-   Association and The MAS-
      fle used by the Barrow Gang was        ality.                                     TERS (Missouri Association
      in the Patrol’s Safety Education            On January 5, 2009, Mr. Crone,        of State Troopers Emergency
      Center. They proposed to fire          Sgts. Land and White, and Capt. Hull       Relief Society) in a fundraising
      rounds through the Bonnie and          met at the Academy Firing Range to         project. MOSTA developed a
      Clyde weapon in such a way as to       fire the BAR. The fired rounds were        professionally framed display
      be able to retrieve the shell and      captured in a five-gallon bucket filled    with one bullet, one casing,
      casing. These items would be           with sand. Mr. Crone hand loaded all       a certificate signed by Colo-
      placed into a display with a cer-      of the rounds to be fired through the      nel Keathley, photos of Bonnie
      tificate of authenticity signed by     BAR, in order to load them light on        and Clyde, fingerprint cards of
      Colonel James F. Keathley. The         powder, thus lowering their velocity       Bonnie and Clyde, and a Patrol
      displays would be auctioned as a       and aiding in their capture. The Pub-      challenge coin. On the back
      fundraiser.                            lic Information and Education Division     of the framed display is a copy
                                                      acquired 45 of the bullets and    of the original 1933 Patrol re-
                                                      casings. All of the bullets have  port describing the shootout
                                                      signed certificates of authen-    with Bonnie and Clyde in Jo-
                                                      ticity.                           plin, MO, where the BAR was
                                                           In appreciation of the       seized.
                                                      Patrol’s participation in the          The first 10 displays were
                                                      project, the NRA Foundation       awarded through bidding. The
                                                      donated $1,000 in supplies and    high bid acquired display #1
                                                                                        for $1,250. Due to the success
                                                       This Bonnie and Clyde            of this first “auction”, MOSTA
                                                      display was created by the        is now making the next 10 dis-
                                                      Missouri State Troopers As-       plays available by bidding until
                                                      sociation as a fundraiser for     June 15, 2009. All of the funds
                                                      The MASTERS.                      raised will be shared between
                                                                                        MOSTA and The MASTERS.

4 Patrol News/May-June 2009
DPS, Missouri Recognize Patrol Employees
By Public Info. Spec. III Cheryl D. Cobb, Q/PIED

     It’s a bumper crop in 2009! In the   MVI III Jonathan
first four months of the year, DPS has    Blue (center) accepted
named Patrol personnel as employees       a DPS Meritorious
of the month three times, and award-
                                          Award from DPS Dir.
ed a Meritorious Service Award once.
                                          John Britt (right). Col.
Two of those employees then became
state employees of the month!             James F. Keathley (left)
     In a ceremony March 18, 2009,        also congratulated MVI
DPS Director John M. Britt presented      Blue.
the January 2009 Meritorious Service
Award to MVI III Jonathan P. Blue,
Troop D. MVI Blue was recognized             Captain David P. Per-
for going the extra mile to help an el- kins, Q/MVI, commend-
derly gentleman. Distraught citizens in ed MVI Blue by saying,
Freistat, MO, flagged MVI Blue down     “I want to publicly con-
                                        gratulate you and thank you for your         Lester Elder, Q/GD, said, “Sammy
on his way home from work one day.
                                        extra effort. You certainly exemplify the    knew something wasn’t right. He ob-
When he evaluated the situation, he
                                        kind of people we want working for us.”      tained information that assisted other
found an elderly gentleman who had
                                             That same day, Corporal Russell         agencies. His work is outstanding, and
fallen and severely injured himself.
                                        A. Seaton, Q/GD, accepted the Febru-         I’m pleased to have him in the divi-
MVI Blue called for an ambulance,
                                        ary 2009 DPS Employee of the Month           sion.”
helped load the gentleman, then ar-
                                        award. Cpl. Seaton was selected for this          Director Britt also recognized Ser-
ranged an air ambulance when it was
                                        award for his ability to take a seeming-     geant Dale O. Jinkens by presenting
determined the patient was too criti-
                                        ly small, simple incident and utilize his    him with the March 2009 DPS Employ-
cal to go by ground. MVI Blue then
                                        training to uncover important informa-       ee of the Month award. The award is
transported the gentleman’s wife to
                                        tion regarding several serious crimes.       related to an incident on November 22,
her home and stayed with her until a
                                        In his investigation, Cpl. Seaton discov-    2008. Sgt. Jinkens stopped a suspected
neighbor could come.
                                        ered the suspect had several outstand-       intoxicated driver at the top of the exit
     “To see you go the extra mile, af-
                                        ing warrants. Through a post arrest          ramp from Interstate 70 to Little Blue
ter your initial action, really touched
                                        interview, Cpl. Seaton was able to elicit    Parkway in Independence, MO. Dur-
me,” said Director Britt. “Thank you.”
                                                             additional infor-       ing this stop, a serious traffic crash oc-
                                                             mation implicating      curred at the bottom of the same exit
                                                             gang members in         ramp. Sgt. Jinkens saw the fire result-
                                                             two unsolved homi-      ing from the crash and responded to
                                                             cides, and numer-       the scene. He used his fire extinguish-
                                                             ous burglaries and      er in the cabin of the vehicle to push
                                                             drug dealings in the    the flames back. He then organized cit-
                                                             St Louis area. St.      izens to move the vehicle, so he could
                                                             Louis City Metro-       reach the driver. Sgt. Jinkens then re-
                                                             politan Police De-      moved her from the engulfed cabin
                                                             partment confirmed      compartment, placed her a safe dis-
                                                             that the information    tance away, and extinguished the fire
                                                             provided matched        on her body. He organized assistance
                                                             information from        for the rescued driver until an ambu-
                                                             the two unsolved        lance arrived.
                                                             murders, and they            “I salute you and commend you,”
                                                             will be working with    said Director Britt. “It’s nice to know
                                                             the Patrol on addi-     there are people out there like you do-
                                                             tional related inves-   ing what you do.”
Col. James Keathley, Cpl. Russell A. “Sammy” Seaton,         tigations.                   Captain Robert L. Powell, Troop
                                                                  At the award       A, also spoke. “Dale leads by example.
and DPS Dir. John Britt pause for a photo. Cpl. Seaton
was named February 2009 DPS Employee of the Month.           ceremony, Captain       Continued on the next page.

                                                                                                            May-June 2009/Patrol News 5
—   Recognize                                  DPS Dir. John
                                               Britt (right)
Continued from page 6.
                                               named Sgt.
No one is more respected. He finds             Dale O. Jinkens
himself in the right place at the right
                                               (center) the DPS
time, because he’s out there working.”
     In addition, Sgt. Jinkens was             March 2009
named State Employee of the Month              Employee of
for April 2009.                                the Month. Col.
     On April 7, 2009, Trooper Lon-            James Keathley
nie R. Lejeune, Troop E, accepted              (left) also
the DPS April 2009 Employee of the             commended Sgt.
Month award. Tpr. Lejeune was se-              Jinkens.
lected for this award for the heroism
he displayed in saving the
life of a gentlemen who
had been cutting tree
limbs caused by the ice                                                                   Col. James Keathley congratulates
storm in Southeast Mis-                                                                   Tpr. Lonnie Lejeune, who was
souri and, due to shifting
                                                                                          named DPS April 2009 Employee
tree limbs, was hang-
ing by his neck from a
                                                                                          of the Month. With them is DPS
branch in the tree. Tpr.                                                                  Deputy Director and General
Lejeune climbed the lad-                                                                  Counsel Andrea Spillars, who
der into the tree, hooked                                                                 presented the award on behalf of
his left arm around the                                                                   DPS.
tree trunk, and placed
his right arm around the                                                                  ley. “This was during the ice storm in
unconscious victim, en-                                                                   Southeast Missouri. The Patrol sent 80
abling Tpr. Lejeune to lift                                                               additional troopers to help that area.
the victim and restore his                                                                This is an exemplary lifesaving effort.”
breathing. Tpr. Lejeune instructed in-         mained in the tree holding the victim           Tpr. Lejeune was selected Mis-
dividuals at the scene of the incident         up to allow him to breathe.                souri State Employee of the Month for
how to contact troop headquarters for              “Tpr. Lejeune was holding this         May 2009.
emergency responders by using the              man’s weight for 15 minutes until help          Congratulations to all of you!
radio in his patrol vehicle, while he re-      could arrive,” said Col. James F. Keath-

           How otHers see Us ...                                                             Blue Guardian
                                                                                           By Albert Louis Allen
                                                                                                Sunday, March 20, 2005, the
        In a letter to Colonel James F. Keathley:                                          quiet of Carter County is shattered
                                                                                           by the brutal, cowardly slaying of
        Hi, Jim!                                                                           the Blue Guardian. Our guardian in
                                                                                           blue, the first to answer the call, the
       It will be [was] four years this March 20, 2009, that Sgt. C. Dewayne Gra-          first to fall, the supreme sacrifice
   ham Jr. was murdered. We both lived in Carter County, and occasionally had              of one has left the quietness of our
   coffee together at the Float Stream Cafe in Van Buren, MO ... we both attended          lives shattered by the fall. Now all
   the First Baptist Church in Van Buren. I can say without reservation that Sgt.          that survive have lost a portion of
   Graham was a dedicated officer and a credit to his profession and the Missouri          the peacefulness, the trust, and the
   State Highway Patrol.                                                                   childlike innocence that permeated
       Below is a short note that I scribbled (more to myself than anyone else;            Carter County’s family traditions.
   [written] shortly after the tragic incident about how the crime affected me.) in        But, yet, before the fallen guard-
   memory of Sgt. Dewayne Graham. [I] thought it might be worth sharing with               ian’s acclamation, another guardian in
   others in the Patrol News.                                                              blue stands tall ... and takes the oath to
                                                                                           harmonize life’s maze.
        R&T Tech. Albert Allen, retired

6 Patrol News/May-June 2009
  From The
 MASTERS ...                               Prosecuting Attorneys:
                                           An Honor And Privilege
                                             Dear Colonel Keathley:
    The MASTERS 30th Annual Meet-
ing was held on April 18, 2009, in Co-        Page and I want to thank you for the support of your entire organi-
lumbia, MO. The following directors      zation over these past four years.
were elected to serve as officers for         We are not sure how to express our gratitude other than to state
2009-2010:                               that we cannot count the number of times we have been approached by
                                         troopers who would ask if there was anything they could possibly do
  •	President – Dr. Wes Stricker, Co-    to make our job easier. I would be working on some other matter, far
    lumbia                               from Carter County, and a trooper, previously unknown to me, would
  •	Vice President – Doug Mitchell,      approach and ask simply, “Is there anything you need?” And, while
    Warrensburg                          these men and women were offering to help on a case involving the
  •	Secretary – Lynn Wallis, Cuba        murder of one of their own, we know, from our past association with
  •	Treasurer – Ed Braschler, Doniph-    the Missouri State Highway Patrol, we could call upon them for their
    an                                   assistance regardless of the situation. And, we would get it.
                                              But, maybe the best way to express our gratitude is by saying
     At the meeting, it was announced    something that we wish our courtroom procedures would have al-
that The MASTERS has been allowed        lowed us to say to the jury. But, instead, we settle for writing this letter.
to become part of the Missouri State          During our numerous years of working as prosecuting attorneys,
Employees Charitable Campaign. This      neither one of us ever had the honor and privilege of knowing Sgt. Carl
program will allow state employees,      Dewayne Graham Jr. We never had the opportunity to see the hard
who elect, to make contributions to      work and integrity of this state trooper. We never had the opportunity
The MASTERS through payroll deduc-       to work with him and go with him to court to ensure that justice was
tion.                                    done. We have heard from others about Sgt. Graham. We have heard
     Later that evening, The MASTERS     that he was an outstanding law enforcement officer, filled with integrity
members enjoyed hosting and being        and compassion, whose loss to the Missouri State Highway Patrol will
a part of the Patrol Annual Awards       never be overcome.
Banquet. During this time, with great         But, despite never having the honor and privilege of knowing Sgt.
appreciation, The MASTERS recog-         Carl Dewayne Graham Jr., we believe that we do know him. We know
nized Mr. and Mrs. Jim Wells, of Bowl-   him because we have had the honor and privilege of knowing many
ing Green, MO, with an honorary          men and women just like him who wear the same uniform. We have
The MASTERS membership, for their        had the opportunity to see their hard work and integrity. And, we have
generosity in naming The MASTERS         had the opportunity to work with them and ensure that justice is done.
in their estate plan. In addition, The        And, because of the Missouri State Highway Patrol, Lance Shock-
MASTERS Public Service Award rec-        ley has been brought to justice.
ognizing the importance of community
service was presented to Trooper Clin-       Sincerely,
ton M. Duppong, Troop B.
     Once again, we encourage you to         Page Bellamy
invite your family members or friends        Assistant Attorney General
to become a member of The MAS-
TERS. You may e-mail The MASTERS             Kevin M. Zoellner
at office@themastersmo.org or call           Assistant Attorney General
573-686-1619 to have information sent
to anyone that you would like to rec-
ommend for membership.
     Thank you for your continued sup-
port of The MASTERS.

                                                                                                     May-June 2009/Patrol News 7
   Prob. Radio                            Interests: In my free time, I like to
                                              watch sports. I like all sports, but          Cpl. Jay A.
Personnel Jessalin                            I would have to say basketball is
                                              my favorite. I also enjoy hunting,             Parsley
   A. DeGonia                                 fishing, and just spending time
                                              with my friends and family. When
                                              I am not at work, I try to go back
                                              to either West Plains or Sedalia
                                              to visit. I can’t go too long with-
                                              out my stepmother’s cooking or
                                              friendship. We never have a dull
                                              moment when we are together.

                                             Tpr. Derrick R.
                                                 Powell                              Appointed: July 1, 1994.
                                                                                     First Assignment: Troop E, Zone 4,
Appointed: May 5, 2008.                                                                  Carter and Reynolds Counties.
First and Current Assignment:                                                        Promotions/Reclassifications: Cor-
    Probationary Radio Personnel,                                                        poral -- September 1, 1999.
    Troop F.                                                                         Current Assignment: Assistant Zone
Family: I come from a hard working                                                       Supervisor, Troop E, Zone 11,
    family. My mother Lena Yates lives                                                   Stoddard County.
    in West Plains MO, with my stepfa-                                               Family: Married to Marcy on Novem-
    ther, Yancy Yates. My mother is a                                                    ber 4, 1995. They have two chil-
    schoolteacher for Mountain View                                                      dren: Emma, 10, and Tommy, 7.
    Birch Tree Liberty High School.                                                  Interests: Jay enjoys rabbit hunting,
    She is a great mother and a won-                                                     deer hunting, and fishing. He
    derful teacher. She not only teach-                                                  enjoys playing basketball in the
                                          Appointed: October 20, 2002.                   local gym where he attended high
    es her students, but also cares       First Assignment: Troop F, Zone 4,
    about them. She is one special                                                       school with old school mates and
                                              Audrain County.                            friends.
    woman. I got my love of basketball    Current Assignment: Troop F, Zone 7,
    from my stepfather, Yancy. We             Howard and Cooper Counties.
    love watching basketball together                                                     Jay was born in Granite City, IL,
                                          Family: I’ve been married to my wife,      and grew up in Puxico, MO. In 1989,
    and we have a good time talking           Tara, for 11 years. I have two great
    about the philosophy of the game.                                                he graduated from high school in Puxi-
                                              children. My son, Avery, is five       co, MO. After graduation, he attended
    My father, John DeGonia, lives in         years old, and my daughter, Addi-
    Sedalia, MO, with my stepmother,                                                 Three Rivers College in Poplar Bluff,
                                              son, is three years old.               MO. He was attending Southeast Mis-
    Debbie DeGonia. My father is the      Interests: I am an avid outdoorsman
    police chief of the Sedalia Police                                               souri State University when he was
                                              who loves to hunt and fish with my     accepted into the Patrol’s Academy.
    Department. He is an awesome fa-          family. We enjoy spending time on
    ther and hard-working, dedicated                                                 Jay worked at WW Wood Products in
                                              the boat fishing for crappie, and      Dudley, MO, for 18 months prior to
    law enforcement professional--            scouting out deer for the fall hunt-
    truly someone to look up to. I also                                              coming on the Patrol.
                                              ing season. I am a happy dad who            Jay enjoys spending time with his
    have a dog, Scout. She is a Jack          enjoys spending time with family
    Russell Terrier/miniature Dachs-                                                 family, and attending his children’s
                                              and friends.                           sporting events. He is a deacon at
    hund mix. There is nothing like
    coming home from a hard day of                                                   the Duck Creek Missionary Baptist
                                              My police career began with the        Church near Puxico.
    work and having her waiting at the    Springfield, MO, Police Department. I
    door, wagging her tail, excited to                                                    Jay has worked in Troop E since
                                          am a SWAT sniper with Troop F’s team       May 1998 and enjoys being able work
    see me.                               and enjoy the training and camaraderie     in the area in which he grew up.
                                          associated with the assignment.
8 Patrol News/May-June 2009
   Patrol Employees Support Sheltered Workshop
By Sgt. Michael W. Watson, Troop D

     Recently, Patrol employees work-
ing out of the Troop D Service Cen-                                                        Eric, a Sheltered Workshop
ter in Carthage, MO, entered into a                                                        employee, sorts through papers
unique partnership with the Monett                                                         before they are recycled. The
Area Sheltered Workshop. The shel-                                                         paper comes from the Patrol’s
tered workshop, in operation since                                                         Troop D Service Center.
1968, employs 52 workers who have a
variety of disabilities, and do a myriad
of recycling, packaging, and assembly
jobs based on each individual’s ability.
The connection with the Patrol came
through Motor Vehicle Inspector III
Jonathan P. “Jon” Blue, and his wife,
Geneva, who live in Monett.                transported to Monett for recycling.      had difficulty getting contracts due to
     Currently, Jon oversees the in-       At times during the week, Jon stops at    the economic climate, budget cuts, and
spection stations in the western           the Service Center and completes his      increased automation. Because of this,
portion of Troop D and Geneva is em-       various administrative duties. Prior to   the workshop has relied heavily on re-
ployed at the Southwest Area Career        leaving, he loads what materials he can   cycling to keep its employees working.
Center in Monett. Her duties as the        into his assigned vehicle and drives           “Workshop employees earn wages
work experience coordinator put her        home. From there, the materials are       and have the satisfaction of knowing
in regular contact with employees at       transferred to Geneva’s vehicle and       they do important work and make a
the workshop. Late in 2008, Jon set up     she takes them to the workshop the        contribution to their community,” said
a program at the Service Center where      following day.                            Geneva Blue. “The Patrol, in turn, dis-
boxes and bags of shredded and dis-             Workshop employees then sort         poses of its paper waste in a respon-
carded paper that normally would           the paper based on type and color. Ac-    sible manner and makes a positive
be thrown away would be saved and          cording to Geneva, the workshop has       difference at the workshop.”

 Missouri’s Missing Children’s Poster Winner Selected
By Sgt. Keverne L. McCollum, Q/DDCC                                                       Robert Rupp’s poster took first
                                                                                          place in Missouri’s Missing
     Three young artists from Mis-
souri were selected as the top state
                                                                                          Children’s Poster Contest.
winners in the 2009 National Missing
                                                                                          $100 bond for first place; Great
Children’s Day Poster Contest. This
                                                                                          Western Bank of Albany donat-
annual contest is hosted by the Office
                                                                                          ed the second place bond in the
of Juvenile Justice and Delinquency
                                                                                          amount of $75; and United Mis-
Prevention in Washington, D.C. The
                                                                                          souri Bank of Jefferson City do-
contest was created in an effort to edu-
                                                                                          nated the third place bond for
cate children across the country about
child safety and to make the public
                                                                                               To view this year’s winning
aware of law enforcement’s continuous
                                                                                          posters, go to the Patrol’s web-
efforts to search for and recover miss-
                                                                                          site at www.mshp.dps.mo.gov
ing children.                              Virginia E. George Elementary School
                                                                                     and click on the “read more” link to
     This year’s Missouri winner was       in Albany, MO. Third place in the Pa-
                                                                                     the web story. The Patrol will post the
Robert Rupp, a fifth grade student at      trol’s poster contest was awarded to
                                                                                     rules for the 2010 National Missing
Bishop Hogan Memorial School in            Samantha Knaust of the St. Joseph Pa-
                                                                                     Children’s Day Poster Contest on the
Chillicothe, MO. His poster will auto-     rochial School in Wentzville, MO.
                                                                                     website later this fall. For more infor-
matically be entered into the national          Three Missouri banks donated
                                                                                     mation, contact the Missing Person’s
contest. The second place winner was       a savings bonds as prizes. Hawthorn
                                                                                     Clearinghouse at (573) 526-6178.
Stephanie Ramer from the Albany R-III      Bank of Jefferson City donated the

                                                                                                       May-June 2009/Patrol News 9
                                       ‘Looking Beyond the Stop’
      The following officers are to be commended for looking beyond the initial stop. Each of these officers made at least one
  felony arrest during the period of February 21, 2009 through April 20, 2009. (Editor’s Note: This column excludes DWI arrests,
  warrant arrests, and “plain sight” situations. Keep in mind that there must be information under the “miscellaneous” section
  of the radio report to be considered for this column.)

                  Troop A                           Cpl. T.L. Hall, 2 arrests              Tpr. Anthony C. Helfrecht, 1 arrest
       Tpr. Z.K. Bryan, 1 arrest                   Tpr. J.C. Marlin, 1 arrest                 Tpr. S.B. Johnson, 2 arrests
     Tpr. R.J. Chapman, 1 arrest                   Cpl. S.R. Monk, 1 arrest                      Tpr. W.R. Koch, 1 arrest
        Sgt. C.M. Clair, 1 arrest                  Tpr. T.R. Morris, 1 arrest
      Cpl. B.S. Hagerty, 1 arrest                                                                       Troop G
        Cpl. M.A. Pate, 1 arrest                           Troop E                             Tpr. M.C. Downey, 1 arrest
      Tpr. G.D. Primm, 1 arrest*                  Tpr. D.W. Crank, 7 arrests                    Tpr. B.D. Odle, 2 arrests
    CVO Sprv. 1 J.F. Stone, 1 assist*               Tpr. J.N. Crites, 1 arrest
       Tpr. E.L. Tyrrell, 1 arrest                   Cpl. R.C. Dye, 1 arrest                            Troop H
                                                  Tpr. C.D. Hamlett, 1 arrest                   Cpl. M.R. Heits, 2 arrests
                  Troop B                           Tpr. B.C. Jones, 1 arrest                   Tpr. T.B. Heintz, 1 arrest
         Tpr. T.S. Croft, 1 arrest                 Tpr. J.A. Lacey, 2 arrests                   Tpr. B.R. Hilliard, 1 arrest
        Sgt. R.L. Seiner, 2 arrests               Cpl. M.D. Lynch, 1 arrest                      Tpr. B.L. Israel, 1 arrest
                                                Tpr. D.W. McCormick, 1 arrest                  Tpr. J.R. Johnston, 3 arrests
                  Troop C                       Tpr. Nogi H. McDaniel, 1 arrest                 Tpr. A.J. Webb, 2 arrests
       Cpl. N.C. Benson, 2 arrests               Cpl. M.G. Slaughter, 1 arrest
       Tpr. J.R. Breitbach, 1 arrest              Tpr. J.S. Stewart, 2 arrests                          Troop I
        Tpr. P.J. Brown, 1 arrest               Tpr. T.D. Templemire, 2 arrests                 Cpl. C.A. Bogart, 1 arrest
       Sgt. J.R. Campbell, 1 arrest                                                             Tpr. J.W. Choate, 1 arrest
         Tpr. P.C. Long, 1 arrest                          Troop F                              Tpr. D.J. Johnson, 1 arrest
        Tpr. B.A. Moore, 1 arrest               Tpr. B.J. Blankenbeker, 1 arrest                 Tpr. T.S. Miller, 1 arrest
                                                 Tpr. B.R. Germann, 1 arrest                     Tpr. B.A. Vogt, 4 arrests
                 Troop D                          Tpr. M.T. Halford, 1 arrest
       Sgt. G.L. Braden, 1 arrest                  Tpr. D.R. Haslag, 1 arrest
      Tpr. D.B. Carnagey, 1 arrest

          Wal-Mart Awards Grant To LE Torch Run
Wal-Mart Store Manager Steven
Reed (r) presents a $1,000
donation to the Law Enforcement
Torch Run for Special Olympics
to (l to r) Lt. Hotz, Q/PIED,
Crystal Chalk, SOMO, Special
Olympian Christina Goedde,
and Clerk IV Crystal Smith,
Q/BPD. The donation is the
result of a grant application filled
out by Clerk IV Crystal Smith.
In addition, on May 23, 2009,
Patrol employees (off duty) sold
Special Olympic T-shirts at the
Jefferson City Wal-Mart to help
raise money for this worthy cause.

10 Patrol News/May-June 2009
              Brief Meeting Leaves
               Lasting Impression
By Criminalist I Cindy M. Dierenfeldt, Troop H

     In February 2009, Troop H had         just wanting to help out. After combin-     planned a special train ride for them
the opportunity to meet a very spe-        ing these items with some Highway           too, both to take place in March.
cial little boy named Hayden Wion.         Patrol memorabilia we invited Hayden             Hayden’s condition declined
In December 2007, Hayden, who was          to come to Troop H for a small pre-         quickly in the following weeks. He nev-
just 2 years old, was diagnosed with       sentation ceremony. He and his father,      er got to take the train rides. He died
stage four neuroblastoma, a rare type      Jim, came out on February 26.               on March 15, 2009, four months before
of childhood cancer. Doctors at Chil-           Sgt. Sheldon Lyon presented the        his fourth birthday. Though we did
dren’s Mercy Hospital in Kansas City       items to Hayden while Troop H em-           not get to know him that well, we will
began aggressive treatment in Janu-        ployees looked on. He loved all of the      never forget him. Witnessing some-
ary 2008. Just a year later, Hayden        gifts. He was especially fond of the        thing like this makes you realize that
was doing great -- they thought he was     railroad pocket watch and the patrol        we should be grateful for all the things
in remission. But then, repeat scans       car replica. Hayden also got to see the     we have and try to make the most of
showed the cancer had come back and        inside of a real patrol car and even got    every day.
was spreading like crazy. Hayden’s         to play with the
prognosis was poor. Doctors gave him       lights. His dad
no more than six months to live. All at-   said he hadn’t
tention was then directed toward try-      seen him smile
ing to make some of his wishes come        like that in
true.                                      weeks! The awe-
     Hayden loved policemen, fire-         some people
fighters, and trains, so we made some      at Burlington
phone calls and sent some e-mails tell-    Northern Santa
ing Hayden’s story. In the following       Fe Railway set
weeks we received donations of train       up an Amtrak
sets, a conductor’s hat, books, a pock-    ride for Hayden
et watch, and numerous other items,        and his family,
along with monetary donations from         and Union Pa-
local railroad offices and individuals     cific Railroad

                                                                                       Cpl. Travis Williams watches
                                                                                       through the window while Mr. Jim
                                                                                       Wion and Hayden explore his patrol

                                                                                 Sgt. Sheldon Lyon watches as Hayden
                                                                                 Wion explores gifts presented to him at
                                                                                 Troop H Headquarters. Hayden is seat-
                                                                                 ed on his father’s (Jim) lap.

                                                                                                        May-June 2009/Patrol News 11
    Promotions and Reclassifications

   Tyson B. Gardner             Mark D. Green    Andrew B. Swearingin   Nathan C. Benson
       Sergeant                   Sergeant            Sergeant              Corporal
       Troop H                    Troop D              Troop I              Troop C

    Robert E. Hoehn            Kevin C. Morris     James A. Mulkey        Robert J. Parr
       Corporal                   Corporal            Corporal              Corporal
       Troop C                    Troop D              Troop I              Troop C

    Gerald D. Leigh            Kendra L. Shell     Bruce D. Snider      Virginia A. Alston-
    Comm. Oper. II             Comm. Oper. II      Comm. Oper. II             Smith
       Troop D                    Troop E             Troop F                 DE II
                                                                             Troop A

12 Patrol News/May-June 2009
Promotions and Reclassifications

Ryan L. Boeckman    Ashley E. Brennan        J. David Brooks        Franklin V. Byers
      CIT I              Cook III               Chief CVO                DE III
     Q/ISD               Q/TND                   Troop D                Troop D

Mark A. Cherry      Branden S. Coker       Cindy M. Dierenfeldt      Maria F. Fooks
    DE II          Fingerprint Tech. III      Criminalist II      Quality Control Clerk II
   Troop A              Q/CRID                   Q/CLD                    Q/TFD

  Jay A. Forbis      Paula K. Forshee      Stephanie A. Horine     Tamra D. Jacobs
     CIT II          Housekeeper III          Criminalist II      AFIS Entry Oper. III
     Q/ISD               Troop D                Q/CLD                  Q/CRID

                                                                  May-June 2009/Patrol News 13
    Promotions and Reclassifications

    David L. Johnson                   Nancy A. Mooney                   Dana J. Mueller   Amy L. Peebles
         CIT I                            DE Sprv.                            DE I          Criminalist III
        Q/ISD                              Troop C                          Troop B            Q/CLD

   James L. Roberson                    Stacy R. Russom                  Jason D. Stump    Michelle Waldron
        CIT II                              MVI III                           DE II         Criminalist II
        Q/ISD                               Troop E                          Troop F           Q/CLD

            Police Academy Recruits Honor Tpr. Newton
    By Troop A

         On March 19, 2009, recruits from the Blue River Police Acad-
    emy in Independence, MO, participated in one and a half mile run
    to honor Trooper Michael L. Newton. The run began at the First
    Baptist Church of Lee’s Summit and ended at Troop A Headquar-
    ters. According to Butch Roll, chief of training at Blue River Po-
    lice Academy, each class participates in a run to honor a fallen

                       Blue River Police Academy Recruit Ben Orth,
                       class president, presents a plaque honoring
                       MSHP fallen hero Tpr. Michael L. Newton to
                       Lt. Brian T. Deshler, Troop A.

14 Patrol News/May-June 2009
Things Aren’t Always As They Seem                                                              Sgt. Funderburk asked for and
                                                                                          received permission to search the ve-
                                                                                          hicle. When the driver raised the bot-
By MVI III Charles G. McMillan, Troop D                                                   tom bunk it revealed three large duffle
                                                                                          bags. Sgt. Funderburk asked the
     The driver of the tractor/trail-        them to Lubbock, Texas. From there he
                                                                                          driver to open one of the duffle bags.
er was blown by the wind ... at least        picked up a load of soybeans in Mule-
                                                                                          When the bag was opened he saw sev-
that’s what he told Sergeant Matthew         shoe, Texas, and was on his way to
                                                                                          eral brown taped bundles. He cut into
K. Funderburk. Sgt. Funderburk was           “Joisey” (New Jersey).
                                                                                          one and found marijuana. (Come on,
traveling eastbound on Interstate 44              As Sgt. Funderburk was standing
                                                                                          I believed the driver, didn’t you? Now,
near Missouri Highway 13 in Greene           in the doorway, he noticed a plethora of
                                                                                          I’m really disillusioned.)
County. He observed a Freightliner           air fresheners in the cab and the sleep-
                                                                                               Sgt. Funderburk placed the driver
tractor, pulling a trailer, weave onto the   er birth area. He asked the driver if
                                                                                          under arrest and read him the Mi-
shoulder--not once, but twice, and then      there were any drugs in the truck. The
                                                                                          randa warning, which he said that he
weave the opposite direction crossing        driver replied that there weren’t any
                                                                                          understood. Two duffle bags and two
the centerline.                              drugs in the truck, but he had recently
                                                                                          boxes were found for an approximate
     Sgt. Funderburk initiated a traf-       been arrested for conspiracy to distrib-
                                                                                          weight of 157 pounds of the state-of-
fic stop and approached the tractor          ute marijuana and cocaine in Texas.
                                                                                          mind-altering drug. The driver, trac-
from the passenger side. The driver               Well, the assurance from the driver
                                                                                          tor/trailer and the marijuana were
opened the door. He explained to the         that there weren’t any illegal drugs in
                                                                                          released to Sergeant Daniel P. Banasik.
driver why he had been stopped and           the truck almost made Sgt. Funderburk
                                                                                          Sgt. Banasik did a controlled delivery
asked for his driver’s license, logbook,     breathe a sigh of relief, give the driver
                                                                                          to Indianapolis, IN, which resulted in
and bills for the load. The driver’s log-    a verbal warning, and send him on his
                                                                                          two additional arrests.
book showed he had picked up a load          way. (Wait a minute ... wake up ... are
of spices in New Mexico and took             you dreaming? )

Troopers Track Down Fleeing Driver                                                        arrest, which called for another visit
                                                                                          from Tpr. Flynn.
                                                                                               On December 29, 2008, Tpr. Fly-
By Sgt. Julie A. Scerine, Troop C            the back seat of the vehicle. He ob-         nn, Trooper Samuel V. Buchheit, and
                                             tained his name and information and          Trooper Elizabeth A. Lusk attempted
     Working the road on Christmas
                                             began to return to his vehicle.              to make contact with the fleeing felon
Eve tends to be a day with many trav-
                                                   As Tpr. Flynn returned to his ve-      at his last known address. When the
elers, but not a lot of action. Everyone
                                             hicle, the driver sped away and the          troopers arrived at the residence, Mr.
is in the Christmas spirit, traveling to
                                             chase was on. Throughout the pursuit,        Suspect drove up in front of the resi-
family gatherings and church events.
                                             the driver weaved in and out of traf-        dence. As he exited his vehicle, the
For Trooper Joseph D. Flynn, Christ-
                                             fic, failing to yield to the patrol vehi-    troopers yelled his name. The suspect
mas Eve 2008 will be one that sticks out
                                             cle. The fleeing vehicle then struck a       looked their direction, and realized it
in his memory for years to come. The
                                             pickup truck and the center median be-       wasn’t Santa on his front porch with
package he located after a traffic stop,
                                             fore coming to rest against the median       presents for him, but troopers with
which involved a pursuit and fleeing
                                             barrier on the bridge. As the trooper        handcuffs. He then tried to flee on foot
driver, was one you only read about in
                                             stopped his vehicle and began giving         again, but was apprehended quickly
action movies.
                                             the driver orders, he noticed the driver     due to the speed of Tpr. Flynn.
     At approximately 9 a.m. on Decem-
                                             appeared to be attempting to retrieve             The suspect was taken into cus-
ber 24, 2008, Tpr. Flynn observed a
                                             something from the back seat, be-            tody and transported to the St. Louis
Ford Mustang with its windshield wip-
                                             fore exiting the vehicle and fleeing on      County Jail. As a result of the previ-
ers on, but not having lit headlamps,
                                             foot. The driver fled from the vehicle,      ous pursuit and the most recent ap-
traveling on Interstate 70. He also ob-
                                             jumped across the median barrier of In-      prehension, the subject was charged
served the driver to be unrestrained.
                                             terstate 70, and ran from the scene.         with resisting arrest by fleeing caus-
This appeared to be an easy traffic stop
                                                   Tpr. Flynn ran to the vehicle to       ing serious injury, child endangerment
and a good opportunity to speak with
                                             check on the condition of the child,         1st degree, and child abandonment,
the driver about his lack of seat belt
                                             who was unharmed and still restrained        with a bond of $20,000. This entire in-
use. When Tpr. Flynn initiated the stop,
                                             in the car seat. After further investi-      cident from beginning to end is a true
the driver pulled to the shoulder, and
                                             gation, the driver’s true identity was       testament to the cohesiveness of the
thus appeared to be compliant. Tpr. Fly-
                                             learned, and the child, who was not          members of Troop C, Zone 1, and their
nn made contact with the driver, who
                                             the driver’s, was turned over to fam-        ability to go above and beyond regard-
indicated he did not have his driver’s
                                             ily members. After learning the driv-        less of the time of year.
license on his person. The trooper also
                                             er’s true identity, it was learned that he        Great work, troopers!
noticed an infant child in a car seat in
                                             also had active felony warrants for his
                                                                                                           May-June 2009/Patrol News 15
    Extreme Home Makeover — MSHP Style
                       Wilson’s Dream Home Gets A Hand
By Sgt. Mark J. Thomas, Q/GD

      Have you ever been interrupted                                                     Clockwise from top: Sgt. Mark J.
while trying to do something? Maybe                                                      Thomas, Sgt. Scott Meyer, Sgt.
you are on your way to the “quick-                                                        Jeffrey L. Smith, and Mr. Terry
est” checkout line at the grocery                                                           Bultmann (friend) begin
store and your cell phone rings.
It could be a telemarketer calling
your home at precisely the time
you are sitting down for dinner.
My favorite interruption is when
that person driving cuts you off
in traffic because they need to
                                                                                                       Sgt. Jeffery T. Fitzgerald
be wherever they are going much
quicker than you do. How about                                                                       and Cpl. Brian W. Vernon
when an unexpected guest stops by                                                                            size two-by-fours in
the house to visit for a while during                                                                              the basement.
that ever-important outside job this
time of year--mowing. (OK, so I don’t
mind that one so much ...)
      How about when life throws a
HUGE interruption your way at a very
inopportune time? For instance: A se-
rious illness while you are fulfilling a
life-long dream of building a new home
for your family? From personal experi-
ence, I can attest to these life-changing
moments. They tend to bring a total-
ly different perspective to the “small
stuff” like grocery store lines, telemar-
keters, rude drivers, or even the occa-
sional gabby visitor. It also reaffirms
commitment to the important things in
life, like family.
      The Gaming Division’s Sergeant             Without sounding like an epi-                Over the years, one of the things
Bryan K. Wilson recently experienced        sode of ABC’s “Extreme Home Make-           that gives me the most pride as a
one of those life-changing interrup-        over”, B.K. and Kay have done much          member of the Missouri State High-
tions when he was diagnosed with a          for many people. They have been ac-         way Patrol is witnessing the Patrol
very serious health issue. This oc-         tive foster parents and have adopted        family pulling together to help one of
curred while he was not only in the         some special needs children to be a         our own “brothers”. We hear about it.
middle of building the dream house he       part of their family. They, too, are part   Often times, we participate in it and
and his wife, Kay, had been working         of the dream house, because with an         read about it in articles. For those of
toward for years, but was actually con-     enlarged family, their current home         us who have had the honor of being
templating retiring! B.K. was trying        is simply too small. I cannot figure        the recipient of this kind of generosity,
to do what many of us who have “en-         out how those folks on that television      it is something that stays with us not
joyed” the experience of either build-      show can build a house in seven days!       only for a career, but for a lifetime.
ing a new home or refurbishing an           It takes me longer than that to paint             A group of retired and active
existing one have done. He was trying       a kitchen for crying out loud. Maybe        troopers from Troops A, H, and the
to save some money by doing some of         I need one of those bull horns to get       Gaming Division, as well as employees
the work while contracting out the big      myself motivated.                           from the Missouri Gaming Commis-
                                                                                        Continued on the next page.

16 Patrol News/May-June 2009
—    Makeover
Continued from page 16.

sion, came together to help B.K. and
his family with some projects at their
new home north of Lawson on March
14, 2009. As we all know, the weather
in northwest Missouri in the middle
of March can be anything from near-
blizzard conditions to balmy sunshine.
The one consistency at this time of         Micaela Jolie                           Brandon Michael
the year is the consistency of the soil     Tpr. Brandon J. and Mrs. Francesca      Tpr. Jason M. and Mrs. Cathy S.
... or, more appropriately, the mud!        D. Brashear                             Mattingly
The weather cooperated to include an        Troop A                                 Troop B
awesome, bright springtime day. The
mud also retained its predictability        Brody Alexander                         Zachery Thomas
and clung to everyone’s boots in five       Tpr. Kyle A. and Mrs. Angela D.         Auto. Tech. III Brad W. and Mrs.
pound increments.                           Green                                   Amanda R. Adams
      We were able to help the Wilson       Troop F                                 Q/MED
family with the house by splitting into
several crews. We tackled jobs such         Talon Lee                               Logan James
as framing in the basement to add a         Cpl. Ricky L. and Mrs. Delania D.       Tpr. Joshua J. and Mrs. Laura D.
couple of bedrooms and a media room,        Watson                                  McDonald
cleanup, brush/tree clearing, and           Troop C                                 Troop I
erecting a deck.
      Special thanks and appreciation       Zane Matthias                           Lucas Bryan
need to go to Sergeant Terry Spain          Tpr. Matthew P. and Mrs. Sophia L.      Cpl. Thomas B. and Mrs. Kimberly
and his wife, Terry, who came out and       Fisher                                  E. Ziegler
provided the working stiffs (that “stiff”   Troop A                                 Troop H
part was very evident the next day
for many of us) with an awesome bar-        William Wayne                           Carson Lane
beque lunch enjoyed by all. Also, Lieu-     Cpl. Eric W. and Mrs. Kelly L.          Mr. Samuel F. and Comm. Oper. II
tenant Bob Zubeck and Sergeant Jeff         Hackman                                 Jessica R. Dillon
Fitzgerald for their leadership roles       Q/DDCC                                  Troop A
and some really cool power tools. I
love power tools ...                        Ellie Mae
      B.K. and Kay were very apprecia-      Tpr. J. Curtis and Mrs. Tiffany D.
tive of all the assistance we gave them,    Acree
and for helping them to accomplish          Troop H
their dream. I don’t think he was able
to wipe that huge grin off his follicle-
challenged head all day long!
      Even though he has been dealt
a substantial “interruption” to life’s                         Sentenced!
path, B.K. remains very positive and
determined to overcome his health                    Lance Shockley Found Guilty
obstacles. We were all proud to help
out, because he is our brother and that          The jury deliberated three hours before returning a verdict of guilty on
is exactly what brothers do for each        Friday, March 27, 2009. Lance Shockley, 32, of Van Buren, was found guilty of
other. I guess all we have to say at        first degree murder in the death of Sgt. C. Dewayne Graham Jr. in 2005. The
this point is, “Welcome Home, Wilson        jury was unable to come to a unanimous decision regarding whether Shockley
Family ... Welcome Home!”                   should get the death penalty or life in prison without parole. Therefore,
                                            the decision regarding sentencing fell to Judge David Evans. At 1:15 p.m.
                                            on Friday, May 22, 2009, at the Carter County Courthouse, Judge Evans
                                            sentenced Lance Shockley to death for the March 2005 murder of Sgt. C.
                                            Dewayne Graham Jr.

                                                                                                     May-June 2009/Patrol News 17
             Tpr. Ward Recognized For Investigation
By Sgt. Dale H. Moreland, Troop E

      On Thursday, April 2, 2009, Troop-
er Kindel C. Ward, Troop E, received
the Sikeston Area Chamber of Com-
merce Officer-of-the-Year Award at its
annual banquet at the Sikeston Field-
house. Tpr. Ward was selected as re-
sult of a two-year theft investigation
that he initiated. The investigation in-
volved the DeKalb (IL) County Sher-
iff’s Office, Illinois State Police, Scott
County Sheriff’s Department, New
Madrid County Sheriff’s Department,
Sikeston Department of Public Safety,
and the Missouri State Highway Pa-
trol. This two-year investigation result-
ed in the recovery of over $1 million
in stolen items. The items were stolen
in Missouri and several neighboring
states. Three federal indictments have                           Photo provided by the Standard Democrat newspaper - Sikeston.
been issued, and the investigation con-
tinues.                                         Scott County Sheriff Rick Walter reads the nomination of Tpr. Kindel C. Ward
      Troop E congratulates Tpr. Ward           for officer of the year during the Sikeston Area Chamber of Commerce’s annual
on this well deserved honor!                    banquet.

By Sgt. Michael Watson, Troop D

     On Wednesday, April 8, 2009, Cap-       ning him face down. As he was trying to    Doug just happened to glance back at
tain Juan O. Villanueva, command-            free himself and breathing was becom-      the field when he noticed the over-
ing officer of Troop D, presented            ing more and more difficult, Doug and      turned tractor. After racing to the field
Carthage resident Justin Riley with          Justin were backing out of the driveway.   and getting the tractor turned off, Mr.
a Missouri State Highway Patrol                                                              Riley remarked that he was down
Honorary Trooper certificate.                                                                to his last breath and was going to
The award is the result of the ac-                                                           die. Doug’s response to his uncle
tions of Justin and his brother,                                                             was, “Not today.”
Trooper Douglas W. Riley, on June                                                                  The brothers were then able
11, 2008, when the two lifted a                                                              to lift the tractor enough for Mr.
2,500-pound tractor off their uncle,                                                         Riley to crawl out. Paramedics re-
who was pinned beneath it. Their                                                             sponded to the scene and he was
actions saved his life.                                                                      transported to a local hospital. Mr.
     John Riley had been mowing                                                              Riley was released from the hospi-
a field near Doug’s house since                                                              tal later, and credits his life to the
nine that morning. At around 3:15                                                            swift actions of his nephews.
in the afternoon, he waved at Jus-
tin and Doug as they drove by on                                                              [Editor’s Note: Tpr. Riley received the
                                                                                              Lifesaving Award at the annual Patrol
the way to Doug’s house. Shortly             (l to r) Captain Juan O. Villanueva        Awards Ceremony and The Missouri Association
thereafter, as the tractor crested a hill,   stands with the Rileys: Honorary           of State Trooper Emergency Relief Society (The
a rear tire dropped into a hole and the      Trooper Justin Riley, Mr. John Riley,      MASTERS) banquet on April 18, 2009, in
tractor overturned onto Mr. Riley, pin-                                                 Columbia.]
                                             and Trooper Douglas W. Riley

20 Patrol News/May-June 2009
    Is Everything In the Duffle bags Marijuana?
By MVI III Charles G. McMillan, Troop D
     Trooper Matthew E. Morice was         from Dallas, Texas, to Pittsburgh, PA.
observing eastbound traffic near the       The driver stated that he was visiting
81-mile marker on Interstate 44 in         his grandmother in Pennsylvania, and
Greene County. He checked a silver         that he was going to catch a flight back
Chevrolet HHR at 73 mph in a 60 mph        to Texas when he was done visiting.
                                                                                      All of this marijuana, located during
zone. At this time, he exited the cross-        Tpr. Morice told the driver he
                                                                                      a traffic stop, was crammed into
over and overtook the HHR and initi-       smelled burnt marijuana in the HHR.
ated a traffic stop                        The driver said, “You can smell mari-      three duffle bags.
     Tpr. Morice approached the ve-        juana?”
hicle from the passenger side to keep           He then confessed that he did              Tpr. Morice placed the silver
himself away from the traffic. As he       smoke weed, and that there was a little    manacles on the driver’s wrists and
came upon the vehicle, he noticed          bit of marijuana in the glove box. Tpr.    checked for an appropriate fit then
three duffle bags in the rear cargo        Morice performed a probable cause          double locked them. He informed the
area.                                      search based on the odor of the burnt      driver he was under arrest for posses-
     He advised the driver that he had     marijuana and the admission from the       sion of a controlled substance with in-
been stopped because he was doing          driver that he possessed marijuana in      tent to distribute. He advised him of
73 mph in a 60 mph zone. The driver        the glove box. His search yielded ap-      his Miranda rights, which the driver
handed him his driver’s license and a      proximately 90 pounds of marijuana in      stated he understood. The driver’s
rental agreement for the car. The rent-    the three duffle bags.                     criminal history check revealed no pri-
al agreement showed a one-way rental                                                  or drugs related arrests or convictions.

Troop I, Rolla Pizza Inn Join SOMO Team!
By Sgt. Dan J. Crain, Troop I

     Last year, Troop I employees
raised $8,768 for Special Olympics
Missouri (SOMO) through T-shirt and
baseball cap sales at Wal-Mart stores
within the troop. In 2009, SOMO shirt
and hat sales have again been suc-
cessful, but Troop I coordinator of
fund-raising, Clerk Typist III Jamie L.
Maddux, had a new idea to help ex-
ceed previous years’ earnings. Jamie
contacted the managers of the Rolla
Pizza Inn, Bob and Jo Campbell, who
graciously allowed Troop I employ-
ees and their family members to take
over as servers, busboys, and dish-
washers for one night. On Tuesday
evening, April 14, 2009, approximately
15 individuals from the Troop I family     This hard-working crew of Troop I employees joined the Rolla Pizza Inn to
were present to help raise nearly $500     raise $500 for SOMO in one night!
for Special Olympics. Troop I would
like to thank the Campbells and the
Wal-Mart stores for allowing us to use
their facilities to raise money for such
a worthy cause.

                                                                                                       May-June 2009/Patrol News 21
                                                                                  Summit Provides
            My                                                                      Knowledge,
                                    Told Me!
                                                                                  By MVI III Charles G. McMillan, Troop D

      By MVI III Charles G. McMillan, Troop D                                          The Missouri State Highway Pa-
                                                                                  trol and Greene County Sheriff’s Office
           Corporal Thomas L. “Tom” Hall was operating stationary radar on        hosted a Heavy Equipment Theft Sum-
      Interstate 44 near U.S. Highway 65 when he checked an eastbound RV          mit at the Springfield Oasis and Conven-
      (recreational vehicle) breaking the speed limit. He pursued the RV and      tion Center in Springfield, MO. Senior
      initiated a traffic stop near the 84-mile marker. Cpl. Hall contacted the   Special Agents Larry Liggett and Brad
      driver of the vehicle and found that he was unable to produce a driver’s    Greiner (National Insurance Crime Bu-
      license. There were two other persons in the vehicle.                       reau, NICB) were the principal present-
           The driver took a seat in the patrol car while the driver’s informa-   ers. They showed us problems involved
      tion was confirmed. The driver said they were going to a city in Florida,   with identifying and recovering stolen
      but didn’t know which one ... he first thought “St. Louis”, but followed    heavy industrial equipment like road
      that statement by saying he didn’t know for sure. He just knew it start-    graders, skid steers, backhoes, bulldoz-
      ed with an “S”.                                                             ers, and other equipment like zero radi-
           When Cpl. Hall asked what he was going to do there, he stated “vis-    us turn mowers and farm equipment.
      iting and cruising”. He also stated he was going to stop in Kansas to            The goal of the presentation includ-
      drop off one of the passengers, so he could visit his sick grandfather.     ed providing law enforcement with the
      [Author’s note: That would be an interesting feat since they weren’t in     knowledge needed in equipment iden-
      Kansas anymore, Toto!]                                                      tification, and making us aware of the
           Cpl. Hall pointed out the fact that they had already passed Kansas.    latest equipment security technologies.
      This led to the driver saying that his Tom-Tom had routed him in this       This summit allowed us to network,
      direction.                                                                  which provides more resources in the
           The license check on the driver showed nine ... count them ... nine    fight against equipment theft. In addi-
      active warrants out of Douglas County, MO.                                  tion, four hours of continuing education
           Cpl. Hall asked the driver if there was anything illegal in the ve-    credit was given for this course from
      hicle and the driver said, “Not that I know of.” Cpl. Hall then asked for   Drury University (a Missouri POST ap-
      and did not receive permission to search the RV. The driver insisted        proved provider).
      he contact one of the passengers whose name was listed on the rental
      agreement. [Oh, yeah, the RV was a rental vehicle. The destination on
      the agreement was shown as Orlando, Florida.] The passenger gave per-
      mission to search the vehicle.
           Cpl. Hall found two suitcases in the bedroom area closet filled with
      green saran-wrapped bundles that, when punctured, smelled like mari-
                                                                                  June 12      • Tpr. W.R.
      juana. Two more suitcases were found in the left side exterior luggage                     Brandt died
      compartment with the same result.                                                          in 1970.
           The right side exterior luggage compartment was locked. The pas-       June 13      • Tpr. D.H.
      senger said that he did not have a key. Cpl. Hall had his canine perform                   Marriott died
      a “sniff” of the right side exterior compartment and K-9 Evan indicated
      on the door by scratching and biting. Located inside the compartment
                                                                                                 in 1981.
      were two more suitcases and one duffel bag containing yet more mari-        June 14      • Sgt. B.O.
      juana bundles. A total of approximately 350 pounds of marijuana was lo-                    Booth died in
      cated in the RV.                                                                           1933.
           By the way, the Tom-Tom showed a destination of Canton, Ohio.          June 13 - 20 • Missouri
      Chances are pretty good they would have found Ohio, even though
      they missed Kansas, because I think the GPS tells them when they
                                                                                                 Boys State.
      have reached their destination.                                             June 21 - 26 • Missouri
                                                                                                 Cadet Patrol
                                                                                  June 21 - 27 • Missouri
                                                                                                 Girls State.
22 Patrol News/May-June 2009
   Classmates Reunited After 38 Years
By Ret. Sgt. Ron Hedrick

     It couldn’t have been planned any
better for Ron Hedrick and E.J. New-
man, Missouri State Highway Patrol
retirees, to meet again after 38 years.
It occurred in the same hospital, in the
same room, having surgery for basically
the same illness.
     On April 8, 2009, I had surgery at
Cox South Hospital in Springfield, MO.
After surgery, I was taken to Room 918,
bed two, which was next to the window.
I was feeling quite well, just coming out
of anesthetic, feeling no pain, and in a    (l to r)Retired Cpl. E.J. Newman and retired Sgt. Ron Hedrick enjoyed hang-
talkative mood. The privacy curtain was     ing out together while healing.
pulled, blocking my view of my room-
mate. But, I could hear a conversation           When she said, “E.J. Newman”,               At that time, the curtain was
between the patient and his wife (Kay)      my response was, “No way! Your dad          opened and for the first time in 38
and daughter (Gayle).                       and I graduated together from the 40th      years, E.J. and I were looking eyeball
     Breaking the ice, I asked Gayle        Recruit Class of the Patrol Academy in      to eyeball! Obviously, we had a lot to
where they were from. She told me her       November 1971.”                             talk about and a lot of history on which
dad and mom were from Carthage, MO.              E.J. heard just parts of our conver-   to catch up. I know we both helped
I asked her if she knew a retired state     sation, but heard the name “Hedrick”        each other heal quickly and helped
trooper, Larry Cooper. She acknowl-         and asked his daughter if it was Doug       the time in the hospital pass faster.
edged she did, and then told me her         Hedrick who is presently on the Pa-         We were both released the following
dad, the patient in the bed next to me,     trol and stationed in Platte City, MO. I    day with a greater appreciation for old
was also a retired Missouri State High-     responded quickly and said, “No, Ron        friends forgotten. God does work in
way Patrol trooper. Surprised, I asked,     Hedrick.”                                   mysterious ways.
“What’s his name?”

                    Still Working Together
  Clinesmith, Heard Volunteer For A Great Cause
  By Troop H                                For Life is a 12-hour event from 7 p.m.
       Retired Assistant Chief Tele-        to 7 a.m., where teams have at least one
  communications Engineer M.                member walking the track the entire
  Wayne Clinesmith and Chief Opera-         time to raise money for cancer research.
  tor Roger M. Heard, Troop H, be-          There are other activities to keep every-
  gan work at St. Joseph the same day       one busy all night long. The July 2008
  in 1980, and have been great friends      event raised over $89,000.
  ever since. The fact that Wayne re-            The Clinesmith family helps orga-      (l to r) Chief Operator Roger M.
  tired two years ago doesn’t mean          nize the event, cooks ‘burgers and hot      Heard, Troop H, and Ret. ACTE
  they still don’t occasionally work        dogs in the food court, and helps handle    M. Wayne Clinesmith continue
  together – just in a little different     the multitude of things that pop up un-
                                                                                        their friendship, which started at
  setting.                                  expectedly. One of Wayne’s roles again
                                            this year was master of ceremonies. He
                                                                                        the Patrol.
       For several years, Wayne and
  his family have been heavily in-          is pictured here wearing his cancer sur-    Heard. This is the second year Roger
  volved in the American Cancer So-         vivor t-shirt. The photo was taken just     has played for the event. The uni-
  ciety’s “Northland Relay For Life”        after the survivors walk around the park    forms may change over the years –
  held in Gladstone, MO. The Relay          in Gladstone, led by bagpiper Roger         the friendships don’t.

                                                                                                         May-June 2009/Patrol News 23
 Sgt. Alan E. “Al”                            Sgt. Charles J.                                    Chuck was born in Jefferson City,
                                                                                            MO, and graduated from Helias High
      Raetz                                  “Chuck” Kramer                                 School in 1974. After high school he
                                                                                            attended Lincoln University in Jeffer-
                                                                                            son City for two years. In 1976, Chuck
                                                                                            transferred to Central Missouri State
                                                                                            University in Warrensburg. In 1978, he
                                                                                            graduated with honors while earning a
                                                                                            bachelor’s of science degree in crimi-
                                                                                            nal justice.
                                                                                                 Chuck is married to the former
                                                                                            Theresa Markway of Jefferson City,
                                                                                            MO, and they have three grown chil-
                                                                                            dren: Matt, Sarah, and Sam, who all re-
                                                                                            side in Jefferson City.
                                                                                                 When asked about his retirement,
                                                                                            Chuck stated the following: “Although
     The Missouri State Highway Patrol            On May 1, 2009, Sergeant Charles J.       I am looking forward to retirement,
is pleased to announce that on April 1,      “Chuck” Kramer retired as a member of          I can not help but reflect upon the
2009, after 30 years of dedicated service,   the Missouri State Highway Patrol after        fact that my retirement will mark the
Sergeant Alan E. “Al” Raetz retired.         29 years of service.                           end of an era for the Kramer family.
     Al began his career with the Patrol          Chuck was appointed to the Patrol         Since 1956, three generations of my
in July 1979. Upon graduating from           on April 1, 1980. On August 29, 1980,          family have worked for the Missouri
the Patrol Academy, he was assigned          he graduated from the Patrol Academy           State Highway Patrol. My now de-
to Troop D, Zone 10, Webster Coun-           in Jefferson City and was assigned to          ceased father, Clete, retired from the
ty, and lived in Marshfield. In 1985, he     Troop B, Zone 1, and stationed in Ma-          Jefferson City Patrol garage in April
transferred to Zone 1, Greene Coun-          con. His field training officer was Cor-       1985. My daughter, Sarah, worked as
ty. In 1991, he was promoted to corpo-       poral Larry Murdock. On July 1, 1983,          a 1,000 hour employee for the Divi-
ral and assigned as assistant supervisor     he transferred to Troop F and was as-          sion of Drug and Crime Control until
for Zone 12, Christian County. In 1993,      signed to Zone 1, Jefferson City. On Au-       she graduated from college in 2008.
Al was promoted to sergeant, and after       gust 1, 1989, Chuck was promoted to            Between my father, daughter, and I,
a short period in St. Clair County, he       corporal and became the assistant zone         we have over 60 years of service. It
transferred to and was designated su-        commander of Zone 2, Jefferson City.           has been an honor and a privilege for
pervisor of Zone 10, Webster County.         On December 1, 1994, he was promoted           me to have served as a member of the
     During his career, Al was involved      to sergeant and became the Zone 2 com-         Missouri State Highway Patrol. I truly
in several significant events including      mander. On September 1, 1998, Chuck            have enjoyed serving and protecting
being shot at, run over by a vehicle,        transferred from Zone 2 to a position as       the citizens of the state of Missouri.”
and the investigations of the tragic inci-   the Troop F evidence officer. On May                Those who know and have worked
dents that resulted in the deaths of two     1, 1999, Chuck transferred to the Gam-         with Chuck throughout their Patrol ca-
zone mates, Trooper Russell W. Harper        ing Division and was assigned to the           reer will probably all agree that he is
and Corporal J.A. “Jay” Sampietro. For       Bingo Enforcement Section where he             definitely a person who could always
many years, Al taught college classes        remained until his retirement.                 be depended upon to give his best ef-
for three local institutions including:           During his career, Chuck was a            fort with any assignment he was given.
College of the Ozarks, Webster Col-          member of the Troop F Special Emer-            As a field training officer he helped
lege, and Columbia College. In 1998,         gency Response Team (SERT, now                 teach graduates fresh out of the Acad-
2000, and 2003, he received recognition      called SWAT), and served as a range            emy how to perform their job prop-
awards for his outstanding accomplish-       instructor, and Glock pistol and H&K           erly while treating every individual
ments as an instructor.                      rifle armorer. He was also a field train-      with as much respect as possible. He
     Al is married to the former Susan       ing officer, PR-24 instructor, and first re-   is also well known for not being afraid
Grant, of Taneyville. They have three        sponders/CPR trainer. Some of Chuck’s          to voice his opinion and ask some very
grown children, Mike, Cody, and Erica.       special assignments include the Mis-           direct questions to command staff
Al and Susie own a farm in Taney Coun-       souri State Fair detail, M.U. football         members during troop meetings. His
ty where they plan to build a retirement     details and several governors’ inaugura-       fellow officers in the audience always
home.                                        tion details.                                  looked forward to it, and at times, so

24 Patrol News/May-June 2009
did some of the staff members! Chuck       was promoted to the rank of sergeant         estate agent, and--most importantly--
also had the ability to create a lot of    on September 1, 1994, and was desig-         taking care of domestic duties as di-
laughter if you happen to be watching      nated the zone commander of Zone 1,          rected by Andee.
him perform his humorous, but good         which served the citizens of Macon and           Troop B will greatly miss Rodney
natured, imitations of just about every-   Shelby counties. On June 1, 1997, Rod-       and wish him a very long retirement.
one he has worked with.                    ney was designated as the Troop B pilot

                                                                                          Sergeant Larry
     His hobbies include hunting, fish-    and served in that capacity until his re-
ing, and carpentry work. He stated         tirement.

                                                                                            D. Wolters
that he is looking forward to getting            Rodney is a native of Dawn, MO,
outside every day and doing some           and graduated from Southwest High
good old-fashioned physical labor.         School. After high school, he attended
     Thank you, Chuck, for the friend-     Missouri Western College in St. Joseph,
ship and many laughs you have pro-         MO, then later graduated from Truman
vided us. Everyone in the Gaming           State University (formerly Northeast
Division wishes you and Theresa the        Missouri State University) where he ob-
very best in retirement!                   tained a bachelor’s of science degree
                                           in criminal justice. He also served with

     Sgt. James                            the Missouri National Guard for seven
                                           years, and is a graduate of the North-

     R. “Rodney”                           western University Traffic Institute.
                                                 Rodney is married to Andee (Dale),

      Applebury                            a native of Brookfield, MO. They have
                                           two children: Derek, who lives in Ma-
                                           con, and Heather, who lives in Cairo,
                                                                                             The Division of Drug and Crime
                                           MO. He also has four grandchildren.
                                                                                        Control announces the retirement of
                                                 During Rodney’s career he served
                                                                                        Sergeant Larry D. Wolters. Sgt. Wolt-
                                           as a field training officer, Troop B
                                                                                        ers began his career with the Patrol
                                           breath analyzer coordinator, backup
                                                                                        on September 1, 1974, as a part of the
                                           pilot, computer (PC) coordinator, and
                                                                                        43rd Recruit Class, and graduated at
                                           troop exposure control coordinator.
                                                                                        the top of his class.
                                           He was assigned to numerous details
                                                                                             His first assignment upon gradua-
                                           including the Missouri State Fair de-
                                                                                        tion was Troop A, Platte County. Dur-
                                           tail, the University of Missouri football
                                                                                        ing August 1980, he transferred from
                                           detail, St. Louis Police detail, Olympic
                                                                                        Troop A to Troop D, Dade/Cedar/
                                           Festival detail in St. Louis, the National
                                                                                        St. Clair counties. He was promoted
                                           Governors’ Association detail, and sev-
                                                                                        to corporal on June 1, 1989, and was
                                           eral manhunts. He served as an instruc-
     On June 1, 2009, after 31 years of                                                 reassigned as the commercial vehicle
                                           tor for several recruit classes, assisting
dedicated service, Sergeant James R.                                                    enforcement supervisor in September
                                           with DWI detection and breathalyzer
“Rodney” Applebury retired from the                                                     1990. He was reassigned to Greene
                                           certification. Rodney was involved in
Missouri State Highway Patrol. Rod-                                                     County as the assistant zone com-
                                           the Missouri State Troopers Associa-
ney began his career with the Patrol                                                    mander in September 1992. He was
                                           tion, and served as the Troop B chapter
on June 1, 1978. After graduating from                                                  promoted to the rank of sergeant on
the Patrol Academy, he was first as-                                                    July 1, 1994, and was assigned as the
                                                 He described his career as one that
signed to Troop B, and was stationed                                                    zone commander of Dallas/Hickory
                                           was fast and a great deal of fun. Rodney
in Salisbury, MO, to serve the citizens                                                 counties.
                                           said he always enjoyed opportunities
of Chariton, Linn, and Randolph coun-                                                        Sgt. Wolters participated in many
                                           to help citizens and co-workers. He will
ties. On July 1, 1981, he was trans-                                                    internship programs to include the
                                           always be known as a man of many tal-
ferred to the Brookfield zone, due to                                                   Field Operations Bureau, motor ve-
                                           ents and enterprising skills. Rodney is
the restructuring of Troop B zones,                                                     hicle crimes investigation, Public In-
                                           always eager to help others at the drop
but continued to live in Salisbury. On                                                  formation and Education Division, and
                                           of a hat with anything from golf lessons,
June 1, 1990, he was promoted to cor-                                                   the Human Resources Division.
                                           real estate, or construction projects.
poral and served as the assistant zone           He says his future plans consist of
commander of the Macon zone. He            playing golf, working as a travel and real   Continued on the next page.

                                                                                                            May-June 2009/Patrol News 25
— Wolters
Continued from page 25.
                                             ferred to the Troop D Service Center, in
                                             Carthage, MO, where he was assigned         Telecom. Jeanette
     During June 1998, Sgt. Wolters com-
                                             as a communications specialist. In Au-
                                             gust 1997, David transferred back to           M. Chadwick
pleted a 90-day internship with the Field    the Commercial Vehicle Enforcement
Operations Bureau. Upon completion           Division and was assigned to the scale
of the internship, Sergeant Wolters was      house along Interstate 44 in Newton
promoted to the rank of lieutenant and       County as a commercial vehicle officer.
assigned to the Field Operations Bu-         He was promoted to the rank of Super-
reau. On October 1, 1999, he requested       visor I in January 2002, and to Super-
a personal transfer and was assigned to      visor II in March 2004. In September
the Division of Drug and Crime Con-          2007, David was promoted to chief com-
trol’s Troop D Criminal Investigation        mercial vehicle officer for Troop D.
Unit. Sgt. Wolters served as a criminal           Originally from Butler, MO, David
investigator and polygraph examiner          graduated from Butler High School in
from October 1999 until his retirement       1965. He served with the United States
on June 1, 2008.                             Air Force from 1965 until 1969, attaining
     Sgt. Wolters has served the Patrol      the rank of sergeant. While in the Air          On May 1, 2009, after 12 years of
with dignity and distinction for 34 years.   Force, David was a loadmaster on C-130      dedicated service, Telecommunicator
He is married to Janice Wolters, and to-     transport aircraft and was stationed in     Jeanette M. Chadwick retired. She at-
gether they have two grown children.         Scotland, England, Germany, Ethiopia,       tended Central High School. Jeanette
The members of the Division of Drug          and Korea. He also spent one tour of        enrolled at Missouri State University
and Crime Control would like to wish         duty in Vietnam, assigned to Cam Ranh       and studied plant and soil science. She
Sergeant Wolters a long and healthy re-      Bay.                                        worked at Wal-Mart, and in March 1997,
tirement.                                         David is married to the former         she began her career with the Patrol.
                                             Elaine Gilliam, also a native of Butler.    Telecommunicator Chadwick has five
                                             They have three sons; Mike, who lives       grown children: David, Amy, Ivy, Mark,
 Chief CVO David                             in Fayetteville, AR, Karl, who is a cap-
                                             tain in the Air Force and stationed in
                                                                                         and Don. Congratulations, Jeanette!

   M. Barnhart                               San Antonio, TX, and Greg, who lives in
                                             Carthage. The Barnharts also have one       Cook III Sharon
                                                  The employees in Troop D wish Da-        L. Hawman
                                             vid and Elaine a long and happy retire-
                                             ment. We appreciate the service you
                                             have provided to your community, to
                                             Troop D, to the citizens of the state of
                                             Missouri, and to your country.

                                                 Retiree News
                                                    Congratulations to retired
    On April 1, 2009, after more than          Major L.E. “Gene” Lacy! He
39 years of dedicated service, Chief           has been named director of the
Commercial Vehicle Officer David M.            Missouri Alcohol and Tobacco
                                               Control Division. Major Lacy                   Cook III Sharon L. Hawman, a cook
Barnhart retired as an employee of the
                                               retired from the Patrol after over        in the Training Division kitchen, retired
Missouri State Highway Patrol.
                                               30 years of dedicated service.            May 1, 2009, after serving the Patrol for
    David began his career with the
                                               After retirement, he worked as an         18 years. Sharon’s time in the Academy
Patrol in February 1970, as a weight
                                               industrial security specialist for        kitchen produced countless wonderful
inspector and was assigned to the
                                               Boeing in St. Louis. Congratula-          soups, salads, and deserts. But, as good
scale house along Interstate 70, near
Odessa, MO. In March 1974, he trans-           tions, sir!
                                                                                         Continued on the next page.

26 Patrol News/May-June 2009
    Retirements                               Record Crowd Gathers For Retiree Breakfast
                                               By Sgt. Julie A. Scerine, Troop C
— Hawman                                            On
Continued from page 26.
                                               April 7,
as her cooking is, many Patrol em-             2009, Troop
ployees remember Sharon from her               C was hon-
former life: Prior to transferring to          ored to host
the kitchen, Sharon was the Academy            its annu-
“dorm lady” for 12 years. Sharon took          al retiree              Troop C retirees enjoyed visiting the new troop
tremendous care not only of her as-            breakfast for              headquarters for the annual breakfast.
signed floor, but also the students who        the retired
inhabited it. The caliber of Sharon’s          members of Troop C, at the new Troop C Headquarters in Weldon Spring.
work and her capacity to nurture were          The attendance was much larger by far than in years past, and the new facil-
remarkable.                                    ity was much more accommodating for those in attendance. Retired Sergeant
     When Sharon joined the Patrol in          Don Storie graciously blessed the breakfast with a prayer. As always, the cleri-
1991, she filled out a personnel ques-         cal staff of Troop C went above and beyond preparing food and decorating for
tionnaire on which she wrote, “I would         the event. A special thank you to Corporal Scott Ashby, who provided and pre-
like to take good care of the MSHP             pared cinnamon rolls and scrambled eggs for everyone. Attendees traveled
Academy, so that the people trained            from as far as Mountain Home, AR! Those in attendance were retired mem-
here can make it a better world for all        bers, civilians, uniformed civilians, and their spouses. Following the breakfast,
of us.” Sharon certainly met her goal,         attendees were given the opportunity to tour the new facility and range, and
and the Training Division is grateful to       view new Patrol vehicles, such as the motorcycle, CVET vehicle, and the Mo-
have had such a dedicated employee.            bile Command and Communication Unit from GHQ.
We wish her a long and happy retire-                The annual retiree breakfast is an event that began in 2002, and was at-
ment!                                          tended by seven retirees. It has grown into an enjoyable event of fellowship
                                               and food, which was attended this year by approximately 60 retirees.

  Congratulations On Your Retirement!

   Deborah J.                         Frederick J.                    Albert L. Jones                       Raymond R.
    Burton                               Wilde                           Trooper, Troop G                     Oldsen
  Chief DE, Troop E               CDL Exam. Aud., Troop C                                                    CVO II, Troop E
                                                                       Retired April 1, 2009.
Retired January 1, 2009.            Retired March 1, 2009.                                                 Retired April 1, 2009.
                                                                       26 years of dedicated
 23 years of dedicated            8 years of dedicated service.              service.                  32 years of dedicated service.

                                                                                                           May-June 2009/Patrol News 27
                               New Employees

  Douglas A. Butland           William S. Cantrell   Timothy D. Dawson      Tracy A. Hux
  Prob. Comm. Oper.            Prob. Comm. Oper.     Prob. Comm. Oper.   Prob. Comm. Oper.
       Troop A                      Troop D               Troop B             Troop H

                                  Photo Not

  Tabitha L. Parsons           Theresa L. Swigert    Shannon C. Turner   Linda R. Vannaman
  Prob. Comm. Oper.            Prob. Comm. Oper.     Prob. Comm. Oper.   Prob. Comm. Oper.
       Troop E                      Troop G               Troop F             Troop H

  Michele L. Cochran             Kevin L. Creed       Richard A. Falk    Cheryl L. Fletcher
   Housekeeper III                   CIT I                 CIT I             Clerk IV
      Troop E                       Q/ISD                 Q/ISD             Q/DDCC

28 Patrol News/May-June 2009
                          New Employees

  William Holloway              Ronald D. Kiekel     Justin E. Lacy        W. Curt Malzner
        CIT III                      MVI I         AFIS Entry Oper. II     Housekeeper III
        Q/ISD                      Troop C              Q/CRID                 Q/MED

 Heather A. Morris          L. Mitch Rader Jr.     Bruce D. Tillman       Cherlyn N. Wooten
 Lab. Evid. Tech. II              MVI I                 DE I              AFIS Entry Oper. I
      Q/CLD                     Troop C                Troop A                Q/CRID

July 3           • Indepen-
                                        Traffic Fatalities
                   dence Day
July 13          • Tpr. J.M.
                   Greim died
                   in 1945.

                                                                         May-June 2009/Patrol News 29
  June                                           20 years                             Sgt. Kevin C. Kelley, Troop B
    25 years                                  Clerk IV Kerry L. Bax, Q/PIED           Sgt. Jeffery R. Kinder, Troop G
       DE Sprv. Valerie J. Becker,            CVO Sprv. I Kyle E. Cullifer,           Sgt. Dennis L. Kuechler,
         Troop A                                 Troop B                                Troop D
    15 years                                  Sgt. Michael A. Cunningham,             Cpl. Ronald D. Kyle, Troop F
       Latent Tech. II Linda J. Bunyard          Q/GD                                 Sgt. Kevin M. Malugen, Q/FOB
       Sgt. Casey A. Jadwin, Q/DDCC           Sgt. Monte T. Delmain, Troop C          Tpr. Mark C. Mason, Troop D
       CDL Exam. Gina C. Talbert,             Capt. Lester D. Elder, Q/GD             Tpr. Ronny L. Mast, Troop G
         Troop D                              Sgt. Richard C. Fletcher Jr.,           Sgt. James L. Musche, Q/DDCC
    10 years                                     Troop A                              Tpr. Scott L. Nelson, Troop G
       Info Analyst II Jennifer J. Call,      Sgt. Matthew K. Funderburk,             Cpl. John A. Oliveras, Troop C
         Q/CRID                                  Troop D                              Sgt. Jeffery M. Owen, Q/DDCC
       Chief MVI Jeffrey A. Towns,            Sgt. Brian N. Harrell, Q/GD             Cpl. Jay A. Parsley, Troop E
         Troop C                              Cpl. Perry C. Hazelwood III,            Cpl. Mark A. Pate, Troop A
    5 years                                      Troop E                              Cpl. Jeffery L. Prewitt, Troop D
       DE II Christopher A. Couch,            Sgt. Jeffrey L. Heath, Q/DDCC           Sgt. Mark B. Richardson,
         Troop F                              Sgt. Ricky D. Herndon, Q/DDCC             Troop H
       CIT III Michelle J. Fooks,             Lt. Hanne D. Hicks, Troop G             Sgt. David P. Roberts, Troop B
         Q/ISD                                Sgt. Arie L. Hoard, Q/DE                Cpl. James W. Robinson, Troop C
       DE III Christina M. Johnson,           Sgt. Gary S. Horton, Troop D            Tpr. Lowell W. Sanders, Troop G
         Troop D                              Lt. John J. Hotz, Q/PIED                Cpl. Kenneth J. Schulte,
       Crim. Intel. Analyst I Nicholas J.     Tpr. David L. Hughes, Q/GD                Q/DDCC
         Borgmeyer, Q/MIAC                    Sgt. Dwell T. Isringhausen,             Cpl. Thomas G. Sims, Troop A
       Clerk Typist III Krystalle C.             Q/GSD                                Sgt. Perry L. Smith, Q/DDCC
         Stone, Troop D                       Tpr. Stephanie S. Markert,              Cpl. Eric R. Stacks, Troop F
                                                 Troop A                              Sgt. Thomas J. Stevens,
                                              Sgt. Terry L. Mast Jr., Troop D           Q/DDCC
  July                                        Sgt. Marc A. McCalister, Troop C        Sgt. Jason C. Weisacosky,
    30 years
                                              Lt. Larry W. Plunkett Jr., Troop F        Q/DDCC
      Sgt. Steven R. Akridge, Q/GD
                                              Sgt. Dennis W. Rainey, Troop E          Tpr. Robert R. Wilkins, Troop D
      Major Robert E. Bloomberg,
                                              Sgt. Roger L. Renken, Q/DDCC         10 years
                                              Lt. Gregory K. Smith, Q/FOB             Criminalist III Angela E.
      Sgt. David A. Booker, Q/GD
                                              Sgt. Jeffrey L. VanTress, Troop B         Heckman, Q/CLD
      Sgt. Mikel A. Cool, Q/FOB
                                              Lt. Jeffrey N. Vitale, Troop E          Criminalist III Karen M. Hoover,
      Sgt. Paul D. Cordia Jr.,
                                              Cpl. Daniel P. Wohnoutka, Troop D             Q/CLD
                                            15 years                                  Crimnalist Sprv. Joshua L.
      Crime Lab. Qual. Assur. Coord.
                                              Cpl. Christine A. Bogart, Troop I             Robertson, Q/CLD
         Thomas L. Grant, Q/CLD
                                              Sgt. Gary L. Braden, Troop D         5 years
      Capt. Kim E. Hull, Q/CommD
                                              Sgt. McDonald H. Brand,                 Fingerprint Tech. II Amy M.
      Capt. Bradley W. Jones, Q/TFD
                                                 Q/DDCC                                     Barnes, Q/CRID
      Cpl. Elmer W. Mann, Troop G
                                              Sgt. William P. Bremer, Troop A         Prob. Comm. Tech. Kevin L.
      Lt. Thomas L. Meyer, Q/RDD
                                              Cpl. Mark G. Broniec, Troop F                 Braun, Q/CommD
      Sgt. Dennis A. Overbey,
                                              MVI III Janna K. Clamme,                Criminalist III Jean L. Curtit,
                                                 Troop I                                    Q/CLD
      Capt. Robert L. Powell, Troop A
                                              Sgt. Cory W. Craig, Q/DDCC              MVI III Troy M. Foley, Troop E
      Capt. Dale A. Schmidt, Troop F
                                              Sgt. Charles J. Day, Q/TND              MVI III George J. Hollmann,
      Sgt. James M. Stuart, Q/DDCC
                                              Sgt. Mark S. Dochterman, Q/PSD                Troop C
      Lt. Robert F. Wolf, Troop C
                                              Sgt. Brian S. Hagerty, Troop A          Auto. Tech. III Randy J. Lehmen,
      Lt. Gregory L. Word, Q/AD
                                              Cpl. Donald M. Hedrick, Troop I               Q/MED
    25 years
                                              Cpl. James T. Hedrick, Troop C          Scale Maint. Tech. Jackie A.
    CVO II Tracy A. Hudson, Troop
                                              Bldg. & Grnds. Maint. Sprv.                   Martin, Q/CVE
                                                 Thomas A. Hoelscher, Troop F         Crim. Intel. Analyst I Chad J.
    Assistant Director James W.
                                              Cpl. Steven C. Jones, Troop D                 Mengwasser, Q/CRID
         Watkins, Q/MVI

30 Patrol News/May-June 2009
FFCU: We’re Here For You!                                                                     * Blue Jean Fridays -- staff mem-
                                                                                                bers pay to be able to wear blue
                                                                                                jeans on Fridays.
                                                                                              * FFCU will be selling Torch Run
By Tracy Higgins, FFCU
                                                                                                T-shirts as soon as the shipment
                                                                                                arrives. (The Patrol had a table
     First Financial Credit Union is            In 2009, our fundraising efforts in-
                                                                                                at our annual meeting on April
more than a place to put your money.        clude:
                                                                                                21, to promote fundraising ef-
Employees and credit union members
                                                                                                forts for Special Olympics.)
are a community, one that supports,             * Camp Package Raffle (Included
encourages, and cares! We have a                  tent, sleeping bags, camp stove,
small town feel, with the ability to take         etc.)
care of your big needs.
     “FFCU remains strong and well
capitalized in the midst of the financial
crisis. While credit unions are not im-
mune from the economy or the hous-
ing issues, we are in good standing
following the Division of Credit Union-
examination and our 2008 audit from
our outside CPA,” said Marsha Borg-
meyer, FFCU’s president. “It is impor-
tant that you keep in contact with the
credit union over concerns you may             40 years ago
have. As always, we are here to serve              May 1969 -- Troop E officers found phony checks, draft cards,
your needs and help you through                    voter registration cards, and liquor department identification cards
these trying times.”                               in Nelson Caldwell’s print shop in Poplar Bluff, MO. In addition,
      In addition to reaching out to               approximately $3,000 in counterfeit bills was located during a search
its members, FFCU employees are                    of the Caldwell home.
part of the community. Did you know            30 years ago
FFCU raised $2,400 for the American                June 1979 -- Two truckloads of records were seized from the City of
Heart Association last year? This year,            Jefferson after it was alleged the city clerk embezzled $80,000. The
the credit union is supporting Mis-                investigation resulted in 52 felony charges of stealing being filed
souri Special Olympics and St. Jude’s              against the city clerk, chief and assistant chief of the fire department,
Children’s Research Hospital through               and one fireman. The investigation took 3,600 hours to complete.
fundraising efforts. FFCU is active            20 years ago
with Partners in Education, MoDOT’s                May 1989 -- Tpr. Jack McMullin, Troop D, was selected May 1989
Arrive Alive Program, the American                 State Employee of the Month. The award recognized Tpr. McMullin’s
Red Cross, and many other important                drug interdiction abilities. In particular, a traffic stop that yielded 1,100
programs as well.                                  pounds of cocaine and two arrests. In 1988, Tpr. McMullin’s traffic
     Our credit union cares about its              stops resulted in 22 arrests, more than 600 pounds of marijuana, 1,230
members, also. When Troop F cooked                 pounds of cocaine, 24 firearms, and over $188,000 cash.
600 pork steak meals to raise money            10 years ago
for five-year-old Margaret Romph’s                 June 1999 -- The 1998 awards banquet honored 19 employees. On the
family, we wanted to help. Recently,               cover were Colonel Weldon L. Wilhoit and Trooper Ethan P. Ahern,
Colonel James F. Keathley, superin-                who accepted a Valor Award.
tendent of the Patrol, sent a thank you        5 years ago
letter to First Financial Credit Union.            May 2004 -- State Representative Otto Bean presented a group of
In it he wrote, “The generous dona-                Troop E commercial vehicle officers and troopers with a Missouri
tion from First Financial Credit Union             House of Representatives resolution. The resolution recognized recent
helped to make this fundraising effort             drug interdiction at E-2-N weigh station near Steele, MO. In a period
a tremendous success ... Your generos-             of eight days, 2,500 pounds of marijuana was seized in three separate
ity will certainly help ease the burden            incidents. Each seizure began as a routine inspection.
on Margaret’s [Romph] family.”

                                                                                                            May-June 2009/Patrol News 31
    Taylor C. Hunt                          work ethic with an outgoing, jovial per-
                                            sonality. He always greeted those who         James W. “Jim”
                                            may be passing through the Troop I
                                            radio room with a big smile and a gen-            Smith
                                            uine “Howdy” that would make any-
                                            one’s day just a little bit better. And,
                                            if time permitted, Taylor would ask
                                            about one’s family and possibly share a
                                            funny or personal story. No matter the
                                            situation, Taylor maintained a positive
                                            look upon life and work. It was very
                                            evident that he loved his career with
                                            the Patrol and thoroughly enjoyed the
                                            camaraderie of those he worked be-
                                            side. When away from work, Taylor
     Mr. Taylor C. Hunt, 49, of Rolla,      also remained active with re-modeling
MO, passed away Tuesday, March 3,           projects, vehicle restorations, or his
2009, at Barnes-Jewish Hospital in St.      favorite, attending his children’s band          James Wayne “Jim” Smith, 68,
Louis, MO. Taylor was born Septem-          and athletic events.                        of Jefferson City, died at 2 a.m., on
ber 21, 1959, in Joplin, MO, the son of           Work may have been an impor-          March 15, 2009, at his home.
Bobby Dean and Ruth (Starne) Hunt.          tant part of Taylor’s life, but it was a         Jim was born February 22, 1941,
He was married on August 3, 1983, to        distant second to his family. Taylor        in St. Louis, the son of Charley Richard
Barbara Ann Hood, who survives.             and his wife, Barbara, were blessed         Smith and Dorothy Lee Kerley, both
     Taylor’s career with the Patrol be-    with 25 years of marriage. Taylor will      deceased. He was married on April 1,
gan when he became a radio telecom-         be missed very much by his daughter,        1964, in Oakland CA, to Sharon Diane
munications technician at Troop C           Kelsey, and son, Keaton, of whom he         Bain, who survives at the home.
Headquarters in 1999. In May 2005,          was so very proud. Other survivors in-           A resident of the Jefferson City
the Hunts moved to Rolla, where Tay-        clude his brother, Wayne Hunt, and his      area since 1970, Jim graduated in 1960,
lor joined the staff of Troop I commu-      wife, Joyce, of Joplin; his sister, Kathy   from Dixon High School in Dixon,
nicators. Prior to becoming a member        Bond, of Webb City, MO; grandparents        MO. He served four years in the U.S.
of the Patrol, Taylor owned and oper-       Katherine and Beecher Campbell, of          Navy aboard the USS Ranger. Jim
ated Hunt’s BBQ for 13 years in Joplin.     Oswego, KS; father- and mother-in-law,      also worked for the United Telephone
He was also a volunteer firefighter and     Gerald and Julia Hood, of Joplin; and       Company and the American Telegraph
EMT in Carl Junction for eight years.       numerous other family members.              Company. After 33 years, he retired
     Taylor will always be remembered             Memorials are suggested to Bar-       in July 2003, from the Missouri State
by his fellow workers as being both         bara Hunt for the Keaton and Kelsey         Highway Patrol, where he worked in
conscientious and professional. He          Hunt College fund.                          communications at Troop F, Jefferson
was not only well versed on the duties                                                  City.
of his job, but he always performed                                                          Jim enjoyed photography, art,
at his peak, no matter the time of day.                                                 and working with youth groups. He

Taylor was the type of individual who                                                   was both a 4-H leader and a Troop 10
would never think twice about going                                                     scoutmaster. He was a member of the
the extra distance to help a fellow of-                                                 Jefferson City Art Club, and a founder
ficer. When important upgrades were                                                     of the Jefferson City Photography Club
needed for the radio equipment used              At five minutes, six sec-              in 1985.
by the Troop I marijuana eradication          onds after 4 a.m. on July 8,                   Other survivors include his three
officers, it was Taylor who volunteered       2009, the time and date will              children and their spouses: Ernest
to make sure the task was done prop-          read: 04:05:06 07/08/09.                  W. Smith and Christina Horstman of
erly. It was evident that he always                                                     Jenks, OK; Jason R. Smith and Katey
                                              This won’t happen again for               Carter, of Holts Summit, MO; and Rob-
looked upon the job of being an over-
seer of the officer’s safety as an impor-     100 years.                                ert Winkelman and Jennifer C. Smith,
tant priority.                                                                          of Tebbetts, MO. His surviving grand-
     Taylor was also a person who was                                                   children include: Megan, Nathan, Dan-
able to combine his serious, strong                                                     ny, David, Matthew, and Beth Smith;

32 Patrol News/May-June 2009
Christina and Cassy Smith, and Daniel
Scurlock; and Lucas, Tanner, Skyler,
                                                    also a Jefferson City women’s softball
                                                    player, where she was a member of a                  Harold M. Hall
and Cori Winkelman. He is also sur-                 state championship team. She was a
vived by his brother, Paul H. Smith,                coach for many softball teams. Ruby
of Dixon, MO, and two sisters, Mrs.                 enjoyed doing many things in her life,
(Bill) Mary E. Askins, of Madison                   including quilting, bowling for over
Heights, MI, and Mrs. (David) Shirley               40 years, arrowhead hunting, flowers,
Sharp, of Rolla, MO.                                gardening, fishing, mushroom hunt-
     Jim’s internment was in the Seaton             ing, watching NASCAR, and spending
Cemetery, Maries County, Dixon, Mis-                evenings with her bingo friends. Ruby
souri.                                              was a blood donor for many years, and
     The Patrol family extends its sin-             a donor to the Missouri Lion’s Eye
cerest sympathy to the Smith family.                Bank.
                                                          She is survived by five children:
(Editor’s note: Thank you to the Smith family for   Valerie Hawley (husband John), of Jef-
providing this article.)
                                                    ferson City; Michelle Smith (husband
                                                                                                          Harold M. Hall, 76, of Branson,
                                                    Michael), of Russellville; Andy Rank
                                                                                                     died on April 5, 2009, at Skaggs Re-
                                                    (wife Billie Boltin), of Jefferson City;
     Ruby A. Rank                                   Jeff Rank (wife Brandie), of Lohman;
                                                                                                     gional Heath Center in Branson, MO.
                                                                                                     Services were held at 2 p.m. April 9,
                                                    Jennifer May (husband Thomas), of
                                                                                                     2009, at the Branson United Meth-
                                                    Taos; seven grandchildren: Christy
                                                                                                     odist Church with Pastor Ross Ful-
                                                    Mitchell (husband Trent), Madison,
                                                                                                     ton and Rev. Sam Kaunley officiating.
                                                    Devon, and Schelsea Smith, Hailee
                                                                                                     Burial followed in Ozarks Memorial
                                                    Rank, Bryan and Robyn May; one
                                                                                                     Park Cemetery under the direction of
                                                    great-grandson: Jackson Mitchell; two
                                                                                                     Greenlawn Funeral Home of Branson.
                                                    sisters: Marion Rackers (Jay Shyrock)
                                                                                                          Harold was born January 15, 1933,
                                                    and Doris Smith (husband Charles
                                                                                                     in Camden County, the son of Robert
                                                    B.); two brothers: Stanley Rackers and
                                                                                                     Lee and Lucy C. Martin Hall.
                                                    Harvey Rackers (wife Mary Dee); a
                                                                                                          He was a member of the Missouri
                                                    dear friend: Sharon Rackers; and nu-
                                                                                                     State Highway Patrol for 37 years, re-
                                                    merous nieces, nephews, and friends.
                                                                                                     tiring in 1988 as sergeant of Zone 4 in
                                                    She was preceded in death by a broth-
                                                                                                     Troop D. He served as Taney County
                                                    er and sister-in-law: Vernon and Alice
     Ruby A. Rank, 75, of Jefferson                                                                  commissioner for the Western Dis-
                                                    Rackers; a sister-in-law: Betty Rackers;
City, died on Sunday, March 22, 2009,                                                                trict from 1991-1993. He was a mem-
                                                    and two nephews: Harry Rackers and
at Capital Region Medical Center. She                                                                ber of the Branson United Methodist
                                                    Doug Smith.
was born May 14, 1933, in Wards-                                                                     Church, College of the Ozarks Associ-
                                                         A mass of Christian burial was
ville, MO, a daughter of the late Otto                                                               ates, and the Missouri Association of
                                                    held on Wednesday, March 25, 2009, at
Herman and Henrietta Kundagunda                                                                      State Troopers Emergency Relief So-
                                                    St. Peter Catholic Church, with Msgr.
(Knorr) Rackers.                                                                                     ciety.
                                                    Donald W. Lammers officiating. Ex-
      Ruby was a 1951 graduate of St.                                                                     Survivors include his wife, Karen,
                                                    pressions of sympathy may be made
Peter’s High School, and went on to                                                                  of the home; children, Sherry Hall,
                                                    to the Hope House at the American
attend Jefferson City Junior College.                                                                of Forsyth, Jon Hall, of Iberia, Bren-
                                                    Cancer Society in St. Louis, MO; or the
Many years ago, she worked for the                                                                   da Romine, of Branson, Mark Hall, of
                                                    Ronald McDonald House in Columbia,
American Legion in Jefferson City. She                                                               Branson, Greg Hall and Carol Hirsch,
also worked for the Missouri Highway                                                                 both of Springfield; brother, John Hall,
Patrol for 20 years, retiring as a House-                                                            of Pueblo, CO; sister, Mildred Cernoia,
                                                    (Reprinted with permission from Houser-Millard
keeper III. She then found her dream                Funeral Directors.)                              of Eldon; and 15 grandchildren.
job at Trinklein Nursery, where she                                                                       Memorial contributions are sug-
worked for over 10 years with flowers                                                                gested to Skaggs Foundation, P.O. Box
and vegetables.                                                                                      650, Branson, MO 65615.
     Ruby was a member of St. Peter
                                                                                                     (Reprinted with permission from Branson Daily
Catholic Church and W.O.W. She was                                                                   News.)
an avid St. Louis Cardinals fan and was

                                                                                                                         May-June 2009/Patrol News 33
         Kenneth R.                           sides in Laurie, MO.
                                                   He was a graduate of Hayti High
                                                                                            Ken retired from the Highway Patrol.
                                                                                            Ken also served his country in the U.S.
         Ledbetter                            School; college for Forensic Polygraph
                                              Examiner, Ottawa, Canada; Lincoln Uni-
                                                                                            Naval Reserves for six years in the area
                                                                                            of intelligence.
                                              versity; and the FBI National Academy,             Ken failed retirement -- he started
                                              Quantico, Virginia. He began his ca-          his second law enforcement career as the
                                              reer with the Missouri Highway Patrol         asset protection team leader at the newly
                                              on June 1, 1969 at the Patrol Academy         built Jefferson City Target. Another one
                                              in Rolla. He was assigned to Troop E          of his “after retirement” jobs was minis-
                                              at Dexter. He was a pilot in Troop E for      ter of recreation at First Baptist Church,
                                              several years, holding a commercial pi-       where he started the Upwards Basket-
                                              lot’s license with an instrument rating.      ball program. He most recently managed
                                              In 1985, he transferred to the Troop F        the License and Verification Office from
                                              Division of Drug and Crime Control            2005 - 2008.
                                              Unit. Ken was promoted to sergeant in              A memorial was held on Saturday,
                                              July 1987.                                    April 25, at Southridge Baptist Church.
                                                   In June 1990, Ken was promoted to        Ken was a deacon and teacher at South-
                                              lieutenant and transferred to the newly       ridge Baptist Church. In lieu of flow-
     Kenneth Ray Ledbetter, 62, of Jeffer-    created Professional Standards Division       ers, the family suggests contributions
son City, died Monday, April 20, 2009, at     where he served as an internal investi-       be made to Southridge Baptist Church
Heisinger Bluffs. He was born February        gator. In 1994, he was placed in charge       Building Fund, P.O. Box 104234, Jeffer-
5, 1947, in Kennett, to the late Virgil and   of staff inspections. Later that year, both   son City, MO 65110.
Thelma Ledbetter. He married Claire           he and the staff inspection function
Bailey in May 1975, in Poplar Bluff. She      were moved to the Research and Devel-         (Reprinted with permission from the Heartland
and daughters, Joy and Jill, reside in Jef-   opment Division. In September 1998,           Cremation & Burial Society of Columbia.)
ferson City. Granddaughter Micah re-

     Ashley and I would like to thank
                                        Thank You Our entire family often express
everyone in the Patrol family for all of      their pride about their connection to the          My words are few, but my
your thoughts, prayers, and expres-           Patrol, and this is yet another example       THANKS are enormous following the
sions of sympathy after the loss of           of why. Thank you for all that you do.        death of my dad. The prayers, cards,
Ashley’s mother in February, and the              On behalf of the family of:               phone calls, and the attendance at
loss of my grandfather in March. Your             Tpr. Tyler Jenkins, Troop C               the visitation and funeral have been
support has provided our family with              Lt. Ed Moses, retired                     a soothing comfort during this ago-
great comfort over the past several                                                         nizing time. Unfortunately, over the
months. We consider ourselves very                                                       past year, these “Thank Yous” are
fortunate to be part of such a wonderful                                                    becoming too familiar for my family
and caring organization. Your kindness             My family and I would like to            and me. Fortunately, I work for a very
will always be remembered. Thank you,         thank everyone for all of the cards,          compassionate agency that has been
and God bless.                                kind words, and prayers following the         with me throughout this trying year.
     Cpl. Michael A. Halford, Troop F         loss of my grandmother. I would also          I am at a loss for words to express to
                                              like to thank those who attended my           you all how much your support means
                                           grandmother’s visitation and funeral.         to us. So, please accept my apprecia-
                                              My family was extremely impressed by          tion, which is given with the highest of
    Our family and friends would like         the compassion displayed by my Patrol         regard and the deepest of feelings.
our Patrol family to know how much its        family.                                            Clerk Typist III Cheryl Crocfer,
kind, thoughtful words, prayers, and               Thank you all,                                Q/ISD
presence were appreciated for Katie                Lt. Eric A. Tilford and family, Troop
Moses.                                             H

                                                                         
34 Patrol News/May-June 2009
                Earth: Just A Google Away
By MVI III Charles G. McMillan, Troop D

     At 3:03 a.m. on October 14, 2008,    southbound on a bridge that went over      Wood CID, and the Webster County
Fort Leonard Wood CID Agent Spar-         I-44 and he traveled a short distance      Sheriff’s Department to the general
ling contacted Troop D communica-         and dumped her body in an abandoned        area of the shed described in the sus-
tions to request Troop D’s assistance     shed.                                      pect’s story. At 4:34 a.m., the officers
with a homicide investigation. Agent           Communications Operator II Rus-       located the body of the female in an
Sparling advised that they had a sus-     sel A. Windle and Communications           abandoned shed at the southwest cor-
pect in custody that had confessed to     Operator III Katrina D. Gregg used         ner of the intersection of Plank School
murdering his girlfriend and dumping      the computer program Google Earth          Road and Rifle Range Road northeast
her body in a rural area along Inter-     to help lead Tpr Schafer, Fort Leonard     of Marshfield.
state 44 between the 112-mile marker
and 100-mile marker. Troop D commu-
nications made contact with then-Lt.
Juan Villanueva (now captain) and he
advised them to call DDCC and Tpr.                                      Sympathy
Robert W. Schafer.
     During the process, the suspect
                                             Our deepest sympathy goes to the following personnel who have lost a member
gave several different stories. The
                                             of their family:
last version was that the suspect was
westbound on I-44 and took exit 100          Criminalist II Matthew J. Fox           Ret. Sgt. Russell L. Morris - wife
at Marshfield, then went eastbound                (Q/CLD) - grandfather              Clerk Typist III Cheryl A. Crocfer
on the north outer road passing what         Comm. Oper. I Leslie A. Goedecke             (Q/ISD) - father
the suspect thought was a power plant.            (G) - brother                      Sgt. Timothy D. Peters (I) - father-
(It was later determined to be Marsh-        CVO Sprv. I Larry J. Sheehy (E) -            in-law
field’s wastewater treatment plant.)              mother                             Chief Oper. Michael C. Markley
The suspect advised that he then went        Bldg. & Grnds. Maint. II Donald R.           (D) - mother
                                                  Sheehy (E) - mother                Cpl. Rollie B. Skaggs (B) - father
                                             Prob. Comm. Oper. Adam E.               Tpr. Russell W. Shaul (A) - father
                                                  Whitton (E) - grandfather          Criminalist III Stacey Bolinger
                                             Clerk Typist III Marlene M. Fraley           (Q/CLD) - grandfather
   When All Else Fails:                           (A) - father                       Sgt. Gregory P. Martin (Q/DDCC)
                                             Tpr. Justin D. Piccinino (G) -               - sister-in-law
        Use T       ‘n’ T!                        mother-in-law                      DE III Dawna K. Martin (A) -
                                             CVO II Randy E. Fain (C) - mother-           sister-in-law
     Find Microsoft or Lotus Notes                in-law                             Spec. Assistant Tamie L. Quigley
                                             Ret. Lt. Thomas J. Halford - father-         (Q/FOB) - father-in-law
             Challenging?                         in-law                             MVI Chief Jonathan W. Butner (B)
                                             Cpl. Michael A. Halford (F) -                - grandmother
         Need some pointers?                      grandfather                        Ret. Capt. Ronald P. Wiedemann -
                                             Tpr. Matthew T. Halford (F) -                mother
  Visit the Patrol’s INTRANET*                    grandfather                        Comm. Oper. II James M. Parks
         for Tips ‘n’ Tricks!                CVO II Michael J. Clifton (H) -              (F) - mother
         (Select ISD and then                     grandmother                        Ret. MVI Trenneth Barton - aunt
        Tips ‘n’ Tricks button.)             Lt. Eric A. Tilford (H) -               Bldg. & Grnds. Maint. II Roy D.
                                                  grandmother                             Barton (B) - aunt
                                             Sgt. Eldon L. Grissom (B) -             DE Sprv. Cheryl K. Hudson (F) -
 Questions? Contact CIT Spec. I                   grandfather                             father
  Jeanne V. Livers, Q/ISD, at (573)          Tpr. Travis I Goolsby (H) -             Sgt. Reginald M. Walker (E) -
          751-9000 x2262.                         grandmother-in-law                      grandmother
      (*For internal use only.)              Comm. Oper. I Jennifer M.               Ret. DE Sprv. Steve Boyles -
                                                  Stephens (A) - grandmother              mother
                                             Chief DE Rebecca J. Strain (G) -        Ret. Capt. Herschel Sisk - mother-
                                                  father                                  in-law

                                                                                                      May-June 2009/Patrol News 35
                                                                                                                           Prstd. Std.
                General Headquarters
                    P.O. Box 568                                                                                          U.S.Postage
                   1510 E. Elm St.                                                                                            PAID
           Jefferson City, MO 65102-0568                                                                               Jefferson City, MO
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K-9 Kai Retires After 6 1/2 Years
                                                                                                  During Kai’s 6 1/2 years as a Patrol
                                                                                              K-9, he was involved in numerous traffic
                                                                                              stops, searches and public appearances
                                                                                              such as this one.
By Public Info. Spec. III Cheryl D. Cobb, Q/PIED                                                  Have a long, happy retirement, Kai!

     Kids love dogs, especially police               After talking about Kai’s training and   (Editor’s Note: The Patrol’s K-9 unit now has six
dogs. When Cpl. Matt Broniec, Troop F,          abilities, the children wanted to know
and K-9 Kai talk to groups of children,         what would happen af-
their excitement is more than noticeable.       ter March 31 when he
Thus was the case on Friday, March              was no longer work-
27, 2009, with Mrs. Maureen Rucker’s            ing. Matt reassured
second grade class, when they visited           the class that Kai
the Patrol’s Safety Education Center. It        would remain with
would be Kai’s last of numerous public          him and his family.
appearances. He retired March 31.               Matt has been a K-9
     Kai was content to munch on a toy          officer for 11 years.
while his handler spoke to the chil-
dren. They learned that Kai was born in
Czechoslovakia and flew to New York,
then Texas, then Cape Girardeau, MO.
He and Matt went to eight weeks of
school with trainer Mike Ervin, so Kai
                                                                                                    (above) K-9 Kai joined Mrs.
could learn obedience, tracking, handler
                                                                                                    Maureen Rucker’s class for a
protection, and drug detection. The chil-
                                                                                                    photo while they were visiting the
dren were curious about the fact that Kai
                                                                                                    Safety Education Center.
only responds to commands spoken in
     They learned Kai is eight years old.
“He’s about your age, right?” brought
                                                                                                    (left) K-9 Kai kept close watch
chuckles from the children, who knew
                                                                                                    on his favorite toy, which is being
dog years are different from people
                                                                                                    held by his handler, Cpl. Matt J.
years. They also found out that Kai has a
                                                                                                    Broniec, Troop F.
very sensitive sense of smell.

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