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									                                                                                   TEXAS FFA ASSOCIATION

                                              STATE OFFICER APPLICATION SCORING RUBRIC

  Candidate:                                                                                                                                    AREA:

                   Page/         Possible
     Item        Reference        Points                  High/Full Points                                    Middle Points                                   Low/No Points                        Candidate's Score
                     Officer     Full = 10;
                                                                                               Candidate demonstrates a lesser commitment
                  Application     High =                                                                                                        Candidate is not enrolled in more than two
Participation in                               Candidate is fully engaged throughout high       to agricultural science coursework and is not
                   Section II,    8,9,10                                                                                                        semesters of FFA membership and/or has
 Agricultural                                   school tenure in agricultural classes and      enrolled in agricultural science coursework for
                  Page 1 and     Middle =                                                                                                       class work grades which indicate a lack of
   Science                                        attains academic excellence in this            one or two semesters of FFA membership,
                 attached high    4,5,6,7                                                                                                           diligence in the pursuit of academic
 Instruction:                                                  coursework.                         and/or grades demonstrate slightly less
                     school      Low/No =                                                                                                      excellence in agricultural science coursework.
                                                                                                 diligence in agricultural science class work.
                  transcripts.    0,1,2,3

                                              The Candidate shows a consistent expansion The Candidate consistently expands, without
                                                                                                                                                 Candidate has not taken advantage of
                                              into the industry taking into consideration the regard for industry trends and consideration of
                 State Degree                                                                                                                 expansion opportunities, or program appears
                                                 opportunity and management decisions             financial trends and opportunities in the
     SAE          Application        2                                                                                                          stagnant, or program changes have not
                                                consistent with potential returns/economic      industry. Expansion is highly supported by
                  pages 2-4                                                                                                                      mirrored opportunities reflective of the
                                               situations in said industry. Expansion is by outside influences and Candidate's own efforts
                                                         Candidate's own efforts.                          are not clearly evident.

                                              Candidate has given a thorough description of
                    Officer                    their SAE program and how it relates to the Candidate's description is less than complete, Candidate's description is vague and/or does
                  Application                 selected award area. They have described a     but does show how it relates to the selected not show relation to this award area. It shows
     SAE          Section III,       2          complete process for selection of an SAE     award area. They describe how they started,    little evidence of a plan or reason for this
                  Question A                     program based on planning rather than      but without showing a planned thought process choice other than chance. Does not address
                   (Page 2)                     chance. Shows thought for a future in this          to future interests in this industry.              a future in this industry.

                                               Candidate shows a broad understanding of Candidate has set goals which may be difficult
                  Application                                                                                                                The candidate has not listed goals, or has
                                              goals and has set forth a measurable series of to measure or do not stretch the candidate.
     SAE          Section III,       2                                                                                                    listed goals which are already in place or met
                                               reasonable, yet challenging goals related to Goals may not indicate the need for extensive
                  Question B                                                                                                              without any input or effort from the candidate.
                                                           their SAE program.                        effort from the candidate.
                   (Page 2)

                    Officer                   Progress toward reaching goals is addressed       Progress toward reaching each goal is less
                                                                                                                                                 Achievements related to goals are not fully
                  Application                 in measurable terms is and substantial at the      than would be expected considering the
                                                                                                                                                addressed or progress toward reaching goals
     SAE          Section III,       2         present point in the program considering the          advantages, disadvantages, and
                                                                                                                                                 indicates little ability to grasp opportunities
                  Question C                     candidate's opportunity, advantages and         circumstances communicated within the
                                                                                                                                                    presented and advantages identified.
                   (Page 2)                                   disadvantages.                                   application.

                                              Candidate completely explains how resources
                                               were obtained and utilized in this SAE They        Candidate explains how resources were
                                                                                                                                                  Vague explanation of how resources were
                                              show a planned, systematic approach utilizing      obtained and utilized, but does not show a
                                                                                                                                                   obtained. Candidate does not address a
                                                   sound business practices. Response            complete planned approach and does not
                                                                                                                                                  planned approach to resource obtainment.
                                               provides evidence that assets were acquired         document sound business practices.
                    Officer                     through student's own risk-taking ingenuity.
     SAE          Section III,       3                                                                            AND/OR
                  Question D
                   (Page 2)                                                                                                                         Description has little information. After
                                              Candidate has given a complete description of        Candidate has given a description of             reading it is unclear what the student's
                                               placement position(s) related to his/her SAE         placement position which may lack              position entails or the exact nature of the
                                                 Included are descriptions of the business      completeness in one area, but gives a good          employing business. Student has not
                                                  operations, objectives, size, equipment.                idea of the position.                      provided a complete description of all
                                                                                                                                                       equipment used in the operation.

                                              The Candidate has made a thoughtful effort to   The Candidate has thoroughly identified
                    Officer                                                                                                             Candidate has not addressed advantages or
                                               identify advantages that they have as well as advantages and/or disadvantages that they
                  Application,                                                                                                           disadvantages completely. Candidate is not
     SAE                             2        disadvantages they have encountered, or may may have encountered, but have not identified
                  Section III,                                                                                                          connecting advantages and disadvantages to
                                               encounter, and has indicated the influence of how these impact their SAE program or not
                  Question E.                                                                                                            the success or failure of the SAE program.
                                                        these on their SAE program.           communicated this well to the evaluator.
                   (Page 3)

                     SAE:                      Candidate has identified ten different skills                                                    Candidate has not completely identified skills,
                    Officer                      related to their SAE and has identified     Candidate has identified ten different skills, but has not taken the opportunity to identify skills
                  Application,                   contributions to success which support       has not drawn a relationship between these         normally associated with the industry and/or
     SAE                             5
                  Section III,                decisions made and improvement in financial     skills and management decision making or           has not identified relationships between the
                  Question G                  and/or production efficiencies consistent with             improved efficiencies.                    skills and the management decisions or
                   (Page 4)                                  those in industry.                                                                                   efficiencies.

                                                                                                        Page 1
                Page/          Possible
   Item       Reference         Points                    High/Full Points                                    Middle Points                                   Low/No Points                       Candidate's Score

                                                Candidate demonstrates growth and                                                           Candidate does not exhibit growth and
                                              diversification of activity, building on past                                              ventures into different facets of the program.
              Application,                                                                   Candidate is actively engaged but is not as
FFA/School                                   successes, but reaching into new areas as                                                     Experience tends to be one-dimensional,
              Section IV,           6                                                       well-rounded. FFA experience does not reach
 Activities                                  learning and experience provide additional                                                   limited in scope and stagnated in terms of
              Question A.                                                                    into as many FFA programs and activities.
                                            opportunities. Candidate show expansion into                                                     new experiences over the candidate's
               (Page 5)
                                                    most every facet of the FFA.                                                                         membership.

                Officer                      Candidate exhibits attainment of excellence in      Candidate actively participates but             Candidate does not grow beyond being a
              Application,                      a wide array of different FFA programs.     demonstrates excellence and achievement to               participant and shows limited or no
              Section IV,           6        Candidate shows learning and growth in most       a lower degree. Achievements in non-               attainment of excellence. Descriptions of
              Question A.                     areas in which he or she participates. Local    competitive activities are not couched in          achievements in non-competitive activities
               (Page 5)                        projects indicate measures of excellence.                 measurable terms.                             are vague and not measurable.

               Section IV,                    Candidate indicated involvement in a wide
FFA/School                                                                                        Candidate indicates involvement in other        Candidate has few or no school activities
              Question B.,          3          array of school activities indicating active
 Activities                                                                                         school activities to a lesser extent.          outside of his or her FFA experiences.
              State Degree                    interaction with peer group outside of FFA.
                Page 12

                                                 Candidate has fulfilled a wide variety of
                Officer                                                                          Candidate has fewer leadership roles and
                                                leadership roles. Roles include diverse
              Application,                                                                       does not clearly delineate responsibilities    Candidate has indicated few leadership roles
                                             committee assignments indicative of an active
Leadership    Section V,           10                                                             beyond holding the title of an elected or      and does not define the position in terms of
                                               program of activities. Major responsibilities
              Question A                                                                        appointed position. Leadership roles include               major responsibilities.
                                            indicate that the candidate understood the role
               (Page 6)                                                                             committee work to a lesser extent.
                                                   beyond holding a leadership title.

                                                 Candidate has fulfilled a wide variety of
                                              leadership roles outside of the FFA in school Candidate has fewer leadership roles in school
                                               and community activities and organizations. and community activities and does not clearly
              Application,                                                                                                                 Candidate has indicated few leadership roles
                                             Roles include diverse committee assignments delineate responsibilities beyond holding the
Leadership    Section V,            5                                                                                                       outside of the FFA and does not define the
                                               indicative of an active program of activities.   title of an elected or appointed position.
              Question B                                                                                                                     position in terms of major responsibilities.
                                                  Major responsibilities indicate that the    Leadership roles include committee work to a
               (Page 6)
                                             candidate understood the role beyond holding                      lesser extent.
                                                             a leadership title.

                                               Three activities are well defined and include
                                              both a complete description and identification      Activities lack description and/or scope or
                                                 of importance to the success of the FFA        importance to the FFA chapter or other entity.       Activities lack both description and
                Officer                            chapter or other entity. Projects are of    They are lacking in definition or are moderately    importance to the FFA or other entity.
              Application,      20 points       significant scope Description indicates that   unclear. Description provides less evidence of    Candidate has not provided outcomes in
Leadership    Section V,      total for three student demonstrated vision and initiative in       creativity, vision and influence provided by    measurable terms. Evidence of vision,
              Question D         activities    launching the project and clearly influenced    candidate. Projects seem more perpetuation of initiative and influence are lacking. No or little
               (Page 7)                         others to buy into a common goal and act.        existing programs or initiatives led by others evidence that the applicant is leading the
                                               The candidate is clearly a decision-maker in    rather than new ventures led by the candidate.                       project.
                                                  the venture. The impact of the project is        Outcomes are described in vague terms.
                                                       described in measurable terms.

                                               Candidate communicates a clear sense of         Candidate's response does not include as
                                                 mission describing specific, reasonable,       many specific outcomes sought as a state         Candidate's response is vague and lacking
                                               attainable goals to be achieved as a state    officer or the stated goals are unreasonable or      passion and sense of mission. Candidate
                                               officer. Candidate's response indicates an         outside the realm of a state officer role.      does not indicate any desired outcome for
Leadership    Section V,           10
                                              understanding of the responsibility of a state Candidate conveys a lesser grasp of the roles       their year as an officer. Does not appear to
              Question D
                                             officer as a servant leader, spokesperson and         and responsibilities of a state officer.      comprehend the role and responsibility of a
               (Page 8)
                                             the face of the Texas FFA Brand. Response Response does not exhibit as great a sense of                           state FFA officer.
                                                 conveys honesty, passion and sincerity.      mission and a desire for servant leadership.

                                                 Three activities are well defined and include
                                                both a complete description and identification
                                                                                                  Activities lack description and/or measurable
                                                   of major outcomes of the project and the
                                                                                                  importance to the beneficiary. Projects lack   Activities lack both description, importance
                                              impact on the target beneficiary. The scope of
                Officer         10 points                                                          scope. They are lacking in definition or are and are limited in scope. Outcomes are not
                                                the projects are significant and the candidate
 Service      Application,    total for three                                                        moderately unclear. Candidate does not          described in measurable outcomes.
                                                 has made a significant time investment into
              Section VI         activities                                                         demonstrate as deep a grasp of details or   Evidence exists that some participation in the
                                               the project. Candidate demonstrates a deep,
                                                                                                 actual measurable outcomes. Candidate does         project was motivated by self interest.
                                                 intimate knowledge of specific details of the
                                                                                                     not have as great an investment of time.
                                               initiative. Applicant shows willingness to follow
                                                                 as well as lead.
                                               The application demonstrates a thoughtful
                                             effort throughout. Each page was completed,        Student provided only brief responses to    The application appears to be completed at
               All Pages,
                                               student provided detailed responses to all   requested items, only names were provided on the last moment with little thought or effort
              High School
Completion    Transcript,           2          questions, all signatures were provided, all media contact page, the driving record was the given to responses or apparance. Pages
                                                  media contacts were included, both a        incorrect type, a signature was missing, the   were left blank, a transcript and/or driving
                                             transcript and the correct driving record were    application was placed in an award folder   record were missing, the application was not
                                              included. The application appears neat and                   instead of stapled.               properly bound or appears unprofessional

                                                                                                        Page 2

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