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					Deadline Scholarship or Program               Amount      Qualifications                   Where to obtain application

                                                          3.6 gpa, ACT 24, U of A
12/15/10 Arkansas Alumni Association           varies     Fayetteville           

1/10/10 Burger King Scholars                  $1,000      2.5 gpa                
                                                          Marion County resident
1/14/10 Crooked Creek Conservation            $1,000      interested in conservation career school counselor

1/15/11 Jaycee International                  $1,000      general achievements             school counselor

1/31/11 Sam Walton Community                   varies     2.5 gpa, financial need

 2/1/11   Ark Governor's Scholar             $4000/year   27 ACT, 1220 SAT, or 3.5 gpa     Youniversal (

 2/1/11   Ark Times Academic All-Stars         $250       general achievements             school nomination
                                                          Bruno-Pyatt female education
 2/1/11   Gamma Eta                            $250       major                            school counselor

 2/9/11   KFC Scholars                        $20,000     2.75 gpa               

2/12/10 Robert C. Byrd                        $1,500      academic achievement   
                                                          Marion County female education
2/15/11 Delta Kappa Gamma                      $300       major                          20High%20School%20Grant%202010.pdf
                                                          ASU Jonesboro, broadcasting
2/15/11 Arkansas Broadcasters Association        ?        major                            school counselor

2/16/11 Best Buy                              $1,000      grades, service, work experience
2/28/11 Ark Gov Commission on Disabilities    $1,000      documented disability            20Application%202010%20%20(2).pdf
3/1/11   Ark School Plant Mgmt Assoc.           $3,000        general achievements                school counselor

3/1/11   Eagle Scout of the Year                $10,000       Eagle Scout                         school counselor

3/1/11   Ark School Plant Mgmt Assoc.           $3,000        general achievements                school counselor
                                                              Top 25% of class, school must
3/1/11   National Intercollegiate Athletics     $2,000        be NIAAA member                     school counselor

3/4/11   Scholar Athlete Milk Mustache          $7,500        gpa 3.20, sports participation

3/15/11 Bull Shoals Arts & Humanities           $1,000        Art major                           school counselor
                                                              Child of law officer, firefighter, or
3/15/11 September Fund                          $1,000        EMT                                   school counselor

3/15/10 AETN Young Filmmakers                   $2,500        film submission           

3/16/11 Ark Public Health Association            $500         2.5 gpa, career in public health    school counselor

3/18/11 Schliemann Center                        $500         Bruno-Pyatt TGNO participant        school counselor

3/31/11 Carroll Electric                         $500         Western Grove senior                school selection

3/31/11 O.U.R.A.E.O.P.                           $200         senior                              school counselor

3/31/11 Society of Engineers                    $1,000        engneering or architect major       school counselor
                                                              career in automotive industry;
3/31/11 Buick Achievers                       up to $25,000   4-yr degree only          

3/31/11 US Bank                                 $1,000        senior (random drawings)  

4/1/11   Fedex                                  $2,000        college bound, essay                school counselor
4/1/10   Ralph G. Norman                   $2,500     learning disability               school counselor

4/1/11   OMSD Career/Technical Board        $250      vocational completer              school counselor

4/1/11   Jennifer Green Memorial          $1000/sem   Northark education major          school counselor or

4/1/11   Marion County Youth Leadership     $250      MCYL alumnus                      school counselor

4/11/11 American Indian Center of Ark.      $500      documented descent                school counselor

4/14/11 Bruno-Pyatt P.T.A.                  $250      Bruno-Pyatt education major       contact school counselor

4/15/11 Southshore                         $1,000     Bruno-Pyatt senior                school counselor

4/15/10 AASFAA                              $500      college bound                     school counselor

4/15/11 Marion County Farm Bureau           $500      Bruno-Pyatt agri-related major    school counselor

4/15/11 Newton County Farm Bureau           $250      Western Grove ag-related major school counselor
                                                      student or sibling must be a
4/15/11 Ryan Monday D.A.S.H. Memorial       varies    cancer survivor                   school counselor
                                                      Western Grove - degree in ag,
4/24/10 Pauline Cooper Memorial             $500      fcs, education, or health field     school counselor
                                                      parent must have lost their life in
                                                      service to the community, state,
5/1/11   Ark. Service Memorial              varies    or nation                           school counselor

5/1/11   Mary Jo (Miller) Mallard             ?       Western Grove - 2.0 gpa           school counselor

5/1/11   Paige Slape Memorial               $500      Boone/Newton Co. resident         school counselor
                                                             degree in high voltage lineman
5/1/11   Carroll Electric High Voltage           tuition     tech from ASU Newport              school counselor
                                                             interest in construction,
5/1/11   Assoc. General Contractors              varies      engineering, architecture, etc.    school counselor
                                                             Student must be a Wal-Mart
5/1/11   Wal-Mart Assoc/Dependent               $2,500       employee or child of an employee

6/1/11   Ark Acadamic Challenge                    ?         college acceptance in Arkansas

6/1/11   Go Grant                                varies      child or need/Arkansas
                                                             financialspouse of a law 
                                                             enforcement officer killed or
6/1/10   Law Enforcement Dependent               tuition     permanently disabled in the line
                                                             child or spouse of a person
                                                             killed, or permanently disabled in
6/1/11   Military Dependent                      tuition     military service, or a POW.
                                                             for individuals studying to be
6/1/11   Nursing Student Loan               loan forgiveness nurse educators
                                                             for teachers in shortage or low-
                                                             income areas, or who are
6/1/11   State Teacher Educ Program         loan forgiveness members of a minority group
                                                             for teachers taking additional
6/1/11   Teacher Opportunity Program             tuition     coursework tuition waivers for
                                                             out of state             
                                                             professional programs not
 none    Health Education Grant                  varies      available in Arkansas    

after 1/1 Federal Grants and Loans (Pell)        varies      financial need           

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