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“Vermont has a well deserved reputation for                 Featuring:
consumers celebrating a “taste of place.”          Cheese • Beer • Wine • Apples
This tasting guide builds upon this reputation      ChoColAte • honey & MAple
and provides an additional tool for exploring
these many unique, quality products.”
                      — Roger Allbee, Secretary,
                  Vermont Agency of Agriculture
                                                                                                                                                      Courtesy Shelburne Vineyards
    This publication was funded through a US Department of                           Vermont Fresh Network, www.vermontfresh.net
    Agriculture, Agricultural Marketing Service Federal-State                        Vermont Grape & Wine Council,
    Marketing Improvement Program grant.                                                www.vermontgrapeandwinecouncil.com
                                                                                     Vermont Maple Foundation, www.vtmaple.org
    Program Manager: Steven F Justis, Senior Agricultural
       Department Specialist, Vermont Agency of Agriculture                          Vermont Specialty Food Association,
    Copyediting/writing: Jane Sakovitz-Dale
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    Design: Timothy J. Newcomb, Newcomb Studios, Montpelier
    Photography: Susan M. Spaulding, SMS Photography,
       Montpelier, smsvt@aol.com                                                     Experts and Advisors:
    Printing: The Offset House, Essex Junction, VT                                   Apples: Steve Justis, Vermont Agency of Agriculture
    Glassware provided by:                                                           Beer: Steve Parkes, Owner & Lead Instructor,
       Simon Pearce, The Mill, Quechee, VT                                             American Brewers Guild
       www.simonpearce.com, (800) 774-5277                                           Cheese: Montserrat Almena-Aliste, PhD, UVM Faculty/Cheese
    Wood products provided by:                                                         Technical Expert, Vermont Institute for Artisan Cheese
       Vermont Wood Manufacturers Association                                        Chocolates: Gary Coffee, Director of Retail Operations,
       www.vermontwood.com (802) 747-7900                                              Lake Champlain Chocolates
       Showrooms open to the public: www.vermontforestheritage.org
                                                                                     Honey: Steve Parise, State Apiculturist,
    Bread products provided by:                                                        Vermont Agency of Agriculture
       Red Hen Bakery, Middlesex, VT
                                                                                     Maple: Catherine J. Stevens, Marketing Director,
       www.redhenbaking.com, (802) 223-5200
                                                                                       Vermont Sugar Maples Association
    Participants:                                                                    Wine: Dellie Rex, Coordinator, Wine & Beverage Specialization,
    New England Culinary Institute, www.neci.edu                                       New England Culinary Institute; Bob Lesnikoski,
                                                                                       Vineyard Manager/Winemaker, Boyden Valley Winery
    University of Vermont. Vermont Institute for Artisan Cheese,
                                                                                     Special Thanks to:
    Vermont Agency of Agriculture, Food and Markets,                                 Provisions International, White River Junction, VT
       www.vermontagriculture.com                                                       with special thanks to Joan Holden
    Vermont Apple Marketing Board, www.vermontapples.org                             Meghan Sheradin, Executive Director, Vermont Fresh Network
    Vermont Brewers Association, www.vermontbrewers.com                              Leigh Williams, Owner, Laughing Moon Chocolates
    Vermont Cheese Council www.vtcheese.com                                          Clay Whitney, Consumer Direct Manager, Cabot Cheese
    Vermont Farms! Association, www.vtfarms.org                                      Chef Michael & Laura Kloeti, Michael’s on the Hill Restaurant,
                                                                                        Waterbury, VT

                         Cover photo: Fleurys Maple Hill farm, Richford Vermont. Photo by Skye Chalmer, courtesy of Cabot Creamery Cooperative.
“                   eople travel on their stomachs,” to paraphrase
                    Napoleon. We all need food to live, of course — but
                    travelers want to do more than just survive. Those
    who venture to new places often make a special effort to enjoy the

    local food specialties, and to find and savor a really memorable
    dining experience. Our truly successful vacations are those where we
    come home raving about the food.
       For decades, Vermont has offered a wholesome and special
    array of high-quality foods to all
    those who pass through the Green            A recent survey by
    Mountain state. But with today’s            the Travel Industry                                              7
    growing emphasis on eating local,
                                                Association and the
    coupled with the explosion of
                                                National Restaurant
    artisinal culinary practices that
                                                Association reported
    marry art with agriculture, Vermont
                                                that one-quarter of                     8
    is now unusually well-positioned
                                                all leisure travelers
    to promote our amazing range and
                                                said food is central in
    quality of edible offerings, and to
    invite visitors from near and far to        deciding where they

    come dine, snack and taste their            vacation.
    way across our state.
       Home to family dairy farms for more than a century, Vermont’s
    working landscape now supports a fast-growing diversity of
    agriculturally-based endeavors: dozens of world-class cheesemakers,
    a vibrant and growing beer-making industry, makers of maple syrup,
    chocolate and honey without equal, extensive apple orchards and
    a burgeoning wine industry. Enjoy a meal at one of the state’s many
    restaurants that belong to the Vermont Fresh Network, where the
    freshest, most locally available ingredients are prepared and served
    with pride. You can even spend your vacation — or a memorable
    part of it — staying on a working Vermont farm!                            Cheese . . . . . . . . . . . .    .   .   .   . 4
       In the following pages, you’ll learn a bit about a number of food       Chocolates . . . . . . . . . .    .   .   .   . 7
    products of which Vermont is justifiably proud, and how we suggest         Maple & Honey . . . . . . .       .   .   .   . 8
    that you pair some of these products. Learn to appreciate and enjoy        Wine . . . . . . . . . . . . .    .   .   .   . 9
    the unique aspects of these foods. Delight your friends and show off
                                                                               Vermont Map . . . . . . . .       .   .   .    12
    your knowledge by hosting a party that makes the most of Vermont
    food products! The map on page 12 will help direct you to the state’s
                                                                               Beer . . . . . . . . . . . . .    .   .   .    14
    best “hot spots” for finding these delicious specialties.                  Apples . . . . . . . . . . . .    .   .   .    18
       To learn more about culinary tourism in this state, visit               Flavor Characteristics Chart
    www.vermontagriculture.com/culinarytourism. And look for the                  (Beer & Wine) . . . . . .      . . . 20
                                           “Vermont Tasting Trail” symbol as   Tasty Tidbits . . . . . . . . .   . . . 22
                                           you travel our roads and byways.    Calendar of Events . . . . . .    . . . 24

                                                                                                                                                  of hygiene and a perfected,
                                                                                                 World-class                                      consistent technique. The
    consider Bardwell’s Dorset

                                                                                                                                                  ingredients are few. They
                                                                                                                                                  start with milk — and the
                                                                                                                                                  better the milk, the better
                                                                                                                                                  the cheese. Next, you need a
                                                                                                                                                  starter culture to engage the
                                                                          from Vermont                                                            fermentation process; rennet,
                                                                                                                                                  from either an animal or a
                                                                                                                                                  vegetable source, to help the

                                             ecently, at a food          Undisputed as the center of         are artisanal, hand-made in          milk coagulate into curds;
                                             co-op in Brooklyn,          the American artisan cheese         small batches. In the past few       and, lastly, salt.
                                             New York, two               movement, this little state         decades, hundreds of awards              That’s it. The other
                                 visitors from Argentina were            boasts more farmstead cheeses       from competitions around             variables are heat, technique
                                 overheard asking if the shop            (made on the farm, with milk        the world have spotlighted           and time, which can be
                                 carried Vermont artisan                 from the herd) per capita than      Vermont cheesemakers in              neither rushed nor drawn
                                 cheeses. “They are the best in          any other U.S. state, and is        praise of their creations.           out. The steps are prescribed,
                                 the world,” the customer said.          also winning international             Making cheese is a                the recipe is precise, and the
                                    Vermont artisan cheeses              renown for producing unique,        wholesome, earthy process. It        technique is tested and true.
                                 have indeed made an                     memorable, high-quality             requires scrupulous attention            Today there are over 40
                                 impact on the world stage.              cheese. Many of these cheeses       to detail, the highest level         licensed cheesemakers in

                                                       A P e r f e c t PA i r                                                    A P e r f e c t PA i r

                                                             Scholten Family Farm’s                                                      Vermont Butter & Cheese
                                                           Weybridge with Honey Garden                                                   Company’s Fresh Crottin
                                                               Black Currant Mead                                                           and a light colored
                                                                                                                                             Vermont honey
                                                           Dense creamy fresh cheeses are the perfect
                                                          match for fruit meads. The rich texture of the                                   Delicate early season honey is the
                                                          cheese softens the astringent notes of the fruit                              perfect match for mild, fresh goat’s milk
                                                          while the honey balances the cheese’s acidity.                                  cheeses with dense creamy texture,
                                                                              • • •                                                      delicate floral notes and lemony taste.
                                                                                                                                                          • • •

                                                                                                   Fresh Cheeses
                                 Description: Cheese made to be consumed within a few weeks after            notes and pleasant texture properties. Pairing cues: Light beers and
                                 manufacture. This category includes a diverse group of varieties,           light bodied sparkling wines are great companions for fresh cheeses.
                                 from pasta filata and fresh chevres, to cream cheese, mascarpone and        Meads and dry wines also work very well with rich textured fresh
                                 whey cheeses like ricotta, all of which share subtle flavors with lactic    cheeses.

                                                                          Maplebrook farm fresh ricotta      Vermont Butter & cheese Mascarpone
                                           Vermont Butter & cheese
                                               creamy Goat cheese                                                                                 champlain Valley
                                                                                                                                                  creamery Old-fashioned
                                                                                                                                                  cream cheese
                                    Vermont Butter & cheese crotin

                                                                                                                                                  Maplebrook farm Ovalini

                                               Neighborly farms feta

                                    Maplebrook farm cheddar Bites                                                                                 fat toad farm chevre
                                                                                                                                                  Vermont Butter & cheese fresh chevre

                                 Wood products (left to right) by
                                 Charles Shackleton, Shackleton
                                 Thomas; Bob Gasperetti; and Scott                                                                                Scholten family farm Weybridge
                                 Duffy, Rockledge Farm Woodworks         Maplebrook farm fresh Mozzarella

Vermont, most of whom make            In the following pages,              In 1997, the Vermont            a market for their emerging
relatively small amounts,          you’ll see Vermont cheeses           Cheese Council (VCC) was           products. You can learn more
10,000-100,000 pounds per          grouped as fresh, flavored,          formed with a grant from           about Vermont cheeses and
year. Hard-working Vermont         bloomy rinds, washed rinds,          the Vermont Dairy Promo-           where you can buy them by
cheesemakers craft more than       semi-hard, hard and blue. We         tion Council to help small         visiting the Cheese Council’s
150 different styles from the      believe this classification is the   and large cheesemakers gain        website: www.vtcheese.com
milk of cows, goats, sheep         best approach to categorize
and even water buffalo. Some       the variety of Vermont
cheeses are made from raw or       cheeses and present general            Tips for Serving and Handling Cheese
unpasteurized milk; by U.S.        guidelines with the sensory
law, these must be held for 60     characteristics of the product         • Don’t stock up on cheese; buy only what you plan to
days before they can be sold.      and pairing cues.                        consume within the week.
                                                                          • When buying, always check the expiration dates on the
                                                                            package — especially for fresh cheeses — and always get
  Seasonal Cheeses                                                          the product directly from the refrigerator.
      Cheese lovers know that not all cheeses are available all           • When serving cheese, plan roughly 4 to 6 ounces per
  the time, and some are best eaten during certain seasons.                 person, depending upon what else you may be offering.
  Factors that affect availability include the cycle of animal            • Serve cheese at room temperature.
  breeding and milk production; what the animal eats and                  • Let cheeses “breathe” and rest from one-half to one hour
  how that affects the milk’s flavor; and the optimal time for a            before serving (hard cheeses need more time, while soft
  particular cheese to ripen.                                               cheeses take less).
      In Vermont, many small-scale sheep and goat’s milk                  • Aim for variety. Serve both hard and soft, mild and
  cheesemakers begin milking their herds after the animals                  strong cheeses, with varying appearance on the outside
  give birth in the spring. These cheeses are available for sale            and the inside, including cheeses made from different
  in late spring/early summer. Small producers may be sold                  milk types (cow, sheep and/or goat).
  out by late fall.
      An animal’s seasonal diet affects the flavor of its milk,           • Since cheeses have distinctive characters and flavors, it’s
  which affects the flavor of a cheese. In spring, animals might            best to serve them with mildly flavored crackers or just
  be grazing on young spring grasses and flowers that can                   fresh plain bread.
  add a floral, herbal or grassy flavor; in summer, grasses are           • Pair your cheeses with beverages (beers, wines, meads
  abundant and lush, affecting both the flavor and color of the             and ciders) that complement, instead of compete with,
  milk. In fall and winter, grains and hay become the likely                the distinctive flavor characteristics of the cheese.
  food source, giving the milk a subtly different flavor. Diet and        • Wrap any leftover cheese with waxed paper; this way it
  seasonality strongly affects the chemistry of milk, too. Only             can breathe and will last several weeks. The harder the
  very knowledgeable, experienced cheesemakers know how to                  cheese, the longer it will stay fresh.
  adapt their process to compensate for these changes, ensuring
  a consistently high-quality final product in each season.
      How long a cheese should be held determines when it will                             A P e r f e c t PA i r
  come to market in its prime. Aged cheeses may wait a year or
  longer, while fresh cheeses may be available within weeks or               Champlain Valley Old Fashioned Organic
  days of being made. Ideally, a good cheese shop will buy and               Cream Cheese and Grade A Maple Syrup
  sell cheeses as they enter optimal ripeness, helping customers
  learn which cheeses to eat in which seasons.                              Vermont Maple syrup is the perfect topping for an artisanal
                                                                                 plain cream cheese, where cow’s milk and a shot of
                                                                               fresh cream are the key ingredients responsible for the
                   A P e r f e c t PA i r                                             delicate tangy flavor and unique texture.
                                                                                                        • • •
                         Vermont Smoke & Cure Ham
                            with Lincoln Peak Rosé

                                  A moist, well-textured,
                              maple flavored ham pairs well
                             with a light, fruity, soft red wine.
                                           • • •

    Cheesemaking in Vermont: A History                                        Vermont’s first cheese factory. In the next five years, cheese
                                                                              production here soared; Vermont was producing about nine
        In 1810, two Holstein cows and a bull were brought to                 million pounds a year. Virtually every farming community of
    Vermont from Holland. Jerseys and Guernseys from the Channel              significance had a cheese factory. Many had several. By 1895,
    Islands followed shortly, along with Ayshires from Scotland.              there were 58 cheese factories in Vermont.
    Soon it became known that Vermont conditions were nearly                     Historic Vermont cheesemakers still in business today include
    ideal for the breeding, raising and grazing of cows for high-             Crowley Cheese (1882), the Grafton Village Cheese Company
    quality and high-yield milk production.                                   (1892), and Cabot Cooperative Creamery, formed in 1919 when
        In the early days, Vermont farms consumed most of the milk            94 local dairy farmers each bought in for $3,700 and a cord of
    they produced, as fluid milk and as butter and cheese. Farm               wood.
    women made up large quantities of butter and cheese during the
    summer, to be stored in the springhouse until winter or used to                                 A P e r f e c t PA i r
    barter for other goods. It was hard, hot, physical work.                             Taylor Farm Maple Smoked Gouda
        In the latter half of the 19th century, four factors gradually                        and Wolaver Brown Ale
    converged to move cheesemaking out of the farm kitchen and
    to help Vermont emerge as a dairy powerhouse. First was the
                                                                                                           Delicate smoked goudas and smoky
    significant surplus of milk from larger, better herds. Second was
                                                                                                            cheddars are perfect partners for
    the coming of the railroad in 1850, which promised access to
                                                                                                           brown ale style beers with caramel
    more distant markets. Third was the 1854 introduction of the
                                                                                                                    and roasted notes.
    iced railroad car. Fourth was the increasing demand for milk
                                                                                                                         • • •
    products by consumers in large and growing metropolitan areas,
                                                                                                                   Also pairs well with
    such as Boston and New York.
                                                                                                                 Rock Art’s Vermonster.
        In 1864, while the Civil War raged, Consider Bardwell built

                                                                                                    A P e r f e c t PA i r
                        A P e r f e c t PA i r

                    Thistle Hill’s Tarentaise with                                                     Cabot Creamery’s Habanero
                    late season Vermont honey                                                         Cheddar and Neighborly Farms
                                                                                                       Green Onion Cheddar with
                                           A firm-textured alpine style
                                                                                                        Harpoon UFO Hefeweizen
                                        cheese, with delicate caramel and
                                        nutty flavors, and complex finish                                Flavored cheddar cheeses with added
                                          pairs perfectly with nutty and                                  spice or herb flavors pair well with
                                        complex honeys (darker colored).                                           grainy, wheat ales.
                                                      • • •                                                              • • •

                                                                Flavored Cheeses

    Description: Another large category of cheeses to describe different      cheeses. Pairing cues: Our advice in this case is to experiment with
    varieties of flavors, textures and colors, ranging from delicate rich     different beers and wines to find unique combinations that suit your
    fresh flavored chevres, to very powerful spice flavors and smoky harder   palate…you will never run out of possibilities in this category!
                                                                         taylor farm Smoked Gouda        Jericho Hill farm Smoked Jack
      flavored cheddars,
      Grafton Village cheese
                                             fat toad farm
                                             flavored chevre
                                                                                                                   Neighborly farms
                                                                                                                   Green Onion cheddar

                                                                                                                   Jericho Hill farm Pepper Jack
                     Smoked cheddar,
                      Shelburne farm
                                                                                                                   cabot creamery
                                                                                                                   Habañero cheddar cheese
                     Maplebrook farm
                    Smoked Mozzarella

                                     Blue Ledge farm  Vermont Butter &        Vermont Butter & cheese              Wood products by Charles Shackleton,
                                        Herb chevre cheese Herb chevre        Peppercorn chevre                    Shackleton Thomas
Laughing Moon Grand Marnier truffle

                                      Three of Vermont’s best-known chocolate                                                           to devote himself full time to his new
                                      companies: left, Lake Champlain Chocolates; right,                                                business.
                                      Laughing Moon Chocolates; rear of platter, Nutty
                                      Steph’s Chocolates.                                                                                   The highest standards of chocolate
                                                                                                                                        making have been Lake Champlain

                A                                     mericans love chocolate,                                                          Chocolates’ (LCC) hallmark ever since.
                                                      consuming more                                                                    Crafting in small batches that start
                                                      than 12 pounds of                                                                 with high-quality Belgian chocolate,
                                      it per person each year. In the past,                                                             LCC adds only the finest, all-natural
                                      mass-produced bars and kisses have                                                                ingredients from Vermont such as
                                      dominated U.S. consumption — but                                                                  cream, sweet butter, maple syrup, and
                                      increasingly, Americans are buying and                                                            honey. Lake Champlain Chocolates
                                      eating more gourmet chocolates, in the                                                            dominates the Vermont chocolate
                                      tradition of fine European confections.                                                           movement, using 350 tons of local
                                          The health benefits of chocolate, especially dark chocolate, are   ingredients to produce 1.3 million pounds of chocolates every
                                      expected to fuel a trend that will see Americans consuming 16          year. www.LakeChamplainChocolates.com
                                      pounds per person or more this year. Also affecting the growth             2002: Laughing Moon Chocolates of Stowe began with a
                                      in chocolate consumption is the “eating local” movement. These         mission of creating delicious, handmade chocolates in an open
                                      factors nicely feed a growing Vermont chocolate industry.              kitchen. Owner Leigh Williams says, “We started asking two
                                          Vermonters are traditionally rugged, independent-minded            questions about each product: ‘Can we make it ourselves?’ And
                                      folks who like to make things. The history of confectionary in         if not, can we source it locally?” These led Laughing Moon to
                                      Vermont has grown out of the tradition of maple sugaring, but          start making homemade marshmallow and peanut butter, and to
                                      is also related to the availability of fresh local dairy products      start having chocolate, vanilla and ginger cookies baked for it in
                                      and the cool, dry climate. Today there are a few large and many        Hyde Park, Vermont.
                                      small-scale Vermont chocolatiers. Some use enrobing machines               “Our chocolate-covered cookies are a favorite,” says Williams,
                                      and giant chocolate-filled vats, while others coat each piece by       “and all the products just keep getting better and better.”
                                      hand, creating wonderful, homemade centers including truffles,             Truffles — a soft chocolate center made with local cream,
                                      caramels, toffee, fudge and more. One thing is certain: Vermont        butter and chocolate — are Laughing Moon’s specialty. All of
                                      offers a delicious variety of chocolate treats made by indepen-        Laughing Moon’s truffles are cooked in the shop. To add shelf
                                      dent local manufacturers and retailers, each with its own story        life, Vermont liquors are used, including Boyden Valley Big Barn
                                      and approach to the craft.                                             Red Wine, Green Mountain Distillers Sunshine Vodka and Maple
                                                                                                             Liquor, Flag Hill Farm’s Pear and Apple Brandys, and Rock Art
                                                                                                             Brewery’s Vermonster Beer. www.laughingmoonchocolates.com
                                      A Tale of Three Chocolatiers
                                                                                                                 2007: Nutty Steph’s had been making granola since
                                          1983: Lake Champlain Chocolates started on a dare. Jim
                                                                                                             2003, using cereals and grains flavored with Vermont maple
                                      Lampman, then owner of Burlington’s acclaimed Ice House Res-
                                                                                                             syrup, and purchasing chocolates from Green River Chocolates
                                      taurant on the Lake Champlain waterfront, was dismayed by the
                                                                                                             in Hinesburg to make “Magic Chunk” – chocolate-covered
                                      low-quality but expensive chocolates available to provide to his
                                                                                                             chunks of nutty granola. In 2007, Nutty Steph’s bought Green
                                      staff as gifts. After receiving one too many boxes, his pastry chef
                                                                                                             River Chocolates; today, Nutty Steph’s Chocolate Shop sells an
                                      took Jim aside and said, “These chocolates are terrible.”
                                                                                                             ever-changing variety of fresh truffles, daily chocolate bars and
                                          “All right then, you do better,” Jim challenged him. Shortly
                                                                                                             custom chocolate creations along with Vermont Granola from
                                      thereafter, Jim was presented with hand-rolled, distinctively
                                                                                                             the Nutty Steph’s retail location (shared with Red Hen Bakery) at
                                      flavored truffles – the finest chocolates he had ever tasted. Jim
                                                                                                             Camp Meade on Route 2 in Middlesex.
                                      began serving them on Sundays to select restaurant patrons.
                                                                                                                 Nutty Steph’s chocolate line includes such unusual local
                                      The response was so favorable, Jim founded a gourmet choco-
                                                                                                             ingredients as pieces of cider donuts from Waterbury’s Cold
                                      late company to keep up with the demand. Even though he was
                                                                                                             Hollow Cider Mill inside a “coffee and donuts chocolate bar.”
                                      producing only for wholesale, and located in a tiny alley, Jim’s
                                                                                                             And her wide variety of chunky chocolate bars contain whole
                                      business was constantly interrupted by retail customers seeking
                                                                                                             pieces of organic fruits and nuts. www.nuttystephs.com
                                      the now locally famous truffles. Jim eventually sold the restaurant

                          Maple &Honey
                                                              Naturally from Vermont

                    ature has                                                                                    soil and plant conditions. Most
                    provided us                                                                                  Vermont honey falls into two
                    with two of                                                                                  categories: honey gathered in
    the most amazing sweeteners                                                                                  June and July, usually a light-
    on earth: honey and maple                                                                                    colored and mild-flavored,
    syrup. Vermont’s fields and                                                                                  from clovers, alfalfa, trefoil
    woods produce ample amounts                                                                                  and basswood; and fall honey,
    of both.                                                                                                     primarily from goldenrod,
                                                                                                                 aster and, in some locations,
    Vermont Maple Syrup                                                                                          Japanese knotweed, gathered
        Vermont’s name has become                                                                                in August and September and
    synonymous with authentic                                                                                    usually darker and stronger in
    maple syrup. Our climate and                                                                                 flavor.
    soil conditions are perfect for                                                                                  Along with giving us
    producing the best possible           sugarmakers still use buckets        Great for the table with          delicious honey, bees make
    syrup; historically, as the largest   to collect the sap from maple        pancakes and French toast.        their greatest contribution to
    producer of pure maple syrup          trees; most today use tubing.                                          Vermont’s agriculture by pol-
    in the U.S., Vermont was the          Whether carried or piped to       Grade A Dark Amber – Dark            linating the plants and trees
    first state to establish a maple      the sugarhouse, the sap is then     color and robust maple bou-        they visit. Without bees darting
    standards law. Our syrup is           boiled to remove water and          quet. Heartier flavor, good        about, Vermont would not
    100 percent natural, with             to concentrate it into syrup.       for table and all-around use.      enjoy bumper crops of apples,
    nothing added. Vermont syrup          100% pure, natural sweetness!                                          blueberries, strawberries,
    meets or exceeds any other                                              Grade B – The strongest and          pumpkins, or cucumbers.
    state or province’s standards for     Grades of Syrup                     darkest table-grade maple.
    quality, purity and density.                                              Preferred by many for table        Types of Honey
        Maple syrup production,           Vermont Fancy – Light amber         use; best for cooking and as
    known as “sugaring,“ takes               color with a delicate bou-       a sugar substitute in baking.      Liquid Honey is extracted
    place just as winter is losing           quet and mild flavor. Excel-                                           from the honeycomb in
    its grip, —it’s weather that             lent on ice cream or fresh     Vermont Honey                           liquid form. This can easily
    alternates between freezing              cheeses where the subtle           Many of the fields that feed        be measured for cooking,
    and thawing which makes the              flavor can be appreciated.     Vermont herds, or grow local            used as a topping for
    sap flow. In Vermont, sugaring                                          produce, also provide much of           cereals, or paired with a
    weather usually starts around         Grade A Medium Amber –            the “bee pasture” that is vital to      favorite cheese.
    the beginning of March, and at          Medium color with pro-          Vermont’s honey industry.
    best it lasts for six weeks. Some       nounced maple bouquet.              Almost all Vermont               Creamed Honey is a super-
                                                                            honey is of mixed-                     saturated solution that will
                                                                            floral sources.                        naturally crystallize over
                         A P e r f e c t PA i r
                                                                            As bees forage                         time. Use it like jam or
                                 Woodcock Farm True Blue                    within 1.5 miles                       spoon it into tea.
                                   with light and dark                      of their hives, they
                                     Vermont honey                          visit many different flowers,        Comb Honey is honey in its
                                                                            each with its own distinctive          most natural form, just the
                                 A creamy, complex yet well balanced        flavor and color. In any given         way the bees make it. It
                                 raw milk blue cheese, pairs well with      year, there may be one or more         can be eaten like candy or
                                          any kind of honey                 floral sources that may provide        spread like jam, with all the
                                               • • •                        a larger percentage of the             flavor and aroma of honey
                                                                            blend, depending on weather,           sealed inside.

                                                                                                                  of -25º to -40º F .
                                                                                                                      Vermont’s climate and our
                                                                                                                  unique soils have allowed for
                                                                                                                  the creation of unique wines.
                                                                                                                  Compared to other wine-
                                                                                                                  producing regions, our reds
                                                                                                                  are lighter, our fruit wines are
                                             Flowing from Vermont
                                                                                                                  more vibrant, and our wines
                                                                                                                  feature more acidity. Vermont
                                                                                                                  wine makers bring artistry,

                 aking wine                                                                                       passion, and special attention
                 was once                                                                                         to making those wines that
                 almost                                                                                           best reflect our region.
exclusively a European                                                                                                Wine and food lovers the
domain. That has, of course,                                                                                      world over have come to prize
changed in recent decades: the                                                                                    locally produced foods that
U.S. now has a commercial                                                                                         reflect the place where they
winery in every state.                                                                                            are made — and Vermont
Vermont, with 17 wineries and                                                                                     wines pair beautifully with
more in the pipeline, currently                                                                                   food. Today, Vermont’s 17
ranks 25th in U.S. production                                                                                     wineries are making over 100
by volume. Thanks to the                                                                                          types of wine from a dozen or
development of cold-hardy                                                                                         more varieties of cold-hardy
grape varieties, along with                in wine making, and each           temperatures. These grapes          grapes. The most common of
the passion that Vermonters                needs different growing condi-     thrive in soil full of sedimen-     these are Frontenac, Marquette
bring to all things agricultural,          tions. Warm-climate grapes         tary deposits from rivers or        and St. Croix grapes, used in
Vermont wines are gaining                  like volcanic soil where they      streams, are not bothered by        red wines, and LaCrescent,
in popularity and audience,                get lots of sun, a long grow-      humidity and don’t require          Riesling, Traminette, Fronte-
making a $5 million annual                 ing season, low humidity and       as much sun for ripening.           nac Gris and Cayuga grapes,
impact on the state’s economy.             no temperature extremes, as        Breeding work has further           used in making white wines
   People tend to think of                 in the Mediterranean coun-         developed grapes that are           (see next page).
grapes as needing hot, dry                 tries. In contrast, cool-climate   cold-hardy — able to ripen in           The Vermont climate is also
climates. In fact, there are two           grapes prefer a relatively long    a shorter growing season, then      highly suitable to honey-based
distinct families of grapes used           growing season with moderate       withstand winter temperatures       wines, called meads, and fruit

                                                             Bloomy Rind Cheeses
Description: Cheeses coated with an edible rind associated with the           depending on age) and lactic, grassy, mushroomy flavors are the most
“bloom” of Penicillium candidum, allowing the cheese to ripen from the        characteristics sensory cues of this group. Pairing cues: Aromatic
outside in. In addition to the white mold, some bloomy rind cheeses           white wines and fruity beers. Late harvest wines and fruit meads are
may also include herbs or ashes. Creamy textures (from soft to runny          also great combinations for the more flavored and ripened varieties.
                                  Ploughgate creamery Hartwell                       Blythedale farms Brie

                                                                                                                     Blythedale farms camembert
                 Lazy Lazy farm Valancay

             champlain Valley creamery
                           triple cream                                                                              Jasper Hill farm constant Bliss

            Blue Ledge farm Lake’s end

Wood product by
Malcolm Cooper,                                              Vermont Butter &
                         Willow Hill farm Lafleurie          cheese Bonne Bouche          Blue Ledge farm crottina
J.K. Adams Co. Inc.

     wines. Our late-harvest dessert      that typically descends on
                                                                                                    A P e r f e c t PA i r
     wines are among the most fla-        Vermont by early November
     vorful and successful of all the     heralds the beginning of this                                  Spring Brook Farm Tarentaise
     wines coming out of the state.       short, deliciously sweet wine-                                    with Fresh Tracks Rosé
     These late grapes have a high        making season. The solid-
     level of residual sugar and a        frozen grapes are hand-picked,                                   A semi-hard alpine cheese style, with a
     unique aroma and flavor, with        often at night, and pressed                                     smooth texture, complex aromatics and
     overtones of dried apricots          frozen using a high-precision                                   a balanced flavor pairs well with a light,
     and honey.                           press. Only the first 25 per-                                            fruity, soft red wine.
        Last, but far from least,         cent of juice that comes off the                                                 • • •
     are Vermont’s ice wines and          press is used, because that is
     ice ciders — specialty prod-         where all the flavor and “soul”                           A P e r f e c t PA i r
     ucts made here and in only a         of the grape is concentrated.
     handful of other places in the       By mid-December, all the                                    Green Mountain Blue Cheese’s
     country.                             frozen fruit has been harvested                             GorDawnZola with Snow Farm’s
                                          and set to ferment. Five of                                     Late Harvest Vignoles
     Ice Wines and                        Vermont’s 17 wineries are now
                                                                                                        A spicy blue cheese with crumbly texture
     Ice Ciders                           producing ice wines.
                                                                                                        and sharp finish pairs well with a slightly
                                              Unlike ice wines, ice ciders
                                          are made from fruit, mainly                                     sweet white wine with excellent fruit.
        Ice wine is made from fruit
                                          apples, picked at the height                                                   • • •
     that is left to freeze on the vine
     — and the quick, hard frost          of the growing season and
                                          then kept in cold storage until
                                          the onset of consistent cold          Great Grapes                           Marquette sets a new
                                          temperatures. The apples are          Make Great Wines                    standard of excellence for
                                                                                                                    winter-hardy red wine grapes.
                                          then pressed, and the cider is                                            The wine is complex with
                                          set outdoors to freeze and con-       Red Wine Grapes
                                                                                   Frontenac is a very cold-        berry, cherry, black pepper
                                          centrate for 6-8 weeks. The                                               and spice, and is more tannic
                                          concentrate is then fermented         hardy vine that has borne a
                                                                                full crop after temperatures as     than other northern reds.
                                          for several weeks or months                                                  St. Croix has produced
                                          before it is stabilized, filtered                   .
                                                                                low as -30º F Frontenac wine
                                                                                typically has a pleasant cherry     many award-wining red wines,
                                          and bottled. Two Vermont                                                  which have a pleasant berry-
                                          companies currently make ice          aroma, often with berry and
                                                                                plum evident. The color is          like fruitiness in the nose and
                                          cider: Boyden Wineries and                                                mouth.
                                          Eden Ice Cider.                       usually a garnet red.

                                                              Washed Rind Cheeses
     Description: Cheeses washed during ripening with a brine solution and      Pairing cues: Sparkling, medium-weight fruity reds and aromatic dry
     a cocktail of “good” bacteria to promote rind growth and develop flavor.   wines with body and spiciness complement most of these cheeses. Late
     Some varieties may also be washed with beer, meads, wine, etc. Each        harvest wines, meads and fruity beers are perfect for the saltier and
     type of wash imparts its own unique flavor. Texture varies from soft to    more “stinky” varieties.
     semi-hard with softer varieties usually having more pungent flavors.

                              Jasper Hill farm Winnemere                  Dancing cow farm Bourrée          Willow Hill farm Paniolo

           Lazy Lady farm

                                                                                                                                consider Bardwell
     Ploughgate creamery                                                                                                        farm Dorset

                                                                                                                                       Wood products by
                                                                                                                                       Charles Shackleton,
                                                                                                                                       Shackleton Thomas
                                     Lazy Lady farm emotion            Green Mountain Blue cheese Brother Laurent
                                                                                            A P e r f e c t PA i r
   Wine Facts and Stats
                                                                                                 Lake Champlain 54% Dark
   • Vermont’s oldest wineries still in operation —                                            Chocolate with Boyden’s Ice Red
     Boyden and Snow Farm both began in 1997.
   • It takes five years before a vineyard is fully productive.                                     Sweet, rich, syrupy dessert wines are
   • Production from Vermont wineries ranges from about                                           the perfect pairing for high quality dark
     3,500 to 60,000 bottles per year.                                                          chocolates, usually characterized by a silky
   • It takes eight pounds of apples to make one bottle of                                            texture and pleasant bitterness.
     ice cider.                                                                                                     • • •
   • Approximately 150 acres of Vermont farmland are                                             Also pairs well with Charlotte Village
     engaged in grape growing.                                                                          Blueberry Dessert Wine
   • Vermont currently makes over 100 different wines.

White Wine Grapes                  Cornell. It is a hybrid of the      produces quality fruit. Cayuga           Cider can be fermented to
    LaCrescent is one of the       classic Gewurztraminer, and         is a versatile varietal, capable of   make hard cider, a drink that
best of the new, cold-hardy        produces a delightful, spicy        producing off-dry white wines,        before prohibition was more
white grapes. It thrives in        wine that is the perfect comple-    sparklers and, on occasion,           ubiquitous than beer.
Vermont, producing wine with       ment to Asian cuisine.              even oak-aged table wines.               Fruit wines have been
intense and delicious apricot          Frontenac Gris bears                                                  made in Vermont for decades.
flavor, good body and balanced     gray/pink grapes, which make        Other Wines                           Made from combinations of
acidity.                           a fruity, aromatic wine with           Mead, wine made from               apples, raspberries, pears,
    Riesling is a noble grape      flavors of peach and tropical       honey, is the oldest fermented        blueberries, cranberries and
from alpine regions of Europe      fruits. The wine is usually a       beverage known to human-              rhubarb. These can range from
that adapts well to the Vermont    deep amber color, and is made       kind. With the emergence of           very dry dinner wines to sweet
climate. Riesling wine can be      with a touch of sweetness.          local beekeeping in Vermont,          dessert wines.
dry or sweet, with great body          Cayuga is a hybrid cross        mead is experiencing a renais-
and complexity.                    between the Seyval Blanc            sance. Mead can be either sweet       Courtesy Vermont Grape and
    Traminette is a wonderful      and Schuyler cultivars that is      or dry and flavored with fruit        Wine Council, www.vermont
grape recently developed by        hardy, disease-resistant and        or spices.                            grapeandwinecouncil.com.

                   A P e r f e c t PA i r                                                   A P e r f e c t PA i r

                          Vermont Butter & Cheese                                                Blue Ledge Farm’s Lake’s Edge
                          Company’s Bonne Bouche                                                     and Boyden’s Rhubarb
                          with Boyden’s Big Barn Red
                                                                                                  A mold ripened goat’s milk cheese with
                           A rich and creamy bloomy rind goat’s                                  dense texture, distinctive goaty flavor and
                          milk cheese, with strong aromatics and                                        delicate mineral notes is the
                          complex flavor profile is a great match                                   perfect companion for a semi-dry,
                                  for bold, rich, red wines.                                            fruity, light and crisp wine.
                                            • • •                                                                   • • •

                   A P e r f e c t PA i r                                                   A P e r f e c t PA i r

                         Dancing Cow’s Menuet with                                                      Woodcock Farm’s
                         Shelburne Vineyard’s Cayuga                                                   Magic Mountain with
                                                                                                   Lincoln Peak Cove Road Red
                            A tomme style cheese with creamy
                        texture, lingering finish, and nutty flavors
                                                                                                   An aged sheep milk cheese with a firm
                        with grassy undertones, pairs well with a
                                                                                                   texture and deep flavor, including hay,
                         slightly off dry white with pleasant fruit
                                                                                                  caramel and nutty notes, pairs well with
                               and a touch of residual sugar.
                                                                                                      a medium bodied firm red wine.
                                           • • •
                                                                                                                  • • •

                                                                                                                                      Open to the Public
                                6                                                             Newport
                                                                                                                                      1. Bonnieview Farm
                                                                                                                                      Craftsbury Common
      2                                                                                                                               2. Cabot Creamery
               89               35                                                                                                    Cabot Village, Queechee &
     41                                                                              1                 32
                    14                     15                                                     91                                  www.CabotCheese.com
         31                                                                          15                     St. Johnsbury             3. Champlain Valley
      30 Burlington                                  28
            33      36
     34 22     89                                                                    2                                                Vergennes
           25                                                                                 2
                   2                                             36                                                                   www.cvcream.com
          10                    16                  Montpelier
     42                                                                                                                               4. Consider Bardwell Farm
                                                                          2                                                           West Pawlet
                                                             29                                                                       www.ConsiderBardwell
     3         37                                                    12                                                               Farm.com
           7                        19
                       17                                                                     91                                      5. Grafton Village Cheese
          26    Middlebury                                                                                                            Grafton & Brattleboro
                                     100                                                                                              www.graftonvillagecheese.com

                                                                                                                                      6. Green Mountain
                                                                                                                                      Blue Cheese
                                                                                                                                      High Gate Center
                                                                                                               Cheesemakers           BoucherFarm@hughes.net
                                                                                 24                            Open to the Public
                                                                 2               8                                                    7. Hildene Farm Signature
                                                Woodstock                                                                             Cheese
                                                                                                               Breweries and Brew
                                                                                     White                                            Manchester
                   4                                         4        40             River                     Pubs Open to the
                                                                                     Jct.                      Public                 www.Hildene.org

                                                                                                               Wineries Open to       8. Jericho Hill Farm
                                                                                                               the Public             White River Junction
                            7                                        18
           4                                                                                                                          9. Peaked Mountain Farm
                                                                       91                                                             Townshend
                                           11                                                                                         pkmtfarm@sover.net
                    20                                   5
                                                                              Bellows Falls
               7           Manchester                    9
               7                         100
                                                    30           40

                       9                                 23
      21 Bennington                             9                 Brattleboro
                   38                                        91

                                                                                                       Cheese cooler at Taylor Farm

                                                                28. The Shed Restaurant         36. Grand View Winery
                                                                & Brewery                       2113 Max Gray Road
                                                                1859 Mountain Road              East Calais
                                                                                                Tasting Room:
                                                                                                Route 100
                                                                29. Stonecutters Brewhouse
                                                                                                Waterbury Center
                                                                14 North Main Street
                                                                                                37. Lincoln Peak Vineyard
                                                                                                142 River Road
                                                                30. Switchback Brewing Co.
Vermont Brewer’s Fest                                                                           New Haven
                                                                160 Flynn Avenue
10. Shelburne Farms            19. Lawson’s Finest Liquids      Tel: 802-651-4114
Shelburne                      Warren                                                           38. North River Winery
www.ShelburneFarms.org         www.lawsonsfinest.com                                            201 VT Rte 112
                                                                31. Three Needs
                                                                207 College Street
11. Taylor Farm                20. Long Trail Brewing Co.                                       www.northriverwinery.com
Londonderry                    Jct. Route 4 and 100A            3needs@comcast.net
www.TaylorFarmVermont.com      Bridgewater Corners                                              39. Ottauquechee Valley
                               www.longtrail.com                                                Winery
                                                                32. Trout River Brewing Co.
12. Vermont Butter and                                                                          5573 Woodstock Rd.
                                                                Route 5, PO Box 165
Cheese Company                 21. Madison Brewing                                              Quechee Gorge Village
Websterville                   428 Main Street                                                  Quechee
www.vtbutterandcheeseco.com    Bennington                                                       www.northriverwinery.com
                                                                33. Vermont Pub &
13. Vermont Shepherd           22. Magic Hat Brewing Co.                                        40. Putney Mountain
Putney                         5 Bartlett Bay Road                                              Winery
                                                                144 College Street
www.vermontshepherd.com        South Burlington                                                 8 Bellows Falls Road
                               www.magichat.net                                                 Putney
14. Willow Hill Farm
                                                                                                Tasting Room
Milton                         23. McNeill’s Pub and            34. Zero Gravity Craft          Quechee Gorge Village
www.sheepcheese.com            Brewery                          Brewery                         5573 Woodstock Road (Rte. 4)
                               90 Elliot Street                 at American Flatbread           Quechee
15. Woodcock Farm              Brattleboro                      15 St. Paul Street
Weston                         www.mcneillsbrewery.com          Burlington                      41. Snow Farm Vineyard
woodcockfarm@myfairpoint.net                                    jeff@flatbreadhearth.com        190 West Shore Road
                               24. The Norwich Inn                                              South Hero, VT 05486
Breweries                      325 Main Street
                                                                Wineries                        www.snowfarm.com
16. The Alchemist Pub &        www.norwichinn.com               35. Boyden Valley Winery        42. Shelburne Vineyard
Brewery                                                         64 VT Route 104                 6308 Shelburne Road (Rt. 7)
23 South Main Street           25. Orlio Organic Beer           Cambridge                       Shelburne, VT 05482
Waterbury                      Company                          www.boydenvalley.com            www.shelburnevineyard.com
www.alchemistbeer.com          5 Bartlett Bay Road, Suite 100
                               South Burlington
17. The Bobcat Café &          www.orlio.net
5 Main Street                  26. Otter Creek Brewing
Bristol                        793 Exchange Street
www.bobcatcafe.com             Middlebury
18. Harpoon Brewery            www.wolavers.com
336 Ruth Carney Drive
Windsor                        27. Rock Art Brewery
www.harpoonbrewery.com         254 Wilkins St.
                               www.rockartbrewery.com           Boyden Valley Winery

                                                                                                                  ing process can be done on a
                                                                                                                  relatively large or a very small
                                                              Vermont’s Craft                                     scale. For example, Magic Hat
                                                                                                                  produces batches of almost
                                                                                                                  5,000 gallons, compared to
                                                                                                                  just 15 gallons at Lawson’s
                                                                                                                  Finest Liquids.
                                                                                                                      Beers can be classified in
                                                                                                                  a number of different ways,
                                                                                                                  but classification based on
                                                                                                                  flavor attributes is preferable

                     uthentic beers,                                                                              for pairing with food (see the
                     crafted with                                                                                 chart on page 20).
                     passion by                                                                                       Inspired by a handful of
     small, independent brewers                                                                                   visionary people with a love of
     using a pristine water source                                                                                the state, a strong work ethic
     — these are what define                                                                                      and a commitment to produc-
     brewing in Vermont.                                                                                          ing a top-quality local prod-
         Experts say beer is the most                                                                             uct, Vermont’s beer industry
     widely consumed alcoholic                                                                                    has become one of the nation’s
     beverage on the planet, and                                                                                  most exciting and diverse. The
     the third most popular drink                                                                                 loyalty of Vermonters to local
     overall after water and tea.                                                                                 products has allowed brewers
     Though its precise origins                                                                                   to develop a large number of
     remain a mystery, it is known       wheat, corn and rice can also       such as herbs, spices or fruit,      world-class beers that have
     that the ancient Egyptians          be used — and add hot water.        may sometimes be included.           been winning medals in com-
     would grind grain in a pot,         The hot water dissolves the            The cooled product, called        petitions around the globe.
     add water and let it sit until it   kernel and breaks down the          wort, is put in a tank where         Vermont brewers have expert-
     fermented. Not all that much        cereal starches into sugar.         yeast is added to ferment the        ly recreated beers in the style
     of the process has changed.         Once the grain is separated         sugars into alcohol. Ales take       of the great varieties of Britain,
         Beer making today, much         out, the remaining sugar solu-      one to two weeks to ferment,         Germany and Belgium, while
     like cheesemaking, is a             tion is boiled and typically        while lagers take four to six        also showing their innovative
     marriage of science and art.        flavored with hops, which add       weeks. The color of the beer         skills with new styles unique
     Brewers crush grains — usu-         bitterness and act as a natural     results from the use of roasted      to the brewing world. These
     ally malted barley, although        preservative. Other flavorings,     or caramel grains. The brew-         days, virtually every style of

                                                              Semi-Hard Cheeses
     Description: Firm looking, creamy mouthfeel with balanced taste and     sheep cheese) and others don’t (young cheddars, colby and goudas).
     medium-deep flavors are the main characteristic of semi-hard cheeses.   Pairing cues: Great with any kind of wine. Slightly bitter beers with
     Some have a natural rind (i.e., tommes, moist alpine cheeses and aged   mild to medium hopping are also great matches for these cheeses.

                                                                                                                  Dancing cow Meneut
      West river creamery Middletown

      crawford family farm Lemon Ayre
                                                                                                                  consider Bardwell farm Pawlett

                                                                                                                  Woodcock farm Magic Mountain
                      twig farm Square

                                                                                                                  Wood product by Scott Duffy,
                                                                                                                  Rockledge Farm Woodworks
beer known to man is being             a chance it will be hazy.
brewed in Vermont.                     Most modern breweries         Pairing beer and cheese
    Although it is less than 20        can prevent this with beer
years old, the Vermont beer            filtration.                       The classic English plowman’s lunch — fresh-baked
industry today has 19 brewer-                                        bread, a piece of cheese and a beer — is still popular
ies on line and more in the         3. Old, spoiled beer smells      after hundreds of years because it is such a perfect match.
planning. These include four           skunky. Actually, it’s        Strongly flavored, sharp, aged cheddar goes beautifully with
of the top 50 American craft           exposure to light that        an IPA’s bitterness, malt sweetness and fruity hop aroma.
breweries: Magic Hat, Har-             causes the skunky-smelling    A soft cheese such as Camembert has a soft caramel note
poon, Long Trail and Otter             chemical reaction in          duplicated in a malty, German-style alt beer.
Creek. The state ranks first           beer. Avoiding this and           When pairing beer and cheese, look for harmony rather
in the country in breweries            preserving freshness is why   than contrast. Since both beer and cheese are fermented
per capita, with a 31-gallon           brewers use brown glass       products, many flavors found in cheese are duplicated
barrel of beer produced for            bottles to protect the beer   in beer, creating endless possible matches where a flavor
every Vermonter over age 21.           from light.                   in the cheese is enhanced by a similar one in the beer. In
Collectively, Vermont brew-                                          general, look to pair:
ers shipped 480,926 barrels         4. Ales are stronger than        • Delicately flavored beers, such as wheat beers or
of beer last year. With more           lagers. Both are brewed         American hefeweizens, with young fresh cheeses.
growth on tap, the state has           across a wide range of        • Malty and caramel beers with nutty aged cheeses.
fast become a global magnet            alcohol strengths. The        • Hopped beers, such as pale ales and IPAs, with sharp
for lovers of the frothy brew.         difference between ale and      cheeses, particularly cheddar.
                                       lager is based on the use     • Strongly flavored beers with high alcohol levels with
Myths About Beer                       of different types of malt,     blue cheeses and aged hard cheeses.
                                       hops, yeast and brewing
1. Darker                              techniques.
   means                            5. Bock beer is made from
   higher                              the bottom of the tanks.
   alcohol.                            Bock beer is a strong lager
   Not true!                           brewed for celebrations.
   comes                            6. Beer makes you fat.
   from the                            Inactivity and a bad diet
   use of                              make you fat. Beer, as part
   roasted or                          of an active lifestyle and
   caramelized                         healthy diet, is just fine.
   grains. Alcohol in beer is
   determined by the amount         7. Women don’t like beer.
   of malt used in the brew.           Nonsense!                        Grafton Village Cheese Grand Reserve Cheddar;
                                                                            Red Hen Bakery’s Mad River Grain Bread
2. Warming then cooling the         Courtesy Vermont Brewers                              and Harpoon’s IPA
   beer will ruin its flavor. If    Guild, www.vermontbrewers.com    A strong cheddar cheese; crusty bread and a bitter/ hoppy beer
   beer is warmed and cooled                                                  constitute the traditional ploughman’s lunch.
   multiple times, there is

                    A P e r f e c t PA i r                                           A P e r f e c t PA i r

                            Lake Champlain’s                                                  Lazy Lady Farm Valencay
                         Raspberry Truffles with                                                with Magic Hat’s #9
                     Wolaver’s Organic Oatmeal Stout
                                                                                               A mild goat’s milk bloomy ash rind
                        A rich dark chocolate with fruity filling                           cheese, with a smooth dense texture and
                             pairs well with a roasted malt                                 lemony taste, pairs well with a beer that
                                    and barely beer.                                           has flavors of fruits (or vegetables)
                                         • • •                                                        added during brewing.
                                                                                                              • • •

                                             Vermont Brew Pubs
     The Alchemist Pub &                  Harpoon Brewery                        McNeills’s Pub and Brewery             The Shed Restaurant and
     Brewery                              336 Ruth Carney Drive                  90 Elliott Street                      Brewery
     33 South Main Street                 Windsor                                Brattleboro                            1859 Mountain Road
     Waterbury                            (802) 674-5491, ext. 221               (802) 254-2553                         Stowe
     (802) 244-4120                       www.harpoonbrewery.com                 www.mcneillsbrewery.com                (802) 253-4364
     www.alchemist.com                    Harpoon Brewery was founded            Monday-Thursday, 4 p.m. to             Open seven days for lunch,
     Open Monday – Thursday,              in Boston in 1986, and                 late; Friday-Sunday, 2 p.m. to         dinner and late night.
     4 p.m.-midnight;                     purchased the former Catamount         late.
     Friday-Sunday, 3 p.m.-midnight.      Brewery in Windsor, Vermont.                                                  Three Needs
                                          Visitor center is open to the          The Norwich Inn, with                  207 College Street
     The Bobcat Cafe and                  public for free tours and tastings.    Jasper Murdock’s Alehouse              Burlington
     Brewery                                                                     P.O. Box 908                           (802) 658-0889
     5 Main Street                        The Long Trail Brewing Co.             Norwich
     Bristol                              P..O. Box 168, US Route 4              (802) 649-1143                         Trout River Brewing Co.
     (802) 453-7137                       Bridgewater Corners                    Offers the best in food and            Route 5
     www.bobcatcafe.com                   (802) 672-5011                         lodging. Patrons enjoy Jasper          Lyndonville
     Opens daily at 4:30 p.m.             Visitor center and pub open daily      Murdock’s Ales by the pint or the      (802) 626-9396
                                          for lunch, tastings, and sales.        case from the historic brewery.        Fridays and Saturdays, 4-9 p.m.

                          A P e r f e c t PA i r                                                      A P e r f e c t PA i r

                                 Cabot Clothbound Cheddar                                                    Willow Hill Farm’s Paniolo
                                    with Long Trail Ale                                                    with Vermont Pub & Brewery’s
                                                                                                                  Forbidden Fruit
                                  A well matured clothbound cheddar
                                    with hard texture, savory earthy                                          A characteristically aromatic washed
                                 flavors with a hint of sweetness, pairs                                    rind cheese, with smooth texture, delicate
                                   well with a toasted and malty beer.                                     lactic notes and a complex salty bite is the
                                                 • • •                                                         perfect companion for sweet, fruity,
                                 Also pairs well with Grafton Village                                               micro-brewed draft beer.
                                   Cheese Clothbound Cheddar.                                                                 • • •

                                                                     Hard Cheeses
     Description: Firmer, drier, saltier and sharper than semi-hard cheeses.     with ripened alpine cheeses. Pairing cues: Deep, rich red wines and
     Aged and clothbound cheddars are strong players in this category, along     strong alcohol, hoppy beers are perfect partners for these cheeses.

                                                     cabot Vintage cheddar   Grafton Village cheese                          thistle Hill tarentaise
                                  consider Bardwell farm Manchester
              Shelburne farms                                                                                                crawford family farm
               2-Year cheddar                                                                                                Vermont Ayr
                                                                                                                             cabot Sharp cheddar

              twig farm Drum
                                                                                                                             twig farm tomme
              Willow Hill farm

                                                                                                                             Springbrook farm
                                   Grafton Village                 West river
         Wood product by Scott     Grand reserve                   creamery
         Duffy, Rockledge Farm     cheddar                           equinox
                                                                                          cabot classic Sharp cheddar
Vermont Pub and Brewery             Zero Gravity Craft Brewery
144 College Street                  at American Flatbread
Burlington                          15 St. Paul Street
(802) 865-0500                      Burlington
www.vermontbrewery.com              (802) 861-2999
Open daily 11:30 am – 2 am          Open daily

                    A P e r f e c t PA i r

         Jasper Hill Farm’s Bayley Hazen Blue
               with Rock Art Belvedere

                               An unpasteurized cow’s milk blue
                              cheese, with buttery smooth texture,
                           and a harmonious orchestra of complex
                            flavors, pairs well with a wild range of
                           beverages. Our favorite choices are high
                           alcohol and strongly hopped beers with
                                sweet and syrupy dessert wines.
                                             • • •
                                Also pairs well with Shelburne
                                 Vineyards Rhapsody wine

                    A P e r f e c t PA i r                                  A P e r f e c t PA i r

                            Crawford Family Farm’s                                   Consider Bardwell Farm’s
                               Vermont Ayr with                                            Dorset with
                            Otter Creek Copper Ale                                    Long Trail’s Double Bag

                          A firm textured alpine style cheese with                A mellow washed-rind cow’s milk cheese,
                         distinctive sweetness, smooth and creamy                  slightly salted and with a rich buttery
                          mouthfeel characteristics, and pleasant                     texture, pairs well with a strongly
                          fruity notes pairs well with a malty ale.                      flavored caramel malty beer.
                                           • • •                                                    • • •

                                                    Hard Cheeses — Clothbound

                                                                        Shelburne farms
                                                                        clothbound cheddar

       Grafton Village
 clothbound cheddar                                                                                   West river creamery
                                                                                                      clothbound cheddar

    cabot clothbound
             cheddar                                                                                  Neighborly farms
       from cellars at                                                                                clothbound cheddar
           Jasper Hill

                                      Vermont Grown

                        ripe, round       brought to this country by the      produces about a third of the        natural varieties, uncultivated
                        red apple has     Pilgrims in 1620 because they       world’s crop, with Vermont           and often diseased. Even so,
                        been almost       wintered well and had great         19th among the apple-growing         large quantities of apples were
                        impossible        versatility in cooking, baking,     states.                              produced — and cider, it is
     to resist since the beginning        juicing or as quick-energy             Apples were brought to            said, flowed more freely than
     of recorded history — and            hand fruit. Although literally      Vermont from neighboring             water.
     world-famous Vermont apples          thousands of apple varieties        states and Canada in colonial           In the years leading up to
     are no exception.                    grow in temperate climates          days, when nearly every farm         the Civil War, Vermont apple
        Originally native to Europe       worldwide, most fall within a       had an orchard. Apple grow-          growers learned to cultivate
     and Asia, apples were first          50-variety category. The U.S.       ing was limited to seedlings of      with increasing skill. By late

                         A P e r f e c t PA i r                                                   A P e r f e c t PA i r

            Shelburne Farms’ Two-Year-Old Cheddar                                                             Misty Knoll Turkey Breast
                    with a McIntosh apple                                                                           with Flag Hill
                                                                                                                  Still Hard Cider
                                                  A pleasantly sharp
                                              farmhouse-cheddar with                                            Free range, moist turkey breast
                                            complex flavor and lingering                                        pairs well with a relatively dry
                                               finish pairs well with a                                                    hard cider.
                                              slightly tart, juicy apple.                                                   • • •
                                                        • • •

                                                                   Blue Cheeses
     Description: Saltier than other varieties, blues are mainly cow’s milk   Pairing cues: Spice and salty blues call for rich dessert and late
     cheeses with a marbled pattern of Penicillium roqueforti, responsible    harvest wines. Full-bodied smoky and fruity beers are also great
     for the characteristics pungent complex flavor.                          matches for blue veined cheeses.

                                                                                                                                   Jasper Hill farm
                                                                                                                                   Bayley Hazen Blue
       Woodcock farm
            true Blue

        Green Mountain
           Blue cheese

 Apples and Cheese                                                Apple Orchards and Cideries
 Vermont produces some
 of the world’s best-loved                  Whether on a warm, sunny summer day          right off the tree.
 apple varieties — and they             or a brisk afternoon in early fall, a day trip      Cideries are another must-stop when
 all pair beautifully with              to one of the hundreds of apple orchards         traveling across Vermont. We have dozens of
 cheese.                                that dot the Vermont landscape is a treat for    small cider mills, pressing just-picked apples.
                                        the whole family. Arrive early for the best      Cider straight from the mill has a distinctive
                                        pickings. Fill your own box or basket, or        sweet-tart flavor, just like the apples on the tree.
                                        have everyone                                                                   Hot or cold, apple
                                        pitch into the                                                                  cider has a decided
                                        same container.                                                                 taste advantage
                                        Treat apples like                                                               over those juice
in the century, northern                they’re eggs:                                                                   drinks and juice
Vermont had become one of               they bruise eas-                                                                cocktails lining the
the continent’s most important          ily, so be gentle                                                               supermarket aisles.
apple-growing regions,                  with them and                                                                   To learn more about
supplying markets in the                think, as you                                                                   apples or to find
U.S., Canada, South America             pick, about all                                                                 an orchard near
and even Europe. With their             the ways to use                                                                 you, visit www.
new prosperity, growers soon            them – in pies,                                                                 vermontapples.org.
discovered which apples were            cakes, sauces or
best-suited to Vermont’s climate
and soil. Those years brought
what many consider the most            Vermont Apple                            Pairs with         Description
important development in
                                       McIntosh: juicy, fine-textured,          Cheddar, gouda     The Mac’s slight sweetness plays nicely off
Vermont apple history: the
                                         slightly tart, and soft — the quint-     and blue         cheddar’s sharpness, gouda’s nutty young
introduction of the McIntosh,            essential New England apple.             cheese           flavor, and blue cheese’s pungent, slightly
which continues to dominate                                                                        salty richness.
the state’s apple industry.
    There are several hundred          Cortland: a 19th century cross           Sharp cheddar      Cheddar’s firmness and sharp tangy finish
apple growers in the state               between McIntosh and an older             cheese          holds up well to the slightly sweet and more
today, producing almost a                variety, sweeter and best in baking.                      dense flesh of the Cortland.
million bushels of apples
on 4,000 acres of land and             Golden Delicious: fine-textured,         Brie, chevre       The soft, creamy texture of brie and chevre
contributing about $10-$12               crisp, juicy, sweet, and slightly                         compliment the tender flesh of the apple.
million to the state’s economy           acidic. An excellent dessert apple.
each year. Processed apple
                                       Empire: juicy, moderately acidic and     Blue cheese        The zesty, creamy, slightly salty flavor of
products, like cider, apple-             mildly tart flesh and firm. A high-                       blue cheese provides a pleasing contrast
sauce and hard cider, bring              quality dessert apple.                                    to the juicy, slightly tart sweetness of this
an additional $10-$12 million                                                                      dessert apple.
into Vermont annually.

                    A P e r f e c t PA i r                                                     A P e r f e c t PA i r

               Blythdale Farm’s Brie with a                                                             Ploughgate Creamery’s
                  Golden Delicious apple                                                                Willoughby with Eden’s
                                                                                                          Vermont Ice Cider
      A creamy, smooth bloomy rind cheese with soft mushroomy
    flavors and a hint of saltiness pairs well with a fine textured,                                 A mildly pungent washed rind cheese
                    crisp, sweet and juicy apple.                                                     with a silky savory creamy interior
                                • • •                                                                slightly salted, it is the perfect match
                                                Also pairs well with                                   for rich dessert wines with strong
                                                Snow Farm’s                                           fruity flavors and hints of caramel
                                                Vidal Blanc Ice                                                    and honey.
                                                Wine                                                                  • • •

                                         Vermont Beer Flavor Characteristics
     Grainy       Tastes of unmalted grains; may be grainy, husky, often            Hefeweizen (American Style), Wheat Ale, such as: Harpoon UFO;
                  light in body and crisp and dry in the finish.                    Otter Creek Otter Summer; Magic Hat Circus Boy; Long Trail
                                                                                    Hefeweizen; Magic Hat Wacko

     Malty        Features characteristic malted barley flavor, including           Lager, Kolsch, Alt, Pilsner, Oktoberfest, Bock, such as: Otter Creek
                  malty, toasted, or biscuity flavors.                              Copper Ale; Long Trail Ale; Rock Art Whitetail Ale; Switchback Ale;
                                                                                    Magic Hat Single Chair Ale; Harpoon Ale; Harpoon Summer Beer;
                                                                                    Otter Creek Vermont Lager

     Caramel      Features the taste of caramelized malts. Caramel and              Amber Ale, Red Ale, Brown Ale, Scotch Ale, Munich Dark, such as:
                  sweetness associated with Maillard products.                      Wolavers Brown Ale; Long Trail Harvest Ale; Long Trail Hibernator;
                                                                                    Rock Art American Red; Harpoon Munich Dark; Harpoon Octoberfest;
                                                                                    Harpoon Celtic Ale; Harpoon Brown Ale; Otter Creek Oktoberfest;
                                                                                    Trout River Rainbow Red;Trout River Scottish Ale

     Roasted      Features the burnt and roasted flavors of roasted malts or        Stout, Porter, such as: Otter Creek Stovepipe Porter; Wolavers Oatmeal
                  barley; elements of dark roasted coffee and chocolate.            Stout; Trout River Chocolate Oatmeal Stout

     Bitter and   Features high levels of bitterness and the aromatic               Pale Ale, IPA, such as: Otter Creek Pale Ale; Harpoon IPA; Long Trail
     Hoppy        characteristics of hops. May be floral, citrus, tropical fruit,   IPA; Wolavers Organic Pale Ale; Wolavers Organic IPA; Wolaver
                  herbal, spicy, earthy, or simply hoppy.                           Organic Pat Leavy Ale; Magic Hat Lucky Kat; Magic Hat Roxy Rolles;
                                                                                    Magic Hat HIPA; Trout River Hoppin’ Mad Trout

     Spiced       Features spices and/or herbs flavors added during brewing         Belgian Wit, Spiced Ale, Winter Ale, Christmas Ale, Pumpkin ale such
                  process. Such as clove, ginger, all spice, coriander,             as: Wolavers Gleasons Grains White Ale; Harpoon UFO White Ale;
                  cinnamon, nutmeg, lemon grass, orange or lemon peel etc.          Long Trail Wit; Wolavers Organic Will Stevens Pumpkin Ale; Rock Art
                                                                                    Jasmine Ale; Harpoon Winter Warmer

     Fruit/       Features the flavors of added fruits or vegetables used           Raspberry Wheat, Blackberry Wheat, Raspberry Brown Ale, Apricot
     Vegetable    during brewing such as raspberry, apricot, blackberry,            Ale, Otter Creek Winter Ale; Long Trail Blackberry Wheat Ale;
                  blueberry or pumpkin.                                             Harpoon Raspberry UFO; Magic Hat Number 9

     Yeast        Features characteristics derived from using unique yeast          German Style Hefeweizen, Belgian Abbey, Belgian Dubbel, Belgian
     Character    strains. Some brewers choose strains of yeast that also           Triple, Belgian Golden Ale, such as: Rock Art Golden Triple
                  produce elevated levels of certain flavors that dominate
                  the beer’s flavor. Belgian yeast strains or German wheat
                  beer strains often produce spicy flavors and elevated levels
                  of fruity esters.

     Alcohol      All styles of beer can be brewed at an elevated strength to       Russian Imperial Stout, Imperial IPA, Barley Wine, Old Ale, Baltic
                  increase the intensity of the flavor and add alcohol to the       Porter, Double Alt, such as: Long Trail Double Bag; Rock Art Ridge
                  flavor profile.                                                   Runner; Rock Art Vermonster; Otter Creek Imperial Series beers;
                                                                                    Long Trail Imperial beers; Rock Art Extreme beers; Harpoon Leviathon

                            Vermont Wine Categories by Primary Taste
Sour               Category 1: Sparkling wines are the most versatile of wines functioning          Sparkling Wines such as: Flagg Hill
                   as aperitifs or an accompaniment to most meals. At the beginning of the          Vermont Sparkling Hard Cyder
                   meal, serve dry, brut-style sparklers.

Sour               Category 2: Light and Fresh White Wines can serve as aperitifs or as             Light and Fresh White Wines, such as:
                   an accompaniment to simple luncheon and lighter fare dinner choices as           Shelburne Vineyards, 2007 Cayuga;
                   they are light, straightforward and lack complexity. Excellent with seafood,     Boyden Family Vineyard, Cow Tipper (La
                   light poultry dishes, paste with creamy or oil based sauces. In Vermont,         Crescent)
                   Cayuga and Le Crescent are often made into this style.

Hint of            Category 3: Light, Off-Dry Whites and Roses are excellent food wines,            Light, Off-Dry Whites and Roses, such as:
sweetness          light in body, with fresh but unobtrusive acidity, plenty of fruit flavors and   Fresh Tracks Vineyard, 2006 Little Piggy
balanced by        a touch of residual sugars. Pleasant to sip alone, they also match well to       Pink, (Frontenac); Shelburne Vineyards,
sour               slightly sweet and/or fruity dishes, such as paté, crab or lobster; or pork      2008 Whimsey Meadow Rosé, Snow Farm
                   with apples. Off-dry wines also provide a very pleasant counterpoint to salty    Vineyard, 2007 Estate Riesling; East Shore
                   dishes like ham or anchovies. Many cold-hardy grapes can be used for this        Vineyard, Traminette, Fresh Tracks Farm,
                   style, including Riesling, Vignoles and Traminette for whites, and for rosés,    2006 La Crescent; Lincoln Peak Winery,
                   low-tannic reds such as Frontenac and St. Croix.                                 Cloud Mountain

Sour balanced      Category 4: White Wines, Full and Fruity are more substantial and                White Wines, Full and Fruity , such as:
by secondary       full-flavored whites, with greater elegance and style, in which the balance      Snow Farm Winery, 2008 Estate Seyval
tastes including   is more towards fruit that acid. Oak aging is often evident. These wines are     Blanc; Fresh Tracks Farm, 2006 Frontenac
a hint of sweet    heavier in body and more complex in flavor than Category 2 wines. These          Gris; Grand View Winery, Seyval
                   are formal dinner wines to serve with roasted poultry, fine seafood, and
                   some veal dishes. Several cultivars in Vermont lend themselves to this style,
                   including Seyval Blanc and Frontenac Gris.

Sour balanced      Category 5: Red Wines, Light and Fresh are young and friendly with               Red Wines, Light and Fresh, such as:
by a hint of       vivacious fruitiness, these are easy to drink, light wines with minimal          Grand View Winery, De Chaunac;
sweet              tannins. (Some better rosés also fit this description.) Perfect complement for   Snow Farm Rosé (Frontenac); Boyden
                   luncheons of salads or sandwiches, or simple, informal suppers of pizza or       Valley Vineyard, River Bend Red
                   quiche. Light enough to match to some seafood preparations, and to duck
                   and some game birds. Vermont wineries use several grape varietals for this
                   food-friendly style, including de Chaunac, Frontenac and St. Croix.

Bitter with some   Category 6: Red Wines, Medium Body with Complexity are superb                    Red Wines, Medium Body and Complex,
sour               food wines. The medium reds are fairly complex and somewhat aggressive           such as: Lincoln Peak Winery, Cove Road,
                   in flavor. They show firm tannins but are graceful. Warmly flavorful, these      (Marquette and Frontenac) ; Boyden
                   wines work well with stews and casseroles, chops, roast veal, game birds         Valley Vineyards, Big Barn Red; Shelburne
                   and many pasta dishes, especially with tomato-based sauces. Also certain         Vineyards, 2006 New World Red; Boyden
                   fuller-flavored seafood like grilled swordfish. Vermont produces many wines      Valley Vineyards, Leon Millot
                   in this style based on such diverse cultivars as Leon Millot, Marquette, Baco
                   Noir, Frontenac and Marechal Foch.

Sweet balanced     Category 7: Sweet Dessert Wines, Late-Harvest or Ice. Offered by                 Sweet Dessert Wines, Late-Harvest
with sour          the glass, these can be a sublime complement to a wide variety of desserts.      or Ice Wines, such as: Boyden Valley
                   Late-harvest wines are nicely sweet and beautifully balanced. Even more          Vineyards,Vermont Ice; Lincoln Peak
                   luscious are the Ice Wines made from grapes allowed to freeze on the vine.       Winery, Nightfires; Snowfarm Winery,
                   They are richly sweet and concentrated. They are delicious alongside fruit       Estate Vidal Blanc Ice Wine
                   pies and tarts, sundaes, custards or cookies – any meal-ender that is sweet.
                   Or serve these ambrosial wines alone, as dessert! Vermont’s climate, with a
                   long growing period ending with a sudden deep frost, is ideal for making
                   dessert wines, from white grapes such as Riesling, La Crescent, Vidal Blanc
                   and Vignoles.

Sweet              Category 8: Very Sweet Dessert Wines. Rich and complex, these                    Very Sweet Dessert Wines, such as:
                   beautiful wines have the weight, the sweetness and the depth to stand up         Ottauquechee Valley Winery, Autumn
                   to dense, truly sweet desserts. They can also be matched to heavy chocolate      Harvest; Grand View Winerty, Red Barn
                   desserts which overpower lighter wines. Serve these delicious wines with         Cassis; BoydenValley Winery, Gold Leaf;
                   plum or rice pudding, chocolate cake and mousses. Or serve them alone,           Shelburne Vineyard, 2006 Nocturne
                   as a memorable night-cap!Vermont wineries use a variety of local fruits to
                   make gorgeous dessert wine.

                                                     Tasty Tidbits
     Where to Eat                          To locate a VFN member           apple pie; some farms offer
                                        establishment, please visit         dinner, too. Spend your
         With more than 550             www.VermontFresh.net.               day working as a farmhand;
     participating establishments,                                          walk the orchards or flower
     the Vermont Fresh Network          Where to Stay                       gardens; visit with the
     (VFN)                                                                  animals, fish, swim, hike and
     creates and                            Staying on a farm is a          picnic. Watch sugaring in the
     channels                           unique way to personally            spring, cider making in the
     innovative                         experience Vermont’s                fall and cheesemaking year
     partner-                           landscape, people, and              around. In the winter enjoy
     ships                              agriculture today — and             sleigh rides, snowshoeing
     among                              visitors to Vermont who are         and cross-country skiing.
     farmers, chefs and consumers       looking for an authentic on-            For a list of the close to
     to strengthen Vermont’s agri-      farm experience need search         two-dozen family farms that        Mountains, a Vermont-
     culture and dining industries.     no further than Vermont             offer farm stays, visit www.       based quarterly magazine
     All over our state, the green      Farms! Association (VFA).           vtfarms.org.                       that celebrates the culinary
     sign with VFN’s logo lets din-     This member organization                                               heritage of this state, season
     ers and visitors know that this    is devoted to providing the         Where to Learn More                by season. Through engaging
     restaurant is home to some of      public with opportunities to                                           photography and compelling
     the hundreds of farmer/chef        learn about agriculture in our         Throughout this                 stories, readers are introduced
     partnerships that are bearing      state.                              publication, website addresses     to local growers, retailers,
     fruit every day in Vermont.            VFA’s slogan is “Working        have shown where you can           chefs and specialty foods
     These partnerships bring the       Farms Open to the Public”           learn more about Vermont           — including some of the
     freshest local food to the pub-    — and that’s what these are.        foods, farms, dining and food-     cheese, wine and beer makers
     lic, they increase the prosper-    Some farmhouses are historic        shopping opportunities. Our        recommended here.
     ity of Vermont’s hard-working      homes filled with                              new site,                   By drawing attention to
     farmers and chefs, and they        antiques and offer                             www.vermont             these producers and their
     help to nurture a vibrant local    fireplaces for chilly                          agriculture.com/        shared passions, Edible Green
     food system.                       evenings. All are                              culinarytourism,        Mountains hopes to support
         Whatever your taste, you       located in country                             will put you in         a future for Vermont that
     will find diners, brew pubs,       settings and offer                             touch with culinary     includes thriving farms,
     inns, sandwich shops, B&B’s        you an opportunity                             options, producers      healthy food, clean air,
     and fine-dining restaurants,       to become part of the working       and ideas, more and more as        productive soil and pristine
     all Vermont Fresh Network          landscape.                          the new site grows.                water. For more information
     members and all serving the            Wake to country breakfasts,        If you prefer the feel of       or to subscribe, contact (802)
     freshest seasonal food from the    with menus including                print communications, we           651-1030, or visit www.
     fields of Vermont.                 everything from maple to            recommend Edible Green             ediblegreenmountains.com

     Chef Michael Kloeti of Michael’s
     on the Hill in Waterbury Center.   Liberty Hill Farm, a ‘working farm open to the public’ in Rochester.

Also:                                  by Duncan’s

                                                                                                                                             Jim Mauchly Mountain Graphics Photography
   It’s impossible to do justice       Distillery in St.
in so few pages to all the             Johnsbury. Made
delicious food that creative,          with 100 percent
hard-working Vermonters are            maple sap and
producing these days. But as a         spring water
parting gift, here are just a few      gathered from
more:                                  the property
                                       surrounding the
Coffee & Tea                           distillery. www.
Vermont companies are                  vermontspirits.
making a name for themselves           com
importing, roasting and
distributing high-quality           • Sunshine
coffee and sourcing artisan           Vodka — Made
teas. These firms include:            in Stowe with 100 percent
                                      certified organic grains
• Green Mountain Coffee               and all-natural Vermont
  Roasters – publicly traded          spring water, distilled
  since 1993, www.green-              four times to achieve a         Farmers’ markets and farm stands, like this one at Cedar Circle Farm
  mountaincoffee.com                  crisp clean flavor and          in East Thetford, offer fresh, local products.
                                      ultra smooth finish. www.
• Vermont Coffee                      greenmountaindistillers.        • Vermont Sweetwater                     herd of water buffalo in
  Company – selling 100               com                               Bottling Company—                      North America. Makers of
  percent certified organic,                                            soda from maple, apples,               yogurt and fresh cheeses.
  fair-trade coffees,               • Sapling Vermont Maple             fruits and berries native              www.bufaladivermont.com
  www.vermontcoffee                   Liqueur — A premium               to Vermont, www.sover.
  company.com.                        liqueur capturing the             net/~york/products.htm             • True Yogurt — New,
                                      quintessential Vermont                                                 innovative line of all-
• The Vermont Artisan                 taste. Sapling is brewed        Yogurt                                 natural and organic yogurts
  Coffee & Tea Company                with the finest Vermont         • Butterworks Farm —                   made with premium
  — hand-selected gourmet             Grade A maple syrup and           Vermont’s original organic           ingredients throughout,
  coffees, estate teas and            refined ultra-pure spirits.       yogurt producer,                     starting with 100% organic
  now chocolate. http://              http://saplingliqueur.com/        www.butterworksfarm.com              Vermont Jersey milk.
  vtartisancoffee.com                 index2.php                                                             Contains inulin
                                                                      • Bufala di Vermont, — the             (an important prebiotic)
Spirits                             Hard Cider                          first water buffalo farmstead        and five active
• Vermont Spirits —                 • Green Mountain Cidery             creamery in the United               probiotic cultures.
  Ultra-premium vodka                 makes Vermont’s own hard          States, with the largest and         www.trueyogurt.com
  hand crafted in Vermont             cider, bottled under the          the best-quality milking
                                      label Woodchuck and made
                                      just as it was 200 years ago.

                                    • Pop Soda – all natural,
                                      hand-crafted Vermont micro
                                      soda, made with whole
                                      citrus fruits and fresh and
                                      dried herbs, and sweetened
                                      with all-natural cane sugar
                                      and Vermont honey.

                                                                      Bufala di Vermont’s water buffaloes in the field.

                         A Little Taste of Vermont Events
     July 1- 31                             August 11-13                         September 19 – 20                     Vermont farm tours,
     Sugarbush Farm,                        Culinary Boot Camp!                  Celebration of the Vine               www.vermontfarmtours.com
     Woodstock                              The Essex, Vermont’s Culinary        Harvest Festival
         Celebrate Hot and Spicy            Resort & Spa                         Boyden Valley Winery, Cambridge       Brewin’ Up Vermont
     Vermont Foods at Sugarbush                Three days of intense cooking     (802) 644-8151                        July 3, July 17, August 7, 21,
     Farm with a tasting table of a total   with Chef Contos starting from       www.boydenvalley.com                  September 11, 25, October 9, 16
     of 52 jams, mustards and spreads,      basic skills & techniques and                                                  $95 full day, includes lunch,
     at least 15 of them are hot and        including recipes, certificate,      September 19 – 20                     Vermont farm tours,
     spicy. Info: (800) 281-1757,           and Porsche Chef’s Knife. Class      Flynn Center Fine Wine &              www.vermontfarmtours.com
     www.sugarbushfarm.com                  max. is 6. Cooking classes also      Food Festival
                                            available. (800) 727-4295 or         Info: (802) 652-4507                  Edible Intervale
     July 14                                www.VtCulinaryResort.com                                                   Mondays July-September
     A Toast to the Season: An                                                   September 26- 28                         $30 adults/$15 kids 3hrs. Pre-
     Evening with Shelburne                 August 15                            Stowe 12th Annual                     tour farmer lunch & tasting $35
     Vineyard                               Blueberry Festival                   Oktoberfest                           w/tour, $40 lunch only, Vermont
     6 pm (raindate, Wednesday, July 15)    Grand View Winery, free.             802-253-8506,                         farm tours, www.vermontfarm-
        Family-style dinner featuring       www.grandviewwinery.com/             info@stoweoktoberfest.com             tours.com
     ingredients from the garden and
     cheesemakers of Shelburne Farms        August 21                            October 11                            Vermont Artisan Cheeses
     served in a spectacular setting        Second Annual Tomato Tasting         7th Annual Pumpkin Festival           July 23, August 27, September 10
     on the farm overlooking Lake           Cedar Circle Farm, East Thetford     Cedar Circle Farm, 10-5                   $95 full day, includes lunch,
     Champlain and the Adirondacks.             Sample dozens of CCF’s           East Thetford                         Vermont farm tours,
     Registration and information at        heirloom and hybrid tomatoes         www.CedarCircleFarm.org               www.vermontfarmtours.com
     802-985-0342,                          and tomato-based appetizers. Live
     www.shelburnefarms.org                 music, special farmers market,       Ongoing:                              Coming in 2010:
                                            recipes to share. $25 per person.
     July 17 & 18                           Advanced registration required.      Annual Stowe                          Vermont Maple Open House
     The 17th Annual Vermont                www.CedarCircleFarm.org                                                    Weekend
                                                                                 Wine & Food Classic
     Brewers Festival                                                                                                  March 26-28, 2010
         Features 30 craft brewers from     August 23                                                                  www.vermontmaple.org
     Vermont, NY, NH, MA, ME, DE            Vermont Cheesemakers                 Vermont Farmer’s Markets
     & Quebec, and to commemorate           Festival                                                                   Dairy Month at Sugarbush
                                                                                 Statewide through October.
     the Lake Champlain Quadricen-          Coach Barn, Shelburne Farms                                                Farm
     tennial. This festival takes place        Bringing together 50                                                    June 2010, Woodstock
     in Burlington Waterfront Park.         cheesemakers, 20 wineries                                                      Sample 16 kinds of cheese.
                                                                                 “Three Inn, Three Classes”
     Tickets are required and limited.      and breweries, 15 artisan food                                             Watch cheese being hand cut and
     www.vermontbrewersfestival.            producers, four tasting seminars,                                          hand packaged for shipping and
                                                                                    Trevin Farms, Old Mill
     com/tickets.html                       two cooking shows, and over 100                                            traveling.
                                                                                 Bed and Breakfast/Neshobe
                                            cheeses to sample. Reservations      River Winery and The Inn on
     August 3                               and tickets required.                                                      25th Annual Green Mountain
                                                                                 Park Street host a culinary
     A Taste of the Valley                  www.vtcheesefest.com                                                       Chew Chew Festival
                                                                                 tour of Vermont including
     Lincoln Peak Village, Sugarbush.                                                                                  June, 2010
                                                                                 accommodations, wine tasting,
         Local restaurants offer samples    September 10                                                               www.greenmountain
                                                                                 cheesemaking, cooking lessons,
     of their finest culinary specialties   Vermont Fresh Network                                                      chewchew.com
                                                                                 dinner and breakfast. Check for
     as part of the Vermont Festival of     Farmer’s Dinner                      availability at 802-623-6473.
     the Arts. Tickets required.            Michael’s on the Hill Restaurant,                                          8th Annual Strawberry
     info@vermontartfest.com                Waterbury,                                                                 Festival
                                               Reservations required:                                                  Cedar Circle Farm
     August 1-31                            (802) 244-7476.                                                            East Thetford
                                                                                 Savor Burlington
     Around the Culinary World              www.michaelsonthehill.com                                                  www.CedarCircleFarm.org
                                                                                 Saturdays July-October
         50 dinners, classes and
                                                                                     $65 3 hrs, includes more than
     demos at Mad River Valley              September 19                                                               Vermont Brewer’s Festival
                                                                                 8 tastings, Vermont farm tours,
     restaurants, inns. www.vermont-        31st Annual Harvest Festival                                               July, 2010
     artfest.com/eventtype.asp?id=3         Shelburne Farms
                                                Celebrate autumn’s abundance                                           A Taste of the Valley
                                                                                 The Vermont Farm Tour
     August 9                               with music, seasonal foods, hay-                                           Monday, August 2, 2010
                                                                                 July 10, 31, September 4, October 2
     Vermont Fresh Network                  rides and more. Admission is free                                          Lincoln Peak Village, Sugarbush
                                                                                     $95 adults/$45 kids, full day:
     2009 Annual Forum                      to Shelburne Farms members.                                                info@vermontartfest.com
                                                                                 lunch, Vermont farm tours,
     Shelburne Farms Coach Barn             Admission for non-members is         www.vermontfarmtours.com
         A celebration of the               $8/adults; $6/children; children                                           Around the Culinary World
     agricultural bounty grown and          under three years of age are free.                                         Mad River Valley
                                                                                 Vermont Vineyards
     raised in Vermont. Registration        Rain or shine. 802-985-8686.                                               August 1-31, 2010.
                                                                                 Sundays, July 5 through October 11
     required. Call (802) 434-2000,                                                 $95 full day, includes lunch,


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