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					We Honor Veterans:
Overview and Partner Commitment

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What is We Honor
Veterans (WHV)?

• National awareness and action campaign
• Developed by National Hospice and Palliative
  Care Organization (NHPCO)
• In collaboration with Department of Veterans
  Affairs (VA)
• Encourage partnerships between community
  hospices, state hospice organizations and VA
Our common goal:

• Providing the best possible care for Veterans
  in the best possible manner and setting.


• Honoring Veterans’ preferences
Why WHV?

• Approximately 680,000 Veterans die in the
  US every year: 25% of all deaths!
• A vast majority of Veterans are not enrolled in
  VA and may not be aware of end-of-life
  services and benefits available to them
• Community hospices can join in honoring our
  Nation’s Veterans and be listed on the We
  Honor Veterans website
Why WHV?
• Creates a culture that includes Veteran-
  centric activities
  – Taps into a shared value of honoring our Nation’s
  – Moves from organizations’ needs and goals to
    Veterans’ needs and goals
  – Moves the focus from individual organizations to

What is “Veteran-centric”?
• Focuses on the needs, desires and treatment
  of our Veterans
• Requires Veteran responsibility and
• Depends on communication, coordination
  and collaboration among healthcare

We Honor Veterans
Campaign Goals

• Promote Veteran-centric educational
• Increase organizational capacity to serve
• Support development of strategic
• Increase access and improve quality
What does
We Honor Veterans mean?

• Asking about military history and knowing
  what to do with the answer
• Partnering to improve care
• Extending VA and community reach to
  improve care and access
• Improving quality by measuring the impact of
  VA and community interventions
In Support of the Goals

• Centralized Information
• Educational Resources
• Partnerships
Web Resources

• Presentations

  –   We Honor Veterans Overview
  –   Understanding the VA
  –   Service Related Diseases, Illnesses and Conditions
  –   VA’s Hospice and Palliative Care Program
  –   Veterans Benefits
  –   The Effect of PTSD on Veterans at End of Life
  –   Memorials and Salutes for Veterans and Caregivers
Web Resources

• Military History Checklist
• Hospice-Veteran Partnership Toolkit
• Tip Sheets
     • Building Relationships with VA
     • Relationships with Provider groups
     • Engaging Veterans
• Veteran Appreciation/Recognition Certificates
• Links to VA and other websites
Better Prepared to:
• Build professional and organizational capacity to
  provide quality care for Veterans
• Develop and/or strengthen partnerships with
  Veteran organizations
• Increase access for Veterans in your community,
  region and state
• Network with other hospices across the country
  to learn about best practice models
         Levels of Commitment

• Recruit: Get oriented and commit
• Level 1: Provide Veteran-centric education
• Level 2: Build organizational capacity
• Level 3: Develop and strengthen
• Level 4: Increase access and improve quality
Levels 1 – 4
Categories of Activities
1. Education
  – Staff and volunteer education and programs
  – Community Education
2. Organizational policies and procedures
  – Integration
3. Hospice-Veteran Partnerships (HVP)
  – VA Medical Centers and community stakeholders
  – Local, regional and statewide HVPs
Committing to the Program

• Review We Honor Veterans Overview
  PowerPoint presentation

• Sign and submit the Partner Commitment
  form (President/CEO/Executive Director)
Level 1 Activities
• Education
  – Conduct minimum of 3 veteran-specific
    presentations for staff, volunteers
• Organizational policies and procedures
  – Review Military History Checklist
  – Integrate into admission process
• Hospice-Veteran Partnerships (HVP)
  – Identify designated Hospice and Palliative Care
    contact person
  – Review HVP PowerPoint presentation
            WHV: What’s in it for us?
• Community Hospices                 • VA
  – Extension of commitment            – Increased confidence in
    to community                         making referrals to
  – Privilege to honor those             community providers
    who have served our                – Enhanced ability to
    country                              identify providers that
  – Provide quality EOL care to          have Veteran-specific
    Veterans                             skills and knowledge
  – Expand business                    – Heightened satisfaction
    relationship with VA                 in being able to honor
                                         Veterans’ preferences to
  It’s just the right thing to do!       go home
Join Us!

• Review this presentation—Done!
• Complete and submit the Partner
  Commitment to WHV
• Receive acknowledgement of your Partner
• Check the website for your listing as a
• Start working on Level One Activities!
Contact Us

We Honor Veterans

A program of the National Hospice and Palliative
  Care Organization


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