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Fantastic Foliage



  Gardens to Go                                                                                           ®

      Griselinia                                                               Waterhousea
      litoralis                                                                floribunda


    Elaeocarpus                                                                Agonis

                   Fantastic Foliage

Beschorneria        Lomandra                  Lophomyrtus      Aucuba                     Loropetalum
yuccioidies         Stanthorpe                Black Stallion   Japonica                   Blush
                                                               variegat a

Arthropodium       Acacia                                                                 Phormium
                                              Astelia          Agave
Mattapouri         Cognate                                                                ‘Bronze Baby’
Bay                                           Silver Spears    attenuata
                   ‘Green Mist’


                               Gardens to Go

Ground Covers and Low growing Shrubs

Phormium ‘Bronze Baby’——popular fax, small grower. Use for borders
Hosta varieties—————plant in shady areas for outstanding foliage color
Cordyline ‘Red Fountain’——-low growing cordyline. Red foliage works well with Astelia or Besh-
Astelia ‘Silver S pears’——-silver spikes contrast well this dark color foliage plants. Best in dry area
Lomandra ‘S tanthorpe’——-Bright green clumping grass. Plant en-mass for best effect
Echerveria ‘Perle Von Nuremberg’——grey rosette forming succulent. Extremely hardy

Medium shrubs

Acacia ‘Green Mist’———–—— rounded mounds of fine green foliage. Plant underneath Agonis
‘Burgundy’ for a great foliage effect.
Aucuba japonica variegata———brighten up dark shady areas with s splash of golden foliage
Griselinia littoralis ‘Broadway Mint’———-glossy green foliage bushy grower for shade area
Beshchorneria yuccoidies———clumping rosette of grey foliage, decorative pots or general landscaping
Lophomyrtus ‘Black S tallion’———deep purple hedging plant, clip 50cm—1m hedges
Loropetalum ‘Blush’——— spreading small shrub. Clip to keep compact Purple
Cordyline ‘Albertii’——variegated slow growing Cordyline, bright foliage contrast when grown this deep
burgundy colored plants

Large Plants and Trees

Waterhousia floribunda————-plant as a large screen or background planting. Shades of pink and or-
ange in the new growth

Elaeocarpus eumundi————–—glossy foliage great for a tropical look. New growth is a deep red

Agonis Burgundy—————- adds rich burgundy color to the landscape. Plants as an informal screen

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