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					                         LOGIN DIRECTORS MEETING
                                April 7, 2006

Attendance: Denise Saia, Ellen Tiedrich, Jane Crocker, Terri Wilson, Bob
Wetherall, Carol Wolf, Patricia Woodruff, Ann Wodnick, Susan Mounier, Joan
Oliver, Marge Dombrosky, Carolyn Woods (West Deptford), and Jean Wipf.

President Denise Saia called the meeting to order at 10:00 at the Gloucester
County Institute of Technology.

Secretary’s Report
The minutes were reviewed. Ellen Tiedrich moved that they be approved. Jane
Crocker seconded the motion and all approved.

Treasurer’s Report
Treasurer Ellen Tiedrich reported that $214,131.16 was in the account. The
dues for this year have not been received from the Gloucester County College
and the Gloucester County Institute of Technology. Ellen cancelled the T-1 line
effective January 13th. However, she is still waiting for a corrected bill from
Verizon. She will pay that bill, around $4000, when she receives it. Ellen
reminded us that we can expect a bill for IBistro for $11-12,000 this summer.
This fall we can expect a bill for Sirsi for around $48,000. Jane asked about the
need for authority control. Bob reported that Sirsi does it and he had talked to
some vendors at the PLA convention. Bob Wetherall hopes to have figures at
the next meeting. Jane motioned the report be accepted and Anne Wodnick
seconded it. It was approved.

Host Site Services Agreement
President Denise Saia has signed a copy. Bob will send out copies for everyone.

Logo Design Winner Names
Jane doesn’t have names of the participants. She does have the logo on a CD
and will send it to Bob. Ralph Bingham will create a page with logos available for
use. Jane suggested stationery. Carol Wolf suggested we use GCIT students
and Terri agreed. She was reminded to add Wenonah Public Library as a

Removal of Old Paid Bills
It was recommended that bills older than three years be removed.


Bob had a purchase requisition of $398 for an autoloader to do back-ups without
staff intervention. He also had an estimate of $2950 for an AIX server upgrade
which is needed to do the Sirsi upgrade. The estimate is from AWE who has a
contract to do other technical work for GCLS. Bob will check with IBM for
another estimate. Jean motioned to authorize Bob to spend up to $3500 for the
server upgrade and another $398 for the autoloader. If the work exceeds the
estimate, he must bring it back to the group for authorization. Anne seconded it.

Wenonah Public Library Letter of Intent
A copy of the letter of intent from Wenonah was given to everyone. Ellen and
Karen Shiles inspected the records at Wenonah. The library has less than
12,000 items with an estimated 60-70% overlap with current records. It may be
possible to hire people in the consortium, maybe for $13-15 per hour, to do the
conversion. The first step is to add Wenonah as a location in Sirsi. Ellen will
give Sirsi authorization to add Wenonah. Patron records will need to be added
first, then the item records. We will need to do a press release after the patron
database is added. Karen will probably need to do the circulation rules.

Paulsboro Library and LOGIN
Denise checked with Gill Memorial Library (Paulsboro). They are not interested
in joining LOGIN. Bob will contact the mayor of Paulsboro to confirm their lack of

SRG Minutes from April Meeting
The minutes from the April 5th meeting were distributed. The next SRG meeting
will be June 14th.

Library Elf
GCLS has put an icon for “Library Elf” on its home page. This independent
service provides patrons with reminders to return library materials. Bob
answered questions about how it worked and privacy.

Play to Pay
Joan Oliver had a letter from Ebsco regarding procurement contracts. Bob
explained that Ebsco is exempt from the restriction issued by the Department of
the Community Affairs. He will forward information from Victoria Rosch at the
State Library concerning it.

President Denise appointed Bob Wetherall and Joan Oliver as the nomination
committee to propose a slate of officers for election next month.

Jane requested a narrative to accompany the statistics that Bob prepared.

Next LOGIN Meeting
The next LOGIN meeting will be Friday, May 19th, at Greenwich Branch of
GCLS. Coffee will be at 9:30 a.m. with the meeting starting at 10:00.
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