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									LOGGING INTO MYVU PORTAL - Students

   1. Go to
   2. In the ‘User name’ field, enter your student number (s number). This should be s, followed by the
      number. Make sure that you use a lowercase s (uppercase S may give an error). Ensure that there are
      no spaces (this includes before or after the user name).
   3. In the ‘Password’ field, enter your password EXACTLY as it should appear/has been given to you. This
      means that it needs to be entered exactly the same way, including uppercase and lowercase letters,
      and any numbers or symbols. Ensure that there are no spaces anywhere within your password (this
      includes before or after the password). For security reasons, it is recommended that you choose a password that
       includes uppercase and lowercase letters, numbers and symbols, and does not include a recognisable word or phrase.
   4. Press the login button. You should now be directed to MYVU Portal. If not, read the ‘Troubleshooting’
      section below in this document or click on the ‘login help’ link on the MYVU Portal login page.
   5. Once you have entered MYVU Portal, you should be able to access the following tools:
      - My Blackboard units (which will take you directly into your Blackboard/WebCT units)
      - My ePortfolio (which will open PebblePad in a new window)
      - REVU / Lectopia recordings (any video recordings of lectures for units you are enrolled in should
         appear on the left)
      - Blackboard/Web CT (the link on the right will take you to the WebCT login page)
      - VU Wikis
      - Other VU applications and tools


If you find that the login steps do not work, follow the troubleshooting steps below:

   1. Make sure you have entered all the data correctly, following the steps above. Try logging in again.
   2. The username and password fields are CASE SENSITIVE. Ensure you use the right combination of
      uppercase and lowercase (eg: Username should be all lowercase, password will depend on your
      Make sure caps lock is turned off when entering your username and password.
   3. Is there an error listed? What is the error? Make a note. If it is related to a login error (eg: ‘The
      credentials you provided cannot be authenticated’), it is likely that you have typed your password
      incorrectly or there is a spelling/type error. If it is another error, it could be due to another issue, such as
      typing your student number with a capital S instead of lowercase; a network error; a computer glitch;
      etc. For login errors, you will need to have your password reset (see below). For other errors,
      contact ITS Service Desk (see Point 5)
   4. If you find it is a login error (such as the one listed in Point 3), or there is no other error associated, it
      is recommended you contact your Student Service Centre to have your MYVU Portal password
      reset. Call 9919 6100 and choose Option 1 on your phone keypad.
      Please note: It may take up to 2 hours for the new password to take effect, so you may not have
      access to the MYVU Portal during this time.
   5. If it is an error other than the login error listed above (see Point 3), it may be due to a technical error.
      For technical errors, it is recommended you a) take a screenshot of the error you receive and save this
      to the computer (use the ‘Print Screen’ function); b) Try logging in again to see if you can replicate the
      error; and c) contact ITS Service Desk on 9919 2777 or to report the issue.

   Please Note: Do NOT call ITS Service Desk for MYVU Portal password resets, as they are unable to reset MYVU
   Portal Passwords. If you need your password reset, call or visit your local VU Student Service Centre (ph 9919 6100).
   Only call ITS Service Desk if you think your MYVU Portal login issue may be due to a technical error that needs to be

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