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									Key Features

     Environmentally Friendly
     Innovative method of controlling
      internal unit temperature
     Quiet operation
     Stable consistent output
     Independent electrical components
     Lifetime plate warranty
     Low maintenance with efficient
      fluid usage
     10-30% fuel savings
     Many optional upgrades
     No risk trial period
     Web based data upload
     Universal or customized                                             Hydro Cube X-Treme
      applications for any internal
      combustion engine                                                      HHO Fuel Cell
     Compatible with any fuel, or fuel
      system including gasoline, diesel,
      biofuel, E85, propane, natural gas.   Vertical Turbine Power, LLC
     Reduce your carbon footprint on       8900 Gladiolus Drive 33908
      the environment                       Suite 202
                                            Fort Myers, FL 33907
                                                                          Vertical Turbine Power, LLC
                                            P: (239) 461-WIND (9463)
                                            F: (239) 444-9463             Increase your fuel economy and
                                                                          reduce your fuel expense today!

 “Unleashing the power of
                                                                                              “Unleashing the power of
Risk Free Trial Period                                                                                water”

    –   VTP will install a Hydro Cube
        on your vehicle or equipment
        for a 4 week period with
                                                                                                            Potential Savings
        testing contract.
    –   Easy data upload to VTP         Applications
        No harmful fluids                 •   Semi Tractors
                                                                                                              MPG Increase
    –   Environmentally Friendly                                                                            20

                                                                                         Miles Per Gallon
                                          •   Diesel and Gasoline Passenger
                                              Vehicles                                                      15

                                          •   Skid Steer                                                    10                               Baseline
                                          •   Fork Lift                                                       5                              Low
                                          •   Construction equipment                                          0                              High
                                          •   Propane powered garbage trucks
    –   VTP USA, LLC is an active         •   Generators
        board member of Florida
        Renewable Energy
        Producers Association. VTP      Lifetime Plate Warranty
        will be participating in the
                                          VTP will replace the interior plates on the                       This increase in MPG can result in a fuel
        sunshine state renewable
                                          unit due to any failure unless the unit has                         savings between $36.90 - $93.69 for
        energy expo on July 27-29.
                                          been tampered with, modified, or used
                                                                                                        diesel engines per 100 gallons consumed
                                          improperly. Owner is responsible for
                                          sending the defective unit to VTPs office                            OR a savings of $9.00 - $22.84 for
                                          for inspection and repairs. If there is                            gasoline engines per 25 gallons of fuel
                                          evidence of tampering or misuse the
                                          customer will be charge for the repairs, if
                                          the unit failed due to any design failure it
        Proud Member of                   will be repaired or replaced free of charge.
                                                                                                             Vertical Turbine Power, LLC
                                              Fuel Mileage increase will vary
                                               under different mechanical                                 

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