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									               Ninth Grade Honors English

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                                     Mrs. Ziegler
                               ELCO English Department
                                     Room D124

     Welcome to Mrs. Ziegler’s Ninth Grade Honors
                    English class!

                        How to Succeed in English Class
                           …Great Expectations…

Everyday in Class:

 1. Be in your seat when the bell rings to start class. Arriving late WILL be noted.
    Three tardies will result in a disciplinary action and a deduction of five participation
 2. As soon as you arrive in class, check the board for the class agenda and have any
    homework ready.
 3. Every day you are expected to bring to class: all assigned textbooks, class
    reading(s), and pen/pencil/notebook paper (or otherwise as announced in advance).
 4. The day you return from a class absence, check in with Mrs. Ziegler for any missed
    assignments and notes given in class the day you were absent. This is your
    responsibility and must be taken care of before class (not during). Note: Our class
    Online Resource is another great resource for missed work.


 1. Homework is a DEFINITE in this class. Homework assignments will be factored
    into your grade. In order to receive full credit, the homework must be complete,
    neat, and your own work. This includes being prepared with all the correct
 2. This is an Honors level course; class participation is encouraged and expected.
 3. Your active participation and promptness with assignments clearly indicates a high
    level of maturity, a strong work ethic, and a sense of responsibility. These traits are
    truly distinguishable in college recommendations and in the work force.
 4. Failure to submit a designated assignment on the due date will result in a point
    deduction per day (based on the total points of the assignment) until the assignment
    is submitted. When you are legally excused from class, you have one day for every
    day absent to submit the assignment. This includes any assignment and the make-up
    of tests and quizzes. Special situations will be evaluated on an individual basis.
 5. Marking period grades may include (but are not limited to): homework, class
    participation, vocabulary, tests, quizzes, writing assignments, projects, speeches and


 1. Always be respectful and courteous to your peers and teachers. Be attentive
    listeners, cooperative partners, and intelligent decision makers.
 2. When a substitute teacher takes my place, all classroom and grading rules are still in
 3. Lavatory and hall passes are given at the discretion of the teacher. If leaving
    becomes a disruption to the class, each student will be limited to the first five and
    last five minutes of the class.
 4. No food or drink will be permitted in the classroom. Water is acceptable.
 5. Plagiarism and soliciting answers during a testing situation results in disciplinary
    action in accordance with the district's policy.
 6. Raise your hand to be called on.
 7. All school rules apply, including rules regarding cell phones in the classroom.

 *Please remember this is your classroom as well as your peers and mine. I want you to
 feel comfortable and safe in asking questions when you are not sure of something.

                             Units/Course Components

-Romeo and Juliet
-Short Stories

                                   Online Resource
This course will be utilizing an Online Resource for various aspects of the course. I
believe that you will find the class Online Resource to be a helpful throughout the
semester! The resource will be linked by my name on the high school’s website.

*Parents are encouraged to check Power School for grade updates. Grades will be
updated weekly.
Please detach this paper and return to Mrs. Ziegler. Thank you!


Mrs. Ziegler’s Class Rules and General Guidelines- Honors

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