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As one of the most romantic vacations you will ever take, the
honeymoon is something to look forward to after all that wedding
stress. Read our ideas on planning the honeymoon and romantic
honeymoon places around the world and next door.

Honeymoons: Planning a Budget-friendly Getaway
The Editors of Perfect Wedding Guide (04 Dec 2009) Back      In a
perfect world, immediately after toasting champagne with family and
friends at the wedding reception, you and your new groom are
whisked away to an exotic locale for two weeks of sightseeing, beach
bumming and cuddling.

But, for many couples, the reality of planning a fairytale (i.e. budget-
busting) honeymoon just isn’t in the cards. So what to do when you
want to get away without going in debt? Here, five ideas for planning a
budget-friendly getaway for your honeymoon.

1. Stash some cash
Even though during this time the majority of your money will go
toward paying for the wedding, you can still set some funds aside for a
post-wedding vacation. It doesn’t have to be a large sum, but saving a
few dollars here and there to use only for your honeymoon will help
cut down on some travel costs.

2. Retreat from the world (sort of)
If you can’t go on vacation, bring the vacation to you. Schedule some
alone time together where you don’t answer the phone, check emails
or receive visitors. Your focus should be on connecting with your mate
with little distractions from the outside world. So even if you’re not
island hopping in Hawaii or sailing along the Mediterranean, a few days
of uninterrupted couple time can be quite gratifying.

3. Hit the open road
Save on airfare by traveling by car to your honeymoon destination . . .
which, of course, presents another budget-friendly option—planning a
stateside rendezvous. There are plenty of great beaches,
mountainsides and impressive landmarks within the U.S. So pull out
your road map for more ideas on where to go.

4. Monitor mid-week deals
Airfare and hotel prices are typically less during the middle of the
week. For a quick getaway, book your accommodations Tues-Thursday
to save a few bucks.

5. Reconsider Hotel Reservations
Forgo the five-star digs for a quaint (and less expensive) bed and
breakfast. Some things to consider when searching for B&Bs are
accessibility to great attractions, updated decor, and private
accommodations (bath, temperature controls, etc.).

These are just a few ideas for planning a budget-friendly getaway for
your honeymoon. If skimming back isn’t an ideal option for your first
official getaway as husband and wife, you can always postpone your
trip, allowing time to save up and take the honeymoon of your

How to Choose a Travel Agent for Your Honeymoon
With all the effort couples put into planning a wedding, the honeymoon
is a welcomed retreat for newlyweds to unwind and spend time alone.
However, planning the honeymoon can often be just as stressful as
planning the ceremony and reception. Why devote endless hours on
the computer delving through hundreds of options to locate the perfect
honeymoon destination when you could work directly with a travel
agent? Travel agents can give expert advice and provide outstanding
service that you just can’t find through booking online. Here, we share
with you tips on finding a travel agent to plan the honeymoon of your

What can a travel agent offer you?
Travel agents can give expert advice and provide outstanding service
that you just can’t find booking online. They can find the best pricing
available, upgrades, set up special requests (i.e. chilled champagne,
flowers), arrange transfers and take care of numerous time consuming
small details. Their service is invaluable. Travel agents develop close
relationships with suppliers and when needed can pull strings that
someone booking on the internet can’t.

Why use a travel agent
The question should be why not use a travel agent? You’ve heard tales
of vacations that were booked at online only travel sites that turned
out to be nightmares. If you book everything yourself online you don’t
have an advocate that is working for you should a problem arise. With
a travel agent, you have access to an actual person who can answer
questions and make accommodations changes on your behalf.
How to find a reputable travel agent
One of the best ways to choose a travel agent is to ask friends/family
for a recommendation. Any travel agent worth their salt considers a
referral the highest compliment and will provide their clients with a
level of service that will ensure return business and referrals. If you
come up empty with asking friends/family, use Internet search engines
by utilizing key word specific requests in your area, like “travel agency
Los Angeles, CA.”.

Once you find a company, you should ask if they have a honeymoon
specialist, how many years of experience, what destinations have they
personally visited and if they can provide client references. A reputable
travel agency will look at your budget, interests, what amenities you
are looking for and make recommendations based on your input. They
will also talk to the bride and groom together, listen with an open mind
and give honest feedback.

How to get the best deal on your honeymoon
Timing is everything. Since airline and resort/cruise rates can fluctuate
daily, the earlier you plan the more chance of saving money you have.
A professional travel agency is able to save you money with early
booking discounts, special fares, and resort discounts that are not
advertised to the general public. Consider departing from an alternate
airport—you can save hundreds by simply departing from another
gateway. An “adults only” all inclusive resort is another wonderful
option for honeymooning couples, and since all of your dining, drinks,
airport transfers and some activities are included, you do not have to
worry with carrying tons of cash to pay for items out of pocket. Many
of these resorts have strict no tipping policies as well. If you choose a
cruise you can prepay gratuities, purchase excursions and drink
coupons online before boarding the ship.

The most important advice to couples is to remember that your
honeymoon is one of the most special times in your life. You want it to
be everything you imagined—and utilizing a travel agent is a smart
decision that will reward you tenfold.

Top Honeymoon Destinations of 2008
Shelly Alker (04 Dec 2009) Back      Stumped on where to stop for
your honeymoon? We gathered a list of the most popular vacation
spots visited by newlyweds in 2008. From romantic and remote to lush
and luxurious, learn why these locales made the top of the list.
Riviera Maya (Mexico)
The Mayan Riviera, a natural paradise that merges with the waters of
the Caribbean Sea, is a coastal strip that stretches more than 75
miles. The white sand beaches with turquoise seas are dotted with
many all-inclusive, adults only resorts that cater to honeymooners.
Here you can relax or enjoy recreational activities at luxurious resorts
nestled in the jungle. From shopping, eco-tours, snorkeling, hot night
life and world class dining, the Rivera Maya has a little of something
for everyone.
Best for: More active travelers

Jamaica--just the name brings visions of a tropical paradise filled with
crystal blue sea, waterfalls, white sand beaches, and friendly smiles.
Jamaica boasts over 200 miles of some of the most beautiful beaches
in the world. An abundance of sight seeing opportunity awaits you
here, from Lovers Leap to Negril’s Seven Mile Beach. Windsurfing,
snorkeling, fishing and diving are just a few of the watersport activities
to enjoy. From sophisticated luxury to no shoes, no problem, Jamaica
has a charm uniquely it’s own.
Best for: Any traveler

Punta Cana (Dominican Republic)
Punta Cana is a fabulous place to do absolutely nothing and spend
your days on uncrowded powdery white sand beaches. The Dominican
Republic is a very beautiful island with dense tropical rain forests, clear
rivers and waterfalls. Punta Cana is the largest and fastest growing
tourist destination in the Caribbean and it’s the largest single
destination for golf. Horseback riding is another popular activity on the
island, with the option of riding on deserted white-sand beaches,
making for great photo ops.
Best for: Beach bums

The Bahamas
This vacation mecca is home to fabulous resorts, beautiful beaches
and plenty of action--all at an unhurried pace. The islands of the
Bahamas are best known for sparkling ocean waters, making it one of
the worlds best areas for snorkeling, diving, surfing or just relaxing.
Renting a scooter is a great way to explore your area and enjoy a
round of golf at any of the world class golf courses. Elegant dining,
upscale resorts and casino action await you on Paradise Island (home
to the famous Atlantis Resort and Casino). From Bimini to Great
Inagua, the Islands of the Bahamas offer unlimited choices for your
Best for: Any Traveler

The Islands of Hawaii
If ever a destination inspired romance it's the Hawaiian Islands,
strolling along a white-sand beach, enjoying an island cocktail at
sunset, and the relaxing melodies of Hawaiian music. Where else can
you walk on a live volcano, watch the Haleakala sunrise above the
clouds, learn to surf and swim with manta rays in once place? The
allure of the islands beckons from the moment you arrive. Hawaii is
more popular than ever with couples seeking that very special place
for that very special moment. Steeped in rich history and the Spirit of
Aloha, Hawaii is like no other place on earth.
Best for: Romantics that don’t mind traveling a bit further for their
piece of paradise.

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