trial of position by xiaohuicaicai


									                                Trial of Position
1. Select what Clan you will be from.

2. Roll 1D6 and compare results to the table below:

            Roll                 Front / Second Line Mech
             1                          Second Line
             2                          Second Line
             3                           Front Line
             4                           Front Line
             5                           Front Line
             6                           Front Line

3. Roll 1D4 and compare result to the table below:

           Roll                     Mech Class
            1                        Re-Roll
            2                        Medium
            3                         Heavy
            4                        Re-Roll

4. Now Roll on the correct Mech chart for your Clan from (MechWarrior Guide to the Clans) p.10-14.

5. Now Roll up 3 Mechs to fight in your trial. Use the same Clan charts however follow these rules:

        A. Mech #1 needs to be a weight class below your Mech.

        B. Mech #2 needs to be the same weight class as your Mech.

        C. Mech #3 needs to be a weight class above your Mech.

6. Roll 1D4 and compare result to the table below for your Warriors skill level:

           Roll                      Skill Class
            1                         Re-Roll
            2                         Regular
            3                         Veteran
            4                         Re-Roll

7.Now select 3 Warriors to Fight you in your Trial from the Charts below:

   Your Skill Level           Mech#1 Skill              Mech#2 Skill               Mech#3 Skill
      Regular                  Regular                   Regular                    Veteran
      Veteran                  Veteran                   Veteran                      Elite
                                  Trial of Position
8. Now Lay out 2 standard Battletech Maps and select the side you will enter from. The player
controlling the opposing force will select which Enemy Mech will enter from each side One from each
side. Your Mech will enter first then each enemy will enter after for a movement phase. After that
starting with Enemy Mech #1 each Mech will duel your Mech one on one until one is destroyed or until
you break the dueling rules for the Trial.

9. The rules for the Trial are listed below:

Each trial involves two cadets and six opponents in the one circle of equals. For each cadet is a set of
three opponents, each opponent fighting one at a time in sequence. Defeating an opponent earns an
imaginary kill. While an opponent’s cadet is engaged they will stay neutral, fighting only when it is their
turn. If a neutral opponent is hit, either directly or accidentally, then all opponents become active and
the trial becomes a free-for-all and the assignment of opponents on cadets is waived. Hence the
opponents can engage any cadet and a cadet can defeat any opponent for a kill and a cadet can even
earn a kill by defeating the other cadet in a free-for-all. There are also some other infractions by the
cadets that can cause a free-for-all. Since the last thing a cadet wants is a free-for-all, cadets will try to
ensure nothing happens that causes one and hence the free-for-alls are rare.

If a cadet doesn’t score a kill they are assigned to another caste and cannot retry the trial. If they score a
kill, they are assigned the lowest rank of their sub-caste and for every kill after that they are moved up
one rank. The first of their opponents will be a warrior of the lowest rank and each opponent after that
is one rank above the previous, meaning that each opponent is a peer of the rank they are trying to
achieve. Each successive opponent is also harder since the cadet will retain the damage sustained from
the previous opponent. In Mech battles, the first has less tonnage, the second equal, the third more

10. Your Final Rank from your Trial will be determined by the chart below:

         Kills                                 Rank
          1                        Warrior (Point Commander)
          2                             Star Commander
          3                                Star Captain
          4                                Star Colonel
          5                            Galaxy Commander
          6                     Increase Gunnery Skill by 1 Level
          7                      Increase Piloting Skill by 1 Level

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