Booking Appointments with WC Online by cuiliqing


									         Booking Writing Centre Appointments with WC Online
Registering for WC Online
        1. Go to
        2. Click on “Click Here” in the upper left corner
             [“You are not logged in! First visit? Click here to register. Returning? Log in below.”]
        3. Register by filling out ALL fields provided
        4. Click on the “Register” button at the bottom

Booking an Appointment
       1. Go to
       2. Login in using your email address* and password
       3. Using the drop-box labelled “Current Schedule,” select the appropriate schedule
           (Humber North, Humber Lakeshore, or ESL)
       4. VERY IMPORTANT: Using the drop-box labelled “Limit to,” choose what you would like
           to work on during your appointment (Business Writing, COMM 200, APA, etc.).
           Completing this step will ensure that you are matched with the right tutor
       5. Use the “Next Week” and Previous Week” buttons to find the day on which you would
           like to make an appointment
       6. White boxes in the schedule represent available timeslots. To make an appointment,
           click on a white box
       7. Fill out all fields labelled “Required” and click the “Save Appointment” button
       8. You now have an appointment! A verification will be sent to your email

Students registered by phone will receive a temporary password. The temporary password will be

Changing your Password
       1. Go to
       2. Login in using your email address and temporary password (“student”)
       3. Click “Control Panel”
       4. Click “Update my Profile & Password”
       5. Enter new Password

*Make sure you use the same email address you provided
during registration

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