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The facility to apply online removes the need for applicants to complete and submit paper forms. All
that is required is access to a web browser. Please follow the instructions below in order to submit
an application, which is the first stage in becoming a registered student.

To apply online, first go to the Ulster homepage at . Scroll across and click on the
Study At Ulster link on the right-hand side of the screen.

This will take you to the homepage for Prospective Students. Scroll across again and click on the
Apply Online link on the right-hand side of this screen.

This will take you to the Login page for the Online Application system. Please read the page and then
scroll to the bottom and click on the link called First Time User Account Creation.

This will take you to the New User page where you will need to create a Login ID and a PIN for
yourself. The Login ID can be any combination of letters and/or numbers and may be up to 9
characters long. The PIN must be numbers only and must be 6 characters long. Then click on the
Login button.

This will take you to the Application Type page. The one you should select from the dropdown list in
the Application Type box is called Business Institute Programmes. Then click on Continue.

This will take you to a page where you should enter your name and also select the academic year in
which you wish to begin the programme e.g the current academic year is 2009/10 while the one
which will begin in September 2010 is 2010/11. Please check this with your course organiser if you
are unsure about what to select. Then click on the Fill Out Application button.

This will take you to the Application Checklist page which shows the different sections of the
application which you must complete. These may be completed in any order by clicking on the
section heading, answering the questions asked and then clicking on the Continue button to move to
the next section. In the Programme Information section, you will be required to select the title of the
individual programme that you wish to study from the drop down list. When all the sections have
been completed and appear on the checklist page with a tick beside them, you should click on the
Application is Complete button to submit your application.

You will then see an acknowledgement page to confirm that your application has been successfully
submitted and is ready for processing by staff in the university. Once this has happened, you will be
advised about how to enrol online for your new programme.

If you have any difficulty using the system, please call the Registry Office on 02890 366251/2 or
send an email to registryjn

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