MEETINGS REPORT & ACTION SHEET
Meeting Reference: Supporting People Core Strategy Group
Date of Meeting:        10th March 2009                  Time: 2.00pm – 4:00pm
Location:      Room 709 MGH
Present at Meeting: Eileen O’Sullivan (SP), Victoria Jeremiah (SP), Nkechi Okeke-Aru (HRC), Patrick
Okezie , (START Plus – part of meeting) Linda Martin (ASC), Maggie Rafalowicz (AD, Strategy &
Regeneration), Robin Newman (BHUG), Mary Whitfield (Willow), Lee Buss (Broadway), Carla Julien
(Hestia), Doug Stevenson (Probation)
Apologies: Abdi Roble (i-serve), Varsha Mehta (SP), Helen Clitheroe (HRC)
Copies to: the above + File
Chaired by: Maggie Rafalowicz
Recorded by: Eileen O’Sullivan                 Ext: 2283
Agenda                                                                                  By Who
   1.0     Five Year Strategy Implementation

  1.1     START Plus update report and data analysis – Patrick Okezie

          Patrick presented the update report. The new monitoring template will PO
          capture date differently including by client group.
          Key issues: referrals 267, 225 accepted by START Plus, 69 confirmed by
          providers (been housed) and 26 waiting.
          Concerns raised about the amount of time waiting to be interviewed.
          Lee said that the number of referrals waiting for single homeless provision
          is significant. The remodelling of Pound Lane has reduced bedspaces.

          Staffing: delays with phasing-in mental health and learning disability, and
          Adult Social Care targets remain a priority for the borough. The full time
          Manager has been in post since February 2009.

          Mary asked if referrals are coming from range of agencies we expect? We      PO
          get more referrals for single homelessness from CHC. Referral sources will
          be included in future reporting. Lee said that providers wanted to keep the
          referral process as brief as possible without losing quality.
          A monthly tracking form is being introduced with all providers.
          Regarding procurement of PRS properties, there is not a dedicated officer
          in post so Lucy is doing this part-time. There was discussion at the meeting
          about this as START Plus was not intended to fund this role. START Plus to PO/SP
          agree future arrangements for this separately with Supporting People.
          The Local Housing Allowance is having an impact on the PRS.
          Lots of Probation clients coming through and with the increased focus on
          vacancies, this has lead to referrals being suspended for 2 weeks.

          Quota: The new arrangements for accessing the quota will be implemented
          in early May following a consultation meeting with providers and
          circulation of a consultation paper. Patrick to report back and update the PO
          next meeting of progress and any issues.

        D:\Docstoc\Working\pdf\aaac14dc-4714-48dd-8194-2a6a85a945de.doch 2009 minutes     1
        Evaluation: The six-month evaluation of the project will be presented to PO
        the May meeting

        Maggie reported that there is still work to be done in some areas on the
        project, but thanked Patrick for his work as this would be his last meeting.

1.2     Supporting People Five-Year Strategy update report

        Eileen presented the update report on the strategy. Two successful
        consultation events took place this week, one with providers and one with
        stakeholders, to inform the priorities for the updated strategy. Service
        users had a key role in the stakeholder consultation event, which was lead
        by the trained Peer Consultants who gave very positive feedback about
        their participation in the event.

        Linda updated the meeting on transformation issues – this will now be a LM
        standing item and Linda will confirm who the rep will be.
        Personalisation is getting to the top of list of priorities, particularly on
        assessment, care management and design and self-directed support. Dave
        Hardman is the lead on these areas now in Transformation.
        Some work to be done within West London on procurement in residential
        and nursing care.

1.3     Single Homeless surgery update report – Nkechi Okeke-Aru

        1400 Single Homeless people have accessed the surgery to date for advice
        and signposting. The Housing Need Improvement Board has agreed that
        the service will remain but are looking at where it will sit as it is still in the
        Homelessness Strategy section in the council.

        The service is yet to do tracking of outcomes and this can be difficult to do
        with the number of referrals coming through. The service has seen a
        dramatic reduction in housing register applications. Doug commented that
        it is positive that the service is there.
2.0     Contract Management

2.1     Work plan/Strategic review update report – Eileen O’Sullivan
        Eileen presented the SP team’s work plan to the meeting and commented
        on the wide range of activities that the team is involved in. Work is being
        done on procurement to look at exemptions of standing orders following
        EU procedures.

        Specific work is being done on gypsies and travellers and will be included in
        the Homeless families review. This is a sensitive area. The strategic review
        of Young People’s services is now outside of the timetable with contracts to
        be awarded 6 months before end of the contract expiry. This will be
        completed this week.

      D:\Docstoc\Working\pdf\aaac14dc-4714-48dd-8194-2a6a85a945de.doch 2009 minutes          2
2.2       Performance Report (Quarters 1-3) – Victoria Jeremiah

          Victoria presented the Performance Information report for Quarters 1-3.
          The meeting discussed the bedding in process for START Plus and the void
          levels in floating support services. There was a view from some people that
          the drive was on process rather than allocation of vacancy.

          Service Development Officer monitoring focuses on utilisation. Queries
          were raised about support planning reviews and whether this was a
          recording issue, benchmarking and performance levels.

          Provider names will be removed for future reports.                                VJ

3.0       Provider and Service User Issues

3.1       Service User involvement in Commissioning and Governance

          Eileen presented the report. The meeting discussed how service users reps
          would be elected and there was agreement that this should be extended to
          all service users, but this would be facilitated via BHUG as the starting point
          in the interim as they have direct contact with many service users.

          Work has been done between SP and BHUG to draft Job Descriptions,
          provide information on the CSG and Terms of Reference. The training
          programme is underway, and further work is needed for elections. There
          was discussion about the distinction between consultant and decision-
          making and potential accountability/lobbying.

          An information session for service users interested in joining the CSG is
          being held at BHUG on 3rd April with SP involvement. An email will go to all EO’S
          providers on this. Mary raised the issue of providing transport for
          interested service users.

  4.0     4.0 Area Based Grant and the LAA

  4.1     Area Based Grant – Implications for Supporting People

          Eileen presented the report and there was a general discussion about the
          LAA. Doug reported that Probation is not on the LSP. The discussion
          concentrated on potential threats resulting from the un-ringfencing of the
          SP grant and the need to evidence outcomes such as LAA targets and
          provider information on tackling worklessness.

          Linda reported on the following: looking at spending outside the SP criteria,
          looking at whole systems solutions and stated that the SP grant would not
          be absorbed into Adult Social Care even with the work on direct payments.
          There are annual savings targets and the Council is preparing for cuts.

        D:\Docstoc\Working\pdf\aaac14dc-4714-48dd-8194-2a6a85a945de.doch 2009 minutes            3
5.0     Minutes and Matters arising from meeting 13th Jan 2009

        1.1 START Plus – 6 month evaluation to be presented at the May meeting.
        1.3 SP Strategy – this is now a standing item on the agenda.
        2.2 Further work on Appendix 1 and 2 is noted.

        Cold weather shelter closed at the end of March 2009.
        There was a Rough Sleeper Strategy meeting which had no reported
        representation from Brent, although there was attendance at other

6.0     Action Tracking

6.1     Report attached
        Eileen updated the meeting that progress on all actions has been achieved.
        There was a discussion point raised about the portability of care packages
        and the implications for Personalisation.

7.0     AOB

        Housing Benefit query – Private Rented Sector move on. This has been
        now been resolved as Adult Social Care had agreed to pick up small
        shortfalls in housing benefit people moving on but this has not been

8.0     Date of Next Meetings

        Tuesday 05th May 2009
        Tuesday 30th June 2009
        Tuesday 25th August 2009
        Tuesday 20th October 2009
        Tuesday 15th December 2009

      D:\Docstoc\Working\pdf\aaac14dc-4714-48dd-8194-2a6a85a945de.doch 2009 minutes   4

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