The Trial Commences Essay Assignment by xiaohuicaicai


									                                                 The Trial Commences

       The trial for William and Justine’s murder is finally wrapping up. Both the Monster and Victor have been
charged with multiple offenses and it is your job to either prove their innocence or prove their guilt. For this
composition, think about what happens to Justine Moritz. Justine was wrongly accused of murdering William
Frankenstein. The only evidence against her was the locket that the creature placed in her pocket. She was still
found guilty even though she had different character witnesses.

             Victor – 1st degree murder in Justine’s case
                       -      accessory to murder in William’s case
                       -      withholding evidence in Justine’s case
             Monster – two accounts of 1st degree murder for William and Justine

It is time in the trial for the closing arguments to be given by the prosecution and defense, and that means you.
In order to prepared (like the good lawyer you are) you will need to type up your closing argument ahead of time.

____Your paper should be a minimum of 800 words, typed, double spaced

____Your first paragraph should be a summary of what is happening to Justine and William in the book.

____Your second paragraph should present BOTH sides of the case.

____The final paragraphs should be your argument (argue for both Victor and the Monster’s guilt or innocence).

____Remember that you must have reasons for your argument; back up your thoughts with proof from the book (this
means you have to use quotes!).

____put forth any evidence as to why the jury should believe.

____ take into consideration what your opposition will say and try to counter-argue their points

____this should be written in first person.

____ MUST BE PROOFREAD & EDITED (this is a formal writing assignment)

____Use MLA format again with the correct heading, font, font size, etc.

____Remember that less than 750 words is an automatic grade of 50!

____Failure to type essay earns a grade of 50!

Due Date: Tuesday, February 8, 2011
Extra Credit Opportunity:
       There will be an opportunity to read your closing arguments to the jury (your classmates) to
see who is the most convincing. After everyone who is interested in participating has read their
speech, the jury will deliberate and decide who had the best closing argument. That person will
receive an additional 10 points on their assignment.

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