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									                                                   Prom Preview

                                                By Jocelyn Grube ‘11

        This year’s prom will be held once again at Bear Creek Mountain Resort and Conference Center.
This year’s theme titled “A Night in the Orient,” will be held on May 6th, 2011.

        The 2011 prom will go from 7 to 11p.m., and again include food and beverages.

        The price for tickets has not been determined yet, but it is estimated to be between $50 and
$75 per person.

        Like last year, the prom will be on two levels of the Bear Creek Resort, the first being where
dinner is served, and upstairs being where the DJ and dance floor are located.

        The DJ this year will be Upper Perk High School Alum DJ Dougie Brown, who will be playing
recent hits and mixes of his own. Downstairs there will be an IPod playlist of songs that will play.

        Going with the theme, there will be chopsticks for everyone and fans for the ladies. As far as
decorations go, there will be lanterns for outside balconies, lanterns for the inside and home-made
cherry blossom bouquets on the tables, lots of bamboo, and kimonos hanging from the ceiling and on
the walls.

        Although there is not a set menu yet, the dinner fare will include at least one Asian dish,
including a stir fry station with shrimp, chicken and tofu. Other traditional meals will be available, along
with unlimited drinks including water, iced tea, and lemonade.

        As for the dresses, the girls of UPHS have very different tastes. Senior Liz LeMay chose a
strapless plain black dress.

        “I don’t care for beading, and I prefer strapless,” LeMay stated.

        Another senior, Lindsey Nolen, went with something totally different.

        “My dress is orange and sparkly,” Nolen stated.

        Polling several female students, their tastes range from the ultimate ballerina prom dress, to
sleek and slender, to canary yellow to navy blue, even to animal print. However, one thing has been
popular among a few, a floral design.

        You can be sure to watch the promenade and catch all the different styles and colors of dresses
when it airs on PCTV after May 6th.

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