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					                                             1851 POST OFFICE DIRECTORY
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   BARDNEY, with SOUTHREY, or SOUTHROW and                           Hill Close, is a barrow, to mark his burial-place; it was
                    BARDNEY DAIRIES                                  destroyed by the Danes in 870, who murdered nearly all the
Bardney, a parish, large village and railway station, on the         monks. After remaining in ruins 200 years, the abbey was
Boston and Lincoln railway, and the east bank of the Witham,         rebuilt in the reign of William the Conqueror, by Gilbert de
in the western division of the wapentake of Wraggoe, parts of        Gaunt, Earl of Lincoln, who endowed it with tithes of all his
Lindsey, North Lincolnshire and Lincoln Union, 120 miles             estates. The abbots were styled Lords of Lindsey, and sat as
from London, 6 south from Wragby, 10 east-by-south from              peers in Parliament. The building stood upon 6 acres of land,
Lincoln and 10 west from Horncastle, contained in 1851               in a moated enclosure containing 25 acres. Their possessions
(including the hamlets of Southrey, Bardney Dairies and              received the last charter of royal confirmation 20th of Henry
Snakeholme), 1329 inhabitants and 5,490 acres of land. The           VII.; and it is conjectured that it possessed 20,000 acres of
Great Northern railway passes through this parish, and there         land, advowsons and pensions from churches, and an annual
are stations at Bardney and Southrey. The living is a                income of the present value of £16,000. The revenue was
discharged vicarage, in the diocese of Lincoln, value £130, -        valued at £429 7s., and after the Dissolution the site was
to which value it has been increased by the munificence of the       granted to Sir Robert Tyrwhitt. The Earl of Harrowby is lord
Earl of Harrowby – and in the patronage of the bishop; the           of the manor. The principal charities consist of a Free
Rev. John Wray is the present incumbent. The church,                 Grammar school, founded in 1711, by Thomas Kitching, for
dedicated to St. Lawrence, is a large edifice in the Gothic          the poor children of Bardney, Southrey, Tupholme and
style, and consists of nave, aisles, chancel and tower               Bucknall, who endowed it with landed property, producing, in
containing 4 bells; the nave is separated from the aisles by         1854, £70 per annum, - and also to relieve poor widows and
octagon pillars and pointed Gothic arches. There are, also,          apprentice poor children of Southrey. Peter Handcock’s
two Wesleyan chapels, one at Bardney and one at Southrey;            Hospital was founded in 1712, for 7 men and 7 women of
and a Free school. Bardney Abbey was founded before the              Bardney, endowed with a weekly payment of 1s. coals, and,
year 697. Ethelred, King of Mercia, in 705 resigned his crown        once in two years, clothing. Southrey has 198 people.
to become abbot. In an adjoining meadow, known as King’s             Snakeholme and Bardney Dairies are 2 miles north.

                 GENTRY                       Field John, station master on Great Northern   Pickwell Mark, farmer
Brown Mr William Stephen Pollexfen            railway                                        Riggall William, farmer
Germon Rev. Nicholas Moires, M.A.             Gibbons John., butcher                         Scott John, carpenter
Thompson Jones, esq.                          Gibbons Phillips, grocer linen draper & c      Simpson Elizabeth (Mrs), carrier
Walker Rev. William, M.A. Vicarage            Gibson John Jeremiah, smith & farrier          Smith Charles, boot & shoe maker
                 TRADERS                      Green William, miller                          Smith William, tailor & hairdresser
Blackbourn Henry, farmer, Hall farm           Hall Joseph, tailor                            Thomson Jonas, surgeon
Brompton George, boot & shoe maker            Harrison Henry, butcher                        Todd Richard, farmer
Brown James, farmer                           Harvey Geo., farmer, Bardney Dairies           Willey William, shopkeeper & boot & shoe
Clay John, farmer, Snakeholme                 Hicks John, castrator                          maker
Clipsham Wm, plumber, painter & glazier       Hindes Joseph, farmer, Bardney Dairies         Wray Wm. Henry, druggist & seedsman
Clipson Samuel, farmer                        Hird Solomon, miller & baker                                     Southrey
Cockett William, grocer, draper &             Hodgson Scholey, Angel Inn & farmer                             TRADERS
postmaster                                    Jackson William, builder                       Goodyear John, farmer
Colton Francis, coal dealer & parish clerk    Johnson, Thomas, ‘Black Horse’                 Goodyear Robert, beer retailer
Coney John, Railway Hotel & auctioneer        Johnson Thomas, coal dealer                    Goodyear Thomas, farmer
 Coney John Martin, sen. Auctioneer           Kenington William, grocer & draper             Holland Thomas, farmer
Cook James, saddler & harness maker           Kennington John, farmer                        Otter John, farmer
Cook Thomas, tailor                           Knott Wm., beer retailer & coal dealer         Quincey John, beer retailer
Dawson John, beer retailer                    Leach Thomas, smith & farrier                  Robinson Thomas, station master, Great
Dawson Thomas, butcher                        Leach William, castrator                       Northern railway
Dawson Thomas, wheelwright & carpenter        Lowe Mirza, watchmaker & land surveyor         Smithson William, farmer
Dennis James, smith & farrier                 Medman William, baker                          Taylor, Wm., farmer, shopkeeper & baker
Dennis Richard, carpenter                     Moore Jas., Farmer, Thick Thorn farm           Tinley George White, farmer
Dixon John, tailor                            Mowbray Jesse, farmer                          Turner Thomas, baker
Dixon Richard, farmer                         Nelson John Summers, shopkeeper                Wrighton      William,    ‘Greyhound’,  &
Dove Edward, plumber, painter & glazier       Norfolk William, farmer                        wheelwright
East Thomas, farmer, Southrey                 Overton Rich., carpenter & wood dealer                       Bardney Dairies
Edman John, boot & shoe maker                 Overton William, carpenter                                      TRADERS
Edman William, baker                          Pask William, brickmaker & farmer, Beck        Chambers John, farmer
Ellis Thomas, farmer                          farm                                           Dent Jonathan, farmer
Friend Chas. Wm. Master of Free school.       Pask William, farmer                           Duckering William, farmer

POST OFFICE. – William Cockett, receiver. Letters arrive by foot     Commissioners to Drain the Fen Lands in Bardney, Southrey,
post from Wragby at 10 a.m.: are despatched at 3 p.m. The nearest    Tupholme, Bucknall, Horsington, Stixwould, Edlington &
money order post office is at Wragby.                                Thimbleby. Meet at the Angel Inn; Wm. Henry Hordick, clerk; Thos.
St Lawrence’s Church, Rev. William Walker, M.A. vicar; Rev.          Bartholomew, collector
Nicholas Morris Germon, M.A. curate                                  PUBLIC ESTABLISHMENTS: -
CARRIERS: - William Knott & John Nelson’s packets (by water)         Free Grammar School, Charles William Friend, master Peter
to Lincoln, Friday, returning same day; Simpson’s cart to            Handcock’s Hospital, Mr William S. P. Brown, treasurer to Charity
Horncastle, Saturday, returning same day                             Trustees

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