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             R E L E COLLECTION,       STORES S A U J U          P I ,        0 11
your reference point
       for Marlborough
  Sauvignon Blanc
In just over 25 years, the Marlborough region of
New Zealand has become one of the global go-to
destinations for Sauvignon Blanc. Around 1985,
the Kiwi Savvy style was formalized. There are varia-
tions depending on where in Marlborough it’s grown,
but the classic aromas include asparagus, freshly
cut grass, peapods, and passion fruit. Free-draining
soils such as silt and gravel, large stones on the sur-
face to absorb/disperse heat, low rainfall (irrigation
is required), innovative canopy management designed
for both variety and site location, very warm summer
days and cool evenings all contribute to the final com-
bination of pungent aromatics and mouth-watering
crispness. Marlborough producers, such as Eradus,
are not resting on their laurels. They continue to
explore their region and uncover new terroirs, such
as the exciting Awatere Valley, where the next
variations are now emerging.

Awatere Valley, Marlborough, South Island, New Zealand
225557 (XD) 750 mL $17.95

Ottawa-based wine critic Rod Phillips gave this wine
a score of HHHHJ in his online newsletter. He
recommended enjoying the wine with a “wide range of
white fish and seafood.” (,
Jan 19, 2011)
TASTING NOTE: Eradus continues a successful run
with this year’s Sauvignon Blanc. As usual, it’s fairly
pungent and herbal upfront, but then delivers waves
of passion fruit. It’s concentrated and fairly full-bodied
for a Sauvignon, with a lingering finish. Score: 91
(Joe Czerwinksi, Wine Enthusiast, Sept. 1, 2010)

Featured in Zeal of Approval

         welcome                                                                        april 16

         ZEAL OF
             REGIONS &
           THEIR WINES

                                                                      ALANNA’S PICK

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                                                                                        DISTILLED TREASURES
MATCH POINTS                                                                            pages 24-25
   EASTER PAIRINGS                                                                      PRODUCT INFO & TASTING NOTES
                                                                                        pages 27-44
                                                                                        TEAR-OUT SHOPPING LIST
                                                                                        pages 45-46
                                                                                        VINTAGES SPECIAL OFFERS
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FRONT COVER: MOMO SAUVIGNON BLANC 2009, KIM CRAWFORD MERLOT 2009 (See pages 8 and 13)                  *
                                                                                                      As this dramatic landscape attests,
                                                                                                      New Zealand’s Marlborough region is
                                                                                                      both lush and barren.

                                     New Zealand wines are loved the world over,
                                     and with good reason. Here, a look at three top
                                     regions and the wines that make them shine.

Like many a New World region, New Zealand has a wine history that dates back more than a
century, yet it wasn’t until relatively recently that the country really hit its stride. The rise to worldwide acclaim
was quick and sure. The first commercial plantings of Sauvignon Blanc appeared in the Marlborough region in
1973; the real breakthrough came in 1985 when Cloudy Bay launched onto the scene, opening the floodgates. In
very short order, producers determined the ideal terroirs in which to grow the just-right grape varieties, planting
Bordeaux-blend varieties in perfect spots in Hawkes Bay, and Pinot Noir in carefully selected locations in the distant,
southerly cool-climate region of Central Otago. Not surprisingly, New Zealand wines have garnered legions of
loyal fans. You may have your Kiwi favourites already, but there’s always room for something new: we’re about to
open your eyes to the array of wines and winemaking styles throughout these three acclaimed regions.

                                                                                                                  VINTAGES 3
Central Otago
There’s a reason that filmmaker Peter Jackson shot many of the most evocative scenes
in his Lord of the Rings movies in this region. With its vast mountain ranges, undulating hills,
arid plains and endless blue skies, Central Otago has a gorgeous, otherworldly quality. Many of those
same qualities made the region ideal for growing one grape in particular: the finicky, hard-to-please
Pinot Noir (Pinot accounts for 75% of all vines here). The mountains offer protection from wind and
rain, the infertile soils are ideal for planting vines, and the sloping hillside vineyard sites offer
much-needed sun exposure in the marginal, continental climate. The supple Pinots grown here have
the remarkable ability to be quite rich, while still retaining the vibrant acidity and fine tannins
needed for maturing elegantly.
Snow-capped peaks tower beyond
this vineyard on the shores of Central
Otago’s Lake Wanaka.

                                         AMISFIELD PINOT NOIR              ANT MOORE PINOT NOIR                CARRICK PINOT NOIR
                                         2008                              2009                                2007
                                         Central Otago, South Island       Central Otago, South Island         Central Otago, South Island

                                         TASTING NOTE: Lithe and           Ant Moore isn’t a fanciful          TASTING NOTE: The Bannock-
                                         inviting, offering a harmonious   moniker; it’s the real name         burn label has emerged as
                                         style that balances cherry,       of the owner/winemaker.             a regional classic. The 2007
                                         plum and fresh fig flavors        Australian-born Moore controls      vintage was matured for a
                                         against fine tannins and lively   every aspect of the wine-           year in French oak barriques
                                         balance. Drink now through        making, from the vineyards to       (33 per cent new). Rich and
                                         2017. Highly Recommended.         bottling the finished wines.        youthful in colour, it is finely
                                         Score: 93 (Harvey Steiman,                                            scented and flowing, with
                               ,            TASTING NOTE: Complex and           concentrated cherry, plum and
                                         May 31, 2010)                     aromatic Otago Pinot with           slight coffee flavours, savoury,
                                                                           aromas of spring flowers, cherry,   complex notes and a rich,
                                         179754 (XD)      750 mL           plum, earth and vanilla.            resounding finish. Dense yet
                                         $44.95    2                       Dry with a wonderful balance        approachable, it’s a sophisti-
                                                                           between the fruit, acidity          cated wine, for drinking 2010+.
                                                                           and moderate tannins. Good          Score: HHHHH (Michael
                                                                           ageing potential (3-5+ years), or   Cooper, Buyer’s Guide to New
                                                                           a match tonight for grilled         Zealand Wines, 2010)
                                                                           game bird or veal medallions
                                                                           in a red-wine sauce.                919837 (XD)      750 mL
                                                                           (V INTAGES panel, Aug. 2010)        $34.95    2
                                                                           220657 (XD)      750 mL
                                                                           $24.95    2
                                                                           New at VINTAGES
                                                                                                                                      VINTAGES 5
As with Central Otago, majestic mountains protect Marlborough from westerly
rain-lashings. The Wairau and Awatere Rivers have, over the centuries, carved out pretty
valleys that today are ideal for grape growing. The riverbanks offer infertile soils and extended
sun exposure; the rivers provide irrigation and climate moderation. Marlborough’s reputation
may have started with Sauvignon Blanc, but innovative local wine-growers discovered that other
varieties also thrive in this dry region’s hot summer days and cold nights. As James Healy, chief
winemaker at the legendary Cloudy Bay said, “Marlborough is ideal for any variety where fruit
intensity is an important part of [a wine’s] makeup.” That opened the door for winemakers
to explore varieties such as Pinot Noir and Pinot Gris, among others. As with their Sauvignon
Blanc, site- and variety-specific canopy management was also key. The Pinot Noir here is rounder
and riper than in Central Otago, with softer tannins and gentler acids. Marlborough Pinot Gris
suggests New World charm and Alsatian structure.
A flock of sheep – New Zealand’s
other famous export – help trim and
fertilize a Marlborough vineyard.

                                      ERADUS SAUVIGNON BLANC 2009                      GIESEN SAUVIGNON BLANC 2009
                                      Awatere Valley, Marlborough,                     The Brothers Land, Marlborough,
                                      South Island                                     South Island

                                      Ottawa-based wine critic Rod Phillips            TASTING NOTE: A compact and cool
                                      gave this wine a score of HHHHJ in his           nose that offers a mix of tropical and citrus
                                      online newsletter. He recommended                fruits with gentle fresh basil and smooth
                                      enjoying the wine with a “wide range of          melon fragrance. The palate has the same
                                      white fish and seafood.” (www.rodphillip-        play of citrus and tropical fruits, nuances
                            , Jan 19, 2011)                       of tangy nectarine here too, all very evenly
                                                                                       spread and neatly composed from start
                                      TASTING NOTE: Eradus continues a suc-            to finish. Score: 91 (Nick Stock,
                                      cessful run with this year’s Sauvignon , Oct. 2009)
                                      Blanc. As usual, it’s fairly pungent and
                                      herbal upfront, but then delivers waves          223180 (XD)      750 mL       $14.95     1
                                      of passion fruit. It’s concentrated and fairly
                                      full-bodied for a Sauvignon, with a
                                      lingering finish. Score: 91 (Joe Czerwinski,
                                      Wine Enthusiast, Sept. 1, 2010)

                                      225557 (XD)       750 mL       $17.95      1
                                      Featured as our Benchmark
                                      New at VINTAGES

                                                                                                                           VINTAGES 7
   2009                                            Marlborough, South Island                      Marlborough, South Island
   Marlborough, South Island                       (Seresin Estate)
                                                                                                  TASTING NOTE: Pale, bright yellow.
   A protégé of Kim Crawford, Jules Taylor         TASTING NOTE: Pale yellow. Sexy, rather        Grapefruit rind, white pepper, crushed
   focuses strictly on Sauvignon Blanc,            musky aromas of ginger and flinty mineral-     herbs and minerals on the vibrant nose.
   Pinot Gris and Pinot Noir. This wine won        ity. Then rich, broad and sweet on the         Rich, spicy and chewy with extract. A
   a Gold Medal at the 2010 Pacific Rim            palate, with lovely intensity and a somewhat   rather large-scaled and impressive
   Wine Competition.                               exotic character to the stone fruit flavors.   sauvignon blanc with noteworthy density
                                                   There’s a sake-like saline quality and a dry   lifted by mineral-driven high notes.
   TASTING NOTE: A more full-throttle style        finish to this silky wine that should make     Score: 91 (Stephen Tanzer, International
   of Sauv with herbs, grass, capsicum,            it flexible at the table. Score: 89 (Stephen   Wine Cellar, Sept./Oct. 2009)
   lime and a touch of tropical fruit with honey   Tanzer, International Wine Cellar,
   edged juicy citrus and a lasting finish.        Sept./Oct. 2010)                               735043 (XD)     750 mL      $21.95    1
   (Sue Courtney,,
   June 16, 2010)                                  009167 (XD)      750 mL      $18.95     1
                                                   Featured on the cover
   224428 (XD)      750 mL       $18.95     1
   New at VINTAGES

                                          Kiwi keepers:
                                   old faves & new finds
                                           New Zealand             is considered by many as the place to
                                           go for Sauvignon Blanc, so much so that some Kiwi Sauvignon
                                           producers are household names – among them Kim Crawford,
                                           Oyster Bay and Cloudy Bay, all top-sellers from VINTAGES’ ESSENTIALS
                                           COLLECTION. We get that you love these wines (or they wouldn’t
                                           be ESSENTIALS), but we also want to bring your attention to a couple
                                           featured in this release that offer intriguing variations. Give them
                                           a try – and we’re sure you’ll make some faithful new friends.

If you like …
   Kim Crawford Sauvignon Blanc
   from our popular ESSENTIALS COLLECTION                                                             New
   (035386), then take Momo for a spin.                             VINTAGES                         Arrival
   This Savvy adheres to the passion fruit,                         Essential                        see page 8

   tropical fruit, mineral and citrus
   approach that’s also favoured by Kim
   Crawford. With the same vibrancy and
   refreshment as Kim Crawford, Momo is
   sure to satisfy and present an exciting twist
   on what you already love.

                                                           If you like …
                                                                     Oyster Bay Sauvignon Blanc,
                                     New                             also from our ESSENTIALS COLLECTION
  VINTAGES                          Arrival
  Essential                         see page 8                       (316570), then check out Jules Taylor
                                                                     Sauvignon Blanc 2009. Taylor
                                                                     may have been a protégé of Kim Crawford,
                                                                     but her exciting Savvy is closer in style
                                                                     to Oyster Bay’s. It celebrates the vegetal,
                                                                     gooseberry, grass and asparagus flavours
                                                                     that put New Zealand on the map, and, at
                                                                     a similar price point, is sure to please the
                                                                     same way Oyster Bay does.

                                                                                                        VINTAGES 9
   Wairau Valley, Marlborough,                     2009                                       Marlborough, South Island
   South Island                                    Marlborough, South Island
                                                                                              TASTING NOTE: Light and velvety, with
   TASTING NOTE: Rich and reasonably               TASTING NOTE: Classy Marlborough           lovely detailed red cherry and cranberry
   flavorsome Pinot Gris with classic pear         Pinot with aromas of strawberry-rhubarb,   aromas and flavors, hinting at citrus peel
   juice and lanolin flavours. Smooth-             black cherry and woodsmoke. Dry, fruity,   and white pepper as the finish lingers
   textured and slightly sweet wine in a classic   ripe and round with a touch of crispness   effortlessly. Drink now through 2015.
   Marlborough style. Score: HHHHK                 for balance. Flavourful, and ready to      Score: 91 (Harvey Steiman,
   (Bob Campbell, MW, www.bobswinere-              drink. A prime Pinot for grilled salmon, April 30, 2010), Jan. 2011)                           steaks. (VINTAGES panel, July 2010)
                                                                                              214833 (XD)      750 mL      $34.95   2
   214999 (D)       750 mL       $19.95    2       214858 (XD)     750 mL      $16.95   2     New at VINTAGES

               Something NZ seems to achieve consistently,
                       regardless of grape variety, is an attractive
                 purity and brightness of fruit.
                                            – JANCIS ROBINSON, MW,
                                              Jan. 19, 2011

The Marlborough region has almost
24,000 hectares planted with grapes.
Here, Sauvignon Blanc vines blanket
the Wairau Valley.                                                      VINTAGES 11
              Hawkes Bay
              While Hawkes Bay is known more for its gently rolling hills                      than dramatic
              landscapes, like Marlborough and Central Otago it’s protected from damp weather in the west
              by distant mountain ranges. Hawkes Bay has so many diverse soil profiles and mesoclimates
              that it’s hard to make general statements about it. This sunny, warm region has one of the
              longest growing seasons in New Zealand. As a result, it has proven to be one of the country’s
              best locations for growing Bordeaux-blend grapes: Merlot, Cabernet Sauvignon, Cabernet Franc
              and Malbec (plus non-Bordeaux grape Syrah). These wines exhibit intense berry and cassis
              aromas and flavours supported by a healthy (and rewarding) use of oak. Some areas have
              proven to be particularly ideal, such as the Gimblett Gravels, which many believe will
              eventually be given regional recognition of its own.

A winery in the Gimblett Gravels
appellation, named for the gravelly
soil left behind when the Ngaruroro
River flooded in the 1860s.

                                      CRAGGY RANGE TE KAHU             TE AWA CABERNET/                   KIM CRAWFORD MERLOT
                                      GIMBLETT GRAVELS                 MERLOT 2007                        2009
                                      VINEYARD 2009                    Gimblett Gravels,                  Hawkes Bay, North Island
                                      Hawkes Bay, North Island,        Hawkes Bay, North Island
                                      Single Vineyard                                                     TASTING NOTE: Fresh,
                                                                       TASTING NOTE: Attractive           vibrant red with plum and
                                      The wine is a blend of mostly    wine with sweet ripe berry fruit   berry flavours. Dry and
                                      Merlot, with Cabernet Franc,     flavours lightly seasoned with     delicately fruity. Good easy-
                                      Cabernet Sauvignon, and          spicy oak. Supple, yet reason-     drinking red at a fair price.
                                      Malbec in support.               ably dense red that’s good         Score: HHHKK (Bob
                                                                       now but will reward ageing.        Campbell, MW, www.bob-
                                      TASTING NOTE: Intense            Score: HHHHK (Bob        , June 2010)
                                      black-purple-red. Smoky oak,     Campbell, MW, www.bob-
                                      plums, cedar, dried herbs, Jan. 2010)       680967 (XD)    750 mL
                                      on the nose are followed by                                         $19.95   2
                                      succulent berry and black-       095984 (XD)      750 mL            Featured on the cover
                                      currant fruit in the smooth,     $19.95    2
                                      velvety-textured palate with
                                      smoky cedar, some meaty
                                      nuances and even a hint of
                                      tobacco. A vibrant wine in
                                      colour, aroma and taste, it’s
                                      full-bodied in style and quite
                                      delicious! (Sue Courtney,
                                      Nov. 24, 2010)

                                      163584 (XD)     750 mL
                                      $27.95    2                                                                             VINTAGES 13
Perfect wine pairings for
every dish – and guest – at
your Easter feast.
Matching food and wine is as much
about the fun of experimentation and
discovery as it is about the science.
At a gathering of family or friends,
there’s also the fun (some might
call it a science) of matching the wine
to your guests’ tastes. This Easter,
we have you covered on all counts.
We’ve taken four traditional Easter
main courses – turkey, lamb, ham and
salmon – and paired each with a
VINTAGES wine that we consider a
Classic, a Crowd Pleaser, and
(to take you off the beaten track)
an Unexpected option. If only
we could help make the food prep
as simple…
If you’re
                                                Te CRW

                    Te Cra n
                        i i

                                                                                FOR COMPLETE TASTING NOTES, SEE PAGES 29 TO 44.

Classic because…                                 A crowd pleaser because…                      Unexpected because…
Like Riesling and Pinot Noir, Chardonnay         Easy-drinking and versatile, rosés work       Sangiovese is typically the main grape
is a natural complement to white meat.           with a wide variety of palates and foods.     in Umbrian blends, but here it appears in
This one’s perfect for turkey, of course, but    The bright berry flavours of this rosé will   equal parts with Merlot and Cabernet
with the weight, acidity, texture and flavour    match well with cranberry sauce and provide   Sauvignon. With flavours of cherries and
complexity to keep pace with the sweet           a tasty, tangy contrast to some of the more   sweet oak, this is a versatile food wine that
potato and squash on your plate as well.         savoury flavours of the meal.                 will complement dark meat and stuffing, while
                                                                                               offering a nice contrast to root vegetables.
UNOAKED CHARDONNAY 2008                          SYRAH ROSÉ 2010                               FALESCO VITIANO 2008
VQA Niagara Peninsula, Ontario                   AC Luberon, France                            IGT Umbria, Italy
164491 (XD) 750 mL $15.95 2                      (Chancel Family, Prop.-Récolt.)               950204 (XD) 750 mL $15.95 2
Bosc pear, lemon-lime citrus, underlying         707281 (XD) 750 mL $14.95 1                   Sleek, with layers of red cherries and
slate and earthy tones. Nicely textured,         Lively strawberry and cherry aromas.          sweet toasted oak. Terrific clarity, preci-
focused, crisp and refreshing.                   Lovely tangy red fruit flavours with a        sion and focus.
Vic Harradine, HHHHJ                             substantial finish.                           Wine Advocate, 89 Points

                                                                                                                                VINTAGES 17
   If you’re
                                                             Te CRW
Te Caic

                                                                                  FOR COMPLETE TASTING NOTES, SEE PAGES 29 TO 44.

 Classic because…                             A crowd pleaser because…                            Unexpected because…
 Nothing is more classic than Bordeaux        Everyone admires Napa Cab, and this                 You may not know that Tinta de Toro
 and lamb. Bordeaux reds have an under-       top-notch one is very food-friendly.                is another name for Spain’s super-
 brush tone that makes them the ideal match   With its complexity, structure, richly layered      popular Tempranillo, which is a wonderful
 for lamb’s mild gamey quality.               fruit, elegance, and balance, this versatile wine   match for lamb. Of note here are the spice,
                                              delivers exceptional value at this price point.     cedar and tobacco tones, which deliciously
 CHÂTEAU CHANTEMERLE 2006                                                                         complement the lamb’s savoury flavours.
 AC Médoc, France                             WHITEHALL LANE
 198986 (XD) 750 mL $21.95 2                  CABERNET SAUVIGNON 2006                             VIÑAS ELIAS MORA 2008
 Redcurrant, cherry, cassis and spice         Napa Valley, California                             DO Toro, Spain
 aromas with beautifully emerging fruit       606509 (XD) 750 mL $47.95 2                         209650 (D) 750 mL $18.95 2
 flavours. Delicious, mouth-coating           Elaborate tobacco, plum, blueberry                  Spice box, tobacco and cedar with ripe,
 food wine.                                   and blackberry aromas. Concentrated                 rich and fleshy layers of succulent fruit.
 Concours Général Agricole, Gold Medal        dark fruits and an impeccably                       Excellent balance.
                                              balanced palate.                                    Wine Advocate, 90 Points
                                                                                                  Featured on the back cover

                                                                                                                                 VINTAGES 19
If you’re
     Te Ca

                                              Te CRW

                                                                                FOR COMPLETE TASTING NOTES, SEE PAGES 29 TO 44.

Classic because…                              A crowd pleaser because…                        Unexpected because…
Pinot Noir is about nuance and elegance,      Tawse is a hot producer, and rosé               Matching white blends to food can be
which can enhance the subtle textures         brightens any table. Elegant and fruity to      challenging. The right wine, however,
and flavours in ham. The vibrant fruit here   complement ham’s lighter flavours, and          can deliver great results. This unique blend
will work with more delicate ham flavours,    though dry, this wine’s sweet-fruit tones are   of Chenin Blanc and Semillon will add
while the spicy edge will match nicely with   a perfect foil for the saltiness.               an exotic touch to your meal, but brings
mustard-glazed or smoked ham.                                                                 enough richness and softness to offset
                                              TAWSE SKETCHES OF NIAGARA                       the ham’s saltiness.
CAMBRIA JULIA’S VINEYARD                      ROSÉ 2010
PINOT NOIR 2008                               VQA Niagara Peninsula, Ontario                  DORNIER DONATUS WHITE 2009
Santa Maria Valley, California                172643 (XD) 750 mL $14.95 1                     WO Western Cape, South Africa
980482 (XD) 750 mL $29.95 2                   Intense cherry and raspberry aromas and         597278 (XD) 750 mL $18.95 2
Deep and intriguing aromatics of              flavours, with a long, cherry-infused finish.   Toasty and elegant, with ripe fruit and
cherry, earth, and woodsmoke. Lovely          Michael Pinkus, HHHHJ                           a finely balanced acidity culminating in
balance throughout.                                                                           a creamy finish.
                                                                                              Platter Guide, HHHHJ

                                                                                                                              VINTAGES 21
If you’re
                                               Te CRW

Te C
 airin ic


                                                                                  FOR COMPLETE TASTING NOTES, SEE PAGES 29 TO 44.

  Classic because…                               A crowd pleaser because…                      Unexpected because…
  Few things in life go together as beauti-      Everyone loves an added touch of              People still tend to shy away from red
  fully as Alsatian Riesling and salmon.         exotic fruit and spice. With its lychee       wine with fish. There’s no need though:
  The high acidity here will cut through the     fruit tones, lively acidity and spicy edge,   as long as a wine has sufficiently low
  richness of the fish, while the fruit-         this Gewürztraminer will liven up smoked      tannins, it should pair well. This red wine’s
  forward mouthfeel will balance and enhance     salmon, while the classic bitter tone will    acidity and low to moderate tannins are
  the salmon’s flavour.                          contrast the richness of the fish.            the keys to its ability to match exquisitely
                                                                                               with salmon.
  2009                                           2009                                          JOSEF CHROMY PINOT NOIR 2009
  AC Alsace, France                              VQA Beamsville Bench,                         Tasmania
  (Les Viticulteurs Réunis de Hunawihr)          Niagara Peninsula, Ontario                    163022 (XD) 750 mL $27.95 2
  196741 (D) 750 mL $17.95 2                     542522 (MD) 750 mL $24.95 2                   Cherry, spice, and dried-herb aromas,
  Floral, mineral, green apple and mixed         Lotus flower, lychee and exotic spice         with flavours of orange peel and rhubarb.
  citrus notes. Exquisite balance, acidity,      flavours and aromas. Great acidity and        Dry and round with a juicy acidity.
  purity and poise.                              classic Gewürz touch of bitterness.           Anthony Gismondi & Stuart Tobe,
  Concours Général Agricole, Gold Medal                                                        89 points

                                                                                                                                VINTAGES 23
        True to Traditi
       Crafted using an age-old, vanishing skill, this
                Cognac was a standout in our tasting room:
            gorgeous from beginning to end.

        Smooth character
        WE  SCOUR THE WORLD TO BRING YOU                    Their father is one of them – another link
        UNIQUE, HARD-TO-FIND PREMIUM SPIRITS.               to the past who will help them forge their
                                                            Cognac’s future.

        THE INSIDE STORY                                    GOOD TASTE
        David and Julien Panneau seem perfectly suited      This superb modern Cognac with centuries-old
        to their newfound careers as purveyors of fine      roots has great depth of character and intensity.
        Château des Plassons Cognac, bringing a passion     It features complex aromas of sweet caramel,
        for both the past and the future to the venture.    honey, spiced wood and a lifted floral tone. The
        David, a history teacher, and Julien, an entre-     caramel and honey come through again on
        preneur in the chemical industry, bought the        the round, well-balanced palate.
        15th-century Château property three years ago
        from the Hennessy family. Their plan was
                                                            SERVE IT UP
        to produce a Cognac that would appeal to tradi-
        tional drinkers and new converts alike. The         A far cry from an “old boys’ club” Cognac
        Château has produced Cognac since the 18th          (think leather armchairs and cigars), this
        century; while the Panneaus are new owners,         is a drink that should be served after a lively
        their roots in the industry run deep: “We know      meal to further energize the evening – a
        it from our childhood. Our father, our grand-       perfect companion to spirited conversation.
        father – they were wine growers and distillers,”    Sip it on its own, or stir it into a favourite
        says Julien. While the Panneaus made a              Cognac cocktail.
        number of modernizations to the facility, Julien
        and David use two manual alembic pot                We suggest: To a highball glass, add 2 oz
        stills that date to 1922 to ensure their Cognac’s   Cognac and 1 oz lime juice. Top with carbonated
        authenticity. These stills are labour intensive     water and garnish with a lime wedge.
        and require a great deal of skill to operate; in
        fact, the two brothers are aware of only four         CHÂTEAU DES PLASSONS FINE COGNAC VSOP
        people who possess the requisite expertise.           Réserve du Propriétaire
                                                              211300      750 mL      $49.95

                                                            FOR COMPLETE TASTING NOTE, SEE PAGE 27.


      VINTAGES 25
    PICK                                   An insider’s
                                           guide to great
                                           local wines.

                                                                   I love it
Alanna Bailey,
Product Manager,
Ontario Wines

                                                            1.   It’s so fresh, crisp
                                                                 and mouth-watering.

Featherstone Black Sheep
Riesling 2010                                                    2.   It’s a great wine to pair
                                                                      with Easter dinner.
Owners David Johnson and Louise
Engel are leaders in eco-friendly
and sustainability-focused practices.
In July and August, they use sheep
                                                                 3.  The name pays
                                                                     tribute to the sheep
                                                                     that help make it.
to weed and “mow” the grass in the
vineyard. The sheep also trim the
grape leaves that shade the berry
clusters, increasing sun exposure
and subsequently boosting the
berries’ ripeness and quality. Tire-
less workers, but discerning eaters,
the sheep don’t touch the as-yet-
unripe grapes. This wine honours
the sheep that are ewe-tilized
so well in the vineyard –
resulting in terrible puns,
but fantastic wine.

               BLACK SHEEP
               RIESLING 2010
               VQA Niagara Peninsula
               080234 (XD) 750 mL
               $16.95 2

               For complete tasting note
               see page 29.
                                            DISCOVER OUR LATEST • SATURDAY, APRIL 16, 2011

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                                                                SCOTCH WHISKY
This is intended as a guideline for our customers. The index
reflects the collective view of our purchasing panel. The        PRÀBAN NA LINNE POIT DHUBH
length of time that wines should be cellared is a subjective    8 YEARS OLD BLENDED MALT WHISKY
decision and will depend on individual preferences, cellar      Unchilfiltered, Gaelic Whisky
temperature, storage conditions, etc.                           This 8-year-old blended malt won a Silver Medal at
                                                                the prestigious and highly competitive International
1 DRINK NOW: Enjoy and drink. There is no benefit
  to cellaring.
                                                                Wine and Spirit Competition in 2006 – the highest
                                                                accolade that year, as no Gold Medals were
                                                                awarded. This whisky offers an intriguing whiff of
2 DRINK OR HOLD: Can be enjoyed now,on individual
  matured further by cellaring, depending
                                          but may be
                                                                sherry from its partial maturation in sherry casks.
                                                                032920                 700 mL $49.95
3    HOLD: Ideal for further cellaring. This wine may well
     be enjoyed now by some but we feel that it will develop
     favourably under ideal cellaring conditions.

PERCEIVED SUGAR CONTENT                                         COGNAC
Perceived dryness/sweetness by tasting evaluation. VINTAGES
scale ranges from Extra Dry to Sweet: D, MD, M, MS, S.          CHÂTEAU DES PLASSONS
Please discuss specifics with our Product Consultants or         FINE COGNAC VSOP
other store staff.                                              Réserve du Propriétaire
                                                                TASTING NOTE: A tasting room standout, this
ALCOHOL CONTENT                                                 Cognac greets you with an intensely complex nose
The alcohol/volume content for any product released by          composed of sweet caramel, honey, spiced wood
VINTAGES is available on our website. Visit        and a lifting floral tone. The caramel and honey
and view the Product Information page by entering the           come through nicely again on the round and well-
LCBO# into the Product Search field.                             balanced palate. Great depth of character
                                                                and flavour intensity throughout. Gorgeous from
Products in this release may be available to customers in
                                                                beginning to end. (VINTAGES panel, July 2010)
limited quantities. Please see store staff for details.

Please note: prices shown are subject to change without         211300                 750 mL $49.95
notice. VINTAGES cannot assume responsibility for typographi-   Featured in Distilled Treasures
cal errors in this catalogue. All prices include applicable
container deposit and HST.

on the cover
Front:                                                          FORTIFIED WINE
Marlborough, South Island (009167, $18.95, page 8)
Hawkes Bay, North Island (680967, $19.95, page 13)
                                                                GONZALEZ BYASS ELEGANTE PALOMINO/
Back:                                                           PEDRO XIMÉNEZ SWEET CREAM SHERRY
LE CLOS JORDANNE LA PETITE COLLINE                              DO Jerez
PINOT NOIR 2008 VQA Niagara Peninsula,
                                                                Dark mahogany colour with rich aromas of raisins,
Twenty Mile Bench, Ontario (033944, $45.00, page 30)
                                                                mocha, dark chocolate, nuts and fruit pastries.
TENUTA FRIGGIALI BRUNELLO DI MONTALCINO 2004                    Sweet, but never cloying. A wonderful after-dinner
DOCG, Tuscany, Italy (211631, $46.95, page 42)                  drink with blue cheese or fruit-based custards.
DO Toro, Spain (209650, $18.95, page 44)                        196824 (S)             750 mL $14.95        1

                                                                           SATURDAY, APRIL 16, 2011 VINTAGES 27

              FORTIFIED WINE CONT’D                                    LACOURTE-GODBILLON
                                                                       BRUT CHAMPAGNE 2002
              PORT                                                     Lacourte-Godbillon has been making award-
                                                                       winning Champagnes for over four generations.
              MESSIAS LATE BOTTLED                                     Nevertheless, its wines are new to this market
              VINTAGE PORT 2005                                        – and should not be missed. The blend in this
              DOC Douro, Btld. 2010                                    vintage bubbly is 50/50 Pinot Noir and Char-
              A fine Port featuring spot-on aromas of raisin,          donnay. The nose suggests pear, yellow plum and
              dark chocolate, very ripe plum and a hint of prune.      buttered brioche. On the palate, these aromas
              Sweet, round and ripe with just enough acidity for       replay beautifully. The mousse is fine and robust,
              balance, preventing it from being cloying. A superb      giving the body very good support. A great
              LBV for the classic pairings of blue cheese or nuts.     champers for flavourful seafood dishes, such as
                                                                       crab, lobster or pan-fried scallops.
              140863 (MS)             750 mL $16.95         1
                                                                       211052 (XD)             750 mL $54.95        1

                                                                       SPARKLING WINE

                                                                       DUFOULEUR PÈRE & FILS
              QUINTA DO CASTELINHO                                     BRUT CRÉMANT DE BOURGOGNE 2007
              10-YEAR-OLD PORT                                         AC, Burgundy, France
              DOC Douro                                                All grapes grown in Burgundy are allowed in
              Quinta do Castelinho is one of the Douro’s oldest        Crémant de Bourgogne, which is made using the
              properties. They produce this fine Port from their       traditional method and must be aged for at least
              best vineyards. The blend, aged 10 years in barrel,      nine months. This version comprises Pinot Noir,
              is Touriga Nacional, Tinta Roriz, Tinta Barroca and      Chardonnay and Aligoté. Vintage-dated Crémant
              Touriga Franca. This Port is filled with dried fruits,   de Bourgogne is relatively rare in our market. This
              mocha and vanilla aromas and flavours. Enjoy it as       one features lovely bread dough, citrus and
              an after-dinner sipper. No decanting is required.        apple aromas. Dry and fresh, with the breadiness
                                                                       balanced impeccably by the citrus. Quite
              198952 (S)              750 mL $24.95         1          flavourful, this is a great, well-priced, affordable
                                                                       indulgence for everyday enjoyment.

                                                                       207993 (D)              750 mL $17.95        1


              CATTIER CHIGNY-LES-ROSES PREMIER                         PODERI ELIA MOSCATO D’ASTI 2009
              CRU BRUT CHAMPAGNE                                       DOCG, Piedmont, Italy
              AC                                                       TASTING NOTE: Floral tones float delicately atop
              TASTING NOTE: A very refined and elegant wine,           notes of sweet peaches, apricot and tangerine. The
              dry and more full bodied than the Martel, with           palate is medium-sweet with good crisp acidity,
              ripe peach, yellow plum, tangerine and buttered          nice fruit and a lively medium-long finish. Perfect
              toast flavours, more of the mineral notes, and           for fruit salads, or light desserts featuring peaches
              some splashes of vanilla. (Dan Kislenko, The             or berries. (VINTAGES panel, July 2010)
              Waterloo Region Record, Dec. 30, 2010)
                                                                       211664 (MS)             750 mL $15.95        1
              919456 (XD)             375 mL $19.95         1

                                   DISCOVER OUR LATEST • SATURDAY, APRIL 16, 2011

BRUT CAVA 2007                                           VQA Ontario
Spain                                                    TASTING NOTE: This is a well-made and refreshing
TASTING NOTE: The award-winning winery                   riesling that delivers just what you want from
Raventós i Blanc is Cava’s standard-bearer. Their        the variety vinified dry. Look for defined fruit, good
L’Hereu Reserva Brut 2007 possesses pale gold            complexity, and a refreshing line of acidity that
bubbles that give way to a lively and complex wine       drives clean through the palate. With a crisp finish,
with flavors evoking the fruit and olive trees that      it’s a great choice for pork, poultry and seafood.
dot Spain’s Mediterranean coast. The wine pairs          Score: HHHHK (Rod Phillips, www.rodphillip-
beautifully with seafood and sausage and is ..., Aug. 18, 2010)
an unbeatable value. (Sophie Menin, www.the-, Dec. 29, 2010)                           223982 (XD)             750 mL $19.95         2
221796 (XD)             750 mL $19.95         1


                                                         MALIVOIRE GEWÜRZTRAMINER 2009
FEATHERSTONE BLACK SHEEP                                 VQA Beamsville Bench, Niagara Peninsula
RIESLING 2010                                            TASTING NOTE: Tones of lotus flower, lychee, rose
VQA Niagara Peninsula                                    petal and exotic spices on the nose. The palate
TASTING NOTE: This is a stunning riesling, full          is off-dry, medium bodied and delivers great acidity
of flavour, focused and complex. The fruit is            and classic Gewürz bitterness. This closes out
harnessed to a broad line of bright, lively acidity,     with a spicy edge to the medium-length, fresh and
and the integration is seamless. The black sheep         fruity finish. A great pairing for salmon in a light
who helped make this should be proud of their            cream sauce. (VINTAGES panel, Feb. 2011)
work. Score: HHHHJ (Rod Phillips, www.rod-, Feb. 15, 2011)                       542522 (MD)             750 mL $24.95         2
                                                         Featured in Match Points
080234 (XD)             750 mL $16.95         2
Featured as Alanna’s Pick

VQA Niagara Peninsula
This wine was a Double Gold winner at the
2010 All-Canadian Wine Awards.
                                                         MIKE WEIR SAUVIGNON BLANC 2009
TASTING NOTE: Well paced, well made and well             VQA Niagara Peninsula
priced – it gained its final half star on value. There   With its concentrated aromas of grass, mineral,
are aromas and flavours galore with ripe Bosc            lemon and grapefruit, ripe tropical and citrus
pear, lemon-lime citrus and an underlying sense          flavours, and crisp finish, this homegrown Savvy
of slate and earthy tones. Mid weight and nicely         makes an ideal aperitif but will also deliciously
textured, it keeps its focus throughout the crisp        enhance a pan-fried fresh fish – especially with
and refreshing finish. Sip on its own or pair            a lemon-butter sauce.
with linguine con vongole. Score: HHHHJ
(Vic Harradine,,                     686972 (XD)             750 mL $14.95         2
May 29, 2010)

164491 (XD)             750 mL $15.95         2
Featured in Match Points

                                                                     SATURDAY, APRIL 16, 2011 VINTAGES 29

              CANADA – RED WINE                                       USA – WHITE WINE

              ONTARIO                                                 CALIFORNIA
              LE CLOS JORDANNE LA PETITE COLLINE                      BERINGER CHARDONNAY 2009
              PINOT NOIR 2008                                         Napa Valley
              VQA Niagara Peninsula,                                  TASTING NOTE: One of the best buys in the
              Twenty Mile Bench                                       Chardonnay marketplace remains Beringer’s 2009
              “La Petite Colline is only 3.25 hectares. Despite its   Chardonnay Napa. In fact, I would rank it right
              size, La Petite Colline produces excellent vintages.”   up there with Kendall-Jackson’s 2009 Vintner’s
              (Rick VanSickle,,                Reserve. Beringer’s offering shows elegant white
              Nov. 24, 2010)                                          peach and honeysuckle notes in a crisp, medium-
                                                                      bodied style. What is surprising is how much
              TASTING NOTE: Aromas of rose petals, raspberry,         flavor and intensity they have been able to build
              humus, and mocha. Dry and fresh with fruit              into this wine ... Score: 88 (Robert Parker Jr.,
              still underneath waiting to unfold as it ages (allow, Dec. 2010)
              1-3 years). Fairly lengthy finish. Try it with veal
              cutlets and grilled parsnips, or grilled portobello     084988 (XD)             750 mL $24.95        2
              mushrooms. Very Burgundian in style. (VINTAGES
              panel, March 2011)

              033944 (XD)             750 mL $45.00        2
              Featured on the back cover                              BLACKSTONE SONOMA RESERVE
                                                                      CHARDONNAY 2007
                                                                      Sonoma County
              PALATINE HILLS PROPRIETORS                              TASTING NOTE: Such a beautiful Chardonnay:
              RESERVE CABERNET SAUVIGNON 2007                         this is what I love in Californian Chardonnay when
              VQA Niagara Lakeshore                                   I find it. Buttery with ripe peaches and pears
              An intensely characterful wine reminiscent of the       yet balanced with great length. This is a blend of
              Bordeaux style. The nose and palate are wonder-         grapes from Carneros, Russian River Valley,
              fully complex with notes of blackberry, red plum        and Sonoma Coast. Score: 92 (Natalie MacLean,
              and vanilla. Enjoy this robust and savoury wine with, Aug. 29, 2009)
              barbecued steak, gourmet burgers or roast lamb.
                                                                      128926 (XD)             750 mL $22.95        1
              121699 (XD)             750 mL $19.95        2

              CANADA – ROSÉ WINE

              ONTARIO                                                 FROG’S LEAP CHARDONNAY 2009
                                                                      Napa Valley
              TAWSE SKETCHES OF NIAGARA                               Frog’s Leap practises Taoist philosophy in the pro-
              ROSÉ 2010                                               duction of its Chardonnay. “It is the [Taoist]
              VQA Niagara Peninsula                                   essentials of ‘non-being’ that defines our approach
              TASTING NOTE: ... A pink blend of Gamay, Pinot          to Chardonnay. As winemakers, we recognize our
              Noir, Cabernet Franc, Cabernet Sauvignon and            greatest contribution is to impose less of ourselves
              Merlot that has intense cherry, raspberry and hints     upon the wine, allowing the Chardonnay its own
              of bubblegum on the nose. Although the aromas           light, energy, freshness and honesty. Instead of
              hint at something sweet, in the mouth the taste is      hammering more wood into the house, we
              much drier than expected (but still with plenty of      favor restraint and modesty in our winemaking”
              fruit). Great berry flavour with balanced acidity and   ( From its lovely bouquet
              a dry raspberry on the back palate ... Score:           of green apple, pear and honeysuckle to its lively
              HHHHJ (Michael Pinkus, www.ontariowine-                 flavours of apricot, citrus and hazelnut, this
    , Jan. 12, 2011)                              vibrant, well-balanced wine will make you a believer.

              172643 (XD)             750 mL $14.95        1          713552 (XD)             750 mL $34.95        2
              Featured in Match Points

                                    DISCOVER OUR LATEST • SATURDAY, APRIL 16, 2011

GRGICH HILLS FUMÉ BLANC 2009                               CAYMUS CABERNET SAUVIGNON 2008
Napa Valley,                                               Napa Valley
Made from Biodynamic Grapes                                TASTING NOTE: Openly fruity, rich, lush and
TASTING NOTE: This pale yellow colored Fume                layered, serving up a complex mix of plum, black-
Blanc was well received by our mini-panel in our           berry, black licorice and spices. Full-bodied
recent review of high end Sauvignon Blanc. It              and supple-textured, ending with a long, persistent
opens with a fragrant ruby grapefruit bouquet with         finish that keeps repeating the core flavor themes.
a hint of lime. On the palate, this wine is medium         Drink now through 2018. Collectibles. Score: 93
bodied, tangy, and full of life. The flavor profile is a   (James Laube,,
tasty ripe grapefruit with a hint of lime and green        Dec. 15, 2010)
apple. The finish is dry, crisp, and refreshing. Enjoy
this lively Fume with lemon sole or ham. Very              222877 (XD)             750 mL $69.95        2
Good+. Score: 91 (Ken Hoggins, www.kenswine-, Jan. 23, 2011)

346296 (XD)              750 mL $29.95          1

                                                           CABERNET SAUVIGNON 2006
RODNEY STRONG                                              Napa Valley
CHARDONNAY 2008                                            TASTING NOTE: Very spicy, peppery, rooty,
Sonoma County                                              meaty, cassis jam, black cherry, iodine, tobacco
TASTING NOTE: Fairly aromatic with lots of                 aromas. Ripe, round, supple but slightly rustic
tropical fruit, toasty oak and ripe apple. Dry, fruity,    and tart palate. Blueberry, peppery, blackberry,
round and ripe with the oak well-integrated into           coffee, vanilla, licorice root, savoury flavours.
the whole. A medium-full-bodied crowd-pleaser              Good intensity if a bit rustic and young. Needs
that would be an excellent match for richer                2-4 years or try with roast lamb. Score: 89
seafood dishes. (VINTAGES panel, Feb. 2011)                (Anthony Gismondi & Stuart Tobe,
                                                 , Oct. 28, 2008)
226936 (D)               750 mL $19.95          1
                                                           214817 (XD)             750 mL $32.95        2


CALIFORNIA                                                 GROVE STREET
                                                           CABERNET SAUVIGNON 2008
CAMBRIA JULIA’S VINEYARD                                   Sonoma County
PINOT NOIR 2008                                            TASTING NOTE: Over the past twenty years, Grove
Santa Maria Valley                                         Street has played an important role in putting
TASTING NOTE: Medium ruby in the glass, with               Sonoma on the global wine map. This impressive
deep and intriguing aromas of sour cherry,                 Cabernet shows why they’ve been so successful.
cola, earth, plum and woodsmoke. Showing good              Deep ruby in the glass, it’s busting with blueberry,
structure, the wine is dry and medium bodied,              blackberry, black cherry, plum and cocoa. Finely
fruity and smoky, with bright acidity and silky, ripe      structured and balanced, this superb effort offers
tannins. Lovely balance throughout the medium-             incredible value. Try it tonight with a T-bone steak.
long finish. Enjoy with a mustard-glazed ham.              (VINTAGES panel, Oct. 2010)
(VINTAGES panel, Feb. 2011)
                                                           161190 (XD)             750 mL $15.00        2
980482 (XD)              750 mL $29.95          2          As seen in Food & Drink magazine
Featured in Match Points

                                                                      SATURDAY, APRIL 16, 2011 VINTAGES 31

              USA – RED WINE CONT’D                                 NAPA RIDGE PETITE SIRAH 2007
                                                                    Napa Valley
                                                                    Petite Sirah is perhaps best known for adding
              CALIFORNIA                                            body and colour to blends, but it can also create –
                                                                    as demonstrated by Napa Ridge – impressive
              IRONSTONE OLD VINE ZINFANDEL 2009                     full-bodied and fruity varietal wines. This well-made
              Lodi                                                  and finely structured example delivers lovely
              Ironstone creates a fruit-forward, crowd-pleasing     blueberry, black cherry and spice flavours and
              Zinfandel rich in blackberry and blueberry notes.     aromas. Enjoy with a grilled pork tenderloin.
              Medium bodied, dry, soft and round, with a
              lingering finish. An excellent partner for pasta      213686 (XD)              750 mL $19.95         2
              marinara, beef fajitas or sesame pork ribs.
              Superb value.

              951889 (D)              750 mL $16.95        2

              RESERVE CABERNET SAUVIGNON 2008                       ROBERT MONDAVI MERLOT 2006
              Sonoma/Napa Counties                                  Napa Valley
              A perennial favourite with VINTAGES customers,        This wine is a blends a core of 76% Merlot with
              K-J’s Vintner’s Reserve Cabernet Sauvignon            13% Cabernet Sauvignon, 5% Malbec, 3% Syrah
              seems to get better with every vintage, and the       and 3% Cabernet Franc. It has fascinating
              2008 has no intention of letting the side down.       aromas of currant, espresso, anise and black
              Elegant with cherry, cassis, cedar and cocoa          cherry. Fairly robust with very good aroma
              aromas, it’s dry and medium bodied on the palate,     replays. It has the stuff to last 2-4 years, but will
              with fresh fruit flavours and ripe tannins.           also match well with grilled lamb or stuffed
              Delicious with braised lamb shanks, grilled steak     veal tenderloin.
              or beef kebabs. This will also reward 2-3 years in
              the cellar.                                           953562 (XD)              750 mL $29.95         2
              331603 (XD)             750 mL $21.95        2

                                                                    RODNEY STRONG KNOTTY VINES
                                                                    ZINFANDEL 2008
              NAPA RIDGE                                            Northern Sonoma
              CABERNET SAUVIGNON 2009                               This wine won a Silver Medal at the 2010 World
              Napa Valley                                           Wine Championship Awards.
              This value-priced Napa Valley Cabernet
              Sauvignon over-delivers and hits all of the classic   TASTING NOTE: Mild sun-dried tomato and
              notes, offering up cassis, vanilla and cherry         cherry butter aromas with a supple, satiny dry-
              aromas and flavours. A definite crowd-pleaser,        yet-fruity medium-to-full body and a smooth
              this makes an excellent match for red meat            blackberry cobbler a la mode finish. Tasty. Highly
              off the barbecue.                                     Recommended. Score: 88 (,
                                                                    Oct. 11, 2010)
              067934 (XD)             750 mL $19.95        2
                                                                    363358 (XD)              750 mL $22.95         1

                                   DISCOVER OUR LATEST • SATURDAY, APRIL 16, 2011

WHITEHALL LANE                                           PASSION RESERVE
CABERNET SAUVIGNON 2006                                  MALBEC 2008
Napa Valley                                              San Rafael, Mendoza
TASTING NOTE: Deep ruby with a complex nose              (Valentin Bianchi)
of tobacco, plum, blueberry and blackberry. Dry,         The world is certainly passionate about Argentine
robust and full bodied with great structure              Malbec, and really, can you blame us? Here is
and depth of concentrated dark fruit on the palate.      another excellent example of what all the noise is
Impeccably balanced to the end of the medium-            about. Crowd-pleasing, flavour-packed, and
long finish. Enjoy with a roast leg of lamb. (VINTAGES   beautifully structured, textured and balanced, this
panel, Feb. 2010)                                        wine is simply bursting with flair. Perfect for
                                                         barbecued back ribs or steak.
606509 (XD)             750 mL $47.95         2
Featured in Match Points                                 191775 (XD)             750 mL $14.95        2

HOGUE RESERVE                                            URRACA MALBEC 2008
MERLOT 2006                                              Agrelo, Mendoza
Wahluke Slope                                            TASTING NOTE: Ripe and rich, but stylish,
TASTING NOTE: Despite the high (15.4%) alcohol,          with a big core of plum sauce and fig paste flavors
this sleek and textural Merlot manages to seem           woven with a hint of grilled mesquite. Black tea,
elegant. It neatly laces together a rich range of        licorice and toast frame the dense, but polished
black fruits, annotated with black olive, smoke          finish. Drink now through 2011. Tasted twice, with
and earth. Astringent and polished tannins com-          consistent notes. Score: 90 (James Molesworth,
plete a sexy, seductive bottle. Score: 91 (Paul, April 30, 2010)
Gregutt, Wine Enthusiast, May 2010)
                                                         214379 (XD)             750 mL $19.95        1
220491 (XD)             750 mL $19.95         1

ARGENTINA – RED WINE                                     CHILE – RED WINE

LUIGI BOSCA RESERVA                                      CALITERRA TRIBUTO CARMENÈRE 2009
CABERNET SAUVIGNON 2007                                  Block Boldo, Colchagua Valley,
Maipü, Mendoza                                           Single Vineyard
TASTING NOTE: The 2007 Cabernet Sauvignon                Caliterra was established in 1996 as a
Reserva spent 14 months in new French oak. It is         partnership between the Robert Mondavi family
opaque purple-colored with an aromatic array of          and Viña Errázuriz. Viña Erráruriz acquired the
pain grille, spice box, incense, black currant, and      Mondavi share in 2004. The name Caliterra is a
blackberry. On the palate it has plenty of ripe          combination of the words calidad (quality) and
tannin with enough savory fruit for balance. It will     tierra (land). This is a deliciously lush wine with
require several years of cellaring to reveal its full    layers of sweet dark fruit, nice structure and
potential. Drink it from 2012 to 2022. Score: 90+        a seam of acidity keeping everything in balance.
(Jay Miller,, Aug. 2009)
                                                         056630 (XD)             750 mL $14.95        2
128629 (XD)              750 mL $17.95        2

                                                                    SATURDAY, APRIL 16, 2011 VINTAGES 33

              CHILE – RED WINE CONT’D                                  AUSTRALIA – RED WINE

              CASAS DEL BOSQUE RESERVA                                 JOSEF CHROMY PINOT NOIR 2009
              CARMENÈRE 2009                                           Tasmania
              Rapel Valley                                             TASTING NOTE: Light ruby, cherry colour. Com-
              TASTING NOTE: Aromas of incense, balsamic,               plex nose of cherry jam, smoky, spicy, celery salt,
              herbs, lavender, and blueberry; ripe, savory,            licorice, barnyard, meaty, dried herb aromas.
              rich, lengthy. Score: 90 (Jay Miller, www.erobert-       Round, dry, supple, forward palate with juicy
    , Dec. 2010)                                   acidity. Celery salt, smoky, herbal, cherry, rhubarb,
                                                                       vanilla, tobacco leaf, orange peel flavours. A bit
              205872 (XD)              750 mL $13.95         2         warm on the finish but good fruit and intensity for
                                                                       current drinking. Solid value. Score: 89 (Anthony
                                                                       Gismondi & Stuart Tobe, www.gismondion-
                                                             , Nov. 27, 2010)

                                                                       163022 (XD)              750 mL $27.95          2
                                                                       Featured in Match Points

              VALDIVIESO RESERVA                                       KILIKANOON COVENANT SHIRAZ 2007
              CABERNET SAUVIGNON 2008                                  Clare Valley, South Australia
              Maipo Valley                                             TASTING NOTE: Steely, powerful and focused,
              Valdivieso released its first wines in 1887.             showing a welcome freshness to the licorice-
              With its dark red colour and its ripe, juicy flavour –   accented blackberry, dark plum and black cherry
              and as you would expect from a producer with             flavors, lingering on the finish along with hints of
              124 years of experience – this wine is an excellent      pepper and clove. Best from 2012 through 2020.
              example of a Chilean Cabernet Sauvignon.                 Score: 93 (Harvey Steiman, www.winespec-
              Pair it with grilled or roast beef.            , Feb. 28, 2010)

              032110 (XD)              750 mL $16.95         2         674747 (XD)              750 mL $39.95          2

              AUSTRALIA – WHITE WINE                                   OSCAR’S ESTATE VINEYARD
                                                                       SHIRAZ 2008
                                                                       Barossa Valley, South Australia
              ROLLING SAUVIGNON BLANC/                                 (B&B Wines)
              SEMILLON 2009                                            TASTING NOTE: A wonderfully robust and
              Central Ranges, New South Wales                          intriguing nose of blackberry jam, caramel, cocoa
              (Cumulus Wines)                                          and a touch of toasted coconut. The palate is
              TASTING NOTE: Some citrus and grassy aro-                dry, with nice fruit and a plush texture. This is a real
              mas on the nose. Shows some weight from                  crowd-pleaser of a wine, and will be perfect for
              Semillon and zip from Sauvignon. Very pleasant.          spare ribs. A nice addition to a casual gathering.
              Score: Bronze Medal (Decanter World Wine                 (VINTAGES panel, Sept. 2010)
              Awards, 2010)
                                                                       225631 (D)               750 mL $15.95          2
              678821 (XD)              750 mL $14.95         1

                                   DISCOVER OUR LATEST • SATURDAY, APRIL 16, 2011

SIDE GATE                                                WOLF BLASS GOLD LABEL SHIRAZ 2008
CABERNET SAUVIGNON 2008                                  Barossa, South Australia
Coonawarra, South Australia                              TASTING NOTE: Strong colour; a typically rich and
(Broken Gate)                                            supple style, with the contributions of fruit and
TASTING NOTE: Coonawarra Cabernet Sauvignon              oak of equal magnitude, skilfully and seamlessly
is typically an aromatic delight, and the 2008           woven together with the help of fine tannins ...
Side Gate certainly does not disappoint. Deliciously     Drink [until] 2020. Score: 93 (James Halliday,
complex blackberry and cassis notes abound on  , Nov. 2010)
the nose and palate. The wine offers great depth,
structure and character with a nice touch of spice       590273 (XD)             750 mL $27.95        2
and a fruity, medium-long finish. Perfect for grilled
meats. (VINTAGES panel, Sept. 2010)

225128 (XD)             750 mL $17.95         2

                                                         SOUTH AFRICA – WHITE WINE

ST. HUBERTS PINOT NOIR 2008                              DORNIER DONATUS WHITE 2009
Yarra Valley, Victoria                                   WO Western Cape, South Africa
TASTING NOTE: Good hue and depth; has the                This wine received HHHHJ in the 2011
aroma, structure, texture and length of quality          Platter’s South African Wine Guide.
pinot noir; dark plum fruits on the mid-palate flow
through to a gently savoury and long finish              TASTING NOTE: ... the flagship Donatus White
sustained by fine tannins ... Drink [until] 2015.        2009 [is] a Chenin blend with 23% Semillon ...The
Score: 94 (James Halliday, www.winecom-                  Donatus was superb with a toasty entry giving, July 2009)                                way to green-tinged, ripe fruit and a creamy finish.
                                                         (, Jan. 28, 2011)
221861 (XD)             750 mL $29.95         2
                                                         597278 (XD)             750 mL $18.95        2
                                                         Featured in Match Points

Barossa, South Australia
Scored 89 points at the Wine Access 2010                 SOUTH AFRICA – RED WINE
International Value Wine Awards.

TASTING NOTE: The Clarke family owns about               DELHEIM SHIRAZ 2007
270 hectares of vines spread around the Barossa          WO Simonsberg-Stellenbosch
– a remarkable estate that grew from Cheryl              TASTING NOTE: Combo Old & New World. Creamy
Clarke’s (nee Thorn) very old family holdings. The       wild berries, espresso, 07’s layered complexity
wines offer plenty of flavour for their modest           seduces, presented with house-style curvy succu-
asking prices. At a recent tasting top votes [for] ...   lence. So tasty, will be consumed, not aged.
the fine but firm berry flavours of Quartage (a          Score: HHHHK (Christine Rudman, Platter’s
blend of cabernet, petit verdot, merlot and malbec)      South African Wine Guide, 2010)
... (Chris Shanahan,,
Feb. 14, 2010)                                           959080 (XD)             750 mL $17.95        1
024091 (D)              750 mL $21.95         2

                                                                    SATURDAY, APRIL 16, 2011 VINTAGES 35

              AUSTRIA – WHITE WINE                                  BORDEAUX
                                                                    CHÂTEAU FONTAINE 2008
              WEINGUT MÜLLER NEUBERGEN                              AC Sauternes
              RIESLING 2009                                         TASTING NOTE: Completely fascinating Sauternes.
              DAC Kremstal                                          All elements, from colour to aromas to flavours,
              The DAC is the Austrian appellation system that       match exactly. It starts with an unusual medium
              is now beginning to be seen on labels. Kremstal,      yellow colour (colour for Sauternes is often
              given its DAC in 2007, is only the fourth region to   much darker). On the nose, pleasing and delicate
              adopt the system. DAC regulations determine           aromas of mango, melon, sweetgrass, honeycomb
              what varieties may be grown and what style of         and a whiff of blue cheese. On the palate, this is
              wines produced. Riesling and Grüner Veltliner         just medium in sweetness. Lithe, fine and elegant
              are the only allowable varieties in DAC Kremstal.     with good core of acid bringing freshness. This is
                                                                    an outstanding Sauternes from a relatively new
              TASTING NOTE: [Translated from German]                house. Pair with lighter blue cheeses or fruit tarts.
              Medium yellow green. Ripe yellow fruit, fine ...      It is also enjoyable on its own. (VINTAGES panel,
              tobacco, dried. Botrytis, complex, delicate,          March 2011)
              honey, well-integrated acidity, mineral. Score: 89
              (Peter Moser, Falstaff Wine Guide, April 2010)        199158 (M)               375 mL $16.95         2
              211060 (D)             750 mL $18.95        2

              FRANCE – WHITE WINE                                   LOIRE
                                                                    ANDRÉ & EDMOND FIGEAT LES
              ALSACE                                                CHAUMIENNES POUILLY-FUMÉ 2009
              KUHLMANN-PLATZ RIESLING 2009                          TASTING NOTE: Neat, contained, currant-leaf nose.
              AC Alsace                                             Masses of fruit. Not the driest but very easy to
              (Les Viticulteurs Réunis de Hunawihr)                 like. Quite long. Drink 2010 to 2011. Score: 16.5
              TASTING NOTE: This superb award-winning               (out of 20) (Jancis Robinson, MW, www.jancis-
              Riesling offers up notes of mixed citrus, mineral,, Dec. 23, 2010)
              floral, and green apple. The palate is dry with
              a zippy acidity and delectable fresh fruit tones.     196659 (XD)              750 mL $21.95         1
              Extremely well made, with exquisite balance.
              Superb purity and poise throughout the medium-
              long finish. A classic match for lightly smoked
              salmon. (VINTAGES panel, Feb. 2011)

              196741 (D)             750 mL $17.95        2
              Featured in Match Points

                                                                    DOMAINE CORDAILLAT REUILLY 2009
              PIERRE SPARR RÉSERVE                                  AC
              GEWURZTRAMINER 2008                                   TASTING NOTE: Pale platinum-yellow colour leads
              AC Alsace                                             to an expressive nose of grass, Asian pear, melon,
              TASTING NOTE: With its nose of lychee, ripe citrus,   mineral, aspargus and artichoke. Dry, fresh, fruity
              rose petal, and spice, this wine is an excellent      and vibrant. Stylistically it embraces both the Loire
              introduction to Alsatian Gewurz. The palate echoes    and New Zealand schools. Zippy acids really bring
              these wonderfully characteristic Gewurz qualities.    zest to this fairly long-finishing wine. A great
              Dry with a balanced and zesty acidity and a good      palate-refresher, or try it tonight with grilled prawns
              length. This is would make an excellent aperitif      or white fish. For a nice contrast match, think
              wine, or can be enjoyed with lighter-flavoured sea-   salmon teriyaki. (VINTAGES panel, March 2011)
              food dishes. (VINTAGES panel, Sept. 2010)
                                                                    202432 (XD)              750 mL $17.95         1
              747600 (XD)            750 mL $17.95        1

                                   DISCOVER OUR LATEST • SATURDAY, APRIL 16, 2011

MIDI                                                     CHÂTEAU MOULINAT 2006
                                                         AC Haut-Médoc
LES PILIERS VIOGNIER 2009                                (Vign. Kopp, Prop.)
Vin de France                                            TASTING NOTE: This blend of 60% Cab Sauv,
(Michel Gassier)                                         35% Merlot and 5% Cab Franc features aromas
Half the juice for this wine was fermented in            of raspberry, blueberry, wet earth, new leather
new French oak barrels, the other half in stainless      and currants. Dry with a very good fruit core, bright
steel. The nose offers delicious aromas of apricot,      acidity, and nicely integrated, moderately grippy
tangerine and hints of vanilla. On the palate, it has    tannins. Medium bodied with a medium-long finish.
a rich texture with ripe peach and candied fruits,       This Bordeaux has old-school charm and will
plus a long creamy finish. Try this wine with firm       definitely reward 3-4 years in a cellar. It can also
white fish grilled and topped with a mango salsa,        be enjoyed tonight, decanted, with a roast leg
or lobster in a cream sauce.                             of lamb. (VINTAGES panel, March 2011)

669531 (XD)              750 mL $15.95         1         198978 (XD)             750 mL $22.95         2


AC Médoc
This wine won a Gold Medal at the 2008                   CHÂTEAU ROCHER LIDEYRE 2006
Concours Général Agricole in Paris.                      AC Côtes de Castillon
                                                         (Philippe Bardet, Prop.)
TASTING NOTE: Medium garnet with a hint of               Aromas of tobacco, plum, cherry and cedar. This
ruby. The nose offers notes of redcurrant, cherry,       is dry and fruity, with well-integrated tannins that
new leather and cassis. The palate is very dry,          lend backbone. A lovely, value-priced Bordeaux for
medium-full bodied with spice and smoke notes            roast beef au jus, herbed lamb, or bison steaks.
enveloping the beautifully emerging fruit before
closing with a medium-long finish. It is all supported   138867 (XD)             750 mL $15.95         2
by resolving tannins. This is a mouth-coating
wine that calls for food. Try with a roast lamb in a
rosemary-and-mustard marinade. It will also
reward 3-5 years in a cellar. (VINTAGES panel,
March 2011)

198986 (XD)              750 mL $21.95         2
Featured in Match Points

AC St-Estèphe                                            AC St-Georges-St-Émilion
(S.C. Domec, Prop.)                                      (Vign. Jean-Bernard Saby & Fils)
Silver Medal at the 2008 Concours de Bordeaux            Winner of a Gold Medal at the 2010 Concours
Vins d’Aquitaine wine competition.                       Général Agricole in Paris. This elegant Merlot-based
                                                         wine features aromas and flavours of black cherry,
TASTING NOTE: Ripe fruits and earthy spices –            mint, anise and menthol. Dry, with lots of fruit up
a traditional style. Has a firm, upstanding presence,    front, in synch with balanced acidity and ripe
straightforward and honest. Drink from 2011.             tannins. Age it for up to 10 years or enjoy it tonight
Score: HHHKK (, Undated)                 with prime rib and roasted root vegetables.

199075 (XD)              750 mL $29.95         2         043810 (XD)             750 mL $21.95         2

                                                                     SATURDAY, APRIL 16, 2011 VINTAGES 37

              FRANCE – RED WINE CONT’D                                MIDI
                                                                      DOMAINE LA CASENOVE
              BEAUJOLAIS                                              LA GARRIGUE 2006
                                                                      Vin de Pays des Côtes Catalanes
              CAVE DES VIGNERONS DE BEL AIR                           (Etienne Montès, Prop.-Récolt)
              BEAUJOLAIS-VILLAGES 2009                                TASTING NOTE: Another Carignan-Grenache-
              AC                                                      Mourvedre blend tasted from tank, [Etienne]
              Winner of a Gold Medal at the 2010 Concours             Montes’ 2006 La Garrigue comes from both the
              Général Agricole in Paris.                              home vineyard in Trouillas, and from St.-Luc.
                                                                      Fresh plum, rosemary, cedar, and leather in the
              TASTING NOTE: Translucent purple, with bright           nose usher in a bright palate with a similar saline
              strawberry, cherry, pepper, and a lifting violet        savor to the Colomina, but smoky and crushed
              character on the nose. The palate is dry, with a        stone dimensions and – as its name suggests – a
              crisp acidity and nicely integrated fruit carried       distinctively resinous, pungent herbal character
              through the medium-long finish. A superb value,         that persists into the wine’s long finish. Ultimately
              this will work with a variety of lighter meats          more concentrated than the Colomina, but less
              and is perfect for ham. (VINTAGES panel, July 2010)     charming, this too should merit several years of
                                                                      cellaring. Score: (89-90) (David Schildknecht,
              208058 (D)              750 mL $13.95        1, June 2009)

                                                                      956888 (XD)             750 mL $17.95         2
              COUR MOULIN-À-VENT 2009
              Single vineyard Moulin-à-Vent Gamay, such as this,      MAS DES DAMES LA DAME 2008
              are generally more intensely flavoured than other       AC Coteaux du Languedoc
              Beaujolais Gamays. Yields are kept to a minimum,        TASTING NOTE: Lifted strawberry aromas, then a
              resulting in maximum flavours in the finished           darkly spiced attack, with aromatic hints of gentle
              wines. Expect aromas of spring flowers, red berries,    biltong [cured meat]. Supple and medium weighted
              black cherry and spice in this exuberant and            with a crunchy yet diaphanous texture. Nicely
              richly textured wine. This is adaptable enough          balanced with a depth of fresh and rich fruit. Very
              to match red meats as well as grilled salmon            good all round. (Sally Easton, MW,
              or swordfish.                                 , Nov. 22, 2010)

              430876 (XD)             750 mL $19.95        1          223214 (D)              750 mL $15.95         2

              LOIRE                                                   RHÔNE
              COULY-DUTHEIL CLOS DE L’ECHO                            CAVE DE RASTEAU LA DOMELIÈRE
              CHINON 2004                                             RASTEAU CÔTES DU RHÔNE-VILLAGES
              AC                                                      2009
              TASTING NOTE: Still a bit restrained, with a toasty     AC
              aroma slowly giving way to a very structured core       TASTING NOTE: Ripe and well-focused, delivering
              of black cherry, currant, iron and black olive notes.   a dark beam of plum, fig sauce and graphite, laced
              There’s lots of grilled herb and mineral on             with hints of lavender and pastis. Very solid, with
              the finish, with good underlying flesh. Drink now       nice buried acidity holding the finish together. Drink
              through 2011. Score: 91 (James Molesworth,              now through 2011. Score: 90 (James Molesworth,
    , Sept. 30, 2007)        , Sept. 30, 2010)

              966416 (XD)             750 mL $23.95        1          222927 (XD)             750 mL $15.00         1
                                                                      As seen in Food & Drink magazine

                                  DISCOVER OUR LATEST • SATURDAY, APRIL 16, 2011

AC                                                      AC
James Molesworth, of the Wine Spectator, also           A blend of 90% Grenache and 10% Syrah. It
gave this wine a rating of 92 (Nov. 30, 2009).          features pretty aromas of baked berry pie, spice
                                                        cupboard, garrigue and vanilla tones. Medium
TASTING NOTE: The 2007 Chateauneuf du Pape              to full-bodied with bright acidity and lovely fruit. A
Vigne du Regent possesses superb richness, a            delicious wine to drink over the next 2-4 years.
broad, nearly unctuous palate, a full-bodied mouth-     It may be enjoyed tonight with grilled steaks or
feel, and loads of blackberry, cassis, and cherry       gourmet sausages.
fruit intermixed with subtle licorice, smoke, and
earth notes. This beauty should drink well for          211482 (XD)              750 mL $14.95         2
10-15 years. This offering is normally made from
the estate’s youngest vines (20-40 years), and
the blend is 80% foudre-aged Grenache and 20%
demi-muid-aged Syrah. Score: 92 (Robert Parker
Jr.,, Oct. 2009)

219899 (XD)             750 mL $39.95        2
Featured in Arrive in Style                             FRANCE – ROSÉ WINE

DOMAINE DE LA VILLE ROUGE                               PROVENCE
AC                                                      CHÂTEAU DE FONSCOLOMBE CUVÉE
To even appear in Guide Hachette is an acknow-          SPÉCIALE ROSÉ 2010
ledgement of high-quality winemaking. A One             AC Coteaux d’Aix-en-Provence
Star rating is considered Very Good under their         Provence is famous for its rosés, and Château de
stringent rules.                                        Fonloscombe is one of the region’s most respected
                                                        producers. Aromas suggest plum, strawberry,
TASTING NOTE: (Translated from the French) This         peach and candied fruit. A dry, medium-bodied
14 ha domain, for the most part located in the          wine that’s fresh on the palate, with good length.
Crozes-Hermitage AC, has been producing wine for        Terrific alongside a chicken satay with peanut
the last two years. This vintage confirms last year’s   sauce, or seafood.
positive first impression. This dark-coloured 2007
offers an intense bouquet of cherry, raspberry,         180851 (XD)              750 mL $13.95         1
blackcurrant and eucalyptus. It’s a concentrated,
beautiful and stylish wine that shows a little
touch of oak. Score: HKK (Guide Hachette, 2010)

194837 (XD)             750 mL $21.95        2          RHÔNE
                                                        CHÂTEAU VAL JOANIS TRADITION
PERRIN & FILS L’ANDÉOL                                  SYRAH ROSÉ 2010
RASTEAU 2008                                            AC Luberon
AC Côtes du Rhone-Villages                              (Chancel Family, Prop.-Récolt.)
A blend of approximately 80% Grenache and               TASTING NOTE: Pale salmon-pink with lively
20% Syrah. The Perrins want to let the bright fruit     aromas of spring flowers, strawberry and cherry.
flavours and aromas in the wine come through,           Dry, medium bodied and with plenty of mouth-
so they give only about 20% of the wines any oak        watering acidity. There is also a touch of tannic
treatment. Fresh cherry, pepper and blackberry          influence that adds nice balance. Lovely tangy
aromas dominate. Clean and flavourful, this vibrant     red fruit flavours with floral and herbal notes.
wine can be aged 2-3 years, but is designed for         Beautifully refreshing with a substantial finish.
current consumption. Try it with grilled leg of lamb    Perfect as a sipper or with turkey. (VINTAGES
or roast beef with root vegetables.                     panel, Feb. 2011)

976845 (XD)             750 mL $19.95        2          707281 (XD)              750 mL $14.95         1
                                                        Featured in Match Points

                                                                    SATURDAY, APRIL 16, 2011 VINTAGES 39

              GERMANY – WHITE WINE                                     ITALY – WHITE WINE

              FRANKEN                                                  CAMPANIA
              BÜRGERSPITAL SILVANER KABINETT                           TRIADE BIANCO 2009
              TROCKEN 2009                                             IGT Campania
              QmP, Würzburger Pfaffenberg                              Made with the Fiano, Falanghina and Greco grapes.
              The Franken region’s wines are unique for two
              reasons. First, their principal grape is Silvaner; and   TASTING NOTE: Interesting spice on the nose.
              second, they use an unusual bottle known as the          Serious character with complexity of apples, pears
              bocksbeutel (similar in shape to the Mateus Rosé         and summer fruits. Well balanced. Score:
              vessel). In Franken, Silvaner achieves its finest        Silver Medal (International Wine Challenge, 2010)
              expression. The aromas offer layered floral, pear,
              apple and mineral notes. The racy acidity in this        214718 (XD)            750 mL $12.95        1
              medium- to full-bodied wine gives it tremendous
              verve. Pair with freshwater fish.

              944504 (D)               750 mL $18.95         2

              GREECE – WHITE WINE                                      PIEDMONT
                                                                       MICHELE CHIARLO
              BOUTARI ASSYRTIKO SANTORINI 2009                         LE MARNE GAVI 2009
              AOHQ                                                     DOCG
              TASTING NOTE: Mouthwatering Santorini. This              TASTING NOTE: Michele Chiarlo’s 2009 Gavi Le
              wine feels nearly crunchy with minerality, the           Marne is a classy, elegant white laced with
              citrusy fruit seasoned with saline notes, tight and      peaches, flowers and spices. The medium-bodied
              firm. Its chalkiness gives it a broad feel; the          Le Marne reveals good balance, even if it falls
              acidity provides a lean, strong spine. Pour it with      a touch short on the finish. Anticipated maturity:
              anything from the sea. Score: 90 (Wine &                 2010-2012. Score: 88 (Antonio Galloni,
              Spirits, Aug. 2010)                            , Aug. 2010)

              047985 (XD)              750 mL $15.95         1         228528 (XD)            750 mL $14.95        1

              HUNGARY – WHITE WINE                                     VENETO
                                                                       DAL CERO PINOT GRIGIO 2009
              PANNON TOKAJ TOKAJI ASZÚ                                 IGT delle Venezie
              3 PUTTONYOS 2003                                         TASTING NOTE: A nuttier style of Pinot Grigio with
              This Tokaji Aszú is made with a blend of 60%             delicate aromas of apple, pear and citrus along with
              Furmint and 40% Harslevelu, the two grapes               hazelnut and almond. Buttery and pleasant, it is
              that have proven to be the best for producing            dry, with nice fruit and a good length. An excellent
              Hungary’s great sweet wine. This exceptional             value wine that can be enjoyed with a variety of
              version features aromas of dried fruit, honey and        foods including herb-and-olive-oil pastas and mild
              candied rind. Enjoy with fruit tarts or berry pies.      vegetable curries. (VINTAGES panel, June 2010)

              074328 (MS)              500 mL $21.95         2         161661 (XD)            750 mL $13.95        1

                                  DISCOVER OUR LATEST • SATURDAY, APRIL 16, 2011

ITALY – RED WINE                                         PAOLO SCAVINO
                                                         DOLCETTO D’ALBA 2009
ABRUZZO                                                  TASTING NOTE: Ruby-violet in the glass, this
                                                         excellent wine greets you with tones of sweet black
ILLUMINATI RIPAROSSO                                     fruit, cherry, and anise. Medium bodied and
MONTEPULCIANO D’ABRUZZO 2009                             dry with solid and consistent fruit throughout and
DOC                                                      a lively medium-long finish. Delicious. Enjoy with
This wine is a real crowd-pleaser simply laden with      roast lamb. (VINTAGES panel, July 2010)
great fruit and spice aromas and flavours. It will
work equally well either as a casual sipper or when      211722 (XD)            750 mL $15.95        2
paired with ribs.

328997 (XD)             750 mL $12.95         2

AGLIANICO 2007                                           TRAVAGLINI GATTINARA 2005
IGT Campania                                             DOCG
TASTING NOTE: Silky, refined tannins frame a             TASTING NOTE: The 2005 Gattinara is a pretty,
graceful core of fruit as the 2007 Aglianico shows       mid-weight Nebbiolo. Sweet cherries, tobacco,
off its class. There is gorgeous purity to the wine,     herbs and crushed flowers are some of the notes
along with subtle overtones of tar, earthiness and       that emerge from this classy, refined red. The
smoke that develop in the glass ... A final blast of     Gattinara is a somewhat fleeting, ethereal wine,
raspberries and cracked black pepper punctuate           but it has the freshness and firmness to age well
the refined finish. Villa Matilde’s Aglianico is made    for at least another decade. This entry-level
from the Rocca dei Leoni property. Anticipated           Gattinara possesses tons of varietal character in
maturity: 2009-2017. Score: 90 (Antonio Galloni,         a translucent, weightless expression that is, Aug. 2009)                        typical of the appellation. Anticipated maturity:
                                                         2010-2020. Score: 90 (Antonio Galloni,
165035 (XD)             750 mL $19.95         2, Dec. 2010)

                                                         713354 (XD)            750 mL $29.95        2
(Giulio Grasso)
TASTING NOTE: The 2007 Barbaresco Asili speaks           PUGLIA
eloquently to the silkiness and elegance of this
great site. Freshly cut roses and berries of all sorts   APOLLONIO VALLE CUPA 2004
make a positive first impression. The Asili shows        IGT Salento Rosso
gorgeous freshness and depth in a classic, mid-          This wine has won numerous awards at inter-
weight expression of this vineyard. There is a           national wine competitions, including a Gold at
wonderful sense of harmony that flows through to         the 2010 Concours Mondial in Brussels. It is
the finish, as the fruit and tannins remain com-         a rich yet rugged 50/50 blend of Negroamaro and
posed and nicely integrated. With time in the glass      Primitivo. This producer usually releases its wines
the Asili closes in on itself. I am not sure it has      later than the norm so that the wines are at or near
the warm radiance that is typical of so many wines       their optimal drinking window when they come to
in this vintage, but it is nevertheless a strong         the market. The wine is filled with blackberry, plum
effort. Anticipated maturity: 2012-2025. Score: 91+      and earth aromas and flavours. Dry and quite
(Antonio Galloni,,                 mouthfilling, with good structure. Enjoy it tonight
Dec. 2010)                                               with grilled lamb or age it up to five years more.

213066 (XD)             750 mL $44.95         2          084046 (XD)            750 mL $17.95        2

                                                                    SATURDAY, APRIL 16, 2011 VINTAGES 41

              ITALY – RED WINE CONT’D                                 FATTORIA LA RIPA
                                                                      CHIANTI CLASSICO RISERVA 2006
                                                                      DOCG, Produced with Organic Grapes
              PUGLIA                                                  (Santa Brigida)
                                                                      Free sulphur: 6 mg/L.
              PRIMITIVO DI MANDURIA 2007                              TASTING NOTE: … The bouquet is fairly rich, with
              DOC                                                     sweetish cherry fruit supported by clean spice and
              (Vinicola Savese)                                       slight vegetal accents that bring to mind a Tuscan
              TASTING NOTE: Fully chocolate and raisin aromas         field, and also by deft underlying acidity. On the
              on the nose, with intensity that would make most        palate it’s bright, with lively cherry fruit supported
              amarone blush with envy: this is like X-mas cake        by brisk sour berry fruit acidity and by tannins that
              in a glass … A wine from another time, your             are still a bit splintery, but promise to develop into
              “grandfather’s tradition”. Can’t argue with the         smoothness with time. Graceful, in a very traditional
              concentration and flavour intensity. I suppose,         key, and if you like the style it will drink quite well
              try with Mexican mole sauce or Vindaloo. A real         with succulent red meats. A porterhouse would be
              tour de force. Score: 91 (John Szabo, M.S.,             perfect. Score: HHK (Kyle Phillips, Italian Wine
    , March 2010)                          Review, March 2, 2009)

              718130 (MD)             750 mL $23.95        2          984401 (XD)              750 mL $26.95         2
                                                                      4   Organic Product

                                                                      TENUTA FRIGGIALI
              CARPINETO RISERVA VINO                                  BRUNELLO DI MONTALCINO 2004
              NOBILE DI MONTEPULCIANO 2004                            DOCG
              DOCG                                                    TASTING NOTE: The ’04 Brunello di Montalcino
              TASTING NOTE: Very deep ruby with aromas                Friggiali is flawless, its pervasive bouquet showing
              of earth, leather, game and dark plum rising            slightly smoky and intense, with cherry and
              evocatively from the glass. The palate is dry and       blackberry notes. We thought it had a great sense
              consistent with the nose, adding a touch of             of place wtih excellent texture from well-coordinated
              sweet spice on the mid-palate. Nicely structured        acidity and tannins, the latter still young but nicely
              with a medium-long finish. An ideal match for           honed. The lingering finish mirrors the aromas on
              bison steaks or game. (VINTAGES panel, July 2010)       the nose. Score: BBB (Gambero Rosso Italian
                                                                      Wines, 2010)
              368910 (XD)             750 mL $28.95        2
                                                                      211631 (XD)              750 mL $46.95         2
                                                                      Featured on the back cover
              FATTORIA LA RIPA
              CHIANTI CLASSICO 2008
              DOCG, Produced with Organic Grapes
              (Santa Brigida)
              Free sulphur: 6 mg/L.

              TASTING NOTE: Deep cherry ruby with pinkish             VALIANO CHIANTI CLASSICO
              ruby rim. The bouquet is fairly intense, in a           RISERVA 2005
              greenish key, with vegetal accents mingled with         DOCG
              spice and some sweetness, and underlying berry          (Castelnuovo Berardenga)
              fruit. It’s very young, and still coming together. On   TASTING NOTE: Sweet berry and plum, with a hint
              the palate it’s again very young, with deft greenish    of oak barrels on the nose. Full-bodied, round
              berry fruit supported by acidity and spice, with        and velvety, with lots of new wood and ripe fruit.
              some underlying cocoa that is likely from wood,         Chewy. A powerful version. Best from 2010
              and it flows into a peppery finish with tannic          through 2014. Score: 90 (James Suckling,
              underpinning ... Score: HHK (Kyle Phillips,   , Oct. 15, 2009)
              Italian Wine Review, March 5, 2010)
                                                                      211706 (XD)              750 mL $20.95         2
              651596 (XD)             750 mL $18.95        2
              4 Organic Product

                                     DISCOVER OUR LATEST • SATURDAY, APRIL 16, 2011

UMBRIA                                                       SARTORI VIGNETI DI VALDIMEZZO
                                                             RIPASSO VALPOLICELLA SUPERIORE
FALESCO VITIANO 2008                                         2008
IGT Umbria                                                   DOC
TASTING NOTE: The 2008 Vitiano Rosso (Merlot,                TASTING NOTE: (Translated from the French)
Cabernet Sauvignon, Sangiovese) is a racy, sleek             This wine requires patience because under its
wine that impresses with its layers of perfumed red          peppery notes it will show its full power only with
cherries and sweet toasted oak. The wine offers              time. It presently possesses an attractive palate that
terrific clarity and precision in a slightly taut, focused   gives real pleasure. But you need to trust to time
style for this offering. A few months of bottle age          with this wine. Score: HHKK (www.1001-
seems prudent ... Clearly lots that have more time , Jan. 2011)
in bottle have the potential to show greater
harmony than lots that have less time in bottle.             160374 (XD)             750 mL $16.95         2
That said, slight bottle variation issues here are
a minor quibble for a wine that delivers so much
value. Anticipated maturity: 2009-2012. Score: 89
(Antonio Galloni,,
Aug. 2009)
                                                             PORTUGAL – RED WINE
950204 (XD)               750 mL $15.95          2
Featured in Match Points
                                                             ENCOSTAS DE ESTREMOZ
                                                             QUINTA DA ESPERANÇA 2005
                                                             Vinho Regional Alentejano
VENETO                                                       Winner of a Gold Medal at Sélections Mondiales
                                                             des Vins Canada 2009.
IGT Veronese                                                 TASTING NOTE: The hot south of Portugal is
TASTING NOTE: La Grola is 80 per cent corvina,               always a place to mine for value, and this blend of
the main grape of Valpolicella, but the rest is syrah,       local varieties delivers. Unexpectedly generous,
a heresy which means it gets lowlier Indicazione             peppery, herbal, baked red plum-cherry fruit and
Geografica Tipica status. It’s supremely elegant,            leathery aromas carry the same presence on the
velvety and well balanced. (Andrew Neather,                  palate, and finish with excellent length. Score: 89
London Evening Standard (U.K.), Feb. 25, 2010)               (David Lawrason,,
                                                             March 2010)
476598 (XD)               750 mL $27.95          2
                                                             160465 (XD)             750 mL $13.95         2

TENUTA LENA DI MEZZO AMARONE                                 QUINTA DA PONTE PEDRINHA 2006
DELLA VALPOLICELLA CLASSICO 2006                             DOC Dão
DOC                                                          TASTING NOTE: Made from 100% Jaen, a grape
(Monte del Frá)                                              found only in northwestern Spain (where it is called
TASTING NOTE: This is a fairly well integrated,              Mencía) and in the Dão region of Portugal, this
complex and interesting amarone from an excellent            interesting varietal wine is a deep ruby in colour.
vintage. It’s not as drop-dead powerful as some              Lovely dark berry aromas with cumin, spice,
amarone fans might expect, but its cherry, under-            black olive and plum notes. Youthful berry and
brush and spicy leather flavours are well meshed.            plum flavours abound on the palate. Round
It’s medium-full bodied, despite 15% alcohol, with           and tasty, with silky tannins. Perfect for dishes
a dry, dusty finish. Very good length. Score: 89             featuring spiced sausages. (VINTAGES panel,
(David Lawrason,, Nov. 2009)               Aug. 2010)

047506 (XD)               750 mL $41.95          2           219188 (XD)             750 mL $15.95         2

                                                                         SATURDAY, APRIL 16, 2011 VINTAGES 43

              SPAIN – RED WINE                                             VIÑAS ELIAS MORA 2008
                                                                           DO Toro
                                                                           TASTING NOTE: ...100% Tinta de Toro
              BARONIA DEL MONTSANT FLOR                                    [Tempranillo] aged for 6 months in new American
              D’ENGLORA ROURE 2009                                         oak and bottled without fining or filtration.
              DO Montsant                                                  Dark ruby-colored, it displays an enticing perfume
              TASTING NOTE: The 2009 Flor d’Englora Roure is               of cedar, tobacco, spice box, violets, plum, and
              a blend of 63% Garnacha, 32% Carinena, and                   blackberry. Ripe, rich, and fleshy, it has layers of
              the balance Syrah, Merlot and Tempranillo aged in            succulent fruit, excellent balance, and a forward
              25% new barriques (the first oak treatment for               personality. Drink this lengthy effort over the next
              this cuvee). Dark ruby-colored, it exhibits a bouquet        8 years. Score: 90 (Jay Miller, www.erobert-
              of smoke, mineral, espresso, Asian spices, black   , April 2010)
              cherry, and plum. Savory, ripe, medium to full-
              bodied, and concentrated, it is an outstanding value         209650 (D)              750 mL $18.95        2
              for drinking over the next 5-6 years. Score: 90              Featured on the back cover and
              (Jay Miller,, April 2010)              in Match Points

              210989 (D)              750 mL $15.95        2

              LEALTANZA CRIANZA 2006
              DOCa Rioja
              (Bodegas Altanza)                                            VIÑA MAYOR CRIANZA 2006
              TASTING NOTE: Bodegas Altanza’s 2006                         DO Ribera del Duero
              Lealtanza Crianza is 100% Tempranillo fermented              (Hijos de Antonio Barceló)
              with native yeasts (as are each of these wines)              TASTING NOTE: Excellent Ribera Crianza here.
              and aged for 12 months in French and American                It has a smooth, appealing bouquet of candied
              oak. Dark ruby-colored, it displays an enticing              berried fruit, which is followed by a rich palate
              nose of cedar, spice box, tobacco, leather, and              of cassis, black cherry, prune, chocolate and coffee.
              blackberry. Smooth-textured and elegant on                   For the price point this is right on the money.
              the palate, it has ample savory fruit, good volume,          It’s ripe but also really good and ready to drink.
              and enough ripe tannin to evolve for 1-2 years.              Score: 90 (Wine Enthusiast, June 2010)
              This lengthy effort will offer prime drinking from
              2012 to 2018. Score: 89+ (Jay Miller,                        343426 (XD)             750 mL $17.95        1
    , June 2010)

              114835 (XD)             750 mL $15.95        2

              ONTAÑÓN RESERVA 2004
              DOCa Rioja, Tempranillo/Graciano
              TASTING NOTE: The 2004 Reserva is purple/
              black in color with a fragrant nose of pain grille,
              scorched earth, lavender, incense, and blackberry.
              Dense and concentrated on the palate, it has
              layers of fruit, succulent flavors, and a lengthy,
              fruit-filled finish. Give it 2-3 years to round out
              and drink it through 2019. Score: 90 (Jay Miller,
    , June 2010)
                                                                      VINTAGES EVENTS
              725895 (XD)             750 mL $24.95        2
                                                                      Check out the latest at

            PRODUCT INDEX                                                                                   SATURDAY, APRIL 16, 2011

            SCOTCH WHISKY         I 032920      PRÀBAN NA LINNE POIT DHUBH 8 YEARS OLD                            Page 27        $49.95
                                                BLENDED MALT WHISKY (700 mL)
            COGNAC                I 211300      CHÂTEAU DES PLASSONS FINE COGNAC VSOP (FRANCE)                    Page 27        $49.95
            FORTIFIED WINE
            SHERRY                I 196824      GONZALEZ BYASS ELEGANTE PALOMINO/PEDRO XIMÉNEZ                    Page 27        $14.95
                                                SWEET CREAM SHERRY (SPAIN)
            PORT                  I 140863      MESSIAS LATE BOTTLED VINTAGE PORT 2005 (PORTUGAL)                 Page 28        $16.95
                                  I 198952      QUINTA DO CASTELINHO 10-YEAR-OLD PORT (PORTUGAL)                  Page 28        $24.95
            FRANCE – CHAMPAGNE    I 919456      CATTIER CHIGNY-LES-ROSES PREMIER CRU BRUT CHAMPAGNE (375 mL) Page 28             $19.95
                                  I 211052      LACOURTE-GODBILLON BRUT CHAMPAGNE 2002                       Page 28             $54.95
            SPARKLING WINE
            FRANCE – BURGUNDY     I 207993      DUFOULEUR PÈRE & FILS BRUT CRÉMANT DE BOURGOGNE 2007              Page 28        $17.95
            ITALY – PIEDMONT      I 211664      PODERI ELIA MOSCATO D’ASTI 2009                                   Page 28        $15.95
            SPAIN                 I 221796      RAVENTÓS I BLANC L’HEREU RESERVA BRUT CAVA 2007                   Page 29        $19.95
            WHITE WINE
            CANADA – ONTARIO      I    080234   FEATHERSTONE BLACK SHEEP RIESLING 2010                            Page 29        $16.95
                                  I    164491   FIELDING ESTATE WINERY UNOAKED CHARDONNAY 2008                    Page 29        $15.95
                                  I    223982   HUFF RESERVE RIESLING 2008                                        Page 29        $19.95
                                  I    542522   MALIVOIRE GEWÜRZTRAMINER 2009                                     Page 29        $24.95
                                  I    686972   MIKE WEIR SAUVIGNON BLANC 2009                                    Page 29        $14.95
            USA – CALIFORNIA      I    084988   BERINGER CHARDONNAY 2009                                          Page 30        $24.95
                                  I    128926   BLACKSTONE SONOMA RESERVE CHARDONNAY 2007                         Page 30        $22.95
                                  I    713552   FROG’S LEAP CHARDONNAY 2009                                       Page 30        $34.95
                                  I    346296   GRGICH HILLS FUMÉ BLANC 2009                                      Page 31        $29.95
                                  I    226936   RODNEY STRONG CHARDONNAY 2008                                     Page 31        $19.95
            AUSTRALIA             I    678821   ROLLING SAUVIGNON BLANC/SEMILLON 2009                             Page 34        $14.95
            NEW ZEALAND           I    225557   ERADUS SAUVIGNON BLANC 2009                                       Page 7         $17.95
                                  I    223180   GIESEN SAUVIGNON BLANC 2009                                       Page 7         $14.95
                                  I    224428   JULES TAYLOR SAUVIGNON BLANC 2009                                 Page 8         $18.95
                                  I    009167   MOMO SAUVIGNON BLANC 2009                                         Page 8         $18.95
                                  I    735043   SERESIN SAUVIGNON BLANC 2008                                      Page 8         $21.95
                                  I    214999   WITHER HILLS PINOT GRIS 2010                                      Page 10        $19.95
            SOUTH AFRICA          I    597278   DORNIER DONATUS WHITE 2009                                        Page 35        $18.95
            AUSTRIA               I    211060   WEINGUT MÜLLER NEUBERGEN RIESLING 2009                            Page 36        $18.95
            FRANCE – ALSACE       I    196741   KUHLMANN-PLATZ RIESLING 2009                                      Page 36        $17.95
                                  I    747600   PIERRE SPARR RÉSERVE GEWURZTRAMINER 2008                          Page 36        $17.95
            FRANCE – BORDEAUX     I    199158   CHÂTEAU FONTAINE 2008 (375 mL)                                    Page 36        $16.95
            FRANCE – LOIRE        I    196659   ANDRÉ & EDMOND FIGEAT LES CHAUMIENNES POUILLY-FUMÉ 2009           Page 36        $21.95
                                  I    202432   DOMAINE CORDAILLAT REUILLY 2009                                   Page 36        $17.95
            FRANCE – MIDI         I    669531   LES PILIERS VIOGNIER 2009                                         Page 37        $15.95
            GERMANY – FRANKEN     I    944504   BÜRGERSPITAL SILVANER KABINETT TROCKEN 2009                       Page 40        $18.95
            GREECE                I    047985   BOUTARI ASSYRTIKO SANTORINI 2009                                  Page 40        $15.95
            HUNGARY               I    074328   PANNON TOKAJ TOKAJI ASZÚ 3 PUTTONYOS 2003 (500 mL)                Page 40        $21.95
            ITALY – CAMPANIA      I    214718   TRIADE BIANCO 2009                                                Page 40        $12.95
            ITALY – PIEDMONT      I    228528   MICHELE CHIARLO LE MARNE GAVI 2009                                Page 40        $14.95
            ITALY – VENETO        I    161661   DAL CERO PINOT GRIGIO 2009                                        Page 40        $13.95
            RED WINE
            CANADA – ONTARIO       I   033944   LE CLOS JORDANNE LA PETITE COLLINE PINOT NOIR 2008                Page 30        $45.00
                                   I   121699   PALATINE HILLS PROPRIETORS RESERVE CABERNET SAUVIGNON 2007        Page 30        $19.95
            USA – CALIFORNIA       I   980482   CAMBRIA JULIA’S VINEYARD PINOT NOIR 2008                          Page 31        $29.95
                                   I   222877   CAYMUS CABERNET SAUVIGNON 2008                                    Page 31        $69.95
                                   I   214817   FUSE CABERNET SAUVIGNON 2006                                      Page 31        $32.95
                                   I   161190   GROVE STREET CABERNET SAUVIGNON 2008                              Page 31        $15.00
                                   I   951889   IRONSTONE OLD VINE ZINFANDEL 2009                                 Page 32        $16.95
                                   I   331603   KENDALL-JACKSON VINTNER’S RESERVE CABERNET SAUVIGNON 2008         Page 32        $21.95
                                   I   067934   NAPA RIDGE CABERNET SAUVIGNON 2009                                Page 32        $19.95
                                   I   213686   NAPA RIDGE PETITE SIRAH 2007                                      Page 32        $19.95
                                   I   953562   ROBERT MONDAVI MERLOT 2006                                        Page 32        $29.95
                                   I   363358   RODNEY STRONG KNOTTY VINES ZINFANDEL 2008                         Page 32        $22.95
                                   I   606509   WHITEHALL LANE CABERNET SAUVIGNON 2006                            Page 33        $47.95
            USA – WASHINGTON STATE I   220491   HOGUE RESERVE MERLOT 2006                                         Page 33        $19.95
tear here

                                                                                                    SATURDAY, APRIL 16, 2011 VINTAGES 45
PRODUCT INDEX                                                                                       SATURDAY, APRIL 16, 2011

ARGENTINA                I   128629    LUIGI BOSCA RESERVA CABERNET SAUVIGNON 2007                         Page 33           $17.95
                         I   191775    PASSION RESERVE MALBEC 2008                                         Page 33           $14.95
                         I   214379    URRACA MALBEC 2008                                                  Page 33           $19.95
CHILE                    I   056630    CALITERRA TRIBUTO CARMENÈRE 2009                                    Page 33           $14.95
                         I   205872    CASAS DEL BOSQUE RESERVA CARMENÈRE 2009                             Page 34           $13.95
                         I   032110    VALDIVIESO RESERVA CABERNET SAUVIGNON 2008                          Page 34           $16.95
AUSTRALIA                I   163022    JOSEF CHROMY PINOT NOIR 2009                                        Page 34           $27.95
                         I   674747    KILIKANOON COVENANT SHIRAZ 2007                                     Page 34           $39.95
                         I   225631    OSCAR’S ESTATE VINEYARD SHIRAZ 2008                                 Page 34           $15.95
                         I   225128    SIDE GATE CABERNET SAUVIGNON 2008                                   Page 35           $17.95
                         I   221861    ST. HUBERTS PINOT NOIR 2008                                         Page 35           $29.95
                         I   024091    THORN-CLARKE SHOTFIRE QUARTAGE 2008                                 Page 35           $21.95
                         I   590273    WOLF BLASS GOLD LABEL SHIRAZ 2008                                   Page 35           $27.95
NEW ZEALAND              I   179754    AMISFIELD PINOT NOIR 2008                                           Page 5            $44.95
                         I   220657    ANT MOORE PINOT NOIR 2009                                           Page 5            $24.95
                         I   919837    CARRICK PINOT NOIR 2007                                             Page 5            $34.95
                         I   163584    CRAGGY RANGE TE KAHU GIMBLETT GRAVELS VINEYARD 2009                 Page 13           $27.95
                         I   680967    KIM CRAWFORD MERLOT 2009                                            Page 13           $19.95
                         I   214858    LONE KAURI RESERVE PINOT NOIR 2009                                  Page 10           $16.95
                         I   214833    STAETE LANDT PINOT NOIR 2008                                        Page 10           $34.95
                         I   095984    TE AWA CABERNET/MERLOT 2007                                         Page 13           $19.95
SOUTH AFRICA             I   959080    DELHEIM SHIRAZ 2007                                                 Page 35           $17.95
FRANCE – BORDEAUX        I   198986    CHÂTEAU CHANTEMERLE 2006                                            Page 37           $21.95
                         I   199075    CHÂTEAU LAFFITTE-CARCASSET 2006                                     Page 37           $29.95
                         I   198978    CHÂTEAU MOULINAT 2006                                               Page 37           $22.95
                         I   138867    CHÂTEAU ROCHER LIDEYRE 2006                                         Page 37           $15.95
                         I   043810    CHÂTEAU SAINT-ANDRÉ CORBIN 2008                                     Page 37           $21.95
FRANCE – BEAUJOLAIS      I   208058    CAVE DES VIGNERONS DE BEL AIR BEAUJOLAIS-VILLAGES 2009              Page 38           $13.95
                         I   430876    MOMMESSIN DOMAINE DE CHAMP DE COUR MOULIN-À-VENT 2009               Page 38           $19.95
FRANCE – LOIRE           I   966416    COULY-DUTHEIL CLOS DE L’ECHO CHINON 2004                            Page 38           $23.95
FRANCE – MIDI            I   956888    DOMAINE DE LA CASENOVE LA GARRIGUE 2006                             Page 38           $17.95
                         I   223214    MAS DES DAMES LA DAME 2008                                          Page 38           $15.95
FRANCE – RHÔNE           I   222927    CAVE DE RASTEAU LA DOMELIÈRE RASTEAU                                Page 38           $15.00
                                       CÔTES DU RHÔNE-VILLAGES 2009
                         I   219899    CHÂTEAU GIGOGNAN VIGNE DU RÉGENT CHÂTEAUNEUF-DU-PAPE 2007           Page 39           $39.95
                         I   194837    DOMAINE DE LA VILLE ROUGE INSPIRATION CROZES-HERMITAGE 2007         Page 39           $21.95
                         I   976845    PERRIN & FILS L’ANDÉOL RASTEAU 2008                                 Page 39           $19.95
                         I   211482    SÉLECTION LAURENCE FÉRAUD CÔTES DU RHÔNE-VILLAGES SÉGURET 2008      Page 39           $14.95
ITALY – ABRUZZO          I   328997    ILLUMINATI RIPAROSSO MONTEPULCIANO D’ABRUZZO 2009                   Page 41           $12.95
ITALY – CAMPANIA         I   165035    VILLA MATILDE ROCCA DEI LEONI AGLIANICO 2007                        Page 41           $19.95
ITALY – PIEDMONT         I   213066    CA’ DEL BAIO ASILI BARBARESCO 2007                                  Page 41           $44.95
                         I   211722    PAOLO SCAVINO DOLCETTO D’ALBA 2009                                  Page 41           $15.95
                         I   713354    TRAVAGLINI GATTINARA 2005                                           Page 41           $29.95
ITALY – PUGLIA           I   084046    APOLLONIO VALLE CUPA 2004                                           Page 41           $17.95
                         I   718130    PICHIERRI TRADIZIONE DEL NONNO PRIMITIVO DI MANDURIA 2007           Page 42           $23.95
ITALY – TUSCANY          I   368910    CARPINETO RISERVA VINO NOBILE DI MONTEPULCIANO 2004                 Page 42           $28.95
                         I   651596    FATTORIA LA RIPA CHIANTI CLASSICO 2008 4                            Page 42           $18.95
                         I   984401    FATTORIA LA RIPA CHIANTI CLASSICO RISERVA 2006 4                    Page 42           $26.95
                         I   211631    TENUTA FRIGGIALI BRUNELLO DI MONTALCINO 2004                        Page 42           $46.95
                         I   211706    VALIANO CHIANTI CLASSICO RISERVA 2005                               Page 42           $20.95
ITALY – UMBRIA           I   950204    FALESCO VITIANO 2008                                                Page 43           $15.95
ITALY – VENETO           I   476598    ALLEGRINI LA GROLA 2006                                             Page 43           $27.95
                         I   160374    SARTORI VIGNETI DI VALDIMEZZO RIPASSO VALPOLICELLA SUPERIORE 2008   Page 43           $16.95
                         I   047506    TENUTA LENA DI MEZZO AMARONE DELLA VALPOLICELLA CLASSICO 2006       Page 43           $41.95
PORTUGAL                 I   160465    ENCOSTAS DE ESTREMOZ QUINTA DA ESPERANÇA 2005                       Page 43           $13.95
                         I   219188    QUINTA DA PONTE PEDRINHA 2006                                       Page 43           $15.95
SPAIN                    I   210989    BARONIA DEL MONTSANT FLOR D’ENGLORA ROURE 2009                      Page 44           $15.95
                         I   114835    LEALTANZA CRIANZA 2006                                              Page 44           $15.95
                         I   725895    ONTAÑÓN RESERVA 2004                                                Page 44           $24.95
                         I   209650    VIÑAS ELIAS MORA 2008                                               Page 44           $18.95
                         I   343426    VIÑA MAYOR CRIANZA 2006                                             Page 44           $17.95
CANADA – ONTARIO         I 172643      TAWSE SKETCHES OF NIAGARA ROSÉ 2010                                 Page 30           $14.95
FRANCE – PROVENCE        I 180851      CHÂTEAU DE FONSCOLOMBE CUVÉE SPÉCIALE ROSÉ 2010                     Page 39           $13.95
FRANCE – RHÔNE           I 707281      CHÂTEAU VAL JOANIS TRADITION SYRAH ROSÉ 2010                        Page 39           $14.95
                                                                                                                                        tear here

                                                                                    All bottles are 750 mL unless otherwise specified.
46 VINTAGES SATURDAY, APRIL 16, 2011                                                                               4 Organic Product


 TASTE 55 SAKES                      May 16, 2011
                                     Japanese Canadian Cultural Centre
 FROM 8 PREMIUM                      Structured Tasting: 6:30 pm
 PRODUCERS                           Walk-around Tasting: 7:30 pm
                                     $125 per person
 Explore the principal Sake styles
 as well as specialty varieties.     Visit for full event details.
 Meet Haruo Matsuzaki and John
 Gauntner, two of the world’s        Order your tickets today
 leading Sake experts. Enjoy         Call 416-365 -5767 or 1- 800-266-4764
 authentic Japanese cuisine.         Monday to Saturday, 9 am to 6 pm
                                     Wines poured at this event will be measured and some wines may run out. Due to
                                     printing lead time, we cannot guarantee tickets will be available. All ticket sales are final.

                                                                                                ( beautiful
 Summer is just around the corner! Alfresco dining
  season is upon us, which means a perfect opportunity to enjoy the
  warm evening air as sunset lights up the sky. Make your open-air
  paradise even more colourful with a deeply satisfying red wine.
  Each of these flavour-packed beauties is wonderful for sipping
  and heaven with grilled foods, so break out the barbecue, and
  invite some friends over for a delicious start to the summer season.


                   Featured products may not be available in all VINTAGES locations.
           Visit for availability and store locations. Prices subject to change.
 Lush reds     for warm-weather


Smooth and seductive,
with subtle spice.
Sonoma County, California
161190 750 mL $15
Ripe blueberry, blackberry and
black cherry fruit meets
tantalizing cocoa. A tasty match
for T-bone steaks.

Depth, poise, and
enchanting complexity.
AC, Rhône, France
222927 750 mL $15
A medley of Provençal herbs and
licorice in this lovely Grenache-
based blend. Savour with grilled
peppercorn chicken.
Wine Spectator, 90 points
                                                          the Essent                                    V
                                                                              This lively Italian sparkling wine
                                                                              has just joined the ranks of VINTAGES’
                                                                              Essentials Collection, chosen
                                                                              by our experts from among the
                                                                              world’s top producers. Pop in
                                                                              for a bottle, then pop it open to add
                                                                              sparkle to your Easter celebration.

                                                                                         Citrus, Melon and Green Apple
                                                                                         Santa Margherita Valdobbiadene Prosecco Superiore
                                                                                         Northern Italy’s Veneto region is known for more than their big,
                                                                                         rich reds, such as Amarone. For years, producers have created
                                                                                         wonderfully fresh sparkling wines like this one from the local
                                                                                         Prosecco grape.
                                                                                         A must for freshwater fish, seafood,
                                                                                         chicken and vegetarian dishes.
                                                                                         687582        750 mL   $17.95

Explore the entire collection of over
100 Essentials handpicked by our
VINTAGES experts. Always available.
Available in Vi nt Ages at select LCBO stores. Product selection may vary by store. Price subject to

change without notice. For complete store details, go to Please enjoy responsibly.
New Zealand Wine Fair

Thursday May 12, 2011
Design Exchange

For trade registration and to purchase
tickets visit

VINTAGES coming soon…
  VINTAGES hosts many exciting special
events throughout the year, ranging      AUSTRALIA’S FIRST FAMILIES OF
       from small structured tastings    WINE TASTE & BUY EVENT
 and intimate winemakers’ dinners to     Ottawa: Wednesday, May 4, 2011
     large-scale pre-release tastings.   Fairmont Chateau Laurier
                                         $79 per person
                                         Toronto: Thursday, May 5, 2011
                                         Arcadian Court
                                         $79 per person

                                         SOMEWHERENESS: TASTE ONTARIO TERROIR
                                         Toronto: Tuesday, May 10, 2011
                                         Japanese Canadian Cultural Centre
                                         $99 per person

                                         Don’t miss out, order your tickets today.
                                         Call 416-365-5767 or 1-800-266-4764
                                         Monday to Saturday, 9 am to 6 pm
                                         Visit for more about our exciting tasting events, or sign up for
                                         VINTAGES Latest e-newsletter for notification of upcoming events. Due to the printing
                                         lead-time for this booklet, we cannot guarantee that tickets will still be available.
Alex Gambal (FR)
Champagne Fleury (FR)
Chateau de la Maltroye (FR)
Château de Meursault –
(Patriarche) (FR)
Domaine de la Pinte (FR)
Domaine de la Vougeraie (FR)
Domaine des Deux Roches (FR)
Domaine Jean Fery & Fils (FR)
Domaine Laroche (FR)
Jermann (IT)
Maison Roche de Bellene by
                                        The International Cool Climate
Nicholas Potel (FR)
Sattlerhof (AT)
Tenuta Mosole Sergio
                                          Chardonnay Celebration
Di Mosole Lucio (IT)
Vie di Romans (IT)
                                         July 22-24, 2011 • Niagara Peninsula
Weingut Fred Loimer (AT)
Weingut Wieninger (AT)                Visit for full program details.
Adelsheim (OR)
Argyle Winery (OR)
Ataraxia Wines (ZA)
Bouchard Finlayson (ZA)
Cooper Mountain Vineyards (OR)
Dr. Konstantin Frank (NY)
Evening Land Vineyards (OR)
Hamacher Wines (OR )
Josef Chromy Wines
Mount Difficulty (NZ)
Ponzi Vineyards (OR)
Pyramid Valley Vineyards (NZ)
The Millton Vineyard (NZ)
Vina Aquitania (Chile)
                                  Join keynote speaker and emcee Matt Kramer, noted wine author and columnist, for a
13th Street Winery (ON)           memorable celebration. Taste over 100 cool climate chardonnays from 8 countries set
Angels Gate Winery (ON)           against the breathtaking backdrop of Niagara’s wine country.
Blue Mountain Vineyards
& Cellars (BC)                    Savour “Claws and Curds” pairings and gourmet vineyard luncheons; enjoy exceptional dining
Closson Chase (ON)
Coyote’s Run Estate Winery (ON)   at Friday’s Gala Dinner and Saturday’s “Cochon and Chardonnay” spit-roasted pig event.
Flat Rock Cellars (ON)            Mingle with winemakers from Burgundy, Oregon, New Zealand and
Hillebrand (ON)
Inniskillin Wines (ON)            beyond at this three-day celebration of the coolest grape on earth.
Lailey Vineyard (ON)
Le Clos Jordanne (ON)             Visit for program details and to book tickets
Mission Hill Winery (BC)          for this exclusive event. Be cool.
Norman Hardie Winery
and Vineyard (ON)
Pillitteri Estates Winery (ON)
Southbrook Vineyards (ON)
Tawse Winery (ON)
Vineland Estates (ON)
                                                                     APPLIED DREAMS.
                        SPECIAL OFFERS
                                          limited-time offers
                                          Save on these popular wines and spirits
                                          between March 28 and April 24, 2011

      Our                                 ARBOLEDA CARMENÈRE 2008
                                          Colchagua Valley, Chile
                                          (Seña/Eduardo Chadwick)
                                                                                    JACKSON-TRIGGS PROPRIETORS’
                                                                                    RESERVE VIDAL ICEWINE (V)
                                                                                    VQA Niagara Peninsula, Ontario, Canada,

best bets                                 046284 (XD) 750 mL $17.95
                                          NOW $15.95 Save $2.00
                                          BARON HERZOG CHARDONNAY KP M
                                                                                    With Gift Tube
                                                                                    594010 (S) 375 mL $39.95
                                                                                    NOW $34.95 Save $5.00

       this month                         Central Coast, California, USA
                                          201806 (D) 750 mL $16.95
                                          NOW $15.95 Save $1.00
                                          BARON HERZOG JEUNESSE KP M (V)
                                                                                    VINTNER’S RESERVE SUMMATION 2009
                                                                                    California, USA
                                                                                    210195 (D) 750 mL $19.95
                                                                                    NOW $18.95 Save $1.00
                                          Central Coast, California, USA
                                          078063 (M) 750 mL $14.75                  KILIKANOON KILLERMAN’S RUN
                                          NOW $13.75 Save $1.00                     SHIRAZ (V)
                                          BARON HERZOG                              925453 (D) 750 mL $19.95
                                          WHITE ZINFANDEL KP M (V)                  NOW $18.45 Save $1.50
                                          California, USA
                                          891671 (MD) 750 mL $10.95                 KIM CRAWFORD PINOT NOIR (V)
                                          NOW $9.95 Save $1.00                      Marlborough, South Island, New Zealand
                                                                                    626390 (D) 750 mL $19.95
                                          BARTENURA MOSCATO KP M (V)                NOW $17.95 Save $2.00
      SAVE                  SAVE          IGT Provincia di Pavia, Lombardy, Italy
                                          897876 (MS) 750 mL $14.00                 KITTLING RIDGE VIDAL ICEWINE (V)
       $2                    $5           NOW $13.00 Save $1.00
                                          CATHEDRAL CELLAR
                                                                                    VQA Niagara Peninsula,
                                                                                    Ontario, Canada, With Gift Box
                                                                                    563247 (S) 375 mL $39.95
                                          CABERNET SAUVIGNON (V)                    NOW $34.95 Save $5.00
                                          WO Coastal Region, South Africa
                                          (KWV)                                     LAKEVIEW CELLARS VIDAL ICEWINE (V)
                                          328567 (D) 750 mL $14.95                  VQA Niagara Peninsula,
                                          NOW $13.95 Save $1.00                     Ontario, Canada, With Gift Box
                                                                                    522672 (MS) 200 mL $19.95
                                          CRASTO VINHO TINTO (V)                    NOW $18.95 Save $1.00
                                          DOC Douro, Portugal
                                          081588 (XD) 750 mL $14.95                 MALIVOIRE CHARDONNAY (V)
                                          NOW $13.95 Save $1.00                     VQA Niagara Escarpment, Ontario, Canada
                                                                                    573147 (D) 750 mL $19.95
                                          HENRY OF PELHAM                           NOW $18.95 Save $1.00
                                          RIESLING ICEWINE (V)
                                          VQA Niagara Escarpment,                   MENDIS BIANCO PREMIUM
                                          Ontario, Canada, With Gift Box            PURE COCONUT ARRACK
                                          430561 (S) 375 mL $49.95                  Sri Lanka
                                          NOW $44.95 Save $5.00                     188086 700 mL $27.95
ECHIGO DENEMON       ROBERT MONDAVI                                                 NOW $26.95 Save $1.00
Japan                Napa Valley,         VQA Short Hills Bench,                    New York, USA
026104               California, USA      Niagara Peninsula, Ontario, Canada        021634 (MS) 750 mL $6.95
720 mL REG. $19.95   255513 (XD)          430546 (XD) 750 mL $14.95                 NOW $6.00 Save $0.95
                     750 mL REG. $34.95   NOW $12.95 Save $2.00
NOW $17.95                                                                          MOGEN DAVID CONCORD KP
                     NOW $29.95           J. LOHR RIVERSTONE                        New York, USA
                                          CHARDONNAY (V)                            008789 (MS) 750 mL $6.95
                                          Arroyo Seco, California, USA              NOW $6.00 Save $0.95
                                          258699 (XD) 750 mL $18.95
                                          NOW $17.95 Save $1.00

                                                                                                               KP = Kosher for Passover
                                                                                               KP M = Kosher for Passover and Mevushal

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   New York, USA                            ZINFANDEL (V)                                   CABERNET SAUVIGNON RESERVA (V)
   611186 (MS) 1500 mL $12.95               California, USA                                 DO Penedès, Spain
   NOW $11.65 Save $1.30                    359257 (D) 750 mL $17.95                        036483 (D) 750 mL $18.95
                                            NOW $15.95 Save $2.00                           NOW $15.95 Save $3.00
   California, USA                          Australia                                       CABERNET/MERLOT 2007
   (Rebel Wine)                             159798 750 mL $17.95                            VQA Niagara Peninsula, Ontario, Canada
   104182 (D) 750 mL $17.95                 NOW $16.95 Save $1.00                           128652 (XD) 750 mL $19.95
   NOW $16.95 Save $1.00                                                                    NOW $18.95 Save $1.00
                                            RODRIGUES BLUEBERRY K
   PACÍFICO SUR                             Newfoundland and Labrador, Canada               WILDASS WHITE 2006
   CABERNET SAUVIGNON 2009                  337824 (MS) 750 mL $15.95                       VQA Niagara Peninsula, Ontario, Canada
   Curicó Valley, Chile                     NOW $14.95 Save $1.00                           085100 (D) 750 mL $19.95
   (Tutunjian Estate)                                                                       NOW $17.95 Save $2.00
   210781 (XD) 750 mL $12.95                SONOMA-CUTRER RUSSIAN
   NOW $11.95 Save $1.00                    RIVER RANCHES CHARDONNAY (V)                    YEALANDS ESTATE PINOT NOIR 2008
                                            Sonoma Coast, California, USA                   Central Otago, South Island, New Zealand
   PENINSULA RIDGE FUMÉ BLANC 2008          608653 (XD) 750 mL $24.95                       199943 (D) 750 mL $20.95
   VQA Niagara Peninsula, Ontario, Canada   NOW $22.95 Save $2.00                           NOW $19.95 Save $1.00
   008102 (XD) 750 mL $24.95
   NOW $21.95 Save $3.00                    SOUTHBROOK FRESH WHITE 2009                     ZIRKOVA PREMIUM VODKA
                                            VQA Ontario, Canada                             Ukraine
   PERRIN RÉSERVE (V)                       185462 (D) 750 mL $16.95                        (Zolotonosha Distillery Zlatogor)
   AC Côtes du Rhône, France                NOW $15.95 Save $1.00                           168617 700 mL $22.95
   363457 (D) 750 mL $14.95                                                                 NOW $22.05 Save $0.90
   NOW $13.95 Save $1.00                    TOASTED HEAD CHARDONNAY (V)
                                            California, USA
                                            594341 (D) 750 mL $17.95
                                            NOW $15.95 Save $2.00

                                            bonus AIR MILES reward miles                              ®

                                            Collect extra AIR MILES® on these products
                                            between March 27 and April 23, 2011

                                            BONTERRA CABERNET SAUVIGNON (V)                 PORCUPINE RIDGE SYRAH (V)
                                            Mendocino County, California, USA,              WO Coastal Region, South Africa
                                            Made from Organically Grown Grapes              (Boekenhoutskloof Winery)
                                            342428 (D) 750 mL $19.95                        595280 (XD) 750 mL $14.95
                                            5 Bonus Air Miles® reward miles                 4 Bonus Air Miles® reward miles
                                            MISSION HILL RESERVE                            RODNEY STRONG ESTATE PINOT NOIR (V)
                                            CABERNET SAUVIGNON (V)                          Russian River Valley, Sonoma County, California,
                                            VQA Okanagan Valley, British Columbia, Canada   USA
                                            553321 (XD) 750 mL $22.95                       954834 (D) 750 mL $24.95
                                            8 Bonus Air Miles® reward miles                 6 Bonus Air Miles® reward miles
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         on V INTAGES shelves               MISSION HILL RESERVE CHARDONNAY (V)             ®™ Trademarks of AIR MILES International Trading B.V. Used under
                                            VQA Okanagan Valley, British Columbia, Canada   licence by Loyalty Management Group Canada Inc. and the LCBO.
                                            545004 (XD) 750 mL $19.95
                                            8 Bonus Air Miles® reward miles

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                                                                        Marlborough, New Zealand (206284)

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                                                                        Prices not available at press time.

 in style
with the perfect date
    You are sure to sweep your guests,
    or hosts, off their feet when you
    introduce them to this charming and
    sophisticated Châteauneuf-du-
    Pape. This aristocratic wine, from
    the Southern Rhône’s stellar 2007
    vintage, sourced from vines in their
    prime, is the ideal partner for an
    enchanting meal or evening. With
    impeccable balance, structure
    and complex fruit, it will be at its
    charismatic best when paired
    with roast lamb.

    DU-PAPE 2007
    AC, Rhône, France
    219899 (XD) 750 mL        $39.95

    TASTING NOTE: The 2007 Chateauneuf
    du Pape Vigne du Regent possesses
    superb richness, a broad, nearly unctuous
    palate, a full-bodied mouthfeel, and
    loads of blackberry, cassis, and cherry
    fruit intermixed with subtle licorice,
    smoke, and earth notes. This beauty
    should drink well for 10-15 years.
    This offering is normally made from
    the estate’s youngest vines (20-40
    years), and the blend is 80% foudre-aged
    Grenache and 20% demi-muid-aged
    Syrah. Score: 92 (Robert Parker Jr.,, Oct. 2009)

    923599    $1.95

   pg.30                                pg.44

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