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									 An Overview of
Social Marketing

                    What do marketers want to achieve?
Social Marketing

                    What methods do they use to achieve their goal(s)?
                    What do marketers NOT do?
                   Social Marketing

                    The general goal- behavior change
Social Marketing

                    First the audience must be aware of the problem and
                     educated on solutions
Six Steps to Social Marketing
                   1. Goals, Objectives and Tasks

                    What is the desired outcome?
Social Marketing

                    How do we get there?- very specific
                   1a. Prioritize

                    Don’t overwhelm
Social Marketing

                    Consider ease of adoption, benefit of action and cost
                     of message
                   2. Target Audience

                      May have several target audiences based on
Social Marketing

                       –   Geography
                       –   Occupation
                       –   Income or education level
                       –   Age
                       –   Gender
                   2. Target Audience Con’t

                      Get to know the target audience
Social Marketing

                       –   How do they receive information?
                               What do they read, watch and listen to?
                       –   Where do they go?
                       –   What are their attitudes?
                       –   What are their concerns?
                   2. More Target Audience

                      How do you find all this out?
Social Marketing

                       –   Focus groups
                       –   Surveys
                       –   Community meetings
                   3. Message

                    Targeted
Social Marketing

                    Short
                    Repetitive
                    Relate to a direct benefit to the audience
                       –   Money
                       –   Health
                       –   Time
                       4. Format

                       In what ways will you present the message to the audience?
    Social Marketing

                                                                  –   Billboards
                            –   TV ads
                                                                  –   Web site
                            –   Radio ads
                            –   News coverage                     –   Signs along roadways
                            –   Newspaper articles                –   Brochures
                            –   Community newsletters             –   Give Away items
                            –   Community events                  –   And on, and on . . .
                            –   Bus signs
                   4. Format Con’t

                    Format will change as you take the audience from
Social Marketing

                     awareness to action
                    Depends largely on budget
                   5. Distribution

                      How do you get the message out?
Social Marketing

                       –   Do you pay for air time?
                       –   Should volunteers go door to door with written
                       –   How do you get the media involved?
                   6. Evaluation

                    Should be done throughout process
Social Marketing

                    Very important in showing progress
                    Helps with future campaigns-same and different

                    Good
Social Marketing

                    Bad
                       –   Ineffective
                       –   Wrong action
Social Marketing


                    Good
Social Marketing

                    Bad
                       –   Ineffective
                       –   Wrong action
                   Wrap- Up

                   Social Marketing is about communicating with the
Social Marketing

                     audience and getting them to respond in a way that
                     achieves your goals.

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