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                Sarah Evans Joins PitchEngine
                Journchat Founder and Brand Consultant Adds Real World Expertise to Growin

                08.19.2009 – PitchEngine, a new social platform that enables PR to effectively
                package stories featuring social content to better collaborate with journalists,           Twitter Pitc
                bloggers and influencers worldwide, announced the addition of public relations and         Sarah Evans (
                new media consultant, Sarah Evans.
                                                                                                           and SM Consu

                Evans, who recently launched Sevans Strategy, a Chicago-based public relations             News Facts
                and new media consultancy, joins PitchEngine as Community Manager and Social                Journchat F
                Media Consultant. As part of a new PitchEngine product offering (launching in a few         Consultant
                weeks), Evans will provide workshop-level guidance to companies subscribing to              to Growing
                specific levels of PitchEngine PR services.                                                 Sarah Evan
                                                                                                            as Communi
                                                                                                            Media Cons
                "Pitchengine is a product I believe in. I'm excited that there is a new (and better) way
                                                                                                            A public rela
                to share information. Jason and I connected because we share a passion for finding
                a better way of doing things," said Evans, "It was inevitable that we were going to join
                                                                                                            extensively i
                forces and help change the face of public relations and communications."
                                                                                                            education a
                                                                                                            focusing on
                "Sarah is an integral part of what we're doing. So many companies are searching for         managemen
                guidance, especially when it comes to new media and PR. This will allow brands              deployment
                and their agencies to use our tools to the fullest," said Jason Kintzler, Founder and       organization

                CEO of PitchEngine.
                                                                                                           Resource Li
                "Sarah Evans represents the promise of PR, fusing traditional and new media
                                                                                                           Sevans Strat
                through dedicated heuristics, purpose and tenacity. Rather than wait for her               PitchEngine
                organization to ask her to lead the communications transformation, she exacted and
                championed it through education and passion. She is someone from whom we can               Tags

                all learn. And, having her on board PitchEngine will do just that...she will help          PitchEngine,
                                                                                                           Kintzler, soc
                communications professionals learn how to use Social Media Releases and Social
                                                                                                           business, P
                Media Newsrooms to more effectively package and tell stories that impact
                community through influencers and advocates directly – their way," said Brian Solis,
                PitchEngine stakeholder, blogger at PR 2.0 and author of "Putting the Public Back in
                Public Relations".

                PitchEngine, which recently launched in Asia and began offering translation services
                in 12 languages, plans to roll out a laundry list of new features and products
                beginning this Fall.

                "We're on the verge of some major new product announcements and offerings
                based on feedback from our users from the past 8-months. We've already created a
                buzz in the industry, what's next will solidify our place," said Kintzler.

                About Sarah Evans
                A public relations and new media consultant, Sarah has worked extensively in the
                non-for-profit, higher education and healthcare sectors, focusing on media relations,
message management, coalition building, deployment strategies and
organizational change. She is a graduate of Millikin University in Decatur, Illinois,
and a life-long St. Louis Cardinals fan living in Chicago.

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