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									Executive Education

Strategic Marketing
This intensive five-day program will provide you with the frameworks
to develop, implement, and evaluate marketing strategies.

                                       December 5–9, 2011
                                          April 9–13, 2012
Strategic Marketing Management
Marketing is the core of all business. To outperform the competition requires solid marketing
knowledge and precision in marketing decision making. Your organization’s positioning and
the positioning of its products and services depend on the formulation and implementation
of intelligent and aggressive strategic marketing plans. Drawing on Chicago Booth’s latest
research and Chicago’s unique approach to marketing, this program will help you to develop
the necessary competitive advantage to excel in today’s business environment.

                                                                           For More Information Contact:
   During this program you will                                            Executive Education
   learn to:                                                               The University of Chicago
                                                                           Booth School of Business
   n Explore competitive strategies and methods of analyzing
     competitors’ intentions, differential advantages, strengths,          450 N. Cityfront Plaza Drive, Suite 514
     and weaknesses.                                                       Chicago, IL 60611-4316

   n Utilize the elements of the marketing mix (product strategy,
     pricing, advertising and promotion, and distribution) and
                                                                           Angela Tong
     enhance problem-solving and decision making abilities in              Associate Director of Executive Education
     these operational areas of marketing.                                 Tel 312.464.8732
   n Understand how to build and manage strong brands.                     Fax 312.464.8731
   n Understand the various approaches to marketing
     segmentation, targeting, and positioning for competitive
   n Use analytical methods in consumer measurement.
   n Understand the pros and cons of various techniques
     and when to use them.
   n Apply analytical approaches to pricing.
   n Examine successful marketing strategies using real-world
     case studies.

   Kilts Center for Marketing
   Executive Education courses in marketing are based on
   the cutting-edge research of the University of Chicago Booth
   School of Business faculty, sponsored by the James M. Kilts
   Center for Marketing. The Center sponsors a wide variety of
   research, ranging from basic research into the determinants
   of consumer behavior and analytical models of marketing
   activities to more applied research on current marketing
   practices and tactical issues.

  “	The	course	helped	tie	daily	activities	back	to	the	strategy	behind		
  	 them.	I	got	a	better	understanding	of	why	we	do	what	we	do	on		
  	 a	daily	basis,	but	more	importantly	a	better	idea	of	how	to	look		     Sanjay K. Dhar
  	 at	the	future	more	strategically.”
   Lisa Smith, Product Manager, Hologic
Who Should Attend                                                   About Chicago Booth
General managers, marketing managers, product                       A University Steeped in Excellence
managers, and sales managers will find value in                     The University of Chicago has a long history steeped
attending. Market researchers, planning managers,                   in a tradition of academic excellence and innovation.
and other managers associated with the development                  That commitment to discovery has translated into
of marketing plans, will also benefit from the program.             enduring contributions to the world. Among its
Typical titles would include: general managers, vice                faculty, researchers, students, and graduates are 85
presidents of marketing/sales, directors of marketing,              Nobel laureates. Current faculty include eight Nobel
product or brand managers, managers of market                       prize winners, 13 MacArthur Fellows (commonly
planning, market analysts, new product development                  known as a “genius grant”), and three Pulitzer Prize
specialists, and managers/directors of market research.             winners, among countless others.
We encourage companies to send teams to learn                       A Leader in Business Education
common language and frameworks and to help drive
                                                                    The University of Chicago Booth School of Business,
the implementation of new knowledge throughout
                                                                    founded in 1898, has been a leader and innovator
the organization.
                                                                    in the field of business research and education. It
                                                                    was the first business school in the country to offer a
                                                                    PhD program, the first to publish a scholarly business
  Program Dates and Fees                                            journal, the first to offer an executive MBA program
                                                                    for experienced managers, the first to have a Nobel
   #11C51003 Dec. 5–9, 2011                     ($7,950)           laureate on its faculty, and the first to have six Nobel
   #12C51001 April 9–13, 2012                   ($8,295)
                                                 ($7,950)           Prize winners on its faculty. Chicago’s close ties with
                                                                    many of today’s business leaders and its grounding
      This course begins at 8:30 a.m. on the first day              in the real world have helped Chicago Booth maintain
      and ends at 2:45 p.m. on the last day.                        its reputation as one of the world’s leading centers of
                                                                    business education and research. With its reputation,
  The program fee includes tuition, lunches, coffee breaks,         commitment to academic research, and high quality
  and all educational materials. The fee is subject to change
                                                                    faculty, Chicago Booth carries a prestige that few
  and payable in advance upon confirmation of registration.
                                                                    can match.
  Chicago Booth reserves the right to cancel any program.
                                                                    Collaborate and study at a top ranked,
                                                                    world-renowned global business school
The Setting                                                         n BusinessWeek ranked Chicago’s Full-Time MBA
Classes are held at the University of Chicago Booth School            Program first in its biennial rankings (2010), while
of Business’ Gleacher Center, 450 North Cityfront Plaza Drive,        the Executive MBA was ranked second (2009).
situated along the Chicago River (one block east of Michigan        n The Economist ranked Chicago’s Full-Time MBA
Avenue) in the heart of the downtown area known as “The               Program first globally (2010).
Magnificent Mile.” Gleacher Center is within walking distance       n U.S. News & World Report (2011) rated Chicago
of some of Chicago’s most exciting retail and entertainment           Booth second in finance, third in accounting,
areas. Gleacher Center, which also houses Chicago’s top-ranked        fifth overall of full-time programs, first among
Executive MBA, Evening MBA, and Weekend MBA Programs,                 part-time MBA programs, and second among
provides state-of-the-art classrooms that complement the              executive MBA programs.
exceptional quality of the program’s content and faculty.
                                                                    n Financial Times ranked Chicago’s Executive MBA
                                                                      Program fifth (2010).
The University of Chicago Booth School of Business has
                                                                    We are more than a business school.
reserved a limited block of rooms at the InterContinental Chicago
hotel. Single or double rooms are available at a discounted
                                                                    We are a business force.
rate. Contact the InterContinental Reservations Department
by telephone at 312.944.4100 or by fax at 312.321.8725.
Participants must contact the hotel directly to reserve
accommodations. Three weeks prior to the program’s start                Unparalleled          Ideas that     people Who create
                                                                         IntellectUal       FUndaMentally      lastIng ValUe
date, or once the block is filled, the hotel cannot guarantee         cUrIosIty, honesty,   shape MarKets
accommodations. Participants should identify themselves as           exchange, and rIgor    and BUsInesses
registrants in Strategic Marketing Management at the
University of Chicago Booth School of Business.
Program Outline
The Strategic Marketing Planning Process:              Analytical Approaches to Marketing
Laying the Foundation for Competitive                  n Tools for customer analysis
Advantage                                              	 	 •	new	consumer	measurement	methods
n Introduction to marketing                            	 	 •	analysis	of	perceptual	map	and	factor	
                                                             level sensitivities
n 3 C framework
                                                       	 	 •	use	in	strategic	decision	making
n Customer and competitor analysis
                                                       n Analytical approaches to pricing
	 	 •	segmentation
                                                       	 	 •	pricing	and	the	economic	value	to	the	customer
	 	 •	targeting
                                                       	 	 •	price	discrimination
	 	 •	positioning
	 	 •	use	of	perceptual	mapping
n Analyzing consumer research data
                                                       Strategies for High Tech Markets
n Break-even analysis                                  n   Technology Adoption Life Cycle (TALC)
n Strategic decision making                            n   Strategy and segmentation implications
n Analytical methods in consumer measurement           n   The 4 cultures of TALC
	 	 •	qualitative	methods                              n   Partnering priorities
       – focus groups                                  n   Market value chains
       – in-depth interviews
	 	 •	perceptual	mapping                               Summary and Conclusion: Setting Direction
       – factor analysis                               n Advanced strategy material
       – multidimensional scaling                      n Summary of course
	 	 •	conjoint	analysis

Creating Competitive Advantage                         Chicago Booth’s
n    Building and managing strong brands               Approach to Marketing
		   	 •	customer-based	brand	equity		                 •	Chicago	Booth	marketing	faculty	members	are	the	most	productive	
		   	 •	brand	value	chain			                            group of researchers in the nation, publishing more articles per
                                                         person than the faculty at any other business school (Journal of
		   	 •	integrating	brand	marketing		                   Marketing Education, August 2000). They are creative thinkers
		   	 •	characteristics	of	strong	brands		              who routinely question, challenge, and demand the same of their
                                                         students. Top scholars from around the world come to Chicago
		   	 •	brand	revitalization                            Booth’s weekly marketing programs to critique, collaborate, and
n    Pricing                                             test their ideas for survival.

		   	 •	pricing	strategy			                           •	Chicago	Booth	marketing	faculty	members	see	marketing	as	
		   	 •	pricing	tactics			                              the core of all business. Chicago Booth courses reflect a unified
                                                         approach to business: one that is thoughtful and methodical, with
		   	 •	pricing	from	customer	valuation		               a financially-disciplined eye. We approach marketing governed
		   	 •	product	line	pricing		                          by the same economic and financial principles that would guide
                                                         building a plant, hiring a new employee, entering a new country,
		   	 •	relevant	costs	of	pricing                       or purchasing new products or services. How will marketing
                                                         decisions affect the bottom line? Participants know how to
                                                         determine and articulate the answer and how to craft and
Strategy Implementation:                                 implement the strategy.
A Framework for Going to Market                        •	“Here,	we	teach	marketing	differently	than	anybody	else,	with	rigor	
                                                         and a financial approach that set us apart. No one else approaches
n    Channel tactics                                     marketing with the same intensity. We do marketing the Chicago
	    	 •	channel	selection                               way — which is carefully. To be done well, marketing has to have
	    	 •	managing	channels	in	times	of	change            excellence in all business areas —behavioral sciences, economics,
                                                         and finance. You have to possess a deep understanding of those
n    New product development best practices              areas, plus a really deep understanding of marketing. Without
	    	 •	new	product/service	development	process				     those underpinnings, you have to question whether you’ll be able
	    	 •	new	product/service	strategy                    to do marketing right.”

                                                        Ann L. McGill
                                                        Sears Roebuck Professor of General Management, Marketing,
                                                        and Behavioral Science
Comments from Past Participants
 “	It	actually	exceeded	my	expectations.	This	course		
 	 was	filled		with	fresh	material	and	approaches.	I	will		
 	 recommend	this		program	to	my	managers,	as	these		
 	 concepts	often	involve	cross-functional	elements.		
 	 This	was	a	thoroughly	enjoyable	program.	I	found	the		
 	 content	to	be	relevant	and	came	away	with	a	number		
 	 of	new	tools	to	evaluate	and	measure	my	products,		
 	 my	competitors,	and	my	markets.	In	my	mind,	this		
 	 is	how	to	measure	the	value	of	a	course—how	you		
 		 USE	the	tools	provided.”
  Steve Speares, Global Group Product Director, Alcon Labs Inc.

 “The	pricing	segment	of	the	program	increases	its	value,		
 	 relative	to	offerings	from	other	schools	that	don't		
 		 offer	pricing.”
  Hugh Ekberg, President, Consumer Division, Hirsh Industries

 “Very	solid	program.	It	was	an	excellent	blend	of		
 	 theoretical	and	practical	knowledge	and	experience		
  Josh Meyer, Industry Manager, Caterpillar Inc.

 “	The	professors	provided	me	with	a	marketing		
 	 framework	and	strategic	tools	that	I	can	implement		
 	 immediately	to	evaluate	my	current	business.	They		
 	 are	extremely	knowledgeable	about	multiple	industries,		
 	 which	resulted	in	a	captivating	and	comprehensive		
 		 learning	experience.”
  	 Kelly Harrison, Senior Marketing Manager, Abbott Laboratories   Gleacher Center is part of the University of Chicago Booth School
                                                                    of Business. Overlooking the Chicago River, its state-of-the-art
                                                                    classrooms are only steps away from Chicago’s “Magnificent Mile.”

 Learning, Reflection,                                                 Custom Executive
 and Action (LRA)                                                      Education Programs
 Transform knowledge gained at Chicago Booth                           Chicago Booth creates custom executive
 into results for you and your company.                                education programs that capitalize on the
                                                                       “Chicago Approach,” which is the very best
 Chicago Booth’s programs provide a web tool                           disciplined approach to conceptual knowledge
 that’s easy to use, intuitive, and encourages                         and academic theory with practical, real world
 you to:                                                               application delivered by faculty of one of
       n articulate your goals,                                        the world’s top business schools. These
                                                                       components of Chicago’s programs are all
       n specify implementation plans, and                             keys to driving your corporate competitive
       n track your progress toward meeting                            advantage through effective human capital
         these goals.                                                  investments. Through deep thinking and high
                                                                       impact results, Chicago Booth writes the rules
 Extend learning beyond the classroom and turn                         that business follows. Partnering with us today
 your learning goals into concrete results.                            will drive your business success tomorrow!
Outstanding Booth Faculty
The University of Chicago Booth School of Business has one of the most highly regarded
faculty of any business school in the world and the most productive researchers in the country.
Rigorous, interactive, and dynamic, the faculty presents topics in a variety of ways, including lectures, case studies,
and small group discussions, using a range of media. Accomplished teachers and active consultants, this program’s
faculty offer a blend of academic excellence, rigorous scholarship, real-world relevance, and practical application that
provides participants with unparalleled opportunities to expand their horizons.

Sanjay K. Dhar                                                              Pradeep K. Chintagunta
Learn from top faculty with real-world experience.
Faculty Director of the Kilts Center of Marketing
and James H. Lorie Professor of Marketing
                                                                            Joseph T. and Bernice S. Lewis
                                                                            Distinguished Service Professor of Marketing
The University of Chicago Booth School of Business                          The University of Chicago Booth School of Business
Sanjay Dhar has been a Chicago faculty member since 1992. Many              Pradeep Chintagunta teaches topics relating to marketing management,
sources have recognized Professor Dhar for his excellence in teaching.      market strategy, marketing research, and a doctoral seminar on marketing
He received the 2008 Hillel Einhorn Teaching Award voted by execu-          models at The University of Chicago Booth School of Business. He was
tive MBA students in Asia, was honored in 2000 with the prestigious         named a top professor at the Chicago Booth in 2002 by BusinessWeek.
McKinsey Teaching Award which is awarded once every two years, was          His research interests are in the analysis of household purchasing behavior,
cited among the outstanding faculty in Business Week's Guide to Best        pharmaceutical markets, technology products, investigation of competitive
Business Schools (McGraw-Hill, 1997, 1999, and 2001), and in 1994           marketing strategies, and studies involving the entertainment industry.
was awarded the Emory Williams Teaching Award by students for out-          Dr. Chintagunta is the departmental editor for marketing at Management
standing teaching performance. In 2006, the Economic Times (India)          Science, on the advisory editorial board of Journal of Marketing Research,
identified Professor Dhar as one of 12 “Indians who have made a global      and a member of the editorial boards of Marketing Science, Quantitative
impact on marketing research and thought.” He currently serves as           Marketing and Economics, International of Research in Marketing, and
faculty director of the Kilts Center of Marketing and was recently rated    the Journal of Business-to-Business Marketing.
as one of six “must-have” professors at Chicago Booth by Veritas Prep
in 2010 Annual Report on Chicago Booth.                                     His publications number more than 50 in journals including: Marketing Sci-
                                                                            ence, Management Science, International Journal of Research in Marketing,
Dr. Dhar’s research and teaching focuses on advertising strategy;           Decision Sciences, Journal of Economics and Management Strategy, Journal
brand management; marketing strategy; pricing and promotion strategy;       of Marketing Research, and Journal of Business and Economic Statistics.
private labels; consumer promotion evaluation and planning; internet
marketing; new product development, management and strategy; retail         After earning a doctoral degree in marketing from Northwestern University,
management best practices, loyalty reward programs, every day low           Dr. Chintagunta taught at the S.C. Johnson Graduate School of Manage-
pricing (EDLP); trade promotions; category management; purchase             ment at Cornell University and was the Thomas Carroll Ford Foundation
incidence; and brand choice. He has published widely in leading             Visiting Professor of Marketing at Harvard Business School.
academic journals and is also on the editorial board of several top
journals in marketing.                                                      Jean-Pierre Dubé
He earned his doctoral degree in management from the University of          Sigmund E. Edelstone Professor of Marketing and
California at Los Angeles in 1992. Prior to that, he served in several      Robert King Steel Faculty Fellow
management positions at Lipton India Ltd.                                   The University of Chicago Booth School of Business

Ann L. McGill                                                               Jean-Pierre Dubé is the Sigmund E. Edelstone Professor, an area editor
                                                                            for the Journal of Marketing Research, Marketing Science, Management
Sears Roebuck Professor of General Management, Marketing, and               Science, QME, and the recipient of several MSI Research Grants, the
Behavioral Science                                                          recipient of a Kauffman grant, and a member of the editorial board and
The University of Chicago Booth School of Business                          ad hoc reviewer for several academic journals. Professor Dubé has been
                                                                            invited to present his research at such schools as the London Business
Ann McGill joined the Chicago faculty in 1997. She teaches MBA level        School, the University of California at Berkeley, Columbia University,
classes in marketing management and a doctoral level marketing work-        Harvard, Duke, Northwestern University, Stanford, Yale, and Massachu-
shop. Professor McGill is the 2005 recipient of the prestigious McKinsey    setts Institute of Technology, and his papers have appeared in the Journal
Award for Excellence in Teaching. Her research focuses on consumer          of Marketing Research, Journal of Political Economy, Marketing Science,
decision making, in particular, causal explanations, evaluation of shared   Management Science, QME, and Rand Journal of Economics.
(versus individual) consumption experiences, effects of freedom of
choice on the evaluation of alternatives, the use of imagery in product     Professor Dubé studies empirical industrial organization, dynamic oligopoly,
choice, and the causes and effects of product anthropomorphism.             competitive advertising, competitive pricing, retail competition, price
                                                                            discrimination, and internet marketing. Recently, he has worked on the
Dr. McGill has published widely in leading journals including the           role of dynamics in the strategies of competing firms. His research is
Journal of Consumer Research, Organizational Behavior and Human             empirical in nature with an emphasis on both positive and normative
Decision Processes, Journal of Consumer Psychology, and Journal of          analysis of marketing strategies. This empirical focus is also reflected in
Personality and Social Psychology. She is presently editor of the Journal   his MBA course on pricing strategies, which is designed to teach students
of Consumer Research where she served as an associate editor from           how to apply empirical models and methods to develop pricing strategies
2005 to 2009.                                                               in practice.
After earning her doctoral degree in marketing and behavioral science       Professor Dubé received the 2008 Paul Green Award which recognizes
at the University of Chicago, Dr. McGill held faculty positions at New      the best article in the Journal of Marketing Research. He was honored for
York University and Northwestern University. She served as the deputy       his research “Consumer Packaged Goods in the United States: National
dean for the Full-Time MBA Programs at Chicago Booth from 2001 to           Brands, Local Branding.” Professor Dubé's teaching style earned him the
2003. She has also been a visiting professor at the Graduate School         2005 Faculty Teaching Excellence Award for Evening MBA and Weekend
of Business Stanford University, Sasin Graduate Institute of Business       MBA Programs at the Chicago Booth. He was also the Beatrice Foods
Administration (Thailand), and INSEAD.                                      Scholar at the Chicago Booth in 2001 and 2005, the True North Scholar
                                                                            in 2003, and a Kilts fellow in 2002.
                                                                            Professor Dubé earned a bachelor’s degree from the University of Toronto
                                                                            in quantitative methods in economics in 1995, a master’s degree in
                                                                            economics in 1996, and a PhD in 2000 from Northwestern University.
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Cancellations and transfers are accepted without charge if written                                                                                        Photo rights – The University of Chicago reserves the right to use
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date. Cancellations received after that time will be charged 25 percent
                                                                              year period, tuition fees will be forfeited. Transferees will be required
of the total program fee.
                                                                              to pay fee increases, should any take place.
  Strategic Marketing Management
  December 5–9, 2011
  April 9–13, 2012

 Cutting-edge content                         “Overall	quality	of	the	program	was	extremely	high		
                                                with	key	‘take	home’	messages,	superb	interaction	with		
 World-class faculty
                                                students,	and		passionate,	fun,	and	genius	instructors.”
 State-of-the-art facilities                   Jay Jayashankar, Product Director, DePuy Orthopaedics

  “This	course	truly	exceeded	my	expectations.	I	was	able	to	learn	and	see	how	these	marketing		
   strategies	and	principles	applied	to	various	industries	–	not	just	mine!	Open	discussions	and		
   relevant	case	studies	applied	what	we	learned.	Great	course	structure/content,	excellent		
   professors — top	notch	program!”
   Carlos McCumber, Sr. Manager, Managed Markets, TAP Pharmaceuticals

      We are more than a business school. We are a business force.

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